November 10th, 2007


My girlfriend is adorable.

She's a bit chubby, and self conscious.

Being absolutely honest, I think her body is adorable, attractive and sexy. She doesn't believe me.

No, I do not have a chubby "fetish", I'm just as attracted to more "fit" body types as I am to my girlfriend.

1. Have you ever been physically attracted to someone with more rounded assets, despite their personality or other non-physical appeals?

2. If you you think chubby people are unattractive, do you think that way because you honestly aren't attracted to them? Or is it because that's the general perception the world has developed. If you find them attractive, do you think someone who isn't attracted is justified? Be honest.

3. Does the word "fat" offend you?

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I have a question. Has anyone here used Tricare Prime medical insurance with a civilian doctor? I'm really confused on something. I was looking on and I have two claims, one for my doctor's appointment and one for my ultrasound. This is what the one for the ultrasound looks like:

Claim number: 7292X1TZ00000
Dates of service: 10/02/2007 to 10/02/2007
Date processed: 10/20/2007
Provider accepts assignment: Yes
Total billed: $890.00
Amount paid to Patient: $0.00
Amount paid to CLEVELAND CLINIC FOUNDATI: $111.38
Beneficiary paid to Provider: $0.00
Primary coverage allowed amount: $0.00
Primary coverage payment amount: $0.00
Total amount paid: $111.38
Patient liability for this claim:
Deductible: $0.00
Cost-share: $0.00
Copayment: $0.00
Total patient liability: $0.00

ETA: also, under that, it says: Please see your TRICARE Explanation of Benefits (TEOB) for the amount you are responsible to pay. You receive credit for cost-shares and deductibles toward your catastrophic cap and maximum deductible amounts. However, if you have Other Health Insurance (OHI), you may not be responsible for these amounts.

So, does this mean I owe the difference? I know it says patient liability is 0, but I don't know if they always leave it blank and the insurance only paid off $100! Am I going to get a bill for the other $700? I'm so confused! I've checked the TEOB but all it says is the services I'm covered for, not actual dollar amounts.

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I'm going to a masquerade ball next week, and despite my userpic (it was a fluke) I'm not very good at applying dramatic makeup.

I'd like to do a cat-eye look or something similarly dramatic. What are some good links for applying makeup? Preferably with pictures.

What is your favorite all-day-stay-non smudging lipstick? Liquid eyeliner?

How can I get my lips to plump up without injections?

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Have you ever fallen for the same person twice, with a significant amount of time between the fall-age (year+)?

Dated them both times?
Dated them once, but not the next time? vice versa?
Never dated them?
How convinced were you that you didn't like them in between the two times?
Did you stay friends in between?
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Alcohol...weird taste? weird.

So about... 3 weeks ago I went to this crazy ass college party and got drunk out of my mind. I've never been that drunk in my life, period. Well, the day after I woke up with this weird taste in my mouth...this funky taste. forward 3 weeks and I still have the taste; not as bad, but it's still there. What could it be? Hm..

So yesterday I attempted to drink a beer and couldn't even finish it without feeling like I was going to puke. I'm beginning to think all the drinking I did on that ONE night did me some damage. Any one have any thoughts, ideas of what it is i'm experiencing?

Windows Movie Maker

Hey. I was using Windows Move Maker to make a youtube video. I upload the orignal file which is an AVI and I shortened it the way I want it and Published the movie. I went to double check the clip and its half green? Does anyone know why this happens? I haven't ran into this before.
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Any sociology peeps in the house? I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now for a Soc of Deviance class. In one page, I have to describe a situation of organizational deviance. Then I have to analyze the situation using the texts that we've read over the last month, in 5 pages. The situation can be from real life, or from a book or movie. I have some things in mind right now.

This cames out of my love for Vito Russo's A Test of Who We Are As a People from 1988.

