November 18th, 2007

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do you ever subconsciously do weird things?

i find that i will randomly start just crossing my eyes, especially while i'm typing or reading or watching tv. it's probably not good for my eyes.

do you use chapstick?

what do your hands smell like?
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I need somebody to tell me how fabulous they think I am.

Like a gay boyfriend.

Or a really good girl-friend.

Or a sweet older friend.

Anybody available?
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1. Has anyone else had problems with the nokia 6280?
2. What troubles?
3. Does anyone live in Sydney, Australia and want to sell me a handset that is locked to the THREE network? edkgvnfdkghntft please!

What kind of worm is this? Anyone?

I was eating a bowl of Price Chopper brand organic sweet corn and, floating in my bowl dead, I found this worm.

Does ANYONE know what kind of worm it is and if I should be worried about having ingested any kind of harmful and/or parasitic insect eggs?

Please help. I'm ultra-paranoid.

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It's tough being green.

1. Why are there so many songs about rainbows, and what's on the other side?
2. Rainbows, they can be visions. Illusions. Do rainbows have anything to hide?
3. Someday, will we find it, the rainbow connection? (If so, where?)
4. You can share your Skittles with one of these people. Which one?
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The Virgin Mary wants to know...

 If you had been with someone for lets say 5+ years and were two weeks away from having your first child together would you feel offended to find out that they are looking at porn? ALOT.

I know most males find pregnancy scary/not attractive so I cant hold it against him that much. But we've always had a really great sex life up until I was about two months pregnant. Now he thinks he has a reason to wack off because he doesnt want to have sex with me.

Although I'm very open about wanting to have sex with him and I'm willing to do or try anything to help him get over it being so weird. He still refuses to have anything to do with it. 

So my question is....Should I take it to heart? Should I be as upset as I want to be about it? Since I'm so willing to have sex and he isnt. 

Just want to know if I'm letting it get the best of me since I'm obviously pregnant and not feeling/looking so hot right now.

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Here's the deal, say you like a guy, but are really good friends with him. You normally hang out in a group of about 4 people. Lately when you guys have been hanging out, you notice changes in the way he acts towards you. He is hugging you more, rubbing your shoulders, putting his arms around you when you are cold... stuff like that. Do you get excited because you think he likes you back? Do you talk to him about it? Do you just keep on flirting with him and see where it leads? What do you do?

Why is my eye so itchy?

How come I am always so cold, no matter what I wear?

Why am I still awake?
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Would the bat-signal still work if there were no clouds in the sky?


ETA: So just how screwed would everyone be if there were no clouds for days and days, with Batman unable to be reached?

These are very important questions, people.
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I'm bored as hell and my friend and I had a convo last night about our mutual lameness :P of course everyone knows lame is subjective but...

1. What is the lamest band/singer you listen to and/or like?

2. What is the lamest movie you like?

3. What is the lamest television show you watch?

4. What is the lamest past time / hobby you have?

5. In general, what do you feel is the lamest thing about you?

Paging Doctor TQC

1.) Why did I wake up at one in the morning with chills and aches, but no fever? In fact, my temperature was lower than normal, 97.2. I still feel a little achy, but i took some IBProfen at 2 am and was able to fall asleep.

2.) What is your favorite kind of pancakes?


1. How long does labour usually last?
2. If you've given birth, or know someone who has, how long did that take?

3. When is labour counted from? Is it from first contractions?
4. Is that first part painful?

My gf is at her parents house at the moment, because her brother & his wife are down, showing off their new baby. I got this message last night:
"[Brother] & [his wife] got burgled whilst we were in the house. Been up waiting for police. Eep! I'l call in th morning..."

5. Were the burglars trying to steal the baby?
6. Have you ever been robbed? What happened? Scary? Were the burglars caught?

I've never been robbed, maybe because I've always lived in poor areas, and no one thinks it's worth their time. My gf got burgled when she lived with her sister though, and they stole her Cd player, some money, and a pillow case (plus some of her sisters stuff).
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DVD burning programs

I am dumb when it comes to DVD burning.

My computer has a DVD burner, and I have some videos that we have shot, that I would like to burn to DVD so that we can watch them on our DVD player.

Can anyone reccommend a good program I can download to put together some clips to make a DVD? What do you guys prefer?

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Does anyone have an inspiring story about how they conquered a twenty page paper in two weeks, even though they were distracted by their other papers and tests?

Does anyone like rutabagas?

Is Rhubarb a vegetable or a fruit?

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What do you typically do on flights?

