November 17th, 2007


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I have about a half dozen bottles of pink and blue hair dye in my room. But if I have funky colored hair finding a job will be even harder. But pink. Are there places that would hire me even with pink hair? How about especially with pink hair?

What song makes you cry? What song makes you laugh?

What's a totally-awesome-everyone-has-to-see-it movie?


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When you delete something (in this case, pictures) off a thumb drive is it gone for good?
I checked my recycling bin but nothing's there.

What about on a camera card? If it's deleted off there is it gone?

Also, are you going out into the big bad world on Black Friday?
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1. Would you rather have sex with: A) a chimpanzee in a human body or B) a human in a chimpanzee body?

2. If your soul mate, whom you've been with for years, had their brain transplanted in a rheesus monkey, and asked for pleasure, would you give them a handjob?

3. What if they were in a dog body and asked for intercourse (assuming everything would fit)?

Arch Rock Mack Island
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I doubt I will get an answer.

Today in my micro class, one of my lab partners was getting ready to heat fix her slide. She said something about not facing the bacteria to the incinerator, and I said well yeah you can.

Everyone at the table looked at me like WTF and said "But you'll kill the bacteria"

That's the WHOLE POINT of heat fixing, to kill the bacteria. So, since I can't find my old lab paper, do you face the specimin toward the heat or away? Does it matter, since you actually want to kill the bacteria? Are my lab partners smoking crack without me again?
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A week ago I bought an iMac because i was given to understand that it's good for digital art and that's mainly what I wanted in a computer.
I downloaded a program called gimp because it was recommended to me as a good, free art program. From what I can see it is, however every time I try to actually draw with the mouse, that is when I click and drag it along, the program shuts down completely without any kind of warning or message.
What am I doing wrong?

Should I have just bought a PC instead?

Do you have any recommendations for art/graphics programs?
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Can anyone personally recommend some good books about horology? My fiance loves watches- how they work, the history of them, Omegas, Rolexes, ect, and I'd love to get him a good book. Any recommendations?


Where Should I go and when?

Hi all!

My bf's mom has air vouchers for us to go anywhere for just a penny a mile.
Any ideas on where we should go? It could be anywhere in the world.
Do you know if there's any good tour deals available anywhere?
Anyplace people should go once in their life?
We're still in college so we'd like the place to be affordable and feasible to travel during school breaks. :)
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If you are participating in NaNo, what is your word count?

Whether or not you are participating, when is the last time you cried?
....threw up?
....overslept with disastrous results?
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where can i buy a relatively inexpensive menorah?

like, a decent quality metal one, but not like a super nice $3000 one from tiffany's (i wish), but one i can find in my area without ordering online, preferably.
if it means anything, i live in rhode island, and we pretty much have all the typical department stores (target, walmart, kmart, etc). do they sell them at department stores or in malls maybe?

thank you!
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kitchen sink?

If you buy a faucet for the kitchen sink, can you buy it at the store (like Home Depot or wherever you buy sinks) and take it home to install yourself, or do you have to have someone come to your house and put it in?

We need a new sink, but I'm not sure we could get it installed by Thanksgiving, which is when a properly working kitchen could come in handy. :\
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Big Love


I'm watching Erin Brokovich on A&E. I've seen this movie at least a bazillion times and I own it on VHS and DVD. Why is there a scene playing on my television right now that I have never seen?

Erin passed out in the parking lot and now she has meningitis!? WTF is going on? I'm very confused right now.

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what's the last song that made you cry? why?

snow patrol - "make this go on forever". the way the song builds up is really powerful, & the lyrics hit really close to some situations I have been in that ended up hurting me.

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Regardless of which you grew up with or know best, which do you think is a more logical utensil: forks or chopsticks?

Do native chopstick users find it as difficult to learn eating with a knife and fork as some silverware users find learning to eat with chopsticks?
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What's the most frequently misused word in the whole world? Right this second, my vote is for random.

