October 30th, 2007

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Do you refer to the Atlantic Ocean as a "pond"?

For people in the USA that don't, do you think others in our country call it a "pond" to look cool?

I don't know why I care about this.
I don't call it a pond. And quite frankly, when I hear people in the US refer to it as a pond, it just seems almost forced.

What's your favorite kind of blanket? Wool? Fleece? Cotton?

My fav. of the moment is a fleece one. Nice and warm!

(no subject)

I have been hearing a constant "tick-tock" sound in my room for the past few weeks, but I can't find the source anywhere. I don't have a standard clock up here that I know of. I'm also starting to hear a resonant ringing sound that seems to be coming from the wall in front of me.

Am I going crazy?

What's the scariest noise you've ever heard at night?

(no subject)

I'm having a hard time finding videos to upload into my zune...

Anyone have any suggestions? (no porn kthnx)


Should I go into psychology or Public Relations?

srs & nonsrs answers welcome.

(no subject)

1. Which movie do you believe to be the most overrated?

2. Are there any current fashion trends that you find ridiculous? If so, which?

3. If any, which television programs, movies, or music do you consider to be one of your guilty pleasures?

(no subject)

 As far as I know, halloween is supposed to be kinda chilly this year. For my costume I'm wearing a corset, but I'm going to be freezing by the end of the night. What can I wear over/under the corset that won't look silly and will keep me warm?

Also, why is everyone in this house so tense and snarly?

(no subject)

Ever have times when you are just down about things? then all of a sudden someone does something simple to brighten your day? like a phone call from someone you haven't heard from or someone just giving you a smile?

if so tell me about it:
1)what had u down
2) what made it better
3) what made the simple thing so meaningful (if applicable)
misc - not a weapon

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite "bin candy" (gummy worms, jelly beans, sno caps, etc.)?
2. Do you like sour candies?
3. Do you have any rules for getting bin candy, like not getting any from bottom bins where kids can reach?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

Be honest. On an average day(one where you have not cleaned up for company or done anything other than your normal routine), how messy is your dwelling?

How often do you clean, normally?

If you live in a small space, how do you organize?

Will you share any pictures of how your dwelling looks at this current moment?

(no subject)

When you acquire used clothes from goodwill and/or thrift stores, do you usually wash them then wear them? Or just wear them straight from the rack?

And what is one thing you want to say to an ex of yours?
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(no subject)

Does anyone remember a movie where these two girls spend the night in this old couple's house (I can't remember why) and the end up being tortured and turned into dolls or something?

I saw it so long ago that I can't remember all the details...its an 80's movie and the one scene that I remember is this one girl trying to find her friend in the house and her friend is like tied up or something and her eyes fall out of her head and roll towards the other girl.

Has anyone seen it? I know it's an actual movie but I can't think of the title

(no subject)

I'm not a big gamer, and I've never played World of Warcraft. I played Everquest for several months back in the day. Should I start playing World or Warcraft or is it just a waste of time and money?
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(no subject)

You have 40 bucks to spend online.. on any website you want..
It needs to be something that will make you feel better when you receive it by mail..

What would you buy.. and from what website?
hannibal skull

This arvo....

Yes, I know it's bed time for many TCQers right now, but some of us are getting off work. WHEE!!

What are you going to do in the next 2-5 hours? Until bed time? Right....NOW?

(I'm off to buy a new camera. Oh yes I am!!)
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 About how long do you think it'll probably take to fix my car? It's in the shop for a smashed bumper, grill, and hood, and I know the horn is broken. The mechanic was pretty cryptic about how long it would take, but borrowing my grandma's car to go to and from school is a little bit scary (I'm pretty sure brakes shouldn't squeal loud enough to wake up the neighbors) and i want my car back :(
Feet Pyramid

this is important!

Ok guys, I need your help!!

My grandma's 63rd birthday is on Thursday, and I want to do something special for her. I created her an LJ, and here is where you come in!

**Would you guys be able to go comment on it, giving her birthday wishes?

I'll email the link to her so she can read all your comments.

The only thing I ask is that everything be kept appropriate and that you include where you're from! I'm going to make it a Happy Birthday from around the world. The more comments the better! You can post birthday pictures/a pic of yourself/a pic of where you're from, etc.

THANK YOU <3<3<3


If possible, spread the word!
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Commited but attracted elsewhere...

So TQC, tell me I'm not the only one.

I've been with my current boyfriend nearly 4 years, and for the first time since we got together, I'm finding myself incredibly attracted to another man...

This makes me feel guilty, discontent and sad. I would never cheat, but damn, this guy makes me wish I were single!

