November 16th, 2007


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When you have a crush on someone do you act?
(examples) Do you get nervous, awkward, or more confident?
Does your personality seem to change?

Edit: Something you don't mean to do, it just kind of happens.

Another Music Question...

So I'm thinking about trying to shoot/edit together a video.
The overall mood is sort of love lost, missed opportunities, so I'm looking for a sad but pretty song, maybe about love, though that's not necessary.

Therefore...what is your favorite song like this?
how funky is your chicken?


My boyfriend and I are both working second shift on Thanksgiving. I was thinking we could make turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and mayo and stuffing, for lunch, instead. My question is, where do I get REAL turkey for sandwiches, without cooking an entire bird?

Women seeking men

Tell me TQC,
Have you ever posted to any online personals(ie: Craigslist, myspace,

How did that work out for you?

I'm not going to lie, I'm lonely and tired of dealing with the guys I know haha.
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 If you're white, would you ever refer to a black friend as "my nigga?" As in, "what up, my nigga?"

Is it racist?

If you're black, and one of your best friends was white, and you referred to him/her as "my nigga," would you be offended if they responded in kind?

Would you consider it racist? 

ETA: If it's racist, why do you feel it's okay for a black person to use it on a white, but not the other way around?
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Is there an unwritten law about dating your best friend's half uncle who is only 3 years older than you?
Because I'D like too, but she is pissed!

What is the most awkward dating situation you've ever been in? (IE: dating someone your mom dated, or something like that)
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What are your favorite Christmas albums, TQC?

Celine Dion - These Are Special Times
Bing Crosby - White Christmas/Merry Christmas (It's sold under either title, although most official CDs of it nowadays use the White Christmas title. I think it was originally released on LP as Merry Christmas though.)
Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas soundtrack
Christmas With The Chipmunks
A Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack
Compilations of the old and new Christmas classics, like the Now! Christmas series.
Mariah Carey - Merry Christmas
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Lets say your at your house one night, alone.. And the TV screen turn black.. you get up to change the channel but realise that all channels are black..
You get up to call someone, and realise your land line is dead..
You then grab your cell phone.. but can't make any calls.. you hear a message saying that all lines are busy and to try again later.

What would you do? What would you think?

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I have small red speckles by both of my eyes, primarily my left. They haven't always been there. The speckles are very similar to teeny tiny freckles, except red not brownish. I just now noticed them so they definitely haven't been there long.

Is it lupus trying to turn me in to a ginger? If not, what is it?
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1. How old are you? 36
2. How many brothers/sisters do you have? 2
3. Last 2 digits of your phone number? 36 (OOohh..freaky...same as my age!!)
4. What month were you born in? 11

Do you notice strange things about numbers or do you find yourself noticing odd occurrences with number patterns? I do. I woke up at 3:12 this morning and thought, oh, cool, 1+2 = 3. 2 three's. Neat. Then I woke again at 5:55, which was kinda cool as well.

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When you see ten year-old girl scouts selling cookies outside of supermarkets on Sundays, do you tell them that they will burn in hell with Satan sodomizing them for conducting business on the Sabbath?
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What are your worst driving pet peeves?

1. I hate when people pass me to make a turn right away.
2. I hate when people drive below the speed limit.
3. I hate when people tailgate me when it's obvious there's another car in front of me I can't magically go through.

Also, have you ever done something stupid when learning to drive?


Years ago in driver's training, I didn't know you had to stop before shifting into reverse (I was going about 25pmh) and I wrecked the trans on my dad's truck.

Not too long ago I had a huge Jimmy with 4WD. No one told me I couldn't drive on the expressway at 70mph on 4 wheel drive low, and I blew up the motor.
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1- What kind of business can you imagine yourself running someday? (No one said you actually have to do it, duh.)
2- How many cards are in your wallet right now? If you have more than one wallet (like me) just count the one you're using the most.
3- What are you waiting for?
4- Would you like some of the vanilla/strawberry cake I'm baking today?

1- An arcade. :D
2- 3. My Ontario Health Card, the laundry card thing for the laundromat, and husband's ATM card (I can't get on the account, for I have no passport, boo.)
3- The box for our 360 to show up (again, since the guy bolted the second I got to the door yesterday) so I can ship it out to be fixed of it's red ring-problem.
4- Well daaaaaah.

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Do you have any friends that 

don't really go out of their way for you? 
treat you as if they are smarter/ better than you? 
make you feel pressured to do one thing or another with big and/ or small decisions in your life? 
make you feel like you are being constantly critisized silently?

