November 9th, 2007

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If your job allowed you to pay to wear jeans/a hat to work (normal dresscode is business casual), would you? How much?

Do you like pomegranate? Do you eat the whole seed or just sort of suck the juice out?

What are you favorite breakfast foods?
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I just discovered Grace Chang's music but I can't find any CDs available in the US.  Not even on eBay.

What should I do?

EDIT: Oy, I give up

What should I do?What is something about you that makes you feel special or exceptional? 
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What is a good exercise to work out the upper torso? I have the dreaded back rolls(the ones right under the bra line) and they make me sad D:

eta: argh, I know you can't spot-reduce fat. I just wanted to know exercises to target strength training for that area.
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i am a worrywart.

Another question about travelling. I know, I'm a boring one-note.

Tomorrow I'm flying alone from Norwich, England to Glasgow, Scotland. It's a stupid little flight, really, but I HATE flying and the whole process makes me nervous as hell. Getting to the airport on time, checking in, finding the gate, then getting off the plane and figuring out where the hell you go once you get to an unfamiliar city... I'm panicking a little.


1. Do you hate flying or love it?
2. What can I do to help myself not freak out? I do have some Valium. Heh.
2b. What could I possibly be forgetting? I have my passport as ID, my online print out so I can get my boarding pass... I just have this nagging feeling I'll forget something or screw it all up somehow! Ahh!
3. I'm going to be in Glasgow Friday night, Saturday and Sunday morning. Friday's plans are already set (seeing the Shins in concert, woo), but what should we do Saturday? Anything I shouldn't miss? It's supposed to be somewhat rainy.

Anyone have a magic 8 ball? If so, can I ask it some questions with you as the middle man?


So lately i've been stressing out and not sleeping maybe 4 hrs in the past 3 days altogether...I dont need a lot of sleep to function, just need it to clear my head....sometimes I take Benadryl...usually helps, but not always....

anybody else have this problem? granted u have the time to sleep
what helps you?
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memory foam

My boyfriend has a memory foam pillow and it is fantastic but I can't remember what the name of it is. I've decided I was going to ask my mom one for Christmas, so my questions are...

1) Does anybody have any favorite memory foam pillows? (looking for brands here)
2) How about mattress pads?
3) Does anyone use pillows/mattressesthat utilize "natural" materials such as latex and wool? How has that worked out for you?

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Do you like my hair? ETA, I added a good pictue of my hair. Duh!

I'll fix asap if the photos are too big.

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Hello all, I am new to the community... so where are you all from?

Do you guys know people outside of the community, or do you mostly know each other from posting?

What is your favorite animal? mine is an elephant!

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Do you know what the term "BM" means?
Where are you from?

Edit To me it means 'poop'. I had to explain it to my roommate last night, because it was used on The Sarah Silverman Show (the dog was pooping and she said something about "you better not BM").

I'm from NY.
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I put orange scented lotion on my hands a few minutes ago, and just went to pat my cat and he avoided me at all costs, then sneeze-exploded in my hand. Do cats hate the scent of orange, or just scents like this in general?

Could you stand sleeping with earplugs every night?

What is your favorite store to buy clothes in?

When you buy toilet paper, do you go for soft and cushy or thin and economical?
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1. Do you use fabric softener in your laundry?
2. Hang to dry or tumble dry?
3. Dryer sheets for static?
4. Favourite detergent?
5. I love towels fresh from the dryer. Do you?

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So, you learn a new word or concept, and immediately afterwards you begin hearing/seeing/noticing this word or concept quite frequently in your daily life.

What is the name of this mental phenomenon?
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For those of you that have a serious SO, are married OR plan on getting married later on in the future, how do/will you decide whose family to spend such and such holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas.. etc) with? or do/will you just spend it at home and not bother going elsewhere?
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I want to buy this dress. Honestly, I don't know if I'll actually wear it anywhere, but it's $12, and I want something to put on and dance around the house in during my I-don't-need-a-man-to-feel-sexy-and-desirable funks.

Poll #1085654 Slinky dress

Which color should I get?

Royal Blue

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To any snake owners on TQC -

To make a very long story short and simple, I'm looking for a way to keep a boa constrictor, who travels with his owners from city to city, warm in the cold weather of the Midwest. My first thought was a fleece bag, but I wanted to ask any other snake owners for their opinions. What kind of material should I use if I make them a bag? Can I buy something at a store?