"All i read in the newspapers tells me that the mainstream heterosexual population is not at risk for this disease. All the newspapers i read tell me that IV drug users and homosexuals still account for the overwhelming majority of cases and those at risk. Then can somebody please tell me why every single penny allocated for education and prevention gets spent on ad campaigns directed almost exclusively to white, heterosexual, teenagers who they keep telling us are not at risk for this disease?"

I also thought back to the scenes in Angels in America in which Roy Cohn is all stocked up on HIV meds, when no one else can afford them. And Belize ends up stealing some because he knows that he won't be able to afford it.

So I came up with this preliminary situation that I need to hash out into 1 double spaced page:

"Access to HIV-related treatment and education were made available only to the populations of people that were "not at risk", and (the organizations involved, I'll fill this in later) neglected to provide for the populations that needed it most."

Do any of you wonderful people know of any resources that you could direct me to on the topic? Do you know how you can find out where certain advertisements were printed/who they were marketed to? Know of a different example of this situation (a movie or something?) Know of a different topic I should write about?

thank you!
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My Skype keeps breaking up. All the problems are eventually my fault because I never hear anything wrong; the other person always hears me repeating myself or breaking up. This has only happened since I got a new computer, and did not happen at first. WHY ;_; What do I do!?

Laptop Built In Speakers

I'm having a bit of trouble with the sound on the laptop. (FYI it's a Toshiba Satellite Laptop).

I can hear fine from the headphones, it works that way, but if I unplug the headphones I can't hear anything no matter how high I turn it up.

What's the matter with the laptop, tqc? Or is it a programming/setting issue?


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If you've ever been married, how long did you date that partner before you got married?

If you've ever been divorced, how long were you officially married before you got the divorce?

Edit: We will have been together almost exactly 3 years by the time we get married.
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posting from a really crappy computer

TQC pls halp :(

I started up my computer this morning and everything was normal, it loaded fine. I started opening my usual programs (winamp, AIM, firefox) and suddenly the screen went black. It wasn't off, the orange light was still on. I couldn't seem to do anything, so I shut it down by the tower, and started it up again after a minute or two...but now it won't even load up, it just makes a high pitched sound, it comes from the CPU, like an old MSDOS noise. It's constant and sounds like an alarm.

TQC, what is wrong with my computer??! ;_;
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Have you ever had to edit a bank statement to make it appear as if you didn't get an NSF fee? How did you do it? Tips?

(FYI: We are buying a house and fiancee was stupid and sent a check payment that posted day before payday so he got an NSF fee. The bank refunded the fee, but it still might screw up our loan!)
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It goes ding when there's stuff.

Dear Great Britian:

Inside of what television shows are you keeping this famously fantastic sense of humor? I live in the states and recently got the British Broadcasting Channel, and while I'm sure they're messing around with it so it's "suitable for American audiences", the only really good show I've found so far is Dr. Who. While it is somewhat comforting to discover we're not the only ones with stupid sitcoms, plz to be directing me towards the awesome.

Thank you. :D

Or alternately, "HAY GUYS, what TV programs best showcase the allegedly awesome British sense of humor?"
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Pretend you live in a land where abortions are legal and easily accessible.

If you were pregnant (or for boys, if your significant other was pregnant) and you found out that the baby had a significant abnormality (Down Syndrome, Autism, or something else that would greatly affect their development). Would you abort the child (assuming it is within the legal amount of time, etc)?

ETA: I know you can't detect Autism before birth, just assume that whatever "defect" is found can be found through an amneo or ultrasound. We will expand the abilities science for this hypothetical question.
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Was there ever a Mickey Mouse Club episode where aliens came down and trapped everyone in the clubhouse, then let one girl go home so she could pack or something?

Or, if not the Mickey Mouse Club, then some other Disney show?
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Does anyone know where I can watch 'A Girl's Guide the 21st Century Sex' online, or know where I can download it that won't take forever? It showed on the BBC last year, and it was an 8 episode series. I'm pretty sure each episode was half an hour long. I've been looking on Google, but I can't find it anywhere, and I've heard it's a really good, educational watch, that I'd really like to see.

