November 15th, 2007

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1. Do you have any idea what the significance of the title of Jewel's album 0304? It's not the release date or her birthday. My bff is trying to figure it out because her birthday is March 4, but this doesn't seem to be about that day. ETA: Jewel's birthday is May 23. My BFF's birthday is March 4, which is why she brought this up.

2. In space, astronauts must align themselves on the toilet very carefully because of suction and whatever. As part of their training, they have to practice using a toilet that has a camera, so they can see what they are doing and make sure they have everything lined up correctly. Could you work a job that required you to take a video of yourself on the shitter, and then review it with your boss?

3. I read somewhere that while the majority of pencils sold in America have erasers on them, many pencils sold in Europe do not have erasers. Is this because Europeans make fewer mistakes? Or do they just write continental-style, with a pencil in one hand and an eraser in the other?

4. For people in the US - what days do you get off school/work for Thanksgiving, if any?
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Direct Deposit Debacle

My employer requires a VOIDED CHECK in order to set up Direct Deposit.

I do not have any checks - none were given to me when I opened my bank account with Bank of America. I have had my account for over 1 year.

1. Will Bank of America issue/print a check for me at a local branch? (sorry if this sounds stupid, I'm a banking newb)

2. Are there any banks out there that will actually give me free checks upon opening an account?

I DO NOT want to waste $30 on ordering 150 checks when I only need 1...
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1.  A song that you love is playing on the radio/TV.  What is the most annoying thing that other people in the room can do?
2.  Do you get really stroppy when people interrupt good music? [EDITED TO BE LESS ME, ME, ME]

Tattoo Question

Hey, quick questions for tattoo experts.

I got my tattoo about 5 months and all went well. However, just last week I started getting bumps on the outline and part of the shading. Its all black so its not an allergic reaction to any red or yellow ink. My questions:

Am I having a delayed allergic reaction? If not, what are the other possibilities? How do I fix this?

Thanks ahead of time!

ringing phones

Ever hear a phone ringing on tv and start frantically looking for yours?

Ever been on the bus/in public and hear someone's cell phone ringing and know the tone isn't even remotely similar to yours, and check yours anyway?
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When buying a new cell phone, what order do you prioritise stuff like brand/price/functions/extras/anything else?

I go for brand (Nokia), then whatever's cheapest. Then I tend to go for size/weight. Once it calls/texts/has an alarm clock everything else is a tie-breaker.
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I've acquired a few "hand-wash only" clothing items. What's the best method of hand-washing to get them their cleanest? Do you use detergent, bar soap, just water, etc? I'm clueless.

If you celebrate Christmas or another winter holiday, when do you put YOUR decorations up?

What are you doing tomorrow?

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At the office I work at, we place people in jobs from all over the country to local positions in Minnesota. Most people have no idea that the place even has skyscrapers or civilization or anything. So TQC, I ask you, when someone says "I live in minnesota" such as myself, what do you think of how that person lives? Or, What's your image of Minnesota in general, and where is that based off of?

To put it more bluntly, please tell me in 1 or 2 sentences the most predominant traits of Minnesota's population and environment as you know it from whatever news or movies or people you know. I am really curious to see how we are perceived by non Minnesotans.

2. Where do you live? Would you like me to respond back with my answer on what I think of your region?
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Does anybody own a copy of Jeff Dunham's Arguing with Myself that they're willing to upload for me so I can screencap it?

I'll give you cookies if you have it and are willing to upload it for me.

And if you don't know who Jeff Dunham is, here's a clip:

Collapse )
Gaga: Elegant

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Has anyone here used NeoOffice before?
I'm trying to put it on my computer because I really need Microsoft Office on my precious macbook. I've finished the download, but now I can't find it in the Finder. There's an icon for it on my desktop that's named "NeoOffice-2.2.2-Intel.dmg" There's another that's a Quicktime file named "NeoOffice-2.2.2-Intel.dmg.torrent." When I try to open the quicktime one I get a message saying "The file could not be opened. This file is not a movie." When I try to open the other file I get a message saying, "The following disk images have failed to open: NeoOffice-2.2.2-Intel.dmg Reason: Not recognized"
I've looked at the the FAQ's and I can't find anything that's helped.
Can someone please help me?

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1. Does it annoy you when people whistle or snap their fingers at you to get your attention?

It annoys the heck out of me, even when I see it being done to other people. Idk, I mean, it's something I would do to get my dog's attention, but not a person's? Always seemed kinda rude.

