October 25th, 2007

kaizers orchestra: janove sunset

My occasional post of randomness

1. If you use Hotmail and get comment notifications: Have you been recieving them? I know one tech page on LJ says Hotmail and a few others have blocked LJ emails but there's no date on this news...I've had to resort to using Gmail, which I hate.

2. Is it weird that I, as a girl, like to spray things with Axe? Like my room, my hoodies and jackets...Not like I do it daily but yeah. It weirds my mom out lol

3. How're you today? :P
mona marx

(no subject)

1. if you were to wake up as someone else tomorrow who would it be?

2. what do you think the next fad will be?

3. first cds, then mp3s, what next?

4. if you could play records in your car, would you?

5. is anyone as upset as me that scrubs is in it's last season? bummer :(
Tim onstage!

(no subject)

My cat never meows. Ever. She's sort of boring like that.

Every once in a while, she'll growl if someone is disturbing her when she's trying to sleep, but that's about it. Even when she's hungry, she just runs around and purrs until someone feeds her.

Right now, however, my cat is sitting outside of my room (the door is open) and meowing repeatedly. She won't shut up.

What the hell is wrong with my cat?
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kill myself

(no subject)

Three of my close friends are having their 18th birthdays this week and I have no clue what to give them as presents. Any suggestions, please? Preferably something that I could make myself, that is cheap and easy to do (since I live in the countryside in Finland it's pretty impossible for me to just go and buy them something.). I've never been good at giving gifts and now it's even harder since I want to give them something Special since it's their 18th b-days. They're all pretty much into all sorts of arts and especially music.
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

1) Should I call into work Friday to go to my mom's friend's bachelorette party? (She was my girl scout troop leader and my mom really doesnt want to go alone haha). It's just at a buffet. this whole thing is kinda redneck

2) If you have a credit card, what does it look like?

3) What is the next thing you're really looking forward to?

4) ...Dreading?

2) Mine has a puppy and a kitty on it, lol

3) I guess my friend's halloween party this Saturday...or my birthday in 30 days!

4) Nothing actually!
Tim onstage!

(no subject)

My question was going to be if you honestly cared that 'The Hills' is faked...

But now, I just want to know: does anybody here actually watch that show? And if so...why?
Bug-eyed Earl


What would you think of a woman dating an ex-con(reasons unknown)?

What would you think of a woman dating an ex-con who beat her (one time and stole money and broke stuff) and stayed with him after dumping him for a couple months?

What would you think of a woman who is a corrections officer dating an ex-con who beat her (one time and stole money and broke stuff) and stayed with him after dumping him for a couple months?

What would you think of a woman who is a corrections officer dating an ex-con who beat her (one time and stole money and broke stuff) and stayed with him after dumping him for a couple months and is your mother-in-law?

Would you think she is a complete fucking idiot and have no respect for her?
Lisbeth Hair

(no subject)

1) Whats the sweetest thing your SO has ever done for you?
2) If you rarely saw your SO and got to spend 5 days with them, what would you want to do?
3) I'm flying in to see him and I want to do something cute when I get off the plane but I'm unsure as to ideas other than running up to him and jumping on him. Any better ideas?
Bug-eyed Earl

Did I ruin my brownies?

I made brownies. I cooked them at 25 degrees less than it said for the same amount of time because stuff always burns if I do it exactly as it says. They weren't done. I put them back in for 10 minutes. Still not done. Put them back.. again.. again.. NOT DONE! WTF?

Are they a lost cause? Should I leave them in there? Higher temp?

I don't get it.

Edit: They're ruined.
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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(no subject)

Is litescribe really that great a feature to shell out for in an external DVD burner?

I have to get a DVD burner today because the one in my laptop is shot and I have an assignment to hand in tomorrow and it must be burned to DVD.

In cruising Best Buy last night there are an assortment of internal DVD burners that range from $40 to $120 and there is also an external burner with this litescribe feature and power dvd included for $118

which would be the better option?

