October 28th, 2007

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online games

I'm looking for two different websites that I used to play free little online games at.

The first one was a game that you played with other people. It was like magnetic poetry and you had to make a sentence using the words that they gave you, and when the time was up, everyone in the game would vote on their favourite. I thought it was on Popcap, but I cant find it.

The second website I'm looking for had a bunch of really pretty games. The one I'm specifically looking for had an egg, and you had to click on the egg to make it jump, and basically get it up as high as you could go. There were moving cups you had to get it into. This website also had a little "game" when you would build a flower using some different shapes and then you could send it to people.

If these sound familiar, please, please, please post the links.

sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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(no subject)

am I being too sensitive by thinking that it's way out of line for my cousin to invite my mom (and only my mom) back east for christmas?

My mom of course turned down the invitation because she knows Christmas is a big deal and you spend it with your immediate family but aside from that I dont think she gets how absolutley inconsiderate it was of my cousin to do this...at least in my opinion anyways.

I feel like saying something to my cousin....do you think that would be a bad idea?

(no subject)

Your pal wants to watch a sports movie and you kinda hate sports movies because they all seem the same. Which sport is bound to have the most exciting movies to pick from?

Ping Pong
Ice skating
Track and field
Other (please name)

deal breakers.

Crap. Did you ever tell someone in an adding community that you were planning to add them and THEN go to their profile only to find out that there was some MAJOR irreconcilable-type difference that you knew was going to cause drama? *bangs head on floor*

What are your lj-friend dealbreakers?


(no subject)


When I was going out tonight, my car decided it didn't want to start.  And then, while out, I realized I lost my phone and it's either in my moms car, somewhere in my friends house, or I dropped it in Shaws.  Either way, I currently can't find it.  It's lost.  I'm sad.

Why does techonolgy hate me tonight, TQC?

(Non srs and srs welcome!)

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ya smellin' me?

What kind of perfume do you usually wear? How many bottles of perfume do you have? Which perfumes do you want to buy? What's the most you've ever spent on perfume?

I have at least 20 bottles of perfume. I like to switch scents depending on my mood. for the past few months my usual scent is J'Adore Dior. the most I've spent on perfume was around $70 or $80 (Issey Miyake). I'd really like to buy the Juicy Couture perfume, or Chance Chanel. I recently smelled Sarah Jessica Parker's Covet & it smells really good. I like light, clean floral scents.
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(no subject)

Are there any particular musicians or bands you've been listening to a lot lately? I've been on an Elliott Smith kick.

Why is itunes on my computer skipping?

ETA: These questions sound like they're worded...odd to me. It is way too late to be awake.
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(no subject)

this one goes out to the Chiodos fans out there...

does Nick Martin (lead singer of Underminded) do the screaming parts on "The Undertaker's Thirst for Revenge is Unquenchable"?

or does Craig do that himself...

in fact just tell me...

hell who does what in the song...

stupid question i know any help would be appreciated...thanks
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(no subject)

My paid account just expired. Two years running, and I can has sadness naw n furevar.

Do you love LiveJournal enough to feel sad when this happens?
Or do you not, and don't even have a paid account?
Are paid accounts FTW?
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Mostly for the women:

What vitamins do you take?
Have for felt a difference? If so, how long did it take?

(I cant take a multi (it kills my stomach) but i have recently started taking a vitamin B complex and was wondering what else was important to take.)


Should I get hot chocolate this morning? I try to eat as healthy as I can and it has tons of sugar that I don't really need but Im sick and it sounds so very very good.
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(no subject)

1. Should kids be allowed to dress up for Halloween at school or no? Or, only up until a certain age?

2. Should there be limits on costumes in schools? (nothing to revealing, etc) What should they be?

3. Should teachers hand out candy?

4. Should there even be school on Halloween - really, what kid is going to be able to concentrate on any lessons that day.

