November 5th, 2007


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1) My friend and I have a connection through listening to certain music (Phantom of the Opera, Bond, Enya etc;) and we get amazing feelings by singing together (we can both sing opera). I can not describe them, but I CAN say that for me they are not romantic nor sexual, even though I can't speak for my friend, who is very much love with me. My husband says he feels like I'm cheating on him when me and my friend sing together (even when he's there with us, it's like my friend and I go into our own little world) because we can never have that connection because he does not get those feelings when he listens to that music (and he can't sing if his life depended on it). Is he right? Should I stop?

2) My husband found a huge 75-inch Interactive Touch (IT) Board on amazon for $999 and it says you can use it as a regular TV. The only problem is it says it has 1016LPI instead of just pixels, and I've been looking through google trying to figure out what that meant and if it was as good as HDTV, but the only things I found were for printers. Is 1016LPI good quality? 

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Do 3d movies work if you have to wear glasses?

Should I just quit trying TQC? This degree is killing me and I'm not even half way through.
I have the grandiose plan of Being qualified in:
  • humanitarian and peace studies (something I really care about)
  • psychology (which is important, but mostly bullshit, particularly to study, but I could improve it a bit, and it's a guaranteed career)
  • teaching (because it's important, I could actually be a GOOD teacher, unlike my own, guaranteed job and long holidays, but low pay and not much respec')

  • This is a stupid plan - it will take a bazillion years and two trillion units of effort, but it wont get out of my head.

    Poll #1082635 tin_foil_hat's future

    What should I do at uni?

    Give up, become a teacher.
    Get a PhD (or at least honours) in humanitarian & peace studies (relatively useless, but at least I'd get the letters) & become a teacher
    Get psych degree, be a qualified psychologist, have a minor in humanitarian & peace studies.
    Option C + teaching
    Get psych degree, be a qualified psychologist, do a double major in humanitarian & peace studies.
    Option E+ teaching
    Just be a psychologist (sell soul?)
    Quit completely and spend my life on the dole drinking and smoking bongs
    Other (comment)

    It seems my new career is to be a ticky box. I like it.
    Haruhi disappearance
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    1) I have like, zero girl friends in real life D: Will you be my friend? *sappy face*

    2) I feel sleepy, but I also feel like I should work out. Should I play DDR and risk hurting myself if I fall from grogginess?

    3) Get my tongue pierced Tuesday y/n?

    4) When I go back to college in the fall, what steps should I take to make friends? I'm starting at community college, so there's no dorms or anything like that.

    5) I've gotten into the habit of basically eating one large meal a day, and maybe a snack or another small meal. Is this bad for my metabolism?

    ETA: my eating habits have to do with my sleeping habits kinda, I eat a big dinner(BIG, like 10oz of pasta and sauce with a big salad with olives and cheese big) before work, I work, then I come home around 11pm and I just eat fruit or something since I'm still in the mindset of "Don't eat late at night, it's bad for you" even though I don't go to sleep til 3am usually.

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    Do you have anyone on your (chat program of choice) buddy list who you're never, ever going to talk to, but you can't take off?

    This girl i knew in high school is online. I can't really start up a conversation- "Hi, name, heard you got knocked up, it's not [on-again-off-again ex]'s, is it?" - we probably haven't said anything to eachother in upwards of a year. I didn't even realise she was still on my buddy list until she signed on a few days ago. But somehow I don't want to take her off.
    [dance] pink side to side

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    TQC, I have quite the conundrum, help please?

    Last night there was lots of banging next door, until I gave up and passed out at about 5am. It sounded like someone was bashing their head into the upstairs walls, right across the house. Occasionally I would hear banging ABOVE my head, but all that is up there is the roof and an empty attic that we don't have access to, but that doesn't mean someone else didn't breka a hole in their ceiling to play up there...

    It's started up again tonight, and is even louder. It's even woken up my husband a couple of times (enough for him to snort and move around anyway, which is really unlike him)...

    I hear no voices, the walls are very thick so I doubt I would anyway... so I dunno if something very bad is going on over there, or if someone is trying to smash through the wall into my house (they're townhouses, so they're connected on the sides of the house) or... what the hell to think!

    Is it just a really vivacious couple having hours upon hours of head banging sex? Are people being tortured at night? Should I call the police? Would they even care? I've never had something this weird happen around me before. :(

    ETA: It stopped for the moment, but it happened last night too, so I'm not banking on it stopping for good now. :/

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    1) I've never had a games console, never played a computer game before. [Yes, I'm lame, ok?] For a while, I've been considering buying a Nintendo DS Lite. It's this or nowt, frankly. So what I wanna know is - is it worth getting? And what games would you reccommend?

    2) What song makes you feel very sad?

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    Hey guys,

    I'm trying to remember the name of a famous painting so I can purchase a copy of it somewhere.