(And for the record, since I know a few SPO people may analyze this much further than they need to - the constrictor is insanely happy, always full and in very loving arms. The situation is temporary.)
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Sleep Qs

1. How much sleep do you get on weekdays? (average)
2. What about weekends?
3. What's the longest you've ever gone without sleeping?
4. Do you have any special requirements to be able to sleep? (room has to be completely black, closet door shut, etc)
5. Have you been told that you sleep walk or talk in your sleep?
6. Do you snore?

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Does anyone have any experience renting a car in Connecticut? I'm 22 years old and need to rent a car at Bradley International Airport, but the age restrictions are confusing on each one of the company's websites. It will say that the minimum age is 25, then it says that ages 21-24 have to pay a wtf is it.

I was just hoping by chance someone under the age of 25 has rented from BDL. Thanks!
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The ring thing

I've heard there's some weird unspoken quasi rule about men wearing earrings, like left ear = straight, right ear = gay, both = bi. I'm sure less than 10% of people even follow it, but do you know anyone that does?

Also, is there something similar about wedding rings? I've seen some older men wear it on their right hand instead of left. Is that an indication of anything?
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I think I'm going to treat myself to lunch out today after some errands.  What sounds yummiest?

a) Village Inn, for their stuffed french toast
b) the local joint for a big, juicy burger (also have a tasty veggie option, for non-meat eaters)
c) pasta at a local Italian place
d) some other choice______________

And what would you drink with your lunch of choice?

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Mostly to grocery-store-type workers: Does it annoy the shit out of you if someone, say, brings you the empty wrapper of something to scan? Or is not a big deal?

We're assuming clean, and not something like an apple that you can't get an accurate price on post-eating.

I'm eating a granola bar right now so I don't go grocery shopping hungry, so I thought to ask. I'm pretty sure that when I was younger, my mom got fed up with my sniffling and ended up bringing an opened box of tissues to the checkout lane at least once.

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Okay I am freaking out....And this was the only place I could turn to because I'm not finding much on the internet....

I have a small dog, a schipperke, about 12 lbs...and I am very irresponsible and she hasn't been spayed. she was in heat about 7 weeks ago and this was going on while we were moving into a new house. Our roommate has a black lab, about 60 lbs i think, and he brought him over when she was at the end of her heat period. I wasn't too entirely worried, thinking it's probably impossible for them to mate and it was almost over, but my stupidity has brought me to now...

She's gaining weight and her nipples are getting huge, and I'm starting to think she might be pregnant. My question is, is it possible to have puppies with a dog this large without them killing her? Are there any alternatives, like a C-section at the vets or even if such thing exists, a dog abortion? Does anyone know anything about how much said things would cost a person or have any kind of experience with a similar situation or any websites with information I can turn to....

Any advice would help....Thanks a lot...
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Cell Phones

I'm stupid TQC. Please help me.

I want to get a new cell phone. I've had my current phone 3 years and it is starting to look ragity, and not work properly.

When I purchase a new cellphone (off ebay for instance), do I have to go to my cell phone service provider to have them activate it, or can I take my old sim card out of my current phone, and put it in the new one?

like i said, stupid, I am.

Also. Motorola Razr V3-- junk or good phone?

Also ETA: I am in Canada. A lot of these ebay listings say "can be used with singular, verizon, etc.... but again, I am in Canada and am with Canadian Rogers. Will my phone not work? Even if it is an unlocked one?
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Lodging ?s

1) If you're staying in a hotel room with two beds of equal size, which bed do you choose to stay in, the one closer to the door or closer to the window?

2) What's the coolest hotel you've ever heard of? Have you ever stayed in The Library Hotel in New York City?

3) What's the strangest thing to ever happen to you while on a vacation?
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Date stuff

TQC New Yorkers:

Are there any nice, quiet cafes near the Penn Station area in Manhattan (or easy to get to from there)? Preferably something laid back with couches.
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1. Okay. I got my classes for next semester,
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2. What's the funniest thing that has happened to you (or you witnessed) in the past few days?

3. Big emo headphones, earbuds, or some where in between?

4. What WOULDN'T you do for a Klondike bar?
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1. Have you ever been the victim of a successful surprise party? If so, what was it and did you appreciate it, or hate it?

