November 14th, 2007

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Do you guys have any photo scavenger hunt LJ comms that you know of, past 100_snapshots? I don't mean like ADIML/DITL. Something that has a list (whether it's constant or changed, I don't care) of things you need to take pictures of, then post. I've done a search, but only come up with dead comms. :(
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Ever had to try to talk a friend out of a "nobody likes me, I'll die alone" funk?

Is there ANYTHING you can say?

Does it bug you when they do that?

Do you get into those funks?

Are you going to die alone?
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Do you know how to play 45's?

eta: My goodness people, and I thought I was bad for not knowing how to play! It's regional?


ETA2: LOL I had no idea it was so regional!
n the 1920s, the game became Forte Fives when it moved South into the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts and New Hampshire with French Canadian immigrants. Today, Forty-fives continues to be very popular in the Merrimack Valley.

...hai where I live.

wardrobe judgements?

Do you want people to pre-judge you on the grounds of your wardrobe?

Background: I was discussing the dressed-up vs dressed-down subject on my LJ (which led to a related TQC post by me yesterday) and in part argued that I liked wearing t-shirts with stuff on them allow me to advertise my interests. One of my friends raised the above question.
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What's it called?

 I have a skin condition. I found information on it once, but now I can't for the life of me remember what it's called, nor can I find any information on it (probably due to my lack of being able to remember the name). Basically, if I go from cool/mild temperature to anything warmer, I get really really really itchy and burny around my face and neck. Like, ridiculously, annoyingly so. Anyone know what this is called?
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Proffesional Appearance Wrecker Removal?

So...I got my first hickey tonight.

How do I make it go away by thursday afternoon? I'm playing on student recital, and none of my dress shirts will hide it. (It's on the back of my neck in between the back of my neck and my shoulder...coverable by a t-shirt, just not a dressy shirt).

And now for the light-hearted: What does your S.O. do that totally turns you on? biting/rough kissing on/around my neck (hence the hickey)
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I know we've had this question (or a similar one) before, but it was a while ago and I can't find it for the life of me.

What are good things to send in a care package to a friend deployed to Iraq?

What if it's a birthday care package?

This friend is fond of occasional chewing tobacco.  Nasty as it is... can I send some or is it a no-no?  I read that alcohol and porn are not ok, but there was no mention of tobacco products.

Thanks in advance, guys!
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Remember that awesome lab write-up that I was supposed to be working on the other day? (Just pretend you do.) WELL. It's mostly done now, but I need to make a massive flow chart.

Do you know of any good internet-based things for flow charts? I know there are some teachers in here! I see there's a but it says something about signing up for a beta invite.

I thought I saw one in word/works, but I haven't been able to find it.

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It's almost 2:15am, and I am studying for my physiological psychology test tomorrow (on drugs and their effects on the brain and motivation). I have been studying for 3 hours now, and I think my brain is going to explode.

When was the last time you thought your head might explode from information overload?
Should I go to bed, wake up at 8am and go to my first three classes then study again during my one hour break before the test?
Or just stay up and cram until the wee hours of morning?

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have you heard the word "hangnail" before?

do you know what it is?

have you ever had one?

the other night, i was at my friend's house, and i said, "ugh, i have a hangnail. do you guys have any fingernail clippers around?" one of my friends said, "what the fuck is that? i've never heard of it before," and the other said, "what IS a hangnail, exactly?" the last person in the room and i looked at each other all, "wtf" because who the fuck's never heard of a hangnail? i mean, really.

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The previous post I just saw about sending a soldier a care package has inspired me. How do I go about finding the address of a soldier to send it to? I don't know anyone over in Iraq but I still want to send one. Thanks for your help!
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Laptop ?

I have a Toshiba Satellite Laptop. It's 17 months old. For the past 2 days the screen has randomly been going off. It can take anything from 10 seconds to 10 minutes for it to come back on and when it does the colours are all funky and parts of the screen seem to disappear (random white boxes). WTF is wrong with my laptop? Can it be fixed?
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"Have a nice life."

Is this ever a genuine wish for someone's eternal happiness?

Yes, I know it depends on the tone, but to me, it comes off as snarky and dismissive no matter what.

What do you think?
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Ever passed out on someone while having sex with them when drunk?

Ever fallen asleep on them during sex when sober?

What did you say in the morning?


How would you rate the importance of issues when considering voting for a candidate?  You can put them in order, first being most important.  Feel free to add another issue of your own.

The issues being:
Iraq war/foreign policy
Fiscal issues
"morality" issues (ie gay marriage, etc.)