    It's a man and a woman dancing in the rain, the man in a tux and the woman in a beautiful red dress. Around them are two other people, also in fancy clothes I think, holding umbrellas over their heads and carrying heavy suitcases.

    The impression that I always got from the image was that there are two ways to go through life: Holding an umbrella over your head, hunching over and carrying your load/baggage, or with no umbrella, throwing caution to the wind, and slow dancing with someone you love.

    Anyways, does anyone know the name of the painting?

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    How long has it been since you've had a really deep conversation with someone?

    What did it relate to?

    I just had this insane talk with my boyfriend about the meaning of life, feeling stuck in a rut, and a good number of things that have been confusing me to death. Now everything seems surreal.
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    Link - sheik

    Dilemma. (spelling?)

    if you loved someone, and they didnt love you back- then you decided to accept that, and try and move on. then you start talking to someone else, and start developing new feelings for this new person, and all of a sudden the one you loved, that you let go, tells you that they do love you back, but wasn't sure how to say it back, and wants to work on it with you....
    what are you supposed to do?

    How can anyone live with having to choose who to hurt?

    I realize you really can't tell me what to do, but I just wanted to hear some ideas.
    Assuming that this supposed love, really is love.

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     I'm writing a little story, inspired by the Brothers Grimm. I want to 'do away' with a character for a good portion of the story, but have him return later on. I'm thinking of turning him into a bird that will help the main character along the way (the main character being his child). It reminds me of the traditional Cinderella story, though. For those of you are who are familiar with the Brothers Grimm version of Cinderella, does it sound too similar?

    On another note, do you like The Incredibles? If a second movie were to come out would you see it?

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    1. It's two in the morning, and I'm hungry for once. Should I get something to eat, or just go sleep? I don't need to be up until eleven or twelve.

    2. Do you have a favourite fairy tale? What's your favourite version of it? (e.g.: Disney, Brothers Grimm, etc.)

    3. What cheers you up?

    finding a third for a threesome

    One of my friends and her boyfriend asked me to have a threesome with them. Having politely turned them down, they then asked me if I knew where they could look to find a partner. They've already tried Craigslist and haven't had any legit responses (most of what they got were prostitutes.)

    TQC, are there any Livejournal or other internet communities specifically for this sort of thing?

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    Girls who are very tall. 5'11" and up.

    Are they sexy? Intimidating? Awkward looking?

    If you're a really tall girl, do you enjoy your height or find that it impedes you? How lucky are you with finding dates/getting hit on?

    If you're a guy, approximately what height of woman do you find most attractive/approachable?
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    Politics and packages

    First question: What is the purpose of the primaries?

    It seems to me that they exist only to narrow our choices of candidates. It doesn't seem right that someone's consider "out of the race" because a relatively tiny amount of people vote for someone else. And it seems incredibly bogus that we have only two major candidates to choose from.

    I've tried reading about primaries but all the political jargon is difficult to understand.

    Last year I made a mistake and voted for Kerry. I don't say that because I had a problem with Kerry--I can't even really say I regret voting for him--but because I didn't even attempt to educate myself on the other candidates. I assumed I have to vote for either him or Bush. Since I really didn't agree with most of Bush's policies, and I agreed with some of Kerry's, I voted for Kerry. Now that I look back on it, I realized I should have educated myself more and looked into other options.

    Now I'm following all the candidates on YouTube (great idea for someone like me, who can understand things more if I see and hear them) and listening to what they say so I can make a more educated decision. My biggest concern, though, is that the primaries are going to mess things up so I end up having to choose Clinton or McCain, Obama or Paul, etc.

    So, someone please explain to me--what is the purpose of the primaries?

    Second Question: Do you get excited when you get a package, even if you know what it is?

    For me it's like Christmas. :D

    hannibal skull

    Eating out

    Do you worry about calories and fat content when you eat out?

    How about cholesterol ?

    How about insecticides and other chemicals?

    If you could only eat at one restaurant for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

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    1. What is the weather like where you are right now?
    I'm sitting here shivering & I LOVE IT because I live in Florida. it's currently 45 degrees.

    2. What's the coldest weather you've ever been in?
    since it hardly ever dips below 40 here, the coldest I've been in was 11 degrees last December in NYC.

    3. I like to put butter on the middle of a pop tart & nuke it in the microwave. do you? do you know anyone who does that?
    plz say yes so I feel like less of a freak.. it's so yummy.

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    As a follow up to ria's question:

    Are you actively trying to fix any of the character flaws you listed? Are there some you've given up on or think are not worth trying to fix? Or do you think all of them just create contrast in your personality?

    Did you take a shower last night?

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    1. Have you ever gotten in a car with a stranger? Why? How did it turn out?

    2. Say you and your SO agree to break up after graduation (or whatever milestone). Can you still be content going out with them until then, or would you rather break up right away?

