October 31st, 2007


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Tell me your life story?

If not, how old were you when you had your first cigarette? And how did it happen?

Edit; Also, have you ever seen The Fantastic Planet? If so, thoughts on it? I think it's creepy as hell.

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Hey TQC: I am a young female. What should I wear to a group job interview at Bath at Body Works at my local mall? I do not have access to a suit, as I am 19, poor, and a biology student. Most of the work I've done before involved getting dusty with old plant specimens.. And I didn't have to interview for that.

Any tips for me, since this will hopefully be my first retail job?

What was the worst retail job experience you've ever had?
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What movie(s) changed your life? Why, and what did it change?

Also, have any of you been in a long-distance relationship before having met the person? If so, what was it like when you met? Was it comfortable and you picked up from where you left off, or did it seem like you had to get to re-know each other? My girlfriend is visiting in eighteen days, and I'm so nervous and excited!

My dearest TQC,

Do you like Hillary Clinton? Not in the voting sense, but as an actual person?
I can take her or leave her. She kind of bugs me.

I am going trick or treating with my best friend and her little brother (he's 2) tomorrow. Since I am poor, I am going to be a pregnant cat. The usual all black, ears, a tail, and of course my pregnant belly. BUT! I don't want to do the usual boring face of just using eyeliner to draw on whiskers and a nose. Do you know any websites with like, Halloween makeup tutorial/pictures/ideas? Have you ever been a cat for Halloween? If so, do you have pictures?

What is aggravating you at this exact moment?
I am eating donuts, but they're all crumbly so they're extra hard to eat.

Do follow the fashions for the season? For example, do you start painting your nails browns instead of pinks when Fall comes around? Or start wearing burnt orange, yellows, browns, and greens?
I don't really go by season, I like to wear Fall colors all of the time.

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What's your favorite concert DVD?

I'm watching Concert for George right now and Jesus, as soon as Paul starts "Something" on the ukulele I'm bawling right through "I'll See You In My Dreams"

I also love the Led Zeppelin 2-disc

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oo1. where are you?
oo2. how many magazine subscriptions do you currently have?
oo3. did someone close to you pass away this year?
oo4. do you dislike halloween?
oo5. what is your favorite graphic novel?


I took some codeine earlier and it made me throw up multiple times. i cant keep anything down and i feel just plain icky. What should i eat/drink/do to settle my stomach?
hannibal skull

H...nice to meet you!

1. How important are first impressions to you?
2. What do you do if you forget the name of someone you've just been introduced to?
3. Are you good at recalling names?
4. Would you like to introduce yourself to the group?

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Should I be more concerned with finding the perfect job or just finding someone who is willing to pay me?

I won't actually be starting until June, but the recruiting is going on now and I'm concerned if I wait too long all the jobs will be gone.

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Let's say you're a parent. And one day your child* was playing with matches and ended up starting a fire that spread 38,000 acres.

Should you be held responsible? How? (Legally, morally, something else..)

*the child in question is a minor.
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If you wrote a novel based off your life experiences, do you think sell loads of copies? Why or why not?

What's the weather like today where you're located?

Are you handing out candy, going to a party, trick-or-treating tonight or something else?


What are the questions to the following answers?

1. Riding through Kentucky on a 3 legged donkey

2. Purple sleeves

3. His butt was bright red for weeks

4. Only if you can eat 3 doughnuts without licking your lips

5. Two blocks down, on the left. There's a hot dog stand nearby

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1.) The boots I'm wearing right now have been with me since high school. What article of clothing have you owned the longest, and how old is it?
2.) Urban, suburban, or rural? Whyzat?
3.) T or A? (Explain your response in the form of an essay)

Alledgedly Haunted Homes

Would you purchase a home knowing that it has/had a reputation for being haunted? What if it was allegedly haunted by a well-known deceased person such as Lizzie Borden?

Yes, this post is inspired by watching today's episode of Montel Williams.
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1a. What's your favourite dinosaur?
1b. Did you ever have a dinosaur phase as a kid? (Or an adult!)
1c. Is there a good in-depth dinosaur resource on the net somewhere? Like a Wiki or something?

2a. Favourite mammal?
2b. Lizard or amphibian?
2c. Fish? (including jellyfish, and whatnot--anything non-mammalian or non-insect that lives underwater)
2d. Insect?
2e. Bird?
2f. Mythical creature?

