November 20th, 2007


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How long after your last time conversing with someone do you leave them on your IM contacts list? Does it depend on how long you've known them/why you haven't spoken to them in ages?

I haven't removed anyone from my list for simply falling out of contact, so it's still full of people I went to summer camp with. I've only ever blocked one person, because I was fifteen, he was twenty one, and kept sending my ascii porn and telling me he was imagining me naked.
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What are you sorry about? What do you regret?

I'm sorry I was mean to my cat when I was in high school. It was sick and didn't mean to pee on my bed. I still feel bad for pushing it away and yelling at it. Poor kitty. :-(

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1a. Are you Jewish?
1b. If not, are you a religion that doesn't fall under Catholicism Christianity (you guys have enlightened me, thank you. Hopefully I got it right this time)?
1c. If you answer was yes to either of the above, what do you say when people ask about going to church or Christmas or anything else that is Catholic Christian-centric?
2. How does it make you feel?

1a/1c. I'm Jewish and I find myself saying, over and over again "I'm Jewish" to these questions.
2. I really don't care, but it just gets repetitive.

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What is your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

I've decided to put myself in charge of making the dessert for my family since I won't be able to go go dinner with the whole big family thanks to working all day but I'd like to be apart of the celebration and so I'd like some ideas of what to make.
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I have to work on Thanksgiving. I hadn't planned on it, but my family got pissed and canceled Thanksgiving for us, so I figured I could use the hours because I'm dirt poor and can use all the hours I can get.

The place I work is a retail store; we sell clothes, makeup, all that stuff, and also food. No frozen food section, or anything like that; mostly just chips and pop, and some select canned goods that I suspect are probably a bit past their expiration dates anyway. Normally, we're not very busy - on a normal day, an hour on the register and I'll have rung up maybe twenty customers, if that.

Do you think the store will be busy on Thanksgiving, or basically empty? Should I bring a book to read?
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1 Tell me about your crush/love interest/person you wanna get it on with?

2 What is it about them that you like?

3 People who are with someone : What attracted you to them in the first place? and stories of that first eyes across the room etc most welcome!
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 I reeeally want a belly button ring with a duckie on it. Somehow that's turned out to be really hard to find. Can anyone help me out?
Is there, like, some easy way to make belly button rings? Hmm.

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Can henna tattoos be done in black? Do they look real? I guess what I should really ask is, can they be passed off as real, even if just for a day?

I'm asking because my friend and I need to pull a prank on the guy we currently work for. He always jokes about paying someone big cash to get a tattoo of his initials somewhere on their body and we're trying to get revenge for something he just pulled.


it's boredom that gets me

1)What's the longest song title you can think of off the top of your head?
"Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town" - Pearl Jam

2) Anyone make a long commute to work/school?
mine takes 45mins - 1 1/2hr depending on traffic...about 50 miles one way

3) Money aside would you rather have a job with alot of involved thinking or hard labor?
I'd go with thought, but each has it's perks
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For Christmas for my friends, I'm creating a mix CD for each of them. What program is the best to use on a PC to create album artwork? What dimensions are a typical CD cover, if I were to just do it in paint?

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Seems a lot of you have room-mates.

I'm baffled. Why?

How do you get any privacy?
Were they randomly assigned?
Do you ever have sex with them in the room? [no i guess thats weird]
How do you feel about your roomie?

It's normal to share bathroom/kitchen/living room in college, but never bedroom... we'd go apeshit in England.


How much mess do you make?
Last book you couldn't/struggled to finish?
[i usually read everything, however i'm really battling with Luke Rhinehart- The Dice Man
its so.. ehhh..annoying.]
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How do you feel about these fuzzy little critters? Sweet and cuddly? Indifferent? Tasty food? Mortal Enemy?

They're my mortal enemy. At least, the wild ones that infest my yard. I'm not sure why exactly, but something about watching anywhere from two to ten of them bolt as my headlights hit the yard every night when I come makes me fear that my home will soon be taken over.
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years go by

CD cover dimensions

I'm trying to design a CD cover in Photoshop. The internets told me that CD covers are 4.75" by 4.75", but that ends up being really small when I make an image of that size in Photoshop, and it prints too small too. Help. :( I need dimensions in pixels, and either Google lied to me or I'm doing it wrong. What should I do?

