November 4th, 2007

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okay, someone asked me which friend i'd bring with me onto a deserted island. he then went on to say some shit about hunting animals, making shelter, and i pointed out that a deserted island would have no animals, because, well, it's deserted.

when someone asks you who you would bring onto a deserted island, do you assume there are still animals on it?

edit fine, fine, i was wrong. i'm not admitting it to him, though.

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So, as I near 16, I just got my first job at a local pizza shop. The only "work" I've had before this is babysitting my next door neighbours' kids for a few arvos a week, which I don't really consider to be a proper job. Considering it's just a pizza place, I'm very excited, and am basically bragging about it to anyone who will stand still for long enough (and even those who won't).

1. When/where was your first job?
2. How old were you at the time?
3. Did you enjoy it at the time? Why/why not?
4. Looking back now, what thoughts go through your mind at the thought of that job?

Since I was cold...

1. How many college sweatshirts do you own?
2. What schools are they from?
3. Why did you get them? Did you actually go to the school, have a family member or SO there? Or did you plan on going there and then decided not to?

1. Four
2. Mount Wachusett Community, CSUN, Newbury, and SFSU
3. I went/am going to the first two, wanted to go to Newbury when I first graduated high school, and wanted to transfer to SFSU after getting my Associate's
The Receptionist Classic

You missed me, admit it.

When did the turkey icons start popping up? I've been gone since Tuesday and missed their debut, I guess.
Will you show me yours (if you have one) so I can get some ideas on how to turkey-ize mine?

If you could punch one person in the nose right now, who would it be? Any particular reason?

And speaking of turkeys... What is your opinion of turkey-dogs?
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Are you wearing slippers right now?

If so, what do they look like? (Major bonus points for anyone who posts a pic of their slippers!)

If you aren't wearing slippers, what kind of footwear are you sporting?

EDIT: I forgot my answers!

I am wearing slippers.

They look like this:

I did not realize until just now that the arms on each bunny do something different. Learn something new every day.
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hey guys, just a quick fashion q...

anyone have any idea where I can find this kind of shoe (where the nude blends in, a pump)..

I'm the same skin tone as her about.

I've looked a lot of places and can't find a match! :(

Thanks for your help in advance
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So a concert I want to go to has presale going on right now, for AmEx Gold Card members, through TicketMaster. Not the exact seating I was hoping for, but whatever, it'll totally do. It was really easy to figure out the "password", but now I'm wondering if they're going to make me pay with my Amex Gold Card (which totes doesn't exist), or will it give me the option of paying with whatever?

nvm, yeah, i have to have the card. ass ass ass.

Okay TQC! What are some surefire ways for winning radio contests!

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I lol'd

1) Seriously, is any of this stuff actually true for you (if you're male)? Any of those '10 secrets about women' ring true for the girls?

2) I need to get a different e-mail because the Yahoo! news feed is actually destroying my soul. What's good nowadays? (I already have Hotmail, so I know that it sucks.)
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1. Do you ever feel like you have no motivation to do anything?
2. Do you ever feel like you're just drifting through life, and that your life has no real purpose?

3. For those of you in college, are you bored with it?
3a. Do you ever consider dropping out?
4. How do you know if college is right for you?

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Career Choices

What is your current job or career? How did you get into this field or job? Do you love it?

How do you know if you've found a career that fits you? Since every job has its sucky, horrible parts, how do you tell the difference between rookie blues, and the wrong career choice?

Also, any librarians out there? What do you feel are the best and worst parts about your job?
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When someone mentions the year 1993, what images/thoughts/feelings immediately come to mind?

I always think of lime green and hot pink, lawn sprinklers, thunderstorms, hot sidewalks, popsicles, and thrift stores.
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I took advantage of the extra hour and had way more to drink than I'm supposed to. I went drinking with my boyfriend's Mom. Am I going to be in trouble tomorrow or do you think he'll forgive me? Even though I made out with another girl? Are you drunk? Am I the only one?

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I have a ton of work to do at school this morning, should I go in and work? It's 4:30 am. I would, except I'm kind of sick (cold) and I'm worried that if I don't get enough sleep I will get more sick and that'll be worse for me later on when I have more work to do. Help me tqc.

ETA: I literally will not get my work done if I sleep in. Or, if I do, I'll be pulling an all-nighter (sort of expecting one anyway), which will mean less sleep later on, and I've already slept 5 hours.