Why are they still in your life?

idk my bff crystal

What should Crystal and I do today?

Any suggestions?
Keep in mind these rules:
we're NOT lesbians/curious/bi/anything else (nothing sexual, plz)
nothing expensive
we're in Austin
we're 19

Yeah, good luck thinking of something now.

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If you needed a scientist, where might you find one?

Why are there no scientists in Kentucky?

Global warming is a myth concocted by former Vice President Al Gore, the United Nations, Hollywood and the news media -- any other key players in this conspiracy that I'm forgetting?

If you met someone named "Gooch", would you giggle?

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alone, vinegar and Muse.

1. I'm home alone at my boyfriend's house for the first time ever...His mum is surfing, he's at school doing exams and his little sister is also at school. Is there anything I should do while no one is around that I haven't thought of? Last night I had a dream he'd been married before, maybe I should do some snooping?

2. Last night I ate a rocket salad with parmesan and balsamic vinegar....Then I got a really really bad stomach ache. Am I allergic to balsamic vinegar? (It was the one thing in the salad I haven't eaten before).

3. Last night I saw Muse in Melbourne. They didn't play any songs from their album, "Showbiz"...Not one. Is this becuase it's just too old? Or they weren't popular back then? Because I can't figure out.


My sister wants scrabble for hanukkah. She wants one that isn't going to be too bulky as she'll be going to grad school next year. I dont want to spend toooo much Since i'm rather poor! Any ideas?
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What do you think of sending forwards to coworkers?
What about religious ones?
What about "if you don't send this to X people, you will have bad luck"?
What is the best way to get someone to cease and desist?
jubilee would like you to help me now
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I feel like an idiot

Somehow, in some way that I do not understand, part of a document that I was working on yesterday have vanished out of the file. I really don’t understand how this happened. I remember saving it, frequently, constantly, every ten minutes or so—and yet, all of them have vanished.

Is there any way to find a temp file from yesterday or something that would have automatically saved any of it? Can you of you brilliant tech people give me some direction in this? Or do I just have no hope?

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Mac users -

What is your opinion of iPhoto? I know a handful people people who use Macs but don't use iPhoto for various reasons and I'm debating on using it for my pictures. Do you use it? Why or why not? I know it creates a copy of your picture to put on there, much like iTunes does with music. Does this take up space on my computer? Am I doubling the amount of room I'm using by importing the 1500 pictures I have so far onto iPhoto?

Forgive my ignorance - macs are still relatively new to me!

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1. How did you choose your default icon?
It matches my layout.

2. Do you have any icons with tiny, unreadable text? If so, why?
One. I made it, and it looked too plain, so I added tiny unreadable text.

3. How many icons do you have? How many are you allowed?
I have 65. I'm allowed 102.

Non-icon related:
Poll #1089703 Movies

What movie should I watch today?

Dead & Breakfast
The Faculty
Silent Hill
Some other movie that doesn't suck that I'll suggest in the comments.
Fuck you and the ticky you rode in on.
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Dear TQC,

Should I buy a hybrid SUV? My current vehicle is a 2001 Ford Explorer (110k miles on it) that gets like 15 mpg... and costs more in gas now than the car payment itself. (Gas where I live is $3.30/gallon REGULAR!) The gas is about $55+/week at this point. The vehicle payment is $210.

If I get a used hybrid I can get it for $14k (67,000 miles). If I get a new hybrid it's $24k but I get a tax break of almost $3k for this year. (Would I be eligible for a tax break in future years on it too?)

To be considered: I still owe about $4k on my Ford. Also, I'd like to buy a house in the next few years.
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so.. what's up?

if TQC members were to exchange contact information (home address, cell #) would you be down for participating?

do you ever see the EXACT same icon that such and such TQC member uses in another community and assume it's them without looking at their SN?

this happened to me yesterday and i was like 'oh hai! they're a member of this community' then i looked at their SN and realized it wasn't wookiewife.

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 I meant to add these questions to my last post but was in a hurry.

Do you treat your friends well, in your opinion? 
What are your flaws in friendships, in your opinion?

How do people with true confidence (as opposed to arrogance) treat other people in general? (In your opinion.)

Bravo Seinfeld

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 Somewhat related to my last posting..

