November 3rd, 2007


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These questions are directed towards people who have not suffered from depression in the sense of mental illness.

What is your experience of sadness? What does sadness feel like to you? What makes you sad, what do you do when you're sad, what do you think about when you are sad, and how do you know when the sadness will stop?

Do you ever think about suicide when you're NOT sad? If so how often approximately?

What do you imagine it would be like to be a person who is sad in a mentally ill way, what would it feel like, and how would it differ from your healthy experience of sadness?

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1 - Which Discworld novel by Terry Pratchett should I read first? Why?

2 - Have you read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman? What did you think of it?

3.14159265 - Whose writing style do you love and why?

4 - Was my last question irrational or quite sensible?
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Have you ever planned a surprise party for anyone?
How far in advance did you start planning?
Who was it for?
How many people were invited?
Any other details you want to tell me?

I really want to plan a surprise party for my boyfriend's 20th birthday, which is his golden birthday (turning 20 on January 20th).  Although it wouldn't be on the 20th (he'd be back up at school, 10 hours away), I still want to do it. I'm not sure when to start planning/how to go about planning it.

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What are some jobs where you can make up to $30 per hour?

Someone I know keeps insisting that he makes $30 an hour at Best Buy, even though he's only worked there for a year and a half and works part time. Obviously, he doesn't. So I want to know some jobs that do so I can shove it in his face. Help me prove this stupid idiot wrong plzkthnxs.

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I  can possibly get a job selling Body Shop items at 'Girls Nite Out' type of get togethers, think tupperware parties with makeup and bath stuffs. I'd have to buy in, but the woman I was talking to about it (a friend of my mother's so I know she's not trying to scam me, my mother would kill her) said that she's only been doing it for a few months and has made several thousand dollars out of this and she only works weekends and maybe a couple days during the week. She said I could go with her to some parties to see what it's like and that if I decide to do this, she'd host my first party for me and book parties with some of her regulars to get me started.

What could go wrong here? Should I take a chance and try it?

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I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I figure someone will be nice enough to enlighten me.

I recently purchased a new iPod, with 80 GB worth of space. My computer cannot hold that much music, not anywhere close. So my question is, if I set up the iTunes so that it does not automatically sync the library to the iPod, can I delete the songs from my computer after I upload them to the iPod? Or will it delete the song from my iPod whenever I hook it up?

Also, I like Korn, Disturbed, John Legend, Michael Buble, Anthony Hamilton, Rhianna, Nelly Furtado, etc. What other artists could you recommend that I might like?
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How do you feel about the BMI?

Do you think the general aspects of beauty are standard, or subjective/personal?

What body shape is "perfection" to you?
What is too skinny?
What is too fat? Good descriptions or pictures rock!
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I'm trying to find a series of webcomics that were like Red Meat, only much, much more offensive. Most of the strips were about a man raping kids or offending a minority. It was black and white and used a lot of 50s-esque clipart like this. Anyone have any ideas?

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1. Do you look like anyone famous? If so, who? Bonus points for photographic evidence.

2. For those of you who eat Ramen, what's your favorite flavor? Do you add the seasoning while it's cooking or after?

3. Do you think those "casual encounters" ads on Craigslist are successful? They are surprisingly...forward.
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I've heard that in Long Distance Relationships, there's often a time period when you're getting to know them again. Those of you who've been in ldrs, have you found that to be true?

... I have lived in Arizona most of my life, and I do not understand this daylight savings. As my parents have explained to me, I get one hour of sleep extra tonight? Is this true?
If so, why do we not celebrate Fall daylight savings day as the wonderful night it is? That's the fourth best thing I've heard all week!
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Looking your age

1. I'm a 25 year-old but I look quite young. I think I look like I'm in my early 20s (20, 21) but I sometimes get carded still when I see R-rated movies and people often think I'm 18 or in college. I don't mind this in general but at my job, there are some situations where I'd rather appear to be, at the very least, my age (trade shows, lectures, meetings with vendors, etc.). Also, for the future, I want to look my age during job interviews and so on.

