November 12th, 2007


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Why are the 'marshmallows' in lucky charms and other cereals called 'marshmallows'? If I ever bought actual marshmallows and they crunched like that I'd be worried. I don't see the resemblance.

What are you asking for for the holidays? I have to get present idea's it just hit me that Chanukah's is the 4th. Damnation, I will never be ready.

What is your favorite silly Christmas movie? Mine are either 'muppets christmas carol" or "the santa clause"
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"You look like Snoopy and that makes me smile."

What are some things that never fail to make you smile?

What's your favorite Simpsons quote?

Favorite quote in general?


I have a question about music. how does a band put together an album which features a lot of different artists on different tracks? i was listening to Peeping Tom, Mike Patton's band, and every song features a different artist. did they come up with the songs then contact people like Norah Jones or Kid Koala and say 'hey, id like you to do work on this song.' or did the other artists help work on the songs? what happens if the artist says no and the song was written for said artist because its that artists sound that would make the song what it is? do albums such as these take a long time, generally, to make? sorry i have so many questions. i had a lot of time to think at work tonight. any answers would be appreciated. thanks!

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Bored. Really bored.

I've become kinda addicted to Howrse. (It's a game where you recieve a foal, and have to raise it/train it/breed it and make lots of champion horses).

Anyway there's only about 30 min of play a day...and I'm at work doing nothing for 7 hours SO - are there any other games like this online?

Or any games in general that don't require downloading Flash, etc? (I'm blocked from download that sort of thing onto the office computer. Even YouTube doesn't work!)
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I'm looking to buy a song that was released on the UK version of an album. iTunes only has it in the UK store, which I can't buy from because I'm in the US.

1. What other online music stores can I search to find it?
2. Where else would you look for the song if you were me? (The fan site that used to have the song is closed and I don't use programs like Limewire.)

The song is "Watch the Sky" by Something Corporate in case that helps.
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What was the last thing that hit you like a ton of bricks?

How long was your longest crush/interest in someone (not including a relationship)? How did that work out for you?

 Do you know how I know you're gay?

So bored

1. For those of you who are employed, what is your title?

2. What is your favorite color of sticky notes (Post-its)?

3. TQC interior design team, what color should I paint my bedroom walls? This teal came out waaaay darker than expected. No reds or teals, please. Thank you.

4. What is the last naughty thing you did? Red Velvet Jesus is watching you!
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1. Inspired by shippo's post, what are your favorite old school video games?

2. Assuming you like sex, if food were sex, oral, and a hand job what would it be?

3. I have white chocolate to fondue with. Suggestions on what to dip?

1. Earthworm Jim, Rayman, Super Mario Bros, Commander Keen, Zoombini.
2. Sex = sushi.
Oral = Fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp
Hand job = certain white cakes I like with fruit in it

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Okay, this is about to drive me INSANE, so I'm hoping someone here can help me with this.

I installed Mozilla Thunderbird, and everything for my email account is set up right. The servers, the email address... basically, everything is set up right, except the password.

In the 'New Account' set up, it never asked for my password, and everytime I try to check my mail, I get this message:

Could not connect to mail server; the connection was refused.

Thunderbird is in the exceptions list of my firewall, and the only thing I can think of causing this is the fact that it's not asking for my password at all.

EDIT: I'm also on wireless internet, if this has anything to do with it.

Any suggestions to how I can make this work?
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Random Time

1. Why did the weekend person leave half a cup of coffee in the trash? It did not smell pleasant in here this morning.
2. I just found a sticker on my shirt that said "Inspected by #14." This reminds me of a Pete and Pete episode. Anyone with me?
3. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? 
4. I am the receptionist at a bank that is open today. How many phone calls am I going to get asking "Are you open today?"
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 does anyone know of a program like ourtunes or mytunes that actually works with itunes 7? i've heard of blue coconut, but that's only for macs. i need something for windows. help?
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1. How much do you spend per week or month on:

a. Alcohol
b. Cigarettes
c. Travel to/from school or work

2. What do you know about your parent's boyfriends/girlfriends before they met your other parent?

3. What are you going to eat for your next meal?
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Viva Las Vegas, Baby

Any of you crazy kids know of a place (online or in-person) to get discount tickets to shows in Vegas? Or do you know if they do rush tickets?

