October 29th, 2007


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If you're interrupted in the middle of stretching, do you tense back up?

Why does my grandma have to be so god damn feely? I don't like being touched and every time she says anything to me she rubbing or poking my face and hair and shoulders and I get so worked up because I keep asking her to stop and she ignores me. It's driving me insane! Would it be bad if I smacked her hand when she keeps doing the touchy feely thing?

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You know you've been spending too much time around TQC if you are capable of coming out with facts like these. so tell me TQC'ers, what information do you know about a certain TQC'er that you can name off the top of your head?

Sticky social point

A friend of mine at college recently gave me a piece of writing that she wants me to edit/beta for her. She also wants my opinion on it. This is normally fine, I am hideously opinionated.

So I started reading this story at home tonight and by the second paragraph, I was already shaking my head. My friend can't write. It reads like a Mary-Sue fic. Punctuation has been thrown in handfuls at it and where it stuck, it got left. Capitals are something that happen in the middle of sentences.

I don't know what to do. The punctuation and so on isn't so bad - easily fixable with a few rearranges of sentences. But for my opinion? What do I say? Do I reply "Darling, I love you, you have many talents but writing isn't one?" or do I just do the grammar and punctuation etc and try and avoid giving an actual opinion?

The problem is, I see this girl every couple of days. I can't avoid her for long.

Tell me, combined genius of thequestionclub, what should I do?
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If I want to write about western patterns of social relations, is "western" capitalized or not? (Western, in this case, referring to parts of Europe and North America. For example, "Western religions are like this and (E)eastern religions are like this.")

Would it depend on the particular context? If so, which do you use when?

I've googled and seen both, sometimes both used in the same article, and am thoroughly confused.
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Sorry if this has been asked recently . . .

I was using Hotmail; therefor, I've missed several days worth of replies to my comments. So, I've switched my email on file with LJ, but most of my comments are in various different communities, and I'd really REALLY like to find the missing messages.

Is there any way for me to find the replies to my comments that haven't been emailed to me?

As a side note, has anyone with an email through Care2 had problems receiving comments?

to the artsy folk:

1. what type of art do you create? music? paintings? sculptures? film? digital things?

2. what/who gets the creative juices flowing for you when you're in a creative slump? (can be anything: specific artist/author/musician/etc., place, thing, weather condition, material, emotion, event...anything. please share.)

my answer in the comments.

Saturn SC2 2 door.. ding problems!?

Okay so I drive a '93 2 door Saturn SC2, and tonight it started having problems.

Once in a while when I take the key out, the ding noise continues. But I pop the key back in, take it out again, and it stops. Tonight after I took the key out the ding just continued. I messed with the headlights, the seatbelt, the heat, everything, but no matter what I did it just continued to ding.

I am sure that no one here is a mechanic, but if you have any suggestions as to 1, what it could be, 2, a solution to make it stop, or 3, just answer this- will the ding noise make my battery go dead? I would appreciate any help at all. I can't really wake my dad up to ask him what to do, it's 2 in the morning and he has work.

Am I going to wake up to a dead car?

ETA: We cannot find the fuse box!

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Should I sleep now and go to the gym when I wake up or should I wait an hour and go to the gym as soon as they open and the sleep afterward? I normally work nights and I slept from 10am-5pm yesterday.
Paul Dano

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1. When was the last time?

2. What did you do?

3. How did you do it?

4. Why?

5. Do violins, pianos, or harps sound prettier in popular songs?

6. Do you attend orchestra (symphony) performances regularly?

7. What is the first thing you do upon walking inside a bookstore?

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Self cleaning

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What time do you get up in the morning? How long does it normally take you to get ready?

