November 8th, 2007

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1 Do you like looking at incredibly disturbing pictures? (Like mangled humans, VERY strange sexual stuff, etc.) Why/ why not?

2 If you wanted someone on teh internets to stop talking to you and they insisted on doing so, but not for any other reason than to be an annoying prick, is there anything you'd do other than ignore them?

3 Do you fight it when you're tired or do you just head for bed?

unoriginal question

Is it possible to stay friends with an ex after a long term relationship if there is no bitterness or anger present after the breakup?
Both people want to maintain the close friendship they had before the breakup.
There are no children invoved, or anything complicated like that.
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Going down the highway today, we saw a man walking on the side of the road. He was pulling a large wooden cross across the back of his shoulder. The base of the cross had a wheel to make it easier for him to walk with it, and at the bottom, he had a backpack tied onto it. He wasn't begging or passing out religious pamphlets. He was just walking down the highway.

Have you seen anything like this before?
If not, what is the strangest thing you've ever seen on the highway?

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You're in a graphic design class. So far, you're sure you have an A. Assignments have been right up your alley, you participate well in class, you came up with the class logo... You're golden.

Then he assigns a project that is NOT your thing. Namely, to create a series of illustrations that pertain to the graphic design company your class is pretending to be (hence class logo etc). Other than that, he doesn't give you much explanation. In fact, his explanation was crappy and vague and when you asked him to elaborate, all you get is "well, illustrate something. anything. Just three to five of them. A series. Of illustrations. That could be used for the company. I won't even tell you what for specifically. Just be creative."

You have no good ideas even after thinking all week long, and can't even actually create the ideas you DID think of because you're NOT THAT GOOD with the program yet.

Sketches and printouts are due tomorrow. Also, apparently an essay about a final project he didn't really explain last class is due tomorrow, too: "Make sure to include your chosen area of art focus and your personal project goals and design direction." wtf does that mean?

The questions:
How much would YOU finish and bring to class if it was almost 1 am and you've already been reduced to tears by it?
How much would you finish and bring if you had three hours tomorrow before class to work on it?
Would it be reasonable to ask him to come early so I can discuss why I was stuck, and why I don't have an essay written (because he didn't effing explain the thing)?

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There was this commercial i saw a while ago that had a woman driving a van with ehr two kids in the backseat and they were all playing some kind of game. One of the kids would pick up an object and say "This is a                !" Everyone else: "A what?" Kid: "A                !" Everyone else: "Oh a                !", and they did this with a few different things during the commercial.

Have you ever heard of a game like this? What is it?


Harold and Maude Squad

Let's say they were going to remake Harold and Maude. Who would make the best Harold?

Shia Lebeouf
Haley Joel Osment
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Zac Efron
Chace Crawford
Josh Hartnett
Adam Brody
Toby Maguire
Mark Ruffalo
Leo Dicaprio
Topher Grace
Elijah Wood
Wes Bentley
Dane Cook
Jason Schwartzman

Which 60+ actress would make the best Maude?

Estelle Getty
Joan Rivers
Suzanne Sommers
Helen Mirren
Joan Collins
Rue McClanahan
Judi Dench
Bea Arthur
Farrah Fawcett
Betty White
Faye Dunaway
Meryl Streep
Florence Henderson
Cicely Tyson

What kind of ending should the remake have?

Sad, tragic ending
Romantic, feel-good ending
Hilarious ending
Disappointing, could-have-been-better ending (like most movies)
An ending that leaves you in need of a cold shower (red-hot sexy)

How would you feel if they remade Harold and Maude?

Indifferent. Hollywood's digging up every classic movie and tv show and turning them into unwatchable crap. This movie will not escape that fate
What's Harold and Maude?
It's a good thing. The original was a bit dated
It's a good thing. There's not enough roles for older women
I thought it was Harold and Kumar. Are they still going to White Castle?
Sad. I love that movie and it just won't be the same

You find out that Tim Burton would direct. How do you feel about it now?

Pretty good. I like his movies
Dunno. Better? At least we know Johnny Depp will be in it
He's fuck it up. It'll be a gothic showpiece and be nothing like the original
It's brilliant. A movie with this much macabre overtones cries out for Burton's dark touch
Die kitty

my xbox and computer have stopped talking....

Like that in a tv sitcome, I feel like my computer and xbox are always at a battle as if they are trying always out piss me off.