Have any of you out there had a similar experience. How on earth do you deal with it?

Drying Hairs

I have long, thick hair. Is there any way to speed up how it dries without using a blowdryer?

Also, can you recommend a good shampoo for a guy who has coarse, curly hair?

(no subject)

 [Oct. 30th, 2007|09:02 am]
i love my S.O. very much but we  have an ongoing issue. 
he is finacially retarded 

he grew up in a poor family and so did i. 
except i learned from it and said i never want to live like that again, and he didnt and thinks he can't achieve more.

i pay for my own college, car, food, gas, phone.... everything and i live pretty comfortably.

he makes more money than i do, yet his phone is shut off because he didnt pay the bill, he has a $200 traffic ticket but he is going out to fancy lunches. he doesnt have car insurance and he is looking at taking out a loan to buy a USED truck when he drives about 54mi a day with gas at about $3.25 gal. just to name a few things. 

whenever i try to tell him that his descions are not the best he gets all defensive like i am trying to control his money or like im better.

im not, i just want him to take smart choices. 

how can i help him see that he needs to get responsible without it turning into a massive fight? ... again

Horror movies

If they were going to make a Happy Days movie, which of these actors would make the best Fonzie?

Harrison Ford
Henry Rollins
Elijah Wood
Ashton Kutcher
Henry Winkler
Dave Foley
Philip Seymor Hoffman
Tom Selleck
David Schwimmer
Tobey Maguire

If they were making a Gilligan's Island movie, who would make the best Mary Ann?

Jamie Presley
Kelly Osborne
Dakota Fanning
Halle Barry
Lisa Kudrow
Jane Leeves
Shannen Doherty
Paris Hilton
Lucy Liu
Tina Yothers

If they were making a Gomer Pyle movie, who would make the best Pyle?

James Woods
Carlos Mencia
The Rock
Clint Eastwood
George Clooney
Jared Leto
Keanu Reeves
Will Smith
Al Pachino
Leo Dicaprio
dead zone johnny &amp; sarah

(no subject)

My sisters love the Saw movies.  They say the movies have a "good story" and there is a point to them, it isn't all about gruesome violence. I saw one of the movies and can not understand how someone can enjoy and look forward to something so disgusting.

Do you agree with my sisters? Did I miss the whole point of the movie?

do the d.a.n.c.e.

(no subject)

Have you ever forgotten your age? Sometimes I think I'm still 18, and just now I thought I was 20. I've been 19 since April and I'm still not used to it.

Have you really liked someone but were not physically attracted to them? Did you still try to have a relationship?
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Quentin Tarantino - finger
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(no subject)

Would you be insulted if your labored for an hour or more to make a nice meal and the person you intended to eat with told you they weren't hungry?

In your own words, what is the Midas touch?

Does anyone love homemade Ranch dressing as much as I do?

Would you, as a bitch, be naggin' if yo' man was always in the street chasin' ass?
Would you take this as sign that you should have known you should have left his ass alone?

Friend question

You have this "friend."

You can't stand this person anymore. This person is selfish, a drama queen, and an attention whore.

You don't want to be friends with this person anymore and haven't wanted a friendship with this person in quite some time.

You have tried to ignore the person. Not return phone calls. Not hanging out. Etc.

The person keeps emailing or calling. Not in a stalker-kind of way. But then you start feeling bad for ignoring the person.

What do you do? How do you end a friendship with as little damage to the other person's feelings as possible?

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(no subject)

Say you've worked with someone or known someone in a more or less casual capacity for a while, and you've thought they were an okay, normal person and had no objections to them, but you suddenly find out they were convicted of a felony for dealing heroin 8 years ago. How would you react? What would you think?

ETA: What if it was, say, for child molestation instead of drugs?

ETA again: what if you were their boss? Would you consider firing them if they'd been a good employee for many months?
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(no subject)

I know I posted something similar about a month ago but I'm posting again with a slight modification.

Tomorrow night my friends and I are planning a halloween/scary movie fest with lots of obnoxious drunken behavior for most and masses of fun sized candy :P

I'm having trouble with the selection, or rather narrowing down the selection, for our screening so we collectively decided it should be a combo of classic horror/slasher films and non-Americanized asian horror films.


What would make up your ideal classic horror film line up?

What would make up your ideal asian horror film line up?

We're planning on making it a 12 hour ordeal so list as many as you like
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(no subject)

Wtf happened to tv-links.co.uk? Where else can I watch last week's House? Am I just an idiot because I can't find it anywhere on the whole internet, or are they cracking down on stuff like that?

Edit: tv-links got surpressed by the man, but I did find a copy of House on some japanese website.