Also, the reason why I have to buy this instead of fixing the drive in my laptop is because it's technically still the schools property until I graduate tomorrow and they would have fixed it for free for me. I was told to bring it to the tech guys at the beginning of the month in september and they would put me at the top of the line.

The tech guys basically said...no deal, I had to fill out a form and they would estimate how long a wait it would be before they could fix my computer. That was fine, I could deal with that so I did that and they told me to come back at the beginning of October.

When I went back they basically said that due to sloppy filing and changing locations on campus they had no record of me ever being put on the wait list. I'm not sure how they don't back this list in their computer system...that seems fucked.

Anyways, because they told me they would fix this thing two months ago and now they havent and I have to fork over for a burner myself...should I hand the program director the bill and explain the situation?
dean - i'm batman

(no subject)

When I open my window, I can smell shit, REALLY REALLY STRONG. My room's in the attic so it's three floors up. My roof slopes pretty steep so I think a fox or something would tumble to it's death if it climbed up...
What animal could've done a shit so smelly that I can smell it all the way up here?
Should I check for a flaming bag of poo on the doorstep?!
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(no subject)

I'm having a meeting with my boss in 5 hours time (9:30am). I'm too scared/stressed to sleep, though.

1. How can I calm myself down?

2. Do you think he's going to fire me? He said he wanted to discuss wages, job title and "lots of other things, you know". It sounded very ominous. I am convinced he only mentioned the first two things to lull me into a false sense of security. ETA: I yelled at a superior on Sunday. We had a pretty severe argument (see these posts) where he said some very harsh things to me.

3. Would you like one of my Thortons chocolates?

4. Ever had a crush on a co-worker?

(no subject)

1) Has anyone seen a movie in which there's a scene... done, it was Oldboy

2) Have you ever heard a name given to the concept of objects traveling long distances by being passed from person to person? e.g you leave your pen on a desk at the library in Oxford, someone else picks it up, drops it on the bus, it gets picked up by the driver and used to sign a till receipt at the supermarket etc. etc. until it somehow ends up in Texas? I used my googlefu on 'object migration' but all I'm getting is IT stuff.

3) I kind of want to do NaNoWriMo, but there's this screenplay that I really kind of need to get written down before February (personal reasons, not employment). Should I sign up anyway even with the foreknowledge that I'm going to get utterly pwnt/it's just a more productive form of procrastination?

4) Anyone got a cake recipe I could try? Be aware that my house is lacking in anything with a cost of over 70 pence.

(I cut it down but it's still a bit of a teal deer sry)
Kill Bill - Elle
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(no subject)

This is probably going to sound really creepy, but: A while back on LiveJournal, there was a journal belonging to a nurse who chronicled her experience of Hurricane Katrina while working in a hospital; any idea who that is?

If you could ruin anyone's morning right now, who would it be?

If you could wake someone up as rudely as possible right now, how would you go about doing it?

What are your obligations this morning?
hannibal skull

More random

1. Favorite thing to spend money on?
2. What is the weirdest thing about you?
3. What is on your bedside table?
4. Are you cheap or thrifty?
5. Ever been in love with 2 people at the same time?
happy monkey

(no subject)

1. livejournal's not emailing my comments to me. what's up with that? how can i fix this?
2. how's everyone's week been so far?
3. would you tell me 'bout the last person you talked to?

Anatomically Correct

Do you think vaginas/penises/genitals are gross or silly looking?

Do you, even after all the adult conditioning about a "mature" understanding of human sexuality, still squirm or find it difficult to use these words? Be totally honest.

Are you comfortable discussing sex with your parents?

