November 13th, 2007


Oh man...

I am watching a rerun of The Tonight Show from yeaaaars ago.
Britney Spears is on as a guest right now being happy, cute, thin, and with real hair.
TQC, should I be laughing at her or scrounge up sympathy?

Is there something you're worrying about?

What makes you happy? Post a picture of it!

Are you bored too?
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(no subject)

I just put a bunch of music on my new macbook. I opened it all in iTunes and for some reason it keeps bringing in two copies of every song... I've tried everything I can think of to fix the issue, including only keeping the songs in the itunes music folder and no where else on my computer, and it won't work.. Does anyone know what the issue is or how to fix it? Please help!!

(no subject)

Will you tell me about the person in your life who was the hardest to get over? I mean a SO relationship or even someone who you just really lusted after for a long time. How did they manage to break your heart so well? How did you get away from them?

ETA: At what point do you draw the line and say no, no more, you did me TOO wrong? What would someone have to do to you (again, in a SO type relationship) to make you lose any interest in any friendship, relationship, ANYTHING from them?
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(no subject)

Lettuce bores the crap out of me, TQC, what sort of cold vegetable salady type dishes can I eat instead?

It's a long shot, but I don't suppose any of you went to a screening of 'Razor' tonight did you?
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(no subject)

If you found out that a person (gender of your choice) you didn't know had been going to your favorite hangout to try and meet you and work up the courage to talk to you and ask you out, would it creep you out or would you be flattered? What if you found out they had been going nightly hoping you'd be there? Would it make a difference if you found out the person was related to someone you're close to?
Haruhi disappearance
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Why not?

Who in TQC lives in Boston(this includes north and south shore regions, I just collectively call it the Boston-ish area)?

What about NYC?

Anywhere around there?

Should we have a mass TQC meetup somewhere in the northeast?

I've been away from the computer all weekend, what in the nine hells did I miss? o_O
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(no subject)

TQC, will you tell me about the most interesting/funniest person you've slept with? Be it because of name, situation, place, etc.

So far I think a track runner named Forrest is my best claim to lols.
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(no subject)

Inspired by 2 girls 1 cup reactions...

When you see something gross but don't completely turn away, do you cover your nose with your shirt, or your hands, or in some other way?

Why do people cover their noses?

(no subject)

Presuming the term 'freetard' comes from retard and some people find the term retard offensive to people with mental health problems, is freetard offensive?

Edit: Freetard - childfree retard

(no subject)

How dangerous do you think is it to walk approximately three hundred steps from one dormitory to another at a large university in Florida after midnight for a 5' girl? Will I get raped? Should I guilt-trip someone into walking with me?


Zoological info provided by eissak

'Don't let the bedbugs bite'. What exactly do bedbugs bite?

Pubic area
They devour you from the inside out

What do bedbugs bite you with?

Enormous mandibiles
Three rows of razor-sharp teeth
Crooked hillbilly teeth
They actually suck out your blood through their long needle nose

Best way to prevent bedbugs?

Certain insecticides
Wear a condom
Deadbolt lock on the bedroom door
Don't sleep in a bed (it's in the name, isn't it?)
Thorough vacuuming
Carry a gun
Restraining order
Regular reading of the bible
Cover your body with icky flavored body lotion
Burn your possessions
Reduce clutter
Bedbugs don't exist. They're something old wives told their kids to get them to be good or something

(no subject)

What are the games you used to play as a kid? (Like hide and go seek, or cops and robbers, etc.)

We played games like bloody murder, the person who was "it" would go hide instead of us, and we'd go look for them.  If we saw them, we'd yell "Bloody murder" and run back to safe object/spot before getting tagged.

Kick the can was also fun!
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(no subject)

Some dudes totally cut me from their f-lists. I feel kinda hurt because we used to chat loads and they dumped me once I lost my internet.

Bender knitting

DVD repair?

My Sims 2 Pets DVD has a one-inch crack in it beginning at the center. I need the DVD to start the game, and my computer won't read it.
Is it possible to repair CD/DVD discs?

I can't get any computer to read it to make a copy, and I don't know anyone else who has the game (Mac version). HALP.
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Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

I'm in desperate need of a clothes rack. Just a simple aluminum (or whatever) rack that I can hang clothes on.

Where do I find something like this for cheap money? The only one I've seen is at and has a hamper on the bottom, which is great but it's like, $75 D:
Typing Monkey

(no subject)

1) How would one turn a tape into a CD?

