October 27th, 2007

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So, TQC. My gorgeous coworker invited me to his Halloween party tomorrow. I don't have a costume, since I wasn't planning on doing anything (as usual). Anyone want to give me some ideas?

This is a silly question...

but I don't have a scale, so this is worth a shot. How much do you think a cd case that holds 128 cds would weigh if it was full (of cds)? I know I'm being a little redundant by adding the parenthesis, but I'm trying to be as specific as possible since I tend not to be.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of Bible verses that discuss sexuality? (Specifically, female sexuality.) I need a few for a paper I'm writing.

edit: it's for a paper on the work of Mel Ramos, who is often viewed as a misogynist blah blah so I have to start at the basics to get to the bottom of a male's view of the female body etc. long story. need help. or coffee.
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1. Do you think that all of John Williams' music "sounds the same" for every movie he does, or do you think he just have a distinct style of composing?  What is the difference?

2. Same question...for Danny Elfman. (?)

3. When you hear music by Williams, what movie do you think of?
I think Star Wars.

4. When you hear music by Elfman, what movie do you think of?
I think of Nightmare Before Christmas.

5. Do you like either composer?

6. What is your favorite movie score by each?

The late night drunk poll

Hop on in, the water's fine

They say that, 'whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'. Which of these things can you count on staying in Vegas after you leave?

Depleted savings
That STD
Alcoholic stupor
Extra pounds from all those buffets
Missing tooth from when you refused to leave the club, and the bouncer got involved
Heartfelt appreciation of watching Carrottop at the Luxor
Dried vomit on your shirt, in a location you can't possible have reached
That one night stand
That half pack of cigarettes you put away
Your anal virginity
Your self respect
That nickel bag
The tattoo you woke up with
Phone number on your hand from some gentleman named 'Rusty'

Most effective methods of birth control

Birth control pills
Pulling out
Pushing her down the stairs 6 months later
Vaginal ring
Cervical cap
Rigorous punches to her womb 7 months down the road
Morning-after pill
Female condom

Ladies, you're dating some new guy, and on the second date, you're at a bar/restaurant, and you're both cutting loose, and your guy starts ordering girlie drinks. For himself. From the candy apple to strawberry dacquiri to the lemon drop, each drink in front of him is loaded with extra straws, fruit and the occassional umbrella. How much do you respect him now?

I have so much respect for him. Who cares what he drinks?
I kind of think less of him. A real man should be drinking drinks that aren't pink
I actually gain more respect for him. It takes a man who's very secure in his manhood to order a pink squirrel
Honestly, I probably don't even notice. I'm sure I'm drunk
I don't lose any respect for him, but at some point in the night, I'll ask him if he's secretly into guys
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The Last Time

1. What was the last movie to make you cry?
2. When was the last time you accidentally cut yourself? Did it bleed a lot?
3. What was the last nice thing you did for someone else?
4. Last thing you ate/drank?
5. Last person you talked to?

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 What is something stupid you have been accused of doing, but in fact, didn't?

I was once accused by my step-mom of stealing my step-sister's underwear. We worked it out, but only because I told her off. She is bi-polar.Long story :/
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Feet Pyramid

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1. Where is Noah's Ark?
2. What do you believe the Holy Grail is?
3. What does God look like?

srs and non-srs answers welcome :)

4. I'm going to Fright Fest at Six Flags in St. Louis. Have you ever been to Fright Fest(at any Six Flags)? How was it?

X-Men fans

did anyone else hate the movies?

i think they're good movies and they're fun to watch but what they did with the characters and the story lines made me so angry. i knew there was a reason i avoided those movies for the last 7 years.

parting message from the failboat...

Looking back, my last post to TQC made me sound like a bit of a homocidal maniac. I promise (with cherries on top) I'm not really going to murder him!  :D

So, questions:
1. Do you like cherries? If not, what can I put on my promises for you instead?
2. When was the last time you failed on the interwebz, if ever?
3. What are your plans for this weekend?
4. Do you like giving people money for their birthday if they've invited you to their party? One of my friends refuses to tell me what he wants, saying that he'd prefer money. I'll happily give money to him if that's what he wants, but normally giving people money when everyone else buys presents makes me feel a little cheap and tacky, as though I've put no effort in. What are your general opinions and anecdotes on this matter?
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I've had this little bump of a scar on my lip from getting hit by a golf ball since I was a little kid . It wasn't noticeable or felt like much but now all of a sudden it's all calloused and stuff. I'm sad because I don't know what to blame. What should I blame for this happening? And what should I do to soften it up :(?

I'm out of the loop of what good movies are playing right now. What's good?

What's a better cereal trio pack: Cookie Crisps, Trix, and Lucky Charms or Applejacks, Corn Pops, and Froot Loops?
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1. Are there any communities on LJ that have organizing and cleaning tips? My directory search is turning up dead communities and I don't know where to go for them.