I have my xbox networked to my computer with a d-link router and using ccx_gui softwear so that they will talk to eachother, now however they do not talk, and I have no idea why. Normally a restarting in the d-link router, my pc and the xbox will solve this, however now whenever I try to access my computer with my xbox I get the damnable error message "server not found" which pisses me off to no end because I have a lot of stuff on my pc that I like to watch!

Unfortunatly my xbox is chipped and so has a VERY hard time in reading real DVD's wheras copies are no problem at all. I hate to think that I need to burn every DVD that I own or anything I download before I can watch it through my xbox - because I don't have a DVD player seeing how my xbox was enough.

Should I just throw in the towel and accept that 4 years is enough to ask of this little console and get a new one, or am I missing something?

I am open to all forms of help, because damn it please help! I cannot get anything out of google!

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I thought a wire transfer is supposed to be a "quick" money transfer?

I setup a money transfer on Monday from a brokerage to my bank and so far nothing has showed up. Should I be inquiring about it?
omg lol wtf
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TQC, help me settle a debate.
Does fidgeting (such as someone who bounces in their seat constantly) really burn any significant amount of calories?

What is the latest/earliest you've ever gone to a store? What store was it, and what did you need to buy?

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1. A friend of mine has been in a long distance relationship for about three years now. Yesterday, her boyfriend flipped out, shouted at her, and proceeded to block her from every online form of communication they have. Wtf happened? (non-srs answers welcome) ETA: They were playing an online game at the time. He wanted to go one way, she wanted to go the other.

2. (Unrelated to the first) You find out that a male acquaintance of yours has been cheating on his girlfriend. Is your first reaction "That bastard", "that bitch", or something else?
3. Does your answer change if it was a girl instead?

4. Sloan says "No one sympathizes when you're the other man". TQC, have you ever been the other man (or woman)? How'd that pan out for you?
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ack! nooo!

in my art class yesterday, i spent a lot of time drawing a whitetail doe. it was a labor of love, and although it was kind of frustrating, it turned out beautifully, and a lot of people told me that i did a really nice job with it. when class was dismissed, i put it away, walked to my car and drove home. when i went to take it out again to show someone, IT WAS GONE. it had completely vanished. there is no way it could have fallen out, i KNOW i put it in there, and no one could have stolen it or anything. WTF. it is GONE. :(


what's the last thing to REALLY REALLY bum you out?

have you ever spend a lot of effort doing something that wasn't worth it in the end?

do you know anyone who pronounces the word frustrate as fuh-strate? any other wacky pronunciations that bother you?
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My husband and I want to have a holiday party this year. Except that he wants it to be a dress-up event rather than anything else. It will be at our house. He says for the dress code, he wants the guys to wear shirts and ties. For the girls - whatever level of dressiness matches that.

If you were given that sort of description, as a woman, what would you end up wearing? Feel free to post pictures of something that you have worn in that situation, if you have them, rather than just describing it.

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The word "current" - which meaning do you think came first, current as in a "river current" or current as in "now"?

What other words can you think of that are spelled the same but mean completely different things?

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i'm in london for a full day on saturday before i fly back to my pretend home

what are the cool things to do? i've done the usual buckingham, tower bridge, big ben, hyde park, that pretend platform

suggestions pllleease
i say, old bean

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my annoying clock didn't wake me up this morning..
did i forget to set my alarm?

or did i really sleep through the world's most annoying alarm?

why was my lamp on the floor when i woke up this morning?

is there anything bugging you at this moment?

for anyone who is a parent: how in the hell do you get your kids up for school?!

what's the worst food you've ever tasted?

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So last night our friend's phone was stolen at the gym. This morning I found my driver's side mirror had been torn off in a hit and run. Friend, boyfriend and I all live in the same building. Is our neighborhood cursed? Will my boyfriend find something bad has happened to him tomorrow?

non-srs welcome.
*betty draper reading

abstinence until marriage

Looking at this government-run abstinence-until-marriage website, I was inspired to ask these questions:

1. If you had sex before marriage, did it cause you psychological or emotional harm?

2. Do you think people who have sex before marriage have less respect for themselves than people who wait until marriage?