2. You are going to be tortured for commiting some heinous crime. Which one of these methods would you choose?
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1 Why is TQC dead tonight?

2 What did you wear today? Pictures?

3 Does your waterproof mascara stay on even after you've cleansed your face?

4 Aren't baths nice, warm, and tingly?

5 Is your ass comfortable?

6 Where do babies come from?

7 Smell the air. The mystery scent can be described as what?

8 Has this community made you better at phrasing questions?

9 What other tabs/windows do you have open?

10 Ooh, wee, golly gee, is there a sea urchin in your pee?

11 Have you ever "fucked the police!"?

12 Who are the prosecuting attorneys?

13 Anyone else wanna make a ballsy list of questions?

14 What the fuck you gotta say?

16 Where is your stairway to heaven?

17 What is your treasure at the end of the rainbow?

18 Having a good time?

19 What is your most recent word/notebook/whatever Apple calls that thing document?

Well, then, are we finished?
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            I will be taking a trip in January to a place where the average temperature is 20 degrees F.  I am from SC and don't really know how to dress for cold weather.  I'd rather not end up looking like the abominable snowman. Skiing is also on the agenda, and I have absolutely no idea what to wear.    
So TQC, will you divulge your best cold weather clothing tips?  
Will you post a picture of your favorite cold weather and skiing attire?

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1. Women: when you masturbate, do you light candles and makes yourself feel sexy or just jump right to the quick and get yourself off?

2. Men: do you do anything prior to jerking off?

3a. When using vibrators, do you check the batteries first?
3b. Have you ever had your vibrator stop working just as you were reaching orgasm?

4. Do you have more intense orgasms by yourself or with someone else?
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

What in the world is this pirate saying to the leprechaun?? ...Who the hell ever thought that sentence would ever be uttered?  Actual and non-serious answers welcome... like I need to say that to encourage stupid answers.

Found here(most recent images posted to LJ).

Why is the leprechaun going to beat the pirate?

Poll #1088996 mythical characters

Priates, Ninjas or Leprechauns? The eternal struggle...


Who wins this fight?



Oh, TQC.

I have an insect bite on my foot and NOTHING with which to fix it.  OH THE PAIN. OH THE PAAAAAAIN.

TQC, what are your OH SO DESPERATE complaints?

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I am taking 500 mg of penicillin four times a day. I have noticed that I no longer have morning breath. I seem to be a death zone for bacteria.

Just how lacking in bacteria do you think I am?

Do you think I could spit on someone's wound and it would have curative properties? Could urinate on someone's infected toe and heal them of their ills? Would they like it?

It finally happened.

In at least one city, attention has finally been called to Santa's traditional greeting. In Sydney, Australia, "Ho ho ho" is to be replaced with "Ha ha ha."

I wish I were joking.


Boy, are we ever going to be hearing about this one. And for once, I agree with the complaints. I never really cared that people were saying "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas," but this is just stupid.

So my question is: Do you agree that this is ridiculous? Or do you not really think it's that a big deal?

To me, Santa saying "Ha ha ha" just isn't the same.


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I was super excited at first when my two friends and I began looking at off-campus housing for our next year of college. I'm going to be a junior, and twenty years old!, but my parents are still bitching me out about it, asking anxious questions and generally being pessimistic. So,

Those of you who are/were college students, did you move to off-campus housing? What year?

Did you have a student loan in place? Did you have a way to use it to help you pay your monthly rent living off campus, instead of your (dorm) room & board? Was it hard for you to make rent living with roommates? (I don't see how it would be, especially when I have a loan, but my parents seem to disagree. The places I'm looking at are about 410/mo per person, with 10 months leases.) Did you work to help you cover expenses? Did you have a car to commute or did you get by without one? DID YOU END UP ON THE STREETS STARVING AND COLD AND FAIL OUT OF ALL YOUR CLASSES AND BECOME A DRUNK BECAUSE YOU WERE NO LONGER LIVING ON CAMPUS?!?! Please tell me your experiences living off of campus for the first time.
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I have seen tqc pull together like no other community on lj on occasion, when someone really needs support, advice with serious things, and other odd times.  Have you ever seen other communities on lj pull together in similar fashion? - if so, which ones? 
Have any evidentiary links to share?