So I ended up going in, i.e. biking all the way to school at 5am in the freezing cold, only to get there and have my all-access card not work. I hadn't used it yet and APPARENTLY it failed to get activated this term. I spent an hour on the phone with DPS trying to figure it out only to have to bike BACK home in the freezing cold, thus losing over an hour of sleep/work. My question, tqc, is how much does that stuck? How screwed am I now? Now I'm awake and itching to work and feeling sick/terrible :C
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Do you believe in curses? My father swears our family is cursed, and I have to does seem like our family has had a lot of bad things happen. What do you think?
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I have a custom-built PC and I can't ask whoever made it.

Here is a rough sketch of two female ports on the back of my tower:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The first one is for the monitor I am currently using, but what is the second one for? Are my hopes for a dual monitor dream over?

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Should I  be worried that my dog hasn't had a shit in two days and hasn't touched his food? I told my bf we have to take him in to see the vet, but he thinks it can wait until Wed. when we have an appointment anyway to get him fixed.

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What is your biggest English language pet peeve?

Personally I keep hearing people call the most random things "paradoxes." It's weird because I thought a paradox was a simple concept (ironic?).
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The Blue Ghost

Dear TQC,

What the hell is this on my screen? When I press contrl-A (to select all), I get this bizarre blue square thing that highlights as well. But there isn't anything there.

In a different screen, I noticed that thing after the snapshot popup for a link went away and I selected all, but this was a new screen and there was no snapshot popup. What gives??
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Nude ?s

"Though some will try to deny it, I believe that every woman, at some time in her life, has had or will have the desire to pose in the nude"......"Most of these prudish women only imagine their figures are hopeless; many can be photographed in certain poses which will cover their shortcomings......."
- Bunny Yeager
from - How I Photograph Myself

1) Have you ever had the urge to pose in the nude?

2) Have you ever posed in the nude?

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Poll #1082391 Mmmm more hypotheticals

Which would you rather have sex with?

Your neighbour's dog. It smells pretty bad and has mild incontinence
Your favourite celebrity of your preferred sex. They died a day ago though

Choose one:

Your semen or vaginal fluid has poppy seeds in it. These tend to get stuck in your urethra, and the only way to get them out is by using a toothpick
You constantly dream about trying to pee into your own mouth, and often wake up in puddles of your own urine. You are also occasionally successful in your attempts

Choose one:

Have your mother find out you've been having a sexual relationship with one of your siblings
Have your SO find out you've been having a sexual relationship with your mother

Choose one:

Five full days of doing what you normally do during the week, but you have come splattered all over your face. And yes, everybody knows it's come. It doesn't dry either, it's wet and glistening all day
Eat five full tbspns of warm cat poop

You would sooner have someone

Throw up on your face. Yes, the chunky horrible kind
Punch you in the stomach. Yes, really hard

Choose one:

Give oral to one of your chosen grandparents (this still applies even if they're all dead) in a bathtub filled with week-old creamed corn
Have a cat use your crotch as a scratching post for about an hour and a half while you are passed out, before you wake up in agony. Not much will be salvageable

Choose one:

You smell like wet dog. No amount of deodorant or perfume can ever cover it up
Your ankles, toes and wrists don't bend, and your waist doesn't swivel. But you do smell wonderful

Choose one:

You have to kill your own food to survive. You can only use your feet to do this, however
Nipples have grown on your forehead. They harden and lactate whenever you get aroused

Choose one:

You are perfectly normal in every way, except every time someone says 'Hi' you giggle, gently slap that person's wrist and say, 'You're pretty', then run away giggling
You pronounce the word 'the' as 'scrotum'. No amount of speech therapy will ever be able to correct this

Choose one:

You are paralysed from chest down
You have an unwanted sex change operation performed on you

I'd prefer my father performed in

Amateur webcam porn
Professionally produced porn

Choose one:

Your head grows to about five times its normal size. Everything else on your body remains exactly the same
The only words you can say are 'please fuck my mummy's arsehole'. With enough willpower you may be able to keep mute forever, although talking in your sleep and emotional outbursts can't be helped

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I'm the only person in the entire world who is not naturally neat. How do you satisfy a neat person? Difficulty: when I try to clean, things are still messy, apparently, even if I've wasted a whole day cleaning and deadlines are piling up and I'm stressed and depressed.
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Every so often, my computer does this thing where it types everything backwards then refuses to recognize it as text. It usually doesn't last very long but the last time I had to delete and reinstall mozilla to fix it.

