November 11th, 2007

Hello Kitty -- multicolored


I love the 90s more than VH1 does, so I'm set on throwing a strictly 90s party in the summer. I already have a few ideas: Red Dog beer, Stevie B., swishie pants and breakaway pants, Pogs, etc., BUT I STILL NEED MORE IDEAS. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food, and anything else you can think of, really. (I'm pretty much all set with music and fashion).

So, TQC, what can I do to make this the coolest party ever?

Would you come to my party?

If you could throw a decade-themed party, what decade would you choose? Describe this awesome party.

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I'm a junior psych major and I'm trying to get my foot in the door as far as jobs go. I know I can get research assistant positions but I really need the paycheck. unfortunatly without any degree I'm hitting a lot of roadblocks. I've spoken to the Univ. Career Center as well as numerous people in my college and still have yet to find any promising leads.
Does anyone have any ideas of where/how/what to look for?
I'm in Houston if that matters.
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(no subject)

Why do I feel like I have something OMGSUPERIMPORTANT to do right now?
I got my art project done ahead of schedule, I have a bit of reading to do on Monday and that's it...WHY AM I SPAZZING OVER THIS?!

(no subject)

This may be blaringly obvious to everyone but me, but do women shave their armpits all over the world? Is it a westernized thing?  (If you are informed/ educated on this, how do you know?)

Do you shave yours? Why/ not?


do you ever go to the movies alone? why or why not? do you have any thoughts about people who go to the movies alone?
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(no subject)

I need some advice...

I work with a guy that I happen to have a 'crush' on. (I hate that term... anyways...)  Yeah, I really like him, we became friends and hang out quite often, in the same group that all hangs out, all from work. He happens to like someone else, someone who is one of my closest friends, but she doesn't like him back. I am pretty sure that he knows how I feel, but it is only from guessing/hearing things from others. The fact that he knows hasn't affected the way we interact when we hang out.

So my question is... should I actually tell him how I feel so he hears it from me or should I just leave it alone? I don't want to tell him and have it ruin a friendship, but I don't want to not tell him and risk not having it develop into something more...
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(no subject)

If I were to go off my lithium for a few days, what would happen? I'm bipolar, and my mother is constantly harping that if I even miss one day, something terrible will happen. I'm forgetful, and so if hypothetically, I were to forget my lithium and go home for two or three days, what would happen?

If you were dating someone and they said that sexually, they thought of you as a younger sibling and weren't interested but romantically liked you, would you want to punch them in the face be confused/hurt?

What's your job? I'm a Night Manager in the dorms at Illinois State University

(no subject)

1.) I have come to the conclusion that my measly 3 pound dumbells aren't going to cut it anymore. I have researched and have found that I will need heavier weights in order to boost my metabolism and build more muscle. Should I graduate up to just 5 pound weights or would 8 pounds be better?

2.) What was/is for breakfast today?

(no subject)

which icon?


Do you think it is selfish to ask for things for Christmas?


Is it ok to have no ticky boxes if none are needed?

Yes, sometimes they are unecessary and can be abused
No, ticky boxes are needed ALL THE TIME!
Ticky boxes increase the chances of people filling out the poll, so yes.
Ticky boxes suck.
Why isn't this a ticky?

What is up, my dearest TQCers?

Witchy Cunts! (oh, that worked. Hm.)

Is anyone else having trouble seeing certain letters on LJ today? Everything works fine on other pages, but certain capital letters (like "c") don't work and my apostrophe key doesn't work here. When I look at TQC it says "The Question lub". Okay, looks like capital "w" doesn't work either.

ETA: It shows up when posted, just not when I'm typing. And I'm on Firefox.
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(no subject)

Paging Doctor TQC?

Night before last, I noticed that my left earlobe was really swollen. I got my ears double-pierced about five weeks ago, both on the lobe, but it's not the newer piercing that's infected, it's my older one. I have to keep my studs from my more recent piercing in, but I took out my other set of studs and washed my ear really well with the disinfectant I still have from my newer piercing.

I woke up this morning with blood on my pillowcase, a rather large blotch, and my ear covered in dried blood.

Wtf happened, TQC? It's just the left ear, so I don't think I'm allergic to the metal that was in my earrings (which I'd been wearing for like three weeks straight with no problem), and it's sort of worrying.

