November 21st, 2007


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I've heard TQC has a chat, or something? Where is it?

Also, are there any active, semi-intelligent people on any mIRC channels anymore? Like a regular group of folks that get together and chat; not a huge group of strangers looking for cyber sex like most public IRC places.

EDIT: Okay, based on some interest, I created an IRC room for The Question Club, if anyone wants to come chat. There's three of us at the moment, we'll probably hang around like bums. #thequestionclub
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Haruhi disappearance
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For those who have pierced tongues, or used to:

1) Honestly, does it hurt more or less than a cartilage piercing? (fyi: I know the answers will vary as pain tolerance differs, but I just want to know as much as I can before getting my tongue pierced)

2) Was it a bitch to care for while it healed? Any stories to tell?

3) What exactly should I expect?

4) Any advice for me?

5) How long did it take for your swelling to go down?

6) What types of foods should I eat until it stops swelling? What foods should I avoid?

And for the rest of you:

Are you reading a book right now? If so, what is it? If not, what do you think your next will be?

I just bought Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal tonight, I want to start reading it soon!

relationships, hurrah!

1. What's the longest you've gone without seeing your SO since you've been in a relationship?

2. How did you take it?

3. Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

4. Am I a pathetic loser for being sad about not seeing my boyfriend for 5 days? I mean, I am fully aware that most people would think this is not a big deal. And it isn't. But I'm still sad.

5. Single people: What's the longest relationship you've ever been in? Why did it end?
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Hey TQC, my boyfriend and I just broke up. AGAIN!

I didn't mean to start the conversation that brought it on. I just did. Long distance was stressing us out, so we decided to do it. Then I realized, "SHITSHITSHIT NO THIS IS WRONG" and talked to him again... and he was like, "I think this is the right thing to do, even if it sucks."

So. You know, there is no point in being in a relationship where we were both unhappy and stressed. He was feeling trapped, I was feeling lonely. Maybe it was the right thing to do.

Now I'm listening to the This American Life show about Break Ups, and feeling a bit better. It's life. It happens. I got over this eventually the last time, and it'll be better this time. I already have a friend-date to see Beowulf with an ex of mine Friday night.

So how do I keep myself optimistic about this? Any good "whatev, you broke up, get over it" stuff I can get into? Any hilarious youtube videos worth watching? Last time you guys suggested the evolution of dance, and that brought my breathing patterns back down to normal. <3 good ol' TQC.

who sent the last post card you received?
hello lion-o

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Are you afraid of the dark?
If you are, how old are you?

Yes, to some extent. I have lived in the same house for 20 years, and the creaks and other noises still freak me out when I am trying to go to sleep. I also get weird feelings like something is in my room. I am almost 25. I am not really embarrassed by it, but I wish it would go away.


I just killed the biggest spider I've ever seen in my 23 years and now I'm afraid to go to sleep.

What should I do now, instead of sleeping?


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Have you ever heard of freeganism? Would you ever consider living like that?

If you could have any dessert right now, what would it be?

Through some fluke, you've become the undisputed ruler of the world for five years. Would you do a good job? What will people remember about your reign afterwards?
r&amp;g pot

i'll regret this tomorrow

tqc, i need your moral support.

is it a good idea to take rolaids when drunk? drunk to the point where you're nauseous but probably won't throw up?

also: if you don't feel like answering this question, then why are you up so late? want to talk about philosophical topix?

I think he's gonna crash

I am involved with codes/resuscitation efforts in the hospital.