(no subject)

I work at a restuarant that is going under. No one really comes in to eat anymore thanks to to the high priced food and new a la carte menu. Peoples' checks bounce constantly, although none of mine have done so yet. When we do get our paychecks a day or two late, we are told not to cash them until later that day. I am pretty sure we'll be open through the holidays since it's our busy banquet season but by January/Febuary I'm pretty sure we will be closed down.
I am a hostess there and we get paid very well at $8 an hour so my paychecks are usually 250ish every two weeks and I really do love the people I work with and my job isn't that hard. I'm also 17 years old and live at home since I'm in high school still so I don't have any bills to pay. I just pay for anything extra I want to do and help out my parents or sisters if they need anything when I'm around as well as saving up money for college in the fall.

My question:
Should I just keep working there until it goes under or should I quit after Christmas season no matter what?
[I'm probably going to keep the idea of a new job in my head so I won't be out of work for too long.]

(no subject)

1. do you think the dave matthews band is horrible?
2. what do you like about dmb?
3. is there come kind of cultish following that i'm not aware of?

1. yes.
2. not a thing.
3. more than likely.

(no subject)

Aside from the more common sexual fantasies, I often daydream about fighting. These fantasies usually involve a situation where I am attacked and have to react in self-defense. Usually the fantasy just involves hand-to-hand fighting but at times weapons come into play. Sometimes the fantasy involves someone I know that is angry with me or a complete stranger as in a mugging situation. I'm generally a non-violent person, and I have only been in one physical altercation since being an adult. As a child I was only in one or two "fights" and the rest were just boyhood wrestling matches and the like. In reality, I do enjoy learning about martial arts and self-defense but I don't regularly spar or practice any fighting method.

Does anyone else do this?

Do you have any other recurring non-sexual fantasies or daydreams?

Do you think this says anything about me in particular?
Beast mode!

I have a theory.

1. What is your spot in the birth order? (first, middle, last, only)

2. What is the status of your LJ? (Exclusively FO, half f-locked/half open, mostly open, entirely open, private)

Give a dog a home

(no subject)

Ladies: would you ever sell panties to make money? Used ones, obviously.

Do you know anyone who does this? How the hell do you start doing it?

I find it absolutely intriguing that people would PAY for this shit.
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(no subject)

TQC! I need an amazing recipe for peanut butter cookies. Do you have one? If so could you share it with me?

Do you listen to NPR? What's your favorite program?

I'm addicted to This American Life lately. My favorite so far has been the one about how to talk to kids.
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TQC....I'm getting my driver's license tomorrow!!!!

I've finally overcome my fear of driving. I'm 23. Is it pathetic that I haven't gotten my license until now?

Can anyone tell me what to expect on an Illinois test? Should I be nervous? I've been driving on and off for the last few weeks. I suck at parking, but I think I've finally mastered backing up.

I got my first car yesterday! My husband went and bought it when I was in class. It is a 1992 Cavalier. What was your first car?

(no subject)

under what circumstances, if any, do you believe one person should be criminally liable for the actions of another?

under what circumstances, if any, do you believe one person should be civilly liable for the actions of another?

example: you leave your car running at a store/post office/friend's house/whatever while you run in and do your business. someone comes along, steals your car, causes a 42 car pileup and 12 people are hurt or killed.

should you be held civilly or criminally responsible?

does your answer change depending on whether or not you locked the door when you got out and left your vehicile running (pretend you have a spare key)?

does your answer thance if the thief is a minor?

(no subject)

Do you prefer tea or coffee?

If you are more of a tea person, do you have a kettle at home or do you just nuke water in the microwave?

If you are more of a coffee drinker, were do you get it? Make it at home or buy it on the way to work?

Tea drinkers: What is your favorite kind of tea?

Coffee drinker: What is your favorite kind of coffee? 
Sweet Pea
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(no subject)

I am at work right now and all I see out my window is a parking lot and a huge brick building that will soon be a Rite Aid.

Where are you right now?
What can you see out the window?
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

When you are sitting on the toilet, where is the roll of toilet paper?
Do you have one of those free-standing holders?