(no subject)

another scenario!

you and your ex work in the same large store, though in different departments. you broke up about a year ago, and are on speaking terms, at least. your ex has recently been talking a LOT to a girl in a different department (eg, standing outside and talking for an hour after work every day, waiting for her after he's clocked out and she hasn't, trying to take breaks and lunches when she does, etc). you have known this girl since you were 6, and were once part of the same friends group in middle school.

how do you react?

eta: i'm not the 'you' in this scenario; i'm the girl in the other dept and i'm trying to figure out why this guy's ex is so upset about me talking to him all the time.


(no subject)

Questions about paying for gas.

My friend drives me to/from work every once in a while (he works at the same place as me). He's done it probably 4/5 times total (one way). Next time I see him I'm planning on giving him $20. Is this enough? We live 2/3 miles apart.

My other friend lives about a mile away. She gave me a ride home from a show at our high school. I gave her $3. She gave it back to me and said she could barely get a gallon with that. Maybe it's an insulting price but that's enough for a gallon and a gallon gets her 35 miles in her car. I'm broke. What should I have given to her?

A third friend invites me to come to lunch with her and a couple other people. If she invited us and we're all carpooling with her, should she expect gas money? (We're all going from the school to some place to eat back to the school, so there's not individual dropping people off or anything.)

eta: gas prices are about $3/gallon here.

(no subject)

Random questions, yo.

1. What do you think is the hardest language to learn?

2. Do you think that Girl Scout cookies are ridiculously expensive?

3. Which culture fascinates you the most and why?

4. Applebee's, T.G.I. Friday's, or Ruby Tuesdays?

5. Favorite boys and girls name? (You can only choose up to TWO of each)

i like italian.

Does anyone else think that Isabella Rosselini still looks damned good for her age? Would you still fancy a shag (no matter what your current age may be) with her if given the chance? Did anyone see her in that movie "Death Becomes Her" and immediately _____________?
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(no subject)

How does a town acquire a major league team? I was thinking about this while watching the world series, but any sports team would do.
Does (for example, but again any sports team will do) the MLB associations just go an pick a town and decide they want a team there?
How do they choose? Economy? Weather? A large company in the town that could sponsor a stadium?
Do they go and meet with city planners? Do the city planner petition to have a team in their city?
Thank you darling TCQ.
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(no subject)

I don't really know how to ask this question, but...

my grandmother is dying. today all of our immediate family is going to go visit her because it's supposedly just a matter of days. I've had one hell of a month without this being added onto it. there was a time when I was closer to her that I was to my actual mother. I feel numb about it right now, and I don't know how to act. my mother calls me up crying & dealing with it in her way. for some reason I panic inside & I just want to get away from that. I know that sounds selfish.. but that's not how I deal with things, and when she turns to me and cries about it I just want to run away. she tends to be very dramatic & talk very dramatically when she calls me. for example, she'll call & say all somber "take your shower. we need to go now. there's not much time" - which don't get me wrong - that's OK, that's her way of handling things. but it all just makes me want to stay the hell away from everyone. I guess it just freaks me out. I don't even know why.

so I guess my question is.. have any of you ever been through something similar? (I'm sure a lot of people have) and.. how did you deal with it? I'm curious, because it's interesting to me how me & my mother have totally opposite ways of dealing with heartbreak and pain.

edit: for the record, I AM going to visit her. I never said I wasn't. I just want to know if anyone can relate.
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MLA - how many words per page?

I could post this on a more academic community but this will get more traffic, so:

My version of Word is kind of messed up and I can't really figure out how to format margins and such. It doesn't really matter because I print all my papers in one of the school's computer labs so that they end up formatted correctly. But just for my own reference, if I'm using MLA style how many words should I have per page, approximately? I've tried searching but I've found everything from 250 to 400 words.

If I'm writing a 20-page paper about how many words should I have total?
ha ha

(no subject)

1. Am I the only one who noticed it was day lights savings on the calendar, yet the digital cable clock or computer clock didn't change? Are we not doing that this year or something?