Do you like ice cream with bits of things in it? How about milkshakes with straw-clogging candy?

What's the best OTC allergy medicine for your money?

Did/do your parents tend a photo collage of you showing each year's school picture? I know you know what I mean.

dear internet people

1)what personality flaw of yours do you worry about the most?

so lazy.

2)what are your views on scones?

eta: my dad says the most effective way to deal with headaches is to wait for them to go away. I say he's full of bull. Who is right?


1) Do you have any credit card debt?
2) Do you have any student loans?
3) Do you have a car loan?
4) What's your plan to get out of debt?
5) Do you think you will ever get out of debt?
6) If so, when?
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VW cars?

So I'm looking at buying a new car. I'm debating between a Toyota Corolla and a Volkswagon Rabbit and am going to test drive both today (though I won't actually be buying for a couple weeks). I have a Toyota Corolla (2000) and it's been dependable and I like it because of that and the good gas mileage. I've been in love with the Golf/Rabbit for a few years for various reasons.

I've read lots of reviews online about both, but I am having trouble finding information on actual customer reviews for the Rabbit and how its reliability rates (I know in the past it hasn't been as good, but I've also heard the newer models are better than the old ones due to some changes).

Do you own a Rabbit (or any VW) or know someone that does (preferably a more recent model, 2006-2008)?

How reliable is the car? I mean, has it broken down a lot? Do you have to service it a lot? What's the mileage on the car?

If you (or the someone you know) has had issues with the car, what were those issues specifically?

If you own a VW, why did you pick the VW over other car brands?
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Have you dreamt about a TQC member lately?

I had a dream that verygwen and I were rooming together to be in a beauty pageant together. Whut. And her husband and boyfriend both showed up. And I couldn't find stockings anywhere and the only pair I had had holes in them. WHAT THE HELL.

Do you like the song "Mmm Mmm Mmm" by the Crash Test Dummies?

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1. Have you heard the song Come On by Ben Jelen? Do you love it as much as I do? It's gotta be one of the nicest love songs I've heard in a while.

Here's a link to the video:

2. Oh, and now for some getting-it-off-my-chest TQC lameness. My mom is celebrating her birthday tomorrow out to dinner with herself, me, my brother, and his girlfriend. My usually-attentive-&-sensitive boyfriend was invited, but decided he would rather watch the Lions game or play football with his friends. At first I played it like I was cool with it, but was kind of upset at him for that.

The icing on the cake was last night when he couldn't decide what he should do for the Michigan-OSU game. I told him to make up his mind so I could at least make plans with other friends so I could take advantage of the gameday festivities. It seemed as though he was set on staying home. He ended up changing his mind last minute this morning to go to the game (at $150 a ticket, way too expensive for me). That leaves me alone for the day, because all my friends have already gone off for their plans.

For some reason, this made me even more aggravated about him ditching my family for football tomorrow.

2a. Am I justified in being mad about either one?
2b. He now wants to go to the dinner tomorrow because he knows I'm upset. But I think that ruins the priniciple of it if he was willing to ditch it in the first place. Should I let him come? Even better with the moral issue aside, what would YOU do?

Agh. I feel so stupid for posting a tl;dr on TQC. Feel free to tell me you've felt this way before at least, too.

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This year my dad is asking for a donation in his name instead of a gift for Chanukah (I asked him to get me a gift of two hives of bees to families that need the income, from the Heifer Foundation) and I was wondering what your favorite charities are? Any that have ways set up to give donations as gifts are a bonus!

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Do you feel that your ability to be self sufficient hurts your relationship with your significant other?
How so?

edit!: ie: if you don't have to be dependent on your SO for emotional, financial, whatever support, do you think it has a negative impact on your relationship?
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I'm going to be in London for about 9 days and Tokyo for a week next March, any recommendations for fun and/r interesting things to do over there?
I'll be checking out the V & A, British Museum and Natural History museum in London, and the only museum I'm determined to get to in Tokyo is the Studio Ghibli one.
Also, what will the weather be like?
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I'm looking to buy my mom a new desktop for Christmas because she's starting a home business and her current desktop is running Windows ME (yes, I know, it's bad.) So I have some questions for everyone...