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I am applying to grad schools in the next month and I have a quick question.

If the school requires two or three letters of recommendation, and I have four, should I only send the required number or will it not hurt to send all the ones I have? They are all excellent letters of recommendation so I'd really like to send all of them, if that wouldn't hurt my chances of getting accepted.

ETA: I might be moving to Phoenix this summer if I get accepted into my first-choice school. ANY PHOENICIANS OUT THERE WANNA BE MY NEW BFF ROSE? WE CAN GET ICE CREAM AND WATCH SCARY MOVIES TILL 3AM!

Cleaning shoes.

How do I clean white canvas type shoes? I have some Puma slipons that need some desperate cleaning. :(:(

Is dressing up as a hoe for Halloween overrated or fun?

My answer: Overrated. Can you be more creative then just adding 'sexy' to the front of a profession?

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What's a good reason for not coming to class other than a doctors appointment?
I'm really going to celebrate world vegan day with some friends.

This is THE most boring class ever, seriously. We generally get a turn-up of 5 people out of 55, yet I turn up nearly every lesson because I'm polite (and because I feel sorry for the lecturer because it's his last semester - he's retiring- and he knows he's boring but he doesn't know how to fix it).

Will you tell me of your boring class experiences?
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So I was woken up by a stranger knocking on my door. She said she was with the EMS and that they were taking my mom to the hospital because she's having chest pain and trouble breathing. How the hell can I calm myself down? I think I just gave myself an ulcer.

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Do you know of a good program that would let me look at a typical week schedule?  One that's just online perhaps?

(I'm trying to gets classes settled, and don't want ot fiddle around with googlecal)

Costume help

I'm sure you're all sick of the costume questions, but you'll get just the one from me I promise.

We're going to a Halloween party tonight and for my costume I have one comfy pair of hospital scrubs from my time as a CNA. I'm debating whether or not I should leave them as they are and go as a gynecologist (it's a gay bar, I thought this might be funny) or splatter them with blood and go as an insane doctor/nurse/whatever.

Which do you think I should do?

Gynecologist or Mad Surgeon

Mad Surgeon
Other idea for scrubs (suggest in comments, please)
Scrubs aren't a costume, get something else
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Money, money, moooney, ....mooooneeey

I live in a dorm and had over $80 stolen out of my room.   The perpetrator is either picking my lock or has a spare key because I'm pretty adamant about locking my door everytime I leave the room.

I've filed reports and asked to have my locked changed.

Should I ask for reimbursement from the school?

The dorm I'm living in has specific person in mind that constantly asks for things and thinks she stole it. We're trying to get her kicked out very soon.

I'm just wondering since residence life has a good idea of who is stealing things that they would believe me.

Also, I don't have a roommate.

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costume dilemma!

So hokay. Today is Halloween, and since I left all my shopping to the very last minute, I was unable to get a proper(ly fitting costume). The only reason I got one was for work, now, the costume I ended up buying is this: http://www.amazingpartystore.com/pages/ru_15360_downstairsmaid.htm. I work at a library, and will be wearing leggings underneath the costume. My problem is that I'm slightly wider in the chest (read: a lot) than the girl pictured so the costume rode up quite a lot. A few questions:

Is this inappropriate?
Should I try to find a back-up?
My co-workers already know I'll be dressing up, should I maybe just not botherrr?

If it helps - I'm 19y.o. and I'll be shelving books all day in the kids' section.


and for fun: can tell me about your best OR worst halloween experiences, please?

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Poll #1080624 The rules of homosexuality

Three people are going to have a threesome. Two guys and a girl. Does this m-f ratio make the guys make the guys gay?

A little gay

During the above sexual situation, one of the guys accidentally touches the other guy's junk. Does this make them both gay?

A little gay

The girl's in the middle, with the two guys on each end. Halfway through, she has to make an emergency bathroom break, leaving the two fully stimulated guys alone in bed together. Does this make them gay?

A little gay

The girl goes down on the first guy, and then kisses the second guy on the lips. Has the second guy just engaged in a gay act?

A little gay

During the threesome, which had involved only oral and anal, the girl's wig falls off and it's revealed that she was a guy all along. Are the two unsuspecting guys now considered gay?

A little gay

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 1. what are you doing at the moment? 

2. what should you be doing?
- studying, as i am still at school..