2. Is it possible to remain best friends with your ex?

3. Is anybody else having problems with LJ, where you sometimes receive emails for comments and sometimes you don't?

Doing your patriotic sexual duty

You can stop a terrorist bombing from occurring in Iraq. All you have to do is have sex with Clint Howard. Do you save lives and give it up to Opie's brother?


You can stop a terrorist attack that will leave 50 American troops dead. All you have to do is have a threesome with Clint Howard and Rosie O'Donnel. Do you save lives?


You can stop a terrorist attack on U.S. soil that will claim 500 lives. All you have to do is have an orgy with Clint Howard, Rosie O'Donnel, George Bush and Dick Cheney. Do you save lives?


To most of you: why do you want the terrorists to win?


(no subject)

Today in church, while I was receiving communion, I accidentally licked the priest’s finger (gross, I know). Now (three hours later) my throat is starting to get sore.
1. Do you think I really caught something from him, or is this something I might have gotten yesterday? Viruses can’t start ailing you that fast, can they?
2. Any home remedies I can take for my throat? I don’t want to take cough syrup since I still have a lot of homework to do.
3. Did you ever consider any rituals during mass (communion, holding hands, touching the same basin of holy water, etc.) to be slightly disgusting or germy? If so, which ones?

(no subject)

do you think it's gross or strange to keep dishes that you find in public places?

Yesterday I found a wine glass in the bathroom of one of my school's buildings, and I rinsed it out with hand soap and kept it...I can't decide if I should feel gross about this or not. I also kept two glasses that I found at 2 am outside of a restaurant, but I've been using those for a while now.

Would you use dishes if you didn't know where they'd been, even after washing them?
maybe i have been here before

(no subject)

1A) When is the last time you read a book from your childhood, and what was it?
1B) How old were you when you last read it?
1C) Did you enjoy it as much as when you were a child?

2A) When's the last time you watched a movie from your childhood, and what was it?
2B) How old were you when you last watched it?
2C) Did you enjoy it as much as when you were a child?
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(no subject)

In a previous post, a handful of you said Russian culture fascinates you, and in 'what language do you want to learn?' posts, a bunch of people always say Russian. You know what I mean! Why? What's so cool about Russian culture and the Russian language? Do you get what I'm talking about?
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(no subject)

Settle something for me, TQC?

Is the coin they use to select who starts first in professional American football always a special coin, or can they use any bloody coin they have in their pockets?

(no subject)

It was daylight saving today (2am-2am or whatever)
Yesterday at work my boss convinced a customer that the clocks go back tomorrow, not today. I just assumed she was right, but it turns out she was wrong.
I have work at 5 (3 hours), do you think she'll have realised she was wrong or should I go in an hour early to avoid her thinking i'm an hour late?

I would call her, but I am without a phone for today.

(no subject)

1) I was at a party last night and this 40-something year old guy told me more or less that I'd end up stripping to get through med school (he heard me telling one of my friends about my college plans). I'm 17 years old. I had just met him that night. HOW CREEPY IS THAT ON A SCALE OF 1-10?

2) How has your day gone thus far?

3) The People Under the Stairs is available on my On Demand. Should I watch it?

4) Would you think it odd if your friend's mother start dancing on a pole at her daughter's birthday?

5) What's one of the most awkward moments you've ever had?

So many questions, so little time...

1.      What was the last thing you ate?


2.      What is your favorite drink?


3.      What is your ideal breakfast?


4.      What is the one thing you’ll never eat?


5.      What is the best way to cure pimples?



My answers


1.      A piece of pineapple


2.      Hot Cocoa


3.      Scramble eggs with a piece (or three) of salmon and a bowl of Miso soup


4.      Chicken feet…ew


5.      I wish I knew…

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Post Halloween party cleaning question

I have a Swiffer Wet Jet, but no batteries and none of the cleaning pad things...but plenty of the cleaning solution.  Does it work as well if I just use the solution with a different mop, or should I stop being lazy and go to the store?  I know this sounds dumb but I don't know if the solution mixes with any other chemicals inside the mop or on the pads.


