November 6th, 2007

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What song is in your head right now??

Me: When I Get Up - Tegan and Sara... but it's been going between a couple of their songs today... I have that one really stuck because I was recording myself singing it... hehe
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I would assume that the whole "introduce yourself" post has been done several times before, however I'm new here so I figured why not try it again.

1. Name

2. Where you call home

3. Where you live now

4. Favorite relative

5 Something we would find interesting/nice to know about you

Humor me and fill in the above?



Speaking of hoppin', cherrybaby, when is the time to let you know which is the lie?

Do you like Akon? I love Akon.

Does it annoy you when you don't get on the first page of comments? It's driving me nuts, and I feel like no one pays attention after page one. :[

Why do YOU love TQC?

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I keep thinking I'm seeing things crawling on the walls out of the corner of my eye. Am I crazy, or do I just really need to clean my glasses?

How long am I going to play phone tag with this insurance agent for until she picks her damn phone up?

What color do you think goes best with blue?
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I'd like to see your bedrooms but rather than 100 photos of your room at every angle can you post just one photo that gives the general feel of your room? Go for it! I'm bored tonight, make it good! haha.
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Have you ever gone to a fast food place and asked for something totally weird like a cheeseburger without the burger? Were you successful at getting what you wanted?

I tried to order a cheeseburger without the meat, because I always take off the meat anyway, and I don't like wasting it. And they just stared at me. :(
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Should there be a test of general knowledge that every person must take before they're admitted to the internet?

What should be on this test?

After they've completed this test (and passed), how long of a trial run should they get before they're required to take a general INTERNET knowledge test?

What should be on THIS test?

What do you think people should be kicked off the internet for not knowing?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) What do you put in your tacos, and what type of shell do you enjoy?

2) What is the most delicious food item in the world?

3) What types of fresh produce do you have in your home right now?

4) If you could eat whatever you wanted without consequences, would you choose sweet or savory items?

(hookers and blow are obvious)

soo...somebody went way out of their way to do something nice for me.
and then i decided i wanted to do something nice for them. which then led me to realize that i really dont know anything about them. like. at all.
so uhh...
what are some really generic "wow thank you for being really awesome" things that basically anyone could appreciate?
what would be the most awesome thing that someone could do for you personally?
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How do you deal with bosses that are younger/less experienced than you?

I was recently informed of my new boss, who has been working three less years than me at the job and younger, though we are still close in age. I find it really hard dealing with her, because she's believes in the 'buddy/buddy' shit and doesn't act 'superior'. I feel like she doesn't listen to me because of this, even though she knows I'm more experienced than her. How the hell can I deal with this bitch?
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What are the contents of your clipboard? (aka, what comes up when you click paste or press CTRL-V)
What is your favourite word?
What word do you hate?
Who are your favourite comedians?
Is this the way to Amarillo?
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Would you share one of your family recipe with me if I asked for it?

(I could google it, but.. for me, recipes are given by people we know.. it's a tradition thing)

(Type the recipe here if you want to :)
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Seriously, did only one person notice that this post doesn't have a question in it? I'll be first to admit, I certainly didn't at the time, much to distracted by panda icons apparently.

It's just odd, usually everyone's all over that sort of thing.

What do you do to try and get some desperately needed sleep, besides things that cost money?
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Are there any rant communities for disgruntled college students people who just so happen to attend a college? I want to find one, because I hate my school and need to bitch and moan. :3
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Once a year...

Do you get reflective around your birthday, thinking of the past year and what's to come in the future?
Why or why not?

If you do, is there a question you would like to ask someone from your past or even someone you've never met but whose actions have impacted your present day life?
What is the question and who it that person? Why?
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Did you have any particular crushes on boy/girl that you remember clearly?

Yes, I did when I was 14. He was a singer of a punk band. I crushed on him for years, then got over it. 8 years down the track I heard he got married.
technical difficulties

YouTube based

  • Why is it that when the censors at YouTube delete a video you can still see the graphic display of it, even if you've embedded it somewhere away from the site?

  • Do you think making embedded posts of YouTube content alerts the censors? Does this make it so they can find potentially copyrighted material faster than normal?

  • I know about,,,,, and a few others. How many video sites do you know about that I don't? Would you be willing to answer this with a list?

