November 2nd, 2007

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Well everyone else is doing a picture post, SO I'LL DO ONE TOO. *sheep*

Will you go to your Photobucket/Flickr/whatever account and post a random picture for us that makes no sense out of context, and let other commenters reply with a completely-made-up story for it? Just never, you know... explain the real story behind the picture, that'd be no fun.

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What is your favorite type of apple?

Recommend me a lotion to use on my hands this winter. I get REALLY dry hands to the point they bleed. I've used Aveeno in the past and loved it but I can't find that stuff around here anymore! Grr!
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I'm organizing a book project. I've created a community where people who are accepted into it will post journal entries about their everyday lives in a thoughtful kind of way. Kind of in the way of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I suppose. The book will be in the form of four or five different peoples' journals.

Here is my problem, taken from my personal LJ:

For my book idea, around thirty girls applied to be a part of it, and two guys did. One of the guys had really poor spelling and grammar, so that is out. The only other guy is sixty years old. All of the girls who applied are between the ages of 16 and 21.

So, if the man became a part of the book, he would be a sixty year-old male among three to five girls in their teens or early twenties.

If the man still had something to contribute, do you think I should make him a part of the book? Or do you think it would be odd?

My girlfriend said it's discrimination that I don't think he should be a part because of his age and the fact that he's a guy. I just think he would be such a random part of the book and make it very unbalanced.

I don't know, I'm just kind of upset because I don't want to discriminate. But I also think it would be bad for the book if he was in it. I wanted to have a diverse group of people; all ages and both sexes, but it just didn't work out that way.

Your opinions, please?
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Picture Post

1) Will you please show me a picture of your face where your skin is natural? (ie, no coverup or foundation or anything)

2) Can you show me a pic of you in natural light?

3) How about in flash-lighting?

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Would you hit it?

If you HAD TO...which ones would you sleep with?

Poll #1081387 Would you hit it? Part 2

Which of the following annoying celebs would you sleep with if your life or the life of someone you cherish was on the line?? (or something equally horrible if you don't love yourself or anyone else?! :P )

Tom Cruise
Gwyenth Paltrow
Zac Efron
Steven Segal
Tom Hanks
Julianne Moore
Nic Cage
J Lo
Cameron Diaz
Russell Crowe
Keira Knightly
Reese Witherspoon
Kevin Bacon
Hilary Duff
Martin Lawrence

Or these ones?

Johnny Depp
Orlando Bloom
Alexis Bledel
Christopher Walken
Scarlett Johanssen
Amanda Bynes
Wayans Brothers (as an orgy!!)
Winona Ryder
Isaiah Washington
Leonardo DiCrapio (spelling, I know, but i like this one better!!!)
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Freddy Prinze Jr
Jerry Seinfeld
David Spade
Jack Black

I don't care.




Yoinked from shinga's post. :)
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What is your earliest memory?
What was the first word you said as a baby?

My answers:
1. Having picked off and eaten all the little icing roses from the outside edge of my 3rd Birthday cake, wiping my (pink) icing sugary hands on our black labrador. I don't think my mum ever brought it up, but if looks could have killed...
2. 'Lo', Hebrew for no (I'm Israeli), I used to say it all the time according to my grandad, because I was very fussy.
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Qwest Broadband Internet service. Is something i don't subscribe to, but i keep receiving a $64.45 bill for it. This is after i called Qwest about it, trying to set the record straight, but clearly that didn't do any good. What shall i do? I'm willing to entertain suggestions.

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It's past midnight. I'm working on a paper due in the morning. (I know. It is not a good idea to post in TQC while working on papers.) I'm wondering if I should put today's date on the paper or if I should put yesterday's date or the date from a few days ago, when I should have had it done. I have a bad feeling my teacher will be able to tell I started the paper after midnight and maybe laugh at me if she sees I've dated it a few days back. But it's possible she won't notice, as she gave me a high A on the last paper I turned in, which was written only a few hours before it was due as well.

When you put off a paper 'til the last minute do you date it a few days earlier to give a good impression?

Or did you just put the day it was due, no matter when you finished it?

If you are a teacher, do you take any note of the dates students put on the heads of their papers?

Do you think I could get away without putting a date at all?