2. When is it okay to Wear Sunglasses?
- i saw someone today wearing them on the bus, clearly not very hung over, and not sleeping ,
  maybe it was just me, it looked strange to me. (is was the evening, and the windows were tinted, if that makes more sence to why i asked)

Order Picker

I have an interview for a General Labour job, I am pretty experienced as that. That also asked if I had Order Picker exterience, I said no. They said they are willing to train for that, so not to worry. I have an interview at 3PM EST.
From what I gather Order picking is scanning bar codes and odering new stock.

Am I right?
Does anyone know what it is exactly?

My friends, husband and I have a friendly bet going on right now on if I'll get it or not. Care to place a bet? lmfao
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Helping Out With Financial Aid

Here's a question that's emerged in light of post-secondary education, and funding. Say there's a program, a completely voluntary program aimed at financing tuition (and perhaps other) costs for students that may need a bit of aid. Families, companies, literally anyone is encouraged to donate an amount of their choice to be distributed among qualifying students. Contributions need not be constant because of course financial problems come in every now and then, and so the obligation would in no way become a requirement. Distribution of funds will not be based upon merit, but need.

I was thinking of whether there should be an organization that specializes specifically on collecting funds from people who just want to contribute. In this way, more could play a part in helping out.

My question is, should there be a program as the aforementioned, at least as another means of aiding students? Would you participate in it, had you the choice? Are there already similar existing programs that reflect this purpose? And would this be appropriate?

Holiday Horrors!

1. Ever had a holiday ruined for you? 

2. Would you like to tell me about it, or is it still to painful?

3. Ever overreact, not because what happened was so awful, but because it was the Holiday and you wanted it to be PERFECT damn it?

4. What's your favorite way to crawl out of your emo blues? 
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What's the most gruesome death on screen according to you?

And I don't mean in the sense of "the man with the chainsaw runs after the lady and you hear a chainsaw and afterwards some other fellow finds the pieces" the death itself has to happen on screen.

Like in 13 ghosts the fellow between the doors and stuff, only scarier (more scary? whatever)
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Stabbing pumpkins

Did you carve a pumpkin this year?

If you did, will you show me a picture?

If you didn't, why not?

Does it make you want to punch people when you spend a lot of time carving a pumpkin only to have some mean person smash it on your driveway?

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Poll #1080676 Monkeys, sex, and you

In some bizarre raffle you don't remember entering, you win the services of a helper monkey for an entire year! Woohoo! What things do you make it do?

In an even more bizarre twist, the monkey you're assigned is a Bonobo helper monkey. In light of this new development, what additional duties or chores do you have the monkey do?

A multi-millionaire takes an interest in you and his/her lawyer comes to you with a deal. If you agree to have sex with the millionaire once and only one time per month for the next 5 years, you will be awarded a steady monthly income of $8,000 (close to 100k a year). The millionare chooses what day of the month the deed happens, and if you breach the arrangement in any way, he/she will take you to court for breach of contract. The millionaire is in his/her 60s and not particularly attractive. So, bottom line, for 500k, would you be willing to have sex with an old, unattractive person 60 times in the next 5 years?


Edit: for the last question, if you are in a relationship now, would your SO understand? Would you tell him/her?
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Have you ever had food poisoning?
Doesn't it suck?

I baked cupcakes last night. What did you do?

Should I get a kitten for Christmas?

What game should I get for my Wii?

Are you working on your Thanksgiving icon yet? Can I see it?

Why is TQC so slow today?
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1. What does the word 'gangsta' mean to you?
2. Where are you from?

ETA: 3. Would you be able to make sense of the following?:

Yes blud, bustin to Jay's for a cotch tonight, maybe a blaze - got bare zoots lined up, we can proper hotbox his place and then just mong out. That fight last night was sick, but Dan's bruises are hench. These proper gully-looking types merked him with a baseball bat, wish I'd had a gat on me, that dude deserved a mouthful of my nine... wish I'd been able to spark them at least. Knew we shouldn't have sessioned that place, it looked proper sketch. Allow that place next time man. The rest of the night was jokes though, we were all on it, can't believe you pupped out. Anyway gotta bust, safety man... brrrrrap!


We are taking in a female Eclectus parrot named Sophie from my boyfriend's parents who moved across the globe and couldn't take her with due to quarentine reasons. Eclectus parrots are the type to live for like 70 years and I guess they are kind of particular and fussy about their environment and routines. Sophie knows my boyfriend but my interaction has been limited to talking to her through her cage and being chomped on the foot by her when I got too close to the basket she was playing in.