2) Which do you think is worse/harder:
- Having someone close to you die suddenly, without warning, relatively quick and painless, and you don't get to say good-bye
- Having someone close to you die have a painful, drawn out death but you are able to say all the things you need/want to and tell them good-bye

3) How do you cope with death?
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(no subject)

1- What anniversaries do you celebrate, or at least make note of?
2- Our one-month of being married anniversary is in 6 days, should I do something, or is that lame? I think it is lame, but what do I know?! NOTHING. TQC teaches me all I need to know.
3- What is one responsibility you wish you didn't have to worry about anymore?

(no subject)

The dress I wore today has decided to be a whore for static and now it's clinging to me in unholy places.

Got any wives tale tips and tricks on how to deal with this pressing issue?

In related news, New York councilmen have begun hashing the idea of banning feeding pigeons...whatchu think about that?
Is it fair to allow the feeding of ducks and geese, but not pigeons?

Has a bird ever pooped on you?

DVD players

I was just informed that I have a DVD upconverter. Do you think these really work in improving DVD quality?

If you have HDTV, do you have one? or would you get one of these? (assuming that cost didn't matter)

Does this mean that I can play HD DVDs on this? or do I need a DVD HD player to play those?
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I need to move anyway.

1. In an email correspondence this morning with my boyfriend, I mentioned that my doctor much prefers the friendliness of our city to that of Chicago. We live in a city full of snarly, grumpy, constipated jerks so I thought that was a funny sentiment, but his response was "Well, actually compared to Chicago, Al Qaeda is friendly". Hyperbole of course, but do you find Chicago to be an especially unhospitable place?

In your opinion,
2. What is the friendliest city?
3. What is the least friendly city?

X Box!

My fiance and I are eyeing an XBox 360. He likes the sports games; I'm interested in Halo and nerdy RPG/adventure games and the like. I haven't kept up with the video game market, so a few questions, if you please:

1. Are they slated to get cheaper, say, after the holidays? Is that a trend? Or, do they get cheaper BEFORE the holidays? How does that work?

2. Is it better to get the higher capacity one - it's just a bigger hard drive, yes? What sort of factors in our gameplay would make it smarter to buy a higher capacity xbox?

3. Do you think it's still "worth it" to buy the models that are out there? Are they planning a newer version anytime soon?

(no subject)

Those of you with pierced ears that are sensitive:
-Have you ever worn earrings from Claire's?
-If so, did your ears freak out on you?
-What are you allergic to?

For everyone else:
-What's scared the living crap out of you today?

microsoft word

I recently purchased a new macbook and was wondering if it's possible for me to somehow transfer my Microsoft Office software from my old mac to this new one. I regrettably don't have the Microsoft Office box anymore so I don't have the permission code things. It's registered to me on my old computer. Is there a way to transfer the program to my new computer or will I have to purchase the software again?

Strange Question

I think i might have screwed up something...

Is anyone good at statistical psychology?
Does anyone know how to interpret Post Hoc test  data done in SPSS
Can you interpret this data below?

(I) shift

(J) shift

Mean Difference (I-J)

Std. Error


95% Confidence Interval




Lower Bound

Upper Bound

Lower Bound

Upper Bound

Lower Bound













































(no subject)

1. Do you have kids?
2. If you do, do you wish you had waited longer before having him/her/them?
3. If you don't have any kids, do you plan on having them?
4. If so, in how long?
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TQC Christmas Play

It's time to start organizing the TQC Christmas Play....

Who do you think, should play the following characters?

The Virgin Mary

Joseph, the carpenter

Mary Magdelin

Baby Jesus

The Three kings


Angel (3)

The Inn Keeper

The Inn Keeper's wife

The barn animals
-a sheep
-a goat
-a donkey
-a rabbit

(no subject)

This may seem like a stupid question and it's my decision either way but I'd like some honest opinions. Is Walmart a company worth sticking with (benefit-wise, cash-wise, etc), not for a career really but long enough until I find one when I get out of college. The pay is the best I've had (which isn't too much honestly but I just started), the work is grueling, I hate my location but I'm thinking of transfering to somewhere else. Basically, I don't like the job too much but I need the money.

(no subject)

I just purchased plane tickets for my boyfriend and I to go to Kentucky to see my family.

Thing is, I leave in a week, and he doesn't leave until December because of school. This means he has to fly alone and he HATES flying. With the burning passion of a thousand suns.

Should I feel bad that I'm making him fly alone based on my selfish decision to spend more time with my Mom?

Also, how should I break it to my grandma that I won't be here for any of the Holidays?

(no subject)

I kind of want to eat everything in sight today. I brought a salad with me for lunch but want a grilled cheese sandwich.

Tell me oh great TQC, what should I do?