Am I coherent? Am I making sense? How is my grammar? Would it be better to get some sleep before continuing my paper? I usually feel like I get stupider after midnight; do you think this is true?
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Okay, yesterday I woke up with a really bad headache. Then I threw up. Throughout the whole day, I probably puked 10-12 times. I couldn't even drink water without throwing it up. I had no fever and my stomach didn't feel particuarly upset. I'm starting to feel a little better today, as I just ate some soup and its been over an hour and I haven't puked it back up.

Has anyone had symptoms like this before? It confuses me so. Also, don't direct me to ask_a_nurse because I got banned from there for diagnosing poison ivy without a medical degree or something.
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I'm thinking about buying "Are you afraid of the dark" Season 1 on dvd from Amazon, as I was a big fan of the show growing up.

Did you like watching are you afraid of the dark series?
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I have to write a report on the following question in my Child Psychology class:

How have cultural values and preferences of your own ancestors
influenced your genetic makeup?

Is it just me or does this question make no sense? IS I STOOPID OR SUMTHIN?

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What's the chief difference between monkeys and apes?

The taste
The apes have better agents. Monkeys have never worked with Sigourney Weaver
There is no difference. They're synonyms
The tail
The sex feels different
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Poll #1081729 fri nov 2

when someone said count your blessings now, did you just not know how?


are you not sure if anybody make real shit anymore?


do you looks like a model, 'cept you got a little mo' ass?


is it to late to apologize, too late?


are you picking up the pieces from spending all of these years putting your heart back together?


do we all just want to be big rock stars?


did you always needed time on your own?


are paper bags and plastic hearts all belongings in shopping carts?


did daddy sing bass? did mama sing tenor?


is it a long way down when all the knots you've tied have come undone?




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1. What is a strange reason someone didn't start a romantic relationship with you?
2. Who's better Captain Kirk or Captain Picard?
3. What's easier to sleep in, A thunderstorm or the calm?

1. He said I was crazy--Roflmao...ok I guess I am.
2. Picard, because I love Patrick Stewart
3. Either


Will my $.80 drain cleaner from Big Lots work as well as $4 Draino?

Are there things that you will not buy generics of just _because_? (Ladies, you can't say toilet paper, it's a given!)

Cereals and Shampoo. I recently got over my need for Mac and Cheese to be Kraft.

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1.) Have you ever gone out at like 5:00 am to get a good deal on Black Friday?
2.) Do you plan on doing so this year?
3.) What percentage of your holiday shopping do you do online?
4.) Have you ever regifted?

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Sometimes I sleep in my robe, is that weird?

I want to wear a skirt today that I wore yesterday, but how tacky is that? No one that I saw yesterday is going to see me in it today, and I'm wearing different things with it then yesterday.

I was just put on topiramate, with the brand name of Topamax, for a mood regulator. One of the side effects is weight loss. How likely is it that I will lose weight from it?

I have also been put on an anti depressant, but I take it to fall asleep. Will it also work as an anti depressant even when I'm sleeping, or not? Its called trazodone.

To people who have had extreme anxiety disorders, how do you cope with them?

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augh augh augh

Okay. Last night i noticed that my female betta's top fin, which had looked gross before, was now pretty much gone. I decided to get fishmeds in the the morning.
Just now I went over to check on her, and i said, "um, there doesn't appear to be a fish in this tank." And i found her in the drawer right beneath it. and I picked her up to throw her out, and she started flipping around!
So she's back in the tank.

HOWEVER she pretty much *looks* like a dead fish. She is now swimming, a bit, but she looks like... like a walmart betta at your average walmart with gross fish (my local walmart is actually really good with their fish, better than the local independent fish store).

I... I was planning on getting melafix for her fin, but any recommendations for fish meds of "bringing you back from the brink of death"?

My day is awesome, how 'bout yours?

When was your last awesome day?

My day is pretty awesome so far:

#1. Won $5 on blingo to Amazon
#2. I get discount movie tickets through work so I'm getting tickets to the Darjeeling Limited tonight at the local indie theater
#4. My engine light went off, lol. But I still have an O2/EVAP problem to take care of, but I'm less freaked out by it now, haha.
#5. It's a friend's birthday, so I'm going out drinking with a rowdy band of law students, good times.