  • Have you ever found something on YouTube that you think should be flagged as inapppropriate but haven't done so?
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Sitcom relationships

1. Both Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother have neurotic relationship-destroying guys who go years refusing to vomit. Is that a common image or something? Do you know anyone who refuses to vomit? Are they like that?

2. I just saw the Seinfeld episode where the girl refuses to let George break up with her. Has that ever happened to you, where one party initiates a break-up and the other refuses to acknowledge it? How did it turn out?

3. Your SO wants to break up with you. In your ideal world, what reason do they give you for wanting to split?

4. Say they want to split because the sex isn't good. Would you rather know or not know that? If you were the SO, would you tell or not tell?
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1. If you rent your home, do you have annual inspections from the county/city/state/local housing authority? If yes, what sort of thing do you have to do to prepare for the inspection?

2. How is your day going?

3. When you're at home watching TV (or other activities that you just sit around for), do you usually have a blanket over you? What does that blanket look like?

4. When you buy a Nintendo DS, does it come with any games or do you have to buy them all separately? Or does that depend on where you buy them from?

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Which of these devices do you have in your residence?

Manual can opener
Electric can opener
Crock pot
Sewing machine
Battery-operated toothbrush
Leaf blower
George Foreman grill (or something similar)
Audio cassette player
Electric blanket

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 Hi! I am new here and enjoying reading all the questions.  I'd like even more to be able to answer some/read some of the answers, but I have a problem. My question might be a silly one, but the answer would really help me enjoy TQC that much more...

Is there a way to view LJ comments without the user pics?

I read LJ at work sometimes and so have my LJ set up so that I don't have the pics on my friends page, but when I go to the comments page they are there, which isn't so good at work.

Thank you in advance!
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Do you like macaroni and cheese?

Would you eat here? What would you get?

Will Spinner survive having cancer?

ETA: Based on a recent huge flamewar in several communities, do you think a M2F transgender person can accurately know what it is like to be a woman?

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1. Do you have a "pick-me-up" song for when you're down?
2. What song is it if you have one?
3. Do you feel like dancing right now?

And just for the heck of it, since this is so damn cute:

(no subject)

1. Daylight savings time to standard time switch. Good thing or bad thing?
I'm fairly indifferent.

2. (If you live somewhere that follows the whole spring-forward-fall-back deal...) Have you had to adjust any of your usual habits because the change in time?
I now don't walk through the eucalyptus grove trail on campus because 'weird sh*t happens there after the sun goes down' apparently. And so my friends/parents don't worry.

3. What's your favorite "seasonal" drink?
Cider. Nerdy-cute guy near me is drinking apple cider and I'm this close to stealing it.
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Most of my friends have never seen snow. Those of us who have, we have only seen real snow once, and it was on a trip we all went on junior year of high school.

Where is the best place to drive to and find snow in Georgia/Alabama/MAYBE South Carolina? We will be watching the weather, but we don't want to drive 4 hours and realize there is no where we can really get out and play in the snow. Does that make sense at all? We live in Tallahassee in Florida, about 5 hours from Atlanta.

Do you know how to snow ski/snow board? I love it. I've only been twice on blown snow, but it was awesome.
What about water ski? I've never tried, but I have tubed/kneeboarded.

Edited because I cannot type/spell/think right after waking up.

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If the next 24 hours you could do anything without any kind of repercussions for your actions- what would you do?

Where do you draw the line between hobby and obsession?
Where do you draw the line between procrastination and taking a break?

Do you like Mythbusters? Is there a myth you would like to see busted that hasn't been yet?

(no subject)

1. Have you or anyone you know joined the Peace Corps? If so, how was that?
2. What about teaching English abroad?
3. What is the strangest thing you've eaten for breakfast?
4. If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Heaven or Hell?

  1. In Christian religion, who decides whether a person goes to heaven or hell? I was under the impression it was Saint Peter, but I've been told otherwise and I'm not sure not sure.

  2. Where is this judegment decided? In purgatory?

  3. Do all people who die spend time in purgatory before heaven or hell?


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This is kind of hard to explain, so bear with me.

You know in movie previews how they have that opera/choral music happening in the background? And it usually goes in, like, a crescendo? Think: Spiderman previews or something like that.