When I was visiting my parents a few days ago I was using their computer and found that my brother had left open an online conversation with my other brother. The whole conversation was about me and it said some of the worst things I could ever imagine anyone saying about me. It was wrong of me to read it, but my name stood out on the screen and I couldn't help myself. :(

I am not close to either of my brothers and most of what they were saying isn't even remotely true. The only part that was true is that I'm really fat and disgusting, and even I have to agree with them that I'm fat, but not disgusting. Whenever I have spent time with my brothers it is consumed by them saying horrible things about my parents and how my parents ruined their lives and they will never be normal because of it. This is why I avoid them. They are miserable people that blame everything on my parents.

After years of seeing how they talk about my parents and each other when they're not around I'm not exactly surprised they would talk about me like that, but it still hurt.

My whole family is toxic and hurtful, but I still really love them.

I have been thinking about cutting them out of my life to save my own sanity, but I feel like this is a cowardly thing to do. I made the first big step by moving an hour away from everyone and separating myself in that way, but I still feel like it's not enough.

So, has anyone here cut family members out of their life or do you think it's a cowardly thing to do?
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Pit Bull: Reindeer
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(no subject)

My boyf is seeming to have a hard time lately (he sort of got kicked out of his house, so he's living on people's couches, and is hating his job), and I want to make him something to perhaps cheer him up, or at least be like "lol I love you baby."

Should I make him the same cookies I made him last time (since I know he likes them and I have all the ingredients), or try something new?

The cookies I made him last time are those chocolate chocolate chip ones, and I then added a broken up mint chocolate bar into it cause he likes mint.

If I try something new, what should it be?

(no subject)

Dear thequestionclub

1. Do you have a web cam?
--Do you web-cam-chat with people?
2. What are you like when you're drunk?
3. What is the last thing (not from the Internet) that made you laugh out loud?

(no subject)

Inspired by uberash

What do you think of taking a bloody mary, and adding a marshmellow, and renaming it a Bloody Tampon?

Clever, but it would probably taste like shit
Jesus doesn't approve of alcohol, okily-dokily neighboroo!
Luis sloooow

(no subject)

What are your opinions on these countries? If you live in one of them, one do you think other people think about it?

1) America
2 )England
3) Australia
4) New Zealand

ETA: If you live in another country, what is it? What do you think of it?
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(no subject)

i know this question has been asked an assload of times but, can you tell me about a time you encountered a 'ghost?'

If you believe in ghosts, do you believe in aliens, big foot, and the loch ness monster?
Sweet Tart Hearts by shapeshifter12

(no subject)

1) What's a quick to make and healthy breakfast I can have after jogging? Up to this point I've been having two blueberry mini-bagels, but I have the sneaking suspicion that that's not the healthiest breakfast, lol. EDIT: Also, It'd be good it it was able to be wrapped up and brought to school with me.

2) Is there a (mostly) unbiased website that shows the positions the presidential candidates have on different issues, preferably with quotes for reference? (Or is it way too early for that kind of thing?)

3) What's your favorite recipe using pumpkin? Will you post it?

Chores & Halloween

 1) Is there anything you should be working on but aren't?
1a) Why aren't you?

2) In the spirit of Halloween, if you could be any kind of monster, what would you be (vampire, zombie, warewolf, etc.)?

3) Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?  Pics would be cool.

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(no subject)

What movie do think is so bad that it can't be anything but good [An epic fail movie, if you will]?

For me, it's any of the Trey Parker/Matt Stone films: BASEketball, Orgazmo.

Even Napoleon Dynamite and Anchorman.

I have bad taste, shut up.