2. Would you be offended if your boy/girlfriend/husband/wife gave you a "Basket o' Porn" for your birthday? (That being -- a giant basket filled with a variety of porn.)

3. My boyfriend replied to an email I sent him with this: "Ich habe keine Idea. Warum fragen Sie? Und willst du sagen das Sex Kino oder das Geschäft mit der Lust?" I do not speak German. He has moderate fluency. What the hell is he saying? (I assume the first sentence is "I have no idea.")

4. Leather couches -- yes or no?

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What are you doing this weekend?

Are you going to watch the first episode of Quarterlife?

What is it about dumb 'reality' shows that make them so addicting?

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Edit: Okay, just kidding about Ql, 'cause no one knows what it is. It's a new online show. I don't wanna get cheesy and promotional, so that's all I'll say for now.

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I'm feeling family-ish today.

1a: Did older family members (siblings, cousins, etc) ever pick on you/play tricks on you?
b: What was the funniest incident?

2: Who is the creepiest member?
3: Who do you avoid at all costs?
4: Who always gives you stuff?
5: Who is totally ACE?
6: Is all your family pretty close?

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Thanksgiving Opus

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Inspired by the AT&T billboards....
What would be your favorite city? I'm partial to Chilondonscow but Romeamsterpar in Europe and Bostantoniego here in the US sounds like fun places.

What kind of biker babe/dude are you? I'm finding myself partial to the crotchrockets.

Would you like a christmas card?
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Say you're making some nice pasta sauce or some vegetable soup. How many fruit flies would your canned tomatoes have to contain until you said "nuh-uh, not gonna use it"?

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So, how do does this make you feel?
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Do you ever speak in "Gir's voice"?

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I do, sometimes, by accident. In January I lived with this girl for 2 weeks who spoke in a Gir voice ALL THE TIME, almost more than she spoke in her normal voice. It was kind of cute and funny at first, but then I started doing it to and so did everyone else who lived with us. It was a bit much.

I did it the other day without thinking and the girl I was talking to (the receptionist at my school's health center) looked at me like I had about 8 heads, it was pretty lol.

...I still like to sing The Doom Song sometimes...

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so i kinda have a dilemma on my hands. i'm fresh out of storage space in my room and i have two extra sheet sets and comforters for my bed,a few blankets, and about half a dozen towels and no where to store them. i'm willing to buy some form of storage as long as its under $20 or so.  I have to keep them in my room.

What should i do?? Any suggestions (serious and non-serious answers welcomed)??
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I'm from Minnesota and am going to college in South Dakota.  When I was in elementary school, the teachers taught us the capital of South Dakota was pronounced "pee-air."  When I came here, I met people from Pierre, and they told me, no, that's wrong.  It's really pronounced "pure."  Now when I watch the news I realize they do say "pure" and not "pee-air."

So, TQC, is there a city in your home state that everyone learns wrong, and they don't know the correct way to say it until they're actually corrected by someone who knows what they're talking about?

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so, looking at my bank statement, i noticed that the cafeteria at our local children's museum charged me twice for our purchase there on tuesday. one charge cleared yesterday, and the other one is pending today. i'm not in danger of overdrawing or anything, but just barely.

should i call my bank or the museum to talk about the double charge?

Sex and the City

Does anyone remember the dialogue before and after Samantha quips "I'm doing mine [Kegel exercises] right now."? I believe it's from Season 3 Episode 8, "The Big Time." My friend wants to know and I can't find the dialogue online.
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I have a prisoner pen pal, and he asked for some jokes. i don't really know any good jokes.
What are some good jokes you know?
Please make them non-violent and non-sexual, i.e. "Work-safe" ones. Thanks!

When you post a question here, what comes first, the question or the need to post? or, in other words, do you usually post because you have a question, or because you are bored so you think of a question, or a little bit of both? For me, it's almost always the question.

Overheard in the Office

So, as I sat in my cube today, I overheard a conversations.  Here are some highlights.

Emp1:  SO, what do you think about OJ?
Emp2:  I don't think anybody, anywhere, deserves to spend life in prison.
(voice from across the office):  Not even a child molester?  What about that guy from (insert city) who was found burned and chopped up who was a convicted child molester?