My roommate has made the joke before that you should always break up with a girl (or whatever your gender of preference is) in order to see what they are really like. His reasoning is that when you put a person in a bad situation, their true colors often show. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

Speaking of roommates, I'm moving soon, and my roommates are giving me quite a bit of attitude about it. What's the best way to get through the next month without ending up in jail, or just ending up being a complete bitch to them and making things even worse?
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Dear TQC,
My co-worker messed up [again]. His stupidity has left me with nothing to do. (No, really. He neglected to let anyone know that he was out of ink and at best, more will not be arriving until mid-day tomorrow.) Should I:
A) Hit him upside the head and then go home?
B) Yell at him, hit him upside the head, and then go home?
C) Just go home?

If I stay, I'll just be staring out the window til 4:30. (It isn't quite 10 AM yet.) (Oh, and I wouldn't be losing pay - I'm essentially salaried.)

On a similar note:
How many co-workers do you have?
How do you deal with them when they show a serious lack of brains?
Have you ever left a bitchy Post-It and have it work miracles? (I left one for "Sue" on Thursday and she's said all of two words to me since. It is FANTASTIC.)
Will you tell me about your co-workers?
Give a dog a home

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1. Is there any program that will automatically look at my iTunes library and create, like, a spreadsheet of it?

2. If someone is a virgin, and then is raped, are they still a virgin?

3. When was the last time you participated in a parade?
Christmas Jim and Pam

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I'm sure it's been asked before, but...

1. How many people have you slept with?
2. How many people have you kissed (in a romantic situation)?

3.How many LJ screen names have you had?

Bella / Alone in Woods

Serious, not serious, doesn't matter

When faced with a really hard decision, how do you know which option is right when both options suck?

When dealing with emotionally unresponsive people...well...how do you deal with them? Is it possible to ever figure out how they feel? Do you need some uber awesome people reading skills?

Is there any way to freeze time?
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I got acrylic nails a week or two ago at a super cheap (but clean) place, but they are growing out and look pretty gross. Can you paint on top of acrylic nails with regular nail polish? I know it wont magically make them appear perfect, but it's something.
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What kills your buzz, TQC? What's your worst buzzkiller?

Besides cops, everone knows that one.

Have you ever noticed/has anyone else ever noticed and informed you that you do/say certain things when you're high?

That seems like it's not coherent.
When I got home this morning my roommate said that I cursed a lot more and said "man" all the time which now that I look at it is true I say those things a lot when I'm high.
Anything like that happen to you?>
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I'm flying out to Florida for a grad school interview on Thursday, then staying there to have some fun til Sunday. Tell me, TQC, within TSA guidelines, what the heck am I forgetting to pack?
burning goodness


Why do people keep stealing my HALF-EATEN food out of the hall refrigerator?

Have you ever stolen anybody's food (after you were 16 or older)? Why? Did you realize that somebody else would want it? did you feel guilty?

How do I stop these jerks from stealing my sustenance (it is already clearly labeled)?

If you were going to steal some one's food, if they had put "DO NOT EAT, I HAVE AIDS" on it, would that stop you?
dead zone johnny & sarah

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1.In the move The Departed, the red-haired woman who plays Jack Nicholson's girlfriend talks in an accent that sometimes sounds like a really bad Boston accent and at other times sounds like a really bad Russian accent. What type of accent was she supposed to have?

2. What is the best fake accent you've heard in a movie or on tv?
3. How about the worst?

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A man from Africa comes to the US. He attends and completes high school and receives his diploma. (You can also add that the county from which he receives this diploma is known for is excellence in academics.) A few years later, the man is accused of child rape by more than two little girls and also accused of various other sexual offenses by others. The state has enough evidence to go to trial on one case and so proceeds accordingly. The defense attorney requests a translator for this man - his particular dialect is a little known one. The courts do not locate an official African (his particular dialect) to English translator and so the man is released from custody and the case is dismissed. Hours after this decision is handed down, journalists [interview those from the local area where the man lived and will be coming back to live and] find two people who speak beautiful English and also the dialect of the man just dismissed from child rape cases. 

Do you have faith in the American justice system?
If you could sit and have dinner with this judge, what things would you want to say and ask?