1) What are some good reliable computer companies that let you customize your machine? (I know most of them, I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything)
2) Is Vista as bad as I've heard? Like I said, we've been stuck with shitty ass ME for ages now, I don't want to screw us over again.
3) If Vista is as bad as everyone says, how can I downgrade to XP? I have it on my laptop and I have all of the startup disks that came with it, but will I be able to use those on a new desktop? I don't want to try to use them and get seriously screwed over somehow.
4) What features do you think are necessary for you to have on your computer?
5) How much do computer companies overcharge you for things like Virus Protection if you buy it through them?
6) What advice do you have to give me for computer shopping?

note I know that there are probably going to be many of you who will tell me to buy Macs, but my mother is barely proficient in Windows and if I were to change systems on her she'd get flustered and confused. It's easier to buy the PC that she knows.

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I'm going to an art show today :) My SO says I have to dress nice-ish, but didn't really specify what that he meant by that. Any suggestions?

How do I know if I should use purple or blue toner in my hair? I bleached it last night and it looks really brassy :( Should I bleach it again before putting in toner?

How do you motivate yourself to clean?

Christmas Jim and Pam

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Can a man with an uncircumsized penis masturbate? Or be "jacked off"? 
(ETA: Well, does it have any restrictions? (Lol.) Something you do different? Help me out here, totally clueless! The guy I'm dating isn't circumsized, and I don't know if anything is going to be different.)

I'm obviously not too familiar with them. Someone recently said something like that, and I'd never heard it before. 

Would you feel weird about kissing/dating a person with the same name as your parent?

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1. When I go to take my 5 hour course tomorrow, What should I bring/expect? (I live in NYS by the way)

2. When you took your road test, did you pass on the first try?

3. How old were you when you got your permit?

4. Was Jesus a Zombie? (think about it. He died, came back to life. That sorta screams zombie to me)
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Mother, tell your children not to walk my way
Mother, should I trust the government?
Every girl I go out with becomes my mother in the end
Gonna take a rivercarp and ram it up your butt. You slut. You whore. Why are you my mom?
Mama, we all go to hell
Mama, put my guns in the ground. I can't use them anymore.
Mama told me when I was young, "come sit beside me, my only son"
Mommy's little monster had sex at 15
Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight? Rip the veins from human necks until they're wet with life
Oh my my my my my oh my mum Have you kept your eye, your eye on your son?
Mama's got a lover, a painter I am told
My mother said to get things done
Now I would never dis my own mama to get recognition
Your mom busted in and said WHAT'S THAT NOISE?

Rivalry ?s

1) Do you have any rivals (IRL or online)?

2) What is the biggest rivalry, save for maybe "Good vs Evil," in the history of the world?

3) Michael Jackson (the 80s version) or Prince?

What do you think of this?

A guy asks a girl to be his girlfriend. The girl says that she's not planning on having a boyfriend anytime soon because she's still trying to find herself, and that she doesn't want to be involved with anyone else because she wants to truly love and accept herself before loving another person romantically. Another reason is because she wants to dedicate a lot of her time to studying because she needs to get a really high GPA in her undergrad if she wants to go to med school. She claims that if she has a boyfriend, she would be too distracted, and want to hang out with him too much. Therefore, she doesn't plan on having a boyfriend within 2-4 years.

As a guy, what would you think if you asked a girl out and she said that?

As a girl, what would you think of the girl?

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If black people can call white people crackers or crackahs and the white person doesn't consider it disparaging, why would the converse be any different?