X-Posted to a few other comms.
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so me and my friend are both from california (he's stockton/modesto, i'm from sd) and we're going to school in new york. i'm the only one of us going back to california for thanksgiving and its his birthday a few days before so i want to bring something back for him. i cant take any in-n-out on the plane and i cant think of much else besides a slippin slide (which i'm already planning on bringing back)

so...any ideas for what i should bring a friend who misses california?
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So, me and some green apple smirnoff became quite intimate last night.

I opened my phone this morning to check up on something, and my call log/text log are a mile long and I can barely understand most of the texts.

Are you a drunk dialer/texter? What's the worst you've done? And how do I apologise to these twenty-odd people I probably woke up with inane texts at 2 am?

Swap? Crafts? Swaps?

I am wondering about these things because I moderate several swaps--my profile has a list--and do most of my swapping on LJ. Since I knit and am now on, I seen that swaps are starting up a lot there.

So, TQC:

How many people here do swaps? for gifts or for crafts? Do you swap for holidays? Where do you swap? Why?

ETA: Wow, it surprises me how few of you swap anywhere.
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(no subject)

What is the dumbest no-no you've done while driving? (ie eating, reading, applying make-up, texting, not wearing your seatbelt, etc)

I just had some one send me an e-mail about the Vagina Monologues and though I know what it is, I still randomly started wondering what my vagina's monologue would be like and I giggled like a 12 year old who just had a health class (just so you all know, my monologue would be boring)... so laaadies, what would your vagina's monologue be?

Guys, you can play along too, we know the penis wants to join in.
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i just spent a RIDICULOUS amount of time over here. what website did you recently spend a lot of time at?

i think i finally found where i'll be getting most of my Christmas presents from, lol. have you narrowed down what you plan on getting your people for Christmas yet?

yummy beer!, yummy

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Poll #1086341 voice post! - Christmas or not yet?

I can't decide if I'm ready to get into the Christmas spirit via music, but I do know I want to do another voice post. Which song should I do my next voice post of?

Merry Christmas, Darling
Ticket to Ride
Silver Bells
Take me home, Country Roads (SHADDUP! - I grew up with JD)
other, which I'll put in the comments

Christmas music - what do you think of it?

it's overly commercialized, much like the holiday
much of it is trite, but it's still fun
it wouldn't be the holiday season for me without it
Christmas?? - whaddya mean?! I listen to that silliness year around
Bah, humbug!
Ticky - Yea!!!!!

What's the earliest you want to hear someone singing a Christmas song?

any time is Christmas music time!
Nov/Dec is fine
after (US) Thanksgiving
not before Dec. 1, okay?
only the week of Christmas - even then, that may be too much for me.
NEVER - Christmas music pretty much sucks!

Anything else about this topic??

Damn you to hellfire for being US-centric in your third question!
You suck for ignoring the other Dec holidays in this poll.
nertz to you for being part of the 'Christmas too soon' problem.
even MORE Bah, humbug comin' atchoo!
YEA - more ticky!!!

(x-posted in my journal)

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A while back, there was a big debate on TQC about Mother Theresa being a bad person. My friend doesn't believe me that she wasn't necessarily the greatest person. I keep getting sketchy blog links whenever I google this, though. Can anyone point me in the direction of a well-written argument online as to why she wasn't so amazing after all?

ETA: I'm not looking to prove a "point" if she was bad or not. I just wanted to show my friend that there is controversy surrounding her, as shown in this post: I don't know enough about her to form an opinion.
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har har har

"i'd like to think that bunjee jumping is suicide for indecisive people." - jimmy carr

what's the funniest/most offensive one-liner, quote, or joke that you've heard recently?

no dead baby jokes, those are all old by now.

Food Down the Toilet?

My SO puts food down the toilet. For instance - if there's soup left over, rather than straining it and putting the solids in the trash and the liquid in the sink, it all goes in the toilet. Wiener water soup + two wiener halves just went down the toilet. Etc.