Does anyone else have this problem or know what causes it? How can I keep it from happening again?
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this made me think of this one incident when i was like 6 or 7, we lived in California and a pregnant lady got mugged at an ATM and i think they either ended up kidnapping her or killed her on the spot.

she was going to have a boy.. she had already decorated the baby room and everything. at her funeral they played "A Whole New World" because that was what the theme of the baby room was (Aladdin) why i remember this i really don't know, i didn't know her or anything like that.. i just remember hearing about it on the news.

i have a horrible memory, i am HORRIBLE when it comes to remembering birthdays, you can tell me something one day and i probably have forgotten about it by the next day. but i tend to remember REALLY random stuff that i don't have a need for.

what about you? do you have a fairly good memory or are you really forgetful? feel free to share any random memories/occurrences if you want to :)
i say, old bean

paging dr. eljay

hi. for the past few days, i've been getting sharp chest pains. they usually last about 20 minutes and then before i know it, they're gone.
TQC, am i dying? it really feels like i'm dying each time this happens.

srs and non-srs answers are welcome, of course.
and yes, i am already calling my doctor tomorrow, i'm just curious because i had another episode of chest pains at 6am this morning.

besides that though, how's your weekend been so far?
do you have any pictures to show?
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1. Can someone explain to me the excitement over the Spice Girls tour?
2. Have you used Cold-Eeze or similar products? Did they actually work?
3. Should I work on my paper on Vietnam War reporting or my paper on Mill and capital punishment today?
4. Would popping bubble wrap make me feel better?

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At this very moment in your life, what is just easier to not do?
What word sounds funny to you?
How many letters are in your first name?
Any confessions you'd like to make?

1. Date
2. squamosal
3. 6
4. I haven't had any big crushes lately, but I've had some minor ones--that I won't admit the names to.
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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Is there a radio station in your area that plays Christmas music 24/7 during the holidays? When does it usually start?

The local soft rock station usually starts playing Christmas music not too long after Thanksgiving, but last year they started the week before. And they play "Feliz Navidad" and "Christmas Shoes" nearly 4 times a day. Oy.

Edit: What's your Christmas guilty pleasure song? Mine's Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time". :P

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What is the highest number of calories that you have consumed in one 24-hour period? Approximately. If you’re unsure you can guess or just list what you ate.

Details surrounding this day would be nice too.

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Poop is:

a necessary bodily function
POOP! heehee!
reverse anal intercourse
what monkeys fling at each other
I actually am fascinated by poop.
other, and I will most definitely explain this in comments

If someone were to use my icon in TQC, I would:

FREAK OUT! wtf is this person doing with MY icon?
Laugh and see who notices.
Look down on them and their inferior sense of humor.
Be really flattered!
Take their icon.
Other, which I will most definitely explain in comments.

Should polls without question marks still qualify as questions since they are asking for your choice/opinion?

DEPENDS (and I will explain)
I don't care.

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There have been a lot of posts about the Westboro Baptist church lately in various communities.
I found out about this group back in March or April. How long have you known about Phelps?
Any thoughts?
I know of a few too many groups that seem to emulate his values to a lesser degree. The whole thing sickens me.
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Say you work at a restaurant, cooking and selling pizza/hot dogs/cookies/whatever through a window. You make $11 an hour plus tips. Most things cost $3.50-4.50, and most customers pay with a $5 and drop the change in the tip jar.

So you're working hard, and there's a decent number of customers so you're making pretty good tips, when a homeless guy comes along and starts begging your customers for money right next to the window (on the public sidewalk). Now, instead of giving you tips, everyone is giving their change to the homeless guy. Also, there are fewer customers because some people are avoiding the homeless guy.

1. How does this make you feel? (Sympathetic because he's got it worse off than you? Pissed because he's taking your tips/driving away customers? Indifferent?)

2. What do you do about it? (Ignore him? Call the cops? Kick his ass? Throw cheese at him?)

EDIT: 3. To make it even more interesting, what if you are the only manager on duty? And when you call the cops, all they do is tell him to go away, and he comes back as soon as they leave?

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From your experience with paper mache (should you have any), what is the fastest drying wet paste one can use? Liquid starch? Glue and water mixture? Flour and water mixture? Something else?
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For those of you in the UK (or, more specifically, from the US who went to university/grad school in the UK), how difficult is it for American students to get into masters programs overseas?

What grad school (or undergrad) do you want to/did you go to? For what program?
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Since I've started to wear a bit of eye makeup on a more regular basis, I figure I should also get some sort of remover so that I don't end up with a residue of mascara after washing my face. The complication is that I have really sensitive skin, so it would have to be something relatively gentle, preferable not oil based. Any personal recommendations?