Also, what is your favorite city in the USA? Mine is Boston, but I am biased because I live here and I love it.
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If you use tampons: how srsly do you take the amount of time you leave a tampon in?
I ask because I met someone today who was paranoid about TSS and sets an alarm on her phone to go off every four hours because six hours between changing is apparently WAY TOO LONG.
And on the other hand, my mum puts one in and then sleeps in it for ~9 hours without a worry in the world.
Where do you stand, TQCettes?
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Writing papers using well sourced articles on wikipedia, then citing the articles wikipedia cited, instead of citing wikipedia: y/n?

(this is assuming the sourcing is all correct and accurate, from reliable sources such as .gov's, .org, or .edu's)

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1. What's on your To Do List for today?

2. If you could go back to one point in time and slap yourself, would you do it? When? Why? Etc?

3. What was the most recent book that you started reading but never finished? Why?
seasonal - TQC Thanksgiving

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High school reunions:
Are they common where you live?
Do you plan on going or have you been to yours?
If you've been to one, where was it held and what was it like?
5 year reunions - omgtoosoon Y/N?

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We got a bunch of new towels and sent them all through the wash before they were used. But they left fuzzies all over when you dried off with them. So we sent them all through the wash again, and still they're leaving fuzzies. They're decent quality towels , so why are there so many fuzzies?

Locks of Love?

I'm getting my long hair chopped off tomorrow and was thinking of donating the length to Locks of Love. After looking them up online, I find there's quite a bit of controversy over how much donated hair they sell to either hair product research labs, celebrities (as weaves, extensions, etc), or both, and also how few wigs they actually make and give/sell to the poor little children.

O Great Question Club, does anyone here have personal experience with them? Are they as sleazy as some people make them out to be, or is it a pointless internet furor?
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Video Games

So I'm thinking about buying my self a PS2 for hanukkah, I was told to check out game stop or somewhere else ( I don't know what the other place was) for a refirbished PS2 where should I go?

What games should I buy? (I"m a 23 year old girl if that helps)

What comes with a PS2? (what accessories will I need to buy?)
This will be my 1st video game system!
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plink plink

Do you play an instrument? What is it? How long have you played? What's your favorite thing to play on said instrument? If you don't play an instrument, what have you always wanted to learn? (It's not too late!)

I play the piano, flute, organ and guitar, in ascending order of mediocrity. I've been playing the piano for about 20 years, and I love Chopin and Debussy. I've always wanted to play the cello, though, and think I will take lessons this coming year!
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Beast mode!

Another episode of "TQC, Make My Decisions For Me!"

TQC, what should I do for Christmas?

Option A: Spend a bunch of money that I really shouldn't to fly to Florida and have a traditional family Christmas with my mom and brother.

Option B: Drive to Ohio and spend Christmas with my dad and step-mom, who I've never spent Christmas with because they're kinda weird, and I won't get to have any of my traditional Christmas stuff.

Option C: Stay home and have Christmas with my roommate and her brother & sister-in-law, where I can have my family traditions, but none of my family.

Option D: Secret unknown option I haven't thought of and you will tell me.

It should be noted that I really love Christmas, my family traditions, and my family.

Cold weather vaccuums

1. How and why do people wear flip flops/thin hoodies/shorts when the temperature is 50°f at most? And I mean outdoors, where there is no place to escape the cold weather.

2a. Vacuums: bagged or bagless?

2b. How do you empty a bagless vacuum without getting dust everywhere?

2c. Upright vacuum or the canister type?

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Is anyone else dreading Thanksgiving this year? If so, why?

We usually have it at my Mom's house where I feel very comfortable and at home. But this year she moved to a teeny apartment so we have to have it at my sister's house. She is very bossy and overbearing and her boyfriend makes me uncomfortable
:*( Sigh.

haaaay tqc!

i was looking through my cookbooks this morning in preparation for the upcoming feast, and i noticed something strange: THE APPLE PIES HAD CHEESE ON THEM. wtf?

do any of you eat your apple pie this way?...because i sure don't and i don't know anyone who does.

WHAT ON EARTH does that taste like?