Would one of these issues trump another?

Also, do you think that we're going to end up attacking Iran?

Ridiculously stupid idea, or are they going to go batshit crazy and start bombing if we don't take them out first?

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What do you think?

Driving Me...

On two lane highways, when one of the lanes opens up into two lanes for a time, to allow people to pass, some people will move over into the slow lane and then speed up as if their life depended on it, but then slow back down once the passing lane ends. I have seen people go from 50 to 70 then back to 50 MPH.
What’s up with this?
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? vs Predator

9:46 PM 11/13/07 · Can somebody explain to me why it is there haven't been more Predator films but Friday the 13th and Halloween have like a guhzillion films to their credit?

Not just have there not been more Predator films...there hasn't been some possibly prime casting to see who will prevail against the creature and get bitch slapped and have their spines ripped out by one of them. I really can't name who I'd've liked to see in future films of this series, who would've been those intriguing side character that get killed and mounted on the trophy wall, but as to be the final prime hunt for the creature that ultimately winds up beating him I can think of a few.

If there had been more Predator films who would you have cast to be the creatures prey? Please specify, as the Preds tend to have a prime target selected and kill all those along the way to it, those who die and the one that wins out.

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Can I hear your most embarrassing/worst/most memorable "I have to go to the bathroom NOW" stories? (edited so it's a question)

Mine, as an example: I was at a spa getting a massage and a facial. The spa woman put green goop on my face, wrapped it in cotton strips, covered my eyes, and wrapped my feet in warm towels. Then she left. And I had to pee really really badly. After 10 minutes or so I was like "Fuck it, I have to go!" The women came back just in time to catch me attempting to stand up, blind and cotton-covered, my robe totally fallen open. ::sigh:: At least I made it in time. (This has also happened at the acupuncturist. Why don't they leave you with a little bell or something???)

It's approaching! AHHHHHHHHh

1. What are some great deals you already know of for the day after thanksgiving?
The only one I know of is that the PS2 will be $99.

2. What kinds of fun inexpensive (like maybe spend $10 max on each of them) things can I get for my bestfriends who all live in different states from me for christmas/Hanukkah?

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1. How old are you, TQC?
2. If you could tell your 15 year old self some bits of advice, what would you say?

I'm not taking any of that "hindsight is 20/20" or "I have no regrets" bullshit. Even if you don't have anything to say that would change your life, what is an important aspect of how real life works that you weren't aware of when you were 15, like "christians are crazy" or something.

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Two questions…

#1) What music communities are active and allow people to request certain types of music without uploading any themselves? Specifically I’m looking for Canadian themed songs (songs about Canada, not necessarily Canadian artists)

#2) I remember coming across a community that would rate people’s LJs. Hilarity ensued. Any idea what community this may have been?
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1. Is today "Ignore All Stop Signs Day" and someone forgot to tell me?

2. What do they do on Opposite Day in Bizarro World? Do they act all ordinary, or do they bizarrely reject the sanctity of Opposite Day and continue to be bizarro?

3. Are you ready yet?!

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Do you ever use sarcasm?

What do you do when you make a sarcastic comment, but someone takes you seriously?

Any good stories of times where you've managed to say something truly ridiculous but someone thought you were serious?
Or inversely, something you mistook for serious when someone was just being sarcastic?

What is your favourite kind of dumpling/starch stuffed with crap (ie pierogi, wonton, kreplach, momos, raviolis, gyoza, etc)?
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1. What did you call your parents when you were little? Did it change?

2. What about your grandparents?

For me:

1. I called them Mummy and Daddy when I was little, and Mum and Daddy now (sometimes "Mummy" still slips out though).

2. My grandparents (only ever knew one set) are Mami and Papi, which is one French Canadian way of calling them.
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Have you ever had a job that allowed you to work from home?

Would you admit that you have free time at work?

Is the Ween lyric "Mean Ween cut me and he said he was kidding" funny in addition to being weird?

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I'm usually the person who leaves everything to the last minute, so this year I'm combatting this by starting everything incedibly early so by the time it's done, it won't be late.

So I'm starting my grad school applications now. My top choice is an MA in Culture and Colonialism (it's a cross-faculty course), which is usefully offered at the same place as I'm doing my undergrad.

If I wanted to talk to the director of the program (he's one of my lecturers), what would be the best way of approaching him? Should I just go in and say I have some questions, or would there be a better way of approaching him?
I know this can differ from place to place (I'm in Ireland) and professor to professor, but if anyone had any general tips, that'd be great.


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If you have family that's still alive who you have never met before do you want to meet them?