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Before I was 21, I tasted a couple different alcoholic drinks but never really enjoyed them.
When I turned 21, we went out for my birthday and I had a margarita - but it wasn't very alcoholic. I tried my friend's mojito and I didn't like it.

I've never had a great interest in alcohol, just kinda wondered what the fuss was about. I still kinda wonder what's so great about it since I really didn't like the stuff I've tried. Some of my friends tell me it's better this way since I'm not spending lots of money on alcohol.

So, do you think I'm better off not drinking or am I missing out?

Should I make an effort to find one thing I like so that I can actually get something when I do eventually have the money to spend on going out? Or should I just order water or soda at bars?

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Who sings your favourite version of the song Hallelujah?

Mine is a tie between Rufus Wainwright and Allison Crowe.

You lose 10000 cool points if you haven’t heard of this song.

(no subject)

1. What does your typical Sunday look like?

2. What's your favorite band of all time?

3. Do you like the expression "A Penny for your thoughts"?

4. If this applies to you, how long was it before you said "I love you" to your current/last SO?

5. What is your favorite holiday-themed movie?

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Based off of what I saw earlier in the Stephen King thread, it seems like we have quite a few readers in this community!

Have any of you joined

It's this great website where you can list the books you own/have read and based off of that lists recommendations for future reading based on others in the community. For example, "other people who own/read those books have also read..."

I just started adding my collection the other day so I have quite a few books to add. Lately I've been on a Stephen King / Dean Koontz kick.

If you have one, please post it, I'd love to see the reading habits of those in this community, OR go ahead and make one today? <<Here's mine :)
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1- What's the deal with your LJ screen name?
2- Do explain your LJ 'name' for me? (See your info, and what it says beside "Name:")
3- Why do you have the default icon you have?

Oh, and mine:
1- Rykani is a character I used to roleplay, and now she's a villain in a big ass story I've been working on forever. Hahahaha. :)
2- "I am totally confused"... it's a line from a Blumchen song. Yay German.
3- Because everyone likes dancing girl!

Stephen King

If you like him as an author or just like a few books by him, which one is your favorite?

Should I read the Dark Tower series by him?

The ones that I can remember at the moment that I really enjoyed by him were 'Hearts in Atlantis', 'The Shining', 'The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon', pretty much all of his short stories, and um one other one about a summerhouse with the main character being a guy who is a recent widow. So based off of this any recommendations?
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Does it bother you when people say "serious and non-serious answers welcome", since we're just going to give non-serious answers, anyway?

I've got a stupid question! :D

I'm on my university's wifi, and I'm curious as to whether or not they can see every website I go to, since I know nothing about computers at ALL.  Can they see the websites I'm going to?  I ask because I'm in wtf_inc, and occasionally, I'd like to click on the ones that are obviously NSFW, and I'm afraid that my college security or admissions or whatever will think I'm a pervert and evict me from the school, and I'll spend the rest of my life living in my parents' basement watching internet porn and House.  Actually...that doesn't sound too bad.
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I've been dealing with hives for the past two weeks, some times worse than others. I'm still trying to find out what the heck I'm allergic to.

Anyone have any ideas for immediate relief other than benadryl(maybe home remedies)? Serious and non-serious answers welcome, of course.

Sidenote: I've been to the doctor for it, they gave me Medrol, took that for the six days, and they're still around, though not as itchy as before at least.

What are you allergic to, if you're allergic to anything? I have super-sensitive skin, so anything could have done this.
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A few questions

1) I need a new laptop. Without Vista. *shudder* I'd normally go for an IBM, but NOTHING comes without Vista now, so I'm thinking of switching to a Macbook. Is the new Leopard OS worth it?

2) Relatedly, Is it possible to network between a Mac and PC? I have no experience with Mac networking, so if so, how would you go about it (specifically, using a Mac to access a PC network)?

3) For those of you with desk jobs and not much time in the evenings or weekends to really work out or be active, how do you go about staying fit and/or losing weight?

4) From where did the term "asshole" originate? It doesn't seem like an intuitive insult, so I'm wondering where the hell it came from at its very beginning.

(no subject)

1.) What is the worst compliment you have ever received/overheard?

2.) What is every clothing item you are wearing right now, and where did each originate from? 

  My answers:
                        1.)  "Mmmm, squishy.