Also, I have the option of helping cook Thanksgiving dinner next week or going out to eat with my family. Apparently it's my choice. I'm (obviously) incapable of making my own decisions and need help.

Should my family eat out or should we do traditional Thanksgiving?
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(no subject)

1. what do you wish you knew about the world of tomorrow (say, 100 years in the future)?
2. what's something that disagrees with you, but you can't stop eating it?
3. (for those in relationships) who poops more, you or your SO?
4. do people in your neighborhood have xmas decorations up already?
5. does your computer/keyboard/mouse have any quirks that are kind of annoying but you put up with them/work around them? (our laptop's left shift key is busted and after a week, i've adjusted to it.)

(no subject)

If a mad scientist showed up at your house one day with two time machines, one that could only go into the future*, and one that could only travel into the past*, which one would you choose & why?

*assuming that both would be able to take you back to the present
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(no subject)

Does anyone anyone anyone know of a thing called a Superplexus?

My little sister wants one really badly and apparently they can be purchased in the U.K. (we're from New Zealand and she had a friend who visited here and brought back tales of the superplexus) as far as I can tell it's some kind of toy/puzzle and may be spherical or 3d in some way.

I'm really really hoping someone knows of them! I've looked in Argos and Hamleys (but didn't ask the clerks or anything).

EDIT: This was crossposted. And I found one on Argos and (though amazon was out of stock)

(no subject)

I can't make decisions by myself. I'm wondering if I should skip class or not.

Pros: I don't want to drive for 30 minutes to discover that my teacher isn't there and then have to drive back.

Cons: But what if he is there, and gives super important info?

I could get the info from a class mate, but what if that looks bad?
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(no subject)

Do you know how to make it so that my LJ doesn't have a default icon, but instead randomly chooses an icon from my userpics when I post? (I've set it so I have to choose an icon otherwise it's blank, before, but I don't like that)

If you know, would you please tell me how to do it?

(no subject)

when was the last time you were severely sick? (or felt horribly sick, whichever you remember.)

when was the last time you drank vodka?

what was your favorite toy growing up?

family guy or the simpsons?
Hot Fuzz Yarp


So, I'm taking a trip to Quebec this summer with a program offered at my university in correspondence with L'Université Laval in Quebec City (I think that's what it's called). I'm hoping to improve my overall French skills in addition to taking French classes next semester.

So, my question is more of a recommendation. Does anyone know of a correspondence program/website where I can set-up something like a pen-pal interaction with Francophones from France or Quebec?

Either that or are there any LJ francophones who would be willing to give up their e-mail address and tolerate my grammatical butchering of this beautiful language?
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Liam thinks you are funny

SNL "Eeeyahhhh!"

Does anyone know where I can find the video from SNL (Weekend update) where they are singing about how a judge is confirmed and the entire song consists of them singing, "Eeeeyahhhh!" Google has failed me. Youtube has failed me.

Anyone? Bueller??

ETA: I found it is Patrick and Gunther Kelly (the character names) and still can't find any video!!

(no subject)


So... I'm looking for a secretarial type of job... I've applied numerous times online for the hospital but I NEVER, EVER hear back from them. Is there a way that I can get noticed? Should I e-mail the program director? What should I say? I don't want to come on too strong.. I just want them to know that I'm really interested. Help, please?

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(no subject)

1. assuming that the swg strike continues until all the networks have aired tv shows that were already written and filmed, which show will you miss the most once they start airing reruns?

2. is it too early to be listening to christmas music?

3. i've been dating this guy for a few months and by the time it's december it will be 9 months. does this mean he's my boyfriend? and more importantly, does this mean i have to buy him a christmas gift? and also, his birthday is january 2nd, does that mean i have to get him two separate gifts?

ETA: given that the general consensus is that i should get him a gift, is an ipod (either the classic or the nano) too big for a christmas gift? should i get him one big gift and one little gift or should i get him two ginormous gifts? the new world of warcraft extension (i think that's what it's called) is coming out should i get him that? or am i just further facilitating his video game addiction?

does anyone else hate the game world of warcraft as much as i do?
Feet Pyramid


1. Do you think when a young child is morbidly obese that the parents should be charged with child abuse?

2. Do you think when pets are morbidly obese that their owners should be charged with animal cruelty?

Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. Say you flounced, in very dramatic fashion, from a community you love. Then you reconsidered and decided you wanted to come back. Would you come back under the same name and risk ridicule, or create a new account to come back with?