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So, I met this really cool guy from Oklahoma [I'm in Missouri, so it's not horribly far]. And I really like him, but I'm moving back home and I won't be able to get online anymore [unless I sneak  bc last time I got in trouble o.O I don't know why lol]. Should I ask for his address or number or something to keep in touch? He says he likes me and is going to miss me when I go home xD. ...Is that a hint? I don't know! 

EDIT: so, I didn't meet him that long ago, like a week at the most, I dont remember, so I don't wanna be weird and creepy...

Srs and Nonsrs answers.
I need to laugh, I'm kinda sad =P

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If you bought a brick of cheese that hasn't been opened, and two days later it has mold growing inside the package (on the cheese), would you eat it? Would you take it back?

edit: When you were in elementary/middle/high school, did your textbooks have things written on the pages like, "Go to page 83," and it would start you on a goose chase, going from page to page, and end up saying something like "You smell like fart!"? Did you ever write one of these?

Online Dictionary.

Googling  words to find a definition and/ or synonym seems to suck. All the websites are junked up and convoluted. Is there any free dictionary online that you find to be really useful? Are there are that are awesome but you have to pay for somehow? 

Thanks guys! :) Happy Friday!

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I live in NYC and I have some quick question for anyone who knows about renter-landlord laws in my neck of the woods:

*Can my landlord keep making appointments to inspect my apt.? This will be the second inspection in the past two months
(Back story: We've been tenants for a year and a half now and the first lease we signed allowed us to have pets, but the second one did not. There was a dispute about whether there was a verbal agreement or not but to make the story short they let us stay on the condition that they were allowed to inspect our apartment ONCE to make sure that we were not contributing to a smell that was leaking into the building, due to our pets. We passed the inspection but now they want to do it again)

*Also, can anyone recommend a reputable website where I can read up on the laws concerning renting in NYC? I've been looking but most of the ones I've hit seem a little sketchy...

Thanks ahead of time!
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Everybody has annoying habits. What is something your significant other or close friend does that annoys the crap out of you?

What is something YOU do that annoys the crap out of other people?

Have you ever broken up with someone/stopped being friends with someone because they were annoying?
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1. I'm a uni student who's running low on food. And money, consequently. So what food do/did you buy other than ramen or easy mac in college that was relatively cheap that you could eat on the run?

2. How do I decorate my snails' tank for Thanksgiving?

3. What's a coffee-ish drink for people who don't like coffee?

4. Have you ever read The Historian? How did you like it?

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Someone's willing to pay you $300 if you drink four 1-quart Creme Brulee-flavored coffee creamer. Each bottle is poured into a bucket and you have to finish the contents in the next 3 hours to earn the money. 4 quarts of tasty creme brulee-flavored creamer in a bucket. Would you do it in this scenario?


Different scenario. You're offered the same $300 for four 1 quart bottles of creme brulee-flavored coffee creamer, but this time, you're told that each bottle has 63 normal servings and each serving is 35 calories, meaning the entire contents of one bottle is over 2,200 calories, and 4 bottles is over 8,800! Would you drink all 4 bottles for $300 now?



I'm supposed to do an internship abroad this summer in London. I need a place to stay, but I'm guessing most people wouldn't rent an apartment (or flat?) to an American student for three months. Any suggestions?
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Do you prefer macaroni and cheese from a box, or homemade?

What's the longest you've had to wait to get a call back about a job?

Why do my dogs have to 'fight' over one bone? There's three of them right there and the younger dog is rolling around and crying because the older one is chewing on the one she wants. And whichever one the older dog is chewing on, the younger one wants.

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For those of us who eat meat

1) Have you ever eaten meat (excluding seafood) from something other than cow/pig/chicken? (that's possibly North-American-centric, I don't know too much about common meats around the world) Like snake, or horse, or something? Did you like it? Can you describe the flavour?

2) Is there any meat you would never try? (Barring some extreme situation like starvation.)

My answers:

1) I had wild boar once. I didn't like it at all, it tasted... earthy, or something, and extremely strong. My SO was there too, he says he thinks it was just not cooked properly (he's the cook out of both of us), so I might try it again given the opportunity.

2) I don't think I'll ever sample dog or cat. Just couldn't.

ETA: I posted this before lunch break, and now I'm back and this thread is making me extremely hungry, again.