                        2.)  Tan bra from American Eagle purchased over a year ago and bright blue boy brief panties from Wal-Mart pruchased three years ago with tiny fish on them.  Sunday is not a demanding day for clothes.

titanic, rose, jack


So I'm applying for a job at Outback Steakhouse, actually I was supposed to go in today to turn in my app but I'm not going to yet.  For anyone who's been employed there or someplace like that, maybe you can answer my question.  They said I have to take a 'test.' Is this like a customer service test or something, or is it a drug test?  And if it is a drug test, how long does it take pot to get out of your system?  
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(no subject)

I am reading a book called The Confessions of Max Tivoli and it is one of the weirdest books that I have ever read.

What is the weirdest book that you have read that you really enjoyed?

What is the weirdest book thst you have read that you strongly disliked?

(no subject)

So I really want to major in writing/painting/psychology/photography/printmaking/english/business(so I can maybe someday own a coffee shop)/performance/drama when I go to college next fall. 

TQC, How the heck do I make a decision? I know I can do anything that I set my mind to, I just can't decide what to focus on.

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(no subject)

Dear TQC:

If you have done any of the LJ survey things, and happen to have a spare $1 gift certificate after doing them, would you be kind enough to spare one or two for reginald so she may get a paid account, with $5 worth of gift certificates?

Bless your kind souls, TQC, bless you.

(no subject)

I am doing a project for school, and we have to "start up a business" of our choice.  My choice was a pizza shop.  I've looked around online and am having a hard time finding the start up costs for a pizza shop and examples for monthly expenses.

Can someone please help me out, point me in the right direction?

thank you.

TQC Anonymous Post #1!


1. Do you sniff your underwear to decide if it's dirty or clean?

2. Has anyone ever called one of those escorts on Craigslist? Did it turn out okay? Did you get teh clap?

3. Does latenightdrives make you crazy? What about __ria?

4. Hey verygwen, do your husband and boyfriend have other girlfriends/wives, too?

5a. Do you judge very overweight people that you see on the street?
5b. Do you judge very underweight people?
5c. What kind of judgements do you make?
5d. Why?

6a. If you're being hit on by someone you find physically repulsive, how do you react?
6b. Do you let them down easy, or do you tell them the truth?

7. When making a peanut butter/paste sandwich, do you put butter/margarine on your bread first?

8a. Do you believe in Karma, what goes around comes around, and similar concepts?
8b. Have you ever done someone so bad that you're afraid Karma will come back and bite you in the ass big time?
8c. Do you believe that what you do on the Internet counts towards this balance?

9. kennapea, how do you have sex if your lower body is paralyzed? How does it feel good?

Want to ask a question? Post it HERE and it will be asked in the next post!

(no subject)

1. You meet someone at a club and have a great time together. You're convinced that if you ask them to go home with you, they'll say yes. But they say no. How long does it take you to get over it? EDIT: Are you a guy or a girl?

2. Say you, and only you, can see into your attractive neighbour's bedroom from your house. The person often undresses there, not knowing you can see them. Do you tell them, possibly embarrassing them, or do you just keep quiet and avoid looking?

3. Is it possible to lead someone on without knowing it? Or do you always know, really?
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(no subject)

Do you watch the new Robin Hood on BBC/A? If so, what do you think of it?

What was the last thing you read? Would you recommend it?

How did you get your last injury?

Do you like Peeps?

What was the last song you listened to?
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Cats pawing at mommy&#39;s face

In search of a job that doesn't make me cry daily.

What does "part time plus" mean?

I discovered that one of the jobs I'm considering applying for is at a CPA firm, and my father is friends with one of the partners. I feel it would be inappropriate to have him call and recommend me to his friend after I make my first impression. He says it's common and acceptable in business. Those of you in business positions where you make hiring decisions, what do you think?

Do most places looking for receptionists take kindly to waiting for two weeks before they can start? I genuinely hate my job, but I don't want to leave them completely screwed, because I like the people.

(no subject)

so iv come  across Digimon and Pokemon card in some old drawer, and i want to know if i can sell them for anything, rather than throw them out..

anywhoo, i looked for a place appropriate for this question, but no one goes to them so i thought i would give it a try here.

Mr. Mime

Metal Greymon
Ultra Digivolve

lol and i guess as a child i only kept the 'shiny' ones because that is all i found. 
are they worth any money?
burning words

typewriter help!

i have a typewriter that i really want to use but it's giving me some issues. it works well but whatever i type comes out with a shadow of the letter behind the letter, as if i hit the key twice. the ink ribbon is new and i'm pressing each key firmly. anyway, is this fixable or should i just find myself a new typewriter?