2. What's your very best "odd" cleaning tip? Mine is if you've got a sticker on the wall (a frequent problem with kids) and it's not coming off without pulling the paint/wall paper, take a hairdryer and blow on it with medium heat to soften up the sticky, then gently remove. Use GOOGONE to get the remainder of the yuck off.

3. What do you do with clothes that have "sentimental" value that are wasting room in your closet? Stuff that people give you, but you can't throw out for whatever reason.

4. What music do you listen to to get into the cleaning mode?

hm =]

So my best friend's plane left 19 minutes ago on her way to New Jersey for a 4 hour layover, then on to Scotland! xD
Its her first plane ride so yeah =] [same friend in this post] She was really nervous, and I tried my best to give her good tips and advice and stuff.

If you could, what would you say to her?
Bruins - shadow

Groan, whine, and roll your eyes.

I know you will all hate me for this, but Im going to ask anyway.
Yes, Ive googled but I cant find the right link that Im looking for.

WHat program transfers your songs from your iPod to your computer? I just got a new hard drive and I need to put my iTunes back.
I thought it was called iShare or something, but that doesnt look like the page I was at before. I had it bookmarked, but then everything got wiped out obviously so I dont have it any more :(

Please someone have mercy on me and my iPod question :x

It was Sharepod!!! Nevermind :)
kiv dancin.

i never did see anything about this here, so

Poll #1078403 Music.

Did you download the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows?

Yes, I have.
No, but I plan to.
No, and I do not plan to.
No, I will buy the cdbox when it comes out.
Yes, and I will buy the cdbox when it comes out.

If you downloaded it, how much did you pay (in your respective currency)?

Over 15
Less than 5
I didn't pay anything.

Do you think this was a good idea, to offer it via download at a price decided by the customer?

It's good for big bands like Radiohead, but probably not good for struggling groups.
I don't care, I like the idea of cheap and/or free music.

EDIT: second question says IF you downloaded it, kids. if you didn't dl it, i know you didn't pay anything.
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Hair today

1. Who is your hairdresser?

2. If you do, do you dye your hair at home or get your hair dresser to do it?
2a. Ever left the dye on too long?
2b. Ever had the colour turn out WAY different than the box showed?

3. How much do you pay for a haircut?
housewares, ash

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just in case anyone cares, i went to the partay and it was extremely fun. very glad i went.

on that note, does alcohol make you more or less horny?

for me, it takes away my urge to flirt with members of the opposite sex. its really weird, because usually thats a big part of my personality.
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What is the best beginner's knitting book?

I'm looking for something that's like knitting for complete imbeciles; knitting for dummies probably isn't dumb enough for me. I'm extremely bad at crafty stuff, and I've tried knitting before yet failed like Jeff Francis trying to throw a fastball. Ideally, I'd like something with lots of pictures. There are so many books out there that I don't know where to start, so thanks in advance!!!

Edit: I've found my answer. I'm starting out with knitting videos instead of a book. Thanks so much! Have a great Halloween!
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iPod Question

Is there anything that can be done about a possibly stolen iPod?
i looked online and found a couple of stolen iPod registries, but is there really anyway to track a stolen iPod for real? 
Has anyone ever got their iPod back once it has been  stolen?
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Drinking ?s

For those of you who go out to bars/clubbing/drinking or whatever, do you count your drinks?

Do you usually start a tab?

Have you ever bought a round of drinks for everybody at the bar?


Who has Alltel?
How would you describe your service (okay, good, excellent)?
How many anytime minutes do you have? do you often go over on your minutes?

people say i talk too much on the phone, i have 700 anytime minutes, 100 anytime minutes  that they gave to me for being a good customer  about a year ago, and free nights and weekends..but i somehow always manage to go over on it...i used over 2200 night and weekend minutes this month alone...is that excessive? 

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Anyone else think today urban dictionary word of the day was lame?

I'm also quite bored. I just watched everything new on adultswim- could you dirrect me to some amusing videos or websites please?

For those you in school. Do you like your courses for the semester? Do you like your teacher, classmates topics of study?

For cat owners- are your cats strictly indoor cats, or do you let them outside? What are your thoughts on people who bring thier cats outdoors on a leash?

And one more annoying halloween question: What is the lamest or most awkward costume you've ever seen? Please describe or bet yet show a picture.
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 I'm going to a theater near my house tonight for Rocky Horror, but I can't find my lash glue. I don't have time or a drive to go shopping... Is there anything else I can use to glue them on?
rufus, muppy

Pumpkin carving!

Sorry if this has been done before!!

