November 1st, 2007

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TQC, I am needing help with hair dye.

I'm pretty good at dying my own hair, have done it every colour of the rainbow, short, long, mullets...what have you with colour and cut. However, I am getting older and it's time for me to exist it the real world. For this reason, I'd like to dye my hair a sad and neutral brown. However, I am totally confused when it comes to the 'cool' and 'warm' tones, because before I didn't give a shit.

Is there a way to tell if I need a more blue/cool tone than a more golden/warm tone? I was going to out to buy dye within the next couple of days and don't want to buy the wrong tone, because I actually give a shit about my appearance now.

Dear TQC, would you happen to know knowledge of these 'tones' I speak of? How can I figure out which one would look better?

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Gas prices

For those of you that drive, what is the lowest you can remember ever paying for gas?

For me, when I first got my license way back in 1995, I can remember gas being about 93 cents a gallon ( in USD).
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1. How long do you hold a grudge for?

2. If someone who hated your guts suddenly, after not speaking to you for 12 years, asked for a favour, would you do it? (nothing big, just to pick something up for them and mail it to them..not like a kidney or anything :P )

3. Can you truly forgive and forget?

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 My jaw clicks a lot when I'm talking/chewing/whatever, it clicks. I've had it looked at and the dentist said there was no actual damage going on, so it's fine for now. Lately though the very left and uppermost part of my jaw, right about where it connects, hurts every time I move it. I don't remember hitting it or opening my mouth really wide or anything that could have irritated it, but it hurts a lot when I yawn or when I'm chewing.

Since it's in a kind of strange spot, is that definitely something I would go to the dentist for, or would I go to a different doctor? I'm going to the dentist soon, so if I just see him it would be nice not to have to make more appointments.

Does your jaw click? Have you ever had this before? Is my jaw going to fall off? D:


1. Why is it considered rude to point?

2. Are there any stores you refuse to do business with? If so, why?

3. Has anything you ever said on LiveJournal ever been featured on stupid_free?

4. Is there any place you have traveled to that you refuse to revisit? If so, why?

5. If you could relocate to any city for any amount of time you like, which city would you choose?
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1. When someone runs their mouth like a know it all, on a subject you actually know all about, does it piss you off, or interest you?

2. If they're incorrect, do you let them make a fool of themselves, or do you do it for them, and call them out?

3. What subjects do you feel well versed enough in to call someone out on?

Super glue

Hello, hope this is community appropriate.

I have super glue all over my fingertips. To be specific: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate. I didn't realise it sets so very quickly!

I Googled and found out that acetone takes it off, so grabbed my nailpolish remover only to realise it's a *non acetone* nailpolish remover!! So it hasn't removed the glue.

Any other ideas for removal? Or, where do I get pure acetone in small, cheap quantities? (Other than going into my university bio lab and using theirs, I'm guessing it would be locked anyway!)
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Inspired by cake_n_bacon's question:

My nose has been broken a few times, as far as I can remember. Once, by being slammed into the side of the kitchen counter, once by being smashed into a chalkboard tray, and once in an otherwise rather enjoyable mosh pit. Needless to say, my nose is a little messed up.

If I place my finger on the side of my nose, near the bottom, and push slightly, my nose makes an awful clicking sound. It's not painful in any way - it's just a very loud clicking sound, that can be easily heard even from the other side of a large room. (Grosses the hell out of my father, which I guess is a positive thing about it.) I've been able to make this clicking sound for a few years. I don't think my nose is broken at the moment, but still...

1.) What the hell is wrong with my nose?
2.) Does this probably have something to do with how many times my nose has been broken? (I mean, yeah, that seems like the most likely cause, but you never know...)
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1)Have you ever finished one of those ginormous jaw breakers?
2)Has this year gone by really fast for you?
3)Where do you have to go to vote? I used to go to the school next door, but I have no idea where I go now.
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1. What is the best way, non-verbally or/and sexually, that someone can show you that they love you?