ETA: Okay, so it's infected. Got it. How do I go about treating it? I am so afraid of student health services here, but might I go? Is there anything they can even do for me, or is there some form of medication that can help?
Grammar love!

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My parents and I are going to London in a couple weeks for about a week. The only way to get them out of my hair is if I get our cellphones to work there.

We've already agreed that we're not going to buy pre-paid ones or "unlock" our phones so there's no roaming. We won't talk that much. (Roaming costs a lot but that's okay.)

Apparently some phones work overseas and some don't. My mom has a RAZR she bought sometime last year, I have a Motorola V188 I got 2 and a half years ago. (We use TMobile and live in Chicago, if that's of any relevance.)

Question: will either of our phones work in England? If not, how to make them work?
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(no subject)

1. What do you need to get done today?
2. Do you have a favorite icon community? What is it?
3. What was the last picture you uploaded? ETA: As in, "ur pictures, show them to me."


What songs do you know that are about discovering that you are romantically interested in someone that you sort of passed by before? (they can be from musicals too if you want, and the songs can be as old as you want)
Lion drink

Change of address form

Because my grandmother's worried:
My grandmother sent out a change of address form (via postcard you pick up, fill out and mail).

Does the USPS contact you for a confirmation when you fill out the CoA form or do they process it automatically?

(no subject)

Are you happy/content with your life?
What did you want to do with your life as a kid?
How about as a teen?
I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies. Should I put baking cocoa into the batter or stick with plain cookie dough?
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(no subject)

What do you do to wake yourself up in the morning? I have fibro and I wake up at five, so dire tips are recommended.

In the United States, is plea bargaining in exchange for testimony unjust?

How the fuck do you get that "tousled hair look"?

(no subject)

I just spilled a bit of canned spaghetti on the carpet.

I've already scooped up the spaghetti and blotted the carpet. But I was wondering how I should get rid of the residual oil/sauce without having to hire Rug Doctor. Help?
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Inspired by George and Izzy off Grey's Anatomy

What do you do if you are compatible with your love in every other way but there isn't that chemistry?
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I really love music soo....

Can anyone share any Boyd Rice music with me?

What kind of music do you listen to (?):

When you're happy:
When you're angry:
When you want to dance:

What music makes you nostalgic?

Does anyone want to have a music swap?

If you like neo folk who is your favorite artist? Mine is Current 93
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(no subject)

Why do I make bored desperate decisions at the wee hours of the morning?

Blegh, I feel like the way my user pic looks(like shit), except I cant sleep and i feel like im looking through a fish eye lens
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(no subject)

If your parents are still together, do you make it a point to celebrate their anniversary? Do you feel obligated to do so? Maybe I'm being selfish, but I feel like the celebration of anniversaries belongs to the two people involved. Plus, it's difficult to remember since they got married on Remembrance Day anyway. XP

What do you think? Does anyone feel this way about their parents' anniversaries? And vice-versa - how do you feel about your kids celebrating your your anniversary?
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(no subject)

I need some inspiration to start writing movie reviews for NaNoWriMo, so what was everyone's favorite movie they saw this summer and why?

Also what is everybody looking forward to seeing this winter?

And is it just me or does that new CG Alvin and the Chipmunks movie coming out soon creep you out just a little bit?

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Stalking TQC

1- Do you ever read the friends page of TQC?
2- When someone posts, do you generally check their infopage?
3- If/when you find out a fellow TQCer (or... anyone on LJ I guess) lives nearby, how do you react?
4- Wutcha doooooooin?
A Lady's Space

My grandma is mean.


After 3 years and nearly 1 year of living together my maternal grandmother is finally willing to "meet" my boyfriend. For some absurd reason he was never invited to holiday dinner and such before now, but suddenly she's willing to go out to dinner with us. Poor Thomas is a bit frightened.

Why did it take so long for my grandmother to come to that?
Was it my mother's power of persuasion or the fact that my grandfather (and her ex-husband) passed away last week?
How can I make my boyfriend less nervous about meeting the meanest member of my family?

What is your favorite LUSH product?

