November 7th, 2007

b/w girl

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have you ever done someone else's assignment for them? (for a fee or not) how did they convince you to do it?

what are the things you look foward to in the winter? ex: flannel sheets, hot chocolate, etc

whats your opinion on valentines day?

who was your favorite teacher and why?

*yes, ive written quite a few essays in my time and a lot of spanish homework. no convincing needed, i have no problem doing it if i have time.
*hot chocolate, new york, my birthday, my brother and sisters and me all being home and together, christmas, slippers
*love it, just for like the colors and general idea of it. also  2 days after its my bday haah
*mr banghart, i had him for creative writing in 10th grade and english in 11th. he was amazing and hysterical, and really cared about his students. and had the most creative assignments. never met a person who didnt love him. also mrs comeau, my 4th grade teacher. we had a house made from cereal boxes in our classrom, enough said.
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Okay. This might be the stupidest thing ever, but I'd rather be laughed at then get it right then do something wrong.

I bought a (WD My Book Essential Edition) external hard drive and I'm hooking it up to my mac. the mac recognizes it and everything, and it's installed correctly...

Do I just click and drag over all the files I want, or is it more complicated than that? I feel like it has to be more complicated. The instruction manual writers apparently think they can just tell you how to install it then any idiot would know where to go from there. But see, me and electronics don't get along well and it's made me a bit wary of doing something unless it's already proved to be successful.
Haruhi disappearance
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I has tomorrow off, and I'd like to go shopping as I have nothing else to do. (I may hate working retail but that 2nd job income is oh so very very nice)

What should I go shopping for?

Any particular shops I should visit?

Should I turn LJhook back on, or should I stick with my regular default?
hannibal skull


If you lost all access to the Internet from tomorrow onwards, would it be a problem for your everyday life, would it make no difference, or would it make your life better?

Why or why not? How?
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Did you sleep well last night?

In your opinion, what's the most "adult" thing you do on a regular basis?
What's the most childish thing you do?

ETA: What should I have for breakfast? I can go out to eat today if I want.
i say, old bean

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can you hear yourself think?

what is/was the hardest thing you've ever had to accept/learn?

what was the last thing that made you think/say/go 'you know, this might just not be so bad after all'?

during school, were you ever in some sort of program? (EDIT to make things a bit more clear, program - as in special ed, GATE or an after-school activity you took part in.)

have you ever seen someone's head crack open?

and just because it fits my icon, what's your favorite kind of cereal that makes you go oOo?
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When taking medicine for a cold or headache or whatever, do you take meds right when the syptoms start or do you wait until the discomfort is unbearable? Or somewhere in between?

A girl I work with only comes in Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. She has called in sick one day each week for the past month. What do you think about that?

I made yummy pull apart caramel rolls this morning for my coworkers. They were really yummy. What was the last really yummy thing you had for breakfast?
Walken Infinity


Alright, so I am sure that a good majority of you all have had experiences with horrible landlords.
What are your experiences with landlords? The good? The bad? & the ugly....?

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Birth Control

Have any of you ladies been on birth control that you would actually recommend?  Maybe one that doesn't have any of the following side effects, or at least a minimum of them?

Weight gain
Loss of sex drive
Clogged arteries
Heart attack 

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Give a dog a home

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Does this post look 'shopped to you?

How do you feel about people saying "You're in America, SPEAK ENGLISH!"?

What are your best remedies for a cold? I'm already chugging orange juice, took some Alka Seltzer cold, and am inhaling Vicks tissues.
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When it's been opened for like a week does pineapple juice start to taste like water?
Or is one of my flatmates lying when they say they didn't drink it and fill it up with water?

Which flatmate do you think it was?

(no subject)

1. Why does the coffee I make at home taste awful compared to the coffee I make at other people's houses even though it's the same stuff?

2. Do you like Jerry Springer? (the show OR the guy)

3. What was your most expensive impulse buy?

4. What's the most annoying song to get in your head whilst working?

5. What's more annoying; bad grammar or bad spelling?

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1. Do you ever go to someone's lj profile and click on the "pictures" link to see what they've got up in their lj scrapbook galleries?

2. Do you then click on the "recently updated" link at the bottom of the gallery to see all the pictures that they hadn't intended to display?