Anyway, my question is what is this called? I was thinking that maybe they just take it from different operas but I don't know. I've tried searching just "orchestral", but that obviously comes up with something different. I'm assuming that the stuff they use for the previews was something already written into the score, but I was hoping it had a specific name so I wouldn't have to search through all these movie scores just to get a few different songs.

Sorry if that made no sense. Thanks for any help, though


So a while back I was traveling and was staying in a hostel. I got a bit drunk one night and while getting into the shower I snagged my nipple piercing on the metal frame and tore it out through the front of my nipple. It bled a lot.

I did everything I could to heal it as best as possible. There is a tiny bit of scarring on one side but the rest looks good.

 My question is: How is it to re-pierce through scar tissue. My boyfriend says he doesn't mind since he gets the best of both worlds.... but I prefer having them both pierced.

Has something like this ever happened to you? With any what piercing?
Do you have any funny/embarrassing  piercing stories?  When I got my hood pierced I kicked my piercer to the wall....haha...It only hurt for a second but it was an automatic reaction I think....I definitely didn't mean too.... luckily she does all my piercings so we had a good laugh about it.
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1- WTF is wrong with my speakers, that every time I turn them on (or a new song comes on my playlist even) the 'wave' thing in master volume goes all the way to the right, thusly screwing up how my music sounds? :( I have to move it back every single song. It's annoying.
2- My camera, or memory card, or both working in conjunction, have decided to epically fail me. I put the card into a card reader on my computer tower to just see if it'd read the files. It didn't, so I went back to just sticking the USB cord to the camera, hoping the card didn't blow up or something. There's pictures ON it, but they all say that they're not recognizable files, so I can't move them to the computer. The hell?? What do I do? Is it the camera or the memory card? Blah. :(
3- Should I feel guilty that I'm a nice warm house and able to strut around in PJs and slippers, whilst husband's work is cold enough to be making his bronchitis come back? >_>
4- When's the last time YOU felt guilty?

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Is there a way (without surgery) to make my eyes look the same size?

I had the case for my PSP sitting in the back of the car for a while, and I haven't opened it in a few weeks since I've been playing the same game. I opened it a couple of days ago and I think someone sat on it, because two of the plastic cases for the games are broken. Everything it still in one piece, but they came apart. One of the games my brother managed to fix, but the other one we can't figure out. I didn't play it much, but I originally paid almost $40 for it. Should I keep trying to put it back together and maybe try selling it? Should I just toss it and call it a lost cause?
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(no subject)

  • What's one thing/person that's frustrated you the most lately?

  • Is there somewhere you've been on vacation/for work travel that you would never go back to again, even if paid? (i.e. a trip out of state/country that you absolutely hated)


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If your best friend was telling you that she was planning to move to Arkansas to be with a trucker she met on myspace (who she's only spent face to face time with TWICE)and that he was considering proposing....would you be worried for her?

Do you work in a big city? Does the appeal of that city get lost after you travel there every day?

1. Yeah, I am worried a little for her.

2. I work in Boston and having just moved to the East coast, Boston WAS something I was looking forward to seeing but now that I travel here every day I am bored with it and I don't want to sight see on the weekends after spending 5 days a week here.
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Can anyone cheer me up?

I just found out the my fifth grade Teacher, who was a friend of mine, died last week of a heart attack, and it broke my heart a little. His kids would only be my little sister's age or so (she's 12).

Edit: What's the last thing you saw that's not a movie/tv show/etc. made you laugh?

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If you're married (or were), what was your wedding like? Themes, colours, what did you wear, your partner, bridesmaids, groomsmen, everyone else? What was the best part of the day as a whole, and at the ceremony and/or reception? Will you please share some photos?

If you're engaged, how's the planning going? When's the big day? What are your colours and themes and all that other stuff? Will you share any photos?

I'm in the mood for looking at and reading about lots of wedding stuff!

Also, when cooking, what direction do you stir stuff in? Clockwise or anticlockwise? Do you only mix one way, or do you go back and forth?


1. I was thisclose to becoming a librarian.  Now I'm thinking about going back to school to fulfill this dorky dream.

Anyone a libarian/library student?  
Did you get work fairly soon out of school? 
what schools have good programs?  
What are the ups and downs of the job?

