November 19th, 2007

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  1. How many time in day you bathe then you consider  yourself clean ?
  2. Why do the wall get dusty over a period ? <there will be dust at the top of the walls>
  3. & will stuff get dusty if we just leave it ?
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TQC, when you were in school (or if you still are in school), did you ever have an assignment that you felt really silly doing?

I just had to write a critical analysis paper on an artwork that everyone in the class was assigned.  I was assigned this one "artwork" where the "artist" took Beanie Babies and deep fried them, and titled it "Fried Beanie Babies."  I just finished the paper and turned it in online and I feel really, really silly.

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So my friend just made a comment about the guy that I'm talking to and how he is "annoying and will really bother me after a while" and I've been thinking about it constantly since she's said it. I know that I take people's opinions and comments into consideration much more than I should but it's been getting out of control lately. I know I need to stop caring what people think and find out things for myself but it seems to be hard.

Does is anyone else guilty of thinking like this?
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Do you take Airborne? Do you think it works?

I've tried it but it makes me want to barf. Meh, I take vitamins so whatever.

I HAVE ONLY TWO MORE THINGS TO WORK ON THIS WEEK! After Wednesday I will be a free woman. Only for  six days, but still. Should I party like it's 1999?

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Poll #1091118 Sesame Street Vice

Who was probably on the most drugs?

Oscar the Grouch
Big Bird
Count von Count
Cookie Monster

Who probably had the biggest stash of porn?

Oscar the Grouch
Big Bird
Count von Count
Cookie Monster

Who is most likely to be on the sexual offender list?

Oscar the Grouch
Big Bird
Count von Count
Cookie Monster

Who probably did some time in the pen?

Oscar the Grouch
Big Bird
Count von Count
Cookie Monster

Who would probably give you a 'handy' in the back alley for $100?

Oscar the Grouch
Big Bird
Count von Count
Cookie Monster

If you had to buy a gun, who would you talk to?

Oscar the Grouch
Big Bird
Count von Count
Cookie Monster
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1. If you had to pack up everything you own (excluding furniture), what would take up the most boxes?

2. Where do you plan to be one year from now?

3. When you are in line at the grocery store, and have your items on the conveyer belt, whose job is it to put down the divider - the person in front or the person behind?

4. If a cash at the grocery store has an item limit, have you ever gone through (or tried to go through) with more items than you're supposed to? How many more? What happened?

5. If you are buying produce such as apples, do you know what types you are buying, or do you expect the cashier to figure it out?
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1. What is something that you would fix instead of replace?
2. What is something that you would replace instead of fix?
3. What is something that you would call "machine" in the midst of conversation?
4. Do you use mouthwash?
5. Will you tell me a dream that you remember about your teeth?
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What are the top ten things that make you happy?


1. Literature in my bed.
2. Release.
3. Being Sung to.
4. Hot brains.
5. Music.
6. Learning something new.
7. Conversations that blow my hair back.
8. The Ocean.
9. Clean Sheet Day.
10. Making Out.

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You wake up one morning and find yourself in a fur suit.

Which animal would you want to be/would be the least detrimental to your psyche?

Assuming you can't just unzip the suit and step out of it, what do you do next?
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1- Does your internet name(s) define you at all? Even a little bit?
2a- Do you judge people by their username on LJ?
2b- How about icons?
3- Are you one of those people who claim that they never judge anyone, but when inside your own head, you're insulting EVERYONE?
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audio not working

i have an hp laptop with windows vista and for some reason out of the blue the sound stopped working. i know the volume isnt down and its not on mute because whenever i open up itunes or other sound using stuff it says that theres a problem with my audio configuration. theres just a red x over the little icon on the taskbar. it keeps telling me the audio service isnt running and the audio isnt enabled, but when i go to the device manager it says everything is working! i've tried going online and couldnt find any help. so please help me! is there any way to fix this sound problem??
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1. (tl;dr) I just had a pretty intense panic attack (my heart is still racing, I'm trying to calm down) and I have a statistics test in 15 minutes. The syllabus says I need "official documentation" of my illness or "life situation" to be able to make up the test. Should I go take it now, and risk having another panic attack, and screwing up because I'm still tweeking out, or risk not being able to make it up? (I have a prescription for Xanax, and past appointments for PD that I suppose could be 'documentation')

2. Do you ever panic?

3. What are you wearing today/tonight?
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 I'm traveling on two trains to get up to Long Island to spend Thanksgiving with family I don't really ever see.  I want to bring something to contribute to the day, because I think it'd be polite and a good gesture.  What can I bring that would travel well and be appreciated?