Also, never expected so many people to say they've eaten alligator!
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1) I just landed a 22-card rookie card set of the 2007 Red Sox (all the starting lineup & the better pitchers). How excited should I be?
1a) If anyone knows about baseball cards....sending them to get autographed Y/N? I have connections!

2) What should I have for lunch? I don't eat the meat.

3) I've lost 10 pounds. How should I celebrate?

4) What are you buying me for my birthday, bb?

5) What color and font is the text you use on AIM?
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1)(a) Do you consider The Silence of the Lambs to be a horror/scary movie?
1)(b) Why/why not?

The reason I ask is because I never thought of it as a horror movie, but the DVD menu makes it look like one.

2) What is your favorite horror/scary movie?

3) What is the scariest one you've ever seen?
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How well do you follow the microwave instructions on food items? What about the "Let it stand for two minutes" (or whatever) part? Do you just dive in like I do, or do you let it cool?
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1. What was the last thing that made you waaaaaay more happy than it probably should have?

2. Is one of your feet asleep right now? Which one? Why is it asleep?

3. Americans: What will you be doing this weekend to take full advantage of your extra hour?

4. What did you have for lunch?

5. Why are my co-workers freaking out about me having hummus and falafel for lunch?
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Will you type in your first name in google image search and post one of the results from the first page? ETA: SAFE FOR WORK IMAGE PLEASE!

(I was going to say the first result, but some of those images are huge, so pick whichever one you'd like)

What are your plans for the weekend?
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Dear TQC,

Last night was really shitty. I woke up today and I still feel really shitty. I don't really want to go anywhere, or hang out with anyone, but I'm not sure what to do at home alone all day. Should I:

What should I doooo?

Watch movies all day long and eat ice cream.
Go for a long walk with my dog, and take cheesy MySpace pictures with him.
Play The Sims 2 all day and take out my upset on the poor little sims and kill them/make them do embarrassing things.
Do nothing but read books.
Drug myself up and sleep all day. And then all night as well.
Sit in front of the computer and TQC all day.
Read my mother's self-help books by Dr. Phil.
Something else.


Asked a bajillion times already?

How often do you miss work? Do you usually come in late, leave early, call in sick, or take planned days off?

How often/have you ever called in sick when you weren't really sick, or given an untruthful excuse for missing work?

I'm missing a lot of work lately. It's all planned days off and/or for legitimate reasons like doctor's appointments for my kid, but I'm feeling guilty.

How do you be less competitive? This is honestly a sincere question.

I got the highest grade on a test and since then, a lot of people have been asking me for help on that subject. At first, I was really eager to help them, but they have been asking me everytime they see me so it's getting kind of annoying. And by helping them, they have since gotten really great grades. I know this is really horrible of me, but I can't help feeling a bit jealous/resentment when they get as high of a grade as me while everyone else gets pretty bad scores. I know I sound super arrogant, but I would really like to fix this competitive nature of mine.

I've been avoiding them today (so they don't ask me for help) because of this feeling.

What gets me the most is that they started to copy my studying skills, and it's getting them as high of a score as me. Not only that, but they've copied the style I do homework and everything. I really don't want to feel this bitchy. I couldn't sleep last night because I'm so distraught over this; I really hate myself for feeling this way. Please help. And please no snarky comments; I'm trying to change this part of me. Serious answers would be appreciated, too.


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TQC, please help me out.

I have bushes lining my sidewalk in front of my house. Every year in October a flower blooms. The flower grows in bunches on the branches and lets off a strong sweet scent. The scent reminds me of honeysuckle.

For years I have been wanting to know what this bush/flower is. I have no idea how to go about searching so I am asking you kind people.

Please take a look under the cut at a couple of (rather large) pictures I have taken of the bush. Let me know what you think!

edited in the form of a question
What in sam's hell are these thinga-majiggers?

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does anybody know of a flight booking website that is cheaper than expedia? i feel like i've heard somewhere before about someplace, maybe for students, that has flights at a better price.
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(no subject)

1. Has anyone gotten a "pc tuneup" done at Staples? They're giving them away for free right now and I think my fan needs to be fixed, so it's a good way to get the problem diagnosed.

2. They said it takes about 48 hours to do. Should I bring it in today or tomorrow? Either way I'll have to spend some time without computer.