We're going next week (yes, for Thanksgiving). My mom wants to see Blue Man Group, but I'm hoping to win the battle and see "Ka."

And since we're driving (holy crap, I know, 11 hours straight through) do you have any Vegas themed songs you'd suggest for a mix CD? BESIDES Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas," of course.
Bless this fucking nub
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destroyed door

My fiance and I got a puppy a couple weeks ago. For the first couple days we left him locked in the kitchen while we were at work, which turned out to be a bad idea. He ended up scratching up one of the doors. If we owned the place, I wouldn't care as much, but since we rent it, I think my landlord would be very unhappy to discover his 100 year old door was destroyed. Does any have any relatively suggestions for a solution? I've never dealt with something like this before, so I don't even know where to begin. Some varnish, maybe?

Collapse )

Thank you!
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Can you guess what I caught this weekend?

Which is more comfortable?

Track Pants
Sweat pants
Get away from me cootie girl

Which do you prefer?

Seriously, why are you still here?

Which soup is better?

Chicken Noodle
Chicken with Rice
At least spray everything with Lysol you germ whore

Which should I drink?

Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate
Do you think I care??

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Do you change yourself to get ahead in life? Do you sacrifice parts of your personality for success?

My best friend has been trying to get on exec board within our organization and she suddenly decided to "clean up" her image and suddenly start volunteering, being oddly nice to people that have fucked her over/people she can't stand, avoiding going out as much so as to seem more chaste and innocent, etc. I find this sort of disappointing: why should that have to happen? Doesn't that sort of signify a lack of respect for oneself? Shouldn't one be secure with oneself?

I know (from personal experience as well as experiences that I've observed) that one can be a leader without "toning it down." Am I just going crazy here, or is this a slightly more than just "a little fake?"
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what were some things involved in a memorable evening you had?

(once i had a night that included:
- 3 dozen eggs
- a dirty toyota
- 3 best friends
- and the song '99 problems but a bitch ain't one'

it was probably one of the most memorable evenings i ever had.
mainly because we were so awful at egging that we hit the interior of our own car, causing the whole lot of us to get absolutely covered in raw egg. we later had to shamefully go into a convienience store and get napkins and windex to try to clean ourselves up.)

I met someone. Should I see him or not? Why?

I went to a camp for my college's club and other colleges in the same area went, too.

Anyway, curfew was 12:00am, but I sat outside talking to this guy until 4am. He kept on offering his sweatshirt to me, but I didn't want him to be cold so I kept on declining it. Finally, after a couple of hours, he said that he was putting his guitar back in his cabin, and came out with his sleeping bag for me. We talked until 4am, and I basically know his entire life story now, and he knows part of mine. It was one of the best conversations I've ever had. We have some things in common, too. We're both planning on joining the Peace Corps and doing other humanitarian work (Me: Doctors Without Borders; Him: Teach For America).

But the thing is that he's a partier, and I'm the total opposite. He parties every weekend, and wants me to go to a party with him at his college, which is pretty nearby. I've never been drunk, or tried any drugs before. Plus, I feel kind of boring compared to him because at the camp, he was really outgoing, and laid-back, and everyone liked him. I was kind of shy, and didn't talk to as many people. I didn't see the deep side of him until the conversation until 4am. This club is about volunteering, so I figure he's a good guy, right?

I've never considered drinking until I met him. He said that the best part of camp was talking to me until 4am and playing soda pong. He left me a note saying, "Honestly NOT the last time I will see you. (Phone, address, myspace, facebook.)" Why did that hit me so much? Btw, he's way more experienced than me. I've never had a bf, and the farthest he's gone was head and fingering. (My friend said that guys with experience knows how to get girls to like them more so he could just be toying with me.) He's 20, and I'm 18.