3. Do you then click through an all of the "no preview" pictures to what lies underneath?

4. Do you then get really frustrated because you've clicked through on over 200 "no preview" links for a person, and not ANY of them are nudes?

5. Is there anything ethically wrong with doing any of this? If the pictures were set to private I don't think they'd be viewable this way.

6. My wife hangs calendars and such by hammering nails into the walls. We rent, and we lose security deposits from the holes. How can I get her to stop it? She's just like "well I want this calendar here, right now" and I can't get in her way because she has a hammer in her hand and she is really determined.

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so, i was leaving one of our salesmen a message, at the end of the message i said 'go ahead and return my phone call, thanks.. bye'.. well two of my co-workers who were standing around and overheard me leaving the message both busted out laughing.. snickering about 'go ahead and return my phone call'.. i don't see the humor in this, did i miss something? i mean.. was that wrong to say or? lol.

whenever you leave a voice mail, do you tend to listen to it before hanging up or do you hang up as soon as you're doing leaving the message?

is there a couple that you know that is SOOOO annoying to be around? or are you and your SO that couple?
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dearest tqc,

i have a very important question to ask:

should i wear a bra today?

all my bras are old, stretched out and uncomfortable, so i don't want to wear them, but i don't want to slap anyone in the face with my boobs or anything.

all i am doing today is going to my drawing class.

edit: 34C, in case anyone was wondering.
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With the upcoming holidays, we here at TQC are going to be getting lots of "Hai, what should I get my friend's cousin's sister's brother for Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa?" questions.

What would be a good thing to respond with? (besides present suggestions, duh)
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Are you a dick driver?

This morning, my neighbor and I left at the same time. He zipped out around me, went about 40 MPH though the yellow light, made a U-turn about 1/2 a block later, then made a right - all because he just couldn't wait the 30 seconds for the left hand turn lane light to go green.

When you see someone like that, do you ever wish that they'd do something stupid in front of the cop that needs to meet his ticket quota?
Do you ever laugh when you see a dick driver getting a ticket?
James Franco joint

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suzermagoozer suggested some hookers and blow macros here. I agree with this statement full heartedly.
Would you like to show me your best H&B macros?

And totally unrelated to hookers and blow:
I am going to 'Paint a Pot' sometime this week. What should I paint? It is not limited to pots. There is basically every dish/plate/bowl/cup imaginable, boxes, and plaques.
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Sushi Time!

If you like sushi/sashimi:

1. What kind is your favorite kind of sushi or sashimi?
2. Is there any you would not eat?
3. Do you eat it with soy sauce and/or wasabi?
4. Do you follow proper etiquette when eating sushi/sashimi?
5. Have you had any mishaps while eating it?

office gifts

one of my coworkers has been having a particularly bad month, due to dealing with a lot of crappy stuff just at work. we're all dealing with similar issues in our office, but he's been dealing with it the most. i want to get him something just to cheer him up and sort lift his spirits.

i was thinking of getting him either a decent bottle of scotch or an equally nice bottle of wine.

would this be overkill? i want to get him something more than just a starbucks card. what do you all think?
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Can you tell me about a time when you heard someone's ringtone and it was at odds with what you perceived their personality to be like? I mean, it didn't fit their stereotype.


I was on the bus and there was this middle-aged biker guy with a beard and everything (Maybe his bike was broken down?) and his phone rung and it was a baby laughing. =D
Arch Rock Mack Island
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1. Are pumpkin rolls easy to make? I don't understand how you can roll the cake without it falling apart.
2a. Has anyone made bourbon balls?
2b. What brand of bouron do you use?
3. Are you addicted to thequestionclub? I think I might be.
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i've noticed there's quite a few of y'all that are engaged.. so, SPILL THE DETAILS, plz?! i love to hear about weddings and all of that good stuff.

how did they propose? how long have y'all been engaged for? when's the wedding day?! have you decided what colors you're going to go with? who's going to be part of your wedding party? will you be serving finger food/cake or going all out at the reception? have you gotten your wedding dress? and the MOST important question of them all (thnx latenightdrives) are you going to have the chicken dance/a money dance? .. etc.

ALSO, what's for lunch?