Dear TQC

1)How do you feel about being in the room with family/friend (f/f) while they are crashing?
2)Should f/f be given the choice to be in the room/be able to observe during the code? or should medical personnel just remove them?
2b) would it make a difference if you could touch the patient or only observe?
3)Would the age of the patient make a difference? being present with a child vs. an adult
4) if you were the mentioned patient would you want f/f present?
5) do you think it would be harmful to the f/f if they were present? (mental trauma)

This is currently being done as a study in various hospitals... but I'm just looking for some opinions
I am a girl of the future

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I just got new noise-cancelling headphones. They run on AAA batteries and you flip them on with a little switch, and when they are on, the whole world gets a little bit quieter and the music gets a little bit louder. I'm not sure exactly how they work, but they're great.
They're padded, and if I've had them on for a while, the padding hurts my ears. Every pair of headphones I've had that aren't earbuds have hurt my ears after a few hours. The Question Club, do most headphones hurt your ears after a few hours, or do I just have really big/delicate ears?
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I'm buying my dad a birthday present tomorrow. There is no other day it will be. Should I get him the socks or the tie?
Yes, these are both exciting options that he will love to receive, and whichever he doesn't get tomorrow he'll be getting for Christmas.

We're kitten-sitting tomorrow. She'll arrive at 8:30 or so. Should I stay up until then (3-4 hours) and nap when my husband wakes up, or try to sleep now and also nap then?
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Google has failed me

Where can I find a recipe for Loo?

It's served at this great Thai restaurant where I live, but to save some cash I wanted to learn to make it myself.

Here's the description from the menu, if it helps: "Sliced grilled beef mix along w/ pickle garlic, red onion, mint leaf, ground roasted rice, red onion, green onion, cilantro and limejuice, served at room temperature."
Halloween 2

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Are you working ...?


My mom likes to go to the movies on Black Friday since I refuse to go shopping. She's really one for kid movies or romantic comedies. No blood/violence, graphic sex, or rated R swearing. What do you think we should see? Or should we just rent a movie instead and if so, what would you recommend?
desert dragon

Demolition Man

This has been bothering me, on and off, for ages. Without me going off on a rant, you've got enough here to figure what I mean and possibly answer the question.

Can anybody explain that three seashells thing to me?
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Hallo TQC :)

1.) Any crazy/shocking/hilarious Black Friday stories? Whether you shopped or worked, I'd like to hear some funny stories.... especially if people were knocked over :)

2.) Whats the first thing you think of when you look at my icon?
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In Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, how do I make a document open up in full screen, and how do I make so it only transitions with buttons?

Do you follow the directions on the back of over the counter medication?
Do you follow the directions on the back of cooking things?
What happens when you don't?
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What kinds of hats would look good on a girl with short hair? I have kind of a funky pixie cut and ever since I cut my hair short oh...5 years ago, I haven't been able to find a hat that doesn't make me look like a boy. My head is cold! Help me?

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Poll #1092687 Reality Shows

Who do you want to win on the Biggest Loser?


Who do you want to win on Phenomenon?


Who do you want to win on America's Next Top Model?


Who do you want to win on the Amazing Race?

Kynt and Vyxsin
Jennifer and Nathan
Ronald and Christina
Shana and Jennifer
Azaria and Hendekea
Lorena and Jason
Nicolas and Donald
Rachel and TK
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antibiotic absorption

So I'm on antibiotics (a Z pac) for a sinus infection....I've also come down with the stomach bug that's been going around work. I took the anitbiotics about an hour before I started throwing up. Do I need to get more anitbiotics? Were they absorbed or whatever before I started throwing up? I googled it, but the only things I could find was info about contraceptive pills.
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Christmas Jim and Pam

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Alright, TQC. I'm having a heard time deciding this. Now, I fully expect to make up my own mind, but I'd like some input. Some opinions never hurt, right? 

I'm getting a tattoo soon of a stack of books. I had planned on putting it on my right calf (below the knee, back of the leg...that's called the calf, right?), but I've always sort of not liked the idea of leg tattos, so I've been rethinking it -- the other choice is my upper right arm. It would be about the length of a half sleeve (a little below the shoulder to a little above the elbow). 

For some background, I am nineteen, female, and I have one tattoo on my wrist, and one on my upper back.

What do you think? Calf or upper arm?

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What's something that it seems you haven't done in forever? i realized just the other night when i was at my best friend's house and one of these, fell out of a box we were unpacking, that i hadn't weighed myself in FOREVER, so i did.


1. what's for lunch? is it crazy that i'm thinking about lunch at 10:36 a.m.? i'm hungry
2. are you going to the bar for the biggest bar night of the year (which is TONIGHT)?
3. do you participate in holiday_wishes?
4. are you listening to music right now? if so, what?