My roommate has now pushed me into feeling not safe at my own apartment. She leaves her bf at our place when no one is around. Now, normally I wouldnt feel too worried, but she met this guy off, 2 1/2 weeks ago. She doesn't have a good track record with guys (meets them online, meets them when she asks them to come over at 230 am, sleeps with them and then finds out they have girlfriends) 

**edit** We've already discussed the fact that my other roommate and I are not okay with this at all, but she claims that they are dating so she can't do anything about it. She also wouldn't tell me the truth until I caught her red handed at the gym when she was supposibly.. "at home with her sick bf"


the question is.. Have any of you broken a lease before? Was it hard to do?
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1. If you could double the size of any room in your house/apartment/whatever, which room would you choose? I'd choose the bathroom so we could have more counter space.

2. Do you like to eat lumpia? My mama makes Lumpia Shanghai and it is delicious.

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I'm going to get a haircut in a few hours :) I've decided I want to go short, but last time I went short the hairstyle wasn't really flattering at all. It was pretty similar to a mushroom cut. Do you know any short hairstyles that also look pretty and feminine?

Also, my mom got me a gift from the Body Shop :) It's a mattifying day cream, but I'm not sure how to use it. Do I put it on before I put on my makeup? There's a toner, too. Do I put the toner on before the cream? I suck at being girly :(

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Today is Oklahoma's 100th anniversary of being a state. If you live here, you can't avoid that fact.

1. When is your state's "anniversary"? How old is it?

2. What's a random fact about your state?

Rodgers and Hammerstein sold the rights of the song "Oklahoma!" from the musical Oklahoma! to the state of Oklahoma(!) for one dollar. I guess they figured resistance is futile...

3. What other states have you lived in?

I was born in Houston, Texas, and moved when I was five-going-on-six. Didn't see snow until I was six years old.
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1. do you look down on people who aren't as smart/dedicated/motivated/pretty etc. as you?
2. what's your plans for the weekend?
3. what do you fantasise about? tell me what's your fan-ta-ta-see!
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1. Was there anything you said/did when you were a kid that absolutely mortified your parents in public?
2. My roommate and my two suitemates are gone for the weekend. What on earth do I do with this time!?
3. I need to write a paper that's due Monday. Which means I should take more notes and then actually write it - 900 words. How do I break it up? I've lost all work ethic.
4. Is That 70's Show any good? I've got season 1, discs 1 & 2 from the local library, but I've never actually watched an episode.

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Am I the only one who hopes the WGA strike goes on and we don't end up getting the rest of the season for most shows? Are you watching less TV because of the strike? What about when your weekly shows are in re-runs? Will you fill the gap with crappier TV or do something else?

ETA: My answers:

I only watch The Office and 30 Rock and they are like the only break I allow myself during the week and I will miss it, but not too much. Otherwise I don't watch TV. I hope it will make more people watch less TV, though I feel sorry for crew members who are affected.
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OH NO......

TQC is a cruise ship, and we are all happily enjoying our cruise- Perchance, TQC becomes a sinking ship; Hai, the cruise is over. TQC is going down... BUT. There is a nearby tropical island, which appears to be uninhabited whilst also possessing plant and shrubbery-life which would suggest that habitation would be possible, should we be able to make it off TQC and over to this island.

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Your plan, for consideration before the TQC committee...
Noodle, Peace


Yo TQC...what should I name my iPod?

(Serious and non-serious answers, please! And I already have one named "Worthless.")
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This and that

Would you rather...

have a Charley horse in your groin?
shoot a horse named Charley in the groin (shooting the colt with a Colt .45)

First thought on seeing a guy in an all-white suit

"Are they filming a Miami Vice sequel?"
"Must be a mime or some street entertainer"
"Is angel?"
"Is that...P.Diddy?"
"I guess some lucky virgin's getting married today"

Favorite term for a mullet

Ape drape
Wisconsin waterfall
Mississippi mudflap
Missouri compromise
Canadian passport
Tennessee top hat
Hockey hair
Louisiana purchase

A Canadian tuxedo is jeans and a denim jacket. Let's assume somene went the distance and rocked the Canadian passport, too (see previous question). What would you say to this person?

"The 80s called and said that that look was pretty embarrassing back then, too"
"Glad to see you're up and aboot, eh?"
"I bet there's not a country song you didn't like"
"Someone beat you black and blue with the Honky Tonk stick, didn't they?"
"Slick duds. Where'd you get them?" (asked in an obvious ironic tone)
"Slick duds. Where'd you get them?" (asked in a sincere, curious tone)
Nothing. I couldn't stop laughing

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Could anyone tell me the names of the following bands:

a) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

b)Image and video hosting by TinyPic


If you were asked on a date, but the actual date was never set, would you bring it up? Or wait till it's bought up?
Tom shaming you

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Have you ever had an abortion?