1. Are there things I can do to gain her trust without getting my fingers bitten off? She's got a fierce beak and I'm kind of afraid of her after the foot incident.
2. Do you have any tips for keeping a happy parrot?
3. Any advice about parrots and cats co-existing?

Here she is!
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So for those of you who did go trick-or-treating as a younger child (10 and under, say), did your parent(s), guardians, or whoever pick out their favorites to keep for themselves as they went through your candy? 

If so, honestly, were you totally okay with that, did you resent the hell out of it, or something in between?

Did it make a difference how much they took, and how much did they usually take?

What did they take that you most would have liked to keep for yourself?


I caught him........NOW WHAT???????

The other day I was on my bf's computer and saw a convo that he was having with this girl. Will you get on web cam for me? Show me some love? Send pictures to my phone? Lets meet up and you can smoke for me in person.

*My heart is a pile of ashes*

I have lived with him for a year and a half and thought this is the guy. I can't help but be in love with him but how can I trust him after this?

I know what to do, but what should I say?

He said he only did it that one time, should I believe him?

If you are man, do you think this an *ok* think to do when you are in a relationship?

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Do you celebrate any holidays/festivals that aren't germane to your own culture or country? If so, why did you adopt them? Are there any you'd like to adopt? Which holidays/festivals that are commonly celebrated in your culture do you not observe, or would ignore if you could?


I like the idea of El Dia de los Muertos although it's not observed at all here. I tend to turn a blind eye to Halloween; we've got Bonfire Night a few days after which is much groovier, and I find trick or treating pretty loathsome to be honest. Please not to be egging my house. :)

Epic Money Failure

How do student loans (mostly federal, but massive, think around $220k) affect a married couple with dual income in the 90k range (before taxes) and a decent credit history ability to get a mortgage? Fixed rate, specifically, but any information would be great.

Any good websites on how to beef up one's finances to get in good graces to get a good mortgage?

Halloween fiver

1: How often do you lose your keys?
2: Have you ever shot a gun? If you did, how did it make you feel?
3: What is the most expensive speeding ticket you have even gotten?
4: Do you have a favorite brand of tissues?
5: What are your plans for this evening? 
Give a dog a home

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Does the patch or nicotine gum work for quitting smoking?

I tried cold turkey several times and fell off the wagon.

What should I give to kids who aren't in costume that show up tonight expecting candy?

Should I just leave a bowl out with a sign that says "take no more than two, please"? We don't get many trick or treaters, maybe 20 max.

What should the next TQC icon meme be?

For the womens..

My boss went home for the day so I've stopped with the illusion that I'm actually doing work and am poking around Sephora.com

Do you wear makeup daily?

Do you shop at Sephora?

Favorite brands?

Favorite products I should check out?

Just looking for new fun stuff :o)
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What are you celebrating/could you celebrate?

I switched my major from Music Composition to Music w/ studies in an Outside Field (in this cage, Psychology).

What song fits how you feel right now?

Feel So Free by Ivy
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1. Are your parents embarrassing?
2. How have your parents most embarrassed you?
3. My mother, upon meeting my sister's friend's mother for the first time, just said the following: "Hi! Come on in. So I heard you had breast cancer. Did you have to get chemo and stuff?" WHY would she say something like that?
4. Would you be as mortified by this as I am? D:
Burger Flipping Hufflepuffs

Happy Halloween, babies!

1.) What's the coolest factoid about your heritage?
My mother just told me that I'm something like 1/20th black because one of my distant male relatives had a child with a black prostitute in New Orleans (I don't know if they got married, but obviously he had something to do with raising the child because the kid carried the family name). Other than that, my great great grandfather or something was the founder of Oscar Mayer.

2.) Which do you prefer? The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
I'm a Beatles fan, myself.

3.) What's your favorite sports team?
The Phoenix Suns, baby.
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'god hates fags' church ordered to pay $11million
A grieving father won a nearly $11 million verdict Wednesday against a fundamentalist Kansas church that pickets military funerals in the belief that the war in Iraq is a punishment for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality.

