October 26th, 2007


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My boyfriend asked me this and I really can't answer it because honestly, I don't know. If taking a pregnancy test first thing in the more gives you a more accurate test because of the concentrated pregnancy hormone (I'm assuming from not going to the bathroom), then can you also get an accurate reading if you hold it in for a long time before taking the test?

Call Me

I've had my cell phone for over two years.

Is it strange that I don't know my cell phone number?
Do you know your cell phone number?
How long did it take you to learn it?

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My question:
Was I hacked??

Theres these lil windows from "snap shots" that appears over links sometimes in some livejournal community.. it's very annoying.. it's like a preview in image of what the link is about..

Costume Ideas!

So I found out today that I'm invited to a Halloween Party on Saturday. However, I have no money to buy a costume.
Anyone wanna suggest a cheap, cute, possibly funny Halloween costume?

Bonus points if it's completely free.
years go by

I am so lame.

It's been a full three months since my boyfriend of two years broke up with me, and I'm still not over him at all, not even a little. Is this normal? I kind of feel like I've reached a point in time where I should be feeling at least a bit better, but I really don't. If the cutest and sweetest guy in the world asked me out on a date right now, I'd say no. I don't want anyone else.

What should I do, TQC? :(
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So, I've made the mistake of becoming sexually involved with my friend/roommate before discussing relationship boundaries and such. I would like to find out where we are on the relationship spectrum... how and when should I bring this up?
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How might I go about making a stencil of text? It has to be a specific font, I can't just use those cut-outs you can buy at Staples or whatever.

I'm really hoping that the answer isn't going to be "print it really huge and then use a craft knife to cut out the letters"

I'm not really interested in getting it screenprinted because I've googled the local businesses who do screenprinting and they all have a minimum order of at least five, but I just want one! So how do I do it myself? :)
MISC - moustache

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I just got an insane craving for grape soda, but it's 1am and I have no car and the stores are all closed. Should I ride my bike to the machines outside the store or should I suffer until morning?
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1. Do you share your birthday with anyone famous? Anyone you know?

Karl Marx, Michael Palin

2. Do you think your star sign represents you correctly? [regardless of whether you think they're full of shit or not]

Apparently I'm placid and patient, but that is so not true. I also do not have a violent temper.

3. If you could choose what day your birthday was on, what day would you pick? In the summer? Winter? Beginning of the year?

I'd put it in September so I could be one of the oldest in the class ;)

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What was the last thing you said or did that made you think you were really clever/funny/a genius?

What was the last thing you said or did that made you think you were really stupid or failed at life?


Does your ass or vagina ever go to sleep?

If you don't have a vagina, edit accordingly.

Also, can you recommend any wonderfully beautiful movies such as Garden State, Eternal Sunshine, Science of Sleep, etc.?

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What was the last thing you watched or read (nonfiction) that left you shaken and uncomfortable?
(For example, my own was a first hand account of the Bosnian War.)

Same question, fiction?
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Bug-eyed Earl


I found one flea on my couch. I have two indoor cats, so they didn't bring it in. My mother-in-law has outdoor cats and she said her basement has fleas where she keeps the cats when they come in even though she treats them. So we must have brought it or some over from there.

Should I freak out and like.. move my family out for a day and bug bomb my one bedroom apartment or what?

I guess I should probably treat my cats but that's probably expensive and I think a lot of treatments are kinda toxic. Aren't they? I saw web pages blasting Frontline and stuff. I have a baby I don't want to put something on the cats and then pet them and then pick up the baby.

myspace =]

[i copied and pasted this from a Bzoink quiz xD]

Do you believe in soul mates?

Love at first sight?

How do you feel about one night stands?

Do you think sex is better when your in love?

If your partner wasn't able to have sex any more, would you stay with them?

Does a mans "size" really matter?

Do you believe it's possible to remain faithful to one person forever?

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quick scenario:

let's say your best friend was raped. she tells another friend (let's call her brenda) the next day. later that day, the two friends have an argument, out of your sight, which you hear about later. in the course of the argument, brenda tells your best friend, "i hope you get herpes." she fully means it.

how do you react to this?

eta: they had a big screaming match earlier (there are many other issues besides this), and now they're cool. what the fuck could POSSIBLY have happened?


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Choose which ever sounds the most appealing.
Poll #1077819 Pick one

The Misfits?