3. Do you think people who wait until marriage to have sex have better sex lives than people who don't?

4. Do you think having premarital sex as a teenager can "get in the way of your growth as a teen?"

5. Would you agree that abstinence until marriage is the "expected standard" in our culture?

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I feel shitty :( I couldn't fall asleep last night at all and my allergies are really kicking my ass, so I'm exhausted and puffy and snotty. But I have two projects that are due today in class and we're starting another one. I have the projects finished and everything, the teachers have even seen all the steps leading up to the final version (but not the final versions themselves). Should I suck it up and go to class? Should I e-mail the finals to my teachers and go back to bed?


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 I am thinking of getting a YMCA membership.  I usually hike and walk a lot, but now that it turns dark so early, I can't do that after work anymore.  I also get bored easily with "work-out" routines (more accurately I HATE working out.)  But I like to move, I like music, and I want to stay (reasonably) in shape.  So I thought the Y would be a good choice, lots of different types of classes, etc.  Then a friend of mine told me about Curves, a woman-only gym-type place.  My question(s):

Do any of you belong to a Curves gym? What do you think of it and would you recommend it?  How about as compared to a Y?

And on a tangential question, does anyone out there love it when it gets dark early, like I do??  Irregardless of the not being able to hike thing, I love to come home to my warm, snug house, see the lights shining out into the night as I drive just feels safe and cozy to me.  Anyone else weird like that? 
hopelessly crappy day

I have a hypothetical question for you...

...which is possibly based off something that conceivably happened.


7:20 PM 11/7/07 · This was presented to me by a friend who thought this was sexual harrassment. I didn't, still don't, think it was. Thought I'd pop it out to a more public forum and see what others thoughts were.

A woman is accused of having poor hygiene because of a very evident bad smell. There is some debate as to wheher or not the smell actually is coming from her in the first place but the specific directed at her is whether or not she keeps herself clean *dramatic pause* down there.

Is this sexual harrassment?
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1.) Hoodies: Zipper or pullover?
2.) Which goes better with Harrison Ford, a Wookie or a whip?
3.) What's your current desktop wallpaper? (post a screenshot if you feel so inclined)


You don't have to answer them all, I just need some insight...

1) What is your definition of a generic thanksgiving dinner...what is on the menu...

2) What's your favorite thanksgiving dish?

3) What all are you making for Thanksgiving? What's on the menu?

4) Any great recipes you would like to share?

Thanks for helping me out guys.
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TQC! I'm going to the library, tell me something to read? Anything? Please?

If you don't read for some deranged reason: What's the weather like where you are, and what do you wish it was like, if you don't like how it is?

Wedding stuffs

So yesterday I got an invite to one of my friend's wedding.. I found 2 things strange about it
It says "blah blah blah...... nick and his beautiful wife kate". Which is strange... b/c that means they are already married?

#2 and it's also on a wednesday jan 2nd! how weird is that

Anyone else have an explanation for this? other than the day... b/c maybe they think people are taking the whole week off (i'm not that special)

[edit: the 1st part is @ a church and supposedly short, and then there is a reception after somewhere else]
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TQC New Yorkers: What's a good place to get cheap/free beer in Manhattan on a Saturday night? Preferably not a douchebag bar that involves guys with popped collars, girls in tank tops in November, and shitty music blasting.

TQC in General: If we were to have a hypothetical TQC meet-up, where should it be held?

Should I eat the New England Clam Chowder I brought for lunch, or go get a breakfast sandwich at Sheetz, since I have been craving sausage patties?

Would you/have you let someone pee on you (sexually)?
  • avennui


Does anybody know How I could get into the sold Jens Lekman Concert at The Troubadour in West Hollywood?

Has anybody tried to sneak in there?

Does Anybody know where I can get a spare ticket?

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inspired by laurelindorinan who said My name is unique, because my parents made that shit up.

so what makes a name ~uneek~ exactly? that your parents combined both of their names so you're bound to not run into someone with your exact name? a different kind of spelling? opinions please.

if you took part of your name and part of your SO's* name, what name would you come up with? Coumar.

*if you don't have a SO use your best friend's name.
friends - i'm gonna take it

internet dating...?

1. Have you ever dated someone you met on the internet?
2. What site did you meet them on?
3. What was your date like? (Did they pick you up? Did you meet them somewhere? Did you take a friend with you?)
4. Ever have any really bad experiences from meeting someone from online in person?

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If you take the 1st and 4th letter of your first name (if you don't have 4 letters, use the last letter), add an 'x' and then take the last 4 letters of your sister's middle name, what would your name be?
(If you don't have a sister, use your brother. No siblings? Use your own middle name. No middle name? Take it from your mother).