TQC: speech that poses an immidiate and unnecessary risk to life and limb notwithstanding ("FIRE!" in a crowded theater), do you think that there should be limits on the freedom of speech?

if so, what do you think those limits should be?
if not, why not?


the majority of twins (10 years old and under) that i see, are black. why is this? are certain races more prone to having twins or is it just a coincidence?
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1. why do you think i frequently get really horny at work? (i'm not attracted to any of my coworkers; nothing about my job is arousing) do you think it could be because of the stress and frustration?
2. are you horny?

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If someone completely random came up to you and asked if they could take a picture of your tattoo(s), how would you feel? Would you let them? Pretend the person says they really like them.

How could I ask people to let me take pictures of theirs without coming off as weird/creepy?

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Earlier, uberash posted these questions and most of the comments pretty much said that after TQC was featured on LJ Spotlight, it got out of hand.  My question is: has it recovered since?  Or is it not the same as it was before it was featured?
b/w girl

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what does the banner of your phone say?

black ink, blue ink or pencil?

if you never had to hear about or see a certain person in your life ever again, who would it be and why are you erasing them?

if i have to impress a self-proclamed "predictable" guy and swoon him with my "out of the box-ness" when we hang out next week, what should we do?? 
he said he wants me to 'teach' him how to be creative like meee
maybe its an excuse to hang out (which is FINEEE) but i want him to leave being like, wow, shes so cool.  
if it helps we drive, so thats not an issue. and live close to the jersey shore. and have pretty much all day and/or night. i will be forever grateful for a good idea.

also, does anyone else LOATE halloween?
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

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Maybe it's not all that cool to wear the same Halloween costume more than once, but what if it's really spiffy?

I've worn some variant of a wenchy costume for the last few years, because each year I buy new and improved parts. Like now I have a nice chemise, leather underbust, black skirt, and a cloak that I made. And by next year I'd like a petticoat, and a higher quality skirt. etc etc. I'd be content to just improve and wear the same idea of a costume for years, but I wondered what all you folks thought?

Tomorrow at work we all have to study powerpoint presentations and take tests on the stuff we sell. What kind of snacks should I bring in so we don't flip out during the world's longest meeting?
Feet Pyramid

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1. Why is the show "Goosebumps" so horribly fantastic?
2. I'm cold. What should I do to get warm?
3. *possibly US-centric: Has anyone noticed a general decline in men's motivation (mostly high school and college age)? We've discussed this in numerous Psych and Soc classes (my major and minor), and one theory is that feminism has caused it. What are your thoughts?
hannibal skull


I just showed It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown to 6 classes in the last 2 days. YEAH FOR NOT TEACHING!!!

Anyway, as the story goes, Charlie Brown, in his holey costume only get rocks. It struck me today how REALLY UNFAIR that is...and how it would be ADULTS doing that to this poor kid. I mean, bad enough Lucy grounds him every time he tried to kick the ball, but to be treated so poorly by the adults in the neighbourhood. Just not right I tell you.

Oh yes...question:

1. If you were Charlie Brown, how would you *trick* the houses who gave you rocks?

2. Why would an adult single one kid out of a crowd to pick on the night of Halloween?

3. Am I reading too much into a kid's movie?

Old ppl stench?

Why does old people have such the strong smell? I always make assume this is just the smell of decay, but then my foreman, he has 45 years, maybe 46 years, and he smell like a old man already. It is very unique as, maybe if a man he touch many of sweaty coins, then he cut onions, then he try to stop a fart from loosing itself used his finger, then he makes smell the same manner. What is such this unholy source of stench?

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What words do you have a hard time imagining being said out loud, but look perfectly normal on paper?

For me, it's 'wielding'.. as in, wielding a sword. I think I would laugh if someone said that out loud.
Noodle, Peace

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My mother is being all-depressed about not having any trick-or-treaters this year, despite me warning her that all the kids these days are taken to malls and stuff for that sort of thing. What can I do to cheer her up?

Are you going to church tomorrow? It's All Saints' Day.

Who's your favorite saint?
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1. Does it bother you when people complain about you/others being OMGZ MEANZ on the interwebs?

2. My computer just spontaneously turned itself off. Why do you suppose that happened?

3. Do you watch ANTM? Kid Nation? Private Practice?

4. Have you ever seen the movie The Challengers?
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I've read in a few magazines that a shower [i.e. running water] gives off/has [?] negative ions.
Does this mean that running water such as rivers+ the sea give off negative ions too?
Do they emit less because they are moving slower?
Does it mean anything to you?
girls » barbie

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TQC, where the hell are all the trick or treaters?! i have all this freakin' candy, and i've seen maybe two trick or treaters.