What's the best type of cracker?

Does TQC want a postcard from NZ?  (I have no idea how I'll pull it off, but I will :P)

How do you get DARK BROWN spary on tan off the bottom of your feet?  (god, don't ask :P)

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1. Should I subscribe to Reader's Digest? I'm currently subscribed to TIME and NEWSWEEK. While I am intrigued by the current affairs, the statistics and new knowledge I get from these 2 magazines, I still feel like reading RD.

2. What are you subscribed to? Free or paid.

3. What're you gonna do today/tomorrow?
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Freezing cookie dough

Are there any types of cookie dough that don't freeze well?

My plan is to make up batches of cookies dough and freeze the dough so that when the time comes to bake cookies, I just need to thaw and shape it before baking.

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has your computer ever had a virus?

what did you have to do to get rid of it?

on friday night i got one. and non of my anti-virus programs could get rid of it, so i completely wiped my computer clean this morning. it made me sad :(


Have you ever bought products from infomercials? 
If you have, did you like them? 
How do you know that what they are telling you on the informercial is true?  

**EDI T** 

Have you ever bought food making products from these commercials? What did you think?

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So you know the whole cute shirts with cute happy foods or cute animals? Exactly like the Cupcake Cult stuff they sell at Hot Topic. Well, my cousin is in love with it, and I want to buy her things she couldn't really get at Hot Topic and/or Torrid. Does anyone have any sites or brands or stores that have a bunch of similar items like Cupcake Cult?
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Drunken Benders and Drunkology.

What are you like when you are drunk?
Are you the loud obnoxious a-hole; the lover; the whiner; the fighter; the flirt; the talker; the loner; the puker; the "i love you man"-er; the insatiably horny (man)whore; or ???
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I bought some proactiv online, it seems to be working, thankfully. I was just wondering... I get what a cleanser done, and the repairing lotion. But the stuff in the middle, the green liquid is the toner. What does the toner do?


TQC, what is the most beautiful poem you've read?

Well, I need this for my Literature class. My prof's being his glorious self again and I was tasked (why me?) to present a poem to the class and a comprehensive analysis of it. Que horror. I'd like to use Rilke's You Who Never Arrived. But I'm sure you have other ideas. Please help? Thank you.

Friendly competition.

I'm not a competitive person in the slightest. I will fully admit this fact.

All the same, my group of friends is made up of very artistic types. Writers, painters, graphic artists, photographers, etc. We're a pretty creative bunch and I love being around so many people who are as creative as they are.
Since we all hang out on the same places on the internet, we often have competitions. We'll each make a piece and everyone will vote on which one is better. It helps us improve our skills and it's pretty fun to do.
Even the writers take part in some way in the form of roleplays and sparring. My boyfriend and I fall under this category and while it's not the same as the visual art portion of my circle of friends, it's still a bit of friendly competition.

My sister noticed this about my friends and told me that it really isn't healthy to have that much competition between friends because eventually it'll lead to drama. I don't really agree with her because we all know this is just in good fun and we never take it seriously. In fact, in the years we've all been friends, nobody has ever been personally offended or hurt because of the results of these little challenges and competitions.

- Would you be able to engage in this level of friendly competition with your friends for a long period of time?
- Is friendly competition healthy for a relationship?
- Can someone consider competition between friends "just fun" or is there always an element of wanting to prove that you're better than they are?
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If you're listening to music on an iPod, do you ever have people ask you what you're listening to? If so, were you ever listening to music that the person hasn't heard of? 

What artists do you have in your iPod which would be "never heard of" by other people who ask you? (if that question makes any sense). 

Here's a small list of artists/bands my co-workers have never heard of: 

The Birthday Massacre
Amos Lee
Ray LaMontagne
Lacuna Coil
Switchblade Symphony


what are your favourite sad songs?

dark come soon - tegan and sara
reading in bed - emily haines
unravel - bjork
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common American surnames

The NY Times has a story about the top 5000 surnames in the U.S., and how for the first time, Garcia and Rodriguez make the top 10. It also has a neat little tool that lets you find your own surname on the list, and tells you its rank and how common it is (per 100,000 people).

1. How common is your surname?

2. If you changed your surname in the past (got married or whatever), did your name become more common or less? How common was your name before v. after?
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1. could you tell me a conspiracy theory of yours?
2. what's your favourite fruit?
3. in general are you happy or unhappy?
4. what's a weird habit that you have?
5. are your parents still married to each other? if yes, how long have they been married? do you think they're happily married?
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I have been dating a guy off and on for a while. I swear we get along like it's magic. He's a bit older than I by like 6 years, but we're old enough so that it doesn't matter so much. Lately he's been fairly distant.