Glenn Danzig
Michale Graves
Clark Gable

Richard Hell?

The Voidoids

Black Flag?

Chavo Pederast
Dez Cadena
Henry Rollins

Keith Morris?

Black Flag
Circle Jerks


The Smiths

The Beatles?

Ringo Starr
That Other Bloke

Tim Armstrong?

Operation Ivy

The Ramones?

Tommy Ramone
Marky Ramone
Richie Ramone


Sonny Burgess
Sonny Barger
Sonny Bono

I forgot to add ticky boxes

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Do you like your brownies gooey or cakey?

Do you like your cookies hard or soft/chewy?

My concentration in my art class is loosely mythical sea creatures or mermaids or underwater life. GIVE ME AN IDEA FOR A PROJECT.

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1. what happened to my other cute little ice skating penguin glove? (Collapse ))

2. do you get itchy skin in the cold/weather changes?

3. what else happens when the weather changes? my carpal tunnel goes apeshit.

4. how do I go about weaseling information out of a bunch of professors who know why my flute professor was fired, but are not supposed to tell me? I don't care if they're not supposed to, I just need help getting info because I'm a damned gossip.

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Where did I leave my 3/4 full bottle of rootbeer?

Why is the sun just now rising at 7:23?

Why did winter come so early this year? Usually, you can still wear short shorts and a tank top at halloween without being chilly.

Is it Nuclear Winter here to cancel out Global Warming?

What's in your pants?

If you're not wearing pants, where are they?

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When you're eating and cutting your food, do you switch your fork to the other hand while cutting and switch it back to put the food in your mouth?

Where are you from?

Non-Americans: My history teacher is always telling us how non-Americans think of us as pretty much just cowboys. Do people really still think this?
rufus, muppy


What are your opinions of someone who only has had sex with one person thier entire life?

Missing out? Good discipline?

What if the person was good looking?

What if the person were young (18-25) and planned on marrying the one person they had ever had sex with? Would you think it would be "better" if they made sure they weren't "missing out"?

Would YOU rather sleep with just one person your whole life (and be in a serious relationship with them), or get it on with lots of people?
Space Pope

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Last night I was the last to leave the office. This morning I was second to arrive. I walk in and someone has straightened up my desk(my piles of stuff were in slightly neater piles). My desk wasn't that messy, so... Why is someone coming into the office in the middle of the night to straighten up my desk?
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Last night I put some chili in the crockpot. I had it simmer all night and turned it off to cool down, so I could put it in the fridge. Then I was going to bring some to work for lunch today.

Well, when I woke up, I realized I forgot to put it in the fridge. It was still pretty warm. Not hot where it would burn me, but when I took off the lid, some steam rose.

I promptly put it in the fridge, but I'm somewhat nervous to eat it.

Is it savable?

Will I die if I reheat it and eat it???

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I've been meaning to ask this for a while, and since I've been playing with photos lately, I thought I'd ask.

Will you show me what editing/photoshopping/graffiti/whatever you can do to the Mona Lisa? Good or bad or fun or crazy...I want to see what you'd do if you were let loose with her and your painting/editing tools of choice!

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So I gave up coffee :/ I love it, but it was making my anxiety just terrible. I wasnt a huge coffee drinker, but I had 2-3 everyday.

How long until I stop feeling so sleepy?
Have any of you ever had to give up coffee/caffeine?

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"I'm not an English major," is too often used as an excuse for bad usage.

So do you have to be an English major to be at least proficient in your own language, given that language is English? Really?

I don't necessarily mean the occasional slip. I am talking about full-on stupid, such as not being capable of forming complete sentences, use of net-speak, or inability to use paragraphs.

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Do you have something at home or at work that you are using for something else besides it's intended purpose?

Is it TGIF for you or just another day?

Wendy's,Mickey D's or Taco Bell? 
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running amok

Love in the time of cholera

Do you get flu shots? Why or why not?

I've never had a flu shot, and I am dubious about how effective they are and whether they do us any actual good....is this totally ignorant? Should I go line up with my coworkers and get one?

Edited: On another note, have anything coming up this month that you're absolutely looking forward to?
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Television questions

1.  What new television shows are you enjoying this fall?

2.  Any ideas for where I could get a sound file (so, not youtube) of Kristen Chenoweth singing Birdhouse in Your Soul from Pushing Daisies?