What games are installed on your computer?
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(no subject)

Have you ever found something really cool?
(I found a 4 leaf clover once when I was small. I used to look for them all the time when I was little in the clover patches outside my house, and one day managed to pull one up. I guess you could say I 'got lucky'. Ok. That was a cheap shot. But still. It was pretty neat.)
Is there anything you tend to stumble upon repeatedly?
(I find a lot of quarters with holes. I have three on my keychain. I kid around that each of them is worth at least $35, because I have gotten a ticket for not paying a 25 cent toll, and not paying a 25 cent meter on two occasions. Because I had no quarters other than the ones with holes. And I refused to give them up.)

(no subject)

Do you remember how old you were when you first learned about sex? Who did you learn about it from?

Did you have any silly beliefs or misconceptions about sex?

When I was nine, I saw what sex looked like in one of those Our Bodies, Ourselves books and I didn't understand how the penis got inside the vagina. I thought maybe a doctor had to use a tool to open the lady up and another tool to insert the penis, and then they just lied there until they were done and the doctor had to take it back out.
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(no subject)

What are your favorite finger foods for appetizers?

The only thing we know for sure that we're having is a veggie tray with ranch dip. We need ideas for both hot and cold ones.
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(no subject)

When were you told/did you figure out that there was no Santa Claus? Will you tell me the story of how it happened?
How old were you?
Do you think its wrong to lie to our kids about Santa?

My 10 year old cousin and her neighbor that is in 7th grade still believe in Santa. I think thats a bit ridiculous =\
I was in 3rd grade when my sister spilled the beans to me. I was so mad at her, and I ran up to my mom and asked her if it was true. She fed me some line about "Santa is a spirit that is carried on by parents" I still tell my sister that she ruined my life when she blurted this out to me :)

(no subject)

My grandpa died and his funeral is this Wednesday. I was asked to read a pre-selected passage from The Bible, but I'd rather read something from a different source. I wanted to read this:

Your breath is now still

no warmth to your skin.

Do not be afraid.

Everyone before you has died.

You cannot stay
any more than a baby can stay forever in the womb.

Leave behind all you know,
 all you love.

Leave behind pain and suffering.

This is what death is.
- Tibetan jhator.

A) Do you think this is appropriate?
B) Is it too short?
C) Can you think of anything better?
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(no subject)

1. Which book in the Christian Bible describes Luficer's fall from heaven?
2. What are you watching right now/just finished watching/watched last?
3. Best kind of mineral water?
4. Worst kind of pudding?

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(no subject)

How come I always have the problem of what I want for Christmas?

I have everything that I need, so what should I ask for?

P.S. This is for my grandparents lists that they are demanding, so they are not going to just take no for an answer. Nor are they going to make a donation in my name to a charity.
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(no subject)

My friend promised to read the One Piece manga if I would watch Power Rangers: S.P.D.

Have you ever made any retarded trade-offs with your friends?

Did you follow through with them?

Does anyone know where I can watch S.P.D. online?
i say, old bean

(no subject)

forget about how old you are for a second and tell me, do you consider yourself old?
whether you do or don't, could you tell me why?

EDIT that's nice if your age is the reason you feel young or old, but i want EXAMPLES!

(no subject)

OK, so I'll probably get shot for asking this here but...


Is anyone else not able to get into chat rooms? I have been trying to get into TQC chat for like 3 days and it won't let me. It won't let me into the generic chats that it automatically creates either. (i.e. Pier60Girl Chat 1270249012756348965.) I tried downloading Trillian and that didn't work (unless there's something I need to know in order to do it). HALP?????

Edit: I got in on another screen name. Also, I forgot to ask this before:

How DO you get into an AIM chat room via Trillian? I know it's been posted before, but LJ seek/Google are not helping right now.

(no subject)

There was a sci-fi TV show back in the 90s that I watched in Russia that was awesome but I can't find out what the name is. It's either from the US or UK (or even Canada) I'm not sure, but I know it was dubbed from the English language. The plot I remember is there was an alien attack on Earth and they came into this girl's house and killed her parents while she (and her sister?) hid in the attic (basement?). Then she and some other people were in some sort of a force to fly in outer space and kill aliens, and the 5-6 of them were the best. I clearly remember one episode had some kind of green pills in it and they were like drugs and in the last episode that I saw they were in a "final battle" of sorts and one of the girls lost touch, one's ship failed and she drifted away, and I just wanted to know if there were any seasons made after that because I'd really like to know what happened. Help?