(no subject)

What do you and your friends have in common?

Is this something you look for in a friend or is it just a coincidence?

Do you think it gets harder to make friend as you get older?

I feel a little bit like because I'm not into parties and stuff that it's harder for me to meet people. What's a good way to meet people outside of a party atmosphere?

sensitive skin?

okay, my skin is pretty annoying/weird/silly, etc. when i think of sensitive skin, i think dry skin that breaks out easily. my skin is not dry, and it doesn't super-break-out. i only have troublesome acne on my face and it doesn't bother me the way the rest of my skin does.

so, onto my question. generally about the skin on my hands, arms, and legs, as well as my back and stomach. if i scratch it lightly (e.g. scratching an itch) or brush it against something, it automatically raises up in the exact same spot it was touched and turns a certain shade of red depending on how hard it was brushed against. like, a normal bump against the edge of my locker will even do it. the annoying part of it is if someone sees the raised skin - it looks /exactly/ like a scar and doesn't go away for a couple minutes. so i basically have people looking at my arm going "WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN :O OMG YOU HAVE A BILLION SCARS ALL OVER YOUR ARM."

why is my skin this easily irritated? why does it react the way it does??? can i do anything to offset it, because it's just kind of bothersome.
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(no subject)

1. If you had a lunchbox that you used when you were a kid, what kind was it?

2. Why did Dolly Parton show up in my dream?

3. Do you have a tattoo? If so, what is it of?

Edit: It's been determined that I want Dolly Parton and her huge boobs.
ryu hayabusa
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(no subject)

Do you miss any of your possessions while you're without them? I miss my elliptical trainer when I'm not in Austin.

Have you ever seen Planet Terror?

It's starting up here, and looks to be sufficiently B-title-esque.
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online dating

recently i told someone i had done for a while, and their response was "you did? you're better than that." this pretty much pissed me off and embarrassed me at the same time.

1. have you ever used an online dating service, such as, etc.?
2. how long did you use it?
3. did you date anyone from the sites?
4. why did you stop?
5. FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE USED THE SITES: what is your overall opinion
6. FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT USED THE SITES: would you ever consider an online dating service? why or why not?

i got out of a 3 year relationship last fall and moved back home to MI. my entire group of friends, close and not-so-close, were in long-term relationships/married. so i tried just to meet some new people. i dated two guy for two months each. i don't mind the sites, other than cost, but would prefer to meet guys the traditional way or whatever. overall though, it was a pretty good way to meet some new people. currently i feel like im in a rut and im doing everything i can to meet new guys but its just not happening, so i have considered trying again.
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Ok, I'm hoping med and psych students can help me out here. I need to know this.

-Does it count as an eating disorder if it only comes in times of extreme stress?
-Can you have a propensity for dehydration, like it happens easier to you than other people?
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2 ?s

1. What's something you feel you spend too much money on?

2. What's a movie (or a scene in a movie) you find funny although that probably wasn't the intent of the movie (or scene in a movie)?


tcq, this morning around 8-8:30 i saw a show about p90x. i researched it and it seems to work pretty well.

1. have you ever tried p90x?
2. if not, do you own/use any workout videos? which ones? do they actually work?

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is there a sauce or condiment that you consistently put on everything or a lot of different things that you eat?

for me it's ranch dressing. I can eat it on fries, pizza, and even the tacos I had for dinner tonight. yum-o. I put it on basically everything, or I at least try it on everything once. I have a co-worker that puts hot sauce on everything.

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For my own sanity, What the hell does "Superman that Ho" mean?!
I've heard it was a sexual reference?
Music Video for those who are just as lost as I am:
cubs hat
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I want to buy my husband some Colts koozies (or huggies, or whatever you call them). The problem is that we don't live in Indy, so I can't just go out to my local sports store and buy them. I've been looking for them online, but haven't really had any luck. Do you know of any places online, besides Ebay, where I can get them? I'm looking for them for both bottles and cans.

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When you eat salt and vinegar chips, does your mouth go all fuzzy?

That probably doesn't make much sense, but I'm not sure how else to describe the feeling. Whenever I eat them my mouth and tongue feel like they have a layer of fuzz, and I have to clean my teeth and rinse out my mouth several times before the feeling goes away :/
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quote question

1. Has anyone read the book The Last Of Her Kind by Sigrid Nunez?  If so, do you know the quote that goes something like "As we grow older, we find that life is truly like a novel, there are guns that must go off and people that must return before the ending" ?