3.  If you are watching Survivor, which person do you hate the most right now?

4. Are you excited for the Amazing Race premier? 

Pumpkin Carving Contest Question

E.T. Pumpkin

We're thinking of creating this in our building pumpkin carving contest. It looks pretty straightforward, but there's one thing I don't understand. How did they make the neck/gourd stand up like that? The creators of the E.T. managed to run the gourd up through a hole in the neck of the torso pumpkin and balanced a third pumpkin on top of it, but what keeps the gourd from collapsing into the base of the torso pumpkin? Hollowed out pumpkins aren't very sturdy so I don't think they split the gourd in half and rested it on top, and in the picture, the gourd definitely looks like it's coming up through the torso pumpkin.

How do you think they did it?
Beast mode!

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Sweet Pea

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A co-worker's makeup looks REALLY bad today. Like, her face is orange and her neck is normal color.
Should I say something? Or should I just sit back and laugh about it with other coworkers?
I should note, she is really annoying.

EDIT: If I do say something, what is a nice way to say it?
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1- On the news, they said someone (they're not allowed to name names for some bloody reason) who died in a car crash went to a local university, and an e-mail will be sent out to *all* students who go there, about his death. Why in the hell for?

2- Should I be nice and go up to Toronto to help fix the computers at my old work? I'd probably get paid a little somethin' somethin', but it'll cost me about $70 for the round trip. :/

3- What do you think about media sources making typos? Do you ever notify them?

4- How many cameras do you own?

Hunter S. Thompson Quote

I'm on the hunt for a quote that I saw in an obituary from the school newspaper yesterday. I meant to save it, but I forgot and now I can't find anything.

It's from Hunter S. Thompson and it's something about living life and taking chances. Something like that. My Google powers are giving me nothing.

I found it through the help of a friend who located the newspaper.
"Who is the happier - he who has braved the storm and life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on the shore and merely existed?"
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car trouble

I just tried to start my car and the key won't turn in the ignition.
I tried turning the wheel while turning the key, but then I discovered the steering wheel is also locked and I can't free it even with a lot of force.
I googled and the only other thing it said to do was rock the entire car. That isn't possible though, since I'm by myself.

Anyone have any ideas? I have to be at work soon.

let's do the babybop hop!

Hola! I work at a daycare and am mainly responsible for four babies ranging in age from 8 months to 1 year. During their nap time, I like to play some type of soothing music. Right now, it's mainly jazz -- but most of the cds are missing. The only cd I still have there is a Marvin Gaye cd and something just feels so wrong about playing that for babies.

SO, I decided that I'm going to make a few mix cds for the kids of soothing but good music. It doesn't really have to be a kid song because it's really just for the beat & the soothing noises. I can't have anything that would really wake them up or keep them to engaged so they don't fall asleep. I think I'm going to mainly go towards folk, jazz, reggae, etc.

What songs should I put on the nap time mix?
What songs should I put on a play time mix? Energetic, fun, danceable [for children] songs with no curses.

Thank youuuuu!
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hm...i forgot. =[

I forgot the original questions I was going to write, so I have to make new ones...

How do you find out about new music artists?

Do you have a music artist you just canNOT stand, no matter what?

Do you have a music artist that you listen to all the time right now? Who is it?

What's on your mind now?

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Let's say you own a house, and have a creepy, elderly, loner of a neighbor who lives by himself and lives in the house immediately adjacent to yours. One day, he knocks on your door and tells you a few things. You had sex with your SO that week, and he was outside your window, taping it. He has it on a dvd, which he has locked away in a PO box. He filmed you because he needs help and he had to coerce you. See, there's a body he needs to have moved and he's too old to move it himself, and if you help, it'll take place between your two properties and there's no need to fear being seen by any other neighbors when the body's being moved. In exchange for your help, he'll give the tape to you, and destroy all of his camera equipment so he can't do it again. If you don't help, he'll make copies of the sex tape and give them to every neighbor on your block, your parents and all your coworkers (he knows about your parents and your job). What do you do?

I'll help him move the body. There's no way I'd risk all those people seeing me having sex
Refuse and call the police. Let him do his worst. Justice must be served
Help him move the body, get the dvd, then report him for murder. I'll be willing to be punished as an accessory to murder
Kill the old man. No worry about being blackmailed anymore
Evil Me

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I am home from college for the weekend (a 7 hour drive). I forgot my purse (but not my wallet) at my apartment at school... should I buy a new purse when I'm at the mall getting my hair cut this afternoon, providing I can find one I like? Or should I just carry my wallet/money around in my pockets all weekend?