...i just can't imagine it being something i would enjoy.

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I just moved into this house, and theres a Nutone Scovill fan/light - and the light bulb has blown. i cant figure out, for the life of me how to open it up to change the light bulb. I've tried looking on websites but no luck. I'm hoping someone has one too.

Any ideas?
The Receptionist Classic

Kiss My Shiny Metal...

Poll #1092055 VERY IMPORTANT POLL!!!!!!

Should I pre-order "Bender's Big Score"???

No, just wait for the new episodes.
Not sure.
Are you insane? Did you even have to ask? YES!!!

In theory, it is released next Tuesday. I already died a happy orgasmic death upon discovering that more episodes were being made, this would only re-kill me in the most blissful manner man has ever seen.

And I realize that some of you don't give a rat's ass about Futurama. This is not for YOU. This is for ME, a stupid *squeeeeee*-ing fangirl that goes through withdrawal when she doesn't get her daily dose of Bender. So STFU and take the damn poll.

old news; or, what do we have to be thankful for this year?

TQC, i know that you're made up mostly of women and have Important Things on your minds like sandwiches, boyfriends who text their exes upwards of twice a week and pooping, but i thought i would take a moment to ask if you think that the failure, six years after the fact, to capture or kill the mastermind of the terrorist attacks on america, with the number of american casualties in a completely unrelated war exceeding 15,000 by some estimates, can reasonably be called a success that hasn't occurred yet.

so, do you?
bjork 2

Dear TQC,

Why are people question-challenged today?

I haven't seen this many question- or question mark-lacking posts (3) in one page for a while. Does this mean the world is ending?

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I love Wonka Mud Sludge chocolate bars, but they don't seem to make them in Australia anymore. I haven't had one in years.

Is there somewhere I can buy them online? Google isn't much help. I realise it's probably a bit silly to buy chocolate online, but dammit, they are so GOOD, I don't know why they stopped making them.

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You have to pick a career based SOLELY on the last 3 magazines you read. It has to have something to do with the content of said magazines.

1. What are the last 3 magazines you read?
2. What career would you choose?

1.BUST, Outside and National Geographic
2. Career = Hip traveling writer explorer

More Questions:

3.For those who listen to books on cd, do you just pause it when you are done
listening for the moment or what?

4.What would you get a dear friend who has started doing woodworking type things for Christmas?
Zooey face


1. Do you like wasabi? (The green, super spicy kind--not the expensive real stuff!)

2. How many siblings do you have? Are you a lot like them or somewhat different? (Appearance/personality/etc.)

3. What is the best thing about where you live?

4. What is the best part of your job?

(no subject)

1. if you were to be on a talk show (of the maury, jerry, montell variety) which one would you be on? what would the topic be?

2. i'm researching in the library because i have to write a 10 - 15 page paper for my foundations of social complexity class (don't be jealous) on a topic that falls under one of the following categories:
a) sapientization
b) sedentism and food production
c) early civilizations
which one should i choose? i realize that the topics are pretty broad, but as is the assignment itself.

3. why do some girls choose wear skirts and uggs? what is the functionality of that combination?

4. do crocs serve some sort of orthopedic function or are they just ugly?

5. if you were to build the perfect pizza, what would it consist of?

I'm a GIRL!

I'm bored with my hair, so TQC, give me ideas on how I should cut my hair!! I don't want to cut it too short, and it does this weird thing where one side flips under while the other flips out, so it's a little more high maintenance while short, but I'm BOREDDDDD.

Collapse )

1. Can you show me pictures of how I should get my hair cut? Or will you describe it to me?
2. My eye shadow has been discontinued and I am almost out, will you suggest some good 'every day' colors??

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Where can I buy those little pack things you break/crunch and they get hot? I'm thinking of the thermacare type ones, only smaller so you can put them in your gloves. I don't even know what they're called -- instant heat packs? If you know where to find them (& preferrably cheap), let me know! Thanks :)

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Last night I played Guitar Hero II for way too long. That is, until my fingers started to feel numb and tingly, and particularly my left index finger.

That was 10 hours ago, and my index finger still feels tingly and weird.