Aside from dressing more professionally (which I obviously do in those situations), is there anything I can do to appear older? Certain things I should or shouldn't wear? A certain way of doing my hair? A way of talking? I have a young sounding voice, too. Also, I'm really short (just under 5') so that may be part of the problem -- although, my grandmother is the same height as me and no one mistakes her for being younger, so whatever.

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2. How old are you, and how old do people usually think you are? (pictures would be cool, too even though I've seen most of you)

3. What's the most embarrassing sexual experience you've had?

4. Are you a morning or a night person?

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Poll #1082218 Fast Food Poll

Of These Listed, What is the Greatest Fast-Food Main-Course Item?

Big Mac (McDonalds)
Jumbo Jack (Jack in the Box)
Sausage McMuffin with Egg (McDonalds)
Chicken Soft Tacos (Taco Bell)
anything from Taco Bell ending in the letter "a"
The Whopper (Burger King)
Ultimate Cheeseburger (Jack in the box)
BK Stacker (Burger King)
Quarter Pounder (McDonalds)
The Six Dollar Burger (Carl's Jr.)
3/4th lb. Triple (Wendy's)
Chicken McGrill (McDonalds)
The Meatnormous (Burger King)
Your poll made me hungry. I'm pissed at you.
I don't eat fast food. Your poll is terrible.
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Back in April of this year, I purchased a razr from the Motorola website. I received it, and didn't really care for it, so I returned it, and purchased a Motopebl instead. It's been 6 months, and I've yet to receive my refund from the razr.

I've called and wrote monthly since August (I gave them a couple of months, because when I returned it, it did mention that sometimes it took that long), and I've not gotten my money back yet.

TQC, what can I do to get my refund back? It's not much, just $196 and some change, but that's not the point.
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Early off?

Our company hands out something called Early Off. I'm in charge of it. I'm the only one here in the Workforce Management department right now.

There's a girl who constantly uses the "Mother's Room" out of turn blocking my time to use it. (Mother's Room = pumping breastmilk for my baby) She's signed up for Early Off but is pretty far down the list.

Should I give it to her? No one will know. I delete the request after I've given it to her, leaving no record as to WHEN she asked for it. This will free up the Mother's Room to when *I* want to use it.

I'm morally stumped.

ETA: I'm most likely going to play things fair, I just want to see what others would do.

ETA-again: Yay... she's gone. Call volume is really stinky. Anyone wanna call and book a cruise? Anyone? Anyone?
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What's a random thing that has recently happened to you?

I was working last night (Rite Aid) and taking a break. The break room is right next to the back of the pharmacy so the other girl working says to someone, "Aren't you Sarah Silverman?" and I hear a 14-year-old voice (lol) say yeah. I peak my head out and sure enough, Sarah Silverman was out there, along with Todd Barry. She tried on some winter hats and then went back to the front. Then I got to ring him up...don't think I can say what he bought even though it wasn't an Rx, with the HIPA laws and all. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?
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If you  find your coworker has forgotten to do something that is modersately important and you know how to fix it but it would eat into your only day off in the week do you still take care of the mistake or do you take the heat later for not doing it?
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I've recently been having problems with the neighbor cat coming through our doggy door and roaming our house at night. Has anyone ever used one of those electronic/infrared doggy doors (where only your dog can enter/exit)? Had any luck/issues with them? Thanks!

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Where are your favorite places to shop online for clothes/accessories/jewelry/shoes?

Do you do any DIY stuff? Do you sell it? Will you show me some of the stuff you do?

What should I ask for for Christmas:
a. a telescope (don't have one)
b. a new camera (I have one but I could use a new one)
c. other
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How long ago (if at all) did your family immigrate to the country you live in? I am third generation on my Dad's side, and who knows how long ago my Mom's side came over.

And my completely unrelated rant question:
My roommate unplugged the REFRIGERATOR to plug in the microwave YESTERDAY MORNING, and I just realized it now. She never plugged it back in. SERIOUSLY? She could have unplugged the FAN.