2.  Who else went back to school for a new line of work, or is currently thinking on it?

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favorite pumpkin pie recipe? im baking a pumpkin pie for the first time and there's way too many recipes to choose from. it doesnt have to be just the traditional pumpkin pie, i'm open to any variations of it.


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Do boys really wank together?

One of my friends once told me, when we were 16 or so, that all boys our age wanked together. Just in a friends-watching-porn way. To this day I can't establish whether he was joking or not, because that seems strange to me.

So... do they?
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religious.. experience?

So when I was younger I went to this one church where people got really, really into the service... as in I was usually surrounded by people "speaking in tongues" and going into trance-states and whatnot. (This was a southern baptist church, I think, if that matters.) Anyway... at the time I was pretty skeptical about religion in general, but not quite a full-on atheist, I was just there because my mother made me go, and so on.

BUT ANYWAY, this one week when I was at church my grandma asked the priest to bless me, so I was standing in front of him and he had a bowl of holy water and said some words (but I can't remember what he said,) and then he touched his hand dipped in holy water to my forehead... and then I woke up on the floor with my head halfway underneath a pew. I don't know how much later it was but it was probably only a minute or two, and my grandma and the priest had both walked off elsewhere by the time I came to.. so TQC, what the hell happened to me? Why did I pass out?!

Oh, one more thing -- I was telling my friend who is a very serious atheist about how I went to this church with the people in trances and speaking gibberish and all, and he believes that there *must* be a scientific explanation for it, but the only thing that he could come up with was like a gas leak or something. What's your scientific explanation for this church behavior? Thanks :D!

Bush vs. Clinton, 16 years later

In a bizarre twist in the '08 presidental candidate race, Jeb Bush is the Republican candidate running against Hillary. Everybody knows that Jeb is just a puppet, for he's got Dick Cheney and the rest of George's people working with him, and he's made it clear that, if elected, you can expect war with Iran, another tax cut, and an utter rejection of any socialized health care, plus, you know that he intends to do absolutely nothing about global warming. However, due to wedge issues like unprotected borders, gay adoption and abortion, conservatives and simple Americans have given him their support and the two candidates are pretty close in the running. It's the night of the election, and your state is the last one left, and your polling place in particular is the last one open. The count so far between Bush and Clinton are about tie in the electorial college votes, and for some reason, it's known in advance how your state is voting so far, and it's a complete tie. However, you're the last one in line, and you are the swing vote. The winner hinges on your particular vote. You have the power to swing your state for either candidate. Enormous responsibility is in your hands.

As you enter the booth, there's an envelope waiting for you. In it is a check for $3,500,000, which is yours as long as you vote for Jeb and keep quiet about this bribe (the accompanying letter says this). Signed, the RNC (Republican National Committee).

What do you do?

Take the money and vote Republican
Refuse the money and vote Democrat
Refuse the money and vote Independent, which forces a massive recount or court decision or some action
Run screaming out of the booth. Too much pressure!
I am not a U.S. citizen
I am not of legal voting age

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This is a very random question, lol.

What would you expect to see if you walked into a punk/anti-establishment themed hang out spot (meaning like a bar, retail place or a restaurant, maybe)? BTW, I'm not talking today's version of punk (Avril, Blink 182 and Hot Topic)... I mean old school punk.

Yes I'm doing my own homework... right now I'm more interested in finding out what people would be prepared to find, ironic as that may be ;p

(no subject)

For those of you who went to church growing up or anyone who feels like answering-
Was it a good expirience?
Are you scarred for life?
Do believe in such thing as spiritual abuse?
What are your thoughts on those who do shitty and cruel things and justify themsleves by saing it was done in the name of God?

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where is a place where you really think? I mean a place where you find yourself analyzing & being in deep thought more than others? it can be another town/city, a room in your house, anywhere.

for me it's three places: in the shower, at the beach at night, & on a NYC subway. yes those very specific places. I don't even know why.

would this piss you off...??

My 900 year old neighbors both use walkers, but they go out every other day to lunch and go food shopping and get around okay. The wife drives, and she goes out WAY more than I do.

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My question to you, TQC.. should I say something to these people next time I see them??
if so, what should I say?

EDITED TO ADD : They left about five minutes later.. in their car. So no, their car is just fine. These folks are ALWAYS hitting me and other neighbors up for favors, to do stuff around their house and bring in their garbage, mail, you name it.