Emp1:  Wow.  I .....
Emp2: (cuts off employee 1) That is ridiculous.   You mean to tell me somebody took it into their own hands and killed that man?  That is disgusting.  I can't imagine anything like that.  That is not self defense, that is just plain evil revenge.

Emp1: I'd probably do the same thing if some guy did that to one of my kids
Emp2: Nobody deserves that! Who do you think you are, taking somebody's life into your own hands?

so I have two questions.  #1:  Do people deserve to spend life in prison?
       #2:  If somebody molested your child, would you take matters into your own hands?  (especially if the criminal got off)
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can you name a city where you live that starts with the letter..

a) a? ada
b) e? edmond
c) f? idk..
d) t? tulsa

who was the last person that you know that moved into a new apartment, condo, house, trailer.. etc? did you help them move?

do you often fish for compliments?

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Any recommendations for a good water filter to use in my turtle tank? Their old one crapped out (hehe) and I'd like to get them a nicer one. They're in a 30 gallon tank, if that helps.

Do you like animal crackers? Do you like them with icing? Do you like them with anything else?

hello lion-o


What are some awesome/funny/horrifying/weird spam e-mail subject lines you have in your inbox or bulk filter right now?

I just got one that made it through my junk mail filter that reads "With a big penis you can beat up all the other men." I couldn't not laugh.
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Do you live near any 'haunted' places, like supposedly haunted cemeteries, or old haunted houses, or anything like that? Is said place just locally known as being haunted, or more well-known than that?

Have you ever gone to said haunted place, and actually experienced anything paranormal?

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A. so take a break from the internet for two weeks and when i return oink is gone. i am pretty torrent retarded. my boyfriend hooked me up with the oink account. what do i use now? and do i need an invite?

Please help me solve this dilemma! What would you do in this situation?

 I was diagnosed with ADD 2 years ago. The disability center at my college said that I could get extra time on tests if I want. I never knew about this until now, and I took a test before. I was the last one to finish (I finished right when class was over, and the prof. kept on saying, "Come on...come on...turn it in."), but got a 100% while the class average was 65%. My professor came up to me at the end of class, and told me that I did the best out of all his classes.

Later, I told my professor about the ADD thing, and how I could get more time on tests according to the disability center. At first he said that he doesn't think I'll need it because he thinks I'm the brightest student he has right now. He said that he'd check with the center about it. He just checked with the center and it was confirmed that I could take the test at the center with more time. I asked him, "What if I have some questions on the tests? How will you answer them?" He replied, "I won't be able to. Well, that's the price you pay for having the test proctored." I feel like he's looking down on me because he thinks I'm trying to get an advantage over other people when I don't need it. Plus, the center said that usually profs would stop by for questions.

Should I take this extra time? Honestly, I think I don't need it THAT much, but it would give me more time to review my answers rather than not reviewing it at all (which was what happened last time). I could probably ace the upcoming test, but will probably be the last one to finish again. Should I tell him that I changed my mind about taking the extra time--I really feel that he thinks really lowly of me now. I was planning on getting a recommendation from him to transfer because he always told me how he thinks I'm bright and all.



Is it acceptable to call another person by one of the pet names you and your significant other use ?  (even if it is in a friendly way or a fun way)

So, would you get mad if you found out (or heard) your SO call another person by one of your pet names?

Do it do it

Do you use the internet for its intended purpose (ie porn)?

Where do you find this porn?

Is there any particular kind of porn that you just don't understand? (I don't get S&M or watersports)

Is "erotica" considered porn? If not, what's the difference?
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If the TV producers decided they were just going to give up on the writers who are striking and put out an open call for people who can write, would you respond?

Are you tired of hearing about the writers strike?

Do you find it amusing that there is an actual drug called Soma?

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My mom has this plant and its leaves started dripping water today, but she hasn't watered it in a few days.

Anyone have any idea why?

We're just curious; it's not bothersome. Just kind of strange. (:

Oh the kids these days....

I grew up in Montreal, and my Dad and I were recently discussing my tolerance for cold weather.
He proceeded to tell me a story about how when I was very young I'd spend two to three hours out in the backyard in the wintertime and when he'd look out the window to check on me I would just be standing there staring at nothing. After a little while I would look down at the snow and continue staring. Maybe then I would look up at the sky and continue staring. As I said before, this would go on for hours without actually moving.
Just standing there in the snow. Staring.