2. Do you agree with that quote?

3. Do you know of any quotes that have to do with people meeting again or unresolved relationships that will be resolved eventually in life? 


"Don't be dismayed at good-byes.
A farewell is necessary before you
can meet again. And meeting
again, after moments or lifetimes,
is certain for those who are friends."


Ok, QC, I have no knowledge at all about computers, so I need your help! I'm probably going to sound like an idiot here...

I recently discovered that we have wireless internet, and so I want to hook my laptop up to take advantage of it. How on earth do I do this? I googled "wireless adapter" and looked it up on Amazon, thinking it was just some.. thing I stick in the laptop and have it work. But all I got were the routers themselves, and a long list of computer-jargon that my tiny brain couldn't understand.

How do I get this to work?

(no subject)

did you have daylight savings today?
how does that even work?
why do we have to turn the clocks?
(no idea)
if you did were you an hour early for anything?
(ha, no but my co-worker called and told me i was later when she was freakin early)

it feels all weird bc its extra dark but its only 8. it feels way later
gasp zooey

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What the fuck was up with Family Guy tonight?

Do you like Family Guy?

Why or why not?

What adult cartoon do you like more, if any?

Does it look to you like that Beowulf movie is trying to be as awesome as 300 and failing miserably? (I haven't seen 300, so I don't know how awesome it actually was, but everyone I know says it was awesome.  So that's what I'm basing this question on.)

(no subject)

Are you scared of flying?

If so, what do you do to make your flight easier? Calm yourself down?

I'm about to board for a 4 hour flight from Vegas to Ohio and I can feel my flight anxiety creeping up. Say a prayer for me, please!
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I'm planning to buy a Blackberry in the next couple weeks, but I can't decide which one to get. There are a lot of choices and I'm completely overwhelmed. I'm going to mostly use it for mp3's, the phone, and the calendar, and I'll also use the web browser, but mostly for Pandora, so the screen only needs to be big enough to easily use the Pandora functions. I don't care about email or other web browsing. I'd also like to play Tetris and Zuma but that's less of a priority.

Can anyone give me some help? Or ask me some questions so I can get more clear about what I want and need? What are the advantages of each model? Does anyone here use Pandora on their Blackberry? How is it?

(no subject)

inspired by this post:

You can get any ONE thing you want tattooed on your body for free by a highly trained and excellent tattoo artist. It will be the best tattoo you ever get, and the pain is very minimal-

what do you get?
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How weird is this situation?  Not just weird, but terribly judged, mean, and fucked up.  Just what's your opinion on it.  And who do you think is at fault?

Ages of characters -
Nora: 20
Noela: old 16
Nell: young 16
(when I say young and old I mean month wise and maturity wise)

We'll call Nora was dating a girl who we'll call Nadia.  They really got on well, loved each other, Nora calls Nadia the first person she ever really loved and could see spending her life with.  Et cetera.  Now this summer who I'll call Noela, had a thing for Nora, and also introduced Nora to a girl who we'll call Nell.  Nora and Noela ended up hooking up, but it was a one-time thing (to clarify, Nora found out that Noela had a thing for her, said a ton of times that if she hadn't had a girlfriend "things would've been different" etc and then one night...things were different.) After the summer,  Nora, Nell, and Noela all kept in really close touch, and Nell ended up drunkenly talking to Nadia on the phone, and from then on, Nell and Nadia were CONSTANTLY texting each other, even though they'd never met.  Nora, Noela, and Nell really wanted to hang out and decided to go on a camping trip, Nora invited Nadia and Nell and Nadia got on really well.  Nadia and Nell continued constantly texting each other even though Nell wasn't really keeping in touch with Nora or Noela anymore.  Weeks pass, Noela gets in a fight with Nora and Nell (separately for the most part) but then, the really really weird fucked up thing happens.

Nadia and Nell start to date.  21 (almost 22) and young 16.  Nora is basically thrown in the dirt, but still tries to keep in constant with Nadia even though Noela and other character who isn't important enough to name keep telling her it's a terrible idea and she'll only be more hurt.  (Noela knows from experience that cutting off contact is good because she just tried to do it to Nora.) 