Noxelle. I guarantee I'll be the only one in the class with that name!

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Ever fainted on somebody before?

Ever been fainted on?

What was it like?

Somebody fainted on me today in the cafeteria and it was more frightening than I ever would have thought it could be. It was upsetting. But I guess it would have been worse for the person doing the fainting.

ETA: I also passed out in the doctor's office. It was from a bad reaction to a shot. But I blacked out first so I had plenty of warning. I was pissed off because I didn't want the shot. But it was in a doctor's office so I wasn't really embarrassed or anything. And I didn't fall on anyone, my knees just started buckling and the nurses helped me.

ETA: Any thoughts on fainting?
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When a silly mood strikes you and you start giggling for little to no reason, do you
a) revel in it, or
b) try to reign it in?

How much does your answer depend on where you are and who's around?  If quite a bit, please give an example of where and with whom you're happy to let your giggles have free reign.

Earlier this morning, I spit out a mouthful of coffee because something went into my mouth from the cup that was NOT coffee, and I did not want to swallow whatever it was.   D:
(It turned out to be a cheerio, but better safe than sorry, I thought.)
What's that last thing to happen to you that made you react simply out of instinct?  (could be food-related or something else entirely)
Evil Me

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A recent question just reminded me I've been meaning to ask this.

Do you like Paul Simon, Elton John, Phil Collins and/or Eric Clapton?
Do you like them because you think they're good musicians, or because you grew up listening to them?

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robot love

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In Braveheart, at the end of William Wallace's "You can take our lives, but you can never take our freedom!" speech, what is it that he yells to the crowd that they yell back? It sounds a little like Erin Go Braugh, but since that is Irish gaelic I did not think that could be it.

Anyone know?

kids and parents and the DRAMA.

I direct children's theatre.  Right now I just announced casting for the show, and have gotten the inevitable phone calls from a few parents whose kids are dissatisfied with their ensemble roles. 

1. As a parent, would you make this phone call? (Edit: Hypothetical parent or no)
2. How did your parents react if you didn't make it into a play, on a sports team, were getting poor marks?
3. Any revolting stage mom stories to share?

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Lan Party

My boyfriend and I are hosting a lan party this weekend and I want to be a good hostess and have lots of delicious, snacky food on hand. But I don't know what I should make.  So TQC what should I make? What would you want to eat if you were going to be sitting around playing video games all weekend.

Question on Illustrator

Okay, I've got this:

image, and I've got the Illustrator file for it. I'm extremely new to Illustrator and I want to be able to just pick and choose which of the items I use, and I can't figure out how to select a single item, without selecting those around. I've tried tracing it with the lasso, and that's not working.

Any suggestions?
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So my semester ends in less than a month. I am currently a junior.

I've missed about 4 classes in each class. I talked with my advisor today and she said that if I need to, I can take a leave of absence. She said, "Well, you KNOW you're not at the top of the class or anything and you missed classes last year!"

I really don't want to and I'm committed to going to the rest of my classes.

Is missing 4 classes really means to withdraw from classes!? (I thought it was absurd!)

What can I do to "prove" myself and not get eaten up by my wondrous advisor?
my name a borat

Taking one for the team.

I heard this scenario talked about the other day on Lex And Terry.

Say you and your significant other were relatively quite active sexually, and then...
If for some reason (invasive surgery, severe illness, whatever) you and your "sexytime" parts were out of commission for an extended period of time (say a month or three)...

Would you invite over and encourage someone (your best friend, someone random from the bar, or whoever) to hook up with your significant other, no strings attached, as a sympathy lay??
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Say you work somewhere, and about once every two weeks somebody buys lunch for everybody on the company credit card. They come out and say, "Do you want anything from XX? Tell so and so what you want."

If, ten minutes later, so-and-so sent somebody to collect money from you, how would you react? Would you have assumed you had to pay? IS there a good way to react/handle this situation? Especially if you don't have cash and CAN'T pay?

Do you buy other people food often?

When you go to a restaurant with a group of friends, do you usually split the check evenly, only pay for your own meal, or bum off other people?

Do you carry cash?

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oh dear.

 Ok, so here's the situation tqc.