Have your parents recently told you about any weird/funny/disturbing behaviour from your childhood that they considered "normal"?
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Why exactly do people believe that Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn't be President of the United States?

Article 2 Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution says: "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President".

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This week, I missed handing in an assignment because I was sick. I didn't bother getting a doctor's note, because I didn't want to travel for half an hour to be told that fever/nausea/dizziness means that I should get some sleep and drink a lot of fluids, and so the assignment won't be accepted. I had a really high mark in that class, so it won't hurt me too badly, but it triggered all my school related stress.

1) TQC, how do you deal with stress?
2) Will you tell me something you should have done but didn't?
3) Did/do you do better on tests or take-home assignments?
a) Do you prefer multiple choice, short answer, or essay tests?

4. On a completely unrelated note: Will you post a quote you like? It can be from a movie, a song, a play, a real-life event, or anything else.
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Where I work you need to tap your badge to have the door open, this includes doors in the stairwells to different floors as well. Pretty standard. I sit right near a door that goes up to a higher floor, and the VP of sales for this division of a very large company consistantly (like, approx twice a week for the two years that I've sat here) locks himself in the staircase and knocks on the door until someone comes around (usually me) to let him in.

I think this is a little amusing because this guy is in charge of millions and millions of dollars of revenue each year, and yet stands around in the staircase for some little ole' editor to let him in so he can go to his office. Amusing yes. Annoying, occasionally (he knocks insistantly). Unprofessional? perhaps a little.

What unprofessional or less-than-professional things do your superiors do?
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What is something that has made you laugh uncontrollably lately?

My answer:
My friend was stoned and I started asking him questions. There is no way in hell it could be funny without you watching the video, but essentially, he told me has a small ass, and it is a disadvantage to his sexuality because you need a big ass to "fuck good."
The way he says it...hilarious. Oh God, oh God. ETA: Video in the comments, -1:07 in I think

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what food did you LOVE as a child, but now it disgusts you or vise versa?

i used to LOVE kraft mac n cheese and jello after years of eating "real" food i had the two today and it was freaking gross.
i used to HATE tomato's but now i like them on my sanwhichs and such.

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Are there any actors or actresses that you don't necessarily want sexually but every time you see them (on tv, in a movie, etc.), you can't believe how attractive they are?

Would you name some actors and actresses that you think are really unattractive?


So, the skin on the end of my fingers has been peeling off the last couple of days. Just the very tips, and then it stops, and it's just the top layer, and it doesn't hurt or anything, it's just weird.
Srs & non-srs cool.
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Do you think a person should be able to be okay on their own before getting into a relationship?

My step mom is throwing a bitch fit because my mom wanted to talk to my dad, and I am pretty sure my dad's going to call me back saying we can't hang out.  (He can't drive right now...DUI *sigh*).  What should I do about this?

Who makes the best onions rings?  I like Red Robin's onions rings!
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(no subject)

1 Do you know of a website that I can design a tshirt at and only have to buy ONE ?
2 Do you like naps? How long is an average nap for you?
3 Were you school spirited in high school? What about college?

(no subject)

1. Does tequila make you cry?

2. What's the coolest free t-shirt you've ever gotten?

3. Did YOU take the Activia challenge?

4. What did your teachers used to tell your parents at conferences back in elementary school/middle school?

Oil Changes...

So the by-the-books old school rule is change your oil every 3k miles.

My SigOt has a 2003 Mini Cooper. The manual says to change the oil every 15,000 miles. This makes my 3k brain want to cry. He's had the car for 6 months and I just made an appointment to change his brakes as he requested, but also told them to do an oil change because I just can't stand it not being changed. It's $25 to help insure the life of your engine for crying out loud.

What do you think about this? If you own or were to own a Cooper would you stick with 3k or would you go the distance? *bonus: Did that put a song in your head?

*double bonus: do you pronounce the full word "crying" when saying "crying out loud", out loud? I seem to say "cryn out loud."
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(no subject)

Have you ever had a sinus infection? Have you ever had one without having all the symptoms?

What kind of treatment did you get after having one?

I am worried I might have one ;_;
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Food funks.

Does anyone else get into food funks? I define "food funk" as having an appetite for one one or two items or dishes at a time. Nothing else really sounds good.