(no subject)

1 Where do you put your hands on the steering wheel?

2a Is it ever okay to date friends of exes?
2b Is it ever okay to date exes of friends?

3 What are some strange spelling suggestions you've gotten from a spell-checker?

4 What is your favorite Facebook application?
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Poll #1084539 True Or False?

Everytime a bell rings an angel gets it's wings.


Every baby's first laugh turn into a fairy.


Everytime someone farts a lie is created.


True or False

Christopher Columbus
"You can't handle the truth!"


Have you ever had a cop knock on your door?
Did you know it was a cop before you opened the door, granted you did open it? If so, how?
Did they use a cop-knock?

Did they announce it was the police?
What did they want?

To clarify, you don't know this person, they are a cop by profession, not a friend who happens to be a cop.
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1. What's a  song you just can't stop listening to right now?
(i have had 'the thanks i get' by wilco on non-stop for the past two days)

2. What's a song you love everytime you hear it, no matter what?
(i will always love 'my girl' by the temptations, and also 'somebody to love' by queen. i can hear them over and over for years and years and never ever get sick of them)

3. What do you think are some of the most perfect song lyrics ever written?
(honestly? i think the stones said it best when they declared 'you can't always get what you want. but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need)

Help me name my business!

I'm starting my own home-based bookkeeping business and I need help with names. Any ideas?

Edit: These are some names I've come up with on the you like any of them?
Rags to Riches Bookkeeping
Pretty Penny Bookkeeping
Purse Strings Bookkeeping
DFW Bean Counter
Bottom Line Bookkeeping
In the Black Bookkeeping
Money Tree Bookeeping
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(no subject)

Can butter mold?

My google skills are failing me.  I keep getting sites that feature butter molds.  I've done the -molds and it still comes up with moldings of butter.
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Office workers!

If you use the internet for personal reasons (e.g. checking your personal email, LJing, shopping) at work, do you have all your passwords saved so that you don't have to log in to the websites everyday?

Do you use any instant messaging programs at work? If so, do you communicate with non co-workers on them?

Do you mind it when someone is at your computer?

Have you ever had to explain yourself to a co-worker because of what was on your computer? If so, why?

(no subject)

1. What are you trying to remember?
2. What are you trying to forget?
3. Should I stay at school or go home this weekend? I've got a lot of work, but I'm not that much more likely to work on it at school.
4. Is it just me, or does it always seem quieter when it's dark?

(no subject)

 Is it okay to post a link to an article online if the question I have refers to the topic in the article?  And should I post the link, or put the article text behind an LJ-cut? 

(no subject)

what does one wear to a visitation the night before the funeral??? all black? or is some color ok? dress up, dress-casual, casual???

i have no idea because i've never been to one

if it matter, its for my uncle.

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How well could you read a passage from a book in front of a bunch of people? 1=might as well be illiterate; 10=fuckin pro

Mean: 7.89 Median: 8 Std. Dev 2.26

(no subject)

I'm bored at work. Entertain me?

What's the last interesting thing that's happened to you?

My housemate disappeared the other day. Can you tell me where he went?

Will you give me a hug?

(no subject)

I have a lot of freckles, there's barely any skin on me that doesn't have freckles. A good number of these freckles are slightly raised, but not noticeably. If you run your hands over them you can feel it, though. Are these just freckles, or are they moles because they're raised?

My boyfriend is convinced that because I have so many freckles/moles(?) that I'm definitely going to get cancer. Is there any truth to that?


(no subject)

Allright, one serious question, now for the fun one.  Do you have a "10 (or however many) things I must do before I die" list?  Like a real one, written down someplace?  

If so, what's on it?  And have you done any of them yet?

If not, what would you put on one if you did?

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TQC, make a decision for me!

Should I go to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show tonight? It would mean that I have to go alone. But then again, it's probably once every five years in the movies around here and never played live. I know there will be audience participation and I'd like to see it.

So, when should I call?

Speaking of interviews... I had a job interview that went pretty damn well on monday. One of those ones where they tell me what I'll be doing and ask what I want to be paid, not as many "Why should we hire you" questions. It seemed pretty much a done deal, but the guy needed to figure out how much they can pay me, what kind of hours they wanted me to work, etc.