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i say, old bean

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cccccccan you guys please post pictures of girls who have straight hair and curly bangs? thankkkkies :]

also, there's a dead hooker at your front door. what did you do? what DO you do?
Zooey face

Origin of a superstition

I've been trying to Google this one to no avail...

Does anyone know the origins of the rhyme 'if you step on a crack, you'll break your mother's back!'?

My sister broke her back a couple weeks ago, so for Christmas I'm trying to find a book of rhymes that happens to have that one in it too. I might have to go with a book of superstitions, but I was really hoping that I'd be able to find a Shel Silverstein poem or something.

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a zim

meta like whoa

1. assuming that the original comment wasn't snarky, is IAWTC in response to the original comment snarky?
2. when's the last time you went off half-cocked?
3. have you personally been able to determine the size of a guy's peen without actually looking at it?
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

fabric help!

So, I bought some amazing fabric at JoAnnes but it was like, 3 years ago and now I can't find it again. I am looking for quilted brocade, preferably with a black background. I've found the occasional listing on ebay, but that's for like a yard at a time and the selection is pretty crappy. Are there any good fabric stores, even if it's just online, that might have that kind of thing? This fabric is fabulous for making little weekend trip bags and the like, and I'd like to make a few more, but I either lost or ran out of my original bolt of fabric.

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What's up with all the questions regarding penis size today?

I'm home from school early and I have nothing to do, how should I entertain myself?

Do you want to get to know me? EDIT: I just meant like, do you want to know me on a personality level. Not a sexual type of "get to know me".
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1) Why are round-trip plane tickets generally less expensive than one-way tickets?

2) What is the last dream you had that you remember?

3) Why am I still at work? It's been 45 minutes since I was free to leave. I'm not DOING any work, but I'm still somehow here.

4) What's the last dumb thing you said?

5) What's the last thing you said in general?

6) My boyfriend is meeting some of my extended family tomorrow for the first time. What should I tell him about them before we get there?

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 I asked my daddy for the Eureka Catcher vacuum for xmas (the green one!).  Is that exciting or lame?

 Will you tell me about your life?  Please do so. 

Edit:  I burnt my tater tots!  How should I kill myself?

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I sat down in the library with my ipod, and worked on my paper for two hours without breaks. I only got two pages done. what's wrong with me?

also, does knowing about the suffering of others make you feel better?

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What's a girl  gotta do to get a decent flounce around here? 

How can we go about inciting one?

If you were to flounce from TQC, how would you do it? 

ETA: No fail macros? Jeez, I thought for sure I'd get at least one.
Mitty box

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My mom spilled coffee on our white carpet the other day. Multiple applications of different carpet cleaners has done nothing to the spot. We rent.

How should I kill her? What else can I try to get the stain up?

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I know what design I want for my tattoo but going from my head to the paper isn't working to well.

Is the tattoo artist going to look at me like I'm pathetic, if I show up with a poor drawn out picture of what I want?

Why would my ex boyfriend randomly text one of my best friends telling her we broke up? 

Was watching the Thanksgiving day parade ever a big deal for you growing up? At least, those of you in the US.

Thanksgiving London-style

 Hai TQC!

My friends and I are doing our Thanksgiving tonight, because one of my friends and I will be going away tomorrow. Since there's only four of us, we're going to be having a chicken. Oh well.

It's hard to find some "Thanksgiving" things here in the UK, so my question is:
What kind of side dish should I bring tonight?

We already have mashed potatoes (which I forgot), cornbread, carrots, pumpkin pie, bread, and probably stuffing.
burning goodness
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What food are you most looking forward to eating tomorrow? (I'm unsure)

I have the urge to open up all the smarties things I have (about half a bag)and sort them all by color the way I do with M&M's. Am I insane? Should I give in to this urge?

Do you like the number 3? (yes)
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if you have 'em

Do your pets sleep in your bed with you at night?