Unfortunately, right now, I'm craving hash browns with red bell peppers and onions. I've eaten this combination at least once a day for the past week, sometimes twice. Hash browns. Why aren't I craving tofu, or brown rice and steamed veggies?

Can anyone relate, and if so, what item/dish did you crave for an extended period of time recently?
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Back story- I'm a lesbian.

Okay, so my friends who are girls say "Amanda, do you like me? Because I just want to let you know that I'm not like that." Is it okay for me to respond, "Don't flatter yourself." ?

Is that too rude? Because I'm pretty offended that these girls actually think because I'm kind or giving or tell them they look nice, that it means I want them.

What should I respond with?
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 Ever thought you saw a UFO?
A ghost?

A UFO maybe one time. We were looking for a 'magnetic hill' back when I was like 17. I had the only car with a manual transmission, and we figured it would work best, so there were like 6 of us all crammed inside. We were driving way out of the way to go find this thing, and there was this HUGE flash in the sky, and something fell right down into this field on our left side. It was creepy, for sure. Kind of took all the focus away from the hill (on which the car rolled probably 2 inches backwards. MAYBE).

teal deer.

Dear TQC,

So as you all may know, my loud slutface whore roommate finally moved out.

Unfortunately, she left some things here, mainly two bags of trash.

Fortunately for me, she also left a laptop.

I asked her if she would be back for them and she said yes but that was 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything from her since.

What should I do?!

What would YOU do?

Also, what should I eat for dinner?

A cup of yogurt sounds good but so does BBQ from the BBQ restaurant. I have no food in my house so no matter what I have to go out.

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This guy in my calc class said he'd pay me $5 to quote Uther (from Warcraft) for my senior quote. The specific quote is, "I am the hammer of justice." SHOULD I DO IT?

TQC, what do you sacrifice for your job?

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b/w girl

(no subject)

would you ever make your boyfriend go shopping with you and/or hold your bags and purse? and for the guys, would you let that happen?
are you/have you ever been on either side of this situation?
(i saw quite a few annoyed-looking male companions at the mall today.)

have you ever been on a legitimate 'i'll pick you up at 8' kind of date? 
i ignorantly assumed most had but im being quickly proved wrong via friends.

what is a number one deal breaker for someone you otherwise would be interested in? 
along the lines of a chipmunk laugh, herpes, etc.

and last... when giving oral sex what are the turn ons and turn offs for you? (ex: pushing your head down y/n?)

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My boyfriend burned his arm and the back of his hand, and now he wants to reduce the appearance of the scars as much as possible because they are just nasty. Any suggestions?

ETA: We're pro scars, just not when they resemble the cigarette burns he made when he was 13. He's worried that his parents, who he's visiting for Thanksgiving in a few weeks, will think he did it on purpose. I told him they look like my scars from when I had a few large moles removed (sort of, they're a little bigger and more abnormally shaped) and he could tell them that, but he wants to make them as unnoticeable as possible. Both of us have awesome scars from various surgeries that we'd never dream of trying to fade, which is why we didn't know what would work best.

I'm bringing sex poll back

Poll #1086020 Haven't done one of these in a while

Which sex is more reliable?

Neither has a stronger proclivity in this instance

Which sex is more complicated, harder to understand?

Neither has a stronger proclivity in this instance

Which sex is capable of having more interesting conversations?

Neither has a stronger proclivity in this instance

Which sex gives better hugs?

Neither has a stronger proclivity in this instance

Which sex is more likely to have a 'leap before you look' attitude?

Neither has a stronger proclivity in this instance

If you had to tell a coworker of your misspent weekend of loose morals and wanton debauchery, which gender would you sooner share this with?

Male coworker
Female coworker
Neither has a stronger proclivity in this instance
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(no subject)

What was the last clothing item you bought/was bought for you?

What was the last thing you bought for someone else?

My boyfriend is an apprenticing as a tattoo artist, or whatever. Anyone know of any cool tattoo related things I could get him? Other than tattoos cause he gets those for free.
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(no subject)

So my boyfriend (that I fucking live with!) broke up with me. In all honesty, I have NO WHERE to go. I've already packed my stuff and I'm about to go get some beer... What else can I do?
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Unrelated questions

Does it bother you when someone types out a reply to someone's comment, and then copies that reply and posts it to all similar comments on that thread?

Do you carry toothpaste and a toothbrush around with you during the day?