What is the dumbest thing a roommate/family member has done in your dorm/room?

Edited to include our non-American friends.
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do you know the song that the lyric belongs to?

a. maybe in magazines.. i'ma stick it out till the end..
b. it's in your hands.. when you figure out.. matters after all..
c. cameras are flashing my way.. dirty dancing, they keep watchin'..

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Should I get el novio a kinder suprise or should I bake him some cookies? (I need to go to the store for either one)

What's a good side dish for stuffed peppers?

Would you want to buy the Calvin and Hobbes anthology?

What's the strangest thing a stranger has said to you?
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Vista help?

I'm trying to use my WinXP Pro CD to format my laptop (which currently has *gag* Vista), and install XP Pro. The problem is that the XP setup says it can't find a hard disk. Is there something I need to do to get it to show up?
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A few months ago, I heard a song on a proclaimed "Your independent music station" radio channel a few months ago. It was a woman. She sounded kind of like Dido. If memory serves, the lyrics seemed to be about a crime of sorts. There's a cute little "do-do-do-do-do-..." she sings in parts. For some reason I want to think it's called DNA, but I can't find anything about it. Does anyone have an idea of what song I might be thinking of??
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moar opinions, please

Who is the most rational, fairminded person you know irl?  How about in tqc?

Who is the biggest hearted, warmest person you know irl?  in tqc?  How about in LJ-land overall?

Who is the biggest douche in your real life?  What about on LJ? - this one you can make tqc-specific or not, as you see fit.

Who is the funniest person you know, regardless of how or where?  Who is king or queen of comedy in tqc?

Canadian dollar

I'm doing some school work and need to discuss the pros and cons of the Canadian dollar at par (and above) with the US dollar.

I cannot think of 1 single con!
Can anyone help me?

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1) Why are they showing Iowa(unranked) @ Northwestern(unranked) instead of Wisconsin(21) @ Ohio State(1) on ESPN?

2) Who's your favorite ESPN anchor?

3) unrelated: If you were ONLY at home on the weekends and out of town the rest of the week, what kind of groceries would you buy when you were at home?

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Poll #1082038 Mmmm hypotheticals

Choose one:

Sit bare-arsed in a big pile of steamy hot creamed corn for an entire day
Walk up to a person who you hate and who hates you just as much, give them $1000 without any explanation and walk away

Choose one:

You can never really completely close your mouth. It's always open, even if just slightly. Because of this, you have a drooling issue
Whenever you shit, you also have to vomit. It's just a package deal from now on

Choose one:

You never have to shit ever again
You never have to sleep ever again

Vegans skip this question

Have diarrhoea for the rest of your life
Never eat any kind of meat again

You fall from a very tall building

In mid-fall you suddenly die a quick, painless death, before hitting the ground
You hit the ground, break every bone in your body, but survive. This is excruciatingly painful, to say the least. After a year of even more painful rehab, you recover

Choose one:

Summer ceases to exist. It is cold and raining and snowing everyday everywhere forever on Earth
Everyone you know starts making fun of you. They constantly ridicule you and laugh at you to your face. This never stops and you die not knowing why

Choose one:

Overnight, your shoulder blades have puffed up, moved closer together, and transformed into a second arse. You haven't pooped out of it yet, but you have found that you can fart out of it
The skin on your legs has the same texture as a Belgian waffle

You're walking along the street and come across a bright red button on a wall with a sign hanging over it that says "DON'T PUSH!" You

Push the button
Continue on your way

You got extremely drunk last night, and you cannot remember anything that happened the morning after. When you go to check your email, you see one from your co-worker. They have sent you a picture from last night, and in it you would rather find:

You having sex with a large German Shepherd
You passed out on the ground, with 5 people standing around your face and pissing on it. Yes, your mouth is open

Choose one:

Your privates taste like chocolate, and all members of your preferred sex know it
Whenever you give oral to anybody, it tastes like chocolate

Choose one:

You must always have a pillowcase over your head. If you remove it for more than 15 seconds, you will die
You cannot ask any questions ever again. It is a physical impossibility

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I know this is a pretty widespread opinion, but I am not sure exactly why, so...