Do you ever leave pets home alone? What kind of pets do you have? What do you do when you go away? How long have you left your pets alone for, unsupervised?
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1. Lets say you get into a physical altercation with your 83 year old grandmother, would you rather win and forever be the person who beat up thier grandmother or lose and forever be the person who got beat up by thier grandmother?

2. If you could have any job in the gallaxy, what would it be?

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1.) What are the most consecutive hours you've ever slept?
2.) Of all the photographs you've taken, about what perceptage of them are of your own face?
3.) What's the most you've ever eaten in one go? Doesn't have to be exact, just give us a quick rundown of what you gorged yourself on & how much, you fat fuck.
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women's work

1. what, other than the physically necessary childbirthing, is 'women's work'?
2. do you think that washing floors or any other activity is inherently 'women's work'?
3. do you have knee pads for any activity that requires long-term kneeling?
4. what's the best movie that you've seen lately?
Give a dog a home

I'm so depressed my dick fell off

Should I get my husband an anniversary card for tomorrow? (3 years) He is most likely not going to get me anything/do anything for me, because he just sucks at stuff like that.

I went to NYC this weekend to see a Broadway show, and it was cancelled. Why does Jesus hate me?

What kind of headphones do you have?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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I might have the opportunity to be a caretaker at a home for older people (not retired) where I could live rent-free and get paid on top of that. How much work do you think would be required by such a position? Anyone have any experience in this sort of thing?
ETA: I'm going to be taking care of the building-- the hallways, cleaning the windows, etc. Not taking care of any people.
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just wondering

What do you suppose the Cylons philosophy means exactly? That whole this has happened before, it shall happen again bit. Is it a pun to the fact this is a remake of the original series? Does it mean that they're all stuck in a recursive time loop? Maybe everybody is actually a Cylon and none of them know it and thus they keep doing the same thing over and over again due to a flaw in their programming?

One other little thing. The sneak peeks during Flash Gordon, those short little 2 minute movies that are a lead up to Battlestar Galactica: Razors that's coming out later this month, what do you think of them? Since this new mini·series focuses on the Battlestar Pegasus and not the Glactica, why isn't it called Battlestar Pegasus: Razors?
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1.  For a web project: Do you know of a site with a homepage that just has an  "Enter" button on it,  or 1-4 options of what part of the site to enter, kinda like a pre-homepage page.  Please provide a URL, if you do know of one! (I'm trying to make a homepage where you choose whether you want to be directed to a Theatre department page or a Communications Department page).

2.  Do you think we should be drilling for oil in Alaska? Why/why not?

3.  Which is worse- Mondays or Wednesdays?


you know when "it's" good when.....?

Example: You know when my moms home made soup is good when the next day you take it out of the fridge and there is that congealed soup stuff on top!

Edit: Sorry about the screening as I am new to live journal I wasn't sure what option to choose!!!

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What do people sell on the streets in your home town[excepting drugs].

People sell birdhouses and wood out of the back of trucks in winter and fruit and veggies out of the back of trucks in summer. All year round on sunday, there are paper sellers.

The November crunch, how is it going?

terrible. Stupid paper.

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1. A friend of mine is going through a rough patch (break-up, death in the family, some education-trouble). How can I best be a good friend and support? I've already invited her for tea and chocolate cake. She says she's fine, but I'm afraid she'll end up feeling very depressed.

2. You know in Disney's Beauty and the Beast? Belle's father goes out in the woods to find her while Belle is having a swell time at the castle. From the movie it seems like Maurice immediately goes out to find her, but Belle is shown to wear at least three different dresses and thus it seems like she's been at the castle for at least three days.