3. What should I do for the 48 hours I won't have a computer (keep in mind, I spend 99% of my waking time on the internet)

4. Do you have an external harddrive? What brand? How much did you pay? Are they worth it?
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Decisions, decisions

This is for those of you that are familiar with NJ/NY transit.  My husband, son and I are going to Hicksville, Long Island on Thanksgiving to be with family.  We have to travel ON Thanksgiving due to my husband's work schedule.

So, the question is:  Should we drive or should we take the train?

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Christmas gifts

I'm trying to organize my Christmas gift list and I'm stuck on a few people.

What are 4 year old girls into? Is there some popular toy or cartoon out for that age right now!

What would a 24 year old guy want? It's my nephew and the past few years I've given him liquor. I'm hoping to get him something else this time. He doesn own a car and he's still slumming it on my sister's couch. I don't want to spend more than $20 on him.


I am contemplating installing Ubuntu on my Dell Inspiron 1501 - I'm moving away from Windows, as I have continuous wireless issues that are not hardware related.  Has anyone here experienced/heard of any problems with  wireless or networking in Ubuntu?
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My boyfriend had this hat that he really loved, but it got stolen. It was a knit cap with bright green and yellow horizontal stripes and had a tag on the front that said BRAZIL. His uncle got it for him from Florianópolis. I was wondering, is there any chance in hell I could find out where to get a new one? Maybe order it online or something?

This is a total longshot, but he really loved that hat and I'd like to get him a new one for Christmas.
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hate being alone?

What do you think of people who are serial monogamists? (ETA - someone who always hops from one relationship to the next with little to no 'single' time in between.)

I'm not asking that you judge them, but why you think people are that way.
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Turning 21

My 21st birthday is on December 10th! I will be a legal drinking American.
However, I'm kind of torn about how to celebrate. Two questions:

a) Should I start celebrating at the stroke of midnight immediately when I turn 21,
or start out earlier (around "happy hour" time) on the 10th?

b) Go downtown to a hole-in-the-wall bar
or dress up and go somewhere fancier?

What did you do? :)

(no subject)

If I schedule on Monday at 1:30 pm, and there is one seat left in the math I need next quarter, and there are 53,000 undergrad, but most are above the level of math I want to take, what are the odds that I will be completely screwed come Monday?

[ETA] Mostly I was looking for some ridiculous statistics by you creative commenters. I know I could get waitlisted or fill out an add slip.

(no subject)

what's a good way of cleaning underneath my laptop's keyboard? i can see all sorts of hairs between the keys. i don't really want to individually take off every key and reattach it. mostly because i'm worried i'll break something and then have a missing key. thanks for any advice and tips!

(no subject)

I am so full right now. I can't remember the last time I ate until I was full. When was the last time you ate until you were full?
Are you really sensitive to your sleep environment or can you sleep anywhere? What is the strangest place you've ever slept?
Did any of you see where I placed my cell phone?
What is the funniest joke you've ever heard of that shouldn't be funny?
Any thanksgiving questions that are getting annoying yet?

(no subject)

I have financed/taken out a loan for one of the following

appliances (like a badass washer and dryer or something)
a computer
a car
a house or renovation of a home
a wedding
a vacation

(no subject)

 1.  When you first moved out to your own place, where did you get all your furniture and things?

2.  Should I let the new boy come over tonight?  Neither of us care either way, apparently.  I want NCMO but I have a sore throat.
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Commemorative Dog Tags

Is there anything illegal about having someone's dog togs re-created? I'd like to have my grandfather's but my aunt is un-willing to give them up. I thought I'd take the information off them and have another pair made but want to make sure there isn't some wack-ass law preventing me from doing so.

(no subject)

When you see someone wearing his flashy little strobe-light bluetooth thingy on his ear, and then you realize that he's not even on the phone, do you ever kinda hope he might get hit by a meteor that day....?
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Our town is getting it's first Domino's Pizza. I haven't eaten at one for years.
1. What is their best pizza?
2. Any other good things to eat there?

I had their wings once and they were good, but again that was about 3 years ago.
I'm open to pretty much any combination of toppings.

ETA: Not all independently owned pizza places are better. My town only has about 5000 people in it, and there's one good pizza place, and 4 shitty places that are locally owned. If I were in say Bloomington, I would not even be asking this question, because the local stuff is awesome.
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(no subject)

Poll #1081894 diabeetus!