(no subject)

i can't remember if i took my medication (effexor & lamictal) this morning or not.
should i just take it possibly again just in case? i'm afraid of getting nauseous or something. =/

(no subject)

It's summer time, you're at a competition of sorts, and you have asthma. You have an attack, which is scary, but you know how to deal with them on your own. Regardless, someone else on your team calls over the ambulance (which is there because it has to be, for broken bones or whatever). They give you a breathing treatment, but you don't necessarily want it. You cannot speak, though, so you can't deny it. You weren't told about any charges or anything for the treatment.

A month later you receive a bill for more than 600 dollars and the information that if you don't pay this in a month, a note will be placed on your credit report which will pretty effectively keep you from getting student loans.

Do you fight it or try to find a way to pay it? Also would you be pissed?

that's entertainment

What was the last movie you've seen in a theater? How often do you go to a movie?

What was the last movie you watched on DVD?

When was the last time you saw something on stage that wasn't a typical music concert (play, musical, dance show, etc. but I'll also accept symphony).

Do you go to high ticket stage shows like opera, Broadway, even Cirque du Soleil, etc?

(no subject)

Did you consider yourself mature for your age when you were younger? (Or do you now?)

Do you still think you were mature for your age?

Why does practically everyone believe they're mature for their age, then laugh at others who say the same thing?

vintage camera

 Evening, TQC! 

I'm interested in photography, and I mean real photography without a digital camera where it is all too easy to just take pictures, upload them, and photoshop them to the point that there is almost no original picture. 

Is there a place/website where I can buy an old camera that I have to develop my own photos with? I want something really vintage but have no idea where to look or which brand to get, let alone the stuff to develop the pictures with. 

Any info/recommendations? 
titanic, rose, jack

(no subject)

Of the four main female parts in A Midsummer Night's Dream, which one should I try out for in the play?  (Your opinion based on which you like best.  I want to hear a variety of who likes who best!) Those being Hippolyta, Hermia, Helena, and Titania.

(no subject)

So a few days ago a friend and I were hanging out in my room. In the middle of our conversation we heard an extremely loud gunshot. Now... we live in an very quiet suburb (in the NICE area of it, too). Neither of us have ever heard a gunshot in this area, and we've lived here for 15 years. It was loud enough to disrupt our conversation and cause us to look out the window to see if something happened.

Today a cop came to our door and asked my brother if he knew anything. Apparently YESTERDAY somebody was shot right down the street. Now, this it a totally different day from when we heard the gunshot. I didn't talk to the officer, otherwise I would've said something.

I'm thinking of going down to the police station and saying something. Thing is, I don't even remember what day I heard it, nor what time. It could've been Thursday or Friday, and it was sometime in the afternoon (pretty sure it wasn't morning).

If you were in my situation, would you report it?

(no subject)

IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY! I want to tell you about it!

I knew my boyfriend was planning a little surprise for it and was getting majorly stressed out in the run up. I was all panicy because I thought he was going to do something horrible like propose or tell me I was pregnant. But it turned out to be the best surprise ever!!

At 8o'clock he put a blindfold on me and walked me out of my house to a 'surprise place'. The blindfold didn't work very well though because I kept tripping up on the street. Then he tried to carry me but I kept flinging about and annoying him. So then I just walked without the blindfold! He took me to this little heath/park thing nearish my house and we sat down there & he gave me a cardboard box that he'd got somewhere and drawn really crap pictures of cute stuff on.

The box was full of stuff I love that he'd bought and collected up! There were loads of my favourite sweets (like those white chocolate jazzies, sherbet, licorish, lollies ect), booze, little toy figurines, little shiny hairbows, joints and normal ciggarettes, photos of us, a little book thing and some other stuff. It was SO sweet! I think he spent a lot of time thinking about what I'd love most. He also brought a boom-box/ghetto-blaster thing and played me all the Beatles' songs! We just stayed in the park for most of the night and chatted/sung/made out until I was falling asleep.


What did you do on your best birthday ever?!

Was it as good as mine?!

Don't you think my boyfriend is so lovely to me!?

IS 19 OLD?
m trigger

(no subject)

What is your opinion of the Writer's Strike in Hollywood?