I've been seeing this guy for a little over 4 months and things have been alright.  I just can't see it going anywhere...we're too similar, fight often, he gets in these 'moods' where he won't talk to me for days, and he's too preoccupied with other things going on in his life to be able to give me what i need right now, so I've been meaning to break things off for about 2 weeks.  THEN he comes around and tells me he thinks he has Hepatitis-B.  Obvi, I freak and go get myself tested (I am negative) but he came back to me yesterday and told me that he had himself retested and is DEFINITELY positive.  This is NOT the reason what I want to break things off (I'm vaccinated, it wouldn't be a big deal to me) but now I feel like he'll think I'm playing the "oh you have Hep-B, cya" card on him.

-How would you handle this?
-Is there any way for me to do this without him thinking it's about the Hepatitis?
-Should I wait until he sees a doctor and hope that it's just the kind that will go away?
-How much does this suck?
-Have you ever had a situation where someone you were dating thought you were breaking up with them for a different reason?  How did it work out?
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Vote Greens!

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1. What (if anything) happens to you when you eat cold things?
I don't get ice-cream headaches, but my throat freezes up & I cough.

2. What have you heard of Bopo cards?

3. If I get a card, what picture should I have on it?
  • Me, fiancée & ferret?

  • Ferret?

  • Me & fiancée?

  • Cool artsy pic

  • Other?
  • (no subject)


    You go out to eat at a restaurant. You order a hamburger. The waitress brings your food out and then tells you to cut into it right that second (before you take a bite) so you can tell her if it's cooked to your specification.

    How do you react? Do you do it? Do you say or do something else?
    Peter knee


    So on my way out of my car after lunch, I totally either

    A. Grew a few inches in 20 minutes
    B. Misjudged the height of my car door frame

    and smacked the top of my head on my door frame.

    I'm kind of dizzy, have a headache and I feel like my brain is seeping out of my ears. I've already taken an aleve...

    Tell me I going to die?

    Have you ever done this?? What did you do to make yourself feel better?
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    (no subject)

    do you fear that you are ordinary, just like everyone?


    did you know exactly where you was?


    did you know the meaning of it all?


    did you know the distance to the sun?


    did you know the echo that is love?


    did you know the secrets in the spires?


    did you know the emptiness of youth?


    did you know the solitude of heart?


    did you know the murmurs of the soul?


    is the world drawn into your hands?


    is the world etched upon your heart?


    is the world so hard to understand?


    is the world your can't live without?


    did you know the silence of the world?


    i lock my vehicle when:

    at home
    at work
    at school
    at the store
    at the post office
    at my friends' houses
    at the movies
    ticky box

    (no subject)

    Just throwing this out there since I AM IN DIRE NEED.

    -Does anyone have access to the Roger Freeman (analyst at Lehman Brothers) research report from Monday in which he downgraded shares of Merrill and Bear Stearns?  It also examined ACA Capital Holdings, Inc.  I will do anything. (The ACTUAL report; not an article referring to it)
    -Do you understand what is going on with the whole subprime meltdown?
    -Does it scare you?
    -Do you think we are going into a recession?
    Open road

    Random drunk stories?

    What is the most random thing you've done while drunk?

    My friend got me drunk off of wine at lunch yesterday (bad idea), and we booked a flight to Poland to spend a long weekend in Warsaw and then Lithuania. I wonder what my mom will say when I tell her I'm going there... 

    (no subject)

     I'm having a delightful conversation with my favorite atheist on my local community forum. We are discussing this story (about the woman who dies from refusing a blood transfusion for the sake of her religious beliefs after giving birth to her child.) After just having a child myself, doing that is shocking - I'm not sure whether to be angry at her or in awe of her strength to abide by her faith.

    What are your thoughts on this?
    dead zone johnny & sarah

    (no subject)

    Do you consider open-toed shoes (on women) to be work appropriate?  What about in a health care setting?  (By health care setting I mean doing administrative work at a health center.) 

    Edit: How do you tell a co-worker you don't think thier shoes are appropriate? People have mentioned it to her but I think she thought they were joking and laughed it off....which is awkward.

    clogged shower drain

    Best stuff to clear (and/or keep clear) shower drains?

    This is such an ongoing issue for us at both our old apartment, despite combing out hair before the shower and picking off the excess from the drain catchy thing after showers. We've tried a few of the drain-o and liquid plumber type things. One didn't work at all really, and the other only kind of worked.