What would you choose out of our humongous bowl of post-Halloween candy?

Kit Kat
Almond Joy
Reese's cups
mini Hershey's bars
Milk Duds
those little seasonal Palmer's chocolates
mini Milky Way bars
Sweet Tarts
cubs hat
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(no subject)

I have a good friend who's in massage school. She just texted me asking if I want a massage because she has some techniques that she needs to practice.

Should I tip her? I would think that would be weird. The next time we go out, should I just buy her a drink and say, 'Thanks for the massage'? Or should it be dinner instead of a drink? Or nothing at all since I'm doing her a favor by letting her practice on me (I don't really think that at all, but just threw it out there)?
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(no subject)

1. What is the most romantic movie you've ever seen?

2. I have a TruTech TV/DVD combination, and recently my DVD player won't work. It froze while I was watching a movie and I took the DVD out and ever since then any time I put a DVD in, it says, "wrong disc". Any ideas what could be wrong or what I could do to fix it?

(no subject)

Have you gotten excited about something geeky lately?  What?

I just opened a FREE Lorwyn booster for Magic: The gathering and got several goblins I wanted AND Jace Belren.  I dont even play blue, but I'm excited.  Sigh.

Plans for tonight?
Going to a party for someone I've met twice.  Ace.
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(no subject)

Your local restaurant has a sign up that says you get free fries (or breadsticks, or a drink, or whatever) if they don't offer you a combo meal. When you order, the cashier doesn't offer you a combo meal. Do you demand your free item? Does it matter what the item is? Does it matter if the restaurant is really busy, or if they person running the cash register seems like a trainee?

(no subject)

1. Have you ever shaved with a straight razor? Was it awesome or no?

2. Freshly ground coffee beans are worth the time and expense, Y/N?

3. Do you own a robe? Do you actually wear it?

ipod engraving

Do you have engraving on the back of your ipod?
If so, what does it say?

I've been saving up to buy my boyfriend one for his birthday, which is why I'm asking. I can't decide if it would make it more special, or more lame haha. Mine has no engraving.

Interview help..

I'm getting miffed of missing out at interviews.

one question that keeps coming up is how do I prioritise work when I've got several urgent pieces on at once - I'm not really sure what to say- have you guys got any ideas?

any funny interview stories to cheer me up?


(no subject)

So I just got my new laptop and I haven't added any new music yet. Im interested what everyone else is listening to because I'm kind of getting sick of my music. Tell me your favorite bands/songs. Mine right now is Shiney Toy Guns/I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Doesn't By Brand New. Thanks!!!
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(no subject)

 For the menses-having ladies:

Do you get really bad cramps with your period?  Muscle aches?  Fatigue? Anything else that's disgusting and unwelcome?

Have you ever used cramps as an excuse to get out of something, even though you feel fine?   What was it?

Do you feel comfortable talking about your period-business with your friends?


What do you say when someone says, "God bless you"?

I was in the infant department today and some guy came up to me with a list. He goes, "ma'am! ma'am! Can you help me find this stuff... I have no idea what I'm doing".
After I helped him find the stuff on his list, he goes, "awh, thank ya garl (he had that drawl) Then, he's mummbled something and goes, "God bless yah, garl"

I said, "thanks". lol Now I feel dumb because are you supposed to say "THANKS" when someone says, "God bless you"?

(no subject)

1) If someone always seemed to call you while they were taking a shit, what (if anything) would you think of them?

2) Do you go to the bathroom while you're on the phone?

3) You have to personally stab to death your entire family or you have to wipe out half the world's population (you choose which people get wipe out, but you don't have to do it personally). Which option to you choose? Why?

4) You're visiting your hometown and go to the store. Someone you knew years ago who treated you like crap comes up and says Hello. If you had to choose, would you rather pretend to not remember them OR pretend you're not you ("I'm sorry, that's not my name. I think you have me confused with someone! I must look a lot like them, huh?")?
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what habit (for lack of a better word) have you noticed a celebrity that you like has? i noticed that Eva always tends to blow a kiss at the camera whenever she's having her picture taken, or she tends to always have her hand close to her mouth.. she also wears a LOT of skirts/dresses, i can't say that i've seen her wearing jeans a lot.