New question:
Do you ever try to keep up with current TV shows?
Does it usually work?

Well I suppose with all your guys' crazy new technology like TiVo and DiVo and what have you it isn't really all that hard anymore.

Does anybody out there not have cable?

Also, this question may be weird and hard to answer, but do you know some random fact about another TQC'er that wasn't actually told to you? Like maybe you know that person X has blonde hair because of a comment you read by that person once.

Also, do you know a better way to word that question?
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So I know nothing about cars. Except that mine was acting funny so we took it to the garage.

They're telling us our best plan is to fill it with coolant, and sell it.

1. Do you know anything about cars/engines? If so, can I ask you some advice?

2. If you had to buy a car tomorrow, what would you get?

3. If you could buy any car you wanted because somebody gave you a million dollars, what would you get?

4. Do you prefer shiny cars or practical cars?

5. What are some good makes/models for me to look into? I wasn't planning on buying a new car for two years or so, and haven't kept up with anything. What I'm going to need is at least four doors, with some cargo room, but not a land yacht. I like gas mileage, and can't drive SUVs because I'm too short.
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(no subject)

1)Retarded question: How can I find all the entries I wrote for one friends filter?
2)Less retarded question: What is your favorite slasher film and if it had a bunch of sequels, which was your favorite?


Anybody in the Question Cult see that documentary on Charles Schulz they had on PBS last night, or read the new biography about the guy? What did you think of it?

(no subject)

Do you have trouble dealing with CSR's? (The people you might deal with via phone to pay your bills.)

Do you "fight" collection calls? Got any good stories?

Do you have friends who do?

1. No
2. No

I ask because I have some friends who will go delinquent on a bill and then get mad at the company for calling them and hounding them about it. I have one friend who didn't pay rent consistently and was evicted...she calls the apartment complex assholes. I just don't really get that kind of attitude? I think my friends have chips on their shoulders. Pay your bills. If you don't, it's not their fault that you have fees to pay so quit bitching.

(no subject)

Probably gets asked a lot, but I haven't seen it in a while.

TQC, what are your top five albums of all time?

Mine (in no particular order):

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
Radiohead - The Bends
Dropkick Murphys - Blackout
Foo Fighters - The Colour and the Shape
Medeski, Martin & Wood - Friday Afternoon in the Universe

It's the end of the world as you know it, and she's kind of fine

You're the last man/woman on earth. There's only one other survivor, and it's of the opposite sex. This will be the only guy/gal you'll know the rest of your life. How would you prefer him/her?

Incredibly attractive face with magnetic eyes, but kind of an idiot overall
Highly intelligent but homely and nerdy

There's another facet to this person. Which would you prefer?

Very funny and amusing but morbidly obese
Lacking a sense of humor and prone to dramatics, but with the sexiest body

To summarize, the person you chose to spend the post-apocalyptic days with and possibly repopulate the human race with would be ____

Gorgeous, sexy, stupid and humorless
Gorgeous, obese, funny and stupid
Ugly, obese, intelligent and funny
Ugly, sexy, intelligent and humorless
Doesn't matter. I'm ditching them first chance I can get.

(no subject)

in general, do you think more from your heart, or from your head?
do you think there is a best way to think about situations?
have you thought one way in a situation and later wished you would have thought differently?
Tim onstage!

(no subject)

1.) How can I get my friend to shut up about his relationship woes? After years of denial, he's finally out of the closet, and he's in his first gay relationship - and he's paranoid as all hell about it. He's always questioning everything about it, and won't stop calling me on the phone just so he can bitch to me about it. I understand that he just wants some support and advice, but after two months I'm really getting sick of it. How do I tell him to shut the fuck up (well...perhaps in kinder words...) about his practically non-existant problems, without hurting his feelings?

2.) Or am I just being insensitive?
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DW: Doctor Song
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(no subject)

1. In the world of make-believe In the fictional univerise, where do you think would be the worst place to live?
2. What's a really odd habit you have?
3. I really want to roast a hotdog, but I can't build a fire and my stove is electric. How can I satisfy my craving? Normal hotdogs won't do. :(

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i can't remember...

a long time ago there was this webcomic centered on two inter-galactic delivery people...one was a guy, one was a girl, and they kind of looked like team rocket from pokemon. anyways, they would go on adventures and things would inevitably go wrong/weird/crazy/stupid, and they would be like "god, WHY you bastard?!" cut to---god. but this god was an eight(ish) year old spoiled rotten little girl, and the universe was a hand-me-down from her teenage sister. their parents were represented by the infinity and omega symbols. also, god and her family's faces were never shown.

what is it called?!

does anyone know what i'm talking about, or have i just gone completely mad?

this is bothering me so much.
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Inspired by a post to customers_suck

When eating out at a restaurant, or getting a takeaway, do you ever order enough for two and bring home the rest for lunch next day?