Also, do you like eggnog?  And if you like it leaded, what's your 'lead' of choice?
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Does anyone remember, were people saying "Alrighty then" before Ace Ventura? It seems like they might have and maybe the movie just make it a more used phrase, but I don't really remember hearing it before the movie came out.
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1- Is there any reason why my tv's volume would start climbing at random, while the remote is a couple feet away from me? I had to turn it off, it was getting so loud. :(
2- What is something outside the normal realm that makes you appreciate your SO (current, ex, future) all the more? Past taking you on dates, or making dinner, or whatever. Creativity, people.
3- Is there anything you force yourself to watch/do, for some reason past it being required?
4- What's the last picture you took?
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What everlasting piece of advice would you like to leave for the next person?

MINE: If you have the ability to program the ac/heater at work, do it. I can guarantee your name will echo in the hallways for eternity.

if I ever find the mofo who programmed the temp to 58 at night, Ima gonna show him a room cold enough to hang meat in. ...

GRR... I mean brrr.
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Ordering Internationally

For the sake of this question, if you live in the US, please just pretend that you live outside of the US.
Say you're shopping online and you find an item that you'd really like to buy. The description says in bold lettering "This item cannot be shipped outside of the continental United States." You live in say... Peru. (Or any other country that isn't the US.)

Do you place the order anyways? If so... WHY?

Now pretend you live in the US (some of you won't have to pretend, so just revert to your default).
Suppose the item is a special order item that will take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. The description reads "This is a special order item that will take 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. Express shipping is not available for this item."

Would you select Express shipping for the item anyways?
Would you call the company and yell and scream at them for not delivering the item the following day? If so, WHY?

In general... When you are ordering stuff online, do you actually read the item's description?
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What does your e-mail spam usually assume you are?

(ie, it assumes you are a male by offering penis enlargements, assumes you are a 12-year-old girl by offering you Hannah Montana tickets ;)... me personally, my spam thinks I'm a homeowner who is in desperate need of new windows every day)
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I just spent the morning working on something that my boss (who isn't even here yet!) is going to get credit for. She probably won't even thank me for doing it.

What has annoyed you so much lately, that you just want to punch something/someone?

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1. do you knit / crochet?

2. are there any websites you like to get knitting/crocheting patterens from? can i have a link?

3. this is so all you non-knitters/crocheters don't feel left out. Who is the most important person in your life? why?

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1. Would you send me a home made postcard with a poem on it?
edit: it doesn't have to be a poem you wrote

2. How does this make you feel: non-vegan juice ?
It makes me sad.
edit: even if you are not vegan, aren't you a little disturbed about the beetle part?

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What is the last time you did something to let someone know you care about them? What did you do & how did they react?

What is the last thing someone did something for you to let you know they care about you?
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Christmas 'Secret Santa'

So, the company I work for is having a 'Secret Santa' party in December... The only problem is that I signed up when they were actually going to do a 'Secret Santa'. They've just now decided that they're going to do a

Collapse )

Since I'm not buying something for some specific now, my question is...

What can I buy as a christmas gift that would be appropriate for either a male or felmale aged 30 and up? (Mostly up, lol). I'm the youngest being only 23, so you can probably understand why I might be a little stumped.

I have a few ideas but I think they're boring and cliche.

My ideas are all 'Themed Baskets' either consisting of chocolates, or jams and crakcers, or hot chocolates and a mug.

I feel like ten dollars isn't enough to be very creative.

Any ideas?!?!

Thanks in advance!
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Mail time!

The mail man just came by. I know I got something, because I have one of those mail slots, but he usually just opens the door for the front porch and sets the mail on the table.

Question Club, what do you think I got?

My guess is bills or something from TimeWarner, wanting me to switch to their cable.

Never anything good!
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1. Have you ever had butternut squash soup? Thoughts? Should I add it to my Thanksgiving repertoire?

2. On Thanksgiving, what do you do once dinner is over?

3. What is your favorite kind of pie?

4. Any plans for this weekend?

Edit: 5. Three people = three pies. Sound right? :)
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ok so this is my first ever post in the question club so i figured i'd ask something that i've been curious of for some time now...
How important do you feel sex is to a relationship and to life in general???
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Flexibility ?s

1) Can you do the splits?

2) If you received a legitimate offer in the mail saying you won an all expenses paid trip to the destination of your choice, but the trip is set for November 22, 2007 - November 29, 2007, would you be able to do it?
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1. are these shoes too whorish to wear to an art gallery opening? i kind of think they are, but they are the only pair of heels i own that are not open-toed.

2. should i just wear ballet flats instead?

3. does your answer to #1 change if it is a gallery opening of my own art? (*thinking* it's MY damn art, so i should be able to wear whatever i want to, right? i've never had art in a gallery before, so i'm not sure. *spazzing*)
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Recalling old chats reminded me...