    3. What's something surprising you've recently learned about a friend?

    4. What do you do when you feel guilty?

    GMO QuestionMash

    How do you feel about GMOs used in food production in the Western/"first world"/core nations? What about in the "third world"/periphery nations? Is this an issue of class, food quality, both? Do you eat GMOs? (do you know?) Do you try to avoid them?

    I'm torn. On the one hand, I'm wary of GMOs because there isn't much concrete evidence on their effects on the body, earth, etc and try to eat organic whenever possible/plausible. However, I realize that GMO use is, apparently, a possible solution to world hunger. Then again, is it smart/moral to provide possibly dangerous food to poor people? Are there any alternatives that can provide instant support aside from GMO food?

    ETA: Do you know any good websites where I can find jewelery (earrings, most importantly) for people with a nickel allergy? Hippie crap, plz.
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    i am a pack rat, i forget things real easily, i listen to my music REALLY loud while in the car, i have road rage (at times), i can be REALLY mean if provoked, i will not hesitate to speak my mind, i am not clingy but there are times i get really jealous over the smallest things. i can be very judgemental about certain things if i am around a certain group of people. i'm horrible when it comes to keeping in touch with people, i say that i will.. but i never do. yet somehow, we always remain friends.

    so, TQC what's wrong with you? have you taken a shower today?
    Random: Happy Birthday!


    Let's say you have a relative who really loves a good bargain. You find a Christmas gift for him for the stunning price of $3. Would you include this tid bit in the card?

    When you get presents from people who live out of town, do you open the package up when it arrives (if it's early) or do you wait until the day the gift is intended for?

    If you open it early, do you lie and say you opened it on the intended day?

    When it comes to buying gifts, do you take hints from the giftee? Or do you use hints as a guide of what you'll not be buying? Does it depend on how obvious the hint is?

    Is it truly better to give than to receive?

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    Waldorf salad, with grapes.

    Collapse )

    Who on earth thought to themselves, "hey, i bet coating fruit and nuts with spooge will make them palatable"?

    What is this supposed to taste like? Sweet? tangy?

    I'm almost as confused by the celery as I am by the mayonnaise. (singing) One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong(/singing)

    I ask because there's a "restaurant" at my university where students in a particular foods class and students in a particular management class plan the menu out and serve it to people. I want to make reservations for a few days from now, because the rest of the menu for that day is good, but I'm a little put off by this salad thing.

    Also! why is firefox insisting i have "a" spelled wrong in front of "restaurant" in the last paragraph? no-where else.

    Mornin', pardners

    How often do you have an orgasm?

    How often do you have an orgasm while having sex with another human being?

    Your gender?

    Your age?

    Does your back ever go out? If so, what do you do to make it better?

    What do you think of Daylight Savings Time and the lack thereof?

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    Poll #1083290 Dirty Deeds

    Which unspeakable act would you do?

    Throat-punch Regis
    Shave Tyra Banks' head and weave it into her pubes
    Lock the penises of Al Frankin and Rush Limbaugh in Chinese fingercuffs
    Catapult a naked Ann Coulter into the East River
    Catch Dakota Fanning in a Dutch oven
    Hold down Tom Cruise and forcibly baptize him a Jehovah's Witness
    Stick a funnel down Mary Kate Olsen's throat and forcefeed her liquified Twinkies
    Cover Criss Angel in camel phermones and lock him in a cage with camels in heat
    While Martha Stewart is out of town, hire a team of house painters to paint the interior of her entire house hot orange
    Convince Pat Robertson that he's poisoned and the only antidote to stop it is by drinking semen (he's anti-anti-gay, in case you didn't know)
    Beast mode!

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    1. How was your weekend?

    2. What did you do?

    3. Best thing to happen?

    4. Worst thing to happen?

    5. When was the last time you cleaned your house from top to bottom? Why'd you do it?

    EDIT: Any pictures from the weekend that you want to show off?

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    1. Does it bother you when people you work with bring in "smelly" foods for lunch?
    2. Do you ever bring in lunches that have strong smells?
    3. And because it's somewhat related: if you go into a bathroom with four stalls, which stall are you most likely to go into first?


    My sister in law lives by the "if its yellow, let it mellow" approach at her home. I think that's gross, but whatever.

    I work in an office and the attorney who rents the space upstairs must live by this policy too...except he does it at work in our shared bathroom.

    Do you ever "let it mellow" at home? How about at work?

    How do you approach someone and say, "flush your pee" in a nice way?
    Sweet Pea
    • thexica

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    I am  graduating school in December and I have a career expo on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, to figure out what the hell I am going to do. I will be wearing business suits both days. How should I wear my hair?

    Collapse )
    I was thinking of pulling it back, but I want it to look nice and not like I just rolled out of bed.
    Space Pope

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    Let, say you are hungry for pizza, and all the real pizza places are closed because good pizza hating space aliens destroyed them. So you decide to go to Pizza Hut and get a stiffed stuffed crust pizza. Do you eat it crust first?
    Mitty box

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    I have some frozen chicken tenders, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. Should I try to make a ghetto chicken parm? Do you think it would taste good? Should I make cheddar cheese fries instead?