If no, why not?

If yes, do you think you are actually going to someday?

My mom's whole side of the family (except for one cousin) is on the other side of the world. I'd love to meet them and spend a few months there but I doubt I'll ever really do it.

dear dr. tqc

what the best way to get moisture in the air in my house? the heating systeming is drying me and my nose out badly (i've had 4 bloody noses during the night this week)

I know youre gonna say to get a humidifyer but money is tight...

any suggestions?


 1. Have you done/ are you considering doing post-graduate work? (Law school, masters, etc.)
2. How did you/ will you decide where to go to school?
3. Did you go full-time, or work and go part-time? How did you decide how to do that?
4. I'm torn between getting a masters in government or going to law school. I have no idea what I want to do as a career. How do I decide?!

(I'm a junior in college)

And now for something completely different...
5. Are you sick? What's wrong with you? (I have the flu. Eww)
6. Is there anywhere in London where you can find canned chicken noodle soup? That's all I want right now, and the only thing I can find at the store is ox tail soup.

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"Spring Break"

My best friends and I are all spread out across the country, after growing up going to the same schools. We want to get together, so we decided that the week of spring break for the one who's still in college would be a good time. Two of us were going to see the third in Milwaukee, but her fiance may be have been transfered elsewhere by then. So our solution is to go somewhere completely different for all of us. We grew up in Phoenix, one of us still lives there, I live in a really rural community in CO, and the other lives in Milwaukee. One is under 21, so if being of legal drinking age is essential to the "fun," it's out of the question.

Where should we go that'll be exciting and different for us?
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Kuffiyah - Kefiyah - Kuffie

When you see a non-Muslim/Arab wearing one, what is your interpretation of it?

How do you see it? A piece of fashion or a political statement?

Does it matter to you the colour? (Black on white, Red on White, Green, white on red)

*edit to add my opinion*

When I see a non-arab wearing one, I think that they are either a moron (for not knowing what it means) or support terrorism- not applicable to White on Red in which case it is a fashion statement.

Generally as a political statement unless worn in the desert, then an accessory like a sunvisor or sun glass.

If the person doesn't know what it means, then it is a statement that they are an idiot. Otherwise it means that they support terrorism, the murder of Jewish men, women and children and the destruction of Israel.

Colour certainly matters, if Green, or Red on white then Homeland Security/CSIS should be called as association with said groups are illegal in both Canada and the US as well as most of Europe. White on Red means that one is Hashemite.
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We leave for New Orleans tomorrow morning at 4AM.

This morning I wake up and the lymph nodes in my throat are huge and ouchy.


I'm drinking hot tea and eating a couple of tangerines for the vitamin C. Tonight - gargling with warm salt water every hour.

Any suggestions/things I can do in the next 16 hours to make myself all better so I can enjoy being drunk for four days my vacation?
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So, I'm making kahlua for the first time - my sister has always done the honors in the past.  I think it will turn out yummy as the recipe was simple, and it already smells incredible, but I can't be sure until it steeps for the minimum four week waiting time.

Am I being silly in not being excited to share the recipe before I know it turns out well?  If so, how silly on a scale of 1-10?

When was the last time you were unnecessarily silly or hesitant about something?


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My apartment manager has a "no pets" policy that I've learned covers cat/dogs but not mice/rats for some reason (my one neighbor has 4 rats)

Do you think she'd allow me to get a bunny?

If she says no, should I get one anyway? :D

If so, what should I name it?
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Loco Locals

1a. US folk: What county (or equivalent to a county) do you live in?
1b. Non-US folk: What equivalent-to-a-county do you live in?

2. What is the name of the closest mall/shopping area to where you live?

3. Are there any nicknames for the countys or cities around you? If so, please explain. For example, I work in Hillsboro and the locals have nicknamed it Hillsburrito because of the amount of Hispanic people living here.
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TQC, i've been watching my little sister for the past year. just about everyday minus the weekends. matter how hard i try and get her to listen to me, she never does. heck, she listens to strangers better than me.

TQC, what the fuck did i do wrong?
i don't care.

would you consider yourself a happy person?

what are you thinking about right now?

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Do you know who Danny Bonaduce is?

Are you aware of a little show called The Partridge Family?

I'm watching the Dr Phil episode where Danny was the guest, and my almost 22 year old flatmate hadn't heard of either. How does that happen??

What's the last thing someone did or said that made you feel old?

The Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch? Which family would you rather be stuck with?