I used to let my cats in, but one of them has started climbing on my head, purring, chewing on my hair, and kneading my scalp with his sharp polydactyl claws every morning at about 5:30. Do not want.

eMail Accounts!

Ok... hoping a tech expert will help me here :)

I've downloaded IncrediMail and Thunderbird. I want to link one of them to my several email accounts (a few at hotmail, some on my business domains) so that I can access all emails from one programme.

I've got to the point where I'm being asked for the incoming server and outgoing server details; POP3 or IMAP it says. I have absolutely no idea where to find this information. I rang my ISP and they said they don't know all of the different servers.

So does anyone know where I go to find out what these servers are for Hotmail emails and emails hosted by Fasthosts?

Also - for anyone who has used IncrediMail and/or Thunderbird - do you like it? Which is best? Why?


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While I'm bored sitting at the train station waiting to go to Worcester MA, I figured I'd bother TQC.

What's something you always forget when you're packing for a trip? I forgot two very important things, but I can't go home and get them now.

What's the longest amount of time you've spent on a train or other mass transit system? Where were you going?

Was the town or city you grew up in ridiculously hard to spell?
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OK... say you had a 160GB ipod to fill up with movies. What movies would you get? Suggestions plz.

Edit: I downloaded a few and they only take up like 1GB each so I reckon I could put quite a bit on. So feel free to make lots of suggestions :)

Edit edit: Also seasons of shows, things like that, are good too :)

Household expenses

If you live with your SO, how do you split your bills especially if one of you don't make enough money for you to split the bills 50/50 and has more bills to pay?

I have been stressing all day about money, should I eat some cake to make myself feel better?

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1. Where have all the merrymakers gone?

2. If the South had won the American Civil War, how do you think things would have went on after that?  Be creative!

3. Who are you NOT looking forward to seeing on Thanksgiving?
-That would be my aunt (by marriage, thank goodness) Kathleen.  She's large and loud and awful.

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Do you have muscle spasms caused by stress?

Because I have four in my back, and I'm taking muscular therapy for that. The therapist told me that as long as I keep having stress, I'm not going to get any better. But the thing is, that my stress is due to my school work, and I work in PACES. PACES are these little pamphlets you need to get done in order to get the test for it, and then continue to the next until you finish that class. So, I work at my own pace. The thing is, that I need to get them all done before February. If I want that, I have to hurry!! And hurry means more stress! I told her that, and she just said:"Well, you won't get better."

Do you have any tips to finish my work quickly, without making it KILL MY BACK? I need tips to relax, but at the same time, WORK. I really don't know if I'm making much sense, but if you have an idea, please tell me, okay?
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Is Candyland (the board game) worth getting? I've never seen it for sale here before, but Toys R Us have it for $10, so I thought that it might be something to get, but I don't know if it's really any good. The characters in those books/tv shows/movies I've seen play it seemed to think it was ok, but that may just have been the script :)
Hey you guys! I died!
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What TV show or whatnot is the icon i'm using from?
What does the full sentence actually say? (clearly since there is already an F, it's not "go f**k yourself" though it implies it. I remember it was something funny but i forget what.)

Anybody else on here going to have a Vegan/Vegetarian thanksgiving?


some food questions:

1) do you like brie (as in cheese)?
2) have you ever had brie with chocolate and basil? an episode of oprah had this and i am making it.
3) does brie, chocolate and basil sound like a good or bad combo?
4) what is one food that you eat with your hands that is meant to eat with silverware?
5) if you find a hair in your food, do you send it back or take out the hair and eat it?

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All American Rejects song 'Move Along' makes me feel FANTASTIC. I wanted to share it with you all...

Anysongs that make you feel FANTASTIC for whatever reason?

And come on, just give me the best one.. when you can't choose and there's a massive list it's like ahh I can't download and listen to them all!

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i am thinking about getting a tattoo. it will say "all you need is love".

i have been debating this for a while and i am 99% positive that i want this tattoo. could you think of any possible reason that i'd ever regret this? i can't really think of a reason, since i mean it in all ways that one person can express love. love for nature, family, friends, work, life, yourself, etc etc. i don't think i'll ever change that mindset.

also, can anyone suggest a site or something where i can look up computer fonts? specifically lowercase cursive fonts.

thank you!