2. What was the last bill you paid?

3. How do you generally acknowledge your parent's birthday?

4. Should I have Cheeseburger Soup for lunch or Thai Noodle Soup? The Thai is the same brand as the soup I had to throw out yesterday for being nasty, so it might be nasty too.
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(no subject)

 As I am competely incapable of making up my own mind;
1. I just had a fourth date this weekend. We had our first kiss, and he said he liked me, and he's going to start calling me (you know, just to talk). That was Saturday night (early Sunday morning). It's now Tuesday, noon. Ususally by now we've communicated online (but he said he'd start calling me instead). I haven't heard anything. Should...I be worried? Drop him a line first? Call him? 
(Yes, I should be worried!)

2. What's your ring tone? 
(Elenanor Put Those Boots Back On, by Franz Ferdinand)

3. If you were a solo artist, or in a band, what would you call your cd? Why? 
(I had a good title once, but I forgot it)

4. Has it snowed yet where you are? 
(Psh, I live in Texas. It's 80 degrees)
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(no subject)

Who is the most batshit person in this community with the exception of w_r_f, so_mikey, and myself?

What do you smell like?

What is your opinion of someone that bans someone from commenting in their personal LJ (which is otherwise friends-only) after posting a reply and not allowing the other person to respond? They were not like, posting porn or attacking them, just having a discussion.

(no subject)

1. I ordered 10 books (from the same store) a few days ago. I got only 1 via UPS yesterday (which was the scheduled delivery date), and the tracking (for the entire order) says "delivered". halp, iz dis nrmal???

2. Too many parentheses?

3. Are you familiar with fainting goats? How does this make you feel?

(no subject)

So for my (belated) birthday present, my sister is offering to take me on a trip somewhere. (She works for an international airline so this means my choices are basically unlimited (awesome).. but it also means my horribly indecisive self has to decide D:). I've narrowed it down to Japan, New Zealand, and Scotland (or Ireland or ..something) and I THINK i'll pick Japan but honestly this is a one time thing and I wanna make the best of it. Yes, I *am* shamelessly bragging but I really do need help picking because, well, I suck at it. Experiences/suggestions plz (esp. with Japan. Ever been?) What do you recommend, Random Internet Strangers :D?
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Georgia license plate mystery

So I live in Florida, and today I've spotted two different cars with Georgia plates. I noticed that instead of having the plates in the designated spot, they have been drilled into the car in a seemingly random place.

Does anyone know the story behind this strange coincidence? Or is it really just... a coincidence?

(no subject)

1. Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?

2. If your mother says don't chew it do you swallow it in spite?

3. Can you heave it off your tonsils?

4. Can you bounce it left and right?

5. If tin whistles are made of tin, what do they make fog horns out of?

6. What was Lonnie Donegan's biggest hit?

mr jummy

(no subject)

My grandma sent me a package stuffed full of awesome craft supplies that are stupidly expensive here and some sugar-free Jello that I can't find here. It made my day lots better.

What's something that'd normally be small and insignificant that has brightened up your life lately?
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Weird medical stuff

I keep waking up in the middle of the night, with my nose plugged up with boogers (sorry TMI=[ ) and I can't breathe. Is there anything I can do to stop this? Would taking over the counter Claritin help this? I've had this problem for the past few months, and I was hoping it would work itself out. We do have that God-awful forced-air heating system, but I've never had this problem before.

I noticed recently I always have creepy any point in time my body is twitching somewhere, or feels like it is vibrating. It is really annoying. Lately it's been my right arm, just franticly twitching if I hold it in a certain position. What could that be? Is this even normal?

What is the weirdest disease you've ever heard of?
We were talking about Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. Basically your body turns its muscles into bone. Weird!
night porter

Lame room mates

Haave you ever had to kick a room mate out? I need to tell one of mine to go. She's not a bad room mate per say, I just don't like her. She is an overly PC hippie douche who burns nag champa has a voicemail message that goes "close the critical eye....look deep within yourself.....and breathe in with the universe...." get's offended at jokes and is just generally really passive and wimpy. She hasn't done anything worth kicking her out over besides being lame so I'm planning on asking her to leave by January on December 1st. Giving her a months notice but not giving her enough time to stiff me on the rent. Anyone have any advice for kicking out lame room mates and avoiding a tense house environment while they're still there?

Yes yes, I'm an awful awful person...don't care. How would you ask your lame ass room mate to GTFO without sounding too much like a cunt? Obviously not being a cunt is not an option for me. PLZ only serious advice.

Shhhh...have a kitten, I was just venting.
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(no subject)

I'm usually not home at this time of day, and I don't have cable.
Why do people watch this crap?
Do you like soap operas?
Should I turn off my TV entirely, or put in a DVD from my kung-fu collection?


(no subject)

Did you know that gives a little "tink" when there's a new email?? I just realised this a few minutes ago.