Evil Me

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1. Last Monday I came to school and found a couple posters advertising "Islamo-Facism awareness week" for Octover 21-28 with some pretty disturbing pictures on them (one was a picture of a woman being buried up to her shoulders by 4 men). The next day, they were gone. This morning I come to school and there are posters up everywhere saying "DIVERSITY! The Diversity Club asks everyone to respect each others differences. All posters should not be offensive or make others feel uncomfortable".

a)Coincidence or related incidents?
b)Would you have been offended by the first set of posters?

2. Some girls in a few of my classes drink their (hot) coffee with straws. I think this is weird.

a)Do you think it is weird?
b)Would you drink coffee with a straw?
Noodle, Peace

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Dear TQC,

You are one of my friends. We are both commuter students, and you have a job that requires you to drive long distances (and doesn't pay for your gas.) We bitch about the price of gas daily. Would you be insulted if I gave you a gas card/Visa giftcard for Christmas, rather than an actual object, so you could fill up on me? The card would have enough for two tankfuls of gas, at $3/gallon for the medium-quality stuff.

(No, public transportation isn't an option. Otherwise, I'd buy us both bus passes.)


where do you live?

1.) Are there any popular misconceptions about your city/state/region/country that you'd like to clear up?
2.) Does it piss you off when people hold these ignorant opinions, or do you adopt more of a "fuck it, if they're dumb enough to believe it, at least it'll keep them from coming here" attitude?
3.) Are there any negative stereotypes about your town/state/area that are 100% true?

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1. If you had to take arty photos to do with the theme 'fairytales, myths and legends', and you don't have costumes or other people, what would you take photos of? You can interpret the theme however you want.

2. Ever had a forum or comm feel like it's dying? Link? Did it bother you?
3. How can you fix the 'dying'/very slow feeling? If it's hard to get new members?
3.b Do you think if there were a comm where the active people concerned about their comms  or forums dying  would join and talk  about how to keep it active, it would improve things? Would a comm like that be good? edit: and cos I'm weird like that, I just created a comm for that. If you'd like a link to it, just ask!

4. Do you draw? Is any of it on the internet? Can I see?

New Orleans

The boyfriend & I are going on a short vacation trip to New Orleans Nov 15-18.

1. Have you been to New Orleans post-Katrina?
1b. Thoughts?

2. We're staying a street away from the French Quarter. It's not Mardi Gras or anything but will the French Quarter still be bustling and fun on the weekend?

3. Any suggestions on restaurants or places to see live music? Or sights that we MUST see while we're there? Anything you particularly loved?

4. Ever done a walking tour around the city? Worth it or not worth it?

We have a bunch of travel books and a running list of what we want to see while we're there, but I'd love people's personal experiences.

5. My mom thinks that we should do a bus tour of the areas that were hurt by Katrina. She think it would be interesting to see how badly the response was and what's going on in terms of rebuilding. I think that it might be kind of voyeuristic to go and take a tour of other people's tragedy...Thoughts? If you were going down would you go see it? I can't decide if it would be good to see or if people there would resent it..Does that make sense?
ami and alexandria 08

Help, perhaps?

TQC, I was wondering, could you all give me some ideas about what I should do my informative speech on, which is due tonight?
I was thinking about doing it about DDR, self-mutilation, or America's Next Top Model.

Any suggestions would be extremely helpful!
Thanks in advance.

Edit: I'm thinking about doing it about LOLcats - good idea?
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Guuuuys, for the past day and some, a couple of the steps on our stairs have been creaking, without anyone walking on them. I'm sitting in here right now, alone, and I just heard them again. :(

Is there anything I can do?

Is our new house haunted?

yummy beer!, yummy

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I've been pondering a name change for a while.  One came to me last night dreaming, and it stuck with me, rather unusual for my dreams/nighttime thoughts - what do you think of cometal_jacket - awful?  great?  something else?  Is cometaljacket worse or better?  Be honest - you won't hurt my feelings if you can't stand it.
If you don't like it, any other suggestions to offer up?

I added White Fang (mixture of cinnamon and peppermint schnapps) to my hot beverage last night - it was indescribably yummy!
What is the last very pleasant discovery that you made, food related or otherwise?