Has your mother ever had an abortion?
Yes, I actually just found out yesterday she had an abortion when she was 19. I'm shocked; I thought I was her first pregnancy at 26. She did what was best for her but now I wonder what it would be like to have an older brother or sister. I also wonder if I would be born at all...did their death in turn bring about my life? If he/she were born, I'm sure my mom would have changed her lifestyle and not have kept her bartending job where she met my father.

Drugs Are Really Expensive

What do y'all think of illegal, or abused prescription, drugs?

1. Have you ever done any?
a. If so, which ones? And were your experiences generally positive or negative?

2. What would you say to someone considering using drugs? Are there certain drugs you don't think are dangerous, and others you think aren't so bad?

3. What do you think would happen if all drugs were legalized?

4. Do you think some dangerous drugs are overprescribed?

To Dye, or Not To Dye?

So, in July, I had foil highlights put in my hair (which is naturally reddish-brown, I'd say a medium shade).  I'm now tired of the blonde, and want to go back to the reddish tints that I've had in the past.  So, for those of you with experience  in such things:

1) Will it wreck my hair if I color it again? (It's in good shape now- not dry or breaking)
2) Would I be OK if I did it myself, or should I go to a salon for this?  Is there really any difference between the dye you buy in the store and the stuff a pro uses? (I'd much rather pay 8 bucks than 60+...)

I'm pretty sure I can dig up some pics of how it looks now, if absolutely necessary.
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More school questions wheeee

Grad students - Did you have a year or a semester where you performed less than your best? Did it affect your acceptance into the schools you wanted? Did you have to explain it?

I'm worried about this semester because I overworked myself (at my job) and had a lot of personal problems. I don't know the outcome yet and none of my professors have expressed any concern over my performance, but I'm anxious.


totally weird question. But if a guy gets irritated skin from shaving his face, and doesn't want a  beard, what the hell can he do about it? He apparently uses an electric razor.
There's not facial hair depilatory creams or something are there? 
James Franco joint

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Do you have any weird phrases you and your friend/SO/family say that no one else understands?
Most of my friends will say "Oh balls" instead of "Oh shit" or something like that, and my friend and I were sitting in her car having a bitch fest, thinking of the worst "ball" combinations. We first settled on "Cheesy Gordita Ballsack" but then, in the spirit of the Moe's we had eaten, we settled on "Joey Bag of Ball Sack".

So we will randomly say "That's a Joey Bag" or "That's a JBBS"

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devil tooth
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Inspired by this, which was inspired by something else:

How well does your interest list reflect your 'real' interests? Do you have things on there that you aren't really interested in, or things you have omitted (either intentionally or not) that really do interest you?
dean glee!
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Having not really learned my lesson from getting mondo heartburn from soft tacos on wednesday night and then projectile vommiting buffalo wings last night...I just polished off a good 1/3 of some sort of taco/mexican pie that ws both spicy and greasy.

Exactly how long will it take before my poor pregnant body rejects my dinner?
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1.After performing on recital, in which you made 2 stupid mistakes, but all your fellow students said it was good (some who wouldn't say so unless they thought so).

Then your teacher tells you that you should switch to a music minor so that you won't have to perform anymore.

How would you react in that situation?

2. Why is my teacher such a bitch? Does she actually have a soul?

3. Why does my life suck?

(unserious answers more than welcome)
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Day-old sushi

My boyfriend and I ordered a ton of sushi last night and had a lot left over. I really want to eat it, but I seem to have a mental block against eating day-old sushi even though none of it is raw. So....should I eat it? What's the most dubious thing you've ever eaten?
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Imagine, if you will, that you become pregnant, including you childfree people. Just play along.

You find out late in the second trimester that you (or your partner) are carrying a child with severe disabilities that will require care for the rest of its life, which may or may not be short.

Do you carry it to term or abort?

Pretend that you really wanted a child and it was planned.

Internet related questions

1. Is not working for anyone else? Everytime I go to the site nothing happens, there's just a blank white page that won't even attempt to try and even find the website.

2. Anyone else having Google troubles? Everytime I click on a link it goes to some serial number in the address bar with 'search daily' instead of the actual website I clicked. Any idea how to fix/stop this?

3. I have the Spyguardpro virus on my PC which means a little balloon keeps popping up saying there's errors/opens an internet window and goes to the site/computer running way slower than usual. Have tried all of the computer help sites and still don't understand how to get rid of it. Do you know how to?