(no subject)

What is the basic plot line of your favorite story (as in, summarized in a few sentences)? "Good versus evil, good wins," is too basic, however. A decent example would be:

Cursed at birth with a "blessing" from a fairy to always be obedient, the heroine struggles to gain her freedom from people in her life who would abuse her obedience. Her mother dies, her father remarries, and her new step-mother and -sisters are the first to pounce on the opportunity to use her for their own benefit—but they are by no means the only ones to do so. The heroine encounters obstacle after obstacle on her way to trying to break the curse, but only after she realizes what harm could come to her love (a prince) and her country (by marrying the prince) does she find the power within herself to break the curse and live happily ever after.

Second question: Reading the summaries posted, can you guess which books they are?

ETA: Feel free to say what you think the titles are, including mine. Otherwise anyone can say, "Oh, I know that one," when they actually might not.
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(no subject)

1. have you had your wisdom teeth removed?

2. did you have them cut, pulled, or both?

3. how long did you look like a chipmunk?

4. what pain drugs did you get? did they work?

5. are you allowed to have drinks other than water, e.g, sweet tea?

6. what are some good foods to eat to avoid getting stuff down in the stitches and all? i'm thinking like broth, plain melted ice cream, etc.

7. do you have any tips for someone going under anesthesia (via IV) and getting Novocaine for the first time?

(no subject)

What would the repercussion be if scientists made a break through that completely stopped the human aging processes? Example: An injection on everyone’s 21 birthdays so they never got any older (physically). What do you think would happen, besides people not dying from old age?

(no subject)

I went to the pharmacy yesterday to drop off my prescriptions (yay for finally getting health care coverage!) and when the lady behind the counter asked for my birthday I said 'May 26 1988'. I had to repeat it about three times before she said that she just didn't understand, so I said '5-2-6-8-8' instead, and she went on a little rant about how people give her these long dates that she doesn't understand.

Are dates like that really so hard to understand?
Has your pharmacist (or anyone, really) ever done this?
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(no subject)

Okay, here's the situation:
You have a sore throat. You go to the doctor. Doctor sees you for about five minutes, looks at your throat, gives you a prescription for antibiotics and sends you packing. Less than 24 hours later - and this is having already taken some of the meds - you can't swallow. Breathing feels threatened. You go to the ER and are declared so sick that you may have meningitis, have a spinal tap and several rounds of IV antibiotics, as well as having to have three huge abcesses removed from your tonsils. Several days later, you are released from the hospital with a smashing bill of several thousand dollars.

Does a medical malpractice lawsuit against the first doctor sound appropriate?

(no subject)

             I bought a very expensive pair of leather boots a couple of weeks ago. (These)   In the picture, you can see that there are a few leather straps that wrap around the ankle of the boots which are secured by a metal buckle on the side.   I have the straps fastened as tight as the buckle will allow.  Well, last night I wore them out, and one of the straps (still buckled) had somehow sagged below the heel of the boot, and I ended up walking on it a lot.    I looked at it this morning and the strap is worn half way through, and the stitching is ruined.  I am really pissed.  I had them securely fastened, but yet the strap still hangs too low on the back.  I paid a lot of money for these and they are brand new!  Do you think this is faulty product and the manufacturer should replace/repair them?  Or  I am just out of luck?

(no subject)

1.who are your favorite artists on etsy (links please)?
2.what is the best form of bribery not including money or sexual favors?
3.stores like day-lab? (edit: www.day-lab.com)
4.favorite ipod case you've seen?
5. favorite smoothie/juice combination?
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Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

Alright, so I met this guy a couple weeks ago. Last night was our second date. Our first date was fantastic. I'm really starting to like him, and I think, before last night, he was starting to like me too. Here is the shortened version of our second date.  
Collapse )

Okay, so that was pretty long. I won't blame you if you didn't read it. 

Think he'll call me again? Or is he probably so weirded out that he'll pretend he never met me? I'm inclined to believe the latter.

Am I making this out to be a bigger deal than it is?

What is YOUR most horrible dating moment? Long or short, tell me and make me feel better about mine. :D  

ETA: Okay, haven't you ever had your stomach make that weird noise when you're nervous? It sounds like you just farted. Seriously. That's why it was so embaressing.
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(no subject)

1. Do you say any internet acronyms in real life? For example: "jay-kay!" "I haven't met them i-ar-el."

a. If you do, which ones do you say?

b. If not, do you mind when people do?