I tend to get  a bargain bucket at the KFC which lasts me about 3 days, but I do get weird looks when I walk in and order a whole bucket and I'm alone :p
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Tangled: Knitting

(no subject)

I'm really pissed off/bitter about a couple of things. They're pretty much over and done with (there's nothing I can really do about them now), and I don't think about them 24/7, but every now and then, something will pop up and remind me of these things, and I get this horrible, boiling over rage again.

Does this happen to you? How do you deal with it?

It's wrong that I want to get my cat the Christmas-colored Soft Paws, isn't it? Should I do it anyway (next year, when she'll be big enough for the regular size)?

Have you used Soft Paws?
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Life isn't Fair

What is something you think is unfair?

My husband I crunched some numbers last night and found out we together pay more in taxes than my entire annual gross salary. So one way of thinking about it is that in our household, all the money I earn, not just what I take home, and then some of his goes to taxes. That doesn't seem fair!
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(no subject)

A question has come up at work that... I can't answer and my google-fu is failing me.

I work for a small museum and we used to pipe music through our sound system while we were open to add ambiance. Now people are questioning the legalities of that because of licensing. The question has actually come up with regard to a couple who are renting the museum for a wedding. They are going to have a DJ for their reception but during their cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception they want to pipe music in over the PA.

Is there any legal reason they can't do this? Do DJ's pay some sort of royalties for playing music to a room full of people? What if it's a CD that we sell in our gift shop? Are the rules different for us playing music for our visiting public vs their wedding party?

(no subject)

if you had or were related to a 13-year-old boy whose parents are going through a messy divorce and he himself is acting out (playing with fire, talking back to his mother a lot more than usual, doing poorly in school, etc.; i.e. the classics.), how would you handle it/what advice would you give?
would you let it go?
would you employ some methodology (e.g. tough love and the like)?
what would you advise?

side note: his father isn't interested in helping with or acknowledging any issues.

(no subject)

How short should I get my hair cut before I go to new zealand?

Should I sent TQC a post card?  (IN other words, just take a picture of one :P)

What's the best Terry Pratchet book?

Has this ever happened to you?

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(no subject)

Hmm. Ok. This may or may not be answerable by a lot of you~

1. Have you applied for, or received your passport in the past few months, and how long did it take to process?

If applicable:
1. Has anyone here applied for a tourist's visa to Australia, and if so, how long did it take to process and can you give me any details?

Did Adam and Eve have navels?
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Vid'o Games

When playing video games or table top stuff, too, I guess, and you have to pick your character's name or the name of your town, pet, familiar, whatever, do you pick your own name? Do you make stuff up? Are you obscene, or funny, or do you pick something ~meaningful~ to you?


So, who is going to participate in this year's NanoWriMo? (www.nanowrimo.org for those who haven't heard of it yet)

If so, what will your story be about?

(no subject)

Poll #1079886 would you like to fill out this poll?

spending $110 (£55 in UK) on a pretty nice suit jacket and trousers and a pair of shoes

is a bargain!
sounds about right
is too much

in the song "don't stand so close to me" by the police, there is a line that says "you know how bad girls get." do you take this to mean

"bad girls, you know how they get"
"girls, you know how bad they get"
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Censoring poetry in music

So, I am writing my master's thesis, which is an electronic music piece built around Ginsberg reading Howl . One of my professors has suggested that I censor the poetry as to not make the audience feel uncomfortable. This will be performed in a concert that is open to the public, but mostly just college kids and professors. Usually, there are no children present.

If you were in the audience, would the language/sexual themes in Howl make you feel uncomfortable? If so, would it make you uncomfortable enough to leave the concert/ complain to the college?

Personally, I think it is disrespectful to censor a poet reading his own poetry, as well as interruptive to the continuity of the poem itself. However, I don't really want a riot, either.
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Le sigh

I'm really upset about my car troubles (basically: we have no money and I have to buy a new car pretty much immediatly). My husband stopped responding on google chat and he's at work so I don't to bug him.

How can I keep myself entertained and not depressed for another hour and fifteen minutes?

What's got you depressed today?

What's cheered you up lately?
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(no subject)

I just won tickets on a radio station to see Arcade Fire tomorrow :-D :-D :-D
Trouble is none of my friends at uni really know/like them, the onles that do are at home for Halloween.. and it's too late for anyone else I know who does like them to get here in time.

Who do I take?