Why is it that when people say "I want a drink", some automatically think alcohol?

What's your favourite beverage?


1) If one of your five senses is weak, are one of your other senses heightened?

2) What is your weakened sense?
2a) What is your heightened sense?

I went to Starbucks one morning and bought a chocolate old fashioned donut.  It finished all but a couple of bites.  The two remaining bites were still in the bag.  When my husband got home eight hours later, he opened the bedroom door and said "It smells like pastries in here!"  Then he opened a window because he hated the smell.  He's color blind and I don't know how that would affect one of the senses that's not related to sight, but it was still interesting and made me wonder.


Alright, I'm a little ignorant when it comes to things like memory and RAM in terms of computers, and I'd like to get a new laptop. I do a lot of photo editing so I want something that won't freeze stuff if I'm running Firefox, Photoshop, and iTunes all at once (my current one does, and my music is stuck skipping until things un-freeze). I don't need a whole lot of storage, as I have an external hard drive and try to keep only photos from the current year on my laptop, but my current laptop has 35.5GB of memory and there is only 2.83GB of free space left.

Based on this information, what kinds of things should my next laptop have in terms of memory and RAM and whatever else I need to keep it running quickly?
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(no subject)

What's a good website to get replacement glasses lenses? I don't want to get rid of my frames, since I kind of love them, but I do need to update my prescription.

Do you like to get gift cards? Do you like to give them?
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(no subject)

TQC, can you help me justify my feelings?
My best friend K is driving home from school on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. My other friend Z is driving home on Tuesday, since he doesn't have to go to class on Wednesday, and neither do I. Not having made ANY promises to either friend, I told K that I was going to ride with Z because I wanted to go home on Tuesday. Her immediate reply was "Ohh, you are a horrible friend. You know everyone (we have around 12 friends from HS/our area at FSU with us) is going to want to leave on Tuesday and no one will ride with me."
I proceed to tell her that she hurts my feelings when she says that I am a bad friend, and that I don't feel like I am for wanting to leave a day early and split gas with SIX others instead of 1.
Is she a bitch? Am I super sensitive? What would you have said?

And also:
favorite song to blast when you are having a bad day? Right now, I'm rocking out to Snow Patrol.
mornington crescent
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Do my christmas shopping for me!

Warning: boring question.

What's the best mp3 player I can get for <$50? 1 or 2 GB is good.

And something more interesting, because that was crap:

What's the strangest thing that's happened to you today?

Mine: Some first years came up to me and recorded and interview with me about drugs and alcohol, in Irish. I speak pretty crap Irish, but I stumbled gamely along, half in English. Which is going to be someone's assignment. Grand.
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i&#39;m a b
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(no subject)

My dog just quasi chewed up and ate one of those 99 cent toy mouse cat toys (they're I guess like a leathery material and covered in fuzz) whole.

will this

A. Pass through him tomorrow morning in some horrifying result along the dog walk path?


B. Block up his intestines and force me to shell out god knows how much for emergency surgery?

(no subject)

1) How long is bread good for after it's due date if it's in the freezer?

2) I never get hangovers....why not? I used to get them like normal people.... but in the past two or so years I have never gotten them again. The most I get is carsick if I have to go in a car the day after drinking, or really tired. And it's not like I'm not drinking lots, and I dont drink water or take aspirin before I go to bed.... Don't necessarily eat food during drinking. So why dont I?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

(no subject)

I want to try and find out if this person who said they graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Journalism in the 80s really did. Does anyone know where I could look to find this out?

on the subject of complimenting


why on the bus, do people always feel compelled to compliment blind people on their dogs? "You have such a beautiful puppy!" and everytime the person is like "...omg LIKE I WOULD KNOW." but just smiles and says thankyou. i think once they called out the complimenter on their foolishness, but still, i see this happen at least twice a week on my way to work.

yesterday, one of the other regulars sat down in front and says "I haven't seen you in a while." He smiled and said, "Yeah, haven't seen you in ...forever."

is decorum dead?


Laptops in specific. I'm going to get into to digital art so I'm saving money for a laptop, tablet, and photoshop. A co-worker's friend told me to get something with:

-Dualcore higher than 1.5
-2 Gigahertz
-1 Gig ram
-120 Gig memory

I know nothing of computers so I guess does all of this sound about right? Any other suggestions?
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Wait, what?

I'm indecisive today. I'm doing NaNo, which means my husband is getting neglected. But tonight he has a raid in Warcraft.

Should I:

1. Have a get-together with a friend at my place, spending quality time with her and writing while he kills things. (It is possible to play WoW and participate in conversations, it's just not common).