See, some genius put the toilet paper holder under the counter next to the toilet in my bathroom and you really can't easily get to it when you're sittin' so I set the roll on the counter itself on on the bookshelf. (Yes, I have a little bookshelf in my bathroom, for storage.) I've been eying one of those chrome free-standing TP holders at Target, though.

Car Names

1. Does your car have a name?

2. What is it?

3. How about a theme? 

4. Any nick knacks you keep in there? 

5. Funky seat covers? 

6. Decals o

6. Anything else that makes your car unique?

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(no subject)

sorry if this has been asked in the past....

i finally got to see drew carrey as the host of the price is right.

i kinda liked bob barker better.

what about you? do you think drew is doing a good job

ETA: i can't believe he does the pet thing at the end of the show. its totally bob's thing!


What is your favorite cake flavor with what kind of icing on it?

What is your favorite casserole dish?

Can you post the recipes for the top two questions?

What is one food that you like that a lot of people find gross?

What about your all-time favorite sit down restaurant?

What about favorite fast food place?


If you went to college, and dropped out, do you regret it? Did you want to go back to school? Did you go back to school?

For those who didn't go to college, do you regret it? Do you think you're lief would be different if you did go to college?

British customs!

This is probably more for the British people, but anyone with an opinion is more than welcome to help!

1. What does one wear to the State Opening of Parliament, where the Queen (and Prince Charles) will be present?

2. What do you do when the Member of Parliament who you're interning for is expecting a baby with his wife? Do you get a card?
*Edit: The baby is due on the spring; I'm only going to be in London interning until December

(no subject)

Favorite homework "Can I get away with this?" moment?

Mine was, for an assignment for which we had to turn in copies of all our sources, citing (and turning in copies of) a book written entirely in German.

This question inspired by noticing the book on my shelf. it's sortof... an entire wikipedia article about Germany, history of germany, economics of germany, etc.

I got away with it. did you?
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So, I take my GREs on Saturday. I haven't had a math class since (no exaggeration) 1996 or '97.

Which means I'm spending the next three days immersed in math reviews and practice problems. Yay!

1. Do you like math? Hate it? Indifferent?

2. Which of the following did you like: algebra, geometry, calculus, physics, other maths I may have forgotten. (Yes, I personally count Physics as a math AND a science).

3. If you had to take a math test in three days, how well do you think you'd do? This isn't practical application stuff, this is that algebra your teachers lied about when they said you'd use it in normal life (if you're a scientist, then obviously you're special).

4. Do you actually use lots of math in your everyday life?

5. Do you remember Mathman and Mathnet on Square One?

Collapse )
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(no subject)

1. Do you have an office supply that you really like? Like you just love to use at work or school? 

2. What color post-its should I start using next - lime green or hot pink?

3. How long is too long to go without a shower?

4. Is there a color that you think generally doesn't look good on anyone?

5. What are some words that people use in a different country that make you giggle? (Or that you just like, find amusing, etc.) ex. If you're British, what are some American words? etc.

(no subject)

What's the food like on Delta Airlines compared to other similar airlines? (I mean similar by other American airlines - there's often no comparison to European or Asian airlines....and I'm aware hardly any airlines actually serve meals anymore)

If you've eaten a meal on Delta, what was it? Yummy factor: would you eat it again or would you rather starve than touch that stuff?

Are you able to compare it to Air Canada's *new* meals? (Not the old crap like the soggy chicken)

I ask because the company that makes Delta's food is located about 40 minutes from where I live and once a month they sell off the extra meals at a decent price (apparently cheaper than M&M Foods and of better quality healthwise - no fat/salt - because of airline restrictions). I'm willing to pay more for something that tastes GOOD (or just make meals myself, when not so lazy), rather than save money and eat crap. So I'm wondering if it's worth it.

(no subject)

Are you happy that you're ignorant of some things? Or are you the sort of person that feels like they have to suffer along with the less fortunate? Do you feel like it's your duty to try to solve the world's problems?