(no subject)

can you list every band/singer you've seen live?

I once made a list of every band/singer I've seen. I'm probably even forgetting some smaller bands...

Collapse )

What are you plans for the next 30 minutes?

I'm going to finish the banana pudding I'm eating & take a nap.

(no subject)

I bought hamburger meat on Friday. It spent two nights in the freezer. I let it defrost a few hours in the fridge today and then microwaved it for a while to be able to make patties.

It smelled kinda spoiled, though. Why? It didn't smell spoiled when I was dividing it up into 1 lb portions to freeze...
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(no subject)

Have you ever eaten a black bean brownie?
What did you think of it? Tasty or nay?

Say you HAD to move for work purposes. You currently live in Seattle, if that matters?
Below are the options of locations.
Will you please order these places on which interest you the most to least to live for a three year time period?
-Hawaii (Honolulu)
-Connecticut (New London)
-England (Newquay)
-Italy (La Maddalena or Gaeta to be specific)
-California (San Diego)

Thank you! Any reasons as to why, or any insight will be greatly appreciated! A rating scale of each would be awesome too!

(no subject)

TQC, what should I do? I was thawing out a chicken in a bowl of hot water and from the plastic it was wrapped in it felt thawed, it was squishy, that is the only way I have to gauge it since I have no sensitivity to hot or cold in my hands, so I took it out and the inside is still frozen. I can't get the paper bag that is filled with organs out of the bird. It is frozen to the inside of the bird. How should I speed up the thawing process to get the bag out?

EDIT: I got it. Using a butterknife worked to pry it out.

(no subject)

If you found out you were the last person on Earth, would you kill yourself so you wouldn't be alone or would you want to stay alive and be able to do whatever you wanted with no company ever?

I know it's a weird question...


What's your bra size (estimate if you don't wear a bra!)?

Collapse )

Where do you ladies with larger racks find cute bras (actually cute, not with yucky big straps and whatnot :[) that fit well? I've been a C cup since I was 11 and I have yet to find that perfect bra. I've come close with Target's store brand, but it doesn't fit quite right. I'm afraid to buy a more expensive bra at VS and decide I hate it in two days.
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(no subject)

Are you cold?

What movie never fails to make you cry? EDIT: Happy or sad cry.

Inspired by bookwh_ore's post, what was the worst date you ever went on?

I'm a little chilly, but my left foot is freezing.

A Walk To Remember, Fox and the Hound, Radio, The Notebook.

(no subject)

1. Would you call a friend before a surgery to wish them luck?
2. Would you call an acquaintance before a surgery to wish them luck?
3. Would you want a friend to call you before your surgery to wish you luck?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know if there is a comm (or multiple comms) for recommendations? For example, I like so and so band, what's similar--or I'm looking for clothes, what's a good place to buy, etc. I tried searching, but didn't come up with anything (that wasn't fanfic related).



Here's hoping it stays alive.
Hell's Libarian


I need help finding a name.

I'm looking for something that is French but that has an English variant.

ex: Guillaume = William in English

They need to be different enough that if someone said it you'd be confused and think they were talking about someone else (Alexandre vs Alexander or Luke vs Luc wouldn't work).

So, can you think of any?
Thanks in advance!
~ K.
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hate pimentos

(no subject)

1a.  Is there a food that you really love, but can only eat a few bites of before you're totally done with it? 
1b.  What is it?

2a. Did you watch a sporting event today?
2b. Which one?
2c. Did your team win?

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Trick Or Treat!

Hey there TQC, so, all Hallow's eve approaches, so here's some Halloween themed questions for you!

1) What's your favorite thing to get in your halloween bucket/bag/candy holder?
2) And your least?
3) What's the strangest thing you've ever gotten in there?
4) When you take it all home, what do you have the most of?