    I finally have my ability to eat back and I don't want to waste it on something healthy.
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    Snowball Fight

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    I’m going to Washington DC over the Thanksgiving holiday. I’ve never been there. I’m going to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Wall and the National WWII Memorial. Tell me how to be a tourist, TQC. What else should I see? (I have no desire to see the White House).

    Butter or Margarine?

    If you could be an actor/actress on any television show, which one would it be?
    (I think it’d be fun to work on a show like The Office or Scrubs. It just seems like it would be one big laugh factory.
    Batman <3

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    After seeing the delicious foodstuffs that Aussies are deprived of I have decided to never leave the country.

    What kind of foodstuffs do you really wish you could have right this very instant? I mean someone busting down your door with a fully prepared food item.

    Should there be an inexpensive way to share our delicious peanut buttery, pop-tarty, mountain dewy foods?

    Americans/Other countries fortunate enough to have it: How long could you go without Mountain dew??

    My answers:
    I would like some Chinese food. I hope the person busting down the door does it in a really cool way.

    Yes there should. I feel bad for the deprived souls. It should be like an exchange, our delicious foods for yours.

    Lately I've been on a water/tea kick but when I really want it I hope its on the shelves.

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    I was thinking about getting a tattoo. I've wanted the same tattoo on the same part of my body since I was 13 (so... 6 years). The only thing holding me back is that I'm afraid that, 30 years down the road, I might regret it. It's nothing insane- just a little cartoon shooting star about 3/4s the size of my thumb. I just don't really have a special meaning for it. I just want it.

    I'm thinking about going to a tattoo parlor, getting a sketch done, taking it home for a few months, and then deciding whether or not to get it.

    Do they allow you to do that, or is it a "we draw, you buy" system?
    Bella / Alone in Woods

    Pizza question

    If I were to order pizza right now, what should I get on it?

    I don't like anchovies or sausage & I'm allergic to pineapple.
    What's a good combination you like?

    My favorite is pepperoni & bell peppers with either bacon or black olives.
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    What 'overheard' comms do you know of? Do you like them? Do you ever submit overhearings to them?

    I know of overheardinadl (Adelaide), overheardinmelb (Melbourne) overheardinsyd 

    and there's a Doctor Who version of metaquotes  called whoquotes which is overhearing on LJ to a theme. :)

    How about 'overseens' comms, where you can post about random things you saw? I don't know any.

    If there was a  short high speed suburban carchase in your nation, and the guys being chased were eventually stopped by police, and arrested, would you expect to be seeing guns being  held by the police? (by 'expect' I mean would you consider it something that they'd have done, pulled out their guns?) What country are you from, and do police generally carry guns there?

    I'm in  Australia, there was a highspeed chase here yesterday, and the paper had pictures of the arrests, and all guns were in holsters, they just tackled him pretty much.

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    I'm going to Vegas this weekend! I've got accommodations for Fri., Sat., and Sun. I just need a room in Vegas on Thursday.

    1. Anyone ever stayed at Circus Circus in Vegas? 

    2. Is it a hellhole? 

    3. Any suggestions for another cheap place that's not a total hellhole? 

    4. Ok, where would you splurge in Vegas? 

    5. Got an amazing restaurant, show, or Vegas experience I shouldn't miss?
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    fantastic planet tiwa & terr
    • obigrrl

    Jury Duty

    1. Have you ever served on a jury?
    2. What kind of case was it?
    3. How long was the trial?
    4. Did you reach a verdict?
    5. Did you have to decide on punishment if it was guilty verdict?
    6. Did you find yourself having trouble with your decision in the end?
    7. If/when you get called again, will you say whatever is necessary to keep from getting picked again?

    Collapse )

    EDIT: I'm sorry...I had line breaks when I typed it out. I don't know why it posted without them.
    keep calm and run

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    So I have to leave in a bit to go pay off a ticket I got a few weeks ago for making an illegal left turn. I told my sister this, and now she's saying that I "get pulled over all the time".

    1. How long have you been driving?
    2. How many times have you been pulled over? Ticketed?
    3. Have you ever fought a ticket? Weaseled your way out of one?

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    Last thing you want to hear the surgeon say before the operation, just as the anesthesia's kicking in

    "God, this hangover's killing me. It's so bright in here"
    "So...what are we cutting open this one for again?"
    "The Parkinson's meds really aren't helping this morning"
    "Stupid...narcolepsy...must...fight... *yawn*"
    "Look, I 'm sorry I didn't call you last night, Doris, but you just can't withhold the anesthesia on my patient. Probable malpractice suit? Oh, real mature, Doris"

    Last thing you want to hear your pilot whisper to his copilot right before he turns the mic off on your flight?