Nikki- Who isn't particuarly into music but would bop along with me, plus she could drive us there but she'd want to rush back.

Zoe- Really wouldn't like them but won't take my word for it, thinks she will.

Claire- Same as Zoe, but less fun.

James- Boy who's in love with me.. would enjoy it/my company the most but would probably think it was a date and try something on..plus he's annoying me a bit atm.. but we'd have a laugh.

Nick- Loves his music, would love the ticket the most but he's my best friends ex and she wouldn't like me going with just him. [we were all friends before they dated so it's not weird that we're still friends]

have you ever won anything before?
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(no subject)

I got a flu shot at work today, and the injection area is really sore, still aching almost five hours after, and the pain kinda radiates to my elbow and wrist. I've gotten flu shots before, and this has never happened.

Is this normal?
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I came to get my medical records at the hospital today and it's bringing up so many bad memories.

Should I continue to read on? There's like 13 pages and within the 2nd page, I found the information I need already. I don't need to read on, but I feel like I should...just to get an idea of who I was back then. I didn't realize that psychiatrists write down everything you say and do.

I pretty much went psycho 2 years ago and was pretty messed up. I'm totally normal now. Reading about it is painful.

Or should I save it and read about it when I'm ready to?
the hares turn hunters

(no subject)

In making a pie crust, how do you "cut-in" the butter into the flour? I don't have a pastry blender, and various sites say to use two knives or your hands and I have no idea what they're talking about. How do I do this?
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Freckle Removal?

I'm a really pale skinned girl. As a young child, my mother brought me out in the sun a lot without protection, resulting in many burns.

As I have gotten older (now im 21), I've worn sunscreen on a daily basis, however, the burns from my childhood are starting to show up already. I have a lot of yellowish, freckle-like spots on my cheeks, nose, and under my eyes. They aren't dark like regular freckles, most are quite light...however because of this, it makes my skin tone look really uneven and icky.

Is there any way to even my skin tone without using makeup? Has anyone had freckle/ sun spot removal techniques done?

Any advice would be great!

cross posted to beauty101
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(no subject)

Inspired by this episode of This American Life:

If you wanted to become a superhero or heroine, what skills do you think you would need?

The woman in the story taught herself things like martial arts, evasive driving and bomb diffusion. I'd probably learn a lot of foreign languages, definitely evasive driving, and how to climb in an urban situation. I'd want to be a batman sort of heroine.

(no subject)

 Hay bbs.

1) One of my friends shaves her arms. Is that a common thing? I don't have super dark hair, but if I was going to remove the hair I think I'd wax them or use removing cream.

2) Let's talk about sex, baby. Is there anything that you just won't do because it grosses you out/completely turns you off? Has anyone ever acted like there was something wrong with you because of your limits?

3) One of my friend's dads told me and some of her other friends that he was "trysexual". What's some TMI you've gotten recently? What's the worst TMI you've ever gotten?


Hey! it's been a while since I was here.. GERR sick again!! anyway I plan on going to work tomorrow (1st time this week)
Are you dressing up to go to work/class?
What are you going to dress up as?
Should I dress up?

(no subject)

So I have a bit of a predicament...I had a job interview at a law firm yesterday and it seemed to go pretty well and the job seemed good to me. I was excited till I heard the salary and decided it wasn't enough since it was lower than my previous job (which is the reason I left). So when they offered me the job today I turned them down and said I was looking for a higher salary. They called me a few hours later saying they will meet my salary requirements and I accepted it....Here's my predicament... Today I also had an interview at a hotel in DC which seems like something more interesting and the salary was more of what I was looking for. It seemed to go well and I was positive about it. I am torn because I feel like I should have waited till I heard the results of the hotel job before accepting the law firm job. So what do I do? I was thinking to call the hotel either tomorrow or thursday and ask point blank if it looks like I'm going to get the job or wait till they call me and if they do offer me the job accept it and tell the law firm I will not accept the job after all??? I am due to start at the law firm on Monday so I have some time....

By the way I worked previously at a law firm and kind of wanted to continue that tradition but I thought the hotel gig seemed exciting and different....
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Book worms...

1. I have a 30% off (1 item) coupon for Borders. What book should I buy?

I like: Sci-fi/fantasy (gibson, arthur c clarke, orson scott card, william s burroughs)
I also like: "classic" literature (the required reading sort ie herman hesse)
And: Dystopic themes / futuristic wars or even historical accounts of war. (Catch 22, 1984 etc)



my bf's b day

My boyfriend's birthday its coming up and once again I find myself not knowing what to give him and this year I dont want to leave for the last minute i want to be ready. 