2. Go to a friend's place to see his new furniture, hang out and write with my friend, and leave my husband to his computer?

3. Something else entirely?

Both have good and bad points.

I'm really bored, so non-serious answers are fun too.
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Feet Pyramid

(no subject)

If I move to San Francisco for grad school will I love it or hate it?!

ETA: If I move to Phoenix or San Francisco will I have to change my lj user name to sweethomephoenix or sweethomesanfran too?!?!
Space Pope

(no subject)

1. What is your least favorite letter of the alphabet?
2. What is your favourite insult?
3. Is e your favorite number?
4. Are you curious as to why I spelled favorite in the british manner in question #2
{wow} sin&#39;dorei pride
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When you write it (or say it, whatever), do you say MWhahaha or GWahahaha?

See, my brother and I are trying to determine which is correct. I always thought it was "mwhahaha" but then Bowser (from Mario) always says "Gwhahaha". I've never heard of "Gwhahaa" before he said it.

Also, what's your favorite article of clothing?

Marine Corps Ball

so im going to the marine corps ball on friday.
ive never been but from what i hear its a very formal event.

white gloves or acrylic nails and pearl bracelet?

ALSO: would it be "ok" (proper
etiquette ) to take my gloves off for dinner and the put them back on?
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Job Interview....

I have a job interview tomorrow!!!

I'm excited...

It is at a law firm. Downside is, I know nothing about this place or the actual job I will be doing. The woman that runs the placement office at the college I'm attending set it up..

So...anyone have any tips for me? I'm used to retail and fast food interviews. I have to admit I'm a little bit intimidated by this one.
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

Why am I nauseous?

Ring ring, who's on the phone?

Is the monkey on your back a true-hearted friend?

Does Jesus love you?

Zing a ding! It's the queen! What do you say her?

Oh hallo, priest, how are you today?

tl;dr university questions

University questions. I'm applying and I'm really curious about these things (and can't be bothered to e-mail the liaison dude since I've bothered him five times now and I feel annoying). If it helps, I'm planning on attending a university in Ontario, Canada.

How many classes can you take a semester? How long IS a semester? If it varies by university or program, vague idea please?

How many classes did you have to take to major in something? Minor? Again, if it varies, vague ideaaaasss?

Do minors actually do anything? Anyone do a double major before? Thoughts on double majors? What the heck exactly is honours? Do you have to be special to get in or is it just more of a workload?

How much time on a weekly basis did you spend on campus (excluding residence, I suppose) in classes / sitting around for classes? I'm planning on taking the bus and spending however long I need there which means sitting around the student center if I have a long break inbetween a class or two. (I won't be able to drive yet)

Experiences with part-time jobs or full-time? Is it even feasible?

I hate being in this ah!-university-applications-future-life-planning phase, sorry for the tl;dr and thanks for any replies.
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When I was in kindergarten (way back in 1982), everyone in my class was fingerprinted by the local police. I think we were told at the time it was in case any of us went missing, but I'm not sure. Anyway, does anyone know what these were really for? Also, does this mean my fingerprints are now in a database?

Well, if I'm gonna commit a crime, I need to know these things! :P

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Tonight I ate stirfried bell peppers, pasta, and carrots with Italian "garlic and herb" and "spiced cheese" seasoning. Then I had a piece of 12 grain bread with oh so tasty homemade blackberry jam.

So why does my mouth taste like I ate a hot dog?
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Do you have a food handler's card?

If so, where did/do you work that required one (or where did you plan on working)?

Is getting a food handler's card difficult?

What types of questions are asked?

Should I study online beforehand to be prepared?
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For those in relationships (or with experience, or who just want to answer) have you ever known/seen someone who made you think "If I didn't have (SO's name here) I'd date them."?

Should one feel guilty for having thoughts like that?
Or is it just normal to have attractions to other people as well as your SO?

(no subject)

 If a good friend did something you find morally reprehensible, would you confront them on it? Even if it had nothing to do with you directly?  Even if it might damage the friendship? Could you be friends with someone who didn't share your exact values?

ETA : I'm not talking about anything illegal. I'm talking about anything from eating meat to cheating on a partner. Anything you find morally reprehensible.
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(no subject)

when was the last time you feel you made an ass of yourself?

do you know how to properly insert a comma?
wanna teach me to spell?

do do you you think think it it would would get get annoying annoying if if i i started started doubling doubling my my words words up up??

can you name one thing that separates you from most people?

another issue

I remember vaguely a comic. It involved very simple art. A male figure was always being rejected by females[simple circle+trianlgle=female art] and it was an amusing light strip. What was the name of that?

also, I wonder if other people would like to tell me what slice of life webcomics they think I'd like. I do like XKCD
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To all you womens (sorry guys) who are/have been pregnant (sorry CFers), what were your first symptoms like? When did they show up? Any other details to toss in about the first month or two about being knocked up?