ETA: i didn't know this was such a common idea. i guess i've been living under a tattoo rock. hm.

cookies! ..for the making and the eating and mmmm cookies

Poll #1092931 Making Cookies... mmm cookies... cookies!

Which type of cookie would you make, if you were the cooking making type? Too much information is provided.

Chocolate Praline Cookie: Prep time 20 minutes, Bakes 10 minuntes, Makes 36
Hazelnut Toffee Bars: Prep time 20 minutes, Bakes 25 minutes, Makes 36.
Lemon Meringue Thins: Prep/chill time 3.5 hours, Bakes 11 minutes, Makes 42.
Mocha Tea Cookies: Prep/chill time 2.5 hours, Bakes 10 minutes, Makes 36.
Chcolate-Coffee Truffles: Prep/chill time 1.5, Makes 30.
Peanut Butter Bonbons: Prep time 30 minutes, Bakes 10 minutes, Makes 52.
Biscotti: Prep time 35 minutes, Bakes 45 minutes, Makes 38.

**edit: I should have checked my spelling, I suppose... gah!
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toby (huh?)
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Is freezing pumpkin from a can generally a good idea? I have so much leftover and would hate to see it go to waste, but I'm about done with this baking frenzy.


I have a pic of 2 of my friends sunbathing on their backs on the beach.
What would be a creative/funny/interesting picture to mix it with to create another image?
I only have lame ideas...:(

You know what i mean?

girl reading by ourescape

social hugging - why?

I'm rather introverted and suck at things like small talk, so help me out here. Recently I've been wondering about hugs. I don't initiate hugs with anyone besides my boyfriend and my immediate family. However, today I was hugged by a classmate I don't know very well. The other day a friend hugged me. I've even gotten hugs from strangers. It isn't that I mind it, it's just that I'm confused by it.

So, TQC, I ask you: Do you hug people besides your partner and your family (like friends, classmates, coworkers, etc.)? If you do hug people who aren't either SO, family, or best friend, what impels you to do so (I don't even get the best friend thing)? Basically, WHY do you hug these people? Are there certain times you do and times you don't? Are there social conventions for this type of thing? What's normal to you?
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Do you have/know anyone with nystagmus (involuntary movement of the eye)? Were you/they born with it, or acquire it through disease, substance abuse, etc.? Does it have much effect on your daily life? HOW DOES IT NOT MAKE YOU DIZZY AS FUCK?

And ok. A few weeks ago a dude in my class was talking about "jaguar babies" in some pre-Mayan civilization in Mexico, and how there was this radioactive area that was actually deforming all these babies but I canNOT find anything about it on the internet. He doesn't seem like the type to just make stuff up. Do you know ANYTHING about these "jaguar babies"?
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Has anyone heard about Sesame Street putting a warning on their shows about it being for adults... because Bert and Ernie live together and Oscar has never had treatment for his depression????? My mom heard something on Fox News today, but I can't find anything about it... it has to be a joke.

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In my Sose class we had to choose a social or environmental issue and do a research paper on it. I chose to do homophobia. I've already done my paper, but I also need to do a survey, so if anyone could answer these questions, that would be great.

- Gender
- Age
- Sexual orientation
- What do you think being homosexual means?
- Do you know or have you met anyone who is homosexual?
- Would you consider yourself homophobic, as in you discriminate against homosexual people or homosexuality and disapprove of or hate the homosexual community?
- How does homophobia hurt people?
- Do you think homophobia is prominent at your school or work?
- What are the effects of bullying or teasing because of homophobia?
- How do you think we can deal with homophobia so that it is not a big issue in the future?

Also, if you've ever done a research topic, what did you do it on? What are some popular issues that people know about e.g. deforestation, global warming, racism, sexism, prostitution, underage sex? How does everyone feel about these kind of issues?

[edit] Edited to include sexual orientation.

(no subject)

 1. I'm spending Thanksgiving home alone and I sure don't feel like cooking. What should I pick up on my late night grocery run to eat for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner?