If you're a white person in hip hop who grew up in a middle to upper middle class neighborhood, should your motto be something like: "I got no 'hood up in here so I put it in gear"?
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Concert Goers: How do you check when your favourite artists/bands are coming to your town? Do you just regularily check, or is there a better way?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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Is there any point to trying to re-invest yourself, so to speak, in a relationship which is fading out exceptionally fast for unknown reasons?

If so, how would you go about doing so?

Is it unfair to drag it out just because you feel like you should try to make it work for security sake even though part of you doesn't really want to?

Yes. I am horrible at relationships I know this already.

On a quasi related note, is there any particular song that you find particularly fitting to your romantic situation at present?

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1. What should I listen to?
2. I spilled a drink on my keyboard last night. I shook it out and dried it to the best of my ability, but my keys are sticky. Clearly my keyboard is still perfectly functional, minus the whole sticky key bit. How do I unstickify it? Collapse )
3. Please make a list of random things you dislike.


My list:
~Bathrooms with fans where you can't turn the fan off. My bathroom is like that and I hate it.
~Sticky keyboards =P
~The fact that the clocks at work are 8 minutes fast and make me look later than I am.
~Being bored on Saturday afternoon
Driving pug

Unrelated questions.

Why are pugs so gassy? How do I get him to stop farting? Our other dog (not a pug) eats the same food and she's not a fart machine.

Why is the change oil light on in my car? I shouldn't have to change it for another 2,000 miles. My dad checked it and he said it's not low and seems fine. Should I just get it changed anyway? My car isn't making any noises and it's working fine.

What do you think about aprons? I just bought a really cute one from Anthropologie because I'm a messy cook but my friends think I'm weird for it.
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Poll #1090333 OMG I LOVE POLLS

What is more uncomfortable?

Clothes that are too big
Clothes that are too small

Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

Yes! Im already done
Yes, Im almost done.
Yes, but Ive only bought like one thing :(
No I havent started
No, I dont buy gifts

Do you have a paid LJ account?


If yes, Do you hate paying for LJ but continue to do so because you neeeeed the features that come with a paid account?

No, I love giving money to this site.
Yes, I am a slave to LJ, and I need these extra features.
I have a paid account, but I dont really care either way.

If you NEEEEED a feature that you can only get with a paid account, which feature is it?

A paid account layout or style
Extra icons
Phone posts
Something else that I didnt mention

Will you tell me in the comments how much you really LOVE taking polls!?

No, I will not tell you!!!
Yes I will share my love of taking polls with you.
Im just here for the ticky boxes?

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2 weeks ago I agreed to take a side job doing some transcription work. It is a temp gig. I've got 13 tapes to transcribe and then I'm done. I was told to keep track of the hours that I put in, because I was going to be getting paid minimum wage.

Uh...turns out...I'm only getting paid $100....which makes it 7.50 per tape. The length of the tapes vary. Even the short ones can take 4 hours to complete because of their quality..

Should I go ahead and do it since I told them I would? Or should I tell them to take the tapes and shove 'em since they kind of fibbed on how much they were going to be paying me?

I landed the internship at the law firm. Every worker has a dual screen computer. Has anyone used the dual screen set up? How difficult is it? I've never worked with it before.

Love vs. Friendship

Ok, so I just finished watching an episode of a show were the girl confides that although she likes this male friend of hers, she won't go out with him, because there's no way of knowing if they'll work out - and if they don't, then she loses a lifelong friend of hers. And she'd rather keep the lifelong friend, so she keeps things at that level rather than taking that risk.

If presented with the same option, what would you do? Risk losing the friend for seeing where the love goes? Or stay safely at the friend level? 

If you've had this happen to you before, what did you choose? Are you happy with that choice?
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1.  Do you make mixtapes/CDs?
2.  If so, do you stick to a theme or just throw stuff together?  Do you choose your songs in advance or as you go?
3.  What is the tracklist for your favourite mixtape/CD?  What, if any, was the occasion?

EDIT: Or playlists, for people who aren't stuck in a timewarp. ;)

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1. If I stopped eating junk food, ate smaller portions at meal times, and exercised more, (yeah it's all approximate here) how longish would it be before I started to notice weight loss?