2. What are some of the little things that make you feel appreciated?

3. How do you, non-verbally and/or sexually, show your love for someone?

4. Who do you love, baby?
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Yesterday when I went to charge my cell phone it told me the battery was unavailable. When I went out later that night, my phone just went dead on me without any warning. I'd try to turn it out and only the keypad would light up- nothing else. I figured it was just dead or something. However when I came home to plug it into the charge it, the screen just said "Invalid Battery." I left it like plugged in overnight to see if it'd change. It still said Invalid Battery this morning. When I took it off the charger and tried to turn it on it looked like it was going to work. Then it said Invalid Battery again and went dead.

Does anyone know what's wrong with my phone? I have a stupid Motorola Razor btw. My service is Verizon. Is there anyway to fix this or am I going to have to go into Verizon?


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If  you met someone who wasn't particularly attractive or your type, but was charismatic and confident, would you be attracted to them? Is this maybe why Adrian Brody reduces me to squealing fangirl status?
not saying he's ugly, he's just not my 'type' 

edit: Also, which is a better place to live, Canada or Arizona? My boyfriend and I wanted to possibly move to Canada in several years, but now he's starting to think Arizona would be better.
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Did you pass out candy last night?
What was the cutest costume you saw?

If you didn't, what DID you do last night?
Anything fun to share?

I passed out candy and it was cold and raining and this little kid (2 maybe) was dressed as Sulley from Monsters Inc. She was so cute and so warm!
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Driving habits and chins

1. Does your primary vehicle have an automatic or manual transmission?
2. Do you prefer driving automatics or manuals? Why?
3. On a scale of 1 - 10 (1= Terrible, danger to everyone, 10= Fantastic, perfect driving skills), how good of a driver to you consider yourself to be?
4. What is your worst driving habit?
5. What makes you a better driver than those around you?
6. Do you stop at stop signs or roll through?
7. You are approaching an intersection and see the light turn yellow. You have enough time to stop. Do you speed through or slow down and wait for the red?


8. Is it better to have a chin that is too big or not big enough?


I am going with my sister to do whatever it is you do to finalize her divorce today. Has anyone here been divorced? What is the process like at the court house? Should I buy her margaritas before or after?
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What is something that freaks you out physically?
If I don't poop every day, I get really freaked out.

Who is someone on your friends list that you think other people should friend?
zorrothedog, because he is adorable.

I need more pictures to put up in my cubicle at work. Will you post one for me?
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1. What's your method from getting a song out of your head?
2. Do you have a song stuck in your head RIGHT NOW?!?

I woke up with Avril Lavigne's "Complicated" stuck in my head. I haven't heard that song in forever, I hate Avril Lavigne, and it's driving me insane.

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Is there a difference between blackface and putting black face paint on one's face?

How do you like your stuffed bell peppers?

What's the most boring class you've every taken?

What brand cell phone do you have?

Best brand of tea? Best flavor of tea?

Carmex is the best YN?

Spear-amint a rhino

Who is the most responsible?

Britney Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears
A Kenyan spearman

Would perform the best on Jeopardy?

Britney Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears
A Kenyan spearman

Most dedicated to their family and/or offspring?

Britney Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears
A Kenyan spearman

Least exposed private parts?

Britney Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears
A Kenyan spearman

Best musical ability?

Britney Spears
Jamie Lynn Spears
A Kenyan spearman
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1. Do you think dressing modestly (for whatever reason, religiously or not) really keeps men from oogling women? Specifically refering to regular everyday clothes, not a tiny tubetop and mini skirt where pretty much the reason you are wearing it is to be notice.

2. Do you treat or view people differently based on the way they are dressed? Let's say they are both the same gender and at work in an office, one person is wearing jean and a t-shirt, the other is wearing a business suit. Or one is wearing a skirt that touches just above the knees and a v-neck shirt and the other is wearing long, loose pants and a turtleneck.

3.  Females: Does it ever really scare you that so many terrible things are likely to happen to you simply because you were born a female?
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1. If you were a song, what would you sound like?
2. What genre would you be?
3. Would you have lyrics? If so, what would they be about? Would they rhyme?
4. What instruments would you be composed of?
5. If you could pick a band to play you, who would it be?
6. Are you hungry? What for? Do you have the recipe for it? Share it?
7. If you went trick or treating, how was your haul?
8. Who was the last person you called? Why?
9. Do you like Converse?
10. What are you reading? Do you recommend it?
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TQC, what was the last thing that pissed you off?