Whipped cream

If given the choice, would you choose to eat whipped cream on pie? If only certain kinds of pie, which ones?

As drink toppings (drinks for which wc is typically an option)? If only for certain drinks, which ones?

Any other purposes?

(no subject)

I'm pretty broke, and I was recently invited to a wedding of two friends. (They're fairly young, 18 & 22. It's a shotgun wedding, not like that makes any difference.) I am planning on going, and would like to get them something off of the registry. However, how much am I required to spend? Like I said, I'm broke, in college, and I don't work while in school, so I just live off of what my parents give me and what I have saved from my summer job. Can I get away with spending $50?

(no subject)

Poll #1086910 Sexytarians

How many sexual partners have you had?

Over 50, less than 100
Over 100, less than 200
Over 200

How many sexual partners could you have had by now if you weren't picky and willing to settle. Think back through your life

Over 50, less than 100
Over 100, less than 200
Over 200

Judging by your numbers now at your age, how many sexual partners do you project you'll have had total by the age of 65?

Over 50, less than 100
Over 100, less than 200
Over 200

Think of all the condoms you've used in your life. How much rubber have you gone through?

Enough to make one condom
Enough to make a latex glove
Enough to make a balloon
Enough to make a few balloons
Enough to make a bicycle tire
Enough to make a full body condom/latex suit
Enough to make a tire for an SUV
Enough to make a hot air balloon
Enough to completely cover a one-story house
Enough to completely cover a sperm whale
More condoms than that


How do you like to be kissed?

What is your favourite kind of kiss?

Do people kissing in public annoy you?

When did you last snog someone as displayed in this lolsome video? (The French Kiss or “Making Out”)

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my sob story let me tell you it

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For the emo-hating people:
What did you want to be when you grew up when you were in primary school?
How about middle school?
High school?
What did you end up becoming?

You can answer those questions as much as they apply to you, ie/ if you're still in high school, stop there, etc.


The value of friendship

Not a poll though it should be

1. Your closest friend comes out to you one day and says they've been gay forever and have been hiding it all this time, but it's time to come clean. Being their friend, you say you understand and are accepting of their new identity. However, the next time you see them, your friend has entirely changed his/her appearance. If it's a guy, he now dresses like the biggest fairy you can imagine, with dyed teal hair and girlie pumps. If it's a girl, she's now got a crew-cut, dresses in denim, flannel cut-off shirt, wallet chains and combat boots. Regardless of their gender, they're sporting a sizable, can't-miss, brand-new rainbow tattoo on the neck.

Question: after assessing their new look, will you still hang out with them as normal, or does the change make you too uncomfortable? Would their new look make you think twice about being seen in public with them, or does it not matter?

2. Your closest friend of the opposite gender one day tells you that they have an incurable disease (God hope this never comes true), and as their friend, they have a favor they'd like to ask of you. Your friend has always had a crush on you, whether or not you're aware of it, and as their dying wish, would like to sleep with you. Just once. They want nothing more but to know what it was like, and then they'd die happy. They don't want to disrupt any relationship you're in and know that the physical act would lead to nothing more, and think that your gift to them would be simply that of a friend making a sacrifice for a dying loved one.

Question: would you honor your friend's dying wish?
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Really important question!

Im going to make muffins with my son.
The recipe calls for some honey.
I know you're nt supposed to give little kids honey.
Is it okay if the honey is baked in something? Or should I not put the honey in?
My son is 14 months old, for reference.

Nevermind, thats just until they're a year old.

Whats the last thing you baked?

(no subject)

has anyone heard of the controversy surround the Golden Compass movie?
if not, here is a snope's article on it

whats the big deal if a movie has atheist views? aren't there enough religious movies out there?

should kids be able to decide for themselves if they believe in a higher being?

are you going to boycott this movie because it is anti-christianity?

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Isobel Mahariel

(no subject)

So, who else thinks Sony is screwing up big time with the PS3?

I kinda-sorta-but-not-really feel sorry for the CSR. He obviously has no idea what he can say or do, but then again, he didn't get his supervisor for the caller when he was asked to, he just talked to his supervisor himself.