ETA: ok, I'm not feeling so abandoned now.  ;)  Moar feedback is always welcome! - schnapps or pumpkin bread/cookies for all who participate and want them!! 


I work in a "business casual" office, which as far as I can tell means anything-but-jeans-except-on-Friday. The leadership at work sent out an email saying we're allowed to wear tasteful costumes or jeans on Wednesday, but if we wear jeans we have to wear a "Halloween-themed" shirt. I jump at any opportunity to wear jeans to work but I'm not about to go buy some lame pumpkin t-shirt just for that and I'm not wearing a costume.

1. What is a Halloween-themed shirt?
2. What would you do?

Edited for to be sense making.
Hell's Libarian

Superhero/Occult powers?

Hello all!

Me again. This time I'm looking for any "powers" that you can think of. Things like the ones in the show Heroes, Charmed, ones that you've read or heard of from other places, even ones that you made up on your own.

I'm looking for things like clairvoyance, healing, telekinesis...

Anyone got any powers that they can share?
Thanks a bunch!
~ K.
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yum OTP

Lost installation CD, need help T_T

My mom was bitching about the scanner not working properly, so, like a dumb ass I figured and reinstall it before doing the smart thing and trying to fix the problem first. So, I uninstalled it and when I put in the installation CD it turned out that I only had the Macintosh when I needed Windows (I have XP). TT_TT

We can't find the CD and I think my sister must've lost it, and since she isn't speaking to anyone in our niche of the family, getting a definite from her isn't even an option.

Sooo... Since my little backstory is over and done with, here's the actual question:

How do I get a replacement CD? I've checked the company support page and even tried Google-ing it, but I'm getting more and more desperate and it's not helping my searching skills.

The printer/scanner/copier in question is HP Photosmart 3200 All-in-One and it was bought at least three years ago at my local Costco.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

x-posted to other places.
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I'm interviewing for a grad school (physician assistant) on Friday. One of the previous students said they prompted her with this question: "They asked me if I was aware of any other current events internationally besides the war."

What topics would be good to discuss? They can be medically related or not. Any advice on things to stay away from bringing up? FYI, I live in the US.
i say, old bean

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do you believe in the 3 second rule (or any variation of it)?

would you be willing to google your name and post the first picture that catches your eye?

what's the last thing you copy and pasted?

Brr, it's cold in here...

So, there's frost on the pumpkins (and everything else) and my bosses have the A.C. cranked up.

I finally got fed up when my fingertips literally started turning purple and turned it off, assuming that they just hadn't noticed and changed it since the weather turned.

They just came out and got cranky with ME because they were "burning up" and when I said I was cold, they did that typical thermostat-related-eye-roll that I run into all the time where people say, "But it's hot." Like I must be lying or a nutcase to disagree.

1. What temperature do you keep your house? Do you get in thermostat fights with a roommate/spouse/parent?

2. Are you usually cold or hot?

3. Would you rather be too cold or too hot?

4. When I finally build a bonfire at my desk, what should I use for kindling? I've got some newspapers lying around, but it feels like they'd burn up too fast...

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Deep Political Questions Day!

Is the draft involuntary servitude under the 13th amendment?

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


A Captain and his Crew maintain a wooden sailing ship in a dock in Boston. They sail around quite a bit, so it takes a lot of wear and tear. The boat is called the TQC Awesome Express. Every couple of months, a few wooden planks on the hull of the Awesome boat have to be replaced. Captain shippo, in an effort to cut corners so he has more money for hookers and/or blow, dumps the wooden beams in an alleyway behind the local In n' Out burger. cottonmanifesto and thatbitchfiona, after tasty lunch at the burger shop come across these planks and decide to take them and build a boat so that they might cross the seven seas. Eventually, shippo replaces all the planks the TQC Awesome Express and tosses them all behind the Burger shop, where cotton & mlle pick them all up. They have thus created a boat made of precisely the same materials as the TQC Awesome Express, but they name it the TQC Most Excellent Sloop. Is the Awesome Express the same boat it was before its planks were replaced, or would you consider the Most Excellent Sloop to be the Awesome Express?
The Receptionist Classic


1. What state/province/country do you live in?

2a. What is the highest point in your state/province/country?
2b. What is the lowest point?