I ran into him last night while out, and he was talking to this other chick. I had come with a guy pal of mine, so I looked no better. But I was shocked when he later came over to 'explain'. I was just kind of standing there, sipping my drink, and he dropped what probably should have felt like more of a bomb then it ended up being to me.

9 years ago, he had a kid. With that chick.

I kind of stared at him with this 'so what?' look, and shrugged. I guess I'm just as unflappable as I once suspected. But he seemed to think I might drop my drink over it. I just think that I met him now. And I like who he is now. And 9 years ago? Well that's 9 years ago. It's not now.

What would you have done?


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My favourite first/middle name combo is Theodore James.
My mother hates it because she says it reminds her of a chipmunk.

What names do you associate with people/characters/things?
Does this negatively influence the way you view the name?

Youtube behind the cut. Try and click on it anyway

Collapse )

If this was your kid, what would be the best way to get him to behave?

Buy him the damn candy
Spank his ass
Yank him outside the store and yell at him. Threaten him with groundings
Ignore him. He'll get the hint and stop crying eventually
Honestly, I probably wouldn't even notice. I'm usually on my cell when I'm shopping
Get a head start on that molestin' you hear so much about on Oprah. A traumatized kid is a relatively quiet kid
Walk away. Pretend I don't know him
Best way to deal with him is to threaten to give him up for adoption if he doesn't behave. You may have to follow through with your threats if he doesn't stop
Pepper spray works best. Feel that sting, son? That's life's hard knocks a-knockin'. Bet you won't make a scene again
With a loud cry and a sharpened coat hanger, I perform a postpartum abortion (10 years too late)
Drugs. Lots of drugs. This kid will be medicated heavily
Drugs. Lots of drugs. I will be medicated heavily
I fall on the floor and start screaming. Two can play it this game. Hopefully I can out-embarrass him into acting correctly
All future supermarket outings will not involve him. He can stay in the car. Possibly the trunk
Same way you handle most difficult animals. Stern leash control, muzzle, possible blinders
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My boyfriend is looking for a job. I have a contact at a local Costco wholesale who knows his store is looking for employees right now with the holiday season coming up. The part of the Costco website that has employment FAQs is not cooperating with me... so if any of you do or have worked at a Costco...

1. Is it a good place to work? (I have heard conflicting opinions about this one)

and the one I needed an answer from the uncooperative website is...

2. Do they have a limitation/guideline for facial hair for male employees? (Boyfriend has a goatee... and while he is pretty anal about keeping it neat looking, I am curious if he would have to shave it off)
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Poll #1090875 Furries, as per request

Is having sex with a furry in a fursuit, rubbing against soft fur while getting off, similar to having sex with an animal?


Are you a furry?


Would you have sex with a furry in a fursuit?


Would you ever buy a dildo replicated after an animal penis?


Are furries WTF?



no :(
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yay movie things

hay guise!

i am working really really hard on a drawing right now, and i like to have a movie or something on for background noise. here are my options at the moment:

the matrix revolutions
the man from snowy river
cowboy bebop season 1
star wars clone wars volumes 1 & 2
the animatrix
battle royale I & II

so, what should i put on?

EDIT: cowboy bebop it is then! thanks kids!


1. How can I teach my dog to bring me her leash when it's time to go for a walk?

2. How long was it from the time you submitted your college/university application to the time you knew if you were accepted? (There is absolutely no info about it on their website and I've been checking my application status and pressing F5 continually for like 3 days now.)

3. Are you an only child or no? (general guideline: include step-siblings, half-siblings, and your creepy evil twin who lives in the attic if you think of them more as a sibling than not.)
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Are there still clipper ships (or frigates, or schooners, or the like) that are still operating around the world? I would LOOOVE to sail on one and experience what it was really like to climb the rigging or reef a sail, etc. but I have never heard of any program like this.

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What would people think of you if they saw your bookshelf(s) before meeting you?

People would assume I love to read fiction, Shakespeare and old English Literature. They’d also probably assume that I was religious, possibly Mormon and that I love Harry Potter, Buffy, and Roswell.

Oh, and I’m not religious or Mormon, but I have a bible and book of Mormon on my shelf. Yup.

What is your happiness based on?

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I could not find this on the TSA's website. I want to take my hair straightener (the plug in iron type, not the gel type--which is what they listed on the site) home tomorrow and I am not checking any bags.