Thanks for your help!
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It's close to Christmas and you get a package of cookies in the mail from a thoughtful pal on livejournal. However, when you open the box you are horrified to find a pile of the one kind of cookie that you find really disgusting. So um, what kind of cookie is that?

(from a girl)

Is everything a guy does---getting an education, job, nice house/car----motivated by the one driving incentive of getting laid by a hot girl? (Or just getting a nice girl to fall in love with him......for all you sensitive types)

Everyone seeks admiration, love, success, comfort, etc. But do guys seek that because they really want it, or mostly because they know girls are attracted to it?

And are girls any different? (you know, except the reverse.)

Edit: Also, state your gender in your Subject line


Someone or something just took a HUGE shit in our hall way! not joking, I walked down the hall from the bathroom and it REEKED. then 2 guys came in and said there's a huge pile of shit

What kind of person lets an animal/person do that in an office building?!

[edit: apparently it's all over the men's bathroom too toilet wall etc The guys are going to go sniffing around to see if there's anyone who left shitty pants somewhere(the chemist is going lol) We all are laughing but very very disgusted!]
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Why do I keep freaking out when I try to go to sleep? I'll be asleep for half an hour or so, then wake up and think that I can see someone/something in my room. It has happened every night in a row for 4 or 5 days now.

What is your favorite kind of soup? (Lame, but I am on a soup kick today)

What unconventional thing signifies the start of the holiday season for you?

I don't know.
When I can get eggnog lattes at Starbucks.

Yahoo email problem: body field not showing.

I'm not sure if a lot of people are having this problem but I Googled and I can't find a way to fix it. Its driving me nuts!

When I log into my yahoo email and I try to compose an email, all the fields show up except the body!
I've tried to refresh, to log out and log back in, and even restart my computer altogether. Nothing works. The body field is still missing!!!

Can someone tell me how to fix this?
The only answer I've found is to find a better email provider but that's going to be a lot of trouble because I've had my email address for years and do sales and trading with it.

(no subject)

I've run out of room on my bookcase and I've run out of room for more bookcases. What's a good alternative? Nothing too major since we're renting.

Under the bed storage isn't an option as our boxsprings are flat on the floor and we are straight out of closet room, too. I'd rather not resort to keeping my books under the kitchen sink.
Haruhi disappearance
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1) Anyone in here a doctor or nurse who can write me a doctor's note for next saturday? Heh... *sheepish smile*

2) When you smell a particulary foul odor, what is your exclamation of choice to express your disgust?
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cellphone questions

1. What kind of phone do you have?

2. Do you like it?

3. What color is it?

4. Last text you received?
4a. Sent?

5. Who is your #1 speed dial?

6. Favorite feature of the phone?

7. Current ring tone?
7a. If you use many ringtones, for different people, what is your favorite one to hear, and who is it assigned to?

8. Last pic taken? (the actual pic or just the description of it is cool)

Collapse )

Unrelated to cellphones: Do you kiss (your SO) with your eyes open or shut?
..I guess it's weird, but usually with my eyes open. Sometimes closed..
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 ok so it's 1C out. it'll probably be even colder tonight. I only have one pair of dress shoes, and they're open toed. Should I wear them to the bday party at the bar tonight? or just wear runners under some nice jeans and hope no one even notices or gives a shit? 
Do YOU care if some is at the bar with runners on?

(no subject)

8] What'd you dream about last night? Or most recently, if your mind was un-creative last night.
I just wrote an almost two-page description of my dream, but it was about trying to drunkenly get away from my creepy friend who I was scared was going to rape me or something.

5] When's the last time you went out and had a lot of fun? What'd you do?

2] What's your favorite shade of red?
Zooey face

Tell me more, tell me more!

1. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Why?

2. What was your least favorite job? Why?

3. Tell me one hilarious story about your family. (um...pretend there is a question mark here.)

4. p or g?

5. s or t?

6. What color is your hair? Do you have a picture?

7. What is your very favorite book cover? (In other words, the design of the book...)

8. Do you knit? What's your current project?

9. What is your favorite recipe?

10. Did you answer all of my questions?
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(no subject)

 How do you become a teacher?

What education is required to teach what kind of class (as in, do you have to have a doctorate to teach at college level, et cetera)?

How hard is it to really break into the teaching profession, fresh out of college?

dead zone johnny & sarah

(no subject)

Does anyone else with allergies (regular seasonal allergies, not food allergies or anything like that) ever only have symptoms on one side of their face?  For example, having one itchy eye, one runny nostril, one itchy ear, one side of the throat itchy (and all on the same side of the face). How does this work? It happens to me all the time but it doesn’t make any sense why one half of my face would be affected and the other wouldn’t.

Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. What is the last major thing that you forgot about until it was too late?

2. My boss has given me $400 worth in random perks over the past week, for no real reason at all. Best boss ever? y/y What are your "Best Boss Ever" stories?

3. If I freeze to death while camping this weekend, will you have a TQC e-funeral for me?

(no subject)

I’ve been having these tiny flashbacks all day. A word, picture, or random thought triggers something in my mind, and for about a split second, I have this vivid "memory", but not long enough to really grasp what it is. I don’t believe it’s déjà vu, or even a memory from my feels more like I’m remembering bits of a dream I had, but it’s so intense and it goes away just as sudden as it came. It has happened at least 10 times today, and each time it gives me a creeped out feeling. Anyone have any idea what it may be?


Sydney Residents.

Is there a nightrider bus that starts/goes through bondi heading towards the city????
I need to get home (to Epping) tonight and I know I can get a bus from the City but have noooo idea if I can get from Bondi.

Pleaseee tell me what you know!

I'm going to Las Vegas! What shall I do there?

I just bought tickets to go to Las Vegas for the first time. I've actually driven through it once, but never stopped--I was underage at the time and wouldn't be able to get in most places anyhow. It's going to be a weekend of hedonism with the wife and some good friends, sharing a suite at the Venetian. We shall drink, we shall eat, we shall gamble a bit, and we shall check out some of that crazy-ass stuff that Vegas is famous for.

I know where I'm staying, at least, but nothing else. Here are my questions, TQC:

Where should I eat?
Where should I drink? (Bonus points if it's classy, old-school, or mellow. Agreeably seedy is OK too. We're not going clubbing, so dancing not required.)
Where should I gamble?
What weird thing should I not miss?

(no subject)

 Besides garlic bread, what is a good side for pasta with marinara sauce?  I want to cook my sister dinner when she gets home from work.

There is this little boy in my Health class.  His whole head is shaved, except for the very back in the middle he has a pony tail, but it looks more like the tail of a bunny.  Why does he do this?  He's Mexican, if that matters (like cultural thing or something?).  Srs and non srs appreciated.

If you could pick one religion to be "true," which would you pick and why?
I guess I'd pick Mormonism because they get planets and to be gods.  That would be rad.

Grammar Checkers

I am taking a grammar class and yesterday my teacher was nice enough to give us a take-home test. I believe I got all the answers correct, but I want to make sure by using a free grammar checker online. I've used google to search for one, but all seem to not work. Does anyone know of any good grammar checkers online?

Here's the test:

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Hello all! I've been in hiding. Thought it was time to post again.

-What's in your wallet?
-No matter what gender you are, are you more femme or butch or in the middle?
-Why is "noodle" an awesome word?

My answers:
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Hypothetically (or not):
If you had a daughter who was a freshman in high school, would you allow her to go to the baby shower of a fellow student her age?

Would your answer change if she were a senior?

I've been wondering me weird: Does it hurt for pregnant women to suck in their stomach?

What do your headphones look like?

What are your favorite descriptive words?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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[these are generalizations, obviously] I've read that women date men who are like their fathers, and men date women who are like their mothers, and I generally agree with this. My question for you all is what do you think happens with women who have no fathers in their lives? What kind of men do they date?

No soup for you.

What would be the proper etiquette for reapplying to a community you've been denied access to?

Have you ever had a request for a comm turned down? Why?

I have to go to meet work folk for mojitos soon...can I wear a dress I wore yesterday to work, but with different stockings/jacket/etc without breaking too many fashion laws?

What are your Thanksgiving plans?
(Apologies if the above has been asked a dozen times already.)
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how would you reconfigure a sentence such as this:

"...and give ourselves the essence we were not created with."

so that it does not have a preposition at the end?

bonus question that i know has been asked before, but whatevs:

prepositions at the end of sentences: yes? no? who gives a shit?

EDIT: thank you all for your help :) i never even considered that whole "with which we were not created" thing, but i likes it.
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For my birthday, my best friend left me drunk at a bar at 12:30, saying she didn't feel good (which honestly seemed at the time legit), and then went straight over to the house of this guy she likes and spent the night. I had to much later take a taxi home. Which cost me $50.

Tonight we are celebrating her birthday.

She wants to go ice skating? On a Friday night? Which at 22 just seems lame? This is the last thing in the universe I want to do. Really. All my other buds are going to the bar. Ice skating actually lasts until like 10:45. I doubt she will want to go out after ice-skating. Although you bet I do. 