I stayed up most of the night working on a performance for class today (I went to bed at 4am). I did go to a party for a couple of hours, but came back home really early to finish and perfect it.

I got to class today to see a note on the door saying class was cancelled.

pretty sax icon

I'm surrounded by crazy people!

1. I work at a day care. I have a co-worker that is known to blow up at other co-workers. Her latest fiasco yesterday involved dropping the f-bomb in front of kids (and some parents!) and use of the insult "fat-ass".

Would you want somebody like that taking care of your kids? Because as far as I know (which isn't much), she still has her job.

2. When are you going to put up your Christmas tree?

My fiance says now that Halloween is over, he's going to start putting up the Christmas stuff this weekend. I say it's too soon, and after Thanksgiving would be a bit more seasonal. He says Thanksgiving isn't really a holiday (he's a vegetarian and has no use for turkey).


When you buy hardware for your computer where do you buy it from?
How much should an external hard drive cost?
Would an external hard drive make more sense to buy than an external DVD burner (I have lots of pictures and video files)?

btw... I have a Powerbook G4 if thats as help in helping me! Thanks!

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1) Is Torchwood as good as Doctor Who?

2) Do you like my Thanksgiving icon?

3) Have you ever seen Yo Gabba Gabba? Thoughts?

4) I think my food poisoning has finally run it's course. Should I try eating some real food today?

5) My boss said she "really needed to talk to" me but that she couldn't until next week. I think this means "You're written up/fired" but my friend thinks it means "You're getting a raise/promotion". She's one of those people who's faces and voices are ALWAYS mean, so you never know what they are really feeling. What would you think if your boss said that to you? (I plan on quitting in January anyways [she doesn't know this] so I won't be too upset if I'm fired.)
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1: What is your favorite dessert during the holidays?
2: When do you start shopping for Christmas?
3: Do you cook on the holidays or do you get feed by your family?
4: What is your family's holiday tradition(s)?

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Poll #1081200 You're locked in a cabin for 3 months, alone

Pick one food option for the next 90 days

Only one meal per day, but it's as large as you want and it can contain anything you want
As much porridge you want anytime

Pick one sex option for the next 90 days

One-time sex with a very attractive, physically appealing individual of the gender you're attracted to
As much sex you want with ugly people

Pick one tv option for the next 90 days

Each week, you're just allowed to watch your favorite tv program. Tv set gets turned off immediately afterwards
All the Full House episodes you could ever watch

Pick one literature option for the next 90 days

Allowed to read only one book of your choice
Allowed to read the entire Left Behind series

Pick one music option for the next 90 days

One cd of your choice
As much country music as you want

(no subject)

1. What are you great at cooking (if anything)?

2. I've read in a few articles that said that France has the best health care in the world, and Italy comes in second. Has anyone had experiences with health care in either of these countries, and if so, would you please share your experience?

3. Do you use hand sanitizer?

4. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
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What actor or actress do you hate for no real reason? Like it would take a LOT of convincing for you to watch a movie that they are in (even if the movie looks good)?

El Dia de los Muertos

1) How do you celebrate your loved ones that have died?
Yesterday in my Spanish class we celebrated Dia de los Muertos and talked about our loved ones and it was really moving to me. I think it's really important to actually take the time to celebrate their lives and share with others how important they were to you rather than let them only survive in your mind.
2) Do you have any great memories/people that you'd like to share that have passed away?

My answers:
1) My family constantly talk about great memories involving my grandma and we visit the mausoleum where her ashes are stored quite often.
2) My grandma was an amazing woman. Mother of six, wife of an alcoholic who didn't help much, and she was so absolutely vivacious. She held my family together. She was hit by a car walking to church. Ironic and idiotic (the person was taking an unprotected left and just didn't even bother to look).
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TQC, tell me what you think. Do you think that it is pointless to learn something if you cannot see how that knowledge will be useful in the very near future? Or do you actually look up things that you don't know, just to learn what it's all about?