Pro: I really want/need a new "more professional" purse. I'm starting my student teaching in January.

con: I'm a poor college student.

Books and pets

What are some good memoirs involving a person and their pet(s)?
(I have already read Marley and Me and loved it!)

What, in your opinion, is the best brand of dog food? What about cat food?

Do you think that cats prefer to be by themselves or have another cat companion?

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My roomate just asked if I need anything from the bathroom before she got in the shower, I said no ill be fine. she walks away, comes back and says "if you need anything just come in"

does she want me to go in there and have hot girl on girl action in the shower with her or what?!

I'm feelin kinda creeped out....
housewares, ash

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does anybody else have like...panic attacks before they go to a party?

my cousin is throwing a Pumpkin Party with some of her friends (i only know like two of them) at her apartment. its in 7 hours and i am like near tears because im so nervous about it.

would it be bad to just...not go and just go to my dorm house's pumpkin party instead, where my nice, familiar dorm room is only a few steps away?

or should i just suck it up and go to the damned party?

i needs me some courages.

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1. Are you gonna be sad when the pumpkin icon craze is over? 

2. Are you gonna keep your pumpkin icon into November? 

3. What do you think of people who leave Christmas lights up after Christmas/New Years?
Space Pope

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I need a band name in preparation for NaNoWriMo, so...

Poll #1077980 Band Name

Which is a better Band Name?

Satan's Vagina
Bigger Than A Breadbox
October Friday
The Easy Buttons
Koalas of DOOOOOM!!!!!
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I'm at the laundromat, and my husband is at work. He doesn't know I'm here, and I was kinda supposed to make him something to eat for when he came home. Should I bother telling him where I am, or let him call the cops, thinking I was kidnapped? Any other bright ideas?

little dogs!!!!

 do you think it is acceptable for people to bring their dogs(im talking little dogs, chihuahua, pugs, maltese, yorkie...not service dogs, of course those would have to be acceptable.) into the grocery store? 

*Yesterday while grocery shopping I saw a woman pushing her pug around in a shopping cart. i was kind of grosed out.*

nana smoking

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What are some songs you have bad memories to and why, if you wanna say?

Mine: "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers -reminds me of my mistake in a past relationship.
"Ready to Fall" by Rise Against -it brings out all of my anger.
"Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge -Again, bad history with relationship mistakes.

-My head hurts really really bad from overstressing. You got anything to allieviate it?
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Arch Rock Mack Island


1. Cliff Bars: Y? N? Flavors?

2. I have several movies on my DVR but I'm not sure what to watch first. Here's what I have: Blood Diamond, Capote, Chronicles of Narnia, Dazed & Confused, Failure to Launch, Fun with Dick & Jane, Idlewild, Lorenzo's Oil, Talladega Nights, The Break-Up, The Da Vinci Code, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Longest Yard, The Pursuit of Happyness, and The Queen.

I haven't seen any of these yet, so please be nice and don't spoil them!
Friends: Unagi.

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1) Why does fanfiction.net have a section for Teletubbies (with M rated!) and not a section for Weeds?

2) How much disk space can you use on Sendspace? I can't find it in the FAQ.
element of surprise;Eddie Izzard

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Have you seen this music video? It's the campiest thing ever, would you say it's good campy or bad campy?

So, who's seeing Rocky Horror sometime this weekend? WHO'S EXCITED? I SURE AM! If you have dressed up like one of the characters, post pics plz?

Totally unrelated: I'm going to my cousin's wedding in about a month, and am looking for ideas for a small/inexpensive gift that still is cute. As of right now I'm planning on getting her some of these teas but other suggestions would be handy.
The Way it Should Be TLH


Hello TQC. I need some movie recommendations. Can you recommend me a movie that meets my specifications?

I would like to know any movies that deal with 2 people in love, separated/waiting for each other. Classic movies, new in theatre movies, anything. They can be sort of fantasy/sci-fi-ish, like The Lake House or something more realistic, like one of them is in the military or sometime like that.

Any sort of movie where two people are in love or soul mates or something cheesy like that, and they are separated from each other by time or distance or a magic spell or whatever, and they have to wait for each other to be together again.

It can have a happy ending or a sad ending.