So, keeping in mind that
A) Nora cheated on Nadia with Noela but Nadia didn't know how far it went, in fact, she really has no idea.
B) Nadia pretty much left Nora, who loves her, for a person almost six years her junior with very little regard to Nora's feelings.
C) Noela kinda started the whole thing by liking Nora, introducting Nell, etc,
D) Nell betrayed her friend by dating her ex, who she full well knows how much she loves, and also said she'd NEVER do this. And in general is making bad decisions. 

1. Did that make sense?
2. Who is at fault?
3. Which one do you think I am?
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another critical situation

how do i remove music from my new baby ipod nano?

i want to add an episode of the colbert report but there's not enough room because of all my music :(

eta: alright so i overestimated the urgency of this question. new questions for serious:
1. do you love stephen colbert? why/ why not?
2. do you love your new baby ipod nano? why/ why not?
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My friend and I want to go on a trip to Scranton, PA, but we want to stop along the way for a few hours at some fun and interesting place. It's a 6-hour drive between Toronto and Scranton, so we're just looking for something small and neat to break it up a bit. Here's a link to the map that mapquest gave us.

Anyone know anything worth stopping to see along this route (or roughly this route)?

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Back Pain

My brother just had surgery to fix some broken discs that were pressing against a nerve, which in turn caused leg pain. The surgery was Monday, he has some pain killers, but sometimes he just can't find a comfortable way to rest for more than an hour before the back starts hurting, and then the leg. The surgery incision is still fairly new and tender. He's trying to lie on his stomach right now and he'll see how that goes

Anyone have any suggestions for a good position to rest in?

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If you were given a month off from whatever you're doing right now- school, work, whatever- what would you spend it doing?

I would spend it reading the enormous number of books I've been hoarding, learning how to knit better, and practicing piano.  
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This is probably going to be fruitless, but I'm looking for a cover of the song "Closer To You" by The Wallflowers. Do you know of ANY cover of that song? I would prefer female, but it's really whatever when it comes to that.

(no subject)

I went to the dentist 2 weeks ago for major reconstruction of a tooth. When they put the composite piece in, they accidentally cemented two of my teeth together and were unable to fix it that day. I spent the next week with cemented-together teeth, which was fine because I had absolutely no pain at all.

Last Tuesday I went back in, and after assaulting my mouth for an hour, the finally were able to get the cement out. Now, I get intense shooting pains every time I try to chew on that side of my mouth. I waited a few days, thinking I was just sore, but it's getting worse.

So, TQC, did my dentist re-break my tooth?? If I need additional work, is the dentist supposed to cover the costs for something like this?

I'm obviously going to call and talk to them, but I've only ever had preventive dental work done so I don't really know how these things work. Plus I'm reaching my dental coverage limit and I suck at insurance-related things.
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How would you react if you woke up and everyone you came into contact that day spoke in cat macro?

How would you react if the following day nobody spoke, but instead had to express themselves through interpretive dance and you had to figure out what the hell they were supposed to be saying?

How would you react if the following day you had your own theme music. You were the only one who had it and everyone else could hear it and it couldn't be drowned out by other music? What would your theme music be like?

How would you react if the annoying childhood concept of "Opposite Day" became an actual holiday that everybody practiced?

What would be the most annoying senerio of all besides me making another post?

I'm bored


1.) I'm am incredibly bored at the moment and going through pictures. Does anyone wanna IM me and look at my pictures and critique me?? (aim=Liisquirt84)

2.) does any one else in here have a canon sd750 elph?

3.) what is the temp where you are right now?

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Oi, TQC...I need some killer applications/widgets/software for Jack the .mac. (My .mac. Was that confusing, heh?)

Anyone know of anything wicked?

(I mostly use it for school and entertainment.)

Also, has anyone seen the movie Fido? My neighbor lent it to me, and it looks amusing but I think it might be a waste of my time. It also kind of reminds me of Frankenweenie.

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(no subject)

1. do you currently have any alcohol in your house? what kind?
just corona light.. oh & green/sour apple vodka

2. do you get your hair professionally done? if so, how much does it usually cost?
yes. anywhere between $85 - $120

3. do P.Diddy/Puff Daddy/Diddy/wtfever fans exist? I know some people who like some of his songs but I've never heard of any self proclaimed fans.
he's horrible.
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Where do you download music?

I used to use oink (RIP). I'm looking for a new place like that. I ran into a place called indietorrents. If anyone has an invite to that, or basically any other private torrent site, I'd totally love an invite (if you feel generous, respond in a comment I'll give you my email). My Oink ratio was always around the 5.0-6.0 range because I just constantly seeded.
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