2. Is there any small thing that always causes you to overreact?

3. Do you think art is a good investment, or should you just stick to stocks and bonds?

4. I do a ton of shopping online, and like . Do you have an awesome online store I should know about?

5. Can you suggest a less-than-well-known film for me to add to my Netflix?
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M'aider, TQC!

What sort of dessert should I make to bring to my uncle's house tomorrow for thanksgiving? I was going to make two cheesecakes but one failed miserably so now I need a replacement (I'm hitting multiple thanksgivings tomrrow, yikes!)

(no subject)

Do you like your inlaws?
Does your SO like your family?
What do you use for deoderant?
Have you ever used your SO's deorderant when you ran out of yours?
Bonus points to whoever can make me laugh the hardest.

(no subject)

1. What did you have for dinner tonight?

2. For those of you who met your SOs online, did you meet in person before starting your relationship?


3. My boyfriend decided not to book his plane ticket until now (he's supposed to be coming out this coming Tuesday). Are there any websites that you know of that have really cheap tickets for last minute trips? Are we totally fucked?
3a. I should have a right to be a little pissed, yes?
me championship

(no subject)


Have never tried/No Opinion

Brussel Sprouts?

Have never tried/No Opinion


Have never tried/No Opinion

Broad Beans?

Have never tried/No Opinion
FFXII - Penelo
  • uluviel

iTunes woes

I updated iTunes a few days ago and it seems that the latest version disregards all the "The" when putting artists in alphabetical order (eg, The Beatles are in the Bs and The Cranberries are in the Cs, whereas before these two bands followed each other in the Ts). My portable player and Windows consider the "The" and I'm used to this. Also, I have a bunch of Quebec bands starting with "Les" (French for "The") and those aren't disregarded, so it's even more confusing.

Is there anyway to turn this off? What about the fact that the numbers (eg. 5ive) are now at the end of the list? Can I bring them back at the top?

Also: can anyone explain why the album "Lennon Legend" is now stuck between "1967-1970 (Blue Album)" and "200 kmh in the Wrong Lane"? L is not between 1 and 2!
piece of cake

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there is this song in john tucker must die, that i really want to acquire. i've heard it before on radio stations once or twice. it's probably old. it sounds 80'sish. i don't know any lyrics. but it plays twice. i don't think it even plays any lyrics in the movie. i believe it comes on during the scene where she is just getting into cheerleading. in the bathroom? or something? i saw this movie only once. in portions.

i cannot sing online. but if i could. it would go something like
(higher)do do do do dooo doo.
(lower)do do do do dooo doo.
do do dooo.

if someone, based off this description, could tell me it's title. i might dance.

PS - i have checked the soundtrack. and it makes no appearance on it.

found. i should have known it was the cure. 'close to me'

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Is this possible? For someone to be sexually attracted to a certain sex, but never getting a crush on people from that sex?

And then, always getting crushes, and visualizing himself/herself romantically with the sex they are not sexually attracted to?

(no subject)

Does the idea of horse needles injecting alcohol into your nipples make you uncomfortable?

How about splintery pieces of bamboo being hammered through your urethra into your bladder?

Or, perhaps, having bottle caps put under your eyelid, jagged side against your eyeball?

How do these ideas compare to waking up naked, sore, and handcuffed to Bill O'Reilly's bed?
photo, purple
  • phoenix


I need to find more earrings like these. I saw a bunch of holiday ones at the mall yesterday, so some other company HAS to make them. I've searched Google for 3d earrings, layer earrings, anything I can think of. Someone here has to know something!
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If you were driving (say to a library) along this road that only goes in that direction, and it's a BAZILLION degrees (celsius), with no cloud cover, and you see two terribly pale-skinned, people walking along the road, would you give them a lift? The most likely origin of these people is 45 mins away, and the destination is another 20mins (walking time).


We were so hot (it was at least 35°C / 95°F), my head felt like it was going to explode and my face was clearly RED. These cars just drive by WITH ONE PERSON IN THEM, even when we give them the most morose looks we can conjure up.