If you are of the mindset that burning any book is wrong, why?
(I'd agree: I just don't quite know why it's so wrong. It just...feels wrong to me.)

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Does it make sense to gain muscle weight when the only thing you are increasing is your calorie intake? It doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense to me and none of my shirts fit around my shoulders comfortably any longer.

What shape should I make the sugar cookies I am about to bake?

what is the last thing you copied and pasted?

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i fell down the stairs last night and rolled my ankle pretty hard. it isn't swollen or bruised but it still hurts any time i bend it in any direction, and i can't really bend it very far. i know it's not broken or seriously injured but it hurts a whole fucking lot. last night i had ice on it and i kept it elevated but i stopped doing that because it didn't make it feel better and it's not swollen anyway. i cannot walk. it hurts way too much. i've been hopping around and rolling in an office chair all day.

what do i do about it? is it worth going to student health over? not being able to walk is really frustrating.

edit: i mean, technically, i can walk. i am able to (awkwardly) complete the motions of walking. it just hurts a lot. not enough to send me to the floor screaming, but a lot.

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Do you ever have recurring dreams?

There's two dreams that I have a lot. They're never exactly the same, but they have the same concept.
The first is that I'm at a water park and I'm searching for either someone or something, but I never find them/it.
The second is that I'm at a dance recital getting ready to go on stage, when I realize that I never actually learned the dance routine I'm supposed to do. I end up having to learn it really quickly before I go on stage, but I always forget it and end up having to improvise.

Anyone have an idea of wtf my dreams are trying to tell me?
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people are never satisfied with what they have; they always want something more or different.

do you agree or disagree with this statement? adding a reason or two would be fab as well.

Music Recs?

I'm looking to expand my music collection.  I'm interested in artists that are unique-sounding, melodic, playful, and maybe have a somewhat sinister sound.  If you're not sure what I mean by that, here are a couple of songs that exemplify what I'm looking for:

Culling of the Fold - the Decemberists
Zebra - Man Man
Minor Stab - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire

Will you direct me to some fantastic music, TQC?
I See What U Do

Good Grief, this damned CAT!

My foster cat, Faith, came in heat 3 days ago. It was bad enough when it started because unlike my cat Shideezhi, Faith is really loud and obnoxious while in heat. 'Deezhi trilled and yowled a little, and was hyper- Faith trills, yowls, mews, grunts, growls, moans and yodels. She's hyper, but much more so- and she postures against my foot and bounces her butt when I try to pet her.

I know its not her fault, but the vet can't spay her until Tuesday and she is driving me to drink. Is there anything I can do to cut Faith's heat cycle short aside from finding a tomcat??
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1.  What kind of cell phones do you like better, the kind that flip open, the kind that slide open, or the ones that just...don't?

2.  What are those weird waving things that they put outside of car dealerships?  Like those long skinny things that have air flowing through them?

My school had TWO of them (in lime green and yellow, even though the school colors are blue and yellow) shaped like snakes with snakes for arms at our pep ralley and I was drenched in second hand embarassment.  It looked really stupid, to say the least.
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All of the below are meant to have you as a witness, not participant. REMEMBER!

1- What is the most terrible thing you've witnessed?
2- What is the best thing you've ever witnessed?
3- What is the strangest thing you have ever witnessed?

(no subject)

1) I recently either saw or read the following sentiment regarding the loss, either by death or separation: They say time heals all wounds, but that's wrong. You never hurt any less; you just become better able to handle the pain. (This is not an exact quote. I've been at home sick and I've read so many books and watched so many movies and TV shows that I can't remember where I found it.) Do you agree? What do you think?

2) If you eat pudding cups, do you lick the inside of the foil lid?

3) What's the last article of clothing that you took off?

4) Have you ever tried to change your posture? How long did it take for you to maintain the good posture naturally, without having to remind yourself or focus on it?