    "Fuck, Ernie, we can't both be drunk..."
    "What do you mean you don't know what these flashing red lights mean either?..."
    "I think we can manage with only 2 engines..."
    "Stupid...narcolepsy...must...fight... *yawn*"
    "Are you ready? For Allah..."

    Last thing you want to hear from a sexual partner approaching climax?

    "Oh, they were out of condoms at the store"
    "I didn't ask before, but what's your stance on herpes?"
    "Oh, by the way, I did some research, and I think we're second cousins"
    "Did you know I used to be a man/woman?"
    "According to my religion, we have to get married now"
    • kolden

    (no subject)

    for those of you who prefer dating women:
    would you date a woman with a thick, silky moustache?

    for those of you who prefer dating men:
    would you date a man with large, developed breasts?

    eta: do you consider yourself shallow?
    chibi totoro garden

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    I go to college. I eat many of my meals at dining halls. Last night, my friend and I went to one for dinner, and for dessert we had "Sunday Sundaes." There was a long table set up with lots of yummy toppings, like caramel sauce, Reese's bits, chocolate bits, sprinkles, fruit toppings, etc. But there was also....BACON???!?!?!

    So...would you ever put bacon bits on your ice cream sundae?

    (no subject)

    So you're 99% sure a significant other is cheating on you. They are out of town and you have no way of getting a hold of them until they call you in several hours time, so you can't confront them right now.

    What do you do until then?
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    Poll #1083403 Cult or religion?

    What do you think of Scientology?

    It's a cult
    It's a well-organized religion
    I'm neutral
    It's okay for some, just not me
    I practice it and would like to provide more information on it
    What is scientology?

    What do you think of L. Ron Hubbard?

    He's a fraud
    He's legitimate
    He should be taken out back and shot
    Who the hell is he?
    He should stick to writing fiction books

    Any other opinions or ideas on Scientology?


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    Poll #1082946 Hypotheticals pt. 3

    Choose one:

    A small bass lives up your arsehole. Your arse smell like fish, it hurts when he occasionally bites you, and when he backs up his scales makes your intestines itch. But he's your friend, and his name is Gareth
    Whenever anyone bumps into you, you automatically bust into an hour-long break dance routine. It doesn't matter if you're awake or asleep at the time. Walking through crowds or sleeping with someone isn't much fun for you

    Which would you rather do?

    Perform oral sex on a 90 yr old man who has been taking Viagra for about a month. He really stinks, and refuses to shower before you do the deed
    Perform oral sex on a freshly bathed, clean-smelling, recently sedated 2 yr old Golden Retriever

    Choose one:

    You receive ~30 mosquito bites on and around your genitals
    You receive one bee sting on each of your eyelids

    Choose one:

    Be constantly walking into walls. Yeah, everywhere you go. You do it hard every time too. It's embarrassing
    You're out to dinner with your family and friends, and while sitting at the table you lose control of your bowels. Everyone notices. This happens just once

    Choose one:

    You have the sexiest toes and fingers out of everyone else in the world, but have horrible breath that so far cannot be contained with any medication or mint
    You have perfectly fine breath but also have a fungus that makes your fingers and toes rot. So yeah, you smell like rotting flesh all the time

    Choose one:

    You have to shave your genital area once a month by contorting yourself and using your mouth and teeth to chew, pull and suck the hair off
    Every other night at 9pm, you shit a 7-inch log of faeces. Out of your mouth. It comes up from your throat just like it would coming out of your arse

    Choose one:

    You are so claustrophobic that you can't even stand to be in a building without being on heavy medication or having a panic attack
    You have severe Polymorphous Light Eruption. People who have PMLE are photosensitive and get a rash wherever their skin is exposed to sunlight. You have to stay inside constantly, and can't even get near a sunlit window

    Choose one:

    You use your fingers to press ten hot pancakes into your anus. Yes, you can masturbate while this is happening. No crumbs can be left behind
    Randomly whenever you orgasm, a bit of diarrhoea squirts out of your crotch. This happens continuously over a course of two years

    You would rather

    Know that sometime in the near future, surprise anal sex will occur. You have no idea who'll give it to you. You do know that it'll be 10 inches
    Find out that a week ago, someone stole your credit card number and all personal information off of the Internet

    Choose one:

    Have a job french kissing corpses at a funeral home
    Become your most hated teacher's sex slave for the next five years

    Choose one:

    There no more video images in the world of any sort. No TV, no movies, nothing. Everything is in print. You want entertainment or news, you've gotta read it
    There are no more written words for any purpose at all. Everything is spoken or viewed

    Choose one:

    Think of all the sexual thoughts you've ever had in your life. Okay. You now have to perform all of those to a family member of your choice. Immediate family only
    You're making out with your SO. Suddenly without warning, they start to devour your fucking face. There's blood and bits of flesh everywhere, you push them off but they keep holding onto your chin with their teeth fuck you SO holy shit my face oh god
    part of your world

    (no subject)

    Let's say that you could have any job you ever wanted. What would you most want to do?