If you wear makeup now, at what age did you start wearing makeup?

1 Yeah it kind of bothers me. I WANT A PERSONALIZED RESPONSE
2 I don't, but I intend to start. My mother used to do this and she brushed her teeth like 10 times a day. I always thought that was insane.
3 I only started wearing makeup when I was like 17. It creeps me out to see younger girls wearing makeup because I am a judgemental person and I am uncomfortable around people whose experiences are different from my own.
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ear piercing

If I want to let my ears heal over and then get them re-pierced the "right way" (i.e. not in the same spot as previous piercings as has happened before, and with a needle), how long should I let them grow over before I get them pierced again?

Usually if I leave my earrings out for just 2-3 days it's difficult to get them back in again, if that gives you any indication.

(no subject)

1. What kind of car do you have/what year/what color?
dark blue 2006 hyundai sonata (looks just like this)

2. Do you often see cars on the road that look like yours?
usually at least 1 or 2 a day. never the same color as mine

3. When you do.. do you wonder if they see your car & go "snap it's a twin!".. err, or something..

4. What's the dumbest looking car you've ever seen?
a saw an old VW Beetle with no paint on it, but it had one of those tricked out spoilers that people tend to put on their old honda civics. the spoiler was YELLOW, the car had no paint. I wish I could have taken a picture.
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(no subject)

what (if anything) do you think people often wonder about you? i think people often wonder why i am so nice, lol. like i have a hidden agenda or something...

have you taken a picture of anything today? if you have, post it.
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Inspired by stupid friend IRL

Have you ever gone into or stayed in a romantic relationship to "fix"/"take care of" some one who was screwed the fuck up (the kind of screwed up that hurts other people)? If not, have you known some one who did? How did that work out?

And because that is just far too SRS BUSINESS, what should I draw tonight to cure my boredom?

(no subject)

If you went over to a male friend's house, and saw that he had a bottle of lotion by his computer, would you assume that he is just concerned with dry skin or something else?

Edit: the reason I ask is I commented (to my guy friend) that we use the same lotion and he got uncomfortable.

Edit 2: Dammit, guys, it's good lotion! I didn't think he'd get his panties in a twist about it. lol
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(no subject)

Is there any store in the UK where I could get a not terribly expensive formal dress? (I need something suitable for a black tie event)

Or should I just buy something in the US when I go home for Christmas?


A few of my friends are going to Morocco right before I go home for Christmas.

Should I go to Morocco in December?

Or should I save money because I want to go to two or three other May Balls in the spring? (I'm already spending like $150 to go to my college's)

Is it live or is it memorex?

The live version of <insert a liked song here>.  An atrocity or the best thing evah?  Are there any songs you like the live version better than the album version? Any songs that you can't stand the live version of?

And for the hell of it:

Why did I keep typing liver instead of live?

i hate tickys
i tickied all the tickies that there were to ticky

Ok, just for beeeer

Does the above poll satisfy your deep-seated need to ticky, or do you want to ticky an actual answer to a rhetorical question? yes no wha?
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(no subject)

1) What are some silly things you believed when you were little?
I thought Americans had more months but less days to each month. I also thought Buenos Aires was the name of an airline company.

2) Why do you think 3 siblings (two sisters and a brother) would stay living together in their parents' house even after their parents have died? They've got to be a least 35 but I'm thinking they're probably older. One of them left home about ten years ago, got married and a had a baby. But she was living home again by the time the baby was 1.

3) It's now been more than 150 days without a government. Do you think we'll ever get one again?

4) Why is my knee hurting?

(no subject)

If your SO came to you and said "Hey I just found a houseboat that's practically a bargain and I think we should buy it and live on it. Wouldn't that be awesome?" what would you say to that?

(no subject)

have you ever been fortunate enough to receive an amish friendship bread starter?

if so, wasn't it the greatest sweet-type bread you've ever had?

did you make it "regular" or did you mix it up? with what sort of variation?

(no subject)

When originalidad and I meet tomorrow to play laser tag, what should we call each other? Moshi and Godie or our real names? What pictures do you TQCers want?

What movie should we go see after?

At $8 a game and 15 minutes per game, how many games of laser tag should we play?

Should we go to the Build-A-Bear factory?
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(no subject)

The one night I want to go to TQC Chat, AIM is being an asshole. Why? I haven't touched myself at night in quite some time, so I know it's not that.