Do you put food down the toilet?

Do you have any issues like this (and my oil change question yesterday) where there isn't a really good reason *not* to change your ways (why not put soup in the toilet!) but it's really hard to do so?
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Dementor fodder

Do you think you have a soul? If you do, what does it feel like? Where is it located physically? How is it different/separate from your personality, intelligence, emotions and memories? If you were able to lose/sell your soul, what would you have left?
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What are some foods that you loved to eat as a kid but your parents limited you on?
Do you eat that food in excess now as an adult/teen?

What are some foods that you hated to eat as a kid but your parents made you?
Do you eat that food at all now as an adult/teen?

What are some foods that your parents SHOULD have limited you on but didn't?
Do you suffer long term effects of not being limited?
Do you still eat that food in excess?

Do you make your bed?
Did you make your bed as a kid?

How do I get acrylic nails off? Cryyy.
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If somebody tells you they don't like something. Something that maybe starts with w, ends with d, and rhymes with 'smeed', would you do it in front of them? It just seems counterproductive to me, if you supposedly really like someone, to do something they honestly don't like right beneath their nose. If somebody said, point blank, 'Hey. I don't like it when you smoke smeed, particularly in front of me.' - what would you do?

A) Promptly go smoke smeed. Clearly, and obviously. Even allowing the person to watch you fondle, pack, touch, and caress your smeed, with attention so rapt, that one might wonder if you were dealing with precious gems instead.
B) Wait to smoke smeed until the person was gone. You like this person. Why ruin it over something lame?
C) Just not smoke smeed for the evening. You can wait.

(when it counted, a certain person picked A. and i think it means game over. am i being too harsh?)


How do you usually style your hair?

I'm tired of just straightening it or putting it up in a pony tail/bun thing.  What else should I do?

And what is the most pathetic thing you have done today?

I woke up  before 7 and couldn't sleep, so watched paid programming for a couple hours.  And when good things actually came on tv, I was STILL searching for interesting infomercials.   I want new knives and a vacuum and a STEAM MOP.  Damn it.
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I have lived in my current apartment since August. Like all renters, I get the occasional piece of junk mail that is addressed to a former tenant. However, I have been receiving what are obviously medical bills for the person who lived here right before I did. I don't really know what to do. Should I try and contact the hospital and let them know he doesn't live here anymore? Contact the apartment office to see if he has a forwarding address? What is the best thing to do in this situation?

Poll refuses to pollify. Sorry everyone

Which would you rather do?
Shove a red hot coal up your arse
Stick a red hot coal under your tongue

Choose one:
You have open, bleeding, pus-oozing, untreatable sores all over your hands and the soles of your feet. Gloves and socks may protect them from infections, but nothing stops the pain
Your tongue gets shaved with a potato peeler. Then, without swallowing, you have to hold a shotglass worth of extra salty Tabasco sauce in your mouth for 2 minutes

You would rather
Have someone constantly tap on your shoulder for the rest of your life, even when you try to get to sleep. It's irregular tapping too; sometimes harder, sometimes lighter
Be depressed for the rest of your life. Not so much you actually off yourself, you just mope around feeling like crap all the time

You get to choose who it's from both times
Swallow 8oz of piss direct from the source
Get fisted (anally if you're a guy, take your pick if you're a girl)

Choose one:
Females: you menstruate for 24 days a month. Males: it has suddenly become biologically possible for you to menstruate, and you do so 7 days a month. This includes bleeding (obviously), cramps, mood swings... The whole nine yards!
You have no fingers, your face resembles a really fucked up Picasso painting, and you smell awful. Aside from these things, you are perfectly healthy

You have to swallow a load of come. No reason why, you just have to. The good news is that you get to have it mixed up in your
Tuna Salad

Choose one:
Every once in a while when you wake up in the morning, you find that nests of live maggots have been burrowing in the insides of your elbows and the backs of your knees
You're just about to have sex with your new date, who you really like. They're nearing your crotch, pull off your pants and underwear, and find themselves staring at fresh poop stains. They also seem to have gotten a little on their hand