1. What does this mean?
2. How can I make it feel normal again?
3. Does this mean I shouldn't buy Rock Band? :[[[[

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1) On the California EDD form, one of the questions asked is if you have looked for work during the specified week.  If you check yes, you have to support your claim by listing the date you applied, company name, company city, and contact person.  Three weeks ago, I looked for work but I didn't apply anywhere.  I checked the "yes" box but I was unable to prove it.  I received a letter yesterday that said that I either answered yes and no to the same question or the form was incomplete.  I'm pretty sure the form was complete when I submitted it.  That leads me to believe that it was rejected because I didn't have any proof that I looked for a job that week.  I submitted the form again today but I didn't do anything different.  Then again, it's possible that I forgot to sign it or I accidentally checked yes and no for the same question.  I'm just not sure that's the case because I'm pretty careful.  However, I had the information for the second week completely filled out, so I hope it shows that I wasn't slacking.

Do you think that's cause to discontinue my unemployment benefits?  The whole situation makes me nervous.

2) Have you ever lied to get a job?
2a) What did you lie about?
2b) Did it come back to bite you in the butt?

3) What are your top 3 strengths and weaknesses?
3a) Do you think "I work too hard" is a weakness?  Per my former manager, that's a positive weakness.

4) Is there any reason you can think of that a Catholic church would have it's doors closed in the middle of the day?
kiv dancin.

apparently i guess it was tasty

hai, tqc.

this morning, my mother (who is in remission for lung cancer) was woken up to my cat, pauline, chewing on her hair. here's the thing. my mom had chemo and radiation and all that - so her hair is less than a half an inch long.

why was pauline trying to eat my mom's hair?

has your pet done something like this?

what was the wierdest thing your pet has done recently?
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When waiting to cross the street, do you stand on the edge of the curb and lean slightly into the street? And if so, is it because you're hoping to get clipped by a passing car?

So.. am I a psyco??

My boyfriend is going out on Wednesday so a pub with his mates. Leaving some time after 10.30pm, planning on getting really drunk and blah blah blah the usual.

I never have issues with him going out, but I have an issue this time. He works full time as a mechanic, from 8am-5pm, works a lot of overtime and is always complaining that he is tired. He has also changed jobs 4 times in the last year for various reasons.

I feel like a nazi, but I'm really worried that shit like this is going to cause him to loose another job. He doesn't get it. And i'd hate to be one of those girlfriends that never lets their boyfriend out. What should I do?

ETA: he also workes Saturdays, and there is no real reason for going out on Wednesday (i.e. birthday), its just because he can.



So I've been working on a directory for our business. It has gone back and forth from the printers and me for the last month and a half (proofs upon proofs upon proofs).

It's finally going to print and my co-worker is FURIOUS that we will not have it next week (we'll get it the first week of December) and now my co-worker insists on calling the printing company and chewing them out.

I feel that calling them, only to chew them out, will only hinder-not help the situation.

What do you think TQC?
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burning goodness

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Do you use a PDA/palmpilot thing? They're basically like electronic planners, right?

If you do, what kind is it, exactly? Was it worth what you paid for it? Is it difficult to use? What is your favorite feature of this product? How long do they typically last?

Did you read The Historian? What did you think of it? (I did, and I really enjoyed it)

presents ahhhhhhhhhhh

My friends and I have picked our secret santas, I have my friend Nikki, she loves tinker bell, and is a law student, I'm sending her a book, what else should I send her?

(oh soo i got my sister Gilmore girls at target last night! all seasons except 7 are $14.88 down from $44.99!! just thought I'd tell you all I'm soo excited! )


My partner discovered Skype and wants to keep in touch with her friend in Hong Kong so I decided to get her a webcam for Christmas.

What kind of specs should I look for when shopping for one? She has a laptop so I want one that's very laptop convenient.

Do you use one? What do you hate or love about yours?
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Would you ever go dumpster diving?  What about for produce?

If you're fine with dumpster diving, would you feed your family or friends with what you got?  Would you tell them where it came from?

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hannibal skull


I cleaned out my house today. I have 2 boxes of VHS tapes and DVDs that I do not want any more.

Should I eBay each tape/DVD individually or should I try to sell it as two lots - one for the VHS and one for DVD?
OR should I just say sod it all and bin them and make some dumpster divers very happy?