How long is poor Maurice actually out there in the freezing woods? D: And why the hell do Disney always have people fall in love and decide to be together 4-eva in such a ridiculously short time? (And why on Earth am I bitching about lack of realism in a Disney-film?)
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I feel bad

Okay, me and one of my bestfriends were hanging out yesterday, and we decided to hang out a little with my roommate while my other friend was waiting on their taxi. my bestfriend is not a fan of homosexuality, as far as it comes to men on men action. i am a very accepting and open person as far as sexuality is concerned. my roommate is gay. yesterday night things got a little heated, my roommate knows that this bestfriend of mine doesn't appreciate homosexuality, he doesn't understand it, and doesn't want to, but is cool with my roommate as long as they do not have conversations about the particular topic. when we were sitting downstairs talking, he pulls out his laptop, and shows me and the bestfriend a simulated scene of sex between two men, and then starts talking about coming out for the first time, and how he thinks  a guy from work is very attractive. my bestfriend asks for him to not show the video that he is showing on his laptop, a heated debate insues, with my roommate calling my bestfriend obonoxious, which in turn makes my bestfriend really pissed,  they kind of toss words at each other, not the nicest of words, and it ends with my roommate saying "you know you can just leave", and my bestfriend saying "well you should just carry your ass upstairs". i was completely enraged by this, and let my bestfriend know that it wasn't okay to just be rude to my roommate, and that he could just ignore him, later that night my bestfriend apologizes to my roommate.

i feel incredibly guilty about all of it
Is a simple apology okay? i feel like i just really offended my roommate, my bestfriend and roommate said some really uncalled for things, and even though i talked about it with both of them, i fear that everyone is going to hate each other
I already feel like such an outsider as far as my roommates go, should i apologize again, or just let it go?
Do you feel as if the roommate was trying to provoke something out of my bestfriend? 

ETA: thank you for all that responed, i think i now have a much clearer perspective on the whole situation, i think i just have major confrontation/ guilt issues and i just want everyone to get along with everyone perfectly, very unrealistic, and i'm close to that time of the month for me, i get extra sensitive and emotional...i know tmi
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Where is a good place to get some nice, comfy, plain shirts for a slightly overweight girl that would be appropriate for work?

I've got tons of t-shirts, but our store policy is that they can't have anything written or printed on them, thus eliminating half of my wardrobe.

Thanks :)
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The other day I went back into Canada from the US, to do some work at my 'old' job (I don't go into the office much anymore, but can do work on the phone/internet), cuz I felt like it. And making $400 for 3 hours of computer work is good. Anyway, when I came back over the border into the US, the customs guy freaked out at me, even though I have a visa that lets me enter/leave as I damn well please, and started on a rant that there's 12million illegal immigrants that his tax dollars are supporting (wut? lol) and that I had better not be 12million AND ONE. Should I have reported his ass for not keeping it professional? I never lie about my situation when I cross the border, and it usually gets me some weird stares, but not this sort of tirade. Generally I don't give a damn, but holy crap!

ETA: Husband was deported from Canada, so we got a place in NY. I go back over the border and actually own a house up in Canada. I have a job, which usually I can do over the bloody phone, but I still have my business cards. For any question from the border guards, I have an answer. A legal one. OH DEAR.

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Are you a music snob? Are you extra sensitive when some people bash your favourite artist or do you understand where they are coming from?
idk i am getting all protective of m.i.a cos a girl played it in assembly and now she is getting all this credit for it when i was the one who sent it to her.
LOL i need a life.
Beast mode!

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1. I'm inventing a November Crunch cereal. What should it be made up of? I'm thinking pumpkin flavored flakes with dried cranberries, but I'm open to suggestions.

2. Anyone here live in or around Chattanooga, TN? If so, would you be willing to give me some ideas for planning a bachelorette party there?

3. I'm going slightly crazy. How has your day been?

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I'm in an organization I love (SWE--Society of Women Engineers) and the region my college is in is having a weekend conference in January.

It also coincides with my bf's 21st birthday--which is also our 2 year anniversary.

The transportation and hotel costs would be paid for by our dean to go to the conference (I'll be sharing with 4 girls the hotel room), so there wouldn't be a chance for my boyfriend to really stay in the same hotel (he's not a member of SWE). He does live an hour away from the conference, but I'm not sure how much of a burden it would be for him, since I would only be able to see him Friday and Saturday evenings, and we wouldn't really know what to do in the unfamiliar city (Pasadena is where the conference is at).