Would you rather
Watch an extremely attractive member of your preferred sex masturbate
Watch Jesus masturbate

Choose one:
You are a recently released convicted sexual predator trying to reestablish yourself and your career after prison
You are never able to clip, cut, file or trim your fingernails ever again

You are trapped on a deserted island where it is always a warm 25C
You have plenty of fresh fruit and fish. You will live to be 100 years old and stay in excellent health. You are alone the whole time
At times food is scarce and oftentimes you are very hungry. You are trapped there with a very attractive person of your preferred sex, and they want to meet your every need. You will die within 6 months

Choose one:
You have no genitals
You have your current genitals, but they are on your forehead

You are tied to a chair, and 'they' are going to to make you talk
A nice, thick and sharp needle 3 inches in length is pushed through the skin and muscle of your bicep until it hits the bone. The head of the needle is then moved back and forth, causing the point of it to scrape across your bone
You are fed your own faeces

{wow} sin'dorei pride
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1. What kind of stuff do you put in your hair? (edit: conditioner/shampoo not counted, I mean like clips and gel and stuff)

2. How many times have you done all nighters?

3. Do you have a USB drive? How many mbs? (My brother made fun of me for having a 256)

4. Do you say 'tummy', 'belly' or 'stomach'? Which sounds best?

5. If you were a rockstar, would you live by the saying 'sex, drugs and rock and roll' or would you set your own rules?
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What would be your response to the following situations?
1)It's your birthday. Someone gives you a calfskin wallet.
2)You've got a little boy. He shows you his butterfly collection plus the killing jar.
3)You're watching television. Suddenly you realize there's a wasp crawling on your arm.
4)You're watching a stage play. A banquet is in progress. The guests are enjoying an appetizer of raw oysters. The entree consists of boiled dog.
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Bathroom Air Freshener

Is there a bathroom air freshener spray that actually works? I'd like to give my family a break, so I spray when I'm done going poop, but they say the spray just adds to the stink. We've tried Neutra-Air which is supposed to actually remove stink particles, and we've tried different herbal products, and Lysol disinfectant spray.

Dachshund -> mmm tea

Hanging out...

How often do you/did you hang out with friends when you were in highschool?

I ask because when I was in highschool, for the most part, school was when I hung out with my friends, and after school was my alone time. However, now that my brother is a junior, I never see him. Ever. At all. I know the more abnormal behavior was mine, but it's still weird to me how much he is with his friends, lol, it's like I don't even have a brother anymore. He moved out.
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(no subject)

I want to learn how to knit.
Specifically, a scarf.
I have tried out my googling skills, and found a ton of sites teaching me how to knit. Do any of you recommend any in particular?

What should I have for dinner? My options are:
a wrap with basically anything in it
a sandwich
....any other suggestions?

(no subject)

there's this guy i get the train with everyday on my way to university,that i want to talk to but I'm shy ,so i wanted to ask:

would you ask a stranger out?
Did it work out?
Where did you meet?
How did you approach him/her?
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(no subject)

I'm bored. What should I write about?

Also, I turned 18 yesterday. Is there anything I can legally do now (aside from buy cigarettes and porn) that I'm forgetting?

Edit: Age of consent here is 16, so if anyone was going to suggest anything involving sex, that's covered.
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TV bass

At home, our TV room is directly below my bedroom. If someone turns the TV on, no matter how low the volume, I can hear it. Since the TV is basically on all hours of the day, this greatly annoys me. My family does not believe me (although they should, since I often know the TV is on when the volume is extremely low) and tell me to "deal with it", but I'm very sensitive to noises and it really bothers me.

My question is, is there some way to turn down the bass on the TV? I know that's what I'm hearing, and our walls must be really thin or something for me to hear it when the TV is at such a low volume. Is there anything I can do to cut down on the noise I'm hearing while still allowing my family the satisfaction of watching TV in the family room even though there are TVs in every single room of our house except the kitchens and bathrooms, including everyone's bedroom, and they still find the need to watch it in that particular room ?