1. Is your favorite part of halloween the pumpkin carving?

2. How many days before halloween did you get your pumpkin?

3. How many days before halloween did you carve it?

4. Share a pic of your pumpkin!

Collapse )

(no subject)

1)If you carved a pumpkin, what does it look like? I'm working on mine right now.
2)Do you have any pictures of you in a costume or wearing a mask, for Halloween or any other reason? Please show them.

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what's your messiest "junk" drawer (be it in the kitchen, your glove compartment, your bathroom, etc.) that things just seem to collect in? (if you have a picture, post it!)

eta: when you're going through this at the airport, and you have your digicam on you.. for you that carry a purse/bag, do you LEAVE it in your purse/bag while it goes through the scanner? or do y'all take it out of the bag and carry it with you.. one of my friends left hers in her purse (which went through the scanner) while she walked through this and she noticed that the scanner basically fucked up her digicam.. would the same thing happen to a disposable camera?

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Do you have rules about your private space that seem to be ignored?
If the cats get all over my stuff I end up having a pretty bad reaction, so I need my door closed to keep them out, but everyone will leave it open. My computer chair is a wreck because the cats are always scratching it and playing on it and spilled a can of coke on it last night.

What is something that drives you crazy? Bad drivers, annoying customers, naggy in-laws?

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Does your local area hold its own Polar Bear Dip?
Have you or would you ever participate?

Is Dead Silence a good movie? My husband rented it and I am going to watch it with him when he gets home.

What is the most offense/disturbing thing you've seen or heard recently?

Edit: Ever see an egg that had two yokes in it? I was making brownies and cracked one open.

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What kind of dental or orthodontic work have you had done (besides regular cleaning and fluoride treatments and such)? What kind of problems were you treating?

Edit: Oh yeah, why do some grocery stores give you discounts or bonus incentives for bringing your own bag but they don't give it to you if you don't use any bag at all, when the effect on the environment is the same?

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I wasnt planning on going to a party tonight because my SO was supposed to be working, but he isnt and now he wants to go out. I dont have a costume or anything. he either but he doesnt care cause its all his childhood friends so they arent gonna care, but im not really friends with there girlfriends/wifes/whatevers and so im thinking i will feel a little out of place.

should i go even though i dont have a costume? 

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1 - Do you own any Converse? What do they look like?

I normally really dislike them, but I bought a pair of cordouroy hightops... just because I really wanted cordouroy shoes. My store recently got a new pair in called "Cream" - they look like this. I'm thinking of getting them.

2 - Should I buy those?
3 - Is it true they're like, 50 euro in Europe? My job's right next to the San Francisco airport, and we get tons of Europeans coming in with a giant list of colors. They'll buy a dozen pairs of shoes for their friends and relatives.

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1. Who's the coolest old person you know (75+) & what makes them so cool?

2. What is song #361 on your winamp/other music player?

3. What do you use as your alarm clock?

4. I love the song Last Straw, AZ by Jack's Mannequin (but only the live version, strangely). In it, he sings, "There are some things I'll never understand -- why a country needs a God and a woman needs a man." So tell me, TQC, why does a country need a God and why does a woman need a man?

5. What's the most irrational thing you've ever done?
Self cleaning

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What was the last thing to piss you off? Rant away if you want.

What was the last thing to make you happy? Gloat/gush away if you want.

What was the last thing that made you proud of yourself? Brag away!

What was the last thing to scare you? Tell me about it if you want.

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1) What's the best way to flatten a chubby tummy- including what foods to avoid and what work outs are good. (btw, I don't want abs! I just wanna flatten myself out a little bit.)

2) Girls: Favorite undies on the person you're attracted to (boxers, briefs, etc.)

Guys- same question (thongs, boy shorts, boxers, bikinis, etc.)

3) Do you want to ruin a certain someones life? I do and I think about it time to time.

4) For fun- post a picture of anything you want.
archer / pam.

TMI? Probably.

I just peed five times in the last 45 minutes.

TQC, what is wrong with me? :(

Also, I am moving this weekend. How many times have you moved and how old are you? Which do you hate more, packing or unpacking?

This is my 17th move in 23 years. Packing sucks. :(
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Your long-term SO, whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, proposes to you and offers you a lovely ring. You accept. You later on find that they bought the ring for one of their previous SO's, (they proposed, but were turned down, and later broke up). How do you react?

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Right now there's a party going on next door which I was invited to, but said no because I have shitloads of work to do. I've been doing working all day but now I can't hear myself think because the music is so loud. I have people banging on my door/calling me every half hour telling me to go round.

The party started 3 hours ago, but will probably last all night. It doesn't look like I'm going to be getting much more work done, but it's all due on Monday and I'm nowhere near done. If I go, I probably won't wake up until midday tomorrow so I'll only have the afternoon to complete it.