    Lately, I am starting to think that my dream job would be to write the lyrics to songs for Disney movies, since they're trying to get back into doing traditional animation.
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    ha ha

    Remember that episode on Friends...

    Joey: I’m sorry Pheebs, I just, y’know, I just wanted to do a good deed. Like-like you did with the babies.
    Phoebe: This isn’t a good deed, you just wanted to get on TV! This is totally selfish.
    Joey: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What about you, having those babies for your brother? Talk about selfish!
    Phoebe: What-what are you talking about?!
    Joey: Well, yeah, it was a really nice thing and all, but it made you feel really good right?
    Phoebe: Yeah. So?
    Joey: It made you feel good, so that makes it selfish. Look, there’s no unselfish good deeds, sorry.

    Is there such a thing as an unselfish good deed?

    oh hai thar

    -What time do you eat lunch at work?  or school/home?
    -Do you eat at your desk or go out?
    -How long do you get?
    -Have you ever had a crush on a coworker?  What did you do and how did it work out?
    -I hate water.  Help me figure out a way to get it in my body so I don't die from dehydration?

    -Usually I eat at 1:30 because then there is less time left in my day at the office....but it will obviously depend on whatever I have going on that day.  My coworkers eat at 11:30.  I think it's weird.
    -I always eat at my desk...we have a cafeteria that is partially gov't subsidized :D
    -However long I want.  
    -Right now.  It is not working out very well at all.  Either he is oblivious or I am awful at taking a hint.
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    german avatar

    (no subject)

    Because I'm a weirdo, I'm thinking of getting one of these personalized photos and having it sent to one of my co-workers. Most of my co-workers are over 30, so they should remember her.

    For those who are too lazy or uninterested to click, it's an autographed photo of Joyce DeWitt from Three's Company.

    So, what do you think? Would that be funny? Or just silly? Or perhaps completely pointless?
    • __ria

    (no subject)

    Do you know anyone that spells a fairly common name a ~*speshul*~ way? i knew a girl whose name was Danyelle, i just also remembered that my best friend has a friend whose name is Airrin, i call her A, lol.

    (no subject)

    Dear TQC members with breasts,

    Are your boobs symmetrical? If not, which one is bigger? How much bigger?


    Pls answer quickly, I need to know before I die.


    (no subject)

    Ladies, do your breasts feel different throughout your cycle?

    Do your feet feel any different?

    Do you ever get cramps in your thighs from your period?

    Does your skin feel exceptionally sensitive at any point?
    grab a slice

    (no subject)

    If you were doing a music album who would you want to collaborate on it with you?

    Norah Jones
    Che Guevara
    Boo Radley
    Curious George
    Tila Tequila
    The dude from Monopoly
    Mark Twain
    Anne Frank
    John Goodman
    Ian Curtis
    Rocky & Bullwinnkle
    Tony the Tiger/Thurl Ravenscroft

    toaster struddle

    1. are you right handed or left handed?
    2. do you dye your hair?
    3. what's you favorite t shirt?
    4. do you believe in unicorns?
    5. do you speak a second language?
    6. have you ever ridden a roller coaster?
    7. did turning eighteen change anything in your life?
    8. are you the gate keeper?
    9. how do you get a giraffe in a refrigerator?
    10. are you allergic to peanuts?
    gasp zooey

    (no subject)

    Should I move to South Carolina so I can vote for Colbert, or should I not vote for a celebrity?

    Seeing as almost ALL the main candidates who are likely to win the primaries are basically celebrities now, does it matter if I vote for Colbert?

    Are the US elections a joke?

    Do you honestly trust the electoral college to vote for the candidate their state voted for?

    And for everyone who's not a US citizen,

    If there were going to be an election for a world president, who would you want to win?

    EDIT: Who is "funnier" - Colbert or Stewart?
    • bidet

    (no subject)

    I've got a large amount of old books to go through and try to determine if they're worth anything to folks who collect that kind of thing. Can you recommend any resources for learning (preferably quickly) about this subject?

    Alternately, has anyone ever come across a book that was worth quite a bit? I need inspiration.
    camera - lens

    Photography software

    I'm looking for a program I can use to make a relatively simple slide show - my pictures + possibly music, not all that worried about special effects - that I can burn to a CD, and somebody else would be able to pop the CD into their computer and watch the slide show without having to install extra software onto their computer, i.e., the slide show plays on something like QuickTime or Windows Media Player that most people would already have on their computer.

    My criteria are few:
    - Low cost (under $25) or free.
    - Ease of use (drag & drop ideal; but ideally something that can be figured out without having to read a 100-page manual first).
    - Slide shows exportable to CD and able to watch with QT or WMP (as noted above).
    - Ability to set slide show to music a bonus, not a requirement.
    - Would prefer a program that does NOT allow - or can be set to not allow - pictures to be printed or saved.
    - I have Photoshop CS, so I don't need a program that has photo-editing abilities (if they have those features, fine; I just don't need them).
    - I have a PC/WinXP not Apple. (although I wish I had an Apple).