ETA: Would you share a random, seemingly useless fact with the class?
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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Why do people hate Tom Brady and the Patriots so much?

Is it because of the cheating thing? (Not that this excuses what they did- which I'm still pissed at them for- but there hasn't been any evidence of cheating since the story first broke.) Do you think they're trying to prove they can win without cheating now?

Is it because they win by so much? Why is winning by a blowout considered classless? Shouldn't any team in any sport play to the best of their ability, or should they hold back if they're winning by too much?

Is Coach Cowher (former Steelers coach) correct in saying someone's going to take a cheap shot at Tom Brady as revenge?

Who will win this weekend's epic battle: The Pats or the Colts?


Wow, lots of questions. For the record, I am a Pats fan- I'm not trying to start anything, just genuinely curious. I promise I won't jump on anyone for saying the Pats suck, I just want to know why you think so.
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What are some of the highest places on earth? (As in towns, villages, cities.) Where are they, and what's their elevation?

ETA: Jeez people, I've already checked google. I'm looking for more than the top three.

Apologies. My brain is only thinking in poll form today

Poll #1081266 The New Pants

This question's mainly for the girls. Your friend asked to borrow your new pants, and you allow her to wear them to a party that night. You're both at the party, your friend's wearing your new pants, when she lets it slip (after a few drinks) that she isn't wearing any underwear. How do you feel about your friend's bare crotch rubbing against your new pants?

The pants are forever ruined for me
Bitch better dryclean those pants afterwards
Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'll just throw them in the washer sometime and it'll be good to go.

At the party, she's drunk and she ends up making out with somebody. She comes back later, overstimulated, and blushes when she tells you that she's never been so damp before. How you feeling about those new pants now?

Eww. So much...vagina. I can't wear them again
I'm going to make her wash them by hand. Twice
It happens. I'll pour in some extra detergent when I wash them later

She passes out and you're about to take her to your car when you notice that there's a big urine stain on her/your pants. How you liking them pants now?

She's buying me a new pair of pants
Again, it happens. Detergent will get it all out


-Anyone have any tips for beginning joggers?
-How best to make sure you keep your knees in good shape? I've heard jogging/running can mess them up if you're not careful.
-Gym members - what do you look for in a good gym?

Zoe/Wash - well then.
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I'm going to be very hypocritical, starting...NOW.

My sister-in-law, R, has been venting to the Intar Wubs all day about how wronged she has been by the in-law of an in-law, crying "woe is me" and playing the victim to garner pity from her e-palz. Now, the other lady is being terribly misrepresented, and any of my family stepping in to point out her side of the situation is an "attack" on my brother's wife.
However, all of this could have been avoided had R chosen not to vent family laundry in a public forum -- or at least filtered it so family couldn't see it, and R-cheerleaders could tell her that all she does is right and good. Flowers spring from her tiny, victimized footprints, and all.

Is it bad form to air negative/specific/private family business in a public forum?
Are there extenuating circumstances?
What are your thoughts on "airing dirty laundry" [family business] on a forum like LJ -- is it okay if it's your friends list, is it never okay, always, etc?

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The new photoshop sucks, Y/y?

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Have you ever wanted to be in one of those perfect TV families?  Which family did you want to be in?
I always wanted to be in the Banks family from Fresh Prince.  Ok, so they're not a perfect family...but they seem like a great family to be in.
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(no subject)

1- What do you think the chance of my landlady letting us pay an extra safety deposit to get a dog is?
2- What's the last game you played?
3- What is the second line of the 7th LJ entry you made?
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It's time to renew one of our hosting accounts. There is no reason we actually need two right now, however, and I can move the sites to our main account and have all the redirects work no problem. However a lot of mp3s and images for our ebay auctions are hosted on the account I want to do away with, and this means I'd have to edit about 150 auction templates and make sure the new templates are the live ones when auctions relist.

So do I suck it up and do the edits, have everything in one place, and save $100 a year? Or do I forget it and leave it as it is.

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How long until thanksgiving icon questions are going to get obnoxious? ("they are already" is obviously not the correct answer)

Did you dress slutty for Halloween?