I know I can look this shit up online, but it's different for everyone. And I love you guys, so I figured I'd get the opinions over here. Yay!

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I understand that each case is different, and that lots of you would like to tell me how unattractive it is, but;
1] Once taken out and left out, how long would a normal nose piercing take to heal over?
2] Is a visible scar left, and how evident it is.

[ Yes, I know that every case is different, just a vague idea please! ]
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(no subject)

1. Which is worse of the 2? Opinions please.
A) Unprotected sex while drunk
B) Driving while drunk

2. When you are singing a song in your head, do you hear the actual song (original singer, instruments, etc.) or do you hear yourself singing the song or some other option?
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So, gifts.

When people ask you what you want as a gift for your birthday, or the holidays, etc., do you usually know what you want right away? Or do you never know what you want, or just like anything that people give you?

(no subject)

do you think this poem or excerpt from "The Vagina Monologues" is empowering or downright cheesy?
agree or disagree?
other thoughts?

My short skirt is my defiance
I will not let you make me afraid
My short skirt is not showing off
this is who I am
before you made me cover it
or tone it down.
Get used to it.

the whole things in under the cut

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Does anyone have any experience with Spanx? Are they worth the money? I have a formal event where I'm wearing a long, form-fitting, white gown. It shows EVERY bump and lump, so I am thinking of investing in a pair. I tried on Assets by Sara Blakely (the creator of Spanx) at Target, but I wasn't impressed. I'm guessing they are the cheaper version? Any comments or experiences with either brand (or suggestions for a different brand) would be great.
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(no subject)

What was the last act of kindness someone did for you?

Last night at work a group of people not only gave me a wonderful tip, they also gave me a gift card to their florist business and told me to buy myself some flowers!

(no subject)

1. What's your favourite flavour crisps?

2. What games would you recommend for a Nintendo DS/Nintendo Wii?

3. Are you a morning or night person?

4a. Can you speak more than one language?
b. If that second language is Spanish, how long did it take you to learn it?

5. What's your new years resolutions going to be?

6. How on earth do I make my "mechanic" skill higher on The Sims 2: Castaway? I can't figure it out. :(

1. I used to love Walkers Cream Cheese & Chive but they discontinued it. I also love Worcester Sauce.

3. Night person. I am so bad on a morning especially if I haven't had enough sleep.

4a. No. Just English. I'm learning Spanish though.

5. To lose weight.


The question(s) is/are: 
Are nice people people who feel good/comfortable/positive about themselves/the world?
Are nice people people who feel bad/uncomfortable/negative about themselves/the world?
Are mean people people who feel great about themselves?
Are bastardly people people who feel inferior/scared etc?

random questions that have been circulating my mind

Hai. I'm distracting myself from like, life, so halp.

New icon? Y/N I have a whole series of these!

I have almost hip-bone length medium brownish hair. I will eventually get tired of it. When I do, how should I cut it?
Maybe I can get a picture if it's necessary.

Has anyone with hair that long tried spiking it? How did that go? How ridiculous would it look, if I did it for fun for a concert? Probably I wouldn't be able to get into the car. What if I cut it a bit?

When I go to meet my SO in March(internet LDR), I'm going to ask him to go get tested. Is it unreasonable to want to see the results "out of the envelope" or whatever? He's seven years older than me and he's had lots of sex. I will obviously bring this up soon so it's not a shock to him.

How would you feel about that if you were the guy? How long does it take to get results back?

I don't feel like doing my homework and I haven't in a week. I'm probably going to fail. Should I get a swift kick in the ass and get back on track or just drop the semester? Up until a week ago I was doing better than I have in years with school.

(no subject)

Is there a "Rate my Teacher" website for college students? I got stuck with the WORST history teacher this semester, and am trying to avoid the situation in the spring.

Edit: Answered! I can't belive I didn't think of just replacing "teacher" with "professor." :Facepalm:

Thank you :-)

(no subject)

1. When you're writing a story, everyone says "write about what you know" which might be sound advice but what happens if you don't know anything interesting?

2. Sticking with the writing stories theme: a story about a book-a-holic: good or bad?

3. Why do packets split open when you're least expecting them? Maltesers EVERYWHERE!

4. What do you think about the Writers' Strike? Are they selfish for depriving us of our shows and ruining seasons or are they actually in the right?
I do think they're being slightly unreasonable - if they're on strike, everyone who works on shows are on strike. Plus, what am I gonna do when Ugly Betty runs out?! (Besides get a life...)