2. Is it the man or the woman that 'causes' identical twins? What makes it split?

3.  Do you have any examples of petitions working?

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I hate the fact that when I eat a popsicle the stick is always stuck halfway up in it and I end up having to lick fudgesicle off of it and it tastes like wood and chocolate. Do you suppose they could stick it a little less farther into the fudgesicle and it would still not fall off? Like maybe a quarter of the way? I mean ice cream doesn't slide off like a corn dog does.

Say you know someone who does graffiti and you really admired their work. Would you ever let them put graffiti artwork on your house?
how funky is your chicken?

We both like Bruce Willis. My reasons are more sexual than his.

I want to get my boy the entire collection of Die Hard movies as part of his Christmas gifts. I know the most recent one doesn't come out on DVD until Tuesday (Zomg! Tuesday, for the US release - don't bite my head off), but I was hoping someone here might know of a boxed set pre-order I could get my hands on.

I checked Amazon, but it's possible I didn't look hard enough.

Can anyone help a sister out?
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Haruhi disappearance
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Inspired by the question below me...

If I move to a non-basement apartment and attempt to play DDR like I do now, how annoying would that be to the people who live below me?
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All you need is love
There's too much love
You give love a bad name
I won't say (I'm in love)
As lovers go
Someday you will be loved
Wouldn't it be loverly?
Let love in
Way back into love
Love steals us from loneliness

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In your opinion is rape more because the person wants to display their power, or because they want sex?

If prostitution was legalized and regulated and whatnot, do you think their would be less instances of rape?

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anyone own a gazelle glider  or something similar?

I live in an appartment and someone lives below me so I cant get a treadmill because it would make to much noise but I'm wondering if a gazelle would make noise?

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Who was more wrong?

So, I was going with a tour group on a straight 11-hour flight. I am a vegetarian and had ordered vegetarian meals for the flight. When we board the plane, I discover that someone else from my group is sitting in my seat. When I tell him that he's sitting in my seat, he informs me that every single person in our group has decided to switch seats and that I need to find somewhere else to sit. I find a seat three rows up from him. When I sit down, I realize he is going to be receiving my vegetarian meals, so I send word back to him to take the vegetarian meal and I will take a standard meal and we'll switch. Predictably, when we are served food he does not follow my instructions. I am asleep, and when I wake up I am being served meat. I tell the flight attendant that I ordered a vegetarian meal but switched places with the seat it was supposed to go to, but she just shakes her head and says "No." I go back to the guy who is sitting in my assigned seat and ask him why he didn't switch meals with me as I had instructed. He tells me he had told the flight attendant to give the vegetarian meal to me but when they tried to they couldn't wake me up (?? I'm pretty easy to wake up). So I have to go an 11-hour flight without eating (because the second meal was pretty crap and I just picked at it).

On the return flight, I announce way before we board that no matter what, I am not going to switch seats with anyone, and will take my assigned seat. I explain that this is because I am not going to go 11 hours without eating again. I make this very clear and repeat it a few times. When we board the plane, of course, this girl insists that I move because she has flight anxiety and she must sit *between* two specific guys on our trip. She has already made one guy who wasn't even if our tour group move to a different seat to sit next to one of the guys, but she tells me I *must* move because she *must* sit next to this second guy. I tell her I'm not going to move and to figure it out herself. I don't move. I get my vegetarian meal. I am happy.

So, was I being a bitch for not switching seats or was I in the right to insist I keep my assigned seat so I could EAT?

Ha ha, if you respond with tl; dr a seven-year curse will befall you.
Me outside 2004 happy


1. Does plugging the cell phone in every night shorten the battery life ?

2. Have you ever screamed really loud at the Thanksgiving Dinner table ?

3. How do you backup your hard drive ?
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If you could spend a day in Santa Barbara or a day in Anaheim, which would you choose? Why?