I did call them and spent 5 minutes on hold. It's not imperative but my hair is nuts today (in NY) and it will be more nuts tomorrow (in FL) when I get off the plane. Sanity would be nice.

Does anyone in TQC-land know if this is ok? Thanks!!
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B.I.G. ?s

1) If you had techniques dripping out of your butt cheeks would you sleep on your stomach at night? (to prevent messing up your bedsheets)

2) Who the paged me at 5:46AM?

3) Who shot ya?

Are you doing laundry today?

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Why is it that I have 4 pairs of pants, (men's) sizes 34", 38", 40" and 44", and they all fit me exactly the same?

Why will my 702MB .avi file fit on one 700MB CD-R, but not another?

Why does recording a 1 hour show like CSI:NY fill my DVR 3%, yet recording a 3 hour wrestling PPV fill it 2%?

Who makes these standards and why are they dividing by zero??
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I really want to bring macaroni & cheese to Thanksgiving. I make delicious macaroni & cheese and my aunt's sucks, even when she buys it pre-made. I know she will either make it or buy it the night before/day of. I'm going to call shortly to see what kinds of pies she wants us to bring.

What would be the best way to ask if I can bring the macaroni and cheese? Would it be rude to ask? I'm just afraid of it being obvious that I hate hers. My dad thinks I should throw in the fact that we have a ton of cheese right now, which is true but I feel like that would make it obvious. I wouldn't even bother but with the exception of broccoli and cranberry sauce it's the only thing I'll eat, as I'm not fond of Thanksgiving food. I might be over thinking this.
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TQC, how do you get over gift guilt?

(Gift guilt is when you received something as a gift you have no use for, but can't return it/don't have anyone to regift it to/goodwill doesn't take it, thereby reducing you to throwing it away)
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What, in your opinion, is a 'real' mosh pit?

People being assholes, pushing everyone around; punches, kicks, broken noses, general dangerous chaos.
Everyone in the pit smashed together so tightly, you can't breath; you're covered in sweat, and can't move an inch.
Everyone crammed together, though not as tightly, and everyone is able to jump around, though not well.
Loosely packed. Everyone jumps up and down, but that's about it.
Everyone just stands there. Some head-bobbing, some screaming.

What's more annoying in a mosh pit?

The people who manage to get barricade, and elbow away everyone around them even if they're not trying to steal their spot, or push them away.
The people who fight so hard to get into the very front, and then can't handle it for more than a few songs before they complain that they can't breath/faint and have to be carried out.
The people who freak out whenever anyone touches/pushes/runs into them, despite the fact that it's a MOSH PIT.
The people who feel the need to apologize even if they barely brush into you.
The people who obviously have only seen a mosh pit in the movies, and therefore who are absolutely shocked and appalled when they are far more rough than they first thought.

When you're in a mosh pit, you're the sort of person who:

Is jumping around, screaming his/her head off, pushing people, and not giving a fuck if everyone around them hates them because they're acting so insane.
Jumps up and down and screams, but is somewhat considerate of the people around him/her.
Helps the people around him/her if they need help, even if it means losing your spot.
Fights the whole time to get barricade, just for the chance to hold the lead singer's hand.
What? I'm not in the pit; I'm standing off to the side or in the back, laughing at everyone.

The worst thing about a mosh pit is:

Being deaf for days after the concert.
Being covered in sweat, most of which isn't even your own, when you finally get out of the pit.
The girls with long hair, who don't tie it back, so that it sticks to everyone around them.
The bruises you get from it, which last for a while.
The dehydration.

The best thing about a mosh pit is:

Being deaf for days after the concert.
Being covered in sweat, most of which isn't even your own.
The way you can push people around, without having to worry about legal ramifications.
The opportunity to get close to the band and singing your heart out.

After the concert, you see the lead singer of the headlining band trying to sneak past the pit. You:

Run up to him/her and beg him/her for an autograph.
Act so fangirl/boy-ish, they probably think you're going to molest him/her.
Smile, tell them you had a great time, and let him/her pass along unnoticed by the rest of the crowd.
Nothing. Who cares?

EDIT: Also, what's the best mosh pit you've ever been in? What band(s) were playing at the time?
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Some questions for the Americans: (so 99% of the comm? lol.)

1- Am I going to be risking life and limb getting groceries tomorrow, so close to Thanksgiving?
2- Why is Thanksgiving such a big damned deal in the US anyway?

oh my.