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1)Do you ever rest your boobs on the table?
2)I was told that blu-ray or HD porn is supposedly not good because of the high definition. Do you think/know there's any truth to that?
3)Do you like to put salt on any of your fruit? My grandma liked to put salt on sliced apples and melon and I always thought that was weird.
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Music gigs!

What was the last music gig you went to? Was it good? Tell me about it?

I went to see Shutter at the Ironworks in Inverness. There's a video of their performance here and I seriously recommend it if you like instrumental post-rock.

Supporting them was Gasgiant. They walked on stage in V (from V for Vendetta, obviously) masks and there were two guitarists, a drummer and a bassist. Pretty standard for instrumental rock groups but a couple of minutes into their first song, I realised their second guitarist wasn't doing much, she hadn't even played a single note. Then she started playing her guitar with a cello bow. As a fan of Apocalyptica, this made me wet my pants in glee. Not literally of course, that'd be gross, but it was so incredibly awesome I could barely contain myself. If you want to check them out yourself, there's a couple of free MP3s on their homepage.
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Imagine yourself in this scenario:

You are a 20 year old female from upstate New York. You have graduated with an AS in Psychology from a community college, however you don't want to continue on with that major. You still don't know what you want to do with your life. You have, however, been working in an office setting for 2 years and have gained a lot of experience for only being 20 years old.
Your boyfriend of three years lives across the country in California. He isn't a very ambitious person; he quits his jobs after only working at the places for a few months or less. He has no long term goals and doesn't see any problem with this.
However, no matter all of his downfalls, you are still completely in love with him, and have plans to move.. across the country to be with him and start a new life...

Would you move? Why or why not?

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basic information, plz.

1. Male or female?
2. How old are you?
3. How tall are you?
4. If you're female, what bra size do you wear?
5. How much do you weigh? (If you're comfortable saying, of course)
6. If you were to not care about your body image and eat whatever you wanted whenever you wanted to, how much do you think you would weigh then?

Would you mind posting a picture with your stats?

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my bedroom door is broken.. more like the frame of the door is broken. the door shuts, but doesn't 'click' closed. it just sorta rests in the frame and it can be easily pushed open. I do not have the money to fix it right now. I have 3 cats that push open the door to my room every day & this isn't acceptable to me, as I have tons of things in my room that they can mess up. I have tried placing large objects infront of the door, and even put tabasco sauce around the frame & on the door. they still get in.

what can I do to stop them from getting in my room until I can fix the door?
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Have you ever given a donation in someone's name to a charity instead of giving that person a material Hanukkah/Christmas/other holiday gift?  How did it go over with them?

Any charities you think are especially worth giving money to in someone's name?  Anything suggestions specifically related to elderly people, reproductive rights, and the arts are especially welcome.

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One day you're bored and call in to some radio trivia contest to win cash. You get through and need to answer one question, but you don't know the answer. You can ask someone near you for help and that person knows and you win. What percentage of the winnings would you give that person? Would it change based on how much you won and whether the person was a good friend, an acquaintance, or a stranger on the street? As for the stranger, would you bother trying to arrange something with them or just say something to the effect of "thanks" and be on your way?
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I have this pattern for a pencil skirt that has two seams running down the back about 8" apart. I am going to sew it with grommet tape in those seams so it can be laced and look awesome like a corset. Question: should I make it lace top to bottom, just at the top, just on the butt... what do you think?
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Help me with school TQC, it's some TL;DR

1. I am graduating with my BA in January of 09. It's always been my intention to go straight on to grad school, but now I'm wondering if I should take a year off and not rush the process. Most of the programs I'd like to apply to are Ph.D programs with no separate MA, and their deadlines are around December. This Spring I will be in Rome for the semester, over the summer I will be taking two classes, and in the Fall I'll be doing a type of undergrad TA program and completing my elective requirements. Will I have enough time for the application process between now and then? I'm not even ready at all to take the GREs without studying. Should I take a year off?

2. I want to audit a class in Rome that I have already taken here (in fact, it's the one I'm TA-ing). It's with a different professor who I am very interested in getting to know. The class consists of 2 hour lecture periods and 3 hour on-site lectures. Due to a schedule conflict, I would only be able to audit his lectures, and if he were willing accompany his class on their 3 day trip to several outside cities. Is it worth it if I have to miss his on-site lectures? I don't want to e-mail him and come off like an idiot.
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Okay, TQC. I am realllly freaking hungry. I have ~$9 to use for food today. Here are my options:
Qdoba ( I will be myself, so that may be pathetic)
Taco Bell
Burger King
the dining hall on campus, where I can eat as much salad and pizza I want

And what should I get if I go to these places? I'd like to AVOID wheat, but I am on such an emotional eating binge, I am willing to eat it.