He asked me to call him back yesterday at 3 if I hadn't heard from him. I did, and he was out of the office. I called back this morning and he was with a customer, and she took a message.

Um... when should I try calling again? I was really left with the impression that the job is pretty much gonna be mine, but now I'm not so sure.

Is it just me, or is job hunting a lot like dating?
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(no subject)

I'm trying to download some books from Project Gutenberg and print them out. To save printing costs, I'm reformatting them in Word to condense them into as few pages as possible. With the ones in HTML it's fairly easy to shrink the font and margins and put the text in columns. However, for the ones that are only available in plain text, there are annoying line breaks that screw it up. I know there must be some way to get rid of these without going through each individually, but all my attempts with find and replace, such as replacing paragraph marks with a space or whatever completely destroys ALL the paragraphing, which isn't what I want. Can any of you explain a good way to do this?
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(no subject)

How often do you get a new LJ friend?

When was the last time you slept on one of those pull-out beds, the ones inside couches?

Have you ever dressed up with a friend for a costume party/halloween/etc. with matching costumes, or themed costumes? Like you both went as characters from a movie/book/etc.? If so, what?
are we the dining dead esotsm
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(no subject)

What are some alternatives to banking?

(At first, i had a bank account with my town bank, but then when i went away to school i switched to Stank of America so that i could access my account easily anywhere. Now i am back in my town, but i am hoping to live a nomadic life soon so it's either staying with Stank or huge fees. And i feel really guilty about the former.)

(no subject)

Have you ever kept a "blog" (ugh, i hate that word) or had an online identity that you kept secret from you SO or other persons very close to you? If so, why?

Have you ever found out that your SO or someone close to you has a blog or online identity that they've kept secret from you? If so, how did you react?
how funky is your chicken?


There are some foods I simply can not function without on a daily basis. Like the typical "milk, bread, eggs and butter", these are MY kitchen staples:

- sour cream

- a jar of salsa

- OJ (purchased two gallons at at time)

- Milk (for the SO, also purchased two gallons at a time)

- a jar of pickles and/or olives

- mayo

- ketchup

What are YOUR food staples?
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Zooey face


Anyone know what 'Possession of INSTR SIM' means?

It's a legal offense. We're trying to figure out the abbreviation.

EDIT: We found it! It means possession of a driving license or other ID that doesn't belong to you (in essence). It's a felony no less.

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hello lion-o

(no subject)

What is the last "lame" thing that you got excited about? (the kind where other people just smile and nod at you because they don't care)

I got a raphael kolinsky sable paintbrush for $10 today from the brush lady at school. Every friend I have mentioned this to just kinda goes "yeah that's nice." I am so excited about it I changed my status on myspace to reflect it.

(no subject)

 You know that thing people sometimes do, where you want something so much and you finally get it, and then you have second thoughts and don't want it anymore...

How do you stop that?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine


My friend's best guy friend of a few months told her he was demoting her as his friend. He told me it was because she wouldn't be his girlfriend and he's not going to waste his time anymore. Now I'm wondering... is this how a lot of guys work? Maintain friendships with women in case those women someday date them? Or is this just a college-guy thing?
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(no subject)

Today at work my co-workers were somewhat chatty, and a girl whose name I don't remember came up, so I said "she's fine". The youngest co-worker said, "you say fine, but noone says that anymore". Then the Indian co-worker spoke up and asked what he meant, and my co-worker clarified that fine is like saying she's hot, but noone uses it anymore. The Indian co-worker said "so fine is like a level below hot", and then I said disagreed. I said that fine is on par or higher level than hot - like she's golden or sterling - because a precious metal's purity is measured by its fineness.

Is fine above, on par with, or below hot?
don't tread on me

pardon my poll.

Poll #1084761 fixed. i do NOT know what happened.

what is the BEST reason for a TQCer to quote wikipedia with great regularity?

quoting wiki whenever stumped but you don't want to let on
quoting wiki to make others feel dumb
quoting wiki because your bad conversation skills
quoting wiki because you are jonesing for clarity in your life
i can't tell you, but my reason rhymes with ODOR


chat is ruining TQC.
i don't quote wiki THAT much, bitch
ticky too

Diwali? Diwali Anyone?

I need to buy about three hundred gift bags of candy for a bunch of people from India.
I don't have access to Indian Candy, only American stuff from supermarkets.