Honestly, I'd be happy if someone paid for shipping so I could get rid of them.

If it matters,the VHS movies are: American Psycho, Dogma, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Keeping the Faith, Gone in 60 seconds, Clerks, Chasing Amy, Grosse Point Blank, Usual Suspects, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Shipping News, American Beauty and Silence of the Lambs.

The DVDs are: Irma La Douce, Under the Tuscan Sun, Airplane,Airplane II, Life of Emile Zola, Double Indemnity, Exodus, Punch Drunk Love, Black Hawk Down, Support your Local Sheriff, The Lost Weekend and A Walk to Remember

Rather motley mix, I know.
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 If you had a quarter for __________ you'd be rich. 
How would you fill in the blank?

If I had a quarter for everytime my family skrewed me over, I'd be rich.

Your turn :D  
Editted twice to make sense and to appease ppls.
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So what is the best way to clean stuff, like say mosquito guts off of a leather jacket?

Also I'm currently reading The Name of the Wind by Pathrick Rothfuss, What Book are you reading right now?

(no subject)

1. Is it me or does food you heat up in the microwave taste a little different? Like they lost some part of their taste?

2. Are there any good sites that gives an overview and importatn pieces of european artists? Such as Damien Hirst, Joseph Beuys etc. Besides wikipedia artchive! :)
Beast mode!

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1. What's annoying you today?

2. Have you ever had the urge to drive 4+ hours somewhere, just so you could smack someone upside the head?

3. What's awesome in your life today?

4. What is just to the left of whatever is just on your left?

Chinese food!

I love beef and broccoli like you get at almost any Chinese food place in the U.S. (and possibly other countries, but I'm not sure how Chinese it really is).

I want to try to make it myself.

1. What is the sauce they make it with? I've never thought it tasted quite like soy sauce...maybe there's something else mixed in? It's also so much thicker than soy sauce...

2. Would I need a wok, or could I do this in whatever skillet I have? When I look up recipes, I'm not sure if they're the exact type of thing I'm looking for.

3. I want new easy recipes to work on learning to cook. Moderately healthy things. Got a favorite you want to share?

4. Other than blending yams into cake mixes, what's a good way to get vitamins and fiber if you don't really like many vegetables?

5. Do you like having a specific number of questions in your posts? For some reason I want to have five every time.
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outside looking in.

A Nightmare and A Revenge.

Poll #1092110 Traumatized by the thought.

Would You Rather...

Watch porn WITH your parents; or
Watch porn STARRING your parents?

Secondly (and unrelated to the poll),
What is the ultimate Revenge Sex? (Would it be shagging their sibling, best friend, or someone else?)
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I just filled out an application for health insurance, and on the back of the packet there is a message in a bunch of languages with the abbreviation for the language underneath. There's one language that we just can't figure out. B-POR is Brazilian Portugese, SP is Spanish, and VTN is Vietnamese, so what's HC?

Here's what it looks like:

"Si ou bezwen swa yon entèprèt oswa tradiksyon nenpòt anons oubyen fòmilè MassHealth yo, swa si ou vle yon ti liv/gid nan lang ou, swa si ou gen nenpòt kesyon sou MassHealth, tanpri rele nimewo telefòn...."

Any ideas?
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Dear TQC,

I'm sick of my flatmates music, i want to introduce some culture into the house.
I know we've had lots of this question lately.. but can you give me your favourite classical music piece?..
Can be instrumental or choral.

I love Jupiter- Holst and Gloria- Vivaldi.

I adore classical and there are so many famous pieces I hear around but have no idea what they are called or where they are from [perhaps the ballet, I used to go a lot as a kid] so hopefully some of you will love the famous ones too.

Thanking you muchly.

:-) x x
b/w girl

(no subject)

are you watching oprah's favorite things 2007?
(she said 45% of people watching tv right now are watching it. that means 45% of tqc y/n?)

mixing it up a little. can you answer these about your best friend? 
(if not best friend, bf/gf, sibling, whoever you are closest with)

1. what does he/she think about olives?
2. does he/she get motion sickness? on what, cars boats etc?
3. what does he/she hate about himself/herself physically?
4. what wakes him/her up in the morning? (alarm clock, dog, phone, whatever)
5. what would he/she want as part of his/her last meal?

why is your best friend your best friend?
do you think it's a better friendship when two people are polar opposites or incredibly alike?