I went to the dining hall. Twas yummy.
And also:
Do you ever emotionally eat? What 'does it' for you? Usually mashed potatoes, but that really isn't an option for me.

A few questions...

1. You have this friend (the one I posted about a few weeks ago). You're having problems with her and her friendship. You're seriously reconsidering your friendship with her. So you emailed her, all nice and polite, and told her you need a break from the friendship. That you need some time to think things through. This friend calls you AND emails you within a week after your request for her to leave you alone for awhile. This friend is also somewhat mentally unstable. So you know that if you reply to her email or phone call, that it'll open up a huge can of drama that you are just NOT in the mood for right now, what with life in general going pretty effing good these days. Do you continue to ignore her efforts to contact you? Even after you nicely told her that you need some space? Does it piss you off as much as it pisses ME off that she cannot seem to respect this one simple request?

2. What do you do for a living? I know this has been asked before a bagillion times, so I'm sorry. But to add to the question - do you LIKE it? Do you have a lot of down time at work?

3. If you do have a lot of down time at work, what do you do to keep yourself entertained when you don't have any work to do?

4. What are some of your favorite love songs? Love poems?

5. Do you like Marilyn Manson? Why or why not?
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British drinks?

My roommate and I are throwing an Anglophile Party on Saturday, where we'll dress up as Patsy and Eddy from AbFab and play music by our favorite British artists. My question is, what are some stereotypical British drinks (hard alcohol, mixed drinks, etc) we can serve?

Random questions that have been on my mind

For parents and people who want to become parents -- how do you know that parenting is for you? My boyfriend's mom has really been putting the pressure on lately and not sure that parenting is for me.

For people who know about skin stuff, why do I keep breaking out when my skin is dry and flaking?

For people who know about driving -- if you are on a highway with three lanes going th same direction, is the middle lane the "slow lane" ?
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1. What's the grossest thing you've ever found in food that wasn't meant to be there? (fingers, bandaids, hair?)

2. If it was at a restaurant, did you say anything/get any retribution?

(edited)3. If it was a restaurant, did/do you still eat there afterwards?

(no subject)

Should I go see Mike Birbiglia tape his "Comedy Central Presents" show tonight?
I'd (most likely) be going alone, seeing as my friend hasn't gotten back to me yet, and I have laundry to do (which, if I have to, I can do tomorrow).

Pros-Free Comedy
Cons-I don't like going places alone.

Do you wanna come with me? I have an extra ticket...

Edit Pretty sure I'm going.
New question.

Do you like cottage cheese?
How about escargot?
Pork Rinds?
Lamb chops?
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Random question...

Someone who has been deaf all of their life goes through experimental surgery and has their hearing restored. What's the first piece of music they should hear - classical, modern, pop, rock, whatever - and why?
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Dachshund -> mmm tea

Those were the days.

What is a story from your own childhood that always makes you laugh?

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Tl;dr responses of your own very welcome. (: Also, if you can't think of one from your childhood and you have evil or funny little children of your own, feel free to share a story about them, lol.
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(no subject)

starting now i'm stalking you. yes, that's right, i'm watching you, right now.
do you have anything to hide?

if not, do you* have anything you'd like to brag about for a few moments?

(no subject)

Okay, this is the issue.

I work all day the day before, and the day after thanksgiving. I haven't talked to my sister in a month due to a fight we are having, because she was cheating on her boyfriend and I found out. She does not live with us. My grandmother is having thanksgiving with her daughter (my mother) a women that abandoned us two years ago. My dad is taking my sister to his parents house for 3 days for thanksgiving, I cannot go due to work. I asked my friend if I could spend it with her and our other best friend. Her family said it was alright with them but they would have to check with the people they they have it with. They people they have it with said no. Now, the second best friend has other people she can have thanksgiving with that keep offering for her to come over. I on the other hand have had no such offers and now I am spending thanksgiving all by myself. My friend says that I shouldn't be upset and that I just need to get over it and move on. I don't agree.

Who is right in this situation?
How pathetic is it for a 16 year old to have to be alone on thanksgiving?
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European size question

Perhaps someone can advise me on a sizing question? I can't really find anything helpful through Google. I'm trying to order a women's jacket from a European shop (Germany, specifically...). I was wondering if someone could give advice as to whether a women's 40 would be too small/big? I usually wear a large here.

I know clothes are really hard to guesstimate but I thought it couldn't hurt to ask.
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It's sew time...