EDIT: If it helps, I'm asking because I'll be in California for a week in December and I have the option to spend one of my days in one of those two places, and I've never been to either location so I have no idea they're like. Thanks for your input! :)

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-When exactly was "Lol" "invented" so to say? I mean, someone had to be the first to start using it.

-What movies make you cry? I always cry in Titanic. It's the scene where the lower class woman puts her kids to sleep when she knows they have no hope that always gets me. Plus how many. many other people died. Also, I cry when Beth dies in Little Women, and at the end of The Whole Wide World. Theres probably others as I am a big crier, but that's whats in my mind now. (Edit: Forrest Gump too, when his mom and then Jenny die)

-Are there any movies that actually scare you? The Ring got to me the first time i watched it. I kept the lights on that night. and The Stand and Armegeddon always give me the chills too because I am scared of germ warfare and with Armegeddon even though I didn't like the movie much, it makes me think about how if an asteroid were headed directly at us, we'd pretty much be screwed.

-Whats for dinner tonight? I think I may order a pita from pita pit.

EDIT: In Titanic? Why didn't they make the door thing Rose is on smaller? I mean their story was to have Jack die....but why make the door Rose is on big enough for two people? Should've made it smaller so we wouldn't be like "Why weren't they both on the door?"
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what is a good apology present? if you started the argument? if they did?

i started the argument and it's been three weeks. the opposing party's birthday is the 25th of this month, so i've got to come up with something good to make it up to them...

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My office's Thanksgiving party is Monday afternoon. I signed up to bring candied yams, but I've yet to talk to a single co-worker who likes them. Each time I bring them up, I'm met with scrunched noses, so I'm thinking of choosing something else. We already have turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, gravy, deviled eggs, and no less than 7 Key Lime pies.

So, TQC: What should I bring to the party?

Unrelated question: On average, how many miles (or kilometers) do you drive on an average day?
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Poll #1090443 Random food poll

Do you like pesto?

Never tried it

Green apples or red apples?


Do you like salmon?

Never tried it

If yes to #3, which way do you like it best?



Bought some eye-fillet from the butcher today. Got it home and it is browny on the outside, still red on the inside. Is it okay to eat? The brown stuff makes me scared, but it doesn't smell off. Help?
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Who's Sayler McBean?

(Yes I did tried Google) (Who doesn't now anyway..) but I coudn't find anything on her.. unless that she participated in a Jones Ad and that's it.. So I thought maybe someone would know..


wowza. I have a sure intersting life! i'm sitting here watching Season 1 of ER on DVD. Nothing to do.. How would you keep me entertained tonight?

What should I make for dinner?
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1- What's something you forgot to do today? (Check about babyness, ACK.)
2- What is the best thing about your workplace/school/whatever? (Easy access to McDonald's... I'm a whore for their sweet tea!)
3- When's the last time you burned yourself? (Yesterday I burned my tongue on some tea at Starbucks D:)
4- How do your toes feel? :) (FROZEN!)
burning words

for wilco fans

i love Wilco's song "Misunderstood" and i've listened to a few tracks from the same album on amazon and am disappointed with how the style jumps around so much. is there a specific wilco cd i'd enjoy if i like the sound of "Misunderstood" so much? thanks!

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I have a friend who I recently discovered to be in a bit of trouble. I thought she was depressed for a while, but only the other day did I figure out how bad it really is. Her house is...well, it's unhealthy. I'm not a neat freak, but her house is full of animal waste, rotten food, bugs, etc. I can't stand to think of her living like that.

Now that I know, I want to help her. I've talked her into going for therapy, but she can't keep living in that mess. I'd like to hire someone to clean it, but I can't find a cleaning place that will deal with animal waste and bugs. Is there a specific term that I need to look for? I even looked at disaster cleanup but to no avail.

What should I do? I'll clean it myself if it comes to that, but--selfishly, perhaps--I'd rather pay to have it done.


1) What computer applications/utilities do you love the most and use the most?