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(no subject)

I have a pumpkin! I wanted to print out a stencil of something cool and carve that out, but I'm thinking of doing something else. What should go on my pumpkin?

edit : Also, why did somebody steal the pumpkins off our front porch last night? That was mean :(


(no subject)

I've had a really emotionally draining day. I'm sick of being online. I don't have TV, and there are no particular DVDs that I want to watch right now. none of my friends seem to be available. I have absolutely nothing to do.

should I just go to sleep? it's only 8:00.

if not, suggest stuff!


I am not very girly.  Actually, make that extremely not girly.  So I have no experience with this.  How do I keep nail polish from chipping? It only lasted one day before it started chipping all over the place. :(
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(no subject)

1) where could i find good, reliable information on colleges/universities overseas? as in, not in the united states.

2) what careers do you think offer the most travel and/or music oriented experiences?

3) do you think pot is a drug or should count as one?

i know number 3 seems totally unrelated but it's been bugging me for quite a while now. i do think it is, because it counts as a mind-altering substance since thc is in it, and i personally don't want to smoke it ever.
HP- Harry's not happy

(no subject)

This is gonna make me look like a nutter.

I could have *sworn* that I could see the moon out of the window in my puter room.

Just now, I heard firetruck sirens and being curious I walked to the front room to see if I could tell where they were going...I look out my picture window and there is the moon.. but the living room is on the other side of the house facing another direction.

Am I losing it? Has the earth changes shifted on its axis and no one told me?

Is this normal?

Would you like some warm apple cider?

Do you enjoy full moons? Do you think there is any corolation between people acting weird and the full moon?
*I DO! I work in retail and I swear I can SENSE it coming!!*

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1. Say you become really friendly with your newest coworker. After talking for a while, you both come to find out that you use LJ. Your coworker gives you their screen name, and it turns out they are a famous (and batshit insane) troll. What do you do next?

2. How do you keep your face acne-free?

3. What kind of MP3 player do you use?

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this afternoon, in a joke gone wrong, my husband threw a small box at me and managed to bing me with the corner in my belly squarely and hard enough to wound me (small bloody puncture-type wound, about the size of a cigarette burn).

what sort of revenge should i exact on him for this offense?

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I tried to rearrange my groups on my ichat buddy list.
I failed and now the group that I use the most is at the bottom, and I can't get it back to the top my my buddy list. I've tried renaming it so that alphabetically it would come first, but once I logout and quit ichat, it'll go back to how my buddy list was before!
I restarted my computer a ton of times, and it's still not working.

Can anyone help me? Even though this is a little thing, its adding to the stress of the day
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Do you think people generally look better with their natural hair color? I do. I especially think "dishwater-blonde" looks horrible only as outgrown roots against platinum blonde hair, and could be quite pretty on its own.

If someone dyes his/her hair, which transition do you think generally works best:

brunette -> blonde
brunette -> redhead
blonde -> brunette
blonde -> redhead
redhead -> brunette
redhead -> blonde

I think a lot of blondes look nice as brunettes, except they usually go from an unnatural shade of blonde in the first place and are naturally closer to brunette anyway.

Are there any redheaded men you think are sexy? Pics?

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1. What do you think of women (and men) who go through university and earn a degree, only to end up stay-at-home moms and/or housewives? Are you glad they got their degree anyway, or do you think the resources/time/energy of the school should have gone to better use than making sammiches?

2. (Only vaguely-related, honest.) How do you define feminism?

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Once upon a time, in the West Lake village, an apprentice lived with his master. After service of about 30 years, his master became ill and was going to die. One day, the master called his apprentice and asked him for a wish. It could be any wish but just one. The master gave him one day to think about it. The apprentice became very happy and went to his mother for discussion about the wish. His mother was blind and she asked her son for making a wish for her eye-sight to come back. Then the servant went to his wife. She became very excited and asked for a son as they were childless for many years. After that, the servant went to his father who wanted to be rich and so he asked his son to wish for a lot of money. The next day he went to his master and made one wish through which all the three (mother, father, wife) got what they wanted. You have to tell what the servant asked the master.