It can be something for the actual dinner or for the next day or just a generally random thing that you think would be appropriate.

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On Wednesday I purchased a Nintendo DS lite at walmart for 130.00. Today I see in shop rites ad that with your price plus card, which I have. It's only 115.00. If I go to walmart and bring the ad, my shop rite card and my bill, will they give me my 15 dollars? I'd bring that one back if I hadn't already played games on it. So for 15 bucks I'm not willing to lose my saved games. So what do you think TQC, Can I get the 15 dollars or is it a lost cause?
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One of my cats just bitchslapped his sister in a pretty hilarious manner.
What's the funniest thing you've seen/heard today?

For any Americans on the East Coast (and, I suppose, some Canadians on the East Coast), have you gotten snow yesterday/today? I'm in NEPA and it hasn't snowed this much this early in quite a while.

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1. Can I return an item to IKEA that has already been assembled? The return policy on their website says you have to return it in the original packaging, but I was wondering if perhaps they gave you store credit or something for an item you already assembled...

2. Do you have an unusual job? As in, something that doesn't involve sitting at a desk/serving food/working retail etc.?

I drive around the entire state of New Jersey giving surveys to high school students. Woohoo!

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I've been at my current company for about eight months as an admin, and I just found out that it's customary for pretty much everyone to give everyone else a holiday card in December. I want to write them all out during my four day Thanksgiving weekend, but I have no idea what to write. The people I will be giving the cards to range from other admins to principal engineers to the president of the company. I want to write something simple, non-denominational, maybe even a little funny. I have about 50 to write. Any suggestions?
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Okay, so by now, many of you have heard about the girl who committed suicide after an ex-friend's parents created a fake Myspace to harass her.

Though this happened a year ago, it's been all over the internet lately. The name, address, phone number, and business name of the perpetrators has been leaked everywhere.

What is your opinion of this?
What is your opinion of people contacting the perpetrators? Is any form of contact to them acceptable?

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There used to be some thing on livejournal that allowed you to find out what other users have the most in common with you from your you could put in a username and it would bring back a list of those who listed the most of the same interests of you...

does anyone remember this?

does it still exist?

if so, how can i find it?
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Hay TQC,
So....I was stupid and promised my manager I'd make chocolate chip cookies for the store meeting tonight. Well, we have on the upwards of 25-30 something employees that will be attending. How many cookies should I make?Keep in mind....we have some HEIFERS.
Should I take the easy expensive route and either buy cookies that already are made and pretend I make them, get pre-made dough and make them, or the homemade way and spend hours slaving over the oven?

Holiday Cards

Do you send out christmas/holiday cards?
How many do you send out?
Do you write personalized notes in each?
How do you decide who to send them too?

I'm thinking bout maybe doing some, it's something to do :P

[edit:  what kinds of things do you write in the personalized notes ??? ]

Memory skillz.

Do you think you could keep track of the location of 70 to 90 people a day? (Meaning, as a receptionist and knowing everyone's names)  But people walking in and out to go to the bathroom, to smoke, to grab lunch, to talk on their cell phone. People moving from one wing to the other many times a day to visit a co-workers desk or attend a meeting. Would you be able to accurately and consistently track in your mind the whereabouts of this many people (or more)?


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1)what odd pet peeves do you have?

I wish people would shut up in the library

2)Do people walk around at all hours in your neighborhood?

When I get out at 6 am, people are walking around, when I come home at noon, people are walking around, when I come home from school at 8 or 9, people are walking around.
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Nerdy stuff

So, I'm downloading my weekly fix through a torrent-thing, and I run the file through VLC to check how it's going. Fabulous video but no audio. Same thing happens in DivX player.