Does anyone out there know about the Indian Festival of Diwali?

What American treat/food would be an adequate substitute for Traditional Indian fare?
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(no subject)

Backstory: In June, my freshmen year roommate/good friend and I moved into an apartment together in June. we signed a one year lease. Our apartment is awesome (late 1800's, 16 ft. ceilings, tons of room, right near the subway) , and really quite a steal for what we're paying. Oh, and the apartment is under my name.

Problem: I can't live with her. Or anyone, I don't know. She goes to bed at the most ungodly hours (6-7 am), has never touched a dirty dish, doesn't take out the trash, always has sketchy lame people crashing on our couch, never pays the rent on time, yadda yadda yadda. Basically, she sucks as a roommate and I want to live alone*.

1.) How dick would it be to kick her out or make up something like, "the landlord kicked us out"?

2.) How negatively would kicking her out affect our friendship on a scale from 1 to 10?

3.) Is there any way I can remedy this situation without kicking her out?

*When we moved in together, we kept similar hours and had a similar lifestyle.

(no subject)

do you  have a fireplace in your home? 
gas or wood? 
how often do you use it?

we have a wood fireplace in our living room. we use it every day from late fall until spring as the primary way of heating our house. we also have a corn burner in the basement, but we don't use that as much

(no subject)

Do you spill on yourself a lot when you eat?

Do you shed a lot? (your hair)

Do you cover your mouth when you chew?

eta: Why is that last question hard to understand? Do you put your hand up to cover your mouth when you chew?

Uhhh... wtf?

I just got a text message on my cell phone.

It says it's from "129" and the message said, "Please Call '666'."

I just read an article online that says that cell phones can now get viruses.

I use T-Mobile, if that helps any.

WTF could this be? I don't want to call 666! Is this a text from Satan?!
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Ms. Michonne

Music Is My Boyfriend

Music related post!

1.) What's a good album (preferably your personal favorite) to get your swerve on to?
Nine Inch Nails' The Downward Spiral

2.)Is there one song that you'd love to add to your music collection but you haven't gotten around to buying it and/or you're too embarrassed to actually buy it?
I would love to add New Kids On The Block's The Right Stuff, but I'm too embarrassed to pay for it on I-tunes

3.) Is there a song that always gets you pumped up?
Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody

EDIT OMG I fail at life. Sorry. They're all questions now
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(no subject)

1. What's your favourite James Bond theme song?

2. Do you find it irritating when people sign their name at the bottom of every post or comment they make? Why do you suppose they do this?
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(no subject)

I'm preparing to sue someone in small claims court.

It's out of state, so I'll have to make preparations to fly down, and get a place to stay, etc.

My questions are...

1) Can I include the costs of my airfare and hotels along with the original dollar figure which I am suing for?

2) I have been told that even after one wins a case, the guilty party doesn't really have to pay... unless you go and do wage garnishment, etc. Any other options? How is wage garnishment conducted?

3) How do I go about filing this lawsuit?

4) Any good LJ groups dedicated to information regarding these sorts of questions?

PS: It's in the state of Florida.

  • remey

(no subject)

what was the last weird thing you've done?
i just had to crawl through my boyfriends bedroom window because his parents were away and he was at work, and i have no key. i find this funny because his mom is worried about the house getting broken into, and keeps on us to make sure the back door is locked, so i'm going to have to concoct some story to tell her if she gets home before my bf. this is just so funny to me.

What are you eating right now? (if you are eating anything.)
fritos scoops and tostitos creamy spinach dip. yum.

Are you planning to get drunk tonight?
Long Island Ice Tea ahoy! I've found its the one thing i can drink and not have a yucky back taste to it going down.

What brand of headphones do you use?
i just bought a pair of skullcandy headphones and they are made of win. and are pink.
bear icon

(no subject)

I'm bored and have some thoughts banging around in my head. Distract me from math TCQ.

Do you think one sex is more likely to cheat than the other?

Do you think cheating is more socially acceptable than it was in the past? (circa 1950 to pinpoint a time frame I guess)

What school subject are you(or were you) the best at? (Grade school or college, doesn't matter.)

Did you have a favorite subject that differed from the one you were the best at?