1. Will you be watching Project Runway tonight?

2. Have you been looking at the previews/websites to learn about the new contestants?

3. Do you think this year's crop looks interesting or boring?

4. Do you know how to sew? Do you think you could do those challenges?

5. Were you happy or upset that Jeffery won last season?

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Dear TQC,

Did you know that the entire state of California is full of pussies and liberals and combinations of both?

If you live in California, which one are you? A pussy, a liberal, or a combination of both?

Personally, I think I'm a combination of both.

Also, what do you think happened to make 84trillion think the entire population of CA is pathetic? Do YOU think the entire population of CA is pathetic? If so, why?

Are you cool?

Are there "cool" and "uncool" people on TQC (in regards to your TQC personality)?

What does it take to be a "cool" person?

Are you a "cool" tqcer?

1-2) I don't know that's why I'm asking.

3) Probably not but really I just think it's a funny question.

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Ok well I've had this weird feeling in both my ears for more than a year now. It feels like my ears are full of pressure (like how they feel when you go up in a plane). They won't pop no matter what I do and when I went to my ENT some time ago he looked inside and said he saw nothing. I recently lost my medical insurance and my mom won't take me to see another doctor. I was wondering if any of you guys have this? Maybe you know what it is?
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(no subject)

I'm thinking about surprising my boyfriend with baked goods this weekend, a cake or cupcakes. And if it's a cake, possibly with a risque design. What kind of cake should I make and what kind of pervy things should I write on the cake? Recipes or MSPaint designs welcomed!
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(no subject)

Since California is full of pussies and liberals...

What kind of other associations do you make between states and the residents of said states?
Is there a reason you feel this way, or is it just a gut feeling?
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Telling time

This is slightly embbarassing, but I have trouble reading analog clocks. I always have. I can do it, but it takes me a long time and I have to concentrate hard.

I have this cheap Mary Kate & Ashley watch I got at Walmart, and the cool thing about it is that it has a digital face but it has a silver band so that it looks more like some of the analog watches you can buy. It's falling apart since I've had it for years, and I want to get a new watch, but all the digital watches I've seen look more sporty and not very professional.

Where should I look for a digital watch that looks like an analog watch? I don't even know what to Google.


1. Do you find porn (in general) offensive or disgusting/gross?
2. If so, why? (If your answer is "Because it's degrading to women", please explain how you feel it is degrading to women.)
3. Have you ever or would you ever break up with someone for enjoying pornography?

My answers:

No, to all.

(no subject)

Is it bad of me to not want to attend the funeral of my step dad's dad?

Even though I wasn't blood related, he always was a big fan of me, and was always proud of me. But almost everyone there is going to be from that side of the family, except for my immediate family. Who has already said they understand if I can't get the day off. I'm torn because I don't like furnerals (they're more for those grieving than the one who passed on) but am I required to be emotional support?

Freezepop Fans... HELP!

So, recently a close friend and I got in an argument over whether Synth-Pop Maestros Freezepop did a cover of Boom Boom Room. I'm almost 98% SURE that they did, but I need some back up.

So... did they, or didn't they?

(no subject)

I'm trying to find a replacement stylus for this tablet that was bought in the UK. I'm now in the US. The pen is battery-operated, and while it will move the cursor around the screen, it will no longer draw or respond to pressure.

I can't seem to find the replacement anywhere. Does anyone know where I can replace it, or how it can be fixed? I'd rather fix it, tbh :) I can find replacement pens on eBay, but they all want "wacom-penabled" and this one doesn't seem to be.

Thank you.
Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

Ok, lamest  question ever. I've asked this guy his last name like, three times already, and I don't want to ask him again. I forgot it. AGAIN.

These are the things I remember:
It is Russian.
It begins with a K, and is followed by either an H or an A.
It sounds like carmel (not CARE-UH-MEL, I mean car-mul). That's how I told myself I would remember it, by saying carmel. But now I just want to call him carmel.  

What is his last name, TQC? I googled Russian surnames that begin with K...haha. Right. There was about a billion. Which is why this is probaly the most obscure question ever and there's no way I will find out without asking him.

ALSO. Have your favorite shows been effected by the writers' strike? Which shows? What do you think of it?

(no subject)

Who is your fictional twin (s)?
mines a mix of:
 Rob from High Fidelity - music obsessed
 Holden caulfield from Catcher in the rhy - random phases of hate and swearing vastly
Bernard from Black Books - the non drunk version

p.s as a female tis weird my fictional twins are male 
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(no subject)

My friends and I havent seen each other in 10 years..
We found each other on Facebook 3 weeks ago.. and since then we can't stop talking to each other..
We decided to go to a music show this week end and to meet before, and eat in a restaurant.
(Olive Garden kind of place) and after we go at that music show together.