The odd thing is that it seems to be the same file-type as what I normally get: [Program- s02e0x - h264-aac-dvb-t.mp4] The other files continue to work. This is roughly the point at which I fail the internet. I have a dim understanding that I probably need to get a codec or something from somewhere, but I'm not sure how to go about that. Help, TQC?

And, just to keep everyone else entertained, what are some creative and colourful terms for being drunk?

I'll start with local ones: trashed, pissed, pished (like pissed, only moreso), s**tfaced, gone, munty, legless, blotto...
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Does anyone have the link for the really bad video on YouTube I keep hearing about?

If I try to watch it at my school library, will the content filters kick me off?

Will I puke?

Is it really that bad?

I have dial up at home so I can't watch anything there.
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when you get zits, where are you most likely to get them?

i'm going to a friend's house on thanksgiving and i'm going to make and bring a pie. which kind of pie should i bring?

which kind of pie?

plain ol' apple
apple raspberry
apple blueberry raspberry
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1. TQC, why do my buttcheeks hurt (clenching too hard kinda hurt)?

- I haven't been clenching them
- I haven't worked out in the past few days
- I haven't been engaging in up the butt activities

I need a deep tissue butt massage.

2. Are you in any pain today?

3. When was the last time you were in a situation where you should have been embarrassed but weren't? What happened?
I was in the middle of a driving lesson and the car died at the light, on a slight hill. Then I had a little trouble getting it to go and was worried about rolling back and hitting the car behind me. So all these cars were honking at me, haha. I managed to get it going though. Yay me.
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Do you interact directly with clients/customers at your job?

If so, how often do you wish to kill them?

What is your favorite Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/holiday decoration?

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 Six of us (three men, three women) failed to come to a consensus about this last night, so I turn to you, great and powerful TQC. Why does it take men 10x longer to poo than it takes women? I know there are exceptions to every rule, but in general, why? WHY? It's like they take a mini-vacation in there. WTF?

Srs answerz 4 srs bzns.
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have you ever told-off/expressed disapproval to an in-law?
what was the incident about?
did is snowball or was it sudden?
is your s/o close to said in-law?

any stories or scenarios would be nice to hear, thanks!

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1. Should I go to my college commencement ceremony?

Background: Despite the fact that we have 2 cap & gowns already at my house, my school requires you to buy another set or you don't get graduation tickets. This pisses me off for some reason -- $50 to participate in commencement, a fee I think is completely unnecessary. It's a fairly large graduating class with high anonymity.. they call your name, but they don't do individual recognition for honors or anything. A good half of the families have to sit in the ice rink and watch the ceremony on a TV. The "diploma" they hand you is actually a flyer of how you can purchase a wonderfully-pricey-yet-awkward photo of yourself graduating. The whole thing takes about 2 hours.

I always thought it would mean something to me to go, but I'm pissed off about the school milking me out of another $50. My mom wants me to go and is willing to pay the $50. (I told her I think the money's better off spent elsewhere.) My boyfriend wants me to go too, because I encouraged him to go last year when he had the same doubts. He's all graduation is a big deal, very important day, blah blah, wanna be there for you, blah blah blah, you can't not go, blah blah.

If it makes any difference, I'm currently interviewing for grad schools so it's not like I'm done with school completely.

2. Did you go to yours?
ETA: Why or why not?
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Death of a lunchbag.

I have this cute little insulated bag that I bring my lunch in every day. But the straps are really screwing up, and it's branded with the logo from a store I used to work at that well, let's just say I don't like them anymore. I usually have lean cuisines or healthy choice meals to bring to work, so a traditional lunch bag doesn't always work because the stuff doesn't fit.

1. Do you usually bring your lunch or buy it?

2. What do you carry your food to work/school in?

3. Any suggestions to where I could find a cute/stylish insulated lunch bag for a decent price?

4. When was the last time you ate out? Where was it?

5. What was the last thing you cooked from scratch yourself?

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So TQC, here's a bit of a hypothetical for you:

Your friend buys you a ticket to visit your hometown for Thanksgiving. You haven't been to your hometown in 5 years, and your grandmother lives there and so does one other friend whom you miss dearly.

You ask your friend if taking a day to visit these people would be cool with them. They then proceed to send you a snotty email about how they spent their "good money" on your trip and you already have plans all weekend, which you must do because it's their "on their dime".