So for guys: 
What would be your perfect birthday present? 
What has been you best birthday present you've received?
 What does a 24 yr. old like? 

For girls: 
What present did you give to your boyfriend that he loved?

hey at this moment the price doesnt matter :)

halloween ...

My dorm is letting the kids trick or treat here, ya know, them stopping at the doors and stuff and getting candy, and I saw some princesses and whatnot, then I saw a five your old dressed like a surgeon =D I thought it was really cute!

Do you have a favorite kids costume? 
Tim onstage!

Issues on MySpace? Say it isn't so!

Imagine that on the root of all evil MySpace, you added a fan-made band profile to your friends list. This band profile is supposed to exist so the owner of the profile can post bulletins every once in a while, pertaining to band news, tour dates, stuff like that.

However, the owner of the band news profile posts actual news about the band every couple of weeks, if even that. Meanwhile, they are constantly posting bulletins titled "ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!ADD!!", pimping for some 'online' profiles for Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Whatever-His-Name-Is, and that girl who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies. He/she posts these bulletins so much, it's almost to the point of spamming.

Would this be annoying to you, since you didn't add them just to hear about the Harry Potter actors all the time? If it was, would you write a message to the mod of that band profile, asking them to tone down on those bulletins?
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Feet Pyramid


****If you read this earlier and commented, then feel free to completely ignore this. I owe you guys big time for helping me out!****

Ok guys, I need your help!!

My grandma's 63rd birthday is on Thursday, and I want to do something special for her. I created her an LJ, and here is where you come in!

**Would you guys be able to go comment on it, giving her birthday wishes?

I'll email the link to her so she can read all your comments.

The only thing I ask is that everything be kept appropriate and that you include where you're from! I'm going to make it a Happy Birthday from around the world. The more comments the better! You can post birthday pictures/a pic of yourself/a pic of where you're from, etc.

THANK YOU <3<3<3


If possible, spread the word!
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(no subject)

What is the weirdest place you've ever had oral sex while simultaneously writing your NaNoWriMo novel?

In what countries can you not put toilet paper in the toilet, besides the Central/South American ones? Can you flush toilet paper in any of those countries?

My mom refuses to go to places where she can't put the toilet paper in the toilet. :( Personally I don't think it's that big of a deal. Do you?
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boop boop bidoop BOOP

Hello TQC,

All I ask is that you answer at least one of the following questions in full detail.

1. How was your day today?

2. What's one new, good thing that happened to you today? (my mom always sends me emails asking me this)

3. Have you ever been diagnosed with depression?

4. Have you ever been banned from a community? (which one(s), why?)

5. Have you ever betrayed someone's confidence?

6. What is something you have done that was SO SHAMEFUL you almost aren't going to tell me but for considering no one will ever know if you do?

7. Do you know who made my usericon?

Collapse )

ETA: are anonymous comments allowed? if so, post your shameful secret anonymously. yeah! anonymously!
kiv dancin.
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oh, noes.

tqc, i would like for you to bring the lulz, plz.

inspired by Collapse )

what is a way that you have let a musician down?

for example, i refused to be in any way innocuous, and instead gave my second cousin twice removed some great ideas for a soap box derby, making LCD soundsystem run away in fear and wonder of my power (where he later had a private cry after a nourishing yogurt).
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(no subject)

When was the last time you couldn't force yourself to do something, even though it was really important?

For whatever reason, I can't make myself study for my midterm tomorrow. I get distracted and procrastinate and it's going to be a disaster. D:


What is the last CD you actually purchased in it's case (i.e. not mp3/itunes/whatEVER) at the store?

Mine was today...BRITNEY SPEARS Y'ALL

Prior to today, it was DMB/TR Live at Radio City.

EDIT OMG: this guy keeps asking me out online and he has just annoyed me from day one, so i keep avoiding his requests. recently i found out his has a physical disability (note, this is NOT why i do not want to go out with him!), and now i don't want him to think i don't want to go out with him b/c of that. what should i do?

EDIT #2: do you ever get so busy with real life you miss TQC for a week at a time? i do, so i am only around sometimes which is why people probably have no idea who i am.

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Every year at the last home game of the football season, we have Senior Night for the seniors in the marching band. We do something for the seniors that will make them stand out on the field when they march the show. For example, one year we had all the seniors wear a white suit and another year we tied balloons onto their uniforms while they marched the show.

Do you have any ideas of what we could do for the seniors this year? Senior Night is this Friday so we wouldn't be able to order anything online because it wouldn't get here on time.

Dear Bay Area TQCers

How many of you just felt the earthquake and thought for a split second that this might be the big one?
I totally did and thought that my roof was going to cave in.