Someone just told me that by requiring them to have a full DOB on their LJ profile to join an 18+ community, I was putting them at a huge risk for identity theft.

What's the dumbest thing you've heard today?
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My grandfather's recipe for key lime pie tells me to mix together the key lime juice, condense milk, and egg yolks and "stint cook on stove until cook."

What's stint cook? I googled it to no avail. I don't think it's an actual phrase. What do you suppose he means by that? For the record he's 89 and from Connecticut. I'm planning on just... warming it up over a flame. Yeah.

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1)do you play casual games?

2)if so, what are you playing now?

carrie the caregiver. I want to buy fashion fits, but I can't because I haven't done my work.

3)How cold is cold?

50 F.

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What would the wife or girlfriend of a gangster (the Al Capone variety) wear? I'm going to a themed party this Friday and I don't want to be the loser that doesn't dress up.

Can you recommend some good vodka that isn't too terribly expensive?

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Do you have people friended that don’t have you added back? Why?

Do you mind when unknown people friend your LJ?

Do you friend unknown people’s LJs?
If so, what has caused you to do so? Examples, please.

Will you friend mine as a result of this post?
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It was recently pointed out to me that I do not slur, even when I have had way too much to drink.  Do you slur your speech when you are drunk?  How about when you're sober?

(no subject)

I drunkenly told a guy I have an attraction to how beautiful he is. Then I nearly fell down.

Please tell me your favorite "I made a drunken arse out of myself" story. If it involves looking like an arse infront of someone you were interested in, even better.
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I'm looking for a website with all the current hairstyles in fashion. I'm thinking about getting my hair cut/styled and I need some suggestions.

What are some good websites? I've looked for an hour and had sweet f all luck. Thanks heaps.
Noodle, Peace


I need some shirts that won't stretch out in the belly like the ones from Target and Express do. (I'm not a big girl by any means, so why do my shirts hate me?)

Where should I go, TQC? If you give me a link, can you tell me how their sizes run?

i'm desperate for help

So my Year 10 Formal is the night after tomorrow, and I am trying to sort out what to do afterwards. I have two options, and I can not do both. I have to give my friend a definite answer by tomorrow, at the latest. I have no date to take into consideration, so it's just me and my friends.

Option 1: Go to the official party that the majority of the grade will attend. Most of my friends are going here, but we won't be staying all night and I'll be going home by myself after a few hours. There will be no alcohol for me because I'd be too worried about getting drunk and doing or saying something stupid in front of a heap of people I dislike, though most others will be drinking.
Option 2: Go to a friend's house, where only a few friends will be attending. I will get to stay there all night and can spend all night talking and hanging out with the few friends that are there and go home the next day. Most others there will be drinking, though unless someone wants to share with me, I won't be because I can't afford my own supply.

So, TQC, which should I go to? What would you do in my position? Why?

Did you enjoy your own Formal/Graduation Ball/Prom/[insert event name here]? Why or why not?
What was the best and/or worst parts for you?

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So, I'm checking my credit card balances online, and it says that a store only charged me 25 cents for a 25 dollar purchase. Uh, is there anything I'm supposed to do, or should I just be happy?

Dad's birthday

So my Dad's birthday is coming up - December 4. I'm planning on making him a birthday carrot cake and writing him a letter about how much he means to me, but I was wondering what other ideas people had for meaningful gifts. I am getting him concert tickets for Christmas so I'm low on the budget for the Birthday... thanks in advance!
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I was carrying a bag full of food for my mom's dinner and realized that the stuff from the bag leaked inside the bag onto my new down jacket. I soaked it with makeup cleaner and then wiped it with wet paper towels and let it try. Three hours later, it still looks the same as before when I first noticed it. How do I remove oil stain off of down jackets?

Also, how do laser treatments work for removing scars? Is it just a one time thing? Or is it a continuous thing? Would the scars come back?
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Inspired by this post - when's the last time you got an unexpected financial windfall due to an error made by someone or something else?

Did you say anything about it or did you happily profit?

At Commerce Bank, there is a free change machine that counts your change for you, and prints out a receipt of what you are owed when it's done. I went in there a while ago with like $5 worth of change (I just like listening to the coins drop in!), and for some reason the receipt showed around $40 worth of change.
I happily profitted from this exchange.