Does anybody know the answer to this (what the servant's wish was)? It's exactly what the person orginally sent to me. I've literally been trying to solve it the whole day, and it's incredibly frusturating. Help?
hate pimentos

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Okay, I've googled and I've found this question asked somewhere but no answers, and i don't know if ANYONE can help me, but here goes...

Burger King has a new commercial for their Italian Chicken sandwich, it's basically just an announcer guy talking over some Italian-y sounding music. WHAT THE HELL IS THE SONG PLAYING IN THAT COMMERCIAL?  i don't have a link for the commercial, sorry.

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1) Has anyone in Australia been watching The Abbey on ABC? Do you like it?
2) Have any of you ever considered being a priest/nun or similar? Why didn't you go through with it? What appeals most about that lifestyle to you?
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Postal scales

Has anyone bought a postal scale on Ebay?

There are like, 5 zillion of each model, and I always lose at the last minute. I think the seller is screwing people over. Why would someone outbid me when they could easily buy one for less than a dollar simply by bidding on any of the other hundred or so of each model listed?
got milk?

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Which flavor of milk do you like best?

plain old milk-flavored milk
milk is gross

In your opinon, which is better: Terminator 2: Judgement Day or The Terminator?
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How come some people can chain smoke yet manage to smell good all the time and others positively reek all the time? Does it have to do with the type of cigarettes they smoke or how they hold it or what? And I'm pretty sure it's not all based on hygienic habits because it seems some people can smoke and immediately afterwards you can't smell a trace of it on their clothes.

Do you have any recipes of baked goods I could make in muffin tins that aren't muffins or cupcakes? Things that are less sweet?

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Oh, TQC.

1. Suppose you were in a long term relationship with someone, and you loved them a lot, but you were no longer sexually attracted to them because they were boring in the sack or had a low sex drive, while you had a high sex drive and liked to experiment.

If everything else was really good in this hypothetical relationship of yours, would you just put up with bad/not enough sex, or would you tell them it was over?

2. For Halloween, do you opt for "slutty" or "scary?" Or some unholy combination?

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Do you tend to over-eat or under-eat when you are depressed?

Should I make chicken pot pie or chicken alfredo with the leftover chicken I baked (or should no one dare eat it?)

Do you like 'Say Anything' the band? I've not seen the movie. I didn't even know there a movie until ten minutes ago.

What is your favorite Family Guy character?

What are your plans for the rest of the night?

What is a good site for getting new user icons?
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I'm helping a friend this week by being part of her performance art installation. The basis of the piece is that she's having four people play dominoes while speaking different languages. I'm the English speaker; we're supposed to acknowledge that the other people are speaking, but since we can't understand each other we just say random sentences that could be lifted from any conversation.

Help me out, TCQ! We're practicing on Tuesday, but it'll still be a challenge to try to keep finding new topics to talk about. What are some sentences from conversations you've had lately? Any memorable phrases? Are you currently in an internet cafe, and will you eavesdrop on the people around you for me? What do you talk about when playing dominoes?
b/w girl

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is anyone else addicted to i love new york 2? what do you think of her?

i'm going to be 18 in a couple of months. to my horror, i just found out the guy i've been talking with is only 15.
keeping in mind he's really chill and hot, is it still too young or does it not matter? should i even waste my time?

what was your first screen name?

what's the best advice you've ever received?

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If a friend never returns emails or anything like that, and only talks when he happens to be online and even when he is, he barely pays attention, and when you say something it takes him ten minutes to say a short reply, and then when you lay into him about it, he stops talking to you altogether...  what should I think?

The strange thing is that this person always seems to be really nice, and he always says it's just because he's quiet, but it irritates me that even when I get him to promise to email back, or even when I'm talking about something important, he still can't.  He's a good friend, but especially now that he's giving me the silent treatment because I confronted him about it...?  Am I just being needy? lol  Or else, what should I do?