3a. What is the highest recorded temperature?
3b. What is the lowest?

4. Any other random geographical factoid you'd like to share?

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1. Does anyone know how to analyze the correlations between data in OpenOffice Calc?
(I know how to do it in Excel, but I don't have Excel, just Calc. I need to do this.)
(Note that I'm not asking you to do my homework, just asking you if you know *how*. ^_^)

And I'm sure your answer to the above question is "No." So let's see.

2. What is the most frustrating computer story you have?
3. Are you doing NaNoWriMo?
4. What's your favorite kind of pie?

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 It is better that one hundred rapists should live, than that one person be put to death for being a rapist, which is not a rapist.

Whoo, if this isn't a loaded question, I don't know what is. But I really don't have answer to this one. What do you think? 

Okay people. Can someone help me phrase this so that it's about the principle and not the death penalty? *sigh* I don't give a crap who agrees with the death penalty or who doesn't.
Space Pope

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If you could ask God, our Alien Overlords, or George W. Bush one question, who would you ask and what would you ask them? (And none of those two-part questions that are just a not so clever way to ask 2 questions.)

(no subject)

i recently started going back to the gym after having a baby. I used to go to pilates classes, and do 45 minutes on the eliptical machine. This gym doesnt offer any classes, but has a wide assortment of weight machines. What sort of routine should I do to get the most benefit?

what do you do when you go to the gym?
Smooth Criminal

Cold Meds

Have you ever been carded while buying cold medicine? Over the weekend I visited friends in Georgia....I bought a bottle of NyQuil there and had to show my ID. I chalked it up to being in a different state and living near an army base.

However...back home in Ohio I was carded AGAIN buying NyQuil (I left my other bottle down south) Is this something new? The cashier said it had something to do with being able to make Meth with cold meds, but I've never ever been carded before.
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just give me the $$$

A friend of mine sees dating and even marriage as nothing but a business deal that shouldn't involve feelings since you can never truly know someone and they could completely change and screw you over at any time, even 50 years down the line. I think this is an extremely jaded and cynical view, but do you think there's some truth to it?

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What's your favorite game console (current or outdated)?

Do you have IE7 and love it? Everyone I know that has it only has complaints.

When you get a cell phone or ipod, do you care what color it is? I put covers on my stuff so it seems like a waste to be picky about color.

Do you have coffee everyday? Or is there any drink you have everyday other than water?
Sweet Pea

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My job consists of answering the phones and transferring calls. Randomly, someone will come in and I will have to call someone to come help them.
The rest of my day is spent on the internet (or doing homework).
I've gotten bored with the internet.
What are your favorite time wasting websites?
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So, are you a tqc regular, irregular, lurker...or another animal altogether?

When was the last time someone you liked seeing comments and/or posts from seemed to go missing (from tqc, or any other comm you like)?  Will you please share who it was, if you care to?

In the above situation, do you sort of go looking for them or check their personal journal, or usually shrug it off?  If it varies, what is apt to make the difference?  If they're on your f-list, how long you've seen them around, or something else?

Edit: Annnnd, if you were to rate LJ communities, how high on your list would TQC rate?
Some of you are too darn quick!  ;)
hate pimentos

this isn't about food!

Both lamps in my living room say not to use any bulb greater than 60 watts in them.  I've never used anything more than 60 watts in them because i'm terrified of burning the house down.

however, we've just switched over from regular lightbulbs to those florescent ones, which put out more light with less watts.  The ones I bought today for my porch light are equivalent to 75 watts, but they only use 20 watts.  am i safe to use these bulbs in my lamps?  i hate how dark it is in our living room.