 1. What is the trick to getting poppies to stay on? I've already bought two, both lasted a day. I tried the sticking it in sideways method, the looping it in and out through my jacket fabric, facing downwards method.
2. How much do you usually donate for one?
3. Do you prefer the ones that had the green in the middle, or the black ones?
4. Did you used to take out the pin and centre, and stick the red flower around your lips like it was lipstick when you were young?
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(no subject)

Have you ever dealt with phone anxiety?

How did you overcome it or bear it long enough to make important phone calls?

I get really stressed out when I have to call people I barely know or don't know at all.  Once I talk to them for a little bit it gets better, but it's really annoying.
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My exes in texas...

If you had been married, and your spouse cheated on you (repeatedly), then got remarried some time after your divorce, would you have sex with them, and be the "affair" this time around?  Knowing what it feels like to be cheated on, but still having "prior claim" so to speak.

This is hypothetical, as my ex-spouse is 2000 miles away.  But who knows, the situation may arise someday, as I am moving closer next year.
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brownies + yogurt

I love the No Pudge ( Fat Free brownies, but they're like $4/box. Basically, it's brownie mix but you put fat free vanilla yogurt in them instead of eggs and oil.

Do you know if you can put yogurt with REGULAR brownie mix to make them healthier? Or do you think there's some sort of magic mystery ingredient No Pudge brownies has to make them super good even without the fat?

What's a totally random fact about you?
I play the banjo.

Follow up

Do people in your real life ever chastise you about your use/devotion to LJ?

My fiance refuses to believe any of you are real and thinks I'm wacky for spending so much time on here. Oh, and that it makes me more of an angry person.

Nevermind, but thank you...

RE: My previous post about the weird text message...

It was my boyfriend. He's an asshole. He paged me and put in 666 as the call back number to play a trick on me.

He's lucky I like him. :P

And now... a random question...

Do you believe in soul mates? And if so, do you believe that everybody only has one or that you can have many?
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gas mask

(no subject)

Dear denizens of TQC,

What are some good tactics to stop stressing, calm down, and focus?

I'm at that high school senior stage when you begin panicking about what's going to happen to you (not to mention that I've been a basketcase since freshman year. So think of it as triple the normal amount of stress a normal teen would feel at this time).

Additionally, would you rather be a jelly bean or an M&M, and why? And how good are you at identifying serial killers?

  • icyblue

Free hugs!

Have you ever happened upon someone offering Free Hugs?
Collapse )

Did you give the person a hug? Why or why not?
Oh yeah, seanseansean reminded me: If you haven't seen a Free Hugs demonstration, what would you do if you did run into one?

I saw one at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and yes, I gave her a hug. I did it because everyone can use more hugs!

(no subject)

Anyone know how to get rid of that gross taste in your mouth that comes from having a fever?

I keep snacking on small things that have a long aftertaste and brushing my teeth but its really not doing the trick. I've been sick for about a week, it is getting old.
mary poppins bitch please

(no subject)

I've seen an icon on one of my communities of a cat and a dog that look like they're laughing together that says "*ded*" or something to that effect.

Does the icon belong to one of you?
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(no subject)

 How many of you watch gossip girl?

How many of you that watch the show, think that chuck bass is seriously hot? (regardless of him being a player and perverted)

EDIT:What are you going to do now that the writers are on strike? Or are you on the internet more than watching some shows?
Like cry. I watch a lot of tv, and my shows are really important to me! or kill someone.. that too.

Since they have gone on strike, and seasons will ending sooner, which one will you be the saddest about ending.. 5-6 months early?
House, or Grey's. Gossip girl, partly.. but not so much cause there is only 13 episodes this season.. so, i wouldn't be missing that much.

 EDIT: If you are not a gossip girl fan.. what is your favorite show? and who do you think the hottest actor/ress in it is?

**Sorry guys.. I didn't realize they had gone on strike**
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If you got the chance to interview Charles Manson, would you? What would you ask him?

I would give anything to talk to him and pick his brain, but by the time I'm a famous, world-renowned psychologist, he'll probably be dead. He just seems so interesting. And no, I don't agree with his ideas.
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1. Have you heard of people covering their mouths while chewing to prevent spilling?