(no subject)

 so my boyfriend (who is never any fun) wants to (once again) stay in tonight(which sucks because today was my last day of classes for a week). What can we do for fun/entertainment?! I mean, we stay in every night of the week and then go see a movie on the weekends. Usually we just watch political documentaries which is pretty entertaining, but god! you can only do it so many times before it starts to get boring. 

(no subject)

Is $1600 for a wedding DJ insane for 4 hours? I was hoping to find a DJ for about $500, but I haven't found anything yet.

Should I just bring a stereo to my wedding and burn some CD's to play? ;)
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(no subject)

1. Does anyone who lives in/near Las Vegas know the weather? I never trust for some reason.

2. What are/were your dinner plans for the evening? What will you eat?

3. Are you a late-night snacker?

4. Aside from clothes and toiletries, when you go away, what's one thing you MUST have?

(no subject)

I'm a grad student in a drama department. I was/am supposed to give a lecture to the intro to theatre history kids (mostly first-years) tomorrow morning on the textual history of Hamlet. I spent the last few weeks writing it up and tweaking it, along with a PowerPoint and handouts.

Then I hear from the class's TA (who's my officemate) that the students weren't asked to read the play, and most of them never have. I have no idea how I'm going to give this lecture if they haven't the faintest clue what I'm talking about.

Do I spend time that I don't have tonight completely revising the lecture to somehow (I don't know how) speak to all of those students who haven't read the play? Or do I stick with what I've got and bravely go ahead and talk way over their heads for an hour?

(no subject)

Say you're running around LJ, and you come across a journal that interests you somehow.
You post, "Can I friend you?"

They reply:
Maybe, I'm 8.9 on Hot or Not, Ivy League grad, Mensa member, can bench/squat/leg press over 1200 lbs., has had lunch with the secretary of defense, has an MBA from the top school in the country, lives in a Buckhead high-rise, drives a Beemer convertible, has been in 14 major motion pictures, was in Jezebel's Best dressed, etc. You?

Just how wet are your panties?

Was Jezebel's Best Dressed a good movie?

Anyone know how old his Beemer is?

What's an active community that doesn't have (m)any pics?
You'd be cooler if it didn't include this, SF, poor skills or BH.

(no subject)

1. I think I may have just failed a part of my classics exam. Did I pass? (Of course, I won't find out until January. wtf, NZQA.)

2. Just out of interest, seeing as this may be the reason I don't pass, does anyone happen to know a particular room (common in Pompeian houses) that was missing from the House of the Vettii? I tried Googling, but I think the person who wrote the exam actually just made it up.

3. Do you like Sara Evans? (I do!)

Halp me make dinner

So I have this idea in my head for dinner, what do you think? :

Saute some chicken in olive oil, garlic, onions & italian seasoning. Toss in some diced zucchini and really overripe tomatoes, toss with pasta. Top with parmesan.

Is that boring? How can I make it more interesting?

NipTuck stream?

I remember in the summer a website use to stream Big Brother for the West coast so they didnt have to wait those hours. I was wondering if any website streams FX so I don't have to wait to watch Nip/Tuck tomorrow. Dawn Budge is back on it tonight and I want to watch it live like everyone else :(


Lately I've been having dreams where I go to kiss boys (guys I know, but don't have any romantic interest in), but their lips are chapped!  And I'm like "Agh I don't want to kiss you because you're lips are chapped so go away!"  It's happened three times so far.

What does this mean, TQC? 

(no subject)

Is there a way to leave a bunch of communities all at once?

ETA: I don't want to abandon the journal. I want to clean out the communities and use it for something else.
cat tea

(no subject)

If you are sexually active:

Have you been tested for HIV?
What about other STDs?
How often do you get tested?

When you're in a relationship that is (supposedly) monogamous, do you ask your partner to get tested before you'll have unprotected sex with them? Does it depend on their past/history?

Do you ask to see their test results or do you take their word for it?

Have you ever had unprotected sex with someone you WEREN'T in a relationship with?

Picture Post!