    I found "SlideShow Expressions" for $19-20 (, Best Buy) but reviews seem mixed on it. Has anybody used it? If so, what's your take on ease of use, product created, etc?

    Aside from SSE, are there any other programs other folks would recommend?

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Chaos Bright
    • knigel

    Three Discussion Questions

    Please answer the questions as honestly as possible:

    Milbert, a 49 years old unmarried man, was shopping one day; however, while paying the cashier, he seemed to go crazy and killed the cashier -- a mother of two young children. Milbert was soon after arrested. Before trial, Milbert was given a brain scan and it was discovered that he had a tumour on his amygdala. One week later, Milbert was given brain surgery and the tumour was removed. After Milbert recovered from the surgery, he was put on trial. Several doctors testified that Milbert would be unlikely to lose control now that the tumour was removed; however, the judge still sentenced Milbert to a long jail term. Was the judge correct? Why or why not?

    Dr. Froop is a 38 year old research scientist. He was working on a formula to cure cancer, and he was sure he found the answer. He only had to do a small amount of research; however, the company that was funding his project cut him off for a different project to create a new bubblegum cola. Dr. Froop was positive that with just a bit more research he could provide the world with the cure for cancer. Dr. Froop decided to forge some data and release the project to scientific journals in the hope that he would be able to gain new funding and then prove his theory correct. Unfortunately, his forged data was discovered, and he was fired from his job and arrested for fraud. Other scientists are still unsure if his theory is correct or not. Should Dr. Froop have forged the data? Why or why not?

    Karl has decided that he wants to sacrifice himself to help the human race. He has heard that a few scientific studies are being held back due to the unethical nature of performing on human subjects. Karl seeks out and finds Dr. Eve Eel, a prestigious researcher, and requests that she conduct experiments on him that normally would not be conducted on others. At first, Dr. Eve Eel is hesitant and suspects that something may be psychologically wrong with Karl; however, after many psychological examinations it is determined that there is nothing abnormal with him. Karl gives his signed consent for the experiments after the doctor makes the study as transparent to as possible and provides him with all necessary information. If the experiments are conducted, Dr. Eve Eel may cause Karl to suffer through pain and perhaps even death while also risking her own imprisonment. Given that Karl consents, the experiments are conducted in an ethical manner, and that the studies may benefit the human race should Dr. Eve Eel proceed?
    dead zone johnny & sarah

    (no subject)

     Let's say you have a persistant case of athlete's foot. You are relatively new to the area and therefore don't have a doctor. It's to the point where you know you need something stronger than over-the-counter medication but no doctors in the area are accepting new patients.  Would you just go to the emergency room or is there some other option I am not thinking of? Going to the ER seems a bit extreme, but this is really driving me crazy with the itching. 
    • ptc555

    (no subject)

    Two Questions:

    1. My family has to get our bathtub replaced, because the pipes have completely deteriorated. So everthing, the tiles, the floor, etc, need to be replaced, and it's going to take a whole week for it to be done. Which means we'll have no bathtub and no shower! What are we supposed to do?

    2. It was my birthday on Friday. When they brought me my cake, it had two candles on it, 2 and 5, because it was my 25th. Just when everyone had stopped singing and I was ready to make my wish...they both blew out. All on their own. We re-lit the candles and they were ok. Everyone was standing away from the cake, it was in the centre of the table. No windows open, no draft, no sudden movements. WHY DID THEY JUST BLOW OUT LIKE THAT?!

    (no subject)

    I'm going to be getting a cat. Well, I'm getting a cat for my handicapped uncle who probably doesn't have long to live, has trouble walking far etc. Obviously I'm going to be the one mostly taking care of the animal, visiting every day and such. One of the problems though might be my allergies... I get a bit sneezy and itchy from cats.

    Anything important I should know about them? I've never had an animal before.
    Any ways to deal with allergies easily?

    ETA: before the LJ Police get me - yes, he wants a cat. Yes, I'm going to keep it after he dies (because I want one myself).

    (no subject)

    After next semester, I'm dropping out of college. I'll probably go back but I'll be out for at least 2-3 years. I want to work, save some money and pay off current loans/other debts, and then travel for about a year. I want to do this before I'm drowning in student loan debt and unable to. And I feel like I'm just not suited for academics. I feel like so much of it is pretentious and pointless and a waste of time and money.

    For those of you that dropped out of college, do you regret it? Did you ever go back?

    For some reason I can't get over the notion that no college education = unsuccessful, despite the fact that I know LOADS of people that disprove this.