(( Edit: I know that ice skating is fun. I used to go a lot. I even have my own skates. And while my life does not revolve around alcohol, this chick also blew me off last weekend - as in - told me she was staying home, then ended up out - with the same guy from earlier in the story.
Accck. Thinking about this is making me madder still. ))

Ought I to just suck it up?
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Hi, TQC.
My great uncle has fallen ill and has been taken into hospital.  He lives in France and I've never met him.  My grandad really wants to speak to his brother, but his French isn't very good and he can't get past the receptionist.  My French isn't much better and I'm terrified of using the phone, but this call definitely needs to be made.

1. What information will I need to give when I make this call?

2. Does anybody know any useful phrases (e.g. "Can I have the extension number for XXX")
3. Do you get phone call nerves and, if so, how do you shake them?

I know that asking TQC is pretty desperate, but I need help with this.

EDIT: Thanks for the phrases.  More stories of phone-related wimpiness, please.

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My best friend and I are going out tonight. She's blond, average weight, 5'2" and more trendy. She has long blond curly hair. I'm an average sized 5'3" girl with short funky dark hair. I'm more of a brit punk kind of style.

It's going to be a great party, but what should we wear?
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I like monsters. Do you like monsters? I bet everybody has a favorite monster. I like outer-space monsters best of all, and I want to talk to some, but I don't know their language.

The Question Club, how would you best describe the noise an outer-space monster makes when it is trying to scare you?

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inspired by this post:

Do you find your current and/or past SO's/crushes have qualities that your parents possessed?

I've noticed a handful of similarities in my current boyfriend that my dad has as well. And he says that His mother and I would love each other, so I would take that as we have similarities as well.
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I recently learned that my boyfriend needs to get a root canal, so now I'm worried for him. I know that they're not as bad as say, getting wisdom teeth removed, but I really don't know what happens with root canals. Do you puff up, can you eat food, stuff like that? Is it a good idea to take a few days off work afterwards?

If anyone's had both a root canal and wisdom teeth extractions done, could you compare them for me?
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Never noticed this line in Blazing Saddles before, and with watching it for the first time with Tivo, I was able to rewind repeatedly. However, I still wasn't able to get it.

Thank you Heady, thank you.
It's not Heady, it's Hedley-Hedley Lamaar.
What the hell are you worried about, this is 1874 you'll be able to sue her.

Yeah uh, I don't get it. And it's driving me nuts. Anyone able to fill me in?


Huh. I still don't get why it's funny.. haha.. Oh well, suppose it's just some little inside joke. I mean, I understand.. just.. how many people knew of Hedy Lamarr in order to pick up on that?

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a new Best Week Ever is on. (Yay!)

-Does this mean the comedians VH1 choose rule because they can sit there and talk about crap and be funny without having stuff written for them. Not putting down the writers- they're awesome (mostly)- but just saying these people can be funny on their own.

-Why is Ellen's show so lame without writers? She was funny when se used to standup.

-Do you think the writers will have a harder time getting what the want this time? Reality is more popular than it was in 88. Will the studios just increase the reality tv in the absense of the writers?

-What do you prefer Mac or Pc?

-Have you seen this ?

-Does it amuse you as much as it does me?

ETA: What is the horrible, disgusting video that is too bad to be shown on BWE that they are talking about?
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What are the neatest things you get to use at work? There's the typical phone/fax/computer, but I'm talking about super neat things. My favorites now are the microscope, anesthetic machine, pulse oximeter, and dental water scaler. (I'm a veterinary technician.) At my last job I got assigned a project where I got to use this huge super-fast scanner that scanned about 4 pages a second, hundreds at a time. What's your favorite neat-o thing you get to use?
Driving pug


Im hosting a Thanksgiving party. I have a bottle of Triple Sec that I've been looking to do something with for months. My friend suggested that we make jungle juice. What should we throw in it besides Triple Sec?
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1. Do you know who Anastacia is?
Yes. I'm one of maybe 10 people in the US who actually know who she is though. D:

2. If so, do you like her?
Love that bitch.

3. If so, what are your favorite songs by her?
Left Outside Alone, Welcome To My Truth, Paid My Dues, I'm Outta Love, and Made For Lovin' You
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How many of you have gone back to school (By going back, I mean you dropped out, graduated, whatever, without being certain that you were going to eventually continue your education)? What did you go back for, and what made you decide to pursue your education? How did you get over any fears/hesitations involved?

What's the most obscure thing you know about your best friend?