Can you help me figure out what I should do? How do I weigh my options?
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I'm applying for a job at a movie theatre and the question is a moral dilemma I'm not sure whether would be OK to ask during the interview.

If a movie is playing that is R-rated for a good reason (Hostel Suite 666, American Pie: Another One Bites The Crust, or whatever the heck Hollywood is churning out these days), and a parent shows up with a very little kid (I'm sure you've all heard horror stories about going to such a movie and some kid is screaming all the way through), do I have the right to deny them entry?
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I have a ton of work to do but my throat hurts pretty badly and I have a headache so I'm laying down, screwing around online waiting for Excedrin to kick it. If you're procrastinating, what are your excuses?

I have a purple dinosaur sitting on my bookshelf. Where did it come from?

I feel sick, but I also feel pretty big because I ate so much yesterday. Should I exercise to make myself feel less guilty or say screw it and continue to lay around?

Cake or death?

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Have you ever worked at Abercrombie and Fitch? What is the pay like? Is there commission?

What about Aeropostale?

I ask because I just found a clothing store that does give a small commission percentage, and I hadn't heard of that before, so I'm trying to find out what other clothing stores do that too.
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Ho-lee Schnikes...

Do you use the expression "holy schnikes"?
If you don't, would you consider committing your co-worker to a mental institution if she used it?
Do you even know what that's from? :(

If you're not cool and don't use holy schnikes, what expression do you use to express shock/disbelief/horror/surprise/oh-shit-ness -- without using shit/fuck/crap/other-common-curse-word?
Dear Lord

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How are you feeling right now? 

Creative? Enthusiastic? Hopeful?

Are you sad? Lonely? Happy?

Tell me about anything that's on your mind.

I want to know your problems before I go and get myself into a drunken stupor. Ha ha. JK... 

Or am I?

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Mitty box

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Say you're talking to your SO on their cell phone while they are driving home from work. And your SO says "Uh oh. I gotta go." and hangs up.

What do you think happened??

EDIT: He saw a spider in the car. What a dork.

I really hope he didn't get pulled over... I TOLD him he speeds too much!

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1. I am going to be flying from Toronto to Victoria, BC this week, and I'm curious... How could I pack a buster? (aka. a grinder? um... a marijuana busting up device?) It's small, metal and not illegal to own, but I mean, there are remnants of weed let in it, but that should be ok, no? If they find it, will they take it?

2. What else should I prepare for when it comes to flying? Bring? Don't bring? Etc.?
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do you have stage fright?
are you afraid of heights?
do you own a night light?
what's the highest number you've ever counted to?
what was the last picture you took?
can i see it?

also, will you just touch it?
don't stop believin:-)

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If you and one of your best friends are going through a shaky period, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you worry or feel upset about it? (10= I cannot eat or sleep because I am thinking about it, 1= I do not really care.)

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I was banned from the mall for 1 year for shoplifting four months ago. I got a letter that says I can request for the ban to be lifted. What should I say in my request?

If it matters, the shoplifting charges were legally dropped.

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1. What's something about your life that's largely unexplainable to the outside public (meaning, what's an aspect of your life that only you and maybe a few others understand, whereas the general public would not get at all/be quick to judge you in some way)?

2. On a scale of 1-10, how desensitized are you to the war in Iraq (10, meaning, "THERE'S A WAR?! SWEET JEEBUS")? Is that a conscious choice or does the constant media coverage exhaust you in some way?

3. What was your last sent text message? Last received text message?

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1. How do you know when you, personally, are getting sick (a general cold, that is)? What are your first signs?

my sister had some really gross cottage cheese fungus infection on her throat last week and now i'm starting to cough and the area underneath my tongue feels a little sore/inflamed. great?
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TQC, it always feels like i'm in an earthquake. like, i can feel my chair moving, i can see the screen moving, and i feel the ground moving. ...i know so many verbs.
anyhow, wtf is up with that?

what is something that makes you ridiculously happy?

could you say someone nice about the person who posted above you?