Do you know of a movie for me?
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I took a leather coat to the dry cleaner because it got cat urine on it when it was left at a friend's house (I know, I know). $50 later, it still smells like cat pee. Should I ask for my money back? Is there some kind of product or method I can use to clean it myself? Or is this just a lost cause, as I suspect it might be. :(

Say 'CHEEZE'...oh, look, BOOBIEZ!

You find special Polaroid film that, when used within a camera, takes nekkid pictures of the subject. Anyone who ends up within the camera lens will appear on film, without their clothes. Like most Polaroid film, you only get 10 exposures. It only makes clothes disappear. You can't see through walls, skin or anything else.

Where do you go and what do you do with your camera?

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Let's say you have a friend. She's a southern baptist, her entire family is, and they are hardcore christians. They hold their own bible studies, they're in youth groups and go on mission trips, etc. This friend goes off to college, and when she comes back you find out that she's jewish now.

What would be your reaction?

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 1) My friend and I were talking about reusing towels vs. not reusing towels after your shower. I don't reuse mine because skin cells come off on the towel and I use conditioner in my hair which also comes off on the towel (I don't want to rub conditioner and skin cells all over my body the next time I use the towel, you see). She says she reuses hers because you're clean after you get out of the shower and it's "not like you're wiping out your wet asscrack with it".

a)  Do you reuse your towels or wash them after each use? Why or not not?

b) Do you wipe your wet ass crack out with it? 

2) Do you have any nail painting advice for me? I have short nails and awful cuticles, I can't afford to get them professionally done, but I want to have red nails and toe nails for my friend's party tomorrow. (Remember my foot post from yesterday? :D)

3) Tell me three truths and a lie about yourself. What was the lie?

Halloween costume ideas?

I originally wasn't going to dress up this Halloween and just pass out candy to the little kids that came to our door (I'm 17) but my youth group is having a costume party on Sunday, so I figure I should get a costume. Does anyone have any ideas? Some guidelines:
- Nothing slutty (this is a youth group costume party, and, while we're not all prudes, it shouldn't be that revealing. Plus, I'm probably too fat to pull off anything slut-like)
- Nothing too bulky or hard to walk around in, as I'll be spending a lot of time in the costume.
- I don't have much time to do an uber-ambitious DIY costume, because the party is on Sunday, but if it's an easy idea, I'll go for it.
I could just cop-out and be a witch, because I probably have an old witch hat from a while ago, but I don't want to do that.

Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine


You meet a man and he is just perfect for you. He is everything you've ever wanted in a partner (if you're a straight man, pretend it's a woman) and you connect immediately and fall pretty head-over-heels. Then you discover that he's on parole, but for a white-collar crime (financial crimes, mostly, nothing really dangerous). What do you do?

'Tis the season

Do you like these ornaments? http://www.royalcopenhagen.com/Seasonal/Mega-ornaments.aspx especially the silver one in that top picture

If not, is it because you think it's inherently fugs or because it's just not your style?

If your friend who was studying in Copenhagen and actually bought it there gave it to you would that make it have more significance for you?

I gave one of these to my friend last year and she didn't seem to like it. I was planning on buying them as gifts for people if I ever went back but that made me think twice.

Edit: I don't celebrate Christmas so I'm not a very good judge of such things
virtue moir- organza

(no subject)

i bought a really hot costume for halloween, but all my halloween plans fell through, and on top of it, i'm sick. anyone else in the same boat?

does anyone want to keep me company this weekend via aim?

Hostess Gifts

Do you bring hostess gifts when you're invited to someone's house?

I'm going over to a friend's house for a Halloween party tonight and I don't know what to bring. I had a dinner party about a month ago and my friend came and brought me flowers. I don't think flowers are really appropriate for a Halloween party, though. What should I bring? (She's got the snacks covered - I asked)
Tim onstage!

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lupinlover's question reminded me that I wanted to ask this...

You've met someone who you get along with very well. They are nice, cute, have a wonderful sense of humor, like most of the same music you do, and are all around a great person. You like said person, and have been flirting with them for the past few weeks (and said person has indeed flirted back) and you are considering asking this person out.

However, you're the sort of person who doesn't do drugs, though you really don't have anything against drugs; they're just not for you. And the person that you're considering asking out freely admits to doing mushrooms and weed.