Are you gonna watch Ghost Hunters Live, tonight at 9pm on SciFi?
(They're investigating the Waverly Sanatorium in Kentucky, where more than 63,000 people died)

(no subject)

I have a stupid interview for grad school on Friday that I am totally and completely freaking out for... the more stressed out I get, the more emotional I get.. sniffle sniffle, bleh, bleh, bleh.

If someone asks you the following questions in a professional school interview, what do you say?

1. "Tell me about yourself." (How long are you supposed to talk for? Where the hell do you begin?)
2. "What are your strengths and weaknesses?"

Also: any tips on how to help me sleep tonight? I have to get up at 6 a.m. for work, go to work from 7 am - 6 pm, leave right after for the airport, fly out at 9, land at midnight, and go to my interview at 8 the next day. I just keep stressing myself out so much, there's no way I'll get a decent amount tonight, and tomorrow is a lost cause!

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So, you think that this guy found Bigfoot?
Do you believe Bigfoot (or whatever you want to call him) exists? Are there any Bigfoot/Loch Ness Monster/other mythical beast type stories from around where you live?

Also, do you find this ad offensive? he did, but I think maybe he doth protest too much, perhaps. Have you seen and/or used the pinkie penis signal before? It's been around here for years and years, but I don't know if it's an international type of gesture, though I'd assume it would be. We used it a lot in high school, it pissed the boys off, for some reason.

Given that it seems sweet potatoes/yams are a big part of many Thanksgiving dinners (well, from what I've seen on tv, anyway), what's your favourite recipe for them? I loooove sweet potatoes, but we don't tend to do too much with them here. What do you like to do with them?

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1: Do you on-line shop? If you do, what do you buy?
2: What do you considering over the line when someone complains?
3: Have you ever gone to church with a friend because you had nothing else to do?
4: Do you have days of the week set aside for certain meals, like a pizza night?
5: What is a great surprise you got recently?

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Please answer all the q's if you do this :)

I need to have people answer questions for a survey for my Soc. project.  Fun!  Please :D

1.  Are you male or female?
2.  Age/grade?  (If you don't want to answer, I'll just make something up...)

3.  Do you support/use the Oxford comma (y/n)?
4.  Does you enjoy alliteration (y/n)?
5.  Does unintentional rhyming when talking bother you (y/n)?
6.  Do you like limericks (y/n)?
7.  When learning cursive, were you told that you would need to use it all the time when you grew up (y/n)?
7b. If so, do you actually need to use it all the time (y/n)?
8.  How old were you when you first lost a close friend or relative?
9.  Are your religious beliefs very different from the ones you were raised with?  Please explain how.
10.  Have you read The Giving Tree (y/n)?
11.  Are you always looking for quarters to do laundry with (y/n)?
12.  Fav holiday?

(no subject)

How do you wake yourself up in the morning?
What is the most effective way to wake up in the morning?

I can't wake up at all in the mornings. I set up several different alarms, but I can just turn them off and go back to bed.

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TQC, have you ever seen something that looked like it belonged in a movie?

Today on the bus, there were three people complaining about how things were going in their dance group. It was so dramatically overblown that I half expected to hear that there would be a dance-off tonight to settle things once and for all.

I have two short essays that I can pick the topic for, an essay on Pride and Prejudice, and an essay topic for Indigenous Studies due Monday. Which should I work on first?

What's the last thing you ate?

ETA: I wanted to make myself a poster using some clips from a graphic novel series I read. So long as I'm not selling it, claiming it's my own art, or editing it, that's legal, right?
Christmas Jim and Pam

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If you were going to have a zombie movie marathon, what movies what you watch? In what order? There is a limit of 6.

Are you a self-saboteur? If yes, explain.

What is your favorite pair of shoes? How long have you had them? Any memories attatched to them?

Do you know anyone who ever questioned their sexuality (I don't mean in passing, I mean seriously), and ended up not being gay?

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just joking

1. Is there a topic that you never ever joke about?

What topics you avoid joking about..

2. ..When your parents are around?
3. ..When your friends are around?
4. ..When your coworkers are around?
5. ..When kids are around?
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1. Do people give children up for adoption when they've grown up? As opposed to giving birth and immediately giving the child up. I have images of a three or four year old, but any age under 18 but above newborn works for me.