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this has to do with my post on bribery earlier:
what brownie recipe do you use (no non-amazing ones please!)?
(also if you have anyother recipies to baked goods with accesible ingredients that are amazingly good, please post!)

links to your favorite online store?


Total dilemma

My department is hosting an "information session" from 12-1 tomorrow, which includes free pizza. I get out of class at 12:30 but the building is only a five-minute walk from class, and also since the professor of that class is in the department she may want to go to the session herself.

I'm graduating this semester and have no need to go to the information session since it's a course info session for next semester, but it might be fun to just hang out and get free pizza. But this weekend I went on a pizza-ordering spree and have basically been eating gourmet pizza three days in a row.

Should I go to get free crappy pizza or pay my usual $7.00 for good food?

(no subject)

Today when I got to my car at the train station, I discovered that someone had parked SO close to my car door that I could barely open it enough to get my arm in.  I had to climb over the passengers seat.  It pissed me off greatly.

1. What has pissed you off today?

2. What about made you happy?

3. Parking pet-peeve?

4. I have brown pants with alternating beige and teal pinstripes.  Besides matching the colors in the pants, what color shirts could I wear?

5. Candy corn? Y/N?
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Almost Halloween!

Hello, TQC!
1. What are your Halloween plans?
2. What's the strangest thing you've done lately?
3. Have you ever eaten cotton?
4. What is your strangest habit?
5. What do you want for your birthday/Christmas/whatever?
6. How are you?

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How many different kinds of people are there in this world and what are they?

I think there are two kinds. The kind that likes breakfast food and the kind that doesn't. I'm serious. People who don't like breakfast food are different from those who do.
around here somewhere

(no subject)

Weirdest Halloween costume you've ever pulled off.
3...2...1... Go.

(For me, it has to be this year's. A pretty busty female pulling off House MD. Other than that, probably a "nerdy" witch... ahh, costume nightmares from the 6th grade.)
pretty sax icon


I have a nasty case of bronchitis that is trying to become pneumonia. (Pills and a shot in the butt put an end to that mess...)

Who wants to come over with some soup and homemade bread and entertain me while I get better?

And so I'm not all Sympathy Fishing:

What's your favorite scary movie?

Showgirls scared hell out of me. The acting, the dancing, the makeup... the horror.
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(no subject)

Are you sad getting rid of your pumpkin icon on Thursday (as Halloween will be over)? What's next? a turkey/pilgram/etc. icon?
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Anastasia/Demitri Dance

Random Questions For The Day

1.) Have you ever done anything naughty in front of a webcam? What was it and who did you do it for?
My answer: Not yet, but I just got a computer with a webcam, so it's only a matter of time with me being the slut that I am ;)

2.) What are you eating for dinner?
I'm eating Fat Burger chili cheese fries. Mmmmmm

3.) What's your dumbest fear?
I'm scared of clowns.
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1. have you heard of devil's night? it is a "tradition" in detroit where the night before halloween, kids burn shit and basically vandalize the city. it dates back to before WWII. now they call it angel's night and lots and lots of people patrol to make sure things are not burned. i wanted to see if anyone had heard of it. anything like this in your city? if you have seen the crow, you may know what i'm talking about. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devil%27s_Night

2. i had to scrape my car window this morning. did you? i believe it was about 35 degrees. however this afternoon it was 60 degrees and i went to the park.

3. does your local news do an HD broadcast? i don't think people really need to see the weather in HD.

4. in your area, if you rented a 1-bedroom apartment (around 600 sq. ft), with a washer/dryer inside and some attic space and a porch, for $565/mo, would that be a good, bad, or average price?

5. what are some upcoming events you're looking forward to besides halloween? i'm looking forward to the UM/MSU game this weekend, stephen kellogg concert, a pistons game that i get to go to, and a party i'm throwing right after thanksgiving.

(no subject)

Okay, I need help here. I was told that I could take a few photos at the local high school for a school project, but when I showed up to do it they told me no photography was allowed in the classrooms. Somehow they thought me asking to take pictures had nothing to do with photography.