The "fun plans" include going to a knitting party with a bunch of old ladies you don't know, driving around looking for a venue to have a wedding, other wedding-planning-lackey things that could be done on a weekend that you aren't there. Basically things you don't want to do. When you suggest things you would like to do, she again pulls out the "i spent my money, we are doing what i say only" routine.

TQC, wtf would you do/say?

I want to just cancel, because she is being stupid, but is that completely out of line?

edit: Um, no she's being even more ridiculous and I'm canceling. omg.

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1. Who is your favorite tv mom and dad? (doesn't have to be from the same show, because lets face it, Cliff Huxtable would have been a great dad, but Mrs. Huxtable was a bit of a meanypants)
2. How has your day been so far?
3. Do you have any suggestions for my Netflix queue? I don't want to watch anything in my queue at the moment.

Sweet Pea
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I just got a job offer in Omaha, Nebraska. I've never been to Nebraska before. If you've been there and/or have lived there, what can you tell me about it? Is it fantastic?

(no subject)

edit: poll deleted for massive failure

If DNA testing were available for your planned, unborn child to determine the probability of any diseases or predispositions, would you want that DNA testing done?
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What's your all-time favorite cover song?

Mine is Orgy's version of Blue Monday. I'm not a big fan of the original, so I think it was pretty easy for their version to be better, at least in my opinion.
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(no subject)

Have any of you ever taken an MAOI?

I'm going to the video store in a little while. What do you suggest I rent?

Do you prefer to exercise while watching TV or listening to music?

ETA: I like all but action movies. Not a fan of the explodey, gunny, "RUN" stuff.
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Do you ever wake up in the morning and get really, really depressed as soon as you wake up? Like, "nothing matters and my life is a waste and everything is far too hard for me to exist" depressed? But it's only for about ten or fifteen minutes, and then you get out of bed and feel totally okay?

Is that normal? And what the fuck is it?
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Is it possible for you to be friends with someone who has widely different political and/or religious beliefs than you?
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1. what do you generally feel insecure or inadequate about?
my ability to verbally communicate well. sadly that's important not only for my job but for like............. life.. and stuff. now i'm paired with a coworker who speaks brilliantly and fluidly and omg i feel like shit.. i'm okay with written communication tho. so all is not lost.

2. what do you want very much right at this moment?
a few days off. to catch my breath.

3. have you noticed that my questions are always in groups of odd numbers? always.
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1. A makes a self sacrifice for B which results in harm to A that otherwise wouldn’t have been felt, but also reduces the harm that B suffers.
2. A finds himself in a similar situation as B, but B does not make a self sacrifice and therefore A suffers great harm

Even IF B helps in 2 in the same manner as A did in 1, at best, there can be equity. Since there is no self benefit or profit, is it worth A to make self sacrifice? (assuming there is no moral/ethical/personal VALUE for A helping B).
This seems to suggest it is NEVER worthwhile to help someone where self sacrifice is likely (or that if it is, the BENEFIT is only present in the mind).

What is the flaw in this argument?

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Which of these books should I finish reading first?

Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin
The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman
Midnight by Dean Koontz
Voyager by Diana Gabaldon
None of these. You should read ____ instead! (put in comments)
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This is a challenge to my fellow TQC's!

Can you find a bad version of "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You?"
Favorite version?

I have found a new favorite: The Mandarin version.
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Is this fair?

So my roommates have a habit of leaving piles of  dishes in the sink. I clean every dish that i use after using it, and i don't often eat here in the house, so i never have dishes laying around. My roommates also decided to throw a party, which then made our house a little messy. Today my roommate asked me if i would mind loading and unloading the dishwasher, because "me and soandso (roommates name) have cleaned up a lot lately ". I said, fine but " none of those dishes belong to me".  I'm guessing they don't think i do my part, but i am never downstairs in the living room (where there is a ton of mess) and I'm never doing dishes that don't belong to me...i've done it, but i'm tired of being that person that is so nice and accomadating to people that can take care of themselves.

If you live with roommates (not SO's) do you feel that you should have to join in and help them clean up their mess? 
Do you think if your roommates are throwing a party (one that you could care less about) that you should have to clean up because you live there?

i'm not a nasty person, or even dirty, but it baffles me that my roommate would ask me to do this, even though they know that i don't create the messes around the house
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Music recs?