Would you still ask them out? Do you think if a relationship eventually started between you and this person, the drugs, over time, might start to become a problem because you share such different views on drug use?
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What to do

So, my friend and I want to go out tonight. We're in a small city with not all *that* much to do. We don't drink. We've been to movies a lot lately, so we don't want to do that.
 What should we do?

And yes I realise you don't know what there  is to do here, so suggest stuff and I'll see if we have it.

(no subject)

When you and your SO fight do you talk it out, scream at eachother til your sick of screaming or someone apologizes, or not talk til your done being mad?
do you fight dirty?
do you say "shut up"?
do you cuss?
do you cry?
do you always know it will be ok?
do you not fight much at all?
yummy beer!, yummy

Emergency! Emergency!

...ok, so it's just a minor one, but I still could really use your help!

I thought the annual Halloween party that we usually attend was not happening this year, but it turns out it is, and we want to go.  The glitch is that I need help figuring out a costume. 
They always have a theme, and this year's is simply "Villains".  So, who do I go as, and what will I need? - nothing too complicated, please!  It's tomorrow evening, so I only have tonight and tomorrow to put it together.

Spin-off of kinkakinka's post

What do you think about "store pets", i.e. the owners/managers of a store (not food-related) having their pets around at all times?

There is a used bookstore here where a few cats, two Boston terriers and what looks to be some kind of lab mix stay all the time. I often go there just to see the animals.


I've been wondering...

1) How would you know if someone cheated on you in a relationship?
2) Have you ever caught the person cheating on you?
3) How can you tell if that person is just really busy and not cheating?
4) How do you break up with someone who cheated on you (if you did plan to break up afterwards)?

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 My teenage students seem to think that "where as though" is an expression, and one that makes them sound smart.

They use it both where they should use "whereas" or "wherein:" 
Romeo is a Montague, where as though Juilet is a Capulet.
Juliet devises a plan where as though she will take the poison to fake her own death.

I can't figure out where this came from.

1. Are you a teenager, and if so, do you use this expression? Do you think it is a legitimate expression?

2. Do you know teenagers who use this expression?

3. Do you think it is an age thing, a regional thing, or a race thing? (I have only ever taught black teenagers in Baltimore, so I don't know if other teenagers are going around saying this, too.)

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So I know how much you guys just love answering computer questions....

Every so often my computer won't connect to the internet and I get a window that says "Local area connection: a network cable is unplugged." it will switch between that and "speed 100 Mbps acquiring network address" over and over.

I've tried replugging all the cables, restarting, using a different ethernet cable. It's not the router because another computer is using the same router just fine.
AVG turned up nothing.

I did notice that when I plug in the ethernet cable, the light in the plug doesn't constantly glow- it kind of flickers. Does that mean the port itself is bad and I need a new one?
If so, how easy would it be to replace with a step-by-step guide or something talking me through it?
The Dude Abides

Dump ?s

1) Have you ever taken a dump in an airplane bathroom?

2) Have you ever taken a dump in an RV bathroom?

3) Have you ever taken a dump in the woods?

4) Have you ever been dumped?

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alright, so i know that no one really wants to answer any more 'what should i be for halloween' questions,
HOWEVER, i feel compelled to ask for a little advice...
if one were to dress entirely in Hot Pink, what could she claim to be dressing as?

ninth gate?

 Is "The Ninth Gate" (Johnny Depp) a good movie? It's next on the AMC scary movie marathon and my husband wants to know if we should bother watching it or if we should get wasted instead.


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I have a jealousy issue. Sometimes I'll be jealous of my own friends, about what they have. I'm ashamed of my jealousy. Were you in a similar situation before? How did you deal with it? I really want to stop being jealous and be truly happy when someone tells me something that he is proud or even bragging about.
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Dear TQC,
I so hope you can help me with my lame questions, that's been bothering me for years.
When I was in 7th grade history I read this paper about an young Native American girl who was taken hostage by a rival tribe. She was carried across some barren tundra by a member of said rival tribe, for the entirety of the walk. She grew up in the tribe that took her hostage and later married the man who had carried her the whole way. Does anyone know who this is? Or know this story at all?
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My best friend is moving to Scotland in a few months to be with her fiancee.
I'm very happy for her, but at the same time I'm pretty sad because I'll be losing my best friend.
I mean, it's not like she's moving to a different town or state, but to a different country. Across an ocean.
I may not be able to see her for a long time, and only talk to her online.