I know usually there are picture posts of peoples pets, or just your beautiful faces xD...but i thought hey why not combine the two.
So please can you post a pic of you and your animal/s in the same photo?

I was gonna post a pic of me and my dog but i lost my dongle and can't upload pics from my phone :(

(no subject)

Are you the sort of person to 'Air your dirty laundry in public'?
As in, tell anyone who will listen your problems.

I ask because a friend of mine has a new tradgedy every week, and tells anyone.
Today it was that her electrician hung himself, last week because someone who's dad she knew was run over by a tractor.
Would you tell people these sort of things?

New drinks

Let's say we made a couple new alcoholic cocktails. Based on their names, what do you suppose would be among the ingredients?

1. Repressed Mormon

2. Scientologist

3. Lesbianic

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Sorry for the tl;dr-ness.

Say you had plans to hang out with someone after class for a few hours, and they were expecting you to be there between 3:30 and 4:00. However, you didn't have anything in specific planned, you were just going to hang around at their house for a little bit. After class one of your classmates asks if you want to go grab a bite to eat. You say sure because you know the person wouldn't mind, but you'll also be at their house a little bit later than before... around 4:30 or 5:00.

Would you call the person and let them know that you're going to be a little late?
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Once, I found this really cool a capella version of The Postal Service's "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight". I think the name of the group has "Knights" in it, but that might be something else. Anyone know where I can find it or who it's by?

Also, I have this nasty sore on the back of my ankle from a burst blister, and it's really not fun. How can I get it to heal faster?
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3 ?s

1) What is the best combination of food items to put between two slices of bread and eat?

2) Guess you could say you're the one I trusted, who would ever think that you would spread like mustard?

For those of you that pee standing up:

3) Over the fence or through the gate? If you don't get this don't worry, maybe I just watch too much Curb Your Enthusiasm.
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Sweeeeet Caroliiiiiine

1. Are you done Christmas shopping yet?

2. Do you still have Halloween candy lying around?

3. Are lady bugs invading your house?
yep, crazy weather!

4. Do you bank online?
Usually I just use it to check my balances and see what's cleared.

feel free to skip this one

okay, long semi-boring question ahead, but tqc gave good advice when i was trying to make my prom dress, so i figured i'd give it a shot. okay, so i've been wanting to make a dress with this pattern ( ) for quite some time now, but didn't really have an occasion for it. now i'm going to a wedding at the end of december and i think i want to make this dress for it.

i need some opinions, though. first, which view do you like best, and which is most appropriate for a wedding that is "black tie optional"? I personally like the long one in the middle best, but I think I should make the one on the left.

second, what color do you think i should make it? black and white are both out and i don't like pastel, but anything else is fair game.
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so far, i'm leaning towards "persian blue" (as defined by wikipedia) or burnt orange. the lace and under layer can be different colors, too.


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1. What's a quality that, while socially acceptable, would put you off from dating someone?

2. What does the most attractive person you know in real life look like? No pictures, use words please.

3. Does it bother you when an adult is unable to write as casually as they talk?
Edit to clarify: They can speak casually, no problem, but can't write like that. Instead, they write formal, cliched things they would never ever say: "I hope you are well. I am well also."

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Whats the name of that movie where all these people had powers, and his dad was a super hero. But the boy was teased and picked on because he didn't have any powers, but then later in the movie he came into some powers of his own. Whats the name of that movie?

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I was diagnosed with diabetes this morning. It was 463 after fasting for 12 hours :(

Do you have diabetes?
anyone in your family have it?

any suggestions on what I can do (other than eat better and take my pills) to get it lower than high?


a friend of mine gave me a copy of the amy winehouse album, "back to black". i had heard of her, but i hadn't actually heard any of her songs. i know, i live under a rock.

anyway, i was so pleasantly surprised - it's totally not what i expected and it's great!

so, tea-queue-sea, what kind of surprises have you had recently?
(good or bad, whatever floats your boat...)
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My lovely TQC:
I have already masturbated, stole my roommate's food, watched 3 movies, called and screwed a hooker, and done blow off of her ass.
What should I do to occupy my time? I AM SO BORED.
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Anyone remember what the name of this old program is? It was pretty cheesy. You'd open it, and basically be able to "destroy" whatever you saw on your monitor with guns, hammers, et cetera.