Im the one who have to take care of the reservation at that restaurant.
What should I do? Im not sure about the time I should make the reservation. How much time to allow people to eat.

The show is at 7pm and it's just across the street.

(no subject)

Poll #1088855 For $1,000,000, would you...

...go on a roller coaster without a seat belt? It's a really twisty one, with loop-de-loops and all, and the only thing you can depend on to keep your ass in the seat is the protective brace and your own strength

66(55.9%) a bowl of live scorpions? It's considered a delicacy in the Far East. You'll be instructed how to properly eat them without getting stung. There's about 7 scorpions in the bowl

75(63.0%) buried alive with a corpse? You're given a flashlight and an oxygen tank and you'll be placed in a coffin with a fresh body, and buried, 6 feet under. In 6 hours, they'll dig you back up again. The oxygen tank is there just in case you need it


...brutally punch out a complete stranger? You're given brass knuckles and driven to a medical building, where you'll be hiding in the bushes. The next person who exits the building, you let 'em have it, full force in the face. You'll probably do some serious damage that will result in stitches, dental work and possible facial reconstruction. After the punch, you hop back in the car and are driven back home. You must never make even an inquiry or the slightest contact with your victim. Ever. You won't face any criminal charges for the assault.


This is for the ladies. Ann Coulter just spent the last hour making out with some guy, and he got her really, really turned on. What you have to do to get your money is exchange panties with her, and wear them for the next 3 hours. She's wearing a thong, btw. You're assured up front that she has no sexually transmitted diseases



i know this is a little weird, but i'm looking for a webpage with a large (and hopefully poorly designed/laid out) schedule.
It can be anything- transit schedule, an event itinerary, list of fees, tv or radio station program listing, anything.
Do you know of one? might i see it?

(no subject)

I just found out that the medication I've been taking since I was 16 (I'm now 22) is no longer covered by my insurance, so instead of paying $10 a month for it, I have to pay $125. It's really pissing me off.

What's pissing you off today?

(no subject)

You know I was wondering, like if you were traveling through outer space, I mean like you're going real fast, like the speed of light, you know... hoooohhhhh... and all of a sudden you started screaming... aaaahhhhh aaaaahhhhh... Do you think your brain would blow up?
{ Merlin } Two Sides
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Backing up your LJ

I decided that if I lose my LJ for some reason I'll cry myself to sleep [/overreaction], so I was wondering if you lovely people do it. Hence the following questions:

1. Do you backup your lj entries?
2. If so, how often and how? Manually?
3. Do you know any programs that back-up lj entries?
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(no subject)

Are you against the United States acting as a hegemon by bombing and occupying other nations?

If you are, would you agree the clause that Congress shall have the power "to raise and support armies, but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years" in Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution makes our current occupation of Iraq unconstitutional?

(no subject)

What was the baddest smackdown you ever laid on a person online? Links are a plus.

I think I just did mine and damn I feel pumped.

Edit: Can you recommend me a really sad, cry-your-eyes-out type novel? Er, preferably not romance novels though.

Where'd it go?

Someone just asked a question and when I went to answer it, it was gone. Supposedly it had one comment already, though I didn't get to see it.

Should I chock it up to silliness, or is this something worth fussing about?

(no subject)

do you like hearing your own name during sex?
(as opposed to not hearing a name rather than hearing someone else's, haha)

have you ever said your partner's name during sex and noticed a very clear reaction?

is this narcissistic?
Oh hay thar

(no subject)

I really want a big picture of a skyline in my living room. I'd go with the city I live in, but unfortunately the skyline is lacking and the best thing here happens to be underground, lol.

SO, what cities have the prettiest skylines? (I'd prefer it to be Canadian, but whatever)


(no subject)

What did you want to be when you "grew up" back when you were 5 years old?

--- I ask because a while ago a woman was telling me how her daughter stood up in class and exclaimed her life ambition was to be a cashier.


For those of you that have played Cooking Mama on the Wii, is it not the most addicting game ever?!

Any other simple games you suggest, besides the sports ones?

How is resident evil on the WII? I loved it on playstation and PC, but I've never played on wii.
gasp zooey

(no subject)

What was the pickle on the crap sandwich that was your day, today?

For me, it was that my file about my chronic depression decided to follow me from high school to college, and my adviser called me in for a conference because I wrote a paper on how not every person in the world contributes to the world/society in general.

Do people with a generally sunny disposition bug you, or are you one of them?