Edit: And there really wasn't a point for the caller to go off on the CSR like he did. It's not like the CSR can do anything about the situation.

i bolded the questions cause there's so much text.

I've bought my mom a set of 12 plastic shoeboxes in which to store her cookie cutters (she's starting a cookie business and I am SO excited for her!). I want to label each box with the type of cutters inside. So far, I have Christmas/winter, spring/Easter, Thanksgiving/Halloween, Numbers & Letters, cartoon characters, animals, shapes, 3-d, Valentines, patriotic, sports,and other. Can you think of any more categories for cookie cutters? She really does just go across the board. I'll probably print doubles for her more extensive categories.

Also, the best way to attach the labels? I want them to be removable in case she changes her cutters up. I was thinking cover both sides of the label in clear contact paper and velcroing them to the box? Can you think of any better ideas.
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(no subject)

TQCers with UGGs: i normally wear a 9.5-10 in US shoe sizes, but uggs only come in whole sizes...I've read some reviews that say they run about a half size too big--should I go with the 10 or the 9.0?

ty all i went ahead and ordered both, but think the nine will work...but wanted to be safe :)
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(no subject)

 I got my ears pierced (just the lobes) 5 weeks ago. Both ears seem to go back and forth with infection. Right now they both seem fine, but on friday while I was cleaning the back of my right ear lobe, a bunch of crusty pus fell off and it started to bleed a little. The rest of the day it was swollen, but it's now back to normal. I was wondering if I could take them out now, as the 6 weeks is almost up and I'm impatient, or if I should leave them in for longer than 6 weeks because of the infections? 

(no subject)

On the off-chance that someone here knows about metal properties...

What exactly does the "loss modulus" mean, and why is it a maximum at the glass transition temperature?
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(no subject)

 I just watched this thing on the end of the world on History Channel, and it talked about how artificial intelligence could get SO intelligent that it would intentionally destroy human life on its own.  It sounds reasonable to me, but I jsut can't figure out why they would want to!

TQC, why would computers want to destroy humans?
Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

 1. Have you ever had a dog or cat go into labor? What did you have to do? How did it go?
(My sister's cat is about to have kittens, and we've been reading up on it, but I'd like to hear some personal stories)

2. Do you ever wake up with a random song stuck in your head?
(All the time. I have no idea why)


My bf is first year med student and for xmas I want to get him a NICE stethoscope.. what kind should I get him? I also am going to get it engraved.. is this cheesy?
serious answers please!

(no subject)

I need to store my paintings, to hide them away from idle hands. Is it safe for a painting to take it off the frame, roll it up and put it in a tube? The future of fingers depends on you, tqc.
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(no subject)

1. If you use LUSH products, what would you recommend?
2. This season of Nip/Tuck is better than the last (at least so far), Y/N?
3. If you are in school, how many things do you own with the school's logo on it?
4. Should I go out to my car to get the rest of the groceries (non-perishables) or ask my husband to do it when he gets home from watching football? It's pretty cold out.

(no subject)

When I wear my hair long, I get dandruff like crazy. When I wear my hair short, I don't. Does this really mean that to be non-flaky, I have to wear my hair short? (Bonus points to anyone who can tell me why this happens.)

(no subject)

Dear TQC,
I just returned from my surprise visit to my peeps in MN, which rocked BUT OMG i'm soo tired we stayed up till 430 lastnight playing guitar hero and drinking. I am exhusted! Then I just drove back alone the 4 hour drive! When was the last time you stay up late beyond belief? what were you doing?'

the ever loving tator
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(no subject)

What's that word that means sweetheart lover that starts with A? Amoratia <-- close to that. I saw it on freerice several times but I can't for the life of me remember it.

Got it! "inamorata"

(no subject)

1. Next year my boyfriend and I are planning to get a flat together. I've been living with my parents and he's living on campus with a roommate, so neither of us really own much. How much would you guesstimate it'll cost us to furnish a flat with at least the essentials?

2. I've never cared much for New Year's, but this time I'll be in Stockholm staying at a swanky hotel with my SO. What should I do to celebrate? I'm underage so I shouldn't really be boozing it up (though that hasn't stopped me in the past).