1. If you could go back in time and buy your kid-self one toy only, what would it be? Date on currency is not a factor.

2. What/Who is your favorite robot? It can either be sentient, man made AI, piloted, fact or fiction, humanoid or otherwise.

Regarding Rule 34:

3a. What was the last thing you stumbled upon that you actually liked?
3b. What was the last thing you stumbled upon that absolutely horrified you?

4. You're loading up the washer in a laundry room (not a public laundromat) with only a washer/dryer set and laundry supplies, and all of a sudden you really had to go #1, and I mean you only have 10 seconds before your bladder bursts. All doors are locked, you have absolutely no way to get to a proper receptacle in time. Would you rather:

a. Soil yourself right there on the spot, you're washing your clothes anyway.
b. Pee directly into the washer by any means necessary.
c. Drop trough and release the fury upon the floor.
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I want to bake a cake and the box calls for 3 eggs. I only have 1 egg.

Is there something I can substitute for those other 2 eggs that will make the cake come out good?

I have no access to a car or a grocery store (I'd walk to CVS, but it's pouring rain) and all of the neighbors are at work.

Also, have you ever made homemade bread without a bread machine?
Did it turn out well?
If the recipe calls for Active Dry yeast and I have Rapid Rise, will the recipe still work?

EDIT: Diet Coke cake is in the oven! I will post to tqc_updates with the results!
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1. What character traits really annoy you in other people?

2. Do you want to be rich?
2a. What are you doing to get rich?

3. What one thing would you change about your personality?

4. Which websites are you most addicted to apart from LJ?

5. Anyone else doing NaNo?
5a. How's it going?

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 It's my birthday guys! 

1. How old do you think I am? (I'm sure we'll get some witty answers here, considering...) :P I have had a horrible week but my birthday has been really nice. I've gottenflowers, brownies and a cake sent to me! 

2. But tell me why my cell phone just started ringing from an Unknown number, so I picked it up and..Ms. Cleo was on the line. It was so strange. I didn't even know she was still around and I was sure that it was a prank, but ... it was just weird. Can you tell me - what the hell? 

3. How do you do it on your birthday? (Do you get all excited and love it or is it more like just another day to you?)
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At the risk of sounding like a nut...

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought "Wow...this is who I am. All these thoughts, actions are coming from THIS person." ?

I used to do this all the time (spur of the moment, I assure you) and was thrilled when I found out someone else did the same.
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Mail time again.

Inspired by this spectacular post

1. Is it really all that odd that the mail man opens the screen door to put the mail inside the front porch? It's not like he could get into my house, and he doesn't snoop around or linger, plus it saves him from having to bend over with his mailbag to put the letters in the slot.

Oh and what I got was: a Domino's ad, a circular for Linens N Things, and a sample of Always pantiliners. Yay! Mail that wasn't bills at all.

2. What song from your youth or artist do you hear all the time piped in on Muzak? I always heare the Cranberries. I loved them. Well I still love them, but it just doesn't seem right that they are on Muzak all the time.

3. Also, Wilson said Cutthroat bitch was pretty. House said "yeah but she's a bitch", meaning he also thinks she's pretty. I don't think so at all. Is Cutthroat bitch pretty?

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If you have a twin brother or sister, you call them your twin brother or sister, right? Well, what about higher sets of multiples? Is your sibling your triplet brother or quad sister, or is the term twin used?
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I am asking for a FM adapter for my IPOD for christmas. I have an old griffin one right now and it hardly works and it has a short battery life.

I have been looking for reviews online for FM adapters for ipods, but I haven't had any luck. Can anyone else find reviews? Or do you know which brand of FM adapter is the best?

(no subject)

If you had to choose one piece of music to embody (mind, body and spirit) and to not only know how to sing/play/perform it but to know ever little detail about, what piece of music would it be?

It doesn't have to be classical, it can be any piece of music

Mine would be something by Vivaldi, I haven't decided yet
Us- cutting the cake


What are some well-written memoirs in which the author suffers from a mental illness?

I am currently reading Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel and it is very interesting.

Feral cats in Queensland, Australia

I have never owned a cat. I've never really desired a cat. And yet, two nights ago, when my neighbour mentioned that she was considering trapping a feral cat thad had been hanging around, I found myself saying 'don't do that; the RSPCA euthanises feral cats'. I know this, because I stupidly caught and surrendered a feral flea-infested kitten when I was 10 years of age.

So, I said 'I'll feed it, and see if it gets any tamer'.