See question below.

For the rest of y'all, what's weirdest name you've heard recently?
My friend's supervisor's name is Xanthippe =/
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Holiday Baking!

1. What is your favorite thing to make for the holidays?
2. Will you share your recipe?
3. If someone made you a goodie box full of Christmas treats, what one thing would you really really really want to be in it?

*My Answers*
1. Cream Cheese Dainties

2. Certainly!
1/2 c. softened butter
3 oz. softened cream cheese
1/2 c. sugar
1/4 t. almond extract
1 c. flour
2 t. baking powder
1/4 t. salt
1 & 1/2 c. coarsely crushed Rice Krispies
red & green candied cherries

Cream together first 4 ingredients. Stir flour with baking powder & salt; stir into creamed mixture until just combined. Chill 1-2 hours. Form into small (tiny really) balls; roll in cereal. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. Top each with a cherry, pressing in lightly. Bake at 350 deg. for 12-15 minutes. Makes 48.

3. Buckeyes
I see stars

Just why?

Why does my greyhound always try to eat my son's crayons?

We just came home and half of his crayon box is gone!  He actually jumped up and knocked them off the bookshelf and had a snack.

Serious and non-serious answers welcome.

(no subject)

 have you ever heard the postal service The District Sleeps Alone Tonight?
Why is it called that?
(no idea thats why im askin)
when he says "i am finally seeing, why i want the one worth leaving" do you think he is being sarcastic?
(i do)
do you think its emo?
(i call it techno-emo)
do you hate emo people?
are you emo?

i would link it too somewhere that you could hear the song but i dont know how and im lazy so here are the lyrics although i think you have to hear the WAY he says it to decide if he is sarcastic or not.

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(no subject)

The school district that i did my schooling in k-12 decided to BAN HALLOWEEN from schools. 
no pumpkins, not costumes, no ghost, no candy, nothing. 

it actually made national news when they instated it about 3 years ago. 

does your school district (or your childrens, or the one you grew up in) allow halloween festivities?
how about christmas?
if they dont do you think its reasonable or not?

(no subject)

I am currently a first year transfer student (making me a junior) at CSUN, in the psychology department. It really did interest me until I started taking the classes, and the labs and other classes required scare me and therefor don't interest me. I wanted to be a sex therapist, but now I kind of want to be an anthropologist who specializes in sexual attitudes and actions in other cultures. This kind of makes me want to major in anthropology instead; the classes also seem a lot more interesting.

So, my question to you is, should I stick with psychology, which doesn't really interest me anymore, or switch to anthropology, with more interesting classes, but I would have to take more classes and spend more time in school? (Not worded very well, but my thoughts are scrambled.)

Another option, which isn't ideal, would be to double major in psychology and anthropology, with my minor remaining as human sexuality.

What would you do?

(no subject)

I swear I have looked around to find this myself, but I got bupkiss.

Can you import movies into iTunes like you can with CDs? I mean movies that I have original disk, legal hard copies of, bought them and everything.

Or does Apple want to you only buy them through iTunes?

Please help me?
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yummy beer!, yummy

let's flip it around, m'kay?

What's something you used to love to eat or drink as a child that you really don't enjoy now that you're older? 

Is there anything you ate/drank in your childhood that now actually makes you sick?

What flavors do you find too sickeningly sweet?  For instance, it's just about anything strawberry-kiwi for me.
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Dearest TQC,

Husband and I went to a hospital today, cuz he was hacking up crap. I've never been to an American hospital, and he used to be under his mother's insurance plan, so...

What sort of fees are we looking at for some bloodwork, an IV, and some xrays? The lady who admitted him didn't know, and the financial lady left 20 minutes before we got outta there. Boo. :( I'll find out tomorrow (along with how to pay for everything), but some faint ideas would be swell, so the shock is a little less... shocking.


EDIT: Okay already asked. MY BAD. You all are too quick.
To those of you in/near the San Francisco bay area, did you feel the earthquake? Where are you? Are you worried? Did you cell phone service go out?
I live in San Francisco and it felt really strong to me. I'm a little freaked out right now because my building is OLD and the foundation is pretty much landfill. :(

Were you in the bay area for the Loma Prieta earthquake?
I wasn't, I moved up here from L.A. in 2003. I did feel the Northridge earthquake in 1994(?) though...

To the rest of you, what kind of natural disasters happen in your area?
Ever had any major damage done to your property by a natural disaster?
Do natural disasters scare you?

What would you do with 15 billion dollars (or pounds, or euros, or whatever your local currency is)?
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(no subject)

What's the last great deal you've gotten?