Anyway. I've been looking online at different stock photos but I can't find anything that I can really use. I just need a classroom of kids facing the camera, but everything is at an angle or from the back of the room instead. Do you have a picture like this or know where I can find a high resolution picture like this?


If you have a myspace, how many views do you have?
I have 3,227 as of right now =]

What are you doing right at this moment, other than answering/looking at this?
I'm going through Cyanide & Happines comics xD

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TQC, I've asked the opinion of everyone I know, and have gotten mostly good responses, but now I'm turning to you. I'm entertaining the idea of getting a tattoo, and have been for years now, but now that I'm hours away from getting it, I'm thinking of everything that can go wrong.

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What's your opinion? Bad or good, I'd really love to know. Thanks!

(no subject)

1. What was the last thing you bought?
-I just got the Young Ones on dvd!

2. What food goes with brat wurst and potatoes?

3. When a person is cremated and the urn is kept, what happens when the peope who kept the urn die?

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1) Is there an LJ community I can go to to find out what a certain song is? I'd just ask here, but you all didn't know what I was talking about when I asked a while ago.

2) A friend of mine made fun of a Juggalo's Juggalohood (Juggaloness?) and he threatened to hit her for it. When she stood up and told him to go ahead and hit her, he didn't. Juggalos are whiny betches, y/n?

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How close have you ever got to dying?


Have you ever had a near death experience?


Have you died & come back?

Tell me your stories!

I nearly suffocated while trying to eat cotton wool last year
gasp zooey

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What is/was your favorite Goosebumps book?
Mine was probably either Say Cheese and Die or The Horror at Camp Jellyjam.

(This question may only be relevant for Americans who grew up in the 90's...my British boyfriend who grew up in the 80's has never heard of the book series.)

List of books here, in case you've forgotten the titles.
hilarie & danneel - kiss

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I am eating sugar on toast because I had a strange craving for it...

What was the last thing you ate?
If you could have a BIG BANQUET with all your friends and family and only serve one meal, what would it be + WHY?

AVG Experts?

My virus scanner (AVG) is giving me problems. The icon in the systray is now black and grey and is telling me that the "Internal Virus Database" is out of date. No matter what I do to update it, nothing happens. It tells me it's updated, but it's really not. The computer has been restarted, and I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling....


If you're not interested in that or can't help me, answer me this:

How old were you when you lost your LAST baby tooth?
I was 15 and they had to be pulled (my eye teeth).


How often do you:

Ljseek yourself?

Google yourself?

ctrl+f yourself in TQCers Posts?

Check your facebook wall?

Check your myspace comments/profile views?


If we were to meet in real life, do you think we would become friends? acquaintances? lovers? enemies? ~soulmates~ ?

ETA: If you could meet anyone from TQC (aside from me, obv), who would you and why?

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Will you take a picture of a picture? (it can either be in a photo album or in a frame, wherever! just take a picture of a picture) don't worry about turning off the flash or anything.

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mona marx

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1. do you want to change your name why or why not?
1a. would you ever change it?

2. what is your name and what would you change it to?

3. would you be upset if your (real or imaginary) children ever changed their names?

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"I know she's 'the One'. Whether she's your 'One', or someone else's 'One', I know she's 'the One'." - one of the mothers of one of the girls on The Bachelor.

How would YOU describe this stupid?

Do you watch this show?

Why am I watching this show?
loving pat

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So we're doing pictures for our senior superlatives tomorrow at school. It's up to the people who got the superlatives to decide what to do in the picture, for instance.

I got "Most Unique".

1. What should I do in my picture? (Yes, I realize that this is a very ironic question considering I'm "most unique"...I really can't think of anything to do, though. It's sad.)
2. Did you get any superlatives in high school? What were they? Did you have any special picture for it? Do you think you deserved the superlative you got?
Cats pawing at mommy's face

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There are two CDs I really want which come out tomorrow. I'd like to purchase both on iTunes, but I have to be up at 6:30, and I don't want to wait until midnight to download them. Is there any way to pay for the albums right now and just have my computer automatically download them in two and a half hours? They don't show up when I search for the artist/album titles.