Once we got to the carpark, should we have keyed the offending cars? What message would you have keyed in?

(no subject)

1)why are you a special snowflake?

I need over eight hours of sleep a night to function, my classmates say I have high reading recall, and I get low grade fevers if I don't sleep or work too hard.

2)Do you get large underarm bumps? what do you do when you get them?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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Does anyone know where my icon is from? I somehow managed to kill my tags and the original in a shuffle involving my poor laptop, and it's making me really sad. I thought it'd be made by fallbirds, but I didn't see it anywhere there. :( If anyone has it, I will love them forever.
girl guitar
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Thanksgiving traditions.

So, being a Dutchie, the most I've heard about Thanksgiving traditions comes from TV series and movies, and whatever my American boyfriend tells me. He's confirmed that his family does do the actual giving-thanks-round-the-table thing that you always see on TV, and the turkey thing, but I haven't really asked beyond that.

So, anyone else care to enlighten me with the ways Thanksgiving is celebrated, traditionally and/or within your family specifically? Just curious...
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a boy just made me feel really ugh and blah right now (because he has teh dumb and is mean and such).

will you cheer me up by posting something awesome, and/or sharing "boys are dumb" stories with me?
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Who do you try to contact when playing with a Ouija board?
Should I bother getting a copy of The Golden Compass? I'm reading mixed reviews about it.
What other books should I get next time I go to Barnes and Noble? (I have a $25 gift certificate).
Do you like Weezer? Why or why not? What's your favorite song by them?
What is the biggest present you want this year?

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I'm currently planning an extended essay for my final semester, and I've decided to write it on screen adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. So far, I've managed to track down the 1940 adaptation with Olivier, but I'm currently looking for secondary material.

Would anyone have any ideas, either on Pride, or on cinematic adaptation as a general concept, of books or articles I could read for the essay?

I'm searching google and amazon and stuff, but it can be hard to tell what something will be like without getting an opinion from someone who's actually read the book.


(EDIT: Just to be clear. I'm not looking for screen adaptations of the book. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for secondary material. Like, books/articles on adaptation.)


I am trying to find voices from a movie.
to put on my computer and make it talk, when opening pages. closing, turning off ect.

Where do I find sites with this on there.?


In a little over 2 weeks, I will be on my way to Prague, Budapest, and Vienna for 12 days. For anyone who has been to these cities, do you have suggestions on what to do, see, avoid, eat, buy? Also, any travel tips. Thanks!
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what makes you annoyed?
what makes you feel inspired?
what about sympathetic?

did you see requiem for a dream? if so, what did you think about it, and how long after you saw it were you still thinking about it? (cause i saw it recently and cant get it out of my head)

do you drink the reccomended amount of water a day? 

what are you really thankful for, but you aren't about to say around the table on thanksgiving?


make me a hat and put a D on it...

So - I decided to splash out on a memory upgrade for my pc, I get home and plug it in and give things a test firing up..

POST tells me i've got 2 dimms installed, xp boots up, and i kick off one of those demos that may be improved with the extra ram - it takes about twice as long as normal to boot, and then runs even worse than before - strange!

My computer properties tells me I've only got 512 megs, and a system info util also says only one dimm inserted. I power down and check the connections - post again says 2 dimms, xp says only 1 dimm.

I decide to try with just the new memory, when I turn on I just get BEEP BEEP BEEP, so i think "typical - dead on arrival", and reinsert the other module - when I turn back on there is a shriek, and a bit of a nasty burning smell, uhoh! Yep - somethings fried - since then it either wont output a video signal, or it does a bit of the post and turns itself off.

dya think this is going to be expensive?
how much of a clumsy doofus am I???
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Gnutella (LimeWire, etc.)

I used to download stuff with gtk-gnutella, which uses the same network as LimeWire, BearShare, etc. Lately I am not finding anything except fake results from spam nodes. I wonder if my ISP is blocking it somehow. I know Comcast has been up to some shenanigans lately, but if this were their doing, I don't know why the spam results would still get through. Unless Comcast is really that evil...

Anybody else having this problem?