2) What is your favourite song this week?

3) What's the funniest/most disgusting thing you have seen done with food?

My answers:
1)Firefox, StumbleUpon, CloneDVD, OpenOffice
2)Rehab - Amy Winehouse
3)One time my ex's dad didn't realise the snacks on the table were peas coated in wasabi and he took a whole handful and ate them at once. It was hilarious :)
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1. If you have studied art before, what was the best way you discovered that works for you?

2. In a group convo, are you one of those that people listen to, or one of those that speaks but have no one listen?
(I'm the latter, sometimes it's really very sad!)
snow AC

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Because I don't know where else I could ask this...

Would a memory foam topper be worth the price as compared to your typical egg-crate foam? I'm considering buying a 2 inch memory foam topper for my bed. I can't afford a new bed right now and I need more comfort!


ETA: For reference a memory foam topper would cost at least $60, usually more. The usual egg-crate cheapos cost about $15 for a full size bed. I have one of those and it's just not enough right now.

However, I'd also like to add that I just found something I'm very interested in... here's the link in case anyone else might be interested as well:
A marriage of egg crate AND memory foam!
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TQC Rule #8 says you can't ask a question to self-promote boring bullshit... but it says nothing about asking OTHER people to promote the crap out of something.

What do you want to promote in TQC? It can be a link, a meme, some insignificant achievement you did, your MENSA membership, your atypical gender, whatever.

(I have nothing to promote myself; I'm just bored enough to be interested in what other people have got.)

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I started this job 2 months ago, my feet still hurts. I'm wearing an old broken in pair of sneakers BUT with new inserts in it. I'm wondering if I need new shoes anyway, does it make a difference cuz it still hurts even with the inserts. How long was it before your feet stopped hurting every day?

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I'm looking for a still from Titanic. It's the shot looking down on Rose in the lifeboat when she's panicky because Jack is still on deck. You know, she looks up and there's fireworks behind him, right before she jumps. I want a still looking down on Rose in the boat. I've googled and photobucketed. Thank you.
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- When you see the word "femininity", what do you think of?

- I'm doing an art challenge with a friend where femininity is the theme and I'm torn between going for the traditional idea of feminity (cute, slender, innocent and pure little girl) or a more modern, strong, independent and headstrong woman. I have good ideas for both, but I'm not sure which one to go with. Any ideas?
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I want to die it dark brown. Should I? (Note: I threw the idea to my mum who told me I would be an idiot and I could do it but I'd be stupid. It put me off I'm seeking further guidance...)

Serious and nom-serious welcome :D

EditThe dye is on...I can't wait to see how it turns out!

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I stopped at a Chinese restaurant on my way home today. I ordered, paid, and received my change. The lady I paid went back into the kitchen (which you could see from where I was.) I stayed standing at the counter because my food would only be a few minutes. I was looking at my change, which was under my hand and still on the counter, when I realized they had given me change for $10 when I had paid with $20.

The lady came back and took someone's order. Immediately after I said "Excuse me, I paid with a $20 but I only received change for a ten." She insisted I paid with a ten, and I said I was certain it was a 20 because that was all I'd had. If I wasn't 100% sure I wouldn't have said anything as I have a lot of trouble speaking up. Finally she gave me my $10, then went back in the kitchen. I'm almost certain the only reason she gave it to me was because there were also 2 police officers standing there.

1. What are the chances they did something terrible to my food?

2. Would you still eat the food?

3. Would you ever go back to that restaurant?

4. Would you have been embarrassed?


My mom just met my fiance since I've brought her home for Thanksgiving. But, what she doesn't know is that my fiance is 10 years older than I am. So far, my mom seems really cool with Emmy, but I'm worried she'll flip over the age difference.

Is there anyway I can tell her that isn't going to make everything go to hell?

ETA: Er. I should have probably also mentioned that I'm 17, and she's 27.