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Situation: You bring home a newborn baby. Your cat, unprovoked, lunges on the baby and bites him/her and draws blood.

1. What do you do?

2. What if the situation involves a dog instead of a cat?

3. What if it happens a second time?


Lately when I play my iPod I can only hear the music, not the lyrics. I wonder what's wrong with my pink mini?
It's not old.. perhaps 18m old and I hardly ever use it.

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Some girl living the Tampa Bay area keeps calling me on my phone. She called me at one in the morning last night! I called her back and all I got was her lame voice mail message ("Hello!").

Who is she, TQC?
What does she want?

Thanksgiving help, PLZ!

Oooookay. So my best friend and I are cooking for our SO's this Thanksgiving. The problem is, both of us aren't the greatest at cooking. I've made a list of what I want to make.

Turkey, duhz!
Mashed potatoes
Some kind of veggies
Corn on the cob

I know the list is kind of.. lame. But any suggestions on what else to make? I really want to make green bean casserole, but don't have the slightest clue on how to do so. And I don't just want to buy a whole bunch of pre-made stuff. That kind of defeats the purpose. Do you know how to make green bean casserole?

Any other side dishes that are fairly easy we could make?
Any great recipes you want to share?
Website that will help?

Why is this so overwhelming, TQC!?

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1. when i turn on my computer it stays on the "compaq" screen for like 5 minutes then shuts itself off. i do that about 5 or 10 times sometimes more before it will actually turn on, but when its on my computer is totally fine. all my programs run well and my computer is not slow at all. what could be wrong?  do you think its a hardware problem or a virus?

2. i acquired two grocery bags full of ribbons! all shapes sizes and colors. what could i possibly do with them? what could i make?

(no subject)

1. At what school year did you decide for sure what you where going to study in college?

2. Did you always know what you wanted to study since you were a kid? Or did you have to research and ask people about different careers, so you could have an idea of what you like?

It's just that I'm getting really scared lately, since I have to fill the application for College this month, and I'm really indecisive about what I'm going to study. I would like to study either to be a veterinarian, study medicine, or law. I find these branches interesting, but it's not like I'm sure about it. I feel like if I make a decision, and then regret it, I'll waste a lot of years studying for nothing. Everyone around me seems to know exactly what they want to be in their lives, and I don't know how to make up my mind. It's being really hard for me, really. I'm sure this happens to a lot of people, so, if this happened to you, how did you find what you lreally like?

macro - procrastination cat
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Do you require Internet access for work?

I'm a student

If you use Internet at work, which of the following personal uses do you use it for?

Check email
Check websites
Browse LJ
Hang out in thequestionclub
IM (not work related)
Chat (not work related)

Have you ever gotten in trouble for net usage at work?


Why does work have a policy against personal Internet usage, but not things like reading books or just sitting around talking? Aren't they equally wrong?


(no subject)

1. If you have a tattoo, do you regret getting it? Can I see a picture of it even if you regret/don't regret it?

2. Why do most male species not reply to messages? Is it because they do not see the need to or is it because they don't see it as being rude? Or maybe they're just telling you to bug off? Asking in general.

3. Would you ask me a question? I'll try my best to answer.
Bogie Bacall2


Does anyone here have LexisNexis, and thus access to Shepard's?

I'm supposed to find "the citation for the case from the 8th Circuit that questioned the case whose citation is located at 348 U.S. 503". However, I have Westlaw and use Keycite, and the only 8th circuit cases I can find CITE the original case. They don't seem to question the original case.

Can anyone look up the case for me real quick on Shephard's? I know it is a long shot, but I thought it'd be worth a try to ask this comm.

Thank you.
Typing Monkey

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I want to rename my journal but all the names I can think of are already taken... Although the journals haven't been used it a long time (if at all).

1) Should I come up with another name or wait until one of the names I want is purged?

2) Of these names, which do you like the best?

3) Can you think of any other names along those lines?
piece of cake

you know you're in love if

How do you know when you love somebody?