Should I try to block out the noise and crack down on my work, or should I go and be sociable? If I go, I need to be in costume, but I guess I could just wear black with black make-up and go as... death or something...

I would like to apologize in advance for the run-on sentence.

For some reason, whenever I see a magazine, newspaper, or book, with someone looking "away" from it (you know, it looks like they're looking at you when you hold it), I feel really creeped out and try to turn it over or cover it up. I don't actually feel like the person is looking at me, but I do it anyway. I also only do it when it's a person; I don't do it if the picture is of an animal.

What's up with that?
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1. Developing psoriasis and your periods stopping are all signs of stress but I don't feel stressed! :( What's happening/am I dying? (the doctors is too far away thnx tho)

2. What do your usual sundays consist of?

3. Arn't roast dinners the best?

4. Orange squash or orange juice?

bestest animal friend :D

for those of you who have pets:

how did you choose your pet? not the species or breed, but your particular pet?

for instance, when you were looking for your animal friend, did the one you eventually pick do something cute to convince you? were they just the cutest/best looking of all the other animals? did they have a very obvious personality? or did it even matter? were they picked out as a gift for you by someone else?

will you post a picture of your pet?

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Will you tell me something good, bad & ugly about yourself?

The Good: I am very outgoing.
The Bad: I can be very bossy at times.
The Ugly: I sometimes hurt people's feelings just to see how much they really care.


Long Distance Relationship + Job = Trouubblee.

So I'm 16, almost 17 and my boyfriend lives in another state. I visit him/he visits me every school holidays. Lately I have decided I should get a part time job. I need a job to pay for the plane tickets mainly. But I am wondering if it will even work. If I get a job and then they expect me to work during a the holidays and I am planning on visiting my boyfriend therefore I can't work for that week or two..are they going to fire me? Should I not even bother? Is my only option to take the chance and hope my future employer is super understanding and all for teenage romance? I can't not visit my boyfriend, but I can't keep going on without any money....What do you think is the best thing for me to do and/or expect?


SO,TQC members who are parents: 

What are your kids going to be for Halloween?

Are you going to walk around with them?

Is there a time limit are the trick or treating?

Any of their friends throwing parties?

Are you going to dress up?

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My Nintendo DS Lite (that's still under warranty) broke last night.  Long story short, it will not turn on whether the charger is plugged in or not (and yes, I've tried different outlets).  I'm most likely going to send it to Nintendo to get it repaired or replaced.

Has anyone had to send something in to Nintendo to get repaired?  How long did it take?  Were you happy with the results?
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My analytical argument, let me show you it.

So, today when I took my GRE, the analytical argument/essay was actually on a topic I'd recently had a discussion about on stupid_free.

What's the weirdest benefit you've gotten from LJ?

What's the last online argument you had? Did you win?

Do you ever have well-reasoned discussion with people who have differing opinions? Online or in real life?
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I'm considering getting Molly Maid. How much does it cost for you? Do they do laundry? How often do they come to your place to clean?

Are you home when they clean your house? If so, what do you do when they're there?
i say, old bean

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I know this has been asked here before, but being the awesome person that I am, I usually skip over these questions and ignore the answers. but alas, it's come to the time where I need help...
TQC, it's possible to motivate someone, right?
have you done it? what were your ideas/approaches?

what are you doing at this exact moment?

do you have any pictures of your first best friend?
if not, do you have any of you and some of your friends from elementary school?

what was your favorite year of school?
during what year did you learn the most?

Great cities for writers,artists and intellectuals

I was wondering about something
What are some cities that have a very good climate for intellectual person and especially writers and literature/history geeks which is what I consider myself
I don't care about the climate or where it is
It needs to be tolerant and not extremely expensive and a place with a lot of history and bookstores and such.
I'd like a diverse place with a stimulating environment

I just want to hear what others think...
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Big Lemon Gefahr!

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Can anyone recommend a large, squarish font?

I want to make a tshirt with sewn-on letters (since I'm too cheap to get one printed for the two times I'm going to wear it), and I need something nice and solid, somewhere along the lines of Rough Draft (in the shape, at least), without anything fancy. Just easy to transfer to fabric, cut out and sew onto a shirt. I've been looking around Dafont.com for ages, but I can't seem to find anything proper.
Arch Rock Mack Island

Some vary random questions

1. Do you have a Handy Switch? Does it work right? Mine worked right for about a week, and now it will only turn the light on, but not off. Jerks!

2. Who's your favorite NFL team? I'm sure you can guess mine from my icon.

3. Do you watch/like/read books by Suze Orman? I watch her. I picked up one of her books, and I find myself reading it in her voice.

4. Do you like cocktail wiennies with barbeque sauce? They may be unrefined, but I love them!

5. How do you properly spell "wiennies"? It just doesn't look right.
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