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I'm a loser in college who has a night desk job. I am allowed to bring my macbook, and I get very very bored at work. I want to play world of warcraft but I know nothing about computer specs so I don't know if my laptop will be good at running it.
Hardware Overview:

Model Name: MacBook
Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
Processor Speed: 2 GHz
Number Of Processors: 1
Total Number Of Cores: 2
Memory: 1 GB
Chipset Model: GMA 950
I copied and pasted that and I'm not even sure what it all means. Would the game run smoothly on this machine?

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1)Anyone know of any good Spoken Word poets? Can you link me?

2)What's a book that changed your life?

And if you feel like it, will you recommend me a book I should read? Books I like: Augusten Burroughs (all of his books), Girl Interrupted, The Virgin Suicides, Perks of being a Wallflower, The Call of the Wild, All Quiet on the Western Front. Basically memoirs or books about fucked up people and fucked up families. I also like books on World War Two.
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I'm watching something on the History channel and it has footage of David Bloom from when he was in Iraq, and well right now they're talking about when he died. It's really weird to see him on TV now.

Were you sad when you learned David Bloom died? I was. He was one of my favorite reporters, and I felt so sad for his wife and kids.


1. Will you show me a picture of your favourite ring? 

2. Do you have a piece of clothing that you wear out daily or almost daily, a "staple" clothing item? If so what is it? 

3.  What is the strangest relationship you have ever had & why (any relationship, not just romantic)?

4. What is something you regret? 

Detailed or not detailed welcomed.

1. I don't have one yet. I like antique looking rings though.

2. A long black tank top that makes me look skinnier/taller.. Sort of. In winter it was my plain brown flat boots but they have since fallen apart.

3. All of my relationships are weird. The weirdest is probably with a friend who makes me feel like I am just an answering machine as they talk into me.

4. Missing a chance on love with my boyfriend at an earlier stage. Leaving high school early.

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2. have you ever had spaghetti squash? is it good? what is it like in comparison to actual spaghetti? is it worth it for me to try making it? is it difficult to make?
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A friend of mine just asked me if I 'got off with' [ snogged, etc] [[EDIT: good thing the brackets were there! ]]
my best friend, who she also knows.
We're all family friends, so it would be quite weird, even though I wouldn't complain if it were true....

However, TQC, do you think he's been telling her things which aren't true, in which case, does he want them to be true?
OR can she read minds and knows things we both think we know the other knows?
OR is she just highly misinformed?

.....oh, the difficulties of age+teen.
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I just broke up with someone and feel kinda shitty. Will you post Cat Macros to make me lol again?
Have you ever broken off a relationship that wasn't healthy for you? EDIT: How many of you know what I'm talking about?

Also, are you working the dreaded Holiday Hours? I'm am and am exhausted. I work for  Buy More,  selling cameras. However  I'm just glad I don't work for the Nerd Heard, that would suck around this time.

Do you like Coke with Lime?
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Have you had pictures taken recently at wal-mart?
How long did it take to get the pictures back?
Can you buy a picture CD?

I looked on the PictureMe website, but it wasn't exactly, uh, helpful. At all. But I did get a coupon. So I guess it was kinda helpful.

Also, I know Wal-Mart sucks, but for the moment, this is all we can afford.

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People always seem to recieve my text messages at odd hours in the morning, a few hours after I actually send them, or don't get them at all.

Why does this keep happening and is there anyway to fix it?
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How do I get duct-tape marks off a dorm room wall?

What's the most ridiculous cold remedy you've ever heard of?  Is it ridiculous and it WORKS, or ridiculous and obviously ineffective?
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If you were an animal, specifically an herbivore like a giraffe or something, how would you go about being evil? You aren't able to pounce on another animal and eat their brains or anything like that, so how would you be bad? 

I spent almost the entire week working my ass off on homework. I spent all last night and tonight working on group projects and studying for tests. Am I a loser for staying in or just a good student? Maybe not good, I don't know. Responsible? I have a brain ache.