I normally support unions. I always have, but I do not support the writers in this strike. For one, the WGA has said they've been gathering information and union lawyers for the past 10 years so they can fight for this. If the conditions are so bad, why didn't they go on strike earlier? Why wait until the contracts ran out?

The other thing, of course, is that a struggling writer in Hollywood isn't exactly starving for money. They're also asking for a better range of health and pension funds; which I agree with and support, but this doesn't seem to be making any news headlines. In fact, the WGA West and WGA East seem like two completely different, unsupportive unions - when WGA West went into talks with network executives on Sunday, WGA East began the strike despite knowing this would be harmful to negotiations. It seems that the WGA refuses to settle for anything other than its exact demands, and as most people know, negotiating is all about finding the middle ground.

The minimum residual payments the WGA is likely to negotiate (they currently get between 0.3% and 0.36% depending on amount of units sold, they are asking for 0.6% and 0.72%) will become the new minimum for actors and directors as well. The networks are obviously not going to cut into their profits to offset this cost - so who loses? The consumers of course. To offset the rise in residual payments to writers, directors and actors, dvd prices, internet downloads from the official sites, merchandise etc will go up.

On a side note, why are the WGA asking for residual payments for ringtones? Unless they composed the theme song, why should they make any money off the music?

Work itttt

1. Do you work out?

2. What is your favourite type of exercise equipment?

3. For those who have tried both, which did you feel was more beneficial to you: an elliptical or an exercise bike?

4. What was the last thing you ate?

(no subject)

What was the last insult you received about a physical trait of yours?

Mine: In 7th grade a boy walked up to me and said, “You’d be perfect if you didn’t have such a big nose.”

Strangely enough, my nose is not one of my insecurities.
Music - Lynn Smile

(no subject)

For those who have an SO:
What is your favorite body part of theirs?

If you don't have an SO, what is typically your favorite body part on your desired sex?

For everyone:
Do/did you ride the school bus?
Back or front of the bus?
One of the first on (last off), one of the last on (first off), or in the middle?

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(no subject)

Srsly now, senior quotes are due in a week or so and I need to come up with one.

WILL YOU shoot me with all the quotes you have? From ridiculous to ~philosophical~ but make them under 40 words.
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College question -

Okay, my gpa is like a 3.5, which isn't terrible but isn't good either.  What kind of college will I be able to get into, based solely on that?  Honestly.  I'm tired of both the OMG YOU CAN'T GET IN ANYWHERE IF YOU DON'T HAVE A 4.0 crap and also the YOU CAN GET IN ANYWHERE YOU WANT! crap.  So like, what type?  I mean obviously not ivy league but like what level ish I suppose.

If it matters, I'm a fairly good writer so my essay should be good, I haven't taken the act yet but I got a 30/32 on the plan which is like the pre-act, and that predicted that I'll get like a 32 or 33 or something on the ACT.  I'm in quite a few extracurricular activities (drama, art club, model un, NHS, I feel like I'm forgetting one..) but I only have a 'leadership' position in one.  I have a steady job at a camp that I work at year round, and I should be able to scrounge up some kick ass recommendation letters.  So...yeah.  I don't really know how any of that affects it.  Also class wise I'm in hard classes but some of them I don't do as well in, lol.
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(no subject)

Have you ever stayed in a Budget Suites of America?

Why is there so much anthropomorphization in the language of evolutionary theory?

Are you an atheist, and if you are, do you anthropomorphize evolutionary theory while chiding theists for anthropomorphizing God?
veggie chaz

stroke me, stroke me

1. what do you think about when you masturbate? person, people, thing, whaaat
-1.a. if it's a person, is it someone you know irl or somebody you know of, like an actor?

2. lights on or off?

3. manual or other means?

4. better with someone watching?

i'm off to the studio, i better have responses when i get back... when was the last time this was asked anyway?
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1 Who was your favourite Monkee?

2 Have you got any photos of cool sandcastles/sculptures that you've made at the beach?

3 Those in NSW, Qld and Vic, are you going to get your free slurpee tomorrow (Wednesday)?

4 If this were happening near you, and say you had quite a few stores that were easily accessible to you, would you hit them all up or just get the one?

edit: I haven't built anything cool on the beach, but I stumbled across these people making a car a few years back:
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piece of cake

call waiting

What is an appropriate amount of time to wait for a returned phone call, before forgetting the whole thing and making other plans? I'm leaning towards a 2 hour wait for a return right now, before deciding that I'm going to spend some hang-time with somebody different. Is that reasonable?