(no subject)

Will an indoor cat be able to hunt properly?
We have mice in our house. Our cat has never been outside other than when we brought him home and took him to the vet. I think he's a lame hunter and won't be able to kill the mice because he is spoiled.
What do you think?

Is it me, or does anyone else feel like their days are over before they even begin since it gets dark at like... 6pm?
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(no subject)

In your experience what website is the best for purchasing blank microscope slides? Does anyone know of any regular stores I could go to to buy microscope slides? Specifically in central New Jersey.

I was going to use this one but according to their shipping map it would take forever to get to NJ. Then I was going to use this one but you need to spend $15, and my total would only be $10.


For the Americans...

Are you thrilled to live in the generation of the present? Or do you wish at times you could be placed in a different era of America to live in? If you could paste together a new American society that pulled the very best in trends and social standards of various American eras, what would that society look like in practice?


Researchers report that creating and maintaining family traditions brings a family closer.

What are your family traditions that mark the different seasons? This could be the family you grew up in, or your family now with your wife/husband. Lets keep it organized in monthly or seasonal format. I'm looking forward to getting new ideas. I'll start:

Collapse )
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Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody...


My fiance is at some concert, having his eardrums raped. (Four death metal bands in one night.)

My daughter is spending the weekend with her grandparents.

I'm flipping between two football games, and I'm kind of getting bored.

What to do? (Please keep in mind I'm in my 'slouchy pants', so getting out of the house isn't out of the question, but it'll involve effort.)

Would y'all hold it against me if I just hung out on LJ all night and drank wine and did a couple drunken posts?
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(no subject)

We're thinking of vacationing (honeymooning, actually) in San Diego. Fires aside, what are some points of interest? Favorite restaurants? Cafes? Breweries? Live music venues? So far we know we'd like to visit the zoo, wild animal park, beaches, and "gaslamp district." I'm sure there's more to San Diego than that, or at least more refined ideas.

(no subject)

1.Has anyone smelled the new Glade candle "Glistening Snow"?

What the french does snow even smell like?

2. What is your myers briggs personality type?

3. What is your thought on internet dating?

4. Do you think your type affects your opinion on internet dating?

I'm an INTJ and I am considering giving online dating a serious shot. I think my type does have somthing to do with it because I have little patience for small talk and flirting that is so much a part of meeting new people. I'd rather get to talking to someone and find out if we're really compatible then go on about meaningless stuff. I know you have to figure out if you can just get along with a person, but I don't know...I'm just not all about the roundabout flirting. Also, as an introvert, big social functions and places drain me and then I'm not in a good mood and less likely to meet someone and make a good impression and I am even less patient.
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(no subject)

1. Anyone watching The Wizard Of Oz on TBS?
I am! Nothing else on TV.

2. Anyone watch it last night?

3. Anyone watching it tomorrow night?
If there's nothing else on.

4. Who couldn't care less?

(no subject)

Dear Dr. TQC:

For the past, oh, 3 days or so, I've been sortof photosensitive. Looking at any sort of light is like... as if I'd been swimming and had the chlorine-eyes-weirdness. Or like I'd just woke up, or just walked outside from a dim room.

It's getting fucking annoying, and over thanksgiving break I plan on spending a lot of time on the road. Any recommendations for what might be causing this, and what I can do to make it go away?

(no subject)

what sound do you despise more than any other sound? i'm talking visceral reaction, flailing, screaming, OMG DO ANYTHING TO MAKE IT STOP kind of sounds.

my husband grinding his teeth is the worst sound imaginable. i'm listening to it over the baby monitor right now, and am really having to resist going in there and hitting him or something.
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Don't hate on Oprah!

1a. Did anyone see Patrick Swayze on Oprah the other day?
1b. Does he still have "it"?

2a. Do you sew anything?
2b. Do you sew your own clothes?