5) Would you turn down a higher paying job because you don't want the responsibility? (This is assuming you are potentially capable of the responsibility. Obviously, someone with no medical training would probably turn down a well-paying job of brain surgery.)

6) Are you as bored as I am?
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workforce management programs

1. Has anyone ever used Avaya?
2. Anyone ever used programs by Aspect?
3. Do you know what a Workforce Analyst does?
4. Have you ever been a Workforce Analyst? If yes, what company?

Just curious. All of these would have been NO if I didn't land the job I have now.
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so lak this one bitch, slinksgirl has been running her mouth.. she stole my boyfriend and then rubbed it in my face (eventhough he's cheating on her NEWAYS!) who does she think she is? but srsly, TQC.. should i superman that hoe? what should i do? bust out a can of whoop ass?

IN OTHER NEWS.. i am majorly bored and these seem to be a big hit, it's that time again.. are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time? would you like me to help?

POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.
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I had a dream last night where I was Louie from Ducktales being chased by the Beagle Boys. (it was weird, yet fun)

What was the weirdest dream you've had lately?

Ice Cream: soft serve or hard?
lead me

i hate apple. mac people, plz help.

so i finally got my computer fixed. i now have 10.4 on here. my processor isn't fast enough to handle 10.5.

(fyi, what happened: something on my drive was crashing it. we don't know what it was, but when he loaded the old data back onto it, it crashed again. we wiped the drive and just installed the os and it's fine. has any mac owner ever had this happen to them?)

iphoto, imovie, and all that other good stuff is now missing. but mostly, it's garageband that's gone MIA. and i'm a musician, and i kind of need it. now.

i have looked through all eleven cds that came with my computer to no avail. there is nothing there to pull it from. i have no ilife cd, it came loaded on the computer. i've got airport extreme, keynote, worldbook, and all sorts of system cds, but nothing with ilife.

so my question to you is:
a) am i overlooking something? can you tell me where to find this dag blasted program?
or b) am i going to have to shell out $100 for a version of ilife that works with tiger?
if that's the case, then c) what versions of ilife work with tiger? i might as well upgrade my audio software while i'm at it.

i am so. pissed. off. that this happened.
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Hai tee cue see!

What songs do you listen to after a break-up or a death of someone to help you get through the crying? Tell me some good songs I can cry to and get this out of my least for a while.

I need a good emo playlist. (Not emo emo, emotional emo)


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I was just at a restaurant with some guy who boasted that he named his penis "Sir-Bones-a-lot."

1. What are your opinions on people who name their body parts?

2. Do you have a name for one of your body parts? Which body part and what's the name?
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I feel really crappy (sore throat, extremely stuffy/sneezy) and it's been getting worse all day. But I am supposed to see Lewis Black tonight with my best friend. He won the tickets from a radio station so it's not a money issue. Should I suck it up and go or call and see if he can find someone else?

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This is for all you people with frizzy hair...

What are your favorite products to use to help tame the frizz? Which ones have worked best for you?

also, I'm looking for a hair straightener that will help this too. Any recommendations? Thanks :)


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Done anything really clumsy lately?

I am a notorious klutz . . . today, at the gym, my magazine fell off the elliptical machine. So I stepped off, picked up the magazine, stood up and proceed to whack my forehead on the hand bar of the elliptical. Hard. It hurt, but there were people all around me and I was so embarrassed that I just said "ow" quietly and got back on the machine.
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1. WhatWhich is your favourite episode of House?
2. WhatWhich is your favourite episode of the Gilmore Girls?
3. In the previous questions should it be which or what? I'm embarrassed by the fact that I do not know this. Please educate me. :( I am educated. Huzzah!
4. When you were younger did your parents ever tell you you would get square eyes if you sat too close to the TV/watched too much TV?

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I fly out of Fort Lauderdale's Hollywood Int'l Airport tomorrow morning. The flight is scheduled for 9:29 AM. The hotel I'm staying at right now is 6.5 miles (Yahoo! maps says 13 minutes) away from the airport.