3. Do you celebrate Christmas? What are your religious views?

4. Are you the kind to save up for ages and go all-out on something big you've had your eyes on, or the kind to spend a little, more often, on smaller things?

(no subject)

For my next tattoo, should I get one of a cat first, or a dinosaur?

I have plans on getting both sometime in the future, but I can't decide which I want to get first.

So give me your opinion TQC!


What songs in your music collection have the word "jelly" as part of the title?





Jelly: Jellybones by the Unicorns; Riffs and Variations on a Single Note for Jelly Roll, Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, Baby Dodds, and the King of Swing, To Name a Few by Sufjan Stevens

Jesus: Jesus Love Me by Cocorosie, Jesus by Page France, Chocolate Jesus by Tom Waits, Jesus Etc. by Wilco

July: July, July! by the Decemberists, July Jones by the New Pornographers

Japan: Japan by Cocorosie, Mountain Trip to Old Japan 1959 by the Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players

(no subject)

Should I eat frozen mac & cheese, or the Little Caesar's cheesy bread my mom made with pizza sauce?

What's your favorite kind of mac & cheese? I swear, I love every kind there is... Kraft, off-brand, Michaelina's, Stouffer's... but omg, Boston Market's is the best.
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(no subject)

1- What the hell is with so many posts about cheering someone up lately?
2- Does November bring death, famine and depression to the masses?
3- How about you, does November make you want to slit your wrists?
4- I'm in too good of a mood, will you bring me down and tell me what's something that made you depressed or homicidal recently?

(no subject)

What's the largest library fine you've ever had?

How did you get it? Anything unusual?

Did you pay it?

I have a €300 (approx $450) fine right now. On a single book. My college library has a special short-term loan section for books that are needed a lot. The one I got out was on 24hr loan, with €2/hr overdue fines. I was sick when I got it out, but I thought I could manage to get in the next day. I couldn't.

I'm going to see if they'll accept a sick-note from the health centre as an excuse.

Car trouble :(

I have a 2001 Dodge Stratus sedan. I love it, it's a great car and I do a lot of driving. For the past couple of months, I'll be driving when suddenly the car loses power. It's smooth, like I just took my foot off the gas or something. The RPMs drop and the car just slows down. It doesn't happen often, it's only been a couple of times. What do you think this could be? I plan on asking a mechanic since it's going to need its 90k mile maintenance soon, but what's the harm in asking you guys too?
b/w girl

(no subject)

why at physicals do doctors have to ask if youre "experimenting" with boys/girls (and if so what exactly youre doing)?
what do they do with the information?
and when your doctor asks you, do you lie? 
EDIT: what the heck! 
ill reword it. why does my creepy nosy doctor ask me if im experimenting with boys/girls?!
i have an appt coming up soon and im already preparing for her nosy ass questions.

whats the best line from the best song you can think of?
bjork 2

Not procrastinating at all. Nope.

I swapped cars this weekend, but I don't know what to name the new joy-mobile. My old celica, which I sold to an acquaintance, was Cobie (which suited it because it had cobra lights and always looked ridiculously cheerful.) My "new" car is a Stratus and looks more apathetic than anything else. What should I name it? Do you name random possessions? (cars, computers, hair straighteners?)

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How was your day today?

Anyone want to do my unknown write-up for my micro. class? I'll give you cookies! I just realized that the species I identified my unknown as is not it. Everything matches from the Bergey's table, but apparently B. mycoides is not motile and mine definitely was. Woe.

EDIT: Do you have a picture of your car ride handy? Will you post it?
Bug-eyed Earl


I am going to make brownies. My crappy efficiency oven seems to burn everything if I set it and cook for the recommended time. When I reduce time or temp too much it doesn't seem to cook.

I've got a 13x9 clear glass pan. The recommended temp is 350f 24-26 minutes. How should I set the oven?

EDIT they came out ok.. I had to put them back in after 20 minutes at 350 though.

(no subject)

Is there a way to record a casette tape to your computer and turn it into an audio file you can burn on CD? And not have it sound crappy?

I LOVE the New Kids on the Block "Merry, Merry Christmas" album from back in the early 90s. Who is with me on that one?

I want that album on CD but it's not in print or whatever so I'd have to pay over 20 for a used CD. But a used copy of the cassette? like 25 cents.