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I need a credit card, but can't seem to get approved for one. I don't have bad credit, just not enough credit. Is there anyplace I can get one easily?

What's your favorite tv show?
I like Late Night with Conan O'Brien.


I've heard of places that will hire you and accomidate you for a minimal fee off of your pay check (example: resorts, hotels, etc?)

Is there a name for businesses doing that? A "Business" word? I know, it's a weird question.

Also, Does anyone know if any that exist?

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what is the grossest thing that has come from your body?

for me, i had some scar tissue between two of my ear lobe piercings. One day while i was driving it itched, so i went to rub it and it exploded all over my hand. i had a bloody chunk of tissue over my fingers and my ear bleed pretty badly for a while. its was really gross!


I have a Compaq CV735 with Windows 98.

It plays CDs, but everytime I try to play a DVD it says No valid drive/disc found! I know it is aware of the drive, because that's the drive I use to play CDs. So why will those work, but not DVDs? Can you help me fix it? Please?

ETA: It used to play DVDs, and IS DVD compatible.

Oh, and some extras.

Skittles or Starburst?
Ice Mountain or Dasani?
Rent or Moulin Rouge?
Skinny jeans or wide legs?
Piercings or tattoos?

If you were offered $1,000 to sit in a shed full of spiders, cockroaches, and ants for 2 hours, would you?

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Which one of these potential book titles sounds the most intriguing to you:

Pale Skin Ruins
Choir Invisible
Whistling Past The Graveyard
Death Is A Distant Rumour

If you don’t like any of them, please say so.
St. Eldritch

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After months and weeks of abuse at work, working tons of overtime, doing twice as much work as my boss, being screamed at, etc... I decided I had enough. I was going to quit, I want to quit.

But instead, I came in early for my boss, who took the day off, recieved a surprise shipment of 200 (ahhh!) boxes into our cell-like back room, stayed an hour over my scheduled time and even came BACK later for an hour to help close the store and open some of those 200 boxes.

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    She Wants Revenge - True Romance

I'm sorry I can't make a real poll :(

Which of the following would you consider dating? (for the purpose of this question, let's assume you REALLY click with the person and he/she no longer participates in the activities.)

-Former/recovering drug addict (hard drugs)?
-Former drug dealer (hard drugs)?
-Former/recoving alcoholic?
-Former shoplifter?
-Former/recovering sex addict?
-Former prostitute?
-Former stripper?
-Former porn star?
-Sex offender (if yes, what crimes would be okay and which wouldn't be okay)?
-Ex-con (if yes, which crimes would be okay and which crimes wouldn't)?


Will you please post a picture of, or describe in a thousand words, your shoe organization solution?

And shoe organization for your kids' shoes, if applicable?

Head count of shoe pairs, too, please?
Evil Me

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Did you know that some transport trucks have a really bright light that faces backwards on the side of them so if you're passing them with your high-beams on they can flash it in your face?

I didn't know until 2 weeks ago when I was on my way home from school for the weekend. It scared the ever-loving shit out of me!

If you eat at Subway, what do you usually order?
I get a 6-inch roasted chicken with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles, and Southwest sauce. I almost never get cheese, but I sometimes get bacon. Oh, and salt and pepper!

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What's my favorite color?  ;)

What's the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear or read the word 'Shakespeare'?

If you could go back in time to any moment in your life and live it from that day forward (with full memory of what transpired the first go-round and the ability to make new decisions) would you do it?  How far back would you go?

halloween cat!

oh, why the fuck not?

how do you PREFER your cranberries?

out of a can, the jellied kind with no lumps
out of a can, the jellied kind with whole berries
made fresh from scratch with whole berries
made fresh from scratch with no lumps
the relish type with some orange zest mixed in, oh boy that's good eatin
i can't imagine all my life ever eating cranberries. and i might be dull.