2. What do you do for a living?

3. What do you wish you where better at? Basketball, math, driving, whatever.

4. What's your first name?
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I need a second job...

I was talking to someone at work last night and they asked me if I was going to get a second job. I kinda want one, but it would be difficult to find one that would fit specifically into my needs/requirements. Then they asked. "Can't you find one on the internet, you know, working on line or something."

Which brings me to my question: Is it possible to work "on-line" part-time? Any suggestions?

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Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness?
Yes, this older lady from the retirement community that was right behind my old house offered to help me move as she saw me walking back and forth with my little red wagon. She was really nice and helpful. It was very random, and I love her for it!

Have you ever done a random act of kindness?
I've helped people take groceries out to their car and I've helped a couple of women pick up the contents of their purses. So yes.

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Although it's still kind of far away, I'm already thinking about Thanksgiving. And I'm hungry.

If you have Thanksgiving dinner, what kind of things do you eat?

ETA: For Canadians, what did you eat for Thanksgiving?

Book recs?

I'm looking for a good fall/winter read. You know, a book you can cuddle up with under lots of blankets with a cup of tea and some delicious cookies while it's pouring and cold outside.

Can anyone recommend one (or more?!) preferably long (300+ pages would be terrific) book? I've not come up with anything after hours of browsing Amazon. :/

 I like historical books, fantasy, crime, poetry, glbt lit, biographies, anything. I like childrens' books, too, but they're usually rather short... Strong female leading characters would be great, but are entirely optional.
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Ah, to be young and utterly obtuse...

this may be a bit tl;dr for some. but it goes with my question.

At work this "preppy" (I suppose you could call her "posh") girl sees these teenage girls (who can be but a year or two younger than herself.) and she looks at me and goes. "Omgosh, those girls scare me." I look over and don't can't see what is so terrifying. "Why?" I ask. "Isn't it obvious. All that black, and those chains." I turn to her. "Some of my best friends in high school wore attire like that. Are you gonna be afraid of me too?"  "I just don't see how they can be comfortable with all that black, and their clothes are so baggy, and those chains..." "They ain't scary, darlin, they are different." "I just don't see how they are comfortable, that's all." "And that makes them scary? Dear, I don't see how people are comfortable in pink, or clothing that is skin tight. Should I be afraid of them?" The girl then gets defensive. "You mean people like me? I'm a good person, I'm friends with everyone, except people like that because they think I'm a snob, and I'm not, Just because I wear clothing that says Hollister doesn't mean I'm a snob."

She never did answer my question. Maybe i should be afraid of her. ::shrug::

1. My question is; at what ago should people be expected to look beyond what they see?
2. Is it too much to expect someone that is of legal age to be a little open minded?
3. Should I go into work one day next week on my day off wearing all black and go through her line to FREAK HER OUT ?(OMG I SO SKEEEERY!)
4. Why can't some people accept the fact that they are people out there that just prefer the color black? (This poor girl would never last a day in New York. LOL... at least, that's what I hear... am sorry if I am over-simplifying here.)

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I just got an email from someone in my past, in this email he mentioned about a friend we had who got in trouble and is now serving 4-7 years. He said he didn't want to spoil the surprize and for me to google him and I could read about it. Well I have and I yahoo'd and blingo'd etc anyhow I can't find anything about him. I am doing the search like this

Patrick+Allen+Stark and like this Patrick Allen Stark

I honestly don't think this is enough information to go on, what do you think?

It's not a big deal using his name I mean hell if he was in all the Detroit papers and is a criminal does it really matter?

EDIT - found him on OTIS thanks
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So my boyfriend thought it was a good idea to hide and scare me when I got out of my car when I got home at 11:00 (after I just watched scary movies with people oh noes). I spilled coffee on my new white coat because his scare tactics worked. This generally makes me upset because he knows I am whiny and no fun and do not appreciate being scared in the first place, and now my new innocent white coat has been brought into it.

What kind of prank should I do to get back at him? It deserves something small!
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 Ok TQC.. I have been googling for a very long time.. and i recently went to google something that seemed innocent.. But ended up being a porn filled catastrophe..

So my Question is.. 

1. While surfing the internet, and using any search engine.. have you ever come up with Porn sites  when you werent looking for them?