My queue on Your Music is almost empty. What CDs should I add to it?

Only rule is they should have it on their site, but if you don't feel like looking then just suggest a CD you really like that I might not have.

If you care about my tastes, I like just about anything where I can understand the words. (Or if it's in a foreign language, that I could understand if I spoke that language).
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Today, I woke up at 4 AM with the worst headache of my life. Also, I'm typing this with seven fingers because about an hour ago, I had a vending machine dropped on my hand.

TQC, when's the last time you had a really shitty day? Care to tell us about it?
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The other day a friend and I went to a restraunt. We both ordered a specialty drink with our meal. Before the tip the bill was about $40. She has mentioned several times since how expensive it was. Would you consider it expensive?

Also have you ever been to Epcot? If so did you think it was fun?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been to New Haven, CT? If so, what did you think of it?
2. Same question as above, only this time, how about Durham, NC?
3. How awesome is A Muppet Christmas Carol?

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how liberal would you say Lyndon B Johnson was?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how conservative would you say Gerald R Ford was?

I'm asking so I can guage if I got the right idea on a timed writing I did. My answer was based off of the fact that I said Ford was a moderate conservative and Johnson was a hardcore liberal.

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At what point does a person cross over from liking cats into 'crazy cat person' territory?
Am I already there since I'm asking that question?

If I donated money to a charity in your name and you got a small gift for that donation (for exmaple, if you adopt an animal you generally get a small stuffed toy and/or updates about that animal) would you think that was a good gift? Why/why not? Would it depend on the charity?
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Do you ever just want to burst with excitement? I'm sure there are big huge things that make us all feel like screaming it from a rooftop, but I am talking about ....being reminded of an old Christmas tune that I love and then that thought snowballs into all the wonderful things that I love about Christmas and the season and how lucky I am and ....blahdi blah, I want to just burst outloud with excitement. But that's not acceptable behavior really, so I don't. :D Or how much I love my boyfriend - that one happens a lot. I just want to just bite his face I Love him so much - but again, lol, that's not acceptable behavior, so I don't. Anyone relate to these strange manic feelings?
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(no subject)

Has anyone here every found an apartment off craigslist?

What kinds of questions would you ask before subletting an apartment from someone?

SRS and NONSRS answers are both awesome.
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(no subject)

Is anyone here a Mystery Shopper? Do you like it? What company are you doing this through? Is it pretty easy? I think I might want to do this but I am not completely sure yet.
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TQC, what are you putting off right now?

I'm supposed to be working on a social studies unit for second graders on economics. Teaching it next week. Any ed majors out there wanna help?

(no subject)

 I had early Thanksgiving with my good family on Saturday.  I'm going on Thursday for the okay family, and Friday for the "I dislike seeing you but it's only for holidays" family.  Are you jealous I'm getting it three times?

In your opinions, what constitutes a "good" person?  What about a "bad" person?
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(no subject)

1. TQC, how do you calm yourself after massively failing a test? I studied, but the amount of material was just so ridiculous that as soon as I sat was all out of my head :( She wouldn't postpone it till after Thanksgiving, so now I have this hung over my head for the rest of my holiday. How can I perk up and enjoy it?

2. I have an 8 page term paper to write tonight. TQC, what are your motivation suggestions? What's some of your favorite 'filler' material?

3. Why is it so hard for this guy wandering around my lecture hall to find the correct classroom? He's failed at least 3 times, even though the doors are numbered, some have signs, and all have peep holes. What's his issue?

college edition

1)What's your most outrageous tale of academic suffering?

2)Can you pull allnighters or do you pass out?

3)What do you do when you fail classes?

4)What's the worst symptom you've gotten around exam time?

eta: any good mental breakdown stories?
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A little chocolate or a lot of chocolate?

This week, I will be making a pecan tart. The recipe calls for a half ounce of bittersweet chocolate, which is drizzled over the top of the baked tart. Would you rather have a pecan tart with only a slight amount of drizzled melted chocolate on top, or lots more?

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And if anyone is curious, the recipe is here; I'll be using Southern Comfort for the bourbon.