I decided that...
If it's some Tuesday night, and I'm driving home from someplace. Maybe it's a bar. Maybe I'm drunk! And for whatever reason, I get pulled over. The cop is mean, or I'm mean, or I'm doing something really illegal, and wouldn't you know it - I get locked up. And I'm sitting there, in my cell. It's 3 in the morning. The warden eventually comes to me and says, 'You've got 5 minutes, and 1 phone call to make. Do it.'

I want to know exactly who I'm calling. And I don't want it to be my mom, or my dad, or my cousin, or my best friend. I'd really like for it to be the love-of-my-life. The person I'm dating. The person who at 3 in the morning wouldn't ask why I was locked up, or how it happened, or tell me what an idiot I am. The person who will get up, even if they themselves are tired or hungover, and come get me out of jail. Because they know that I need them.

And I want to be the first call for that person, too, of course. This isn't one sided.

I want a person who feels like home. Even if we are in Tahiti, an underground cave, or in the middle of a desert.

Internet addiction?

Poll #1087595 Internet-aholic

How many hours a day do you spend on the internet?

< 1 hours
1-3 hours
3-4 hours
4-5 hours
> 5 hours

How many hours a day do you spend on LJ?

< 1 hour
1-3 hours
3-4 hours
4-5 hours
> 5 hours

Do you consider yourself "obsessed" with LJ?


Do your friends/family consider you "obsessed" with LJ?


Does your interaction with LJ interfere with your daily routine? (ie...homework, chores, quality time with loved ones gets put on the back burner)

Nearly everyday
Once in a while
Probably has in the past but I am getting better
Not really
Hell no

Do you have a permanant account? (if no, this poll ends for you)


Doesn't a permanant account mean that you are "obsessed" with LJ?

Fuck off!
No, not really
Maybe somewhat
I just realized that I AM obsessed with LJ
mst3k does LJ

Boys/Girls Night.

Do you (or your significant other) have a boys/girls night out (or in)?

If not, why not?

If yes, What activities do you (or your significant other) do on that night, and how often does that night occur?
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Is He's Just Not That Into You the kind of book where if you read it, you'll start seeing all these things in your relationship that aren't there, or is it worth reading even if your current relationship is good/you aren't in a relationship? I keep looking at it when I'm at a bookstore, but I can't justify getting it if it's only going to make me paranoid in all my future rels.
some cloud


i will soon be spending 10 days in southern-ish Spain (Madrid, Seville, etc).
Any of you have experience with this? What must I know?!

And a dollar is now worth like 66 cents in euros now or something, so this means overall prices should seem cheaper to me...?

(no subject)

Would you be mad if your best friend had sex with your pretty recent ex-boyfriend?

EDIT:  Would you end the friendship?

EDIT 2:  She left him because he cheated on her.  They went out for probably 3-4 months, all together, off and on.

macro - procrastination cat
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(no subject)

What song do you hear the most during movies??

What song is most popular on modern TV shows?

Do you have regular days off or do they change from week to week?

(no subject)

who is the snobbiest/most spoiled person you personally know?

do you have any quirky travel habits?

for example, no matter where I go.. when I go out of town, before my trip I buy a little poofy thing to wash myself with. I end up never using it, & I always leave it behind wherever I go. sometimes on purpose.
macaroni murder lady

(no subject)

1. Is meringue an easy word for you to spell, or do you have to work at it? If it's hard, do you even try, or just spell it phonetically? If it's easy, is that due to experience with other French words?

2. What are the practical differences between lares, larvae, and lemures?

3. Do you find the phrase, "Stewing in your own juices," to be inherently sexual?

4. Will anything bad happen to my tea bags if I store them in the refrigerator? This is not inherently sexual.

5. What should I say in question 2 instead of between? "What are the differences among x, y, and z?" sounds weird.

(no subject)

What do you think about economic sanctions? (As in, do you think 'we' (as in a generalised West) have the right to impose them?)

Does it make a difference whether they're put in place for domestic or international reasons?
don&#39;t stop believin:-)

(no subject)

You're taking a really heavy load at school- the material is understandable, but you barely have time to finish all the homework. On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you worry or feel upset about it? (10= I cannot eat or sleep because I am thinking about it, 1= I do not really care.)