1. What time should I leave the hotel to get to my flight on time?
2. I know NOTHING about calling cabs, but the hotel staff says it's the cheapest way to get to the airport since we're pretty close. Do I call ahead to "schedule" a pick-up for tomorrow, or should I just call one when I wake up tomorrow?
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If you had a bathtub that had the plug for it gone and a diaphragm, could you conceivably use it to plug up the tub so you could take a bath?

I have neither of these issues, I just had this pop into my head while studying contraception for a test on Monday
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Artsy-fartsy questions

1. "Legally Blonde: The Musical" - okay for a seven-year-old girl that's into musicals, or am I phuqing her up?

2. NaNoWriMo participants: is the website all fuxxored for you, too? And how many words do you have so far? (I'm up to 5506 as of today.)

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Do you know what a prince albert piercing is? Without looking it up.

Because a guy was shocked that I knew what this piercing was when he didn't and we came across it from googling something, and thinks it's totally weird that I know it without having been doing anything weird/dodgy online to have found out.

How did you find out what it was?

edit: oh and, a week or so ago I was asking about ... something, I can't remember what it was, but it was to do with maintainers and comms dying, and as a result of asking that I thought about it more and created a comm for it. groupperil . Would you consider a comm for maintainers to be a good idea?
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Class registration question

For college students or recent graduates....How do/did you register for classes?

Or, breaking it down, more:

What were the steps of the online process like and how long did it take?
How much say did your advisor have?
How effective did you think it was? What did you like most/least?
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(no subject)

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1. How would/did you go about becoming more financially independent from your parents? Especially when they still pay for your college.
2. What do I say to my parents? I have like two weeks to come up with something to say.

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i worked a 12 hour day. at a dance and gymnastics studio which basically means i was moving the entire time. 
im too tired to even cook cook
and SICK of fast food. 

what is something that actually tastes good that i could stick in the mircowave?
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Have you ever considered (or gone through with) putting yourself into an insane asylum? Whether for good reason, or just for... uh, fun?

Am I crazy (hahahah) for wanting to undertake such a plan?


HELP!!! my powerbook g4 won't turn on! It hadn't been giving me any problems then I took a nap, after plugging it in. woke up, and the batter was telling me it was almost dead. I wiggled the power cord and it kept connecting and disconnecting on the battery power thing on the corner of my screen. I gave up because I needed to go and shut my screen. upon coming home the white light wasn't on that shows that it's awake but closed. I unplugged it and moved to a different plug in case that was the problem, and now the white light is on but it won't turn on and the battery charger button on the bottom only shows one light on the charge-ness. The laptop is also making a high pitched noise.

Whats wrong with my computer!? (i'm posting this via my sisters icky dell)

iTunes fuckery.

//// Ok, never mind, problem mostly solved. Turns out iTunes took it upon itself to rename the folder which contained all my songs >:( ///

I'm having a problem with iTunes.

Every. Single. Song. in iTunes has a little (!) next to it and whenever I go to play any it says "The song "XXX" cannot be used because the original file could not be found. Would you like to locate it?"

My files are exactly where they have always been.

I've been having trouble with my ipod, so I spent a lot of time yesterday arsing about trying to fix it - this included resetting the ipod & updating & installing the new version if iTunes. (Note to those having trouble with your ipod: don't use Apple's recommendations, just smack the ipod against a table and all will be rosy).

a) WHY is iTunes being such a douchewad, and, more importantly;
b) Is there any way for iTunes to find all my music again without going through and finding all 2500+ songs one by one? I do not want to reset all my play counts etc, either. 
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Favorite Movies?

1. What is your favorite Marilyn Monroe movie?

2. Favorite Audrey Hepburn movie?

3. Favorite Mae West movie?

4. Favorite Jayne Mansfield movie?

5. Favorite "other" old movie?
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How do you store your DVDs? I have some of them in a dresser drawer right now, but it's getting impractical to have to devote two drawers to just DVDs. I don't really have a way to bring in a shelf or anything---any ideas, tqc?