What's been the best part of your week?
lost wolfwood


So. I've been waiting forever to hear back about a job offer now. Filled out an application, did an interview, etc. etc.

I was told Sunday the 4th that she'd have a decision by the end of the week. Meaning, last week. So of course, I called.. only got a voicemail. Called, left a messgae Thursday. Called, left a message Friday with her, AND with some other.. guy. On the plus side, she responded via email, something along the lines of needing another week to review applications.

So here it is, the end of week two. Now, I'm not sure if I should call and inquire again. I see both sides.

On the one hand, calling in shows that I'm still very much interested and yaddi yaddi.

On the other hand, I feel like I'll be pestering her, given that she told me she needs more time to review the rest of the applications. And/or, if I'm so confident about getting the job, I've already called and pestered them about it, I shouldn't be worried and should just wait for them to call. Maybe they'll call Monday.

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Dear TQC

Why do I hear fireworks, but not see them? I know they have them over the Falls every weekend, but I thought they were at 10... and I shouldn't be able to hear them 20+ blocks away, I think. O_o


Should I go to sleep so I can get to doing my pregnancy test sooner, or stay up and be wired and giggly and shit about the possibility of a baby? :P
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If there were no negative consequences--legally or physically/mentally--is there any drug that you would willingly become "addicted" to?

Quoted because addiction is, in a sense, a negative consequence and we're removing those things.

For elaboration:

Legal consequences would be jail time.
Physical consequences would be cirrhosis, your teeth/hair falling out, etc.
Mental consequences would be if, basically, if you went insane.

Edited to add:

You people.

Assume, in this, that the price of the drug is "reasonable". If you're addiction is prescriptions, it's covered by your insurance plan so you don't need to blow people on the street for Oxy--I mean, you can if you want...

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 2girls1cup was just featured on Best Week Ever, along with several videos showing people's reactions to the video. I'm actually gagging thinking about it, blargh.

What are your thoughts when something from the internet crosses into real life? Is this already old news and I'm just slow?

On another note, does your radiator whistle? Does your house make any strange noises? Do you ever have to warn people about it before they come over?
My house creaks a lot and there's this kind of groaning noise in the cold weather, people who aren't used to it find it really unsettling.

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tqc, i have a u3 thumbdrive but whenever i plug it in, it says it's not recognised. what do i do? i have tried uninstalling the usb port, and have also restarted and tried again, and followed the troubleshooter guide. help!
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Mixed Nuts.

Which is your favorite? Which is your least favorite? Do you eat the ones you don't like anyway because it'd be wasteful to just throw them out? Or do you throw them away with impunity?
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1 What are your favourite music videos done by artists that don't actually have themselves in the video? Like they have claymation or just dancers etc. Can you tell us about them?, or better yet! - a link to youtube :D

2 When you drink do you stick with one drink or mix?

3 When you buy alcohol do you go for named stuff or supermarket own versions of your favourite drinks?

4 Can you describe your dancing style both sober and when you have had a few?
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If you were in a long term relationship and you started to have doubts, would you stay in the relationship or would you get out of it immediately?

Edit: So I guess there's a question similar to this a few posts down. I'm stupid.

Edit again: A friend of mine is experiencing doubts after being in a 2 year relationship. I personally think she should just wait things out, but she's dead-set on ending the relationship. I know it's her decision, but I just want to know what anyone else would do in this situation.
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and into the garden i creep..

Who was your favorite Disney Princess? Least favorite?

Who was the last person you had to impress?

Will you link me to funny icons?

If a vampire steps into the sunlight, what will happen?

On the same topic, how do vampires make humans vampires?

Edit: On facebook, which is the funniest group you belong to?
housewares, ash

alright guys...

im tired. and i cannot think of this guys name.

hes a classical music composer.
and the only way i can think to spell his name is Czechovski. but our friends at google tell me that that is wrong.

do you know who i am talking about? if not, ignore this. if so, how do you spell his goddamned name???

EDIT: you guys are awesome. Tchaikovsky is the correct way to spell that name. thank you!
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How far are you traveling for Thanksgiving?

Everywhere I turn, people on TV are talking about how it's a HUGE travel holiday and bazillions of people will be on the planes and blah blah blah. I've never gone over (at the most) 2 hours away for a holiday.

What's the farthest you have traveled for a holiday?

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Honestly, what do you look for in a significant other? What traits must he or she possess in order for you to be attracted to him or her? Why?

Also, let us know if you're a guy or a girl, and what gender(s) you're attracted to.

Have the best weekend.