I'm fine

Cinema Bizarre? who the fuck are they?

heya bitchez,

i'm bored, angsty, and pissed off. i've got a problem with my friends, and my family... everyone want's to kill everyone else... so i have come to my sanctuarty... LJ...

i'm bored of being asked "what are you listening to?" and when the reply come back as cinema bizarre, them saying "cinema bizarre? who the fuck are they?"
then i say, "they are a german band" and they say "what? why would you wanna listen to that crap?" without haveing ever heard it.

well, all i can say is 1) don't knock it 'till you've tried it, and 2) just because it dosent appeal to you, dosen't mean i can't like it.

so, i'm bring my piss assed problems to TQC.

so, here are my questions:

1) have you ever heard of cinema bizarre?
2)if yes, did you like it? if no, would you be prepared to give them a try?(it's in english, i swear!)
3)have you ever judged a band by the contry they are from?
4)how can i deal with the fact that nobody has a clue who they are?
5)dose my catchphrase (BITCHEZ) annoy you? (irrelevant, i know)
okay, and beacuse i'm weird, here's a sample of their music, with a video i made for the people who haven't heard of them!

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so there we have it!
see ya'll later, bitchez,

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1- What do you do when someone doesn't believe some big news that you share with them? Particularly if the news is directly related to them.
2- What's the last bit of news you received but couldn't wrap your brain around? Did you ever accept it? When?
3- What sort of news would you like to get in the near future?
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This is a questionnaire about dictionaries for one of my classes, I know it isn't all that exciting, but it would be nice if some people could answer it.

1) How often do you use a dictionary?

2) What kinds of dictionaries do you use?

3) Do you rather use online dictionaries or books?

4) What types of dictionaries do you know? (this referes to different types of dictionaries like for instance etymological, monolingual etc.)

5) What kind of difficulties did you experience when using dictionaries?

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Do you think that the political correctness of the holiday season (actually, just holidays in general) is getting a little overboard? Why or why not?

I fully understand that some people do not celebrate the holidays. I also understand that there are more holidays than Christmas at the end of December. The over-sensetivity is getting really ridiculous though. Everyone knows that a pine tree with lights hanging from it is associated with being a Christmas tree, so calling it a holiday tree is just a little silly.
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'Cause I'm an idiot.

Someone please tell the clueless one what exactly FTW stands for. I /think/ there's two or three different uses, considered how/where I've seen it written.

Gah. Yeah, that's all. Kplznthx. =]
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3rd post today I think

Who is this Josh Groban that was on Oprah today?

I've heard of him before, but never heard him before.

What kind of music does he sing?

Besides the Christmas carols he did today, obviously.

He's really pretty good!
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Question about owning a house...

I'm currently a renter and I fully acknowledge that this may be a laaaaame question, but *shrug* that's never stopped me before!!

Do you *HAVE* to have a mortgage against your house?


What's your "happy scent"? (err.... you know; a scent that no matter your mood, that once you smell, it makes you happy!) Mines is Honeysuckle. *inhales deeply* (In fact, I have two honeysuckle scented candles burning right now! HAAPPPPPPPY!)

As I said above, am currently renting, just moved a month or two ago, well, this place has no holes in the walls whatsoever. Should I call and ask if its okay before I hang things up (like posters/calendars/photos) or should I just hang them up any ol' how?

Do you take naps?
Yis I do!

I volunteered to work the night before thanksgiving, and will have to work 6 days in a row because of it. Am I out of my ever loving mind??? Granted, I'm prolly saving the lives of innocent co-workers and random bitchy customers, but *still*,  I think I've gone and lost my head!

Lastly; in that vain, I want tomorrow night to be as pain-free as humanly possible, and am thinking of buying sugary candies and a couple of caffeinated beverages for my co-workers *shrug* I will do just about anything to keep the peaces from falling to pieces. Any suggestions??

dw-- prolly needs to make self a teal deer icon (lol)
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do you have any phobias?

i have an irrational fear of amputees. not the people, just their amputation. the stump i guess.
when i think about them too much i'm afraid there's one in my room trying to touch me with their stump. :(
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