EDIT: 1.5. Have you heard of people _regularly_ covering their mouths whenever chewing to prevent spilling?

2. Do you think this actually serves the purpose of preventing spilling?

3. Where do you hold your mouth when you want to prevent spilling and you don't have a napkin/plate?

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When you had sex for the first time, did you lose your virginity to someone "experienced" or to someone who was also a virgin?

Was it awkward?

If you're still a virgin, would you perfer to lose it to someone "experienced" or someone who is also a virgin?

What is your favorite book/CD that you own?

Do you have multiple "just in case" copies of those items?

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1. What kind of OCD things do you do?

When I go to the toilet, I would check the taps more than 4 times to make sure it's not leaking, then exit. Sometimes I would switch on the lights again just to go back to check. And when I leave the house, I would check whether the lock is locked 4-6 times :(

2. If you could make a book(any book) into a movie, which would you pick?

3. What movies that originated from books did you think was pure crap, and you are confident you could have done a better job?

4. What does it take for one to be a director? Qualifications, etc?

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here's another one of those annoying wedding etiquette questions:

My sister and I have been going to a camp for about 7ish years. There is a couple who met each other at this camp and this winter, they are getting married. They have invited me to their wedding, but not my sister. I can't think of any reasonable explanation why not. Would it be bad etiquette to bring my sister with me? Would you feel weird about going to a wedding you were not invited to?
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So let's say we suddenly live in a totalitarian dictatorship where everyone has to name their children like celebrities do. Disobedience is punishable by death. Variant spellings are encouraged.

For the following questions you can give your answer for a son, a daughter, or both. Also feel free to explain why you picked the name you did.

  1. If you had to name your kid after a fruit, a la Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple, which would you pick?

  2. If you had to name your kid after a career, a la Christie Brinkley's daughter Sailor, which would you pick? A combination is acceptable, a la Jason Lee's kid Pilot Inspektor.

  3. If you had to name your kid after the place s/he was conceived, a la Posh Spice's kid Brooklyn, what would you pick? (You may travel anywhere to do the deed, and be as specific or vague as you like.)

  4. If you had to name your kid an uncommon flower name, which would you pick? Inspired by Ginger Spice's daughter Bluebell.

  5. If you had to name your kid after a kind of fabric, a la Alice Cooper's kid Calico or Toni Braxton's son Denim, what would you pick?

  6. If you had to name your kid a really random combination of letters, a la Frank Zappa's poor kid Dweezil, what would you pick?

  7. What about a really random combination of words, a la Frank Zappa's other poor children, Moon Unit and Diva Muffin?

  8. If you had to name your kid after an animal, like Erykah Badu's daughter Puma, which would you pick?

  9. If you had to name your kid after a musical instrument, a la Rachel Griffith's kid Banjo, which would you pick?

  10. If you had to name your kid after a school subject, a la Shannyn Sossamon's kid Audio Science, which would you pick? Imaginary or obscure subjects are A-OK.

And I really wanted you to do something with "Moxie Crimefighter," but it basically defies any categorization besides "badass," so I couldn't see how to fit it in. Oh, okay, so bonus question: How about if you had to name your kid something totally badass?

I have a friend who once knew some kids who got to pick their own middle names when they were five. The boy picked BONZAI!!!. True story.

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Has anyone successfully installed any of the adobe cs3 trial versions?

I had a friend download Premiere and AfterEffects trials for me (at .8 and 1.2 gig they were too large for my net connection to handle), but now I can't install them. They've got a .exe.dlm extension that my computer doesn't recognise, and can't find anywhere. Any ideas on how to make this work?
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1. Have you seen the movie The Invisible? What'd you think?
2. What's a good topic of  conversation with someone you don't know very well? Serious and not serious answers welcome.
3. What are you doing this weekend?
4. Have you ever initiated anything with a married person? What happened?
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Did your parents teach you that "penis" and "vagina" were bad words?

Would you ever teach your children that? If so, WHY?

Pretend you work in a daycare type situation, and a 9 year old boy asks you if "penis" is a bad word. What do you tell him?