I saw him; he's still got it.
Sometimes but not often; I'm going to start sewing my own pajammas. They cost too much to buy!
[dance] pink side to side

(no subject)

1- Do you expect the mortals of this plane of existence to bow to you, or do you accept the flaws and mistakes of others?
2- What the hell makes you so damned special?
3- WELL?!
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(no subject)

Beloved thequestionclub,

How can I help you be not as shy as you are be of service to you? since y'all want to pull the 'i ain't shy card' out :| lol



ETA: because i have time and i'm wide awake.. HAIR TIMEEEEE!

are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

would you like me to help? POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.

(no subject)

when is the last time you totally "pwned" someone? (yeah that's a horrible word but I couldn't think of an alternate at the moment) did it greatly amuse you?

today me & my friend were going to Target in her hubby's huge, old beat up Yukon. we're cruising in the parking lot, looking for a spot. I see one right up front. in the row next to us, a red SUV was making its way to our spot. I said "GO GO GO RED SUV IS ON THE MOVE!" so literally RIGHT as the SUV was speeding up to take our spot, my friend swerves into the space.. the tires even made that squealing sound too. the look on the face of the lady in the red SUV was priceless. [but with all due respect we DID see the spot first].

& yes it obviously amused me.


I'm in a lucky situation where if the people above me and below me turn on their heat, the pipes running up and down through each room in my apartment get really hot and thus I have no need to turn on my heat (it's actually almost 75 degrees in here now, even though its 32 outside). At what point do we need to worry about pipes bursting if we don't turn our own heat on? Do we, if the heating system is all interconnected in the basement (I'm not sure to what degree - we all have individual water heaters and I suppose I could go check out the boiler to see how that works, but it's scary down there :X). Our thermostat is currently all the way off (60, I guess?) Should we leave it there or put it on 62? At what outside temperature should we do that?

Do you have any face/body/nekkid (!!) pictures of Henrik Lundqvist you could share? Post links plz?
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Last night I went out with my boyfriend and my girlfriend at the same time. Would you consider this weird?

If you were dating two people, would you ever ask them both out at once?

If you were dating someone who was dating someone else as well and your SO asked you to go out with them and their other SO at the same time, would you be offended or weirded out? Assume you and the other SO are friends/get along well.

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Did you ever watch figure it out when you were younger?

Did you cover your ears and close your eyes to play along?
Did it bother you that the people guessing what the kids did always guessed the most ridiculous absurd shit? Like "Does your dog win at riding tornadoes?"
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Who else besides me absolutely LOVES the updated Law & Order: Criminal Intent Theme Music?!?

1. Who turns the volume up specifically for the music, then turns it back down?

2. Who plays air piano when it comes on...and hits every note?

BONUS: Am I obsessing?
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do you watch comedy central?
what's your favorite program?
ive never watched south park. I am told I'm missing out. Should I start watching it?
Should I watch every episode ever starting with season 1? Or pick up at new episodes?
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For my NaNo story...

I've run into a wall, so I put this to you o' brilliant members of TQC.

Backstory: this is a modern fantasy, essentially they are in our world but magic and whatnot are real in this world, but not commonly acknowledged.

Problem: my MC has had a vision in which the love of his life and the woman to whom he owes his loyalties die by way of a rather nasty hell beast.

He tries to do something to stop this by casting a protection spell and ...?

I need to know what the "and" would be. The plot hinges on the fact that he tries these 2+ spells before the beasty actually shows (by at least a couple of days).

And leaving this element out isn't an option unfortunately.

Thanks for the help!
~ K.
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I do a lot themed nights out for uni.. can you show me a picture of you in fancy dress/themed?

It would be cool if you had halloween pictures because we hardly celebrate it here in the UK :-(
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Ladies (and gentlemen too, if it applies), what is the strangest foreign object you've ever, uh, stuck inside of yourself?

Mine: small, copper sculpture of a scuba diver (way too many puns can be made about that)