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i am crushing hardcore on someone and i would like to give them something before thanksgiving break. we'll be in our hometowns and away from each other for a week, and i'd like to give her something sweet to remind her of me, or just something cute.

any suggestions?
Friends: Unagi.
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Last night they showed this film on tv called Lethal obsession. The announcer said it was a première, the tvguide said it was a première and the channel's website said it was a première. Collapse )

But there's nothing to be found about this film on IMDB. The only Lethal obsession on IMDB is from 1993.

1) Where is it hiding on IMDB?
2) Is it so new that IMDB doesn't even know about it?
3) Anything else you want to say?
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Food Delivery!

How much do you tip people who deliver food (chinese, pizza etc). How much does time influence your tip? What about distance? (For example, if they were located only 5 minutes away but took an hour to deliver, would that effect the tip you give?)
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who really just strikes you, and theyre just so potentially interesting you want to know more about them? 
in real life, hollywood life, whatever

have you ever found yourself using any of the vocab you learned in school? what is/are the word(s)?

whats your middle name? do you hate it love it or just tolerate it?
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It takes about 6 beers or 4-5 shots before I start feeling any real effects, but after 2 full glasses of wine (particularly red wine), I'm pretty damn tipsy.

What gets you drunk the quickest?
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TQC, my friend is looking for a Victoria's Secret fragrance which she described as smelling like Skittles. Do you know which scent she's looking for? The shop girls couldn't help me.

(no subject)

I live in Wales, and a friend is coming to visit and he wants us to go to Cardiff to see the 'Torchwood place' (this: Roald Dahl Plass @ Wikipedia). Only problem is, I don't know Cardiff at all and have no idea to find it. Nothing is showing up on Google maps for it, so does anyone have vague directions of how to get to it from the central railway station or at least tell me what I can type in on Google maps to get something to show up?

Odd question I know haha. Thanks in advance!

It got answered :)

So... are you feeling happy today?
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If TQC had merchandise (like t-shirts or hats), would you buy any of it?

What's your sign? Do you think your personality traits matches your sign's traits?

Do you believe there is such a thing as soul mates?

(no subject)

Poll #1091083 marriage.

what's the relationship between your parents like?

divorced but remarried
single parent
other (elaborate if you want)

does this affect you a lot now?

no, only sometimes

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So I've been working on an English essay for the past two hours and have gotten a whole half page done. It's due tomorrow.

I just really hate the topic and can't focus. What do I do, TQC?

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What kind of toothpaste do you use?

Yesterday my boyfriend proceeded to be really sweet to me. Today after he dropped me off at my house, he won't answer his phone. Last time I talked to him was this morning. I'm getting worried. What should I do?

Ladies, do you have long nails or short?

Men, do you like long or short nails?

How often do ya'll take showers?

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I just got a new laptop and I want to own a webcam for the first time in my life. I'm kind of technologically impaired so...
What is a good price range?
Which do you personally own/recommend?

(I'm also on windows vista, if the compatibility factor matters.)

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I have a *STAIN* in my toilet (mind you, the one we never use) and I have to get the stain out before the guests arrive for thanksgiving. How do I remove it in a hurry?

It is a ring stain around edge of the water.

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i need to survive the holiday.

whats are some songs/albums/artists that i should have like RIGHT NOW.
i'm up for anything

also, has anyone been to the postsecret vs. found tour thingy? i went on friday and it was FANTASTIC. (i now have a shirt with the title of this post on it), tell me your thoughts on it

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If you stop giving a boy as much attention as they're used to getting from you will recieve more attention in return from them?

Like me playing hard to get kind of thing?

EDIT: Has playing hard to get ever worked for you when you are in the talking stage with someone you are interested in/they are interested in you?

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Help, Dr. Eljay!

My left bottom eyelid has been twitching for about three weeks now (not non-stop but close to it). Do you have any remedies for this? I really need it to stop. For the record, I'm not particularly stressed, nor do I smoke crack or anything.

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what's the most wtf thing you've read today?

me: journal article on suicide hotlines. apparently in four calls, the volunteer told the person to go ahead and kill themselves wtf?

also, mint chapstick or nonmint?

nonmint for me, but I'll tough it out with mint if there's nothing else.
burning goodness
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1. Do you know who The Wallflowers are without looking them up?

2. Is your roommate annoying/irritating you right now? why?
(yes; she's bitching on her phone and I am irritable right now.)

3. Should I take a semester off from college, or just have a mental breakdown at school?
(If I take a semester off, I probably won't go back. If I come back next semester, I'll probably lose it and murder some of the richly-deserving-of-such faculty members. If that does happen, I will be able to plead insanity,

4. What are you counting the days down to?
(Christmas break; 27)

5. How are you?