I have finally been moved into the official grad student area after three months of waffling from the department. The amount of mouse droppings, mould, dust, dirt, grime (on the WALLS), and junk in my new office are beyond comprehension. I can now officially say that grad students are the most disgusting, unclean, unkempt people on the planet. I mean, I've always known, but now I have proof.

TQC, make me feel better. What's the grossest mess you've discovered as of late? Did you have to clean it yourself, or did you manage to weasel out of it and make your significant other/roommates/coworkers clean it?

Who else is annoyed/intimidated by questions that ask you to look back over your ENTIRE LIFE and recall something utterly mundane? Example: "TQC, what's the worst sandwich-related mishap you've ever experienced?" I CAN'T REMEMBER THAT KIND OF THING!
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(no subject)

I just finished my paper for philosophy, and it's 400 words short. My last paper was also 400 words short (only 800/1200, now1600/2000).

1. What should I use as filled space? SIRIUS ANSWERS ONLY, PLZ AND THANKYOU.
2. Have you ever gone through and added a disgusting amount of adjectives, and undid all your contractions to get a higher word count?
3. Last time I got an A. What are my chances of pulling that off again, even though I am short? I CANNOT think of anything to write.
4. Will you show me something funny?

Hong Kong

so, my parents and brother and I are going to Hong Kong in January, for 12 days.
Has anyone else here been?
Where would you recommend going/what would you recommend seeing?
Though we have been overseas before, what overseas travel tips do you recommend?

And on a different topic, does this book look funny to you?
Have you read it?

(no subject)

Do people have a right to privacy?
How far should it extend? ETA: Which people/groups should people have the right to privacy from?
If freedom of the press and the right to privacy come into conflict, which should win?

On an unrelated note, I just found out the essay I thought was due next week is due tomorrow morning. Should I bother trying to get any sleep tonight, or should I sleep after I turn it in?

(no subject)

I am going to finally watch "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead" tonight, so that I can know what I should do here when I die.

What's something dead people should do in your locale?
The Black Lou Ferrigno Two

Four ?s

1) If you were the next leader of the whole free world, what would be the first thing you would do?

2) What do you think has a stronger influence on kids, graphically sexual and violent lyrics or graphically sexual and violent scenes in movies?

3) What's something that many would claim to be "ignorant shit" but you like it anyway?

4) What are you thankful for?
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(no subject)

What was your first car?
What was the cause of it's demise?

(I owned a beat-up '89 Mustang 5-speed convertible. Love of my life, I swear. Our affair came to an end however, when I was rear-ended going to - dorky i know - a mock trial competition. 2 cars later and I own another 5-speed convertible Mustang. This time an '04. I had to have it. I'm a ridiculous Mustang-lover. It was a while in coming, but worth the wait for sure.)
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(no subject)

Do you ever ask people (maybe a good friend or SO) if it looks like you've lost weight?

How about if it looks like you've gained weight?

If you were to ask someone one or both of these questions, who'd you ask first?

(no subject)

1. What is this song (link to sendspace download)? It was in a trailer for Lost. My Googling is telling me it's either Mozart or Verdi's Requiem (Dies Irae), but I've listened to both pieces and it doesn't really sound like either to me (granted those both have choruses, and the Lost trailer doesn't).

2. Do you know how to "crank dat soulja boy"? If so, are you a furry?

3. Which is more embarrassing: knowing how to crank dat soulja boy or being a furry?

(no subject)

This is driving me crazy.

Can anyone tell me how to make a song list on itunes? Meaning the kind you post on the internet so people can see what you listen to... I want to make a webpage so I can offer all of my music to people for trade and I swear to god I used to be able to do it but now I'm Very Severely Retarded.

Thanks and please don't kill me for asking a question that probably the whole world knows the answer to.

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Grant Lee Buffalo/Grant Lee Phillips is on artist/group that when ever I hear them takes me back to a certian time in my life. It doesn't matter that the songs could have come out long after that time I hear him/them and I am overwhelmed with memories of fall and the city of Ann Arbor and all the great times I have had there.