Tell me a riddle. (without the answer)

Is tolerance a good quality to write a college application essay on?
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What's the name of that new glucosamine chondroitin drink? I swear I saw an ad for it last night on the Food Network--I think it starts with an E, and it's marketed towards people with arthritis.

I've tried googling every possible combination of "glucosamine chondroitin new drink" that I could think of, but I haven't found the right one.

Take the survey for my essay!

I'm writing an essay about the relationship between a religious mother (or mother figure) and a non-religious child for my philosophy of religion class. I'd like to ask TQC some questions, if that's ok (if not, heaps of sorry). If you were both religious, or both non-religious I'd like to hear about that too, so anyone can do the survey.

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(no subject)

Have you ever hit a person with your car?
What happened?
Do you still drive?

For those who havent, Would you stop driving if you hit a person?
(In general, not just at the time of the accident)
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(no subject)

Do you have a rag close to you?
What is on it?
Do you keep a journal? If so, is it in a notebook, or a journal journal?
Do you write your feelings down as stories, playing on actual events?
Or do you simply write, spilling your guts?
What color is your favorite cup?
What does your favorite pen look like?
Do you also have a can of moldy soup in your drawer?

ETA: Does anyone understand that my icon is a Thanksgiving icon?
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Does anyone own an Acer laptop? It is okay?

I have been looking for a cheap laptop for a while and tomorrow Walmart has them for $348! (this is the cheapest laptop i have been able to find in stores) I tried looking into the computer that they have advertised but it really gives no information besides "Acer Laptop 1GB of RAM" as seen here (under "secret in-store specials"). Would you say this is a good bargin for a college student looking for a cheap computer to use? Or should I just wait until Circuit City/Best Buy have a better deal for a computer with a more well known brand name? What would you suggest I do?

glass dome spinning top

My friend has a solid glass dome, perhaps 10cm / 4 inches in diameter, that works as a spinning top. You set it on a solid surface, with the flat side in the air, and spin it fast. It works up onto its side and then ends up with the flat side on the ground. It's mesmerising to watch!

Anyway, last time he used it a shard of glass came off the rim, and now it no longer spins properly. I want to find him a replacement, but I have no idea what such a thing would be called. He got it as a child and doesn't know its name. I tried googling and using image search, but had no luck. I'm guessing it would be sold as an ornament / paperweight rather than as a children's toy, but I really don't know.

So: does this object sound familiar to anyone, and does anyone know what it would be called? Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

So I broke up with my boyfriend of 4 years a few days ago. I don't regret it, but I'm still really sad over it. My best friend is being really supportive (lovvve her), and is willing to take me out tonight. All I feel like doing is moping around, though.

Should I go out with her tonight?

For those who were in a similar sitation, what should I do to keep my mind distracted? How hard was it for you? Any advice you want to give?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

(no subject)

i had the chance to go see Fall Out Boy and Gym Class Heroes today at my school for free the only catch is that i probably had to wait in line ranging from 3-6 hours

did i make a good choice to not go?
i say, old bean

(no subject)

has anyone ever knock on your door/come up to you and complain about you and someone else boinking too loud or too often?

if yes, what was your reaction?

if not, well shit, what's your secret? :P

can i see what the last picture was that you uploaded to your photobucket/lj/flickr/dA/WHATEVER account?

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Me And My Provocative Q's...

When you describe a person, do you include the colour of their skin in your description? I.E., "that white/black/Hispanic guy?"

If not, do you consider describing the colour of someone's skin a form of racism?

Do you think your enthnicity has anything to do with whether or not you describe skin colour?

I was talking to a co-worker and the issue of her teaching her son not to use skin colour to describe someone arose. Instead of saying something like, "she was a white girl with blonde hair," she encourages him to use other features, such as hair or eye colour, height, etc. I never thought of it as racist, but I'm intrigued by her thoughts on it.
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Charley horse

Most people experience this. Waking up in the middle of the night, clawing at your calf because WTFOUCH!?!? your muscle is a knot.