Do you have a friend from your past that you've drifted away from that you still think about?
Do you still talk to your best friend from school [high school or college]?

Grey's Anatomy

Last Night on Grey's Anatomy...

Does anyone know the song that is playing in the background while Alex is behind curtain 3 kissing Ava?

If so, What is the name of it and who is singing it?

Can you post the lyrics or a link to the lyrics?



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1)  kolden is full of shit about Milo Ventimiglia not being hot, right?

2) Let's say you go to a party and drink spiked punch. You didn't know it was spiked beforehand. Are you at fault legally? (Note:  I  You live in the U.S. and are under the legal drinking age for the sake of this question.)

3) I painted my finger and toe nails "Honeymoon Red". R THEY PRITTY?!!?1


what did you and your partner do for your or their last birthday? you can mention both birthdays if you'd like

whats the most romantic surpise you ever received or given?

whats the most romantic gift you ever received or given?

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 So my boyfriend went to the bar with his bestfriend. I can't go because I'm not 21 yet so I feel basically just left out and lonely. I'm invited to what is supposed to be an awesome halloween party about a half hour away from my house, but I'm afraid to go because
 A ) my bf would be mad that I went to some other guys' party 
B) it's raining really hard outside and I'm afraid to drive in it for a half hour
and C) I can't find anyone to go with me, and going to a party with other guys without my boyfriend might be somewhat of a bad idea...? 

Do I go or do I stay home to be completely bored and alone TQC?


So far this week I have:

-stepped in glass three times
-gotten glass stuck in my hand
-lost my cellphone twice (once for an entire day)
-lost my hairbrush four times
-put an injured hand in detergent not once, not twice but thrice
-slipped on an excess amount of soap while cleaning, causing a gigantic bruise on my thigh
-dropped open-faced sandwiches that took me forever to make. Of course, they landed face down
-failed to make pancakes. I am always excellent at making pancakes, this time they all ended up scrambled pancakes.

On top of that I've been dealing with migraines since Monday.

So, tell me, am I cursed? Or being punished? Or is life trying to tell me something?
Does anyone else ever have weeks like this?
Does anyone know why?
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Physical journey.

I'm in my final year at school in Australia, Year 12, HSC year. And our Advanced English "Area Of Study" is "The Physical Journey". Therefore I have an assessment based around this in which I need to think of one film that is based around a physical journey (that results in some kind of emotional/spiritual new awareness or something else reflective/deep like that) and one song that's lyrics revolve around some kind of physical journey. It's better if it has obstacles along the wayyyy. I've come up with a few but I'm trying to pick the best one to apply some sweet skills to...

So any ideas would be very very very appreciated. Like, times a million.

Thankyouuuu in advance.

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If you could have ANY animal as a pet (let's say you have a big enough yard/tank/whatev to hold it and to allow it roam), what would you choose?



Lindsay Lohan.
I think she is pretty cool and cute.
Just a little crazy, but that can be helped.

Am I the only one?
Because most of the people I talk to laugh at me when I say that ......

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If anyone was wondering, I got a negative :) Thanks for all the help, I really appreciated it.

Why is Guild Wars loading so very very slowly for me? I started the game, went downstairs, made my dinner, finished it, and came back upstairs. the game was at about 31% :(

Is my internet clogged? Should I get the plunger? Everything else is loading almost instantly, but the game is loading so slow.
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okay so my room is really messy.

how should i go about cleaning?

what are some of your favorite cleaning products, tqc?

i want to open the windows and let everything air out tomo, as it'll be sunny and kind of autumn-y out, but i'm worried about spiders and such. What's my best method of getting rid of them that will involve minimal contact?

when you do laundry, do you just toss it all in for the most part, and wash them all on the same cycle? if i were to do this, would there be any harm in running pretty much everything on a permanent press cycle, and just drying it? [by everything, i mean jeans, tshirts, dress pants, and sweat pants]

i have a chest of drawers with five drawers, and a dresser with two small drawers, four larger drawers, and another drawer. How would you organize them?


I am reading about the German activist Petra Kelly and although this is a long shot, for those of you familiar with her, what are your thoughts on her work and what shes done? do you consider her revolutionary? i find her very interesting.

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 what spices could i put in boxed mac and cheese to make it better? i know i'm going to put some onion in I think. i'm craving mac and cheese like a mofo but the store-bought crap isn't as good as  Kraft .. but it'sall we have :\ 

any ideas to spruce it up?