(no subject)

1)Who wants to go eat Peruvian food (my treat of course) and cruise the neighborhood with me next weekend?
2)If you were in a situation where two polite but completely psychotic dudes had taken you and two other family members hostage and made a bet that you wouldn't live until morning and one of the family members did die and the other was unable to walk anywhere and then the two polite but completely psychotic dudes left, would you leave and run for help or try to get your disabled cordless phone working again to call the police?

Oh noes!

 So my sister's boy thing came home from work (they work at the same restaurant and she doesn't get off till later since she's a manger) and didnt really say much, and then left.  Then I noticed he put his house keys on the table (no key ring!) and locked the door.  I texted them both but no one has said anything!

TQC, what goes on here?  Srs and non srs pls.

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Last night  I did something horribly embarassing.  I'm fairly sure it will be one of those things that I will think of 5 years from now, and still cringe.  And become embarassed all over again.

Anyone else have anything like this?  What was so embarassing?

I was really, really, very drunk and had sex with someone I hang out with a lot.  The embarassing part wasn't the sex, it was the very fake "But I really like you!" talk we had before hand.  Both of us pretended to be in love or something, and were incredibly corny.  The real kicker is that we both got up and left this morning.  We don't even have eachother's numbers.

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*Obvious homework question*

What is an optical mode in a optical fibre?
I've tried googling it, and what comes up is about single and multi moded fibres... Is that just the explanation?

I need to know what it is to understand the question, and it's defined nowhere in the paper.

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 One of my turtles fell off the counter while I was cleaning out their tank. I always put them into a plastic bin that's about six inches tall when i clean them out so they don't go wandering around. Well, somehow, he climbed out, and fell about four feet onto the floor. I checked his shell to see if it cracked, but it was fine. He was still very energetic and ate fine when I fed him, but I'm still worried. The vet was closed and the emergency clinic nearby doesn't treat exotic animals (I didn't know a turtle was really exotic) so I've been looking online to see if I could find any information. With a fall like that, are effects always going to be immediate? If not, what should I look for?

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Do you know of a computer program in which I can tell it how much each of my paychecks is, and ration out percents of it to little mini "accounts" and keep tabs on them for me?
I'm trying to save money up for a bunch of things right now, and doing it in a little notebook like I am just isn't working out like I'd hoped. I don't want to take 50 bucks out of the bank and realize I'm cutting into my book spending money, if you get what I mean.

Account A, Account B
If my paycheck that week is $100, and I want 50% to each, it'll just make a little note that in the REAL bank, I should only spend $50 on stuff from A that week, and only $50 from B that week. Then, the next week, if my paycheck is $200 it will tell me that now I have $150 available in A and $150 in B.

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Poll #1082546 For $2,500, would you...

...push an entire human body through a woodchipper? An old lady asks you to honor her dead husband's last wish, to be mulched into the garden he loved so much, and she's too old to do it herself. You'll have to separate his body into portions to feed through the machine and every last bit has to be 'chipped'. Including the skull. This question was inspired by Fargo, which I saw earlier today

56(67.5%) a chihuahua steak? You're taken to an exotic Chinese restaurant where there's a large pen full of chihuahuas. You have to select one, and they'll prepare it in the back. All you have to do to earn your money, then, is to eat it


...catch the subway wearing only a see-through leotard/onesie? You are required to spend the next 5 hours on the train ($500/hr) and it's up to you to dodge or play down any attention you attract to yourself


...give oral to a complete stranger? You're at a bar and some attractive man/woman (whatever gender you're attracted to) announces aloud that they'll pay 2.5k to anyone who will give them oral in the bathroom. You'll have to then stand up and join them in a stall and earn your money, then afterwards, avoid all the other bar patron's judgmental stares when you leave


...let Mike Tyson punch you in the face as hard as he can? Just one time, without gloves. All medical and dental expenses will be covered afterwards, should they be required and it won't cost you a dime


...kidnap a little girl's puppy? In a neighborhood you never frequent, there's a house where a little girl lives, who has a puppy she loves to death. However, it's a small house with a small yard and the poor dog isn't allowed indoors. If you kidnap the dog, it'll be taken to a rich family, where the puppy will have ample space to romp and play with other puppies and live a happier life than the one it has now. The girl will be devastated, unfortunately.