Have you purchased a computer on eBay?  How did that work out?


Today I got a (300 watt) Kitchenaid Mixer in great condition at the Goodwill for $60!  I'm all atwitter.


(no subject)

How does HIV affect the body and progress into AIDS?

Also, don't you just want to whap the people that say "HIV virus" -- human immunodeficiency virus virus?

Edit: Also, why does my microwave set off the fire alarm after being on for no more than ten seconds?

(no subject)

What information is typically requested when looking to rent an apartment?

Is it normal/legal for a development to request all of these documents: copy of license, copy of SS card, three most recent paycheck stubs, copy of two most recent bank statements, checking and saving bank account numbers and balances, and credit card names/account numbers/balances?

Legally speaking, do corporations HAVE to run credit checks on all potential tenants?
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(no subject)

When something bad is on the horizon, do you want to know about each and every detail, or just the final product?
I just want the final product... I don't want to worry and agonize over something...just in case it doesn't turn out super bad.
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(no subject)

1) I'm 17 and I'm taking my little brother trick-or-treating tomorrow. I don't bring a bag anymore, but people always put extra candy in his bag for me. When did you stop trick-or-treating (if you did indeed ever trick-or-treat)? Speaking of Halloween, my outfit is a strappy gown. I'm going to wear boots with it for trick-or-treating instead of the heels I used at parties, what else can I do to stay warm (short of wearing a sweater under it)?

2) Has Law & Order: SVU gone srsly down hill since it started?

3) What's the best way to deliver bad news? Blurt it out quickly, give them an idea something bad is coming and build-up to it slowly, something else? What's the worst way you've recieved bad news?

4) Thoughts on Nancy Grace?

5) What are the things that really make your blood boil with rage? (For me it's definitely racism, misogyny, sexism)


Totally unrelated sets of questions.

1 a) Do you have any tattoos?
b) How old were you when you got them?
c)How long did you spend planning them before you got them?
d) Do you regret any of them?

2 a)Are you coming up to the end of high school/college/university?
b) If yes to a) how do you feel about it?
c) What are some songs which remind you of your teenage years/high school years? Why?

My answers under the cut. Collapse )

(no subject)

If you celebrate Christmas-

Are you one of those people that starts thinking about and getting ready for Christmas right around now?
I am. I LOVE the holidays.

What are your favorite Christmas songs and albums?
I love Sufjan Stevens's Songs for Christmas
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(no subject)

1. What's the last picture you've seen that made you laugh out loud?
2. When did you last dance?
3. Have you been to a haunted house yet this year?

1. A picture of my friend Steve in a dress and heels for Spirit Week or something.
2. A couple of hours ago at a party
3. No, but I'm going to one tomorrow. I hope it doesn't totally suck. :/
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Aim help please....

On old aim you could direct connect with someone and send files (pictures) within the im window. I recently upgraded to XP (laugh if you must) and began sharing a router with a roommate. Aim no longer lets me direct connect with people anymore. I downloaded the new version of aim 6.1 which allows me to direct connect but sends links which open up the picture in a different viewer, not in the im window.....

Can anyone suggest how the hell to make the pictures show up in the aim window? Or what I may need to do to get the old version of aim to direct conect again??? WTF...............???

(no subject)

O HAY. So like, my ~NaNoRhInO~ paper is totally going to be about a bunch of pumpkins who hack into an intarwebz community and steal their Halloween costume ideas!

What does purple taste like?
  • iluq

Can someone clue me in?

What is the meaning behind this "it rubs the lotion in its skin" thing I see all over the Internet?

I've seen the video, but I have no idea what it's referencing (well, a vague idea) or what makes it humorous.
  • demia


I've had plans to go hang out with my friends and boyfriend tomorrow for weeks, but my Boyfriend's sister invited me to go to her Halloween party because she really likes me.

Which should I do?

Do you think I could manage both?

Is there anyone in the San Antonio area that'd lend me a plaid skirt for a few hours?
An ex friend destroyed my Catholic School Girl skirt.

Edit: My boyfriend is going wherever I go, and invited to both.
W: Whispering

(no subject)

Hello my name is Bryce and I'm 22 and I live in LA! Just wanted to introduce myself! I know this gets asked all the time, but....

1. Do you hate it when people start their questions here and in other communities with, "I know this gets asked all the time, but..."?

2. Do you hate it when people make totally unnecessary introduction posts?

1. Yes. If it has been asked a million times before then people will flame you. If you say you know it has been asked and then ask it, you will most likely be e-bitch slapped.

2. Yes. Nobody asked you to tell me who you are. I don't care to know you. If I wanted to know you I would ask.