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tqc, what gives you a stomach ache?
for me it took a can of soda and a handful of peanut butter cups
which do you like more, instant mashed potatoes or the real thing?
who has no halloween plans?
I'm looking forward to winter/late fall and having less hours of day light. Anyone else enjoy the seasonal darkness? I love it.
would chocolate chips be good in a pumkin spice bread? before I try it out...
Oh hay thar

oh, FL

I live in front of the Canada/US border crossing. Literally right in front, I can see it from where I type. Earlier today, a car with Florida plates came across the bridge, parks in front of my house, and a guy hops out and takes a random photo. His daughter says, "I hear they allow drinking and driving here." He replies with, "I read they are ahead of us socially."


What is the scariest thing you've heard recently?
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1. It's going to be impossible for me to get a PT job when I get back from school in mid-December, isn't it?

2. Have you ever done an internship/student teaching/something like that and had a PT job at the same time? Did it kill you? (I've done the school 5 days a week plus working thing and I was fine)

3. Do you have any allergies? What are they?

4. Why hasn't my friend called me even though she said she would?

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my upstairs neighbors seem to take great enjoyment from jumping/stomping/bouncing basketballs/yelling/screaming/etc. constantly. right now someone is rhythmically jumping right over my head, loud enough that the baby monitor is picking it up and i'm scared that the ceiling is going to give out. this is not the first time this has happened. (i often question whether there are adults that live there at all, or if it's just 64783964873 school-aged children running amok.)

should i be a jerk and bang on the ceiling? would they even get what i meant if i did? should i wake my husband up to have him yell at them? should i just call the cops?

i cannot set them on fire, as they are right above me so i would also be on fire if i did that.
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Have you ever accidentally run out of clean underwear? What did you do?
Yes. I'm wearing the bottom of my bathing suit.

Do you have any relatives that you love, but can't stand for more than about a day and a half?
Just my maternal grandma. She's absolutely batty.

Renaissance vs. Cartel/Copeland
If I go to the Ren Faire, it'll make up to my grandma for not going to her place for thanksgiving, b/c my 2 friends and I will be crashing there Friday night (she loves having more ppl to feed...she'd be thrilled that we were there). Not to mention all the awesome of a Renaissance Faire. It'll cost maybe $30 for everything, definitely not more. Also, it's about a 3hr trip each way (I'm not driving, a friend is).
I like Cartel and Copeland a lot, but probably not more than a Ren Faire. They're performing at my school, though, so I get free tickets, and it's within walking distance.
Which would you choose: Renaissance Faire or a live concert of Cartel w/ guest artist Copeland?

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TQC, I'm taking the ACT tomorrow, for the second time. This is also my last time, no matter how bad I do...
I have to get at least a 21. Preferably higher so I won't be considered the stupid member of my family.
Last time I took it, I didn't study, sleep, was really hung over, and only a sophomore... I bombed it with a 20.
This time I'm not going to be hung over, I intend to sleep, I'm taking precal, and I studied.. kind of.
Do you have any tips/advice/words of encouragement? Please?
I do not test well. At all.
Right now I'm trying not to have a nervous breakdown.
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Hi TQC -

1. Do you have it set so people can text you from your user profile?
2. I do, would you ever text me? (You can, I'm nice, I promise)
3. Do you have unlimited text messaging? (Yes)

Thanks for all the lovely texts! I ended up getting 23 :)

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1) What's a good way to soothe irritation caused by hair removing cream? I have some Aloe Vera gel in my closet, would that do any good?

2) Why do women remove hair from their bodies anyway? (I'm not looking for answers like "it feels nice". If that were the only reason, more men would remove their hair too.)

3) Have any interesting hair removal stories for me?

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Okay, so think of the radio station you usually listen to. I know you probably don't listen to it often because the radio usually sucks, but surely you listen to it every now and then. So this station you listen to every now and then, do they have like a contest of songs around 9 or 10 o'clock? If so, what is it called?

The station I listen to has a face-off between a couple of songs which they have dubbed "The Cock Fight."

Help TQC!

Quick! I need a female Halloween costume for a club party built around one of these three things:
1) a pimp medallion that says "BIG TIME CASH"
2) fishnets
3) a pink Lolita top
4) anything else you'd have around the dorm/house