WITHOUT LOOKING IT UP.. do you know what krumping/krumpin' is?

WNTW, Stacey vs Clinton? who do you like better?
hi im tep

Student Loans

What are the steps involved for getting a student loan? I have an appt. with the Office of FA at my university next week, but I kinda wanted to have a clue before I go.

1) Do I have to fill out the FAFSA to qualify for a student loan?

2) Whats the difference between a dependent student and an independent student? Age? Living situation?

Basically, anything you guys know about student loans would be awesome.

Thank you!


For those of you who like chili, what is the most important ingredient in it for you?  If you cook chili, are there any ingredients that you put in it that most chili recipes do not contain??


1. do you import all your purchased CD's into itunes? if not all, how do you choose which ones you import?

2. how do you listen to music in your car? radio? satellite radio? ipod? cd player?
a. if you use your ipod, how is it connected? does it work well?
b. if you use a cd player, how do you keep track of all your cds?

3. by what artist do you own the most CD's (i had no idea how to properly phrase this sentence, btw)?

4. if you had to backup all your music/picture/document files, how would you do it?

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1. There's a train carrying 15 passengers. You realize that the train will fall off a cliff unless you pull a switch that reroutes the train onto another track, however this track leads directly into somebody working on the railroad tracks.

Do you do nothing and let the 15 people die or pull the lever, saving 15 people but killing 1?

2. This time the train carrying 15 passengers is headed for a cliff, but you're standing on a bridge over the train tracks. Also standing with you is a really, really fat man. You are 100% certain that if you pushed the fat man over the bridge and in front of the train, the train would slow to a stop before heading over the cliff. You, however, are too skinny to jump in front of the train yourself and save the lives of the passengers.

Do you let the train go over the edge of the cliff letting 15 people die or do you push the fat guy into the path of the train saving 15 but killing 1?

3. If your answer changed from question 1 to question 2... why did it change?

(no subject)

1.  Did you ever write notebooks with stories with your friends when you were kids? If yes, what was the most intesresting one about?

2. What is the youngest age you remember something of? For example, do you remember things that happened to you when you were 2 years old?     My cousin says she remembers her first birthday, is that possible? Or do you think she is lying?
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Should I read Transmetropolitan?

Should I read something other than comic books?

Any suggestions? I'll read just about anything except Westerns.

Can you ever have too many books?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) If you're familiar with Arizona brand jeans, do they tend to run larger than most sizes, or about the same? I ask because I just bought sz 13 jeans and they're not even a bit tight, and I havent worn a 13 in like 2 years, and I'm skeptical that I actually lost enough to fit into a true 13 or not, lol)

2) If you didn't have to worry about your job/school being upset with it, would you do anything outrageous with your hair/body/clothes? What would it be? I would get full sleeves, dye my hair royal purple, and get a vertical labret!

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If you have poor vision, do you wear glasses or contacts?
If you wear contacts, about what percent of the time do they cause you some kind of discomfort? Can you tell me what brand/type they are? Do you follow all the rules of use (ie throwing them away when they expire if they're disposable)?

I wear Acuvue monthly disposables for astigmatism, and I feel like they're constantly presenting some kind of problem - either they seem to be blurry despite having been cleaned, or they fold up funny in my eye, or I can't get them on right in the morning. I clean them with Opti-Free solution. Just looking to see if I am a moron, or have some busted ass lenses or if this is a common issue.

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How much does it bother you when someone gets something wrong?

Would you correct someone in a position of authority over you if they said something you knew was wrong? Would it depend on just how wrong they were? For example, getting the date of next year's Easter Sunday wrong versus saying World War One started in the fifties.

Why am I never hungry anymore?

For those of you who wear jewelry--silver or gold?

(no subject)

I'm having contact issues. Tonight I was taking my contacts out and I got the left one out easily, but I can't get the right one out. I'm not even sure if it's still in there. It might have fallen out when I was trying, and I didn't realize. I was stupidly doing it over a sink, so while I obviously checked the area, it technically could have gone down the drain. However, I really think it's still in my eye. It's definitely not in the part where it should be, because my vision is blurry and sucky as usual right now. But I really don't know how to 1) tell if it's still in there at all 2) get it out. Can you please help me, TQC?