I'm bored and there are tons of free movies On Demand. Which one should I watch?

Are you bored right now?
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(no subject)

1- What is the last surprise you had? Good or bad, whatever.
2- Name the first thing your eye falls on after you look away from this question, for me?
3- What do you want?

1- I found a raspberry white iced tea behind the milk in the fridge. YAY! Wasn't expecting that.
2- American $10 bill.
3- A bunny to love and snuggle.

(no subject)

I have a paper to do in my government class, to make up for some work I've missed lately. The assignment is a paper, 5 pages on "The Constitution" (The Preamble, the Articles)
That's all he gave me to work with, he added, "make it interesting".

What aspect of the Constitution should I write about? Note, this is a government class, not a history class.

(no subject)

Have you ever given/recieved roadhead?
Ever had sex while driving/the other person was driving?

I've never done either. I just always wonder about it whenever I see somebody continuously driving like a fucktard (like drifting into the other lane several times)
*betty draper reading

is robot sex cheating?

Say you're at work, when a UFO comes down from space, drills a hole through the ceiling and sucks you in to the ship through a big plastic tube. Once on the UFO, a robot with the voice of John Candy tells you you can't leave due to the "molecular instability zone" around the ship, and offers you a glass of fresh blo-aak, which you accept. Later, you wind up having incredibly hot sex with the robot (despite the fact that you're in a relationship with someone on Earth).

Is this cheating?

Would you feel guilty?

What is blo-aak?

Bonus: if you know where I got these questions from, you win a bag of plutonium niborg. kennapea FTW!
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(no subject)

I found a website that has a copy of Friday the 13th part 3 on DVD in 3D. What do I need to put on a screening of it, like a big screening? What kind of projector/screen do I look for and how much money do I need to raise to rent or buy it?

Im not really sure if I could even take a DVD and put it in a computer and attach that to a projector, AND have the 3D work so thats why Im asking.
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two conpletely unrelated questions...

1. if you were trying to figure out someones personality, what kind of deep questions would you ask?

2. straight/bisexual guys and gals of the lesbian/bisexual persuasion (i think i covered everything there...):
what is your policy on oral sex performed on an unshaved female? good? bad? absolutely intolerable?

music ripping question

why is it that sometimes when you rip music, itll play fine for the length it is, then when you add it to itunes, it stretches out to like, 30+ minutes?

example (sunny day real estate's "faces in disguise" cover by paramore, 6 minutes, 30 seconds, and when i import/drag it into itunes, its 48 minutes, 48 seconds long)

and how do i prevent it/change it so i can keep the song and keep it at 6 minutes and 30 seconds?
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Show Off Time!

Ok, so my best friend lives with us (long story) and she's been going through a lot and on top of it all, today she was in the ER all day because of a kidney infection! :[ So, she's recouping in a more peaceful environment (aka one where animals that love her won't pounce on her entrails accidentally while trying to show her love) and I made her a sign that I put on her bedroom door to greet her upon her return. And I'm pretty damned proud of how it turned out! So I want to show it off!
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So, now that I've gotten to brag, do you want to show me something you've made that you're stoked about? Or, if you don't have pictures of said awesomeness, want to tell me about your badass skills at _____? :D

(no subject)

so i had that second glass of wine.

i am feeling alternately buzzed and extremely sleepy.

what should i do now?
(keep in mind that i'm home, and the only one in my family who's awake. seeing as i had that second glass of wine, i cannot drive anywhere. plus i just took a bath so my hair is wet and it's cold out so i wouldn't want to go outside anyway.)

srs and non-srs answers welcome.

Medical insurance

So, I don't have medical insurance. I'd like to have medical insurance.

My roommate and I were just talking about it, and she insists that the only way one can get medical insurance is through their employer. According to her, if you are not eligible for government-assisted medical care (meaning disabled, pregnant, or over 65) the only way to get medical insurance is through your employer.
As such, she insists that a relatively healthy, college-aged, male (such as myself) who's employer does not offer medical insurance is essentially shit out of luck.
I think this is a ridiculous concept and more-or-less refuse to accept it.

A search through Google and various state HMOs turned up... absolutely nothing.

Does anyone know anything about this?

PS: I live in the US, in Rhode Island, if that's relevant.
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