5. If you could have 3 magical powers, what would they be?
Reading peoples minds and Invisibility. I can't think of a 3rd so I'll see what you guys come up with and pinch one of yours. :D
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A few days ago someone posted about how Pepto-Bismol gives them hairy tongue. Before reading that post I had never heard of hairy tongue, and now every time I open my medicine cabinet and see my Pepto-Bismol, I start to feel nauseated. I fear TQC may have ruined Pepto-Bismol for me forever.*

1. What has TQC ruined for you? Or, how has TQC changed your life?

2. Do you like Hamburger Helper?

3. What's your favorite board game? Favorite card game?

*BTW, I mean no offense to whoever posted about the hairy tongue, I have gross things happen to me too :)
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(no subject)

1) On a scale of 1-100 (1 being extremely unhealthy and 100 being extremely healthy) how would you rate yourself?

2) If you had to guess, how many days out of the year are you sick?

3) What's your favorite vegetable?

(no subject)

1. I recently saw somebody spell 'the f-word' as "fsck". Why is the U being replaced by an S? When the phuq did this start?

2. My daughter is dancing around the front room wearing her Halloween costume. There is no music on, save for what's playing on the anime show she has on TV right now. Should I have her tested for drugs?

3. My contacts are kind of foggy. What will clean them?

4. Do you play an instrument? (I play saxophone.)

(no subject)

Ok, so I'm hoping the internet can halp me again.

Short backstory: last month I got in a minor (and I mean minor) traffic accident. However, the way it happened, I was just short of the turning lane on the median when the accident occured. Officer gives me a ticket for 'improper lane usage' and for whatever reason, it has a mandatory court date. I don't understand WHY, and it seems like a phenominal waste of time, but whatever.

My court date is tomorrow. What should I expect? I'm bringing my ticket and accident report, anything else I should bring? Why is this a mandatory court appearance in the first place? What should I expect once I'm there, and just what are my rights? Will I end up paying court fees? (God I hope not)

I'm kind of miffed, because I know I was in the wrong, but why couldn't I just pay this ticket? The only other time I've set foot in a courthouse was for jury duty, so I really don't know what to expect. Any advice is appreciated.

ETA: yay! It got dismissed! Thanks for the advice, guys :D Somehow, I think my case was dwarfed by all the speeding in school zone people. Shame on them.
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Someone told me that if a guy who parties a lot meets a girl who is completely straight edge (never drank before, never had sex, never had a bf) and he's attracted to her, he'll lose respect for her if she starts to drink when he pressures her to do so. Like, he's usually attracted to her goodness or innocence or something like that.

Is this true? 
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I'm waiting on two people to mail me packages. One of them (who owes me something) said in an e-mail dated October 16 that she would send it out the following morning. The other (who is sending a prize from a contest I won) said in an e-mail dated October 27 that she would be sending it out within a few days. It is now November 13 and I have not received either package.

1. How long is appropriate to wait until I ask the senders about it?

2. How can I bring it up without sounding really rude and demanding?


My husband made some brownies from a box tonight. they came out....gooey. and not in a good way. they are not good. I had a hard day, and this is just one more thing in a line of disappointments today.

What is the MOST APPROPRIATE punishment for someone (my husband) who fucks up brownies?

tarred, feathered
drawn, quartered
he should be made to watch the "two girls 1 cup" video
run him over like the dog he is
make a poll TQC about his ass-hattery
punch him in the face til his nose gets swoll all up
deny him secks
itching powder in his undies tomorrow
he should have to watch "Donnie Darko" five more times
remove all the porn from his computer
he must eat mushrooms and celery with all three meals tomorrow
deny access to the kittehs for 24 hours
make him go shopping with your mom
make him talk about how much he LOVES brett favre, george bush and jessica simpson for one week
make him write a letter of apology to martha stewart

Small Penises

Has anyone ever encountered a small penis (doing some sexual)? What did you do? What did you say? lol

All my friends that I talk to say their boyfriends are hung, like 6.5" +. I know that's average... but what about SMALL penises? I swear, they don't exist or girls cover up for their men.
I went to a Pure Romance party with like 25 girls and they all claimed their men were girthy and long. wtf

(no subject)

so i have to write an outline for a 10-15 page paper on how propaganda in the media negatively effects children.
and i have done little to no research i have like 10 resources but they are pretty poor.

is there anyway to cheat? (not literally, i mean to quickly find relevant articles or make it sound better than it is)
any BS tips you use/d in college that i could use in this situation?
am i completely screwed?