I hadn't actually paid that much attention to the cat before, but having agreed to feed it, I asked Stuart (other half) if he had seen it. He said he had, that it was howling in the middle of the night, and that it was very skinny. We bought two little tins of cat food and last night I put one out. Half an hour later the feral cat was eating it.

Google tells me this cat is probably too old to be tamed. I don't think it's an adult cat - it is rather small and very, very skinny - but it's not a newly weaned kitten. I have bought a 'dual-bowl' from the cheap store (so I can give it water and food) and some pet food (friskies kibble and some of the little whiskas satchets. It had canned fancy feast last night. It seemed to like that.).

Now, cat people:

* How often would you feed this cat? Once or twice a day?
* Will canned food give it the trots, as it does with some dogs?
* If I bought a cat basket from a cheap store and put it outside, would that be a good idea?
* How do I find a vet who will alter and vaccinate it? Do I just ring around and ask if they will do it?
* How much does it cost to alter and vaccinate a cat? I will need to save:(
* Am I being stupid? Should I just let nature take it's course? (this will probably involve starvation:/)
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(no subject)

Is it just me or is everyone on LJ sickly?

For example, every time something is posted in a community about sick people, it's suddenly anecdote time and everyone has their illnesses to share. Has anyone else noticed that?

Does anyone want to share their ailments with the rest of us? Why are you sick/ in pain/going to die?

Is there anyone out there that is healthy?

bat-shittery about Santa...

So in Australia's Tsunami of Political Correctness, hired Santas now have to say 'ha ha ha' instead of the traditional 'ho ho ho'. A poll on says that currently, whilst 25,059 sane people in this country are not offended by 'ho ho ho', 41,970 do find it offensive.

1. Who can tell me why the phrase 'ho ho ho' is so offensive? What the hell is wong with Australia for thinking this way?

2. What's the stupidest alteration made to your country's way of speaking/thinking/acting in the name of political correctness?
    (I remember another incident where the popular children's show character, the Cookie Monster, who was famous for his undying love of cookies, had to eat less cookies because cookies were a "sometimes food" and they thought it might be useful in fighting the obesity epidemic...)

3. In your opinion, is there something that hasn't been changed in the name of political correctness that should be?

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(no subject)

My work put up a sign that said "You may request days off for Thanksgiving OR Christmas. Not both!"

How would you feel if your work had that sign up?

I work in a sandwich store that employs mostly high school students. I don't think it's fair to them to have to choose which holiday they have to spend with their families. What if their families take vacation? We are closed on the actual days, but open all of the ones after. I dunno. It just sits wrong with me.

EDIT: I think it's the wording of the sign that bothers me. I think they intended it to be for people who wanted to take a week or or something, not people like me who only need a half day off or just one day.

EDIT2: Since I am a bleeding heart and this post fails, here is the link to my Diet Coke cake results!
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(no subject)

When did TQC become the place to seek and receive sympathy? In the spirit of November (yea bite me you canucks) should this tradition be continued?

Remember when a person would be driven to delete a post? Do you miss the good ole days?

(no subject)

In your case, which is greater

wit and beauty are equally matched

where is the ticky????????????????
You left out one of the most obvious options and I feel it is my duty to inform you of this in the comments.
running amok

I have another question.

Favorite historical figure? Why?

Right now I'm reading a book about Nixon and for some reason he's my current favorite. I think it's because he was such an oddball. 'All the President's Men' is one of my favorite movies of all time. Yes, I'm a geek.
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College majors

If you attended or are now attending college:

1. How many times did you change your major?
2. What was your first choice for major?
3. What was your last? (The one you finished with, or plan to finish with)
4. Why did you change your major?

In my student development class, my teacher was talking about how most people change their majors six times, and it made me wonder, so of course I'm checking with TQC. I didn't think I'd ever change mine, but now I'm kind of considering it.
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(no subject)

 If I wanted a job at a restaurant, would I just go up to the hostess and ask if they were hiring, or what would I do?  ;_;  I need a job and have not had one.

My mom just called me and yelled at me for not telling her I didn't go to school.  I fell asleep and lost track of time.  I haven't lived with her for over three years so it's not like I'm used to telling her anything (I live with my sis now).  Her phone cut out mid yell--should I answer when she calls back?  I don't need to hear her yell at me and it's not like there's much love or respect.

Is door hinge and acceptable rhyme to orange?
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letters to celebs

Have you ever written a letter to a celebrity and gotten a real response? If so, who? What did you write to them in your letter? Where they cool in their response?