(no subject)

What is the name of the AIM you can download so that you can have two versions of AIM running at once? It's like the real, full AIM but it's made by someone else or it's a copy one.

Not AIM Express. I hope someone else knows what I'm talking about.  I had it about 4 years ago.

dressing up vs dressing down

Do you enjoy dressing up either semi-serious (ex: slacks & a nice shirt) or fancy/formally (ex: suit & tie or tux) or do you prefer to stay in a perpetual casual/dressed-down state (ex: jeans & a t-shirt)? Any particular reason for your preferance?

Anyone who really dislikes not keeping it casual all the time have lots of people tell them they look really nice when they do dress up?

All my life I've disliked not being able to wear shorts/jeans and a t-shirt (or, in more recent years, Hawaiian shirts). I don't like dressing up in slacks & a fancy shirt and I utterly hate tuxes and ties (and when I was in JROTC in high school I hated having to wear the uniform). But basicly everyone tells me I look real nice dressed up and I'm not sure what the source of my deepseated dislike of dressing non-casual.
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Flashy and Pretty

(no subject)


I am doing it pretty awfully at the moment and it is taking about exactly approximately FIFTEEN MILLION YEARS. I still care about her so I am having trouble with the "Welcome to Dumpsville. Population 1. You." stage.
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(no subject)

How many away messages can you have for AIM? Before I upgraded it a few months back, I had like, around 400. ((I collect funny metaquotes for my away messages.)) Then, when I upgraded, a shitload had gone missing. So, I'm pretty sure there's a limit to it now, hah. Anyone know what it is?

Any gamers?

The other night, while my boyfriend was over, a commercial for Team Fortress came on and he mentioned something about wanting it for Christmas. I do not know the first thing about games and I've since looked the game up on google and whatnot. I'm still a little bit confused about which one I'm supposed to get. I've read that Team Fortress 2 was just realeased last month on PC (which he would want the PC version) but I'm not really sure if there are different PC versions and want to make sure I get one that is compatible. Also, I read something about Team Fortress Classic and now i'm confused. So, question is, which one am I supposed to buy?
gasp zooey

(no subject)

Dr. El-Jay,

I have a sore throat, an achy ear, and a fever.  Am I dying, y/y?

What would be awesome to have right at this moment?

Cheese fries!
All of the above!

(no subject)

Do you bathe your cats?
Do you have any tips for me as far as bathing my cat goes?

My youngest went to get his boy bits butchered today and had an accident on himself on the way home. Poor dear. I'm going to try to give him a bath when he isn't so hurty.

(no subject)

1. How do you move on from long term exes who were pretty much "love of your life" status?
2. Do you think exes can/should stay friends?
3. Let's say you're very shy, how do you meet new people/break the ice?

Srs answers are better but non-srs answers are okay too.

4. If there a way to permantly save voicemail on Verizon phones?
macaroni murder lady

(no subject)

What's the free cell phone ring tone download site that lets you take tones other people have already uploaded?

Or, what's another good free ring tone site, besides


I was in seattle visiting the University of Washington and ive never seen so many homeless people in my life. sleeping on the sidewalk, sleeping in the fast food resturants, or eating ketcup and ranch dressing, in the bathrooms at gas stations...everywhere. one even grabbed my hand and said "come with me" it scared me but all most of my friends (from seattle) reacted to them like it was no big deal or they weren't even there. i grew up in a white-upperclass-never heard of a crime happening -every child college bound-kind of town. seeing these people blew my mind.

1.are there homeless people where you live? you give them money? they scare you? you act like they are not there?
5. interesting bum story?

6. anything else?
how funky is your chicken?

(no subject)

This is a shot in the dark, but....

I'm having trouble with LimeWire. Every time I go to search, no results come up. It doesn't matter what I search for. I have no firewall and I'm connected with three bars of...connectivity.

Anyone else have this problem and manage to fix it? Want to share your findings?
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