    Any other tips, even?
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    Haruhi disappearance
    • eidna

    (no subject)

    I'm an American who has acquired a tube of Vegemite for the first time. I'm scared to try it!

    If you've had it, can you give me a description as to how it tastes?

    What should I put it on?

    ETA: Are you suddenly not recieving LJ comments?

    Movie Question

    Is "Dan in Real Life" any good?

    (no spoilers please)

    EDIT: My parents are taking me to see it. I want to know if I should fake death or not.
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    Jongkey on stage

    (no subject)

    I just got my new Chocolate cell phone in the mail today, activated and plugged it in to charge at around 1 o'clock today. It's now 4:30 and the phone was 'fully charged' when I got home from class.

    Is it okay for me to remove the phone from the charger to take to work? I remember hearing that you should let a cell phone charge for a set number of hours before removing it but I found nothing about it in any of the booklets that came with the phone.


    I am always cold, even in the summer.

    1.  What do you wear to keep warm, like if you're just out and about?  I know that sounds stupid, but I'm wearing a cableknit shirt, sweater, scarf, and I am freezing!  My shoes are like ballet slippers though, but I was just as cold yesterday wearing regular shoes!

    The temp here is 59 degrees.  ;_;  I guess I'm kind of a pussy. 

    2.  Are you also annoyed that people keep making the joke that MTV doesn't show music videos?  It's like everyone has said it at least once, and my teachers really seem to think it's funny.  I'm bored of it.

    3.  Do you do yoga?  At home or in a class?
    Thanksgiving Opus

    (no subject)

    Bossman has the best growing up stories. Like he has this one where he tried to smoke glue and white out. Would you want your kids (pretend or real) to be one of those who would probably blow up the chem lab or no?

    Cake batter or cookie dough? No you can't choose pudding because we all know that is the food of gods and Chuck Norris.

    Chuck Norris or David Hasselhoff?

    Best way to dispose of a body?
    chibi totoro garden

    (no subject)

    What would be most appropriate for "business casual"?

    Dark jeans, v-neck sweater, button-up shirt underneath
    Dark slacks, nice dressy shirt
    Dark slacks, v-neck sweater, button-up shirt underneath

    In case it matters, the event is a seminar for students planning on applying to the undergraduate business program at my school.
    grab a slice

    (no subject)

    If you were faced with finding a fairly inexpensive and easy meal for a group of say 30-40 people where you wouldn't have to do a lot of cooking or order from a restaurant, what would you go for?
    Mitty box

    (no subject)

    Do you have photoshop?
    If so, will you photoshop the date out of this picture?


    Thanks rudezombie!!

    New question!

    Should I quit my job? I only work about 9-15 hours a week and I'm pretty sure I spend more in gas driving there than I do working there.
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    (no subject)

    At what age did you recieve your first kiss? Was it romantic?

    This time of year makes me remember mine. I was 14 bordering 15 and we were all out trick-or-treating. It was exactly 1 day before my 15th birthday, and I had to get kissed or I was going to feel like a mega-loser. My crush was trick-or-treating too, and we pulled each other into the bushes. I was dressed like a hula girl. I think he was dressed like a lumberjack? Hard to remember. Not so much romantic. But it was kind of unusual.


    (no subject)

    Have you read Trojan Women by Euripides and The Aeneid by Virgil?
    I'm not looking for someone to do my homework, but I am looking for someone to bounce ideas for a paper off of, so if you're familiar with those, could you be that person? ^_^

    And for those of you who haven't read that stuff, think of the paper/essay that you're most proud of.
    What grade did you get on it?
    What was the topic?
    Why are you so proud?

    EDIT: Oh! Also, will you post a picture of yourself with the following expression(s) on your face?
    [dance] pink side to side

    (no subject)

    1- I'm going to Canada tomorrow, what should I do there? Let's pretend like I'm a stupid tourist who thinks you can walk across Canada in an hour. WHAT AN ADVENTURE!
    2- How do you feel about people who broadcast their mental problems around LJ and join comms for their problems, and wear things like MPD or bipolar-ness like a badge?
    3- Kids in movies scream so fucking much at the wrong points. If aliens came out of no where, or the mass-murderer of your town came-a-knockin', and your kid started to howl like a banshee, would you save the little bitch, or kill her to keep the silence goin?
    yummy beer!, yummy

    (no subject)

    On a scale of 1-100, how competitive are you?