I never have, I know a girl who used to correspond with David J. (of Bauhaus). He wrote her long letters and sent her stuff. Seems like a down-to-earth guy.

pointless question time

So my mom is badgering me to call her boyfriend (who is a mechanic) to ask about what's wrong with my car. It's having a bit of trouble starting, but lately it's gotten better. Should I call him? Why am I so reluctant? If I don't call him, should I risk driving 4 hours back home for thanksgiving and having him take a look at it when I get there?

Also, should I try going to a random salon and getting my hair cut? The thing is, I don't know anyone around here who has particularly good hair that gets it cut in this town, so I can't really ask them where they go. I am afraid for my hair, though.
The Receptionist Classic

Assaulted in the Workplace

What is a suitable punishment for someone that has just ripped a rather foul fart in my direction (from 5 feet away - that is in my Cone of Contentment, folks, and he violated it)?

Things you need to know: I cannot get blood on the carpet, I cannot go to jail, I cannot hang him by his nosehairs from the balcony (I tried that, didn't work). I have 6 hours tomorrow to apply as many forms as possible.
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(no subject)

Do you know who Vivien Thomas was?

What does it say about academic perceptions and standards when an individual who only graduated from high school can be instrumental in pioneering open-heart surgery?

Why the hell did Johns Hopkins think that an honorary Doctor of Laws was the correct degree to confer upon him?
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(no subject)

I am going to Chick-Fil-A, and I have no idea what to get! It's been so long!
What would YOU get?

And completely unrelated:
I use a nail file on my heals because they get so cracked and torn up. Am I the only one?
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(no subject)

i just now saw the fox reality awards that i had recored a long time ago and i saw Prez Hilton presenting a award, and i was wondering does anybody know what the hell happend to his eye?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) What does a quid translate to in American currency?

2) What is your favorite scent to put on your body?

3) Do you use lip balm? What brand? Any flavor/scent preference?

4) What is the subject of your 2007 calendar, if you have one? What will your 2008 one be?

(no subject)

I'm going to Hollywood tomorrow to do the tourist thing.

Which actor's star on the walk of fame should I vomit on?

Is it Ted Danson's? I think it should be Ted Danson's star.

Any others that you can suggest?
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Srs answers only.

Last week a "friend" from my math class walked me to my car. Today he walked with me to my car for the second time and then asked me to give him a ride to his dorm (about five minutes away & its a lame 47 degrees out)! Did he use me for a ride?! Next time he decides to walk with me to my car what do you think I should do? Punch him and run?

ETA more information: we're kinda more acquaintances then friends.. the only time we see each other/talk is during my math class. One time he asked for my phone number...

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Earlier someone asked what was the worst thing some had said/done to you.

1. Now I want to know what is the worst thing you've ever done/said to somebody.
For me, me and 2 friends wrote a list of all the things we hated about a person. She found it. I definitely regret it and thankfully, when I moved away, we parted as friends. It was the stupidest thing I have ever done and it horrifies me that I did it.

2. Have you heard this from Gift Grub:
If you're a football (soccer) fan you'll love it. It's "Jose Mourinho" singing Shuddupa Ya Face ("You will pick Shevchenko" "No!").

3. What's your favourite chocolate bar?
Maltesers for me
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I'm from Montreal, my friend is from New-Jersey..
We are looking for a place to live somewhere in the USA, where the weather is nice 12 months a year, where we will be able to find a place that won't cost us too much. Open minded place, where theres stuff to do, (i.e.: no tiny city where nothing happen) where people arent too weird..

TQC: Where should me and my friend move?

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Hey, there, thequestionclubbers.  I just got my very first set of luggage...and it's LAVENDER!!  How awesome is that?

The real question:  How do I get rid of the horrible plastic-y smell?  I have 2 weeks before I go on my first trip.

Sprinkling baking soda is not an option as 1) I don't have any and 2) I have no way to clean the baking soda out of them.
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what are your opinions on a world language in the sense that all other languages are extinct?

i personally would cry if i woke up and everyone spoke the same language. foreign languages are totally my passion. i want to speak 100 of them.
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Does Howie Day's Collide make you wistful or thoughtful?

Do you think that, generally, musical artists become less creative when they go into rehab for substance abuse?

Would then substance abuse be a crutch for the artist who otherwise may never have done what many people love?
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Okay, maybe I missed the boat on this one (although this was definitely NOT taught while I was in college), but since when in the effin world has it become proper to start a sentence with "which"? 

Ex: Jessica is in love with a rock star. Which she happened to meet at a football game.
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how many of you tried to type inside this OP's icon?