Tim onstage!

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If you were nineteen years old, would you date someone who was twenty-six? Especially if he doesn't look twenty-six, and if he hadn't said anything, you would have thought he was around your age, anyway?

EDIT: He is mature, really. He's just very able to get along well with me and my friends, who are also around my age. ;)
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1. What would you think about a guy in his twenties who's grossed out when talking to his girlfriend about her period? And who'd buy pads/tampons for her, but unhappily? Is this normal or immature?

2. What's your favorite mixed drink that's not an "official", listed-in-bar-manuals kind of drink? What would you name it?

3. Knee-high boots worn over skinny jeans: approve or disapprove?

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What is your favourite youtube video?

How many videos do you have added to your favourites on youtube?

EDIT: Reposted because I went to dinner and didn't know youtube vids had to go behind a cut. Woe.

Paging Dr. Eljay

Has anyone ever had a bone scan done?
If so, can you tell me about it?

I've been having knee problems for over a decade (I'm only 23) and they've decided to do a bone scan. I've had x-rays, MRIs, and CTs, but never a bone scan.

They tell me the problem with my knee isn't necessarily "mechanical", so they also want to do a bunch of tests to determine if I have an autoimmune disease...
Should I be worried?

Aqua therapy!! Anyone ever try it? Did it help? I haven't been swimming in years. I used to have a free membership to the health club in our area, but it closed a few years ago. I miss swimming.

With all that said...I'm pretty mopey...what should I do to cheer myself up?

And lastly...I just bought my husband's Christmas present (yea, I know..early..). I got him a PSP..what (cheap) games should I get to go with it? It came in a bundle with Daxter and a Family Guy movie.

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A few years ago there was a major European political figure who was mysteriously poisoned. His skin started to look horrible and gray, and he appeared to age 20 years in just a few weeks. They said the name of the suspected poison at the time but I forget. I think maybe it started with a "B". (It wasn't the recent incident of the man who was poisoned by Polonium.)

Who was this person? What was he poisoned by? Did he recover?

Viktor Yushchenko, Dioxin. Thanks, guys.

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I want to buy a new cell phone with the main purpose of text messaging until my fingers bleed. I am looking for something with a QWERTY keypad or whatever it is called. Any recommendations? Anything that I should stay away from?
EDIT:: I totally forgot this mattered, but I have AT&T/Cingular

I also wish to buy an espresso machine. It needs to be able to steam milk, and that is basically its only requirement. Any recommendations?

Have you ever wished you were a celebrity? Why?
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you were allergic to a cat that came to your doorstep in 30 degree weather would you turn your back? I took my dog's old bed out for it and gave it food. I feel so bad. WWTQCD?
gasp zooey

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O might TQC-ers,

What color should I dye my hair?

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I'm not really even looking for serious, everyday colors.  All colors shall be considered.

2. Did...did South Park just censor out the word "bastard"????  WHEN DID COMEDY CENTRAL START CENSORING?

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I someone who is born of one gender and then later changes to the other really fully of their new gender? For example, someone born male and then changes to female. Are they really a full woman? Or just kinda half way there?
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Do HD cable converters with standard definition output exist? Are they particularly common among major cable providers? (An NBA game I wanted to watch on NBA TV was blacked out because it's also shown on MOJO. NBA TV is in my digital package, and I think MOJO might be also, but MOJO is an HD-only network, and my converter is not HD, obviously.)
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i have videos saved that are in ipod compatible format that i can play fine with VLC, yet i can't even transfer them to my itunes library. i can transfer songs fine, but if i try and transfer these videos they won't even show up in my list of videos. i just need to be able to add them to my library and they won't show up. >:|

what am i doing wrong?

if you can help me or point me in the right direction that would be great. i can't find the answer to this particular problem ANYWHERE.
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do you own uggs? are the comfortable? are they worth the 120+ usd? are they easily cleaned? do you wear them with or without socks? if without socks, do they start to stink?

if you don't own uggs, what are the warmest shoes you own, and where did you get them?

i've never had a problem with my feet getting cold before, but it's in the 30's and 40's this week and my flip flop collection is doing nothing for me.

edit: yes, i get the majority of the opinion feel that uggs are ugly, however, they're fabulous for warmth. SO, if you think they're that fug, please offer other suggestions!
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1. What's the best story [entertaining, drunk, awful] a friend has told you lately?
2. Do you err toward the things you need or the things you want when family asks for gift ideas?
3. A cranky old man once swore it was impossible to be unhappy while playing the banjo. Is this true?
4. My grandfather, who apparently had the willpower of a saint, never had more than two of those wafer cookies in a sitting. Could you do that [if you like them]? Do you/your relatives have any interesting food-related quirks?