Do you think every person in the world is worth something, or are some people correct when they think they don't make an impact on the world?
Misc: Hardcore Chinchilla

(no subject)

My dad almost caught me looking at porn a minute ago. Has a parent/roommate/sibling/friend of yours ever caught you looking at porn? What happened? What kind of porn was it? Mine was Axel from Kingdom Hearts 2 getting bukkake'd. (My friends send me weird shit.)
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(no subject)

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being "bad" and 10 being "good":

How good of a person do you think you are?

How good of a person do you think others see you as?
Is it different online compared to real life?

(no subject)

1. when you ask a question, but it doesn't recieve alot of comments, are you annoyed?

2. how about if a really stupid and obvious question is asked, and it recieves 100 comments and yours still doesn't receive attention?
B&W Johnny

(no subject)

You may remember this post, if not, no biggie.

Anyways, my apartment complex has been having this ongoing construction for about a month and a half. It's always loud shaking the roof-type construction.

One of my managers who I work with said I should see if I can get some money off a months rent because of what's going on. He along with quite a few others have said something like this in the last week or so. They all said they were under the impression there are rental rights regarding something like this.

I've Googled, and Googled and haven't found anything that mentions compensation. Does anyone have any ideas, or know a good amount about rental rights to know if I can be compensated? I don't even care if it's something minuscule like $50 bucks off the rent, it would just be nice to be compensated for all the shit that's been going on.
moonlit sky

(no subject)

**inspired by a previous post excluding Childbirth pain**

1.Do you think natural Birth is a good idea?

2. Those who have had it, Can you tell your stories?

3. What did you crave when you were pregnant?

$. When you have your period, do you ever get Random Food Cravings?

*EDIT:to fix the "little" things.. *

(no subject)

I have a job interview tomorrow at Hungry Jacks (Burger King)! It's my first time trying to get a job, so I'm not really sure what to wear. I've been advised to dress appropriately for the job I want and so on and so forth, but I don't think that's needed?

What should I wear? Thanks!
Zach Braff

(no subject)

1. a. Have you ever bought tickets for Cirque du Soleil in bulk? (As in 20 people or more) How much did it cost?
b. Have you seen the Kooza show? How was it?

2. Has it started snowing where you live? If it has, where do you live?
Mati Eyebrows
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Green bean casserole

I am inclined to ask this after seeing many posts in cooking about this and being very perplexed by the whole idea.

USAmericans: What's the deal with green bean casserole? What's the appeal? Why is it so widespread? What does it taste like? Where did that tradition come from? Is it eaten primarily at Thanksgiving? Do you really get those onion ring thingies from a can? How does that work???

Non USAmericans: Have you ever seen or heard of green bean casserole served in your country? I'm Canadian and have never seen or tasted it.
  • iluq

girl you crazy

I want to try something new in bagellage tomorrow. I'm not really into sweet cream cheeses. Can you describe to me what Bruegger's honey walnut cream cheese tastes like? Is it really sweet, or just subtly so?
Big Love

Make me laugh, TQC

What was your most embarrassing moment?

What story do your parents always tell new boyfriends/girlfriends/friends about you from when you were a child? I've already asked this question but it was a long time ago so maybe there are new people or people that didn't see it the first time. I included the link to the first time it was asked under the cut. Most of the responses are hysterical.

Collapse )

(no subject)

The space between my shoulder blades often hurts. If you were me, what would you do to relieve this?

What do you like beter- nutella or peanut butter?

eta: how many books do you check out of the library at a time?

me: about 2 at a time.
The Dude Abides

Chin up cowboy

Do you think maybe girls keep their balls on the inside of their tummies?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 being least attractive and 10 being most attractive) how would you rate your level of attractiveness?
mona marx

(no subject)

1. do you think people who listen to audiobooks are dumb eta: lazy? Or do you think this is a functional way to 'read' a book?

2. if someone always has mints/gum with them do you assume they always have bad breath?

3. quick! project runway has been on for less than 1/2 an hour... anyone want to guess a winner yet? :-D

4. and inspired by the uproar of baby questions: can you please post a picture of you and your baby/babies? furbabies count of course! :-*

A friend told me this today about you guys think it's true?

She said that when a guy likes you, it's best to act like you don't really care. She said to act kind of interested, but nothing more than that. She claims that if you look easy, he'll be less interested.

I then asked a guy friend right next to us if it was true. I asked, "If you had a crush on a girl, and she acts like she really likes you back, would you lose interest in her?" He replied, "yes, kind of."

Tell me if you're a girl or a guy when you answer.