Is there an artist of song that does this to you?
What song is it?
What is the period of time or memory it brings back for you?
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I'm doing a lame science project that makes me feel like I'm in middle school again. How long do you think an ice cube will take to melt in tap water kept outside? The temp outside is 45 degrees.
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(no subject)

1.  Do you believe in God?  Why or why not?

2.  What is a good way to get inspiration for writing? 

3.  Favorite artist?  (Mine is John Singer Sargent)

4.  What's a good book you recommend? 

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1. How old were you when your parents first went on holiday without you and left you at home by yourself?
It seems here as soon as a child turns 16 the parents immediately book a holiday, haha

2. What do you think of when people say British culture?

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What is a good medieval looking font? I've been looking through my fonts and can't find one that would work.

Have you ever had an extremely realistic dream, and were surprised that it wasn't real? What was it about?

If you had a dream last night, what was it about?

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I think the emo trend is going to start dying down. I saw two mothers at work who were dressed more scene than thier children were. What trend do you think will come next?

At work I was staring at the tabloids at my register. How did Matt Damon get the title of Sexiest Man Alive? He is absolutely ugly.
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what particular animal embodies the term wilderness for you?

what about nature?

(see, i'm going to be doing a drawing soon focusing on these themes, and i'd like to know what animals people think of when they hear these terms.) :D

EDIT: this is fabulous, keep the suggestions coming! you guys are mentioning animals i would have never thought to include! more more! i'll try to fit most of them in!

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1.what's the last weird situation you've been in/thing that's happened to you?
I had to call a stationary supply company today. a week ago I briefly used one of those air duster/can of air things to clean my keyboard at work. I borrowed it from a co-worker for maybe a minute or two. I kept it well away from my face while I sprayed the keyboard, yet somehow some of the bitterant got into my mouth & on my lips (possibly from me touching the keyboard, then my mouth). it's STILL on my lips. I can taste it when I lick them, and I've literally scrubbed my lips to try to get the taste to go away. it didn't work. I ran out of ideas, so I called the company. but still, wtf, who does that happen to?? and why would it stay on my mouth for a week?!

2.what song are you listening to right now, and what does it make you think of/what do you imagine when you hear it?
Garbage - "The World Is Not Enough". I think about Bond. James Bond.

3.have you ever slept so long that the next day you felt 'over tired'?
yes, last night. I fell asleep at 8:45/9:00pm and got up for work at 7am this morning. I usually go to bed well past midnight. I felt so tired for most of the morning.

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my SO is getting his wisdom teeth out on WEDNESDAY the day before THANKSGIVING

i must have been really lucky because for me it wasnt bad, i went to school the next day and i didnt even take my drugs.
also i at burger king the next day... so when he asks me what its like i dont really know what to say bc it really wasnt bad...but ive heard that it can be really bad.

have you have your wisdom teeth out?
if you havent had yours out do they bother you?
if you have how long were you in pain?
how long til you went back to work/school?
how old were you?
i hear its more painful the older you are, is that true?

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Are we birthday buddies?
Mine's August 26th.

How old were you when you were told Santa Clause wasn't real? Or did you figure it out on your own?
I was told when I was nine, but I already didn't believe. My mom told me after my great grandpa died, because he was our family's "Santa".

Are you more offended by people that are randomly rude on the internet, or randomly rude in person?
I guess the internet, mostly because they usually have no reason to be rude, where as in person you could have unknowingly offended them or something.

How many piercings have you had in your life?
Five, not counting ears. Septum, left and right nostrils, smiley, and tongue webbing.

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Sweetest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Or alternatively, things that make you go AWWW and melt a little.

Me: ...Well, I don't know. I just like thinking that I mean something to someone.
Him: Do you want to know why I tease you so much?
Me: -nod-
Him: Because I love the way your face lights up when I apologize. And if I'm ever having a bad day, just hearing your voice makes everything okay again.
Me: ...!
Him: Sorry, that was sappy and stupid.
Me: -proceeds to melt-

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How do you think I did on my biology test, TQC?

I also just ate a bowl of cereal with regular milk so I'm out of soy milk and I'm going to pretty much feel like I"m dying in twenty minutes. I can't stay away from milk. :[

What self destructive behaviors do you guys have? Besides the usual smoking/drinking.
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1. Manual toothbrush or motorized?
I usually use a Crest SpinBrush

2. Do you make sweets and treats to give as gifts as Christmas? If so, what do you make?
Nothing yet. I'm going to try to make some truffles and things this year.