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Right now my mouse is malfunctioning and I'm having to do everything with my keyboard. It's getting really obnoxious. I got a new optical mouse two weeks ago, and now it's frozen. And my old mouse won't work either. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

What's annoying you right now?
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The betta died, if anyone is curious. Valiant effort on her part, I thought. Except for the part where she leapt from the tank in the first place.

Okay, I have a mystery anecdote and two mystery jokes.

Mystery anecdote: Story involves a girl of high-school age who is pregnant, before now when it's lyk totally kewl! to be knocked up in high school. Either she can't remember, or the father is denying it, and at some point she stands in her class and demands the father step forward. Girl in question is pretty much the homecoming queen, lead cheerleader, what have you. No-one steps up, but after a few minutes some loner geek-type steps up and says he's the father and he'll do the right thing by marrying her. I think this somehow spurs the actual father to step up.

Where on earth is this from? I'm having a hard time imagining the scene, so I doubt it was a movie or TV show.

Mystery joke #1. The lead-up involved promising to do a magic trick, then crushing the chips and sortof flinging them around. Chip-flinger then looks across the table and says "See, the punchline to this joke is..."
... what is it? anyone?

Mystery joke #2. For all i know, this isn't a joke, just some sort of meme or something. the punchline is "(something-verb)ed her? Damn near fucked her" or "damn near killed her"- they both sound right in my head. I tried googling it once, and got no useful results except a blog post *also* trying to figure it out.
What's the joke?

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1. Who has the greatest legs?
2. What was a favorite childhood myth?
3. Do you know what "NASA" is an acronym for?

1. Gumby & Tina Turner...don't ask me why Tina Turner is in there
2. The moon was made of cheese
3. Well it's the space program, I'm just too lazy to look it up...
the oc

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1. do you drink 8 cups of water a day?
2. do you ever start writing papers and then realize that you won't have enough material to finish the paper?
3. what's a good environmental issue that impacts humans that hasn't been discussed to death? (katrina, global warming, etc)
4. are you cold right now?
5. how much credit card debt are you in?
6. should i use my free flight from jetblue to go to tampa in january, or should i wait for another trip to come along that i want to take more?
Techie lights

tax question

I do freelance theatre work, which often gets me contract work, so i don't generally pay for employment insurance or the canadian pension plan.

part of freelancing is scheduling and contacting various people for work, so could I claim a ipod touch as a work expense if i'm primarily using it for work? oh yeah it's hacked so it has the iphone applications along with an editable calendar.

Steaking a claim post

1. This is a follow-up post to my poll. You have to eat one of the following. You just have to, or it's the only thing to cure a rare disease you have :P You have to eat either dalmation steak (made from a real dalmation) or a human steak, made from executed criminals (no one innocent died to feed you). Which would you sooner eat, dog or human?

2. You're at the age of 70. You've had an interesting life, and any kids you had are grown. You're a little feeble and it's tough taking care of yourself. However, there's a program you can enter. For the next 5 years, you'll be pampered around the clock. Morning massages, tasty, healthy meals, all the mead and beer you can drink, afternoon massages, more tasty snacks, a fine dinner, followed by a great massage before bedtime, and any time you wish to have sex, an attractive person will come in and manually stimulate you, and they're really good. All you can do all day is lie around in bed and watch tv or read. You're treated like a king or queen. At the end of those 5 years, they wheel your bed into a back room, and they shoot a bullet into the back of your head, and turn you into steaks for the wealthy who wish to dine on exotic meats. In essence, you sign on to be kobe human and agree to exit this planet at the age of 75. Do you agree to this arrangement and become a kobe human?