Other than flexing your foot and stretching through the cramp, what did you do? (My exhusband knew a pressure point on my THIGH that he could "punch" and BAM! no pain)

Days later, my calves (it happened to BOTH at the same time) are sore. Should I ice first and then heat? Or heat and then ice? Ice without heat? Heat without ice?

What did you do to make this horrible pain go away. I can barely walk... and stairs are almost impossible. And I live on the 3rd floor.

Serious answers wanted, nonserious answers welcomed. I need to laugh through the pain.
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(no subject)

Let's say you were a resident of the year 1800, magically transported to 2007. What would be the one thing I could show you from the present time that would most blow your mind?
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(no subject)

I'm a supervisor at a local restaurant. Today was my day off. There was a meeting for cooks and supervisors at 4:30 pm. I slept through it, as well as the phone call to ask me where I was. If a server or cook missed the meeting, they'd be fired, but we're down to two supervisors (plus one in training at the moment.) I've called the restaurant and the manager's cell phone trying to get in touch with her to apologize, it rang for over a minute and then went to a busy tone.

Do you think I'll get fired? (oh please, oh please!! I just want a weekend off for once. And my boy is coming to see me this weekend, it'd be so nice to see him after a relaxing day, rather than after 9 hours of pure hell!)

Is there anything else I can do about it tonight? Should I continue to call the manager's cell (she never works nights,) or should I just relax and deal with it in the morning?

(no subject)

my friend got drunk last night and made out with a random guy. shes been dating the same guy for 6 years. i was sober because i had an early exam today, but she is mad at me for not stopping her or watching out for her or something...

1. does she have the right to be mad or would you be mad?
2.  would you tell your SO if you got drunk and made out?
3. would you tell if you had sex?
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(no subject)

I feel that dancing girl's new turkey tail implant isn't good enough, and since I got used to seeing something on her head, I do believe she needs something added. WHAT should that something be, TQC?!

ETA: Do you want to edit dancing girl? Should there be clones of dancing girl throughout LJ, doing/dressing as various things? Dancing girl revolution?

ETAx2: y/n?

Last ETA: OKAY nevermind. Turkey tail alone. I fail at making hats.
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computer problems? :(

So I had music and using Skype at the same time. Meanwhile, somebody keeps IMing me over and over, right? And AIM keeps making the IM noise, over and over. So after just a few seconds of that, my computer gets the blue screen of death, and when it restarts, I can't use my sound.

Right now whenever I try to play music, or a sound pops up, etc., it makes this weird sound like that hiss you get after throwing water on a fire (uh, if you've done that?). The same thing happens when trying to watch a video. I thought putting my headphones on would help, but then I get the weird noise right up in my ear instead.

Well, basically: What's wrong with my computer?! :(

(no subject)


im aware that this is going to be a potentially annoying question and possibly generate some ass-hole-ish responses but im gonna ask aways cause im kinda desperate.

Does anyone with some photo editing software want to help me by making the eye on the left look closed?
if you dont what quote could i put at the bottom that would go well with it?

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I cried in the back seat

Will you tell me something you erroneously believed as a child?

Por ejemplo, I used to think "Don't drink and drive" meant "Don't drink anything and drive", so I'd get all anxious when my mom brought her travel mug of coffee in the car.
disney gave me unrealistic expectations

"Ketchup. Catsup! Ketchup. Catsup!"

At my house, there has been a long-running debate over what to do with a bottle of ketchup. My dad likes to keep it in the refrigerator. My mom hates this because she sees no point in putting cold ketchup on warm food. What do you do with your bottles of ketchup, and is there any proper method for ketchup storage?
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(no subject)

I live in a campus dorm.  Someone keeps having sex in the room above me.

And by "keeps having sex", I mean five times a day, every day.

Now...I'm all for lots of sex (not for me, personally, but I admire people who can go all day), but it's just getting ridiculous.  I can't do my homework, and I can't sleep at night, 'cause they're doing the horizontal monster mash all night and screaming like Michael Myers just burst into their room.

What would be the most awesome way to insure that they can have sex occasionally, and yet I can still get sleep?  I've thought about banging a broom on the ceiling, but I don't think they'd hear, and I don't want to put a hole in the ceiling.