3. What is your birth order?
I'm a first born, as you can probably tell by inability to be wrong, even when I am.

4. When did LJ change the layout of the choose journal style page?
I haven't changed my layout for awhile, so I'm just now noticing it. Didn't it use to just be a list?



Why don't Canadian grocers offer 'double coupon' days?

(I have a .50c coupon but the grocer deducts $1 from my bill)

I know in the U.S. it's offered all the time.

So Canada, what's up!?

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1. If money was no object what kind of car would you buy?
It'd be a Mini for me, I love them

2. If money was no object where would you live?
I think I'd either stay here in Tenerife, go to Florida or go to Australia.

3. Again, if money was no object what kind of business would you buy?
Manchester United.

4. Which would you rather be: actor/actress, singer, author?

I have one final question that I can't really word. Sometimes, on TV, I see actresses with a ponytail and rather than it being held by a bobble it's held by what looks like their hair. How do they do that? Apologies if it's stupid, lol.
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In orchestra we were rehearsing a piece, and the director suddenly stopped us and asked "Where are the trombones?" I almost burst out laughing, but fortunately suppressed the urge. Turned out they'd gone into the next room to...I don't know what. I doubt it was anything bad, but really, who knows.

1. What was the last thing that made or almost made you laugh when you shouldn't?
2. What were the trombone players doing in the other room when they should have been rehearsing?

3. Would it be really anal/bitchy of me to politely ask my roommate to limit the snooze button to once per morning, instead of her current minimum of 3?
4. How about if I tell her to turn it off and leave it off after the 2nd time when I'm half-awake?

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I'm looking to buy a pair of warm fuzzy boots. I really don't want to resort to a pair of uggs, but I will if I must. My feet get cold really easily, and that has been a problem lately. Does anyone have any good recommendations for a warm waterproof boot? (it rains a lot up here in the pacific northwest)

How was your day?

Is it safe to ride a bike with out a helmet?

5 or 6?

(no subject)

what's worse: people who have political knowledge and are old enough to vote not doing so, or people who just vote because they're old enough to and really have no idea what they're voting for?

also, how's your day been going?

open mouth, insert foot

1) when is the last time you said something really rude and you didn't even realize it until it was out of your mouth and you said it to the last person you'd ever want to be rude to? what did you say?
2)what happened the last time you were just a total moron?
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I'm in the process of reading The Golden Compass, so I know what to expect when I take my "younger" cousins to see the movie. (By "younger", I mean 10 and 14)

Is it worth reading?

Does the movie look true to the book?

Does it bother you when a book/movie is blatantly for/against one religion or another?

I'm on page 35, and so far, it's a little hard to follow.  Does it get easier?
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Do your TQC tendencies sometimes carry over into other portals of the internet?

For example, I just read a post in a quote community about finding a Walt Whitman poem, and I got so mad, and in my head, screamed "JUST GOOGLE IT!". Or I will see homework help in a college community I am in, and I am like "REALLY!? Think for yourself."

TQC, you guys made me so mean to the interwebz. And I love it.

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What's the big fucking deal about age gaps more than three or four years in a relationship?

Also, why do most people seem to ick over women dating men younger than them? Say, a 28 year old woman dating a 23 year old man?

ALSO also (I keep thinking of questions to add.) does the age gap really matter if the younger person in the relationship is of legal age?

Question four. (Geez.) Is it less or more creepy if it's a same sex relationship?

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I made this into an icon for someone to use on AIM a while ago, but now I can't remember where I got the image from. Do you recognize it? Got it, thanks!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Also, why is my hair straight when it's short, and curly when it's long?
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tqc, forgive me, for this is my second question of the day.

you know how sometime your printer takes its sweet time in printing stuff? so you pull up the print manager thingy and tell it to cancel the job. except it never disappears from the list, it just sits there saying it's deleting and it never does. so then you start up another print job of the same thing and don't cancel it, but nothing comes out of the printer and it just sits there.

what do you do?? i've unplugged the printer from the computer, turned off the printer, everything but restart the damn computer, and i really don't want to do that.