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Hello there TCQ!
If you live in the USA, did you vote today?
If you live in Kentucky, did you vote for Beshear or Fletcher?
If you don't care about politics, what did you do today?

ETA: I feel stupid, for some reason I was thinking it was Governor elections all over the USA today.
So yeah. Oops.
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The Dude Abides

Multiple ?s

1) How long do you usually wait before getting your haircut? When's the last time you got one?

2) If you joined Dorothy's crew on their stroll down the Yellow Brick Road, what would you be searching for?

3) Do you think the Catholic Church has or had ties with the mob/mafia? Do you think Richard Nixon did?

4) After you come out of the shower, what part of your body do you dry first?

5) What's the smallest town you've ever visited or lived in? What's it's population?
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For Photographers

I'm in the market for a telephoto lens for my Canon AE1 - nothing fancy, just a basic telephoto lens. I've found a very reasonably priced used telephoto lens with a focal length of 28-200mm, and it looks like it's in good shape.

Good investment?
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What is the weirdest, most illogical medical advice you've ever gotten or what are the craziest medical myths you've ever heard?

My mother maintains that it's impossible to dye your hair when you're on your period.  She also says that eating blue food after eating red food will result in a stomach ache, but when I asked her if it causes purple feces, she called ME the crazy one.
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for some reason as of lately i've noticed that whenever i come across a mirror (say at a department store or whatever) i always tend to glance and check myself out real quick, just to make sure my bangs aren't all over the place or that i look all-right.

what about you? do you check yourself out in the mirrors that you come across if you get a chance?
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Procrastinating time

1. Do you watch "Little People, Big World"?
2. There's a blood drive tomorrow at school. Should I donate blood?
3. I just remembered we have some chocolate pudding. What did you remember today?
4. I had a Spanish test this afternoon. There were 56 points possible. What was my score?

Answers in the comments!

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It's laundry time.
When you do your laundry do you seperate all the colors or do you just throw it all in there?
Do you deal with dry-cleaning?
Would you rather have a wardrobe that cleaned itself sporadically or the option to pick out all new clothes whenever you wanted?
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inspired by a post below

Inspired by this post, I can't help but wonder...

What kind of person experiments with this stuff to find out if it gives you a high?

I mean, I asked that question of meth because the ingredients; to me at least, are so very random. And they told me about how the Germans used it during the war because it helped the soldiers stay up for days on end and they never were hunger.

But SERIOUSLY, who are these people that put random crap together, cook it, snort it, inject it, smoke it, whatever to see if it makes them high?

It also makes me wonder; what happens to the recipes of the stuff that's no good?

And if these people would use their powers (of intellect; if they have any left) for good, do you think they could discover the cure for diseases??

danke... because this has been bugging me for AGES!

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What do you make of the recent string of posts on looking ugly and percentions of personal appearance? Are people way too self conscious?

Collapse ) made me smile. Care to show something that made you smile today?

Also, know of any websites for user pictures?
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Product Labels

How often do you buy Private Label Products (for example: store brands)?

Are there certain product categories that you buy private labels for but not others?
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I work retail part-time as a second job, and like most, they're not letting anyone take days off Christmas week. However, Christmas eve is on a monday, and I will probably be working my main job. Even if not, I have a family party every year that I will.not.miss.
What's a good BS excuse to get out of being scheduled that day?

I was thinking of telling them I'll be travelling from noontime on the 24th and won't be back until the afternoon on the 26th.

If you ever worked retail and quit, why did you quit?
Have you ever quit a job in a dramatic, epic fashion, or witnessed someone who did? Details!

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1. Complete the sentence:

"no matter where you wander to find inspiration, _________________________________"

2. Will you tell me something calm?