(no subject)

 The spray stuff that is supposed to stop colds before they get started won't spray out of the bottle.

What are some natural ways to get this bizho out before it starts?

Have you had your tonsils removed?  How did that go for you?  I get sore throats all the time...and someone said it's because of my crappy tonsils.

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Hokay, so I'm following your advice, TQC, and am going out with my buddy tonight. What movie should we see? We want to see all these and don't know which to choose.

30 Days of Night
Gone Baby Gone
Things We Lost in the Fire
We Own the Night
The Kingdom
Across the Universe
The Darjeeling Limited

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So, why do you think the swing keeps moving? Haunted? large magnets under the ground? cheap tricks? Surely if physics professors can't figure out, people on the internet can!

What would you do if you came across a swing behaving like that, with no apparent reason for moving? would you be game enough to try to sit and swing on it?

edit: so kittyface shared another video about it here. For those of you with knowledge in the areas of physics and what not, is that right?

But still...wouldn't it freak you out a little to see it behaving like that?
eoin 1


Would you enrol your child(ren) at a childcare centre?
If no, why not?
If yes, or if you have already, how often per week are they in care?
How do you feel about the service you get?

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1. Do you know of any websites that sell bags similar to those on, but ships to Australia?

2. Today my girlfriend and I were at the supermarket and we saw a girl wearing a Marilyn Manson hoodie and ripped fishnets, who looked really out of it. When we walked past the checkout we saw her putting her stuff on the conveyor belt... about 15 tubs of home brand petroleum jelly and a pair of scissors. WTF was she planning to do with this stuff?
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It's 7:30 and I actually rested my head on the keyboard for a minute before typing this. Should I go to bed and get some glorious sleep, or should I get in some studying time for my Spanish test-thing tomorrow?

When is the longest you've gone without sleep? Or, what's the least amount of sleep you've gotten over an extended period of time?

hannibal skull

Again, with feeling...

Of the following men, who would you date even if they were NOT famous?

Boys, play along please. Who would you hang out with, even if they were not famous? :)

Poll #1080967 Would you hit it?

Would you date any of these men if they were NOT FAMOUS?

Will Ferrell
Seth Rogan
Josh Krasinski
Adam Sandler
Jason Lee
Ben Stiller
Jerry Ferrara
Andy Samberg
Zach Braff
Jack Black
Kevin James
David Spade
Howard Stern
Philip Seymour Hoffman



I did vote in the first poll.

What first poll?

My apologies for the first failed poll that did not allow you to see the results.

Please vote again. My bad.


I am buying a new electric guitar soon, would it be a bad idea to get a set bridge and not a Floyd Rose?

I ask this because it's just more comfortable for me to play on a string through neck/set bridge than a Floyd Rose and IMO the palm muting sounds better. But I am getting serious about guitar and eventually going to be doing solos in the near future. I just don't want to be stuck with no whammy bar for the next 2-3 years when it's a necessity. I play metal/rock: Megadeth, Metallica, Pantera, Deftones, In Flames.

I hope TQC community plays guitar :)

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once a friend told me that ALL girls thing they are good at head. he said really though, most girls suck, and think they are great. i always thought as long as it was in a freaking mouth it felt good at least.

does it feel good as long as its in there?
have you ever had "bad" head?
do you think all girls think they are good at head?

do you give head?
do you think you are good at it?

what exactly makes up "bad" head?

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Ignore that this is illegal.

You are in survivor china, you and super hungry, a panda waddles into your camp.

Would you eat it?
What would you eat?

If a small chinese child walked into your camp, would you eat them?

As you can tell, I need to have dinner and I am watching Survivor: China.

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whats more annoying:
yer mom
thats hott

EDIT: does anyone know where this whole "yer mom" thing came from? i think it came from the yo momma so fat... jokes, but where did those come from? a movie?
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What qualities, if any, do you think you'd be able to tolerate in a friend, but not an SO?