And just to make life interesting

2.. What is your favourite Position ..( i mean sex ladys and gents.. )
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1. What's a good home cure/treatment for tendonitis? I have it from where my wrist meets my hand to right above my elbow.

I've been seeing a physical therapist, and it helps some, but not as much as I want. I just got finished w/ physical therapy for the 2nd time. I don't want another relapse for no identifiable reason.

2&3. What I really want is for my tendonitis to go away, and my arm to be like it was before. Is that possible? What could I do to make that happen?

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 i have a Spanish test on friday, I'm with a group of people and we have to discuss school for a maximum of five minutes. I think this is getting off easy, but half of my group still complains that it should be two minutes. Do you think doing a five minute conversation as a test is fair? Do you know any other languages besides your native one? What is your native language?

I got my old phone replaced because it was broken and they sent me the newest version of it. Is it stupid that I got excited over the address book features on this thing?
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1. Favorite kind of sunglasses to wear?
My A: I love my aviators.

2. During the night (from when you sleep to when you wake), how many times do you get up to pee?
My A: I used to not get up at all, but then a few months ago just once, and now twice. I just can't control it :|

3. What's the best lie that you ever told?

4. If you're in school, what's your schedule next semester?
My A: Spanish 2, American lit, Creative Writing non-fic, Astronomy, and nutrition online.

5. When answering questions, do you feel the need to answer all of the questions (even if you don't answer all of them) or do you just pick and choose?
My A: I answer to what I can - the ones I leave blank are because I feel I'd just make myself look stupider.

6. Have you ever been in a natural disaster? How bad was it?
My A: A 6.5 earthquake on the 26th floor and the next day everyone was checking out the cracks in the building. Many of typhoons.

7. What are the first five things you do thirty minutes after you usually wake up?
My A: Usually, I come back from the gym, take a shower, dress, make my lunch, and then eat breakfast.

8. What is something you always lose at, even if you try your hardest?
My A: I usually always lose at literati :( I have such a bad record.

9. What is the closest pink object to you?
My A: A post it paper thing.. though my stapler is a competitor..

10. If you are in college or have went to college and you look through your schedule of classes, what seems/seemed like the most interesting class to take - regardless if you can take it or not?
My A: I don't know about you, but I would die to take Sociology of Sex, or whatever it's called. I heard that there was a Harry Potter class somewhere in a school in NY - man. I would die of happiness if I could take that *_*
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Okay, I need suggestions on how to make an ice pack. I just had my wisdom teeth out, so I have this nifty little sling that holds two 3" x 2" x .10" icepacks, right on my jaw. It's genius and works great, but they only gave me two ice packs, so when they melt I have to wait 2 hours at least for them to freeze up a little. I tried using frozen peas, but they melt even faster and they start to stink, so that's a big negative. My mom made me a baggy of ice, double bagged, but they always leak.

1. Do we just suck at properly sealing the bags (ziplock), or are they gonna leak no matter what?

2. What can I use to make ice packs?

3. Since my sling is soaking wet now, how would I go about drying a lycra/spandex piece of material without shrinking it too much?

4. For all my GHOST HUNTERS LIVE watchers out there, Dustin and Kris need to leave that stupid ball alone, y/y?


Hello, i have a question about computers.  About my computer and how to fix it.  Here is the thing, one day i turned it on, it started up as normal and i worked on it for a few minutes then suddenly i must  have hit a key wrong or something but my screen completly shifted sideways.  Everything is now 90 degrees to the left.  This has been going on fro about 2 weeks, i have asked many friends to come over and look at it, i have fooled with the settings and things but nothing i seem to do will fix it.  
It is usable and i am making the best of it, but i am a student and do much work on my computer and its confusing, annoying and hurting my neck.  Im about to break down and take it to a repair shop.  Does anyone have any suggestions for me before i go and spend an arm and leg on a probably simple solution?

Thank you, ali.

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I have a blackberry pearl and I think the buttons got pushed somehow when it was in my purse and now theirs a NUM/CAP button that is on at the corner of my screen and it is preventing me from using the keypad as numbers, i can basically only answer it or call from the adress book. does anyone know how to turn this sucker off? i tried googling for help pages for blackberry but I have no idea what I should be looking for. so if anyone is phonesmart please help!
SOLVED! i'm such a phone n00b lol

and for those who aren't

how did you spend halloween?did you dress up? if so as what?
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Did your school/college/ work do anything special? if so what?
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