EDIT: I told the boy "It's not a bad word, but you shouldn't talk about it in school" or something very similar. His mother yelled at me, and said she was going to call my supervisor. I was just wondering if I had really said something terribly wrong. From now on I'm sticking with "ask your parents" for everything.
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1. If a tiger and a lion fought, which would win?
A: tiger

2. On your last grocery list, what three things did you get?
A: ground beef, pineapples & ice cream

3. What is your favorite quote?
A: "Why be a sheep when you can be a tigress?"

4. If you have a sister in law, what is her most annoying trait?
A: She has a really shrill voice.

5. On your last test, what score did you get?
A: 79 :|

6. What's the last thing you lost?
A: my ipod :(
HP-Tonks- :|

Plz Tell Me I'm Not The Only One That's Done This!!

Have you ever thought it was one day, and the found out that it's not by doing something embarrassing?

Like, about 20 minutes ago I was getting all upset because I thought my friend had forgotten to pick me up for work and when I called to warn them that I might be late my manager is all "Are you even supposed to work today?" and I was all "It's Thursday... isn't it?" and he's all. "No, it's Tues-- No, it's Wednesday... It's only Wednesday." And I apologized and he chuckled, told me it happens and said "see you TOMORROW... hee hee." And I was all. 'Where's my corner, I needs to curl up in my corner and like, ya know, hide... or something.'

Has that ever happened to anyone?

Does that mean I'm sick?

What is your Thermostat set too?

Would a nap make me feel better?
either way I think I'm going to take one LOL

Last tuesday as I was leaving my two supervisors were ranting about something,about how they shouldn't have to put up with something, but I'm hard of hearing and I don't think they realized I was standing there, and they were talking quietly to begin with. Does it make me paranoid if I think they might have been talking about me? Because I was annoyed earlier that day because in the last 10 days I've worked 8 of them have been on the busiest, most stressful aisle because the other girl is l-a-z-y with absolutely no self-motivation to do work other than standing around and doing stuff as slowly as possible so that she doesn't have to do the stuff she doesn't like, and I kinda complained about it to my supervisor because it's not fair. They know how stressed that register makes me, and add to it that she won't turn her freaking light on... it's just UGH!. *sorry it's so long. I just had to get that off my chest*

*hands out hot apple cider to anyone that wants one*
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1. How on earth do I add notes to my iPod video? I googled it and I didn't understand it. I enabled notes in iTunes and now I have no idea what to do.

2. I want to be fluent in Spanish. What's the best way for me to learn: tutor, tapes or books? If it's the latter two can you recommend any good free downloads or books?

3. What type of mobile phone do you have?

(no subject)

1. I think I stole this icon from someone. Was it you? Do you mind if I use it until I find a new default icon?

2. What is the purpose of answering services? Why do they exist? Like at my apartment's office, they have an answering service that pretty much functions as an answering machine, except with an attitude, and they never actually give anyone my message. WTF?

3. Is it just me, or does Dean Koontz use a lot of adjectives and kind of over-describe things in general? What's the word for that?

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Do you think it's trashy to buy an engagement/wedding ring from a department store?

What about buying a secondhand/discount wedding gown?

Ladies, if another woman wore white in some form to your wedding, would you be pissed?

I was using my SO's computer while he was at class the other day and went to go to a site I had bookmarked earlier, and I saw he had several sites for engagement rings bookmarked. Is he gonna pop the question TQC?

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If you could know up to a year ahead of time that one of your parents were going to die, would you find out? Why or why not? 

If you could know up to a year ahead of time that your significant other was going to die, would you want to know? Why or why not?
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Why didn't anyone tell me that peppermint extract and peppermint oil are not the same???
OMG my mint cookies taste like freakin cough drops. Nasty!

My daughter's preschool parent-teacher conference is tomorrow morning. What questions do you think I should ask the teacher? I already have some in mind, but having more never hurts!

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For those of you who watch South Park, has there been an episode that you felt went too far? Which one, and why?

If not, what do you think they would have to do for you to consider it going 'too far'?

What was your favourite episode?
Kill Bill - Elle
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My friend wants to know:
While the U.S. was experiencing the Great Depression, did Canada's economy suffer as well?

Has TQC ever had a freestyle battle?
Care to try?
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1) What historical event do you wish you were there to take a picture of? Let's say you can go back as far as 150 years.

2) What are your plans for tomorrow?

3) Why are most foot lotions peppermint scented?