CONGRATULATIONS! you get to paint your bedroom any color, what color would you choose? (pictures if you got 'em)

t.v. or computer.. which would you give up?

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1. I'm looking for a remix of "Destination Calabria" (and I've tried YouTube). It has a bongo drum type of beat at the beginning, with a siren, and then it eases into the song. What is the title of this remix?

2. What is your favorite song to dance to? 

3. Do you know who the Hapsburgs were?


I missed a ton of Japanese class and have a dumb question for anyone who can speak Japanese:

Dumb question:

When linking nominals, when do you use の and when do you use な?

For example:



etc. I'm missing it. Can you use either one, or do you just use な with adjective-like nominals like "bad", "convenient", and "pretty"?

And now a question for the (female) non-Japanese-speakers:

Would you ever donate one of your eggs? And if so, under what conditions? Monetary compensation? Only if it was a close friend/relative who needed them? Just out of goodwill?
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Which Terminator movie do you like the best?

Who is your favourite MASH character?

What is your favourite Beatles song?

When was the last time you turned the music up real loud and sang along?

Where was your first kiss?

Why do Elephants never forget?

How do you get stains out of your clothing?

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have you ever dropped your laptop?
i dropped mine today.motherfucker.

did it break/ruin/get scratch?

theres this guy that im about 62% confident that i used to play with as a little kid that ive been around campus seeing lately.
how can i approach him other than saying "hey... are you kyle? didn't we used to play?" ... what should i say just incase it isnt him?

have you ever ran into-- what you thought was an old friend-- but turns out there werent?

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I'm trying to watch NBC Video Rewind, but it's not working because they don't like Canadians.

I know there are sites out there where I can view the site through their address, thereby making NBC's site *think* I'm in the States. But I don't know where to find such a thing, or even what to Google. Any advice?

ETA: Proxies! Thanks, thejoysofjess!
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I got to play with extremely cute puppies at the shelter today! I have pictures!

When was the last time YOU played with a baby animal? What kind of baby animal was it?

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1)What do you have piling up?

Me: unread library books, recorded episodes of the newshour,etc.

2)Is there enough NPR in your area?

I think there's too little for me. I often end up driving home late, and the only choices are classical music or regular music on the radio. I miss being able to listen to talk of the nation or even better the BBC.

3)If your teacher has chills and sweats alternating, should he come to class?


What would you think of this person?

You asked the girl who got the highest score on the last test what score she got on the recent test. At first, she said, "I did better than I expected." Then, you asked, "What score did you get?" And she responded, "Ummmm..." *shrugs*

Then, you looked over and saw that she got a perfect score.

What would you think of her?

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 I asked my ex to send my my stuff in the mail because I'm going to be needing some of it soon, or else he could have taken his time with it.  He asked if I could just come get it (he lives 100 miles away) and I said no because it's easier for him to stuff it in a box and ship it (like 2 books and a few cds).  Then he told me he doesn't feel like sending it because he doesn't like me.

What the hell?
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Interview with a Bookstore...

I've got a 30 minute interview with my college bookstore tomorrow morning at 9:00. I've never had a steady job (volunteering at my church and babysitting are the only things resembling a job I have under my belt) and I have no clue what to expect. It seems like a really casual environment but I don't want to be underdressed. So, TQC:

1) Would a nice sweater, jeansskirt, and ballet flats be good enough for this interview? If not, my other option is a skirt (I have no khaki pants =/) EDIT: Thanks guys, about the skirt issue! =)

2) Any tips as to what to expect or how to make it seem like I'd be a good worker, even though I've never had a job before? If it matters, I'm only applying for buy back of books, so I won't be working but for a little bit.

Thanks guys!

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1. I ended an unsatisfying but not awful relationship with my boyfriend, and now our mutual friends seem a little judge-y about how upbeat I am. What should I do, TQC? (Non-serious answers welcomed.)

2. What's sexier than confidence?

Boys and girls

I'm thinking about moving out of the house I'm living in and getting a 1 bedroom apartment, despite the fact that my roommates would be terribly upset and might end up in somewhat of a financial predicament.

The problem is, they don't get along with my boyfriend. He was living in the house, I moved in, everyone started fighting, and now he's moving out and I'm constantly listening to random insulting comments about him, and it really pains me.

I would give them 6 weeks rent and everything... but I don't know if it's morally the right thing to do.

I'm sick of being stressed about this. What would you do, TQC?