What qualities do you have that you would want an SO to also have (e.g. similar views on politics, attitudes towards money)? What qualities would you not want them to have that you have?
Goodnight Nobody

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What would be a reason for my temperature to vary in such a short time? I'm sick and came home from work today and had a temperature of 96.8, I went and laid down and felt very flushed and my temperature went 100.3.
Noodle, Peace

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Oi, TQC....I have a big test tomorrow (if I fail it, I fail the course). But I'm *so tired.* Should I take a nap now and get back up around 12 to study? Or should I just stay up and then go to bed at one or two, like normal?

What's the best way to cram?

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these structures are found in playgrounds.

1. do you know what I'm talking about?
2. what are they called?

ETA my original description:
moshimishi: do you guys know of the things in playgrounds called hamburgers
moshimishi: are they called something else
moshimishi: they're shaped like hamburgers
moshimishi: circular things
moshimishi: you crawl up a ladder to get into it
moshimishi: it's like a ufo

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1. what is your favorite hangover food?
2. do you enjoy moshing?
3. what is the last thing you bought off of ebay? did you have to go into a bid war for it?

1. omlettes and toast.
2. very much
3. yellow doc martens, nobody else bid on them besides me, so that was cool.
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 Should I be as POed as I am?
I'm not gonna lie and say he's not right about what I did, but seriously, it was once, and it was because I felt bad about myself and was depressed. I seriously regret what I did...

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[edit:] LOL, yeah ok so its funneh but i'm being serious here. i'm really hurt and upset... 

[edit2] isn't it funneh that he could easily look on here? he has an LJ i think lol...

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Say you were going to pick someone at your company to promote to trainer.
Person A and person B have worked there for the same amount of time.
Person A works 2 days a week, for about three hours a day. Person A is trained on tasks 1,2,3, and 4.
Person B works 3 days a week for over 6 hours a day. Person B is trained on tasks 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7.

Both employees are punctual and have good attendance records in general.

Why would it make ANY sense to pick person A over person B?
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The local mall has officially started playing Christmas music. God help us all. With that in mind, I ask you:

What are you going to get your spouse/SO for Christmas?

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would you be annoyed if you bought concert tickets for you and your friend, say - four months in advance, and she still hadn't paid you back?

and then today she lets you know she has a "bad feeling" about going to the concert and she is worried about her back problems, so she doesn't want to go anymore?

edit: oh, and how would you yell at her, if you choose to do so?
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grad school classes

Have you ever taken classes for graduate school credit without being enrolled in graduate school. 
I'm working full time and would like to go to graduate school in a few months, but in the meantime was hoping to be able to take 1 Psychoogy class for credit. 
Do you have to take the GREs before you can do that? Do you have to apply for part-time admission to the college/university where you wanna take the class even if it's just one? I am sure that it varies by schools but is there a general rule?
Also, do communiy colleges ever offer graduate school level classes or only undergrad?


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have you ever been in a serious car accident?

over the summer i got smashed into when a lady going 65mph on a freeway hydroplaned and slammed on her brakes, causing her to loose control and run into me.

were you hurt? how serious?

i had some severe whiplash and my wrist hurt. so i was on pain meds and muscle relaxers, plus a wrist brace.

how long until you were better?

my accident was on 8/01, and i was sore for about 2 weeks. last night my neck started to hurt again, and today it was worse. i'm worried its really messed up and that i will have to go to the doc again

on a happier note:

what are your plans for the weekend?

i have lots of studying to do, 3 tests next week. but i'm going to go out with some friends i haven't seen in a few weeks, which should be fun!

nuts 2 you

OH CRAP. You wake up tomorrow only to find that you have suddenly and permanently developed a deadly nut allergy. Yep, you're that guy from now on. Sorry. What are you really going to miss?

what would you miss most??

peanut butter
Ferrero Rocher
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups / Pieces, etc.
Snickers, Oh Henry, any other chocolate bars...
I cannot live without my Skippy, fuckit, kill self.
None. I hate all nut products. *mope*
I AM allergic to peanuts already. I live an empty life :(
screw this poll, but damn does that new Puscifer album rock hard
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Spinning clockwise? Counter-clockwise?


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Edit: I am also aware of the possibility that the .gif file just switches in the middle to drive people insane. But I am too lazy to check and people swear it only goes one way for them.

So if this is old meme to you: Confirm/Deny GIF switchiness?