    Say you're playing a game and fancy yourself pretty good to great at it, and you have a sizable lead.  Then it starts to slip away quickly - what is your general reaction?  Do you keep having fun and enjoying the game?  Do you curse the rotten luck, in your head or out loud?  Do you pull an "Arthur Spooner" and fling the gameboard and all its attendant pieces across the room?

    Also, at what games do you PWN, almost without fail?

    • tndb

    (no subject)

    i was supposed to meet up with my boyfriend today but he canceled the last minute because his mother had asked him to come home. i had a feeling that it would lead to no good, and boy, was i right. he called me and said that his father (who has been having lung problems for the last month or so and had a surgery scheduled today) was diagnosed with lung cancer and from what i understood the tumor cannot be removed so he is basically dying. before leaving for the surgery he left the documents and keys of both cars to my boyfriend and also took out all the money from his bank account and took it home... just in case. so this is really bad. unfortunately i am awful with dealing such situations, so my question is, what can i do to help? i already told my boyfriend that i'm there for him and to let me know if there is anything i could do for him, but what else can i do? i really want to help, i'm just scared that i might screw everything up :(
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    at seven

    (no subject)

    Cheeseburger pie.

    1. Have you heard of it?

    2. Have you eaten it? How'd you like it?

    3. Would you eat it?

    One of my housemates made it for dinner last night and we won't stop giving him a hard time for it. I mean, it didn't taste that bad, but it was like... meatloaf pie with cheese on top. It was just kind of... tacky. And gross. And I wish he'd just made cheeseburgers.
    • yahvah

    (no subject)

    If you play online games like Counter-Strike or World of Warcraft, what is your screen name?

    Right now on Counter-Strike, I've been using "space herpe".

    Do you know the origin of my CS screen name?

    (no subject)

    Do you like the opposite sex or your own sex better? I'm not talking about romantically or sexually.

    What do you like/dislike about men?

    What do you like/dislike about women?

    No worries about offending anyone. :)

    b. Fudgsicle or Creamsicle?

    c. this icon or my aquabats one?
    m'effondre // mylene

    (no subject)

    I work for a temp agency. I'm currently placed at a financing firm that has a lot of unprofessional issues and problems within its office. In recent days, I've become a target for the unprofessional behavior and find that I'm having issues with doing my job because of the attitude my coworkers have been showing towards me. So, I e-mailed the temp agency I'm working for and asked if they could place me in another position because I feel uncomfortable there.

    The temp agency turned around and forwarded the e-mail I sent them right back to the company I am working at. Granted, it didn't get me in a lot of trouble or cause me to lose my position, but I am very upset and feel betrayed and like this agency honestly doesn't give a shit about their employees.

    Is what they did illegal, and if so, what can I do to take action against this? Anyone else have this happen to them? What did you do?

    (no subject)

    How would you politely tell someone that you never want to talk to them again, and just want to be left alone?
    In a way that they would actually get it?

    EDIT : How are you with strangers and personal space?
         i.e.  If someone you don't know stands really close, do you step backwards or are you OK with it?

    (no subject)

    What do you think of when you see the following names of schools?

    1. Yale University
    2. Duke University
    3. Wake Forest University
    4. Western Michigan University
    5. Nova Southeastern University
    gas mask

    (no subject)

    Hannah Montana Y/N?

    I'm only asking because I'm getting addicted to the show even though I'm so ashamed of it. Please don't stone me.

    Additionally, what do you daydream about? And what's your craziest daydream like, evar?

    (no subject)

    I want to bake some home made peanut butter cookies. I have all the ingredients, but my flour & baking powder is slighty expired (well it says 'best by' blah blah). is it still good to use? I'm thinking they're both like a year old.

    (no subject)

    How do I get rid of a cold sore? I just started getting it this morning & it's pretty much already full blown. I've been googling & found suggestions like nail polish remover (not sure how I feel about that...), rubbing alcohol (OUCH!), hydrogen peroxide (tried it, didn't do anything, not even any bubbles or anything), and something called Lysine (what the heck is this & if it works, where do I get it?) ............ thanks.

    (no subject)

    To quote Billie Joe Armstrong, we are the new Generation Zero right now and we are having to deal with the too-fast-to-handle advances in technology, the war that people will be trying to figure out for centuries into the future and the world just general changing, more or less for better or for worse. So what I want to know is, would you rather have been born in the past, present or future? I for one would like to be born earlier, before Zero and when music wasn't such a power struggle of an industry. Give me your thoughts on this people. :)
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    (no subject)

    I have stretch marks on my boobs. i HATE it..
    where do you have stretch marks?