*addendum* These roommates of mine are by no means bad people. I don't want them to be misconstrued. Things have just gotten out of hand, and it sucks. But they're good people, and they've tried to be considerate, apologizing for putting me in the middle of everything, and all that....

I don't want it to seem like I'm some great martyr, or anything like that. It's just a shitty situation that I'm stuck in the middle of.

So... Yeah... Just clearing that up.
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So I have been apartment hunting for the past 3 months, because I hate my current living situation. A few questions for you apartment dwellers.

1. Would you be pissed if your roommate had her boyfriend over 6 out of the 7 nights a week. If yes, what would you do?

2. On my apartment search I found a listing on craigslist for a LUXURY apartment that usually sells for $2800 a month, but listed at $1100 a mo. The guy has emailed me 2x and in his final email has stated he is on a work contract in Greece for 5 years so he can only FedEx me the keys to view the apartment. Has anyone heard of a scam like this before?

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hi, i'm alex. what's your name?

that's an interesting name. why did your parents pick that one for you?

how old are your parents?

where are you from?

how many countries have you been to? feel free to brag of your traveling experiences.
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Speaking of suitcases...

We're in the market for some luggage. Where the heck do you buy luggage? We're looking to stick with the carry-on-able size (max. 22Hx14Wx9D) and would like some interesting colors/patterns/whatever. Oh, and not being super cheap-o junk is a plus. Ideas?

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i really want to apply to a certain program at WSU but i know that this girl, that absolutely wants to claw my eyes out with her bare hands is enrolled in it, i honestly think she would like jump me or something if she saw me there.

what are the chances of her seeing me if we are enrolled in the program?

should i apply anyways?

will you tell me about the person that you HATE or HATES you the most and why the HATE exists?
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I have a song stuck in my head, but I can't figure out what the hell it is. The only lyrics I know are "you're like a drug to me" and "I'm so addicted to you."

Does anyone know what this song it?
(I can't find it on google...)

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When you join a community do you read the user info/rules before joining?

Did you read the rules of THIS community before joining?

If a community has guidelines on membership (18+, must have dob in profile, etc) and you don't fit those, do you still join?

Why/why not?
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Does it annoy you when people use excessively sophisticated vocabulary on internet forums or letters to the editor ( and other things of that nature)? Does it come off sounding egotistical or pretentious?
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Who is someone who is famous in your home country/town that you consider to be a national/local embarrassment/annoyance/tragedy but is loved by others all over the world?

I vote for Celine Dion as Canada's. I've yet to meet a Canadian who likes her and yet, she's got fans all over the place. WTF??
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My husband lived in Hawaii about 6 years ago (2002) and he had this hard candy, fruity, round, with many colors looking like a wheel (like those huge lollipops you get at candy stores). They came individually wrapped in a bag with Japanese writing on it. The only thing we've been able to find out is that they might be called Windmills but we haven't been able to find anything of the sort. Anyone know what I'm talking about and where I can get some?
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Which of these are countries?

the Carribean
Puerto Rico
the Soviet Union
South Africa

SINCE PEOPLE ARE SO CONFUSED, I wanted to make myself clear: Which of these are their own independent countries as of right now? Not places that used to be called such names, etc. COUNTRIES RIGHT NOW DAMMIT.
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1. Is your childhood bedroom in your parents house still intact? 
(If your parents live elsewhere now, do they keep a bedroom ready, just for you?)
2. You should start thinking about your 2008 New Years Resolutions. What are they? 
3. Did you keep your resolutions for 2007?

a pill question

 hey tqc

okay, i have been on the pill for a month and 2 weeks, and since tuesday, i have been very emotionally up and down, utterly depressed, feeling alone, needy, just upset for no reason, crying with out a single reason ext .. just generally emotionally unstable, even though everyone around me is looking out for me, i just cannot help it, and i a friend told me that, the Pill can cause these emotional outbursts, so:

have u ever had bad emotional effects from the pill , or do you know someone who has had similar side affects?

tqc, any ideas would be great, 
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Green Bean Casserole

So, I decided that I want to make a green bean casserole for thanksgiving this year. The trouble is, I hate mushrooms...

Any suggestions on mushroom replacements? If you usually use cream of mushroom soup, any other soup ideas?

I've never had a green bean casserole before, but they always looked so yummy and I really wanted to try it. Gosh darn nasty mushrooms....


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1. Have you played Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii?
If so, do you like it? It frustrates me sometimes, but I like it :)

2. What do you usually do to occupy yourself when the power goes out?

3. Where'd you get the shirt you're wearing?