    Los Angeles/California fire code

    Are landlords required to provide fire extinguishers to apartments in Los Angeles/ or California?
    I didn't see anything in my lease, and my googling skills are failing me today.
    But when I was in Florida, every apartment I rented came with a fire extinguisher, so i want to know if my landlord is following the fire code....

    (no subject)

     i just made another banana cake (seccond in three days) and the bottom got stuck to the pan. i already ate the cake that was stuck at the bottom (probs equal to about a slice).
    question is: should i have a slice of banana cake with cream and strawberries?

    this may or may not influence your answer- i am going to the gym in 2 hours.

    (no subject)

    if you dont like something a friend, family member or co-worker is doing-- that is essentially none of your business-- do you go out of your way to say something or wait til you are asked for an opinion... or just keep to yourself and watch them do something stupid?

    like wear clothes that are completely mismatched... on the regular
    or buy their kids designer clothes when they can barely afford rent
    or something?

    feel free to use specific examples

    (no subject)

    If you were a(n) _________, what would your name be?

    a) Orc
    b) Fairy
    c) Elf
    d) God(dess)
    e) Evil overlord
    f) person getting a fake ID
    g) bad name pun (you know, like Ray Sheo or Ann Flation)
    • meiran

    What to do...

    So, I'm not in the mood to pick my own movie from Netflix, under the cut are the next 15 discs I have on my list, and honestly who knows why some of them are there.

    1. Which of them should I move to the top? The top disc doesn't come out for another two weeks, so I'll need to pick a different one in the meantime.

    2. Any of them suck and I should stay away?

    3. What's the next movie you plan to see?

    4. What's the last movie you saw?

    (Yes, I ask because I'm bored)

    Collapse )
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    (no subject)

    What is a fun place to go in NYC for sightseeing, eating, shopping, anything?
    Why do you recommend this place?

    I'm asking because my dad lives around the area and every time I go we end up doing the same
    shopping and the same visiting times square. I want to do something different, fun, facinating.
    Im not really a broadway person  but anything else?

    yummy beer!, yummy

    (no subject)

    If you are participating in an LJ holiday gift swap of any sort, who is someone with whom you hope to exchange gifts?  Please think of someone not on your f-list if you can.

    For everyone:
    What is the longest amount of time you've ever gone without drinking anything? - I'm talking all beverages/liquids here (not specifically alcohol). 

    If you were to drink 8oz now, presuming you could do so, what's the longest you think you could go without having another beverage?

    • __ria

    (no subject)

    is there a question that you've been meaning to ask in TQC but just haven't gotten around to it or think that it's too lame to ask?

    what is it?

    or is there something that you wonder about a TQC member that you'd like cleared up?

    Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

    yay dating question

    I'm interested in a much older, single man (yeah I know stay away) and I'm pretty sure he's interested in me (he's always flirting, asking me questions about myself, seems genuinely interested), but he hasn't asked me out. Is this the sort of situation where I'm probably just going to ask him out due to the "older man/lolita" stigma?

    additional info: we work together (bad, I know) but we're peers (he's not my boss or anything) and there aren't any rules against dating cowokers. He's 18 years older. I'm 21, he's 39. Like I said he's always flirting with me and/or asking me questions. He'll ask me hwo I'm doing every day, how school is going, how my family is, friends are, he remembers everything I tell him and then follows-up with more questions about all of that. Plus he's complimented me on my looks many times.

    (no subject)

    1. If you had a friend who was on MTV'S Sweet Sixteen, are they really that bitchy in real life?

    2. And if you had a friend who's CAR(i don't know why i typed girl earlier) got pimped on Pimp my Ride, did anything get stolen? The way they customised the car, it'll be stupid not to steal anything.
    packing a musket

    (no subject)

    Have you ever been the victim of a mugging (or attempted mugging)?
    Where did/do you live (even if you haven't been mugged)?
    Edit How old were you?

    I haven't, but my brother has. I live[d] on Long Island, and I've lived in Harlem and I currently live in Queens. My brother was mugged on Long Island.
    My brother was 15.
    hannibal skull


    What is on your perfect pizza?

    Poll #1083118 What is on your perfect pizza?

    What kind of base do you want?

    Thick crust
    Thin Crust
    Stuffed Crust
    Chicago Style Crust
    Other (in comments, please)


    BBQ sauce
    Bechamel (white) sauce
    Thousand Island Dressing
    Other (in comments, please)

    Toppings (meat)

    Canadian Bacon
    Fish of some kind
    Ground Beef
    Spicy Sausage
    Other (in comments, please)

    Toppings - non meat

    Peppers/Capsicums (red green yellow)
    Hot peppers
    Artichoke hearts
    Other (in comments, please)


    3 or 4 cheese blend
    Processed cheese slices :P
    No cheese, thanks, I'm vegan
    Other (in comments, please)

    Other stuff?

    Salt and Pepper
    Other (in comments, please)

    Ever had a dessert pizza?

    What's that?

    DAMN YOU! I am hungry now!!!