    Do you have a good rack?
    I used to, they were small and pert and everyone who had the pleasure of viewing them was most complimentry.
    Now for some reason they've gone from a 30C to a 30DD and let me tell you, it's abnormal looking! and I wasn't even a completely full C before. Also.. the left is slightly larger.

    (no subject)

    Can anyone think of any groovy room 'themes' for a 19 year old female?

    Every few christmas's I get my room made over as a pressie from the fam (my step dad is a painter, my nan a dressmaker, my aunt an interior designer and my grandfather a carpenter) so they all kinda add something to my room to make it really spesh and we all have a ball setting it up. Problem is, this year I have NO idea what theme I want to follow. Any ideas? inspiration pics? My current bedroom has hot pink walls with silver and black accesories and a crystal chandelier but i'm kinda over that.

    What would your ideal bedroom be decked out in?
    Pit Bull: Reindeer
    • tenna

    (no subject)

    People calling my on my cell (or NOT calling me) has been stressing me out the past couple days. My phone just died, and I'm tempted to just leave it off for a few days so that I can calm down about people calling me. But I'm worried someone might really want to/need to get in touch with me.

    Dear TQC,

    Should I let my phone stay off anyway, and turn it back on in a few days when (hopefully) I'm not so focused on getting called, or should I charge it up just in case of an emergency and someone needs to contact me?
    candle dancers

    (no subject)

    Have you ever had "camper" brand shoes. If so, did you like them? I just bought a pair of boots and am trying to decide if i should keep them. I'm not thrilled over them so i am trying to decide based on quality of craftsmanship, etc.

    (no subject)

    Have you ever donated blood? (If yes, how many times?)

    Have you tried to give blood and been rejected, and if so, why?

    Have you ever received a blood transfusion?

    If you've given blood, did you weigh less than 110 pounds at the time? Did you die, and/or pass out?

    Yes, my first time was today.

    Last year, because I was iron-deficient anemic.

    Yes, because some dumb technician once took twice the amount of blood that she was supposed to from me for some tests, and then they were all "Lol, we took too much, transfusion time!"

    I weigh about 90, and I am still living. I also didn't pass out!

    HP-Severus Looking Curious

    (no subject)

    I have bad posture.I want to fix it before I end up like my (late) great grandmother with a hunch back and only able to see the ground unless she lifted her head. Loved the woman dearly, even share a birthday, but I don't want a hunch back.

    Any suggestions? Exercises?

    I've googled but every time I google for help it sends me to sites that all say *for a small fee we can show you the exercises you need to prevent back pain, scoliosis... etc etc...

    Any one else tend to type ect instead of etc? *is prolly alone on this one*
    • reve119

    (no subject)

    Those of you with bad knees-

    What do you do to make certain activities less painful?
    Does wearing a knee brace of some kind help? Knee exercises or stretching? Not pushing yourself too hard?
    Kaylee -- Fan Girl

    Harmonix' Phase

    Has anyone else played Harmonix' Phase for the iPod yet? It's basically Frequency/Amplitude/etc for the iPod, but you get to use all your own music for it. Harmonix are the people who brought out Guitar Hero, Karaoke Revolution, and Rock Band as well.

    A: I've been completely ignoring the pile of new 360 games I just bought in favour of this silly little $5 iPod game. If mp3 players had killer apps, this one might be one.
    Zach Braff

    So about that research paper due tomorrow...

    1. Can you please give me any historical examples of where classical conditioning(or Pavlovian conditioning) was used? I've been googling for an hour and this isn't a direct homework question, I need it as support. Any governments, groups, etc would be greatly appreciated.

    2. Best way to get rid of acne in a week?

    3. Do you have a Homecoming dance coming up?
    3b. Are you excited?
    3c. Do you have a dress/formal wear?

    4. Does the lack of light during the winter have an effect on you?

    5. What's your favorite place for a date?
    im french

    (no subject)

    So, I have this candy machine, that has candy in it, but I have to pay to get the candy. I've spent like $10 on Sprees and I'm not spending any more!

    How can I open it up to get the candy and the money inside?

    ***IDEALLY, I'd like to have the candy and the machine intact.

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