(no subject)

1 You know that feeling you get when you're standing somewhere very high, and you're looking down? That ache in your groin? What do you call that?

We'd always call it 'the willies', though I don't know exactly why. Or why you feel funny in your special place, but I suppose I can google that later.

2 How do you like your toast?

I used to butter it straight out of the toaster, but a few years ago started to let it sit and cool for a few minutes first, and then butter it and put the spread on. I much prefer colder toast these days - it doesn't get soggy!

3 What's with all the wisdom teeth questions in the last few weeks? Are you all going through a growth spurt, or something? It seems like there's a new question about who's got them/had them/tore them out every other day!
free air

to die or not to dye :/

Poll #1077404 Keeping or Killing the Grey

If you have or get grey hair what do you or plan to do?

i'm always going to dye my hair - no grey hair for me
as soon as i see one i pluck it & i will dye it when it gets worse
maybe if grey hair looks great or already looks great on me - i'm keeping it
i can't wait to have grey hair
i dont care either way - its a part of life
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Mitty box

(no subject)

EDIT: The clear winner by communists and regular people is Funfetti Cupcakes! Want a picture when I'm done baking?

EDIT2: I looked in the fridge, and I am out of eggs!!! The cupcakes will have to wait until tomorrow. =(

What should I make?

Cup cakes

What kind?

Halloween Funfetti
Devils Food


I hate ticky boxes because I am a communist.
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1. How many pets do you 'own'?

2. What are they?

3. What are their names?

4. How long have they been part of your family?

5. Do you treat them as if they were family  or just as 'pets'?

6. If you could feasibly bring any animal you've always wanted into your home, what would it be?  Any reason why?

7. What is the best name for a pet EVER?

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coping in the workplace 101

How do you cope with getting extremely annoyed on the job, TQC? Do you bottle it, let it out in some astonishing display of passive aggression, or explode at people?

Best douchebag award moment that has happened to you at work so far (i.e. a coworker being stupid towards or around you)?
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Halloween Poll

Halloween's upon us, and that means, trick-or-treaters. What do you plan on giving out to costumed kiddies on the 31st?

Apathetic shrugs when asked for candy. Not my concern
Fun-pack, bite-size candy bars
Hard candies
Skittles/M&Ms/Nerds or other multi-colored candies
Pennies (I may be a grandmother)
Dollar bills. Maybe more than a dollar
Wax fruit. Wait'll they try to bite into that (I don't really like kids)
Fruit with razor blades (I really don't like kids)
Full-size candy bars
A cookie
Chewy candy, like licorice or gummies
What makes you think I'm going to be home?
I'll be home, but I won't be answering the door the rest of the night

Activities you might engage in this Halloween

Taking the kids trick-or-treating
Watching scary movies
Costume party
Stealing kids' bags of candy
Egging cars, smashing pumpkins
I'll be online (it's no different from other nights)
Haunted house/mazes
Handing out candy to trick-or-treaters
Dressed up, but probably not going anywhere
Eating lots of candy
Watching a lot of tv (like any other night)
Bar/club/strip club. Somewhere social where I can admire the costumes, enjoy the scene, and maybe meet some people
Pagan ceremony

If you had to dress up for Halloween, the main objective you'd be trying to achieve is...

Witty/clever (there may be a pun involved)
Last minute, whatever I had lying around the house
Predictable (I dress as the same thing every year)
The real me (interpret this however you will)
Something that matches, compliments or accompanies my SO's costume
Pop culture trendy (whoever was popular in the past year)
Elaborate (I want people to ooo and ahh)
Whatever requires as minimal effort as possible


So my bosses had a meeting in our lower level conference room. Apparently someone died in the bathroom (or at least it smells that way) sometime BEFORE lunch (as in 3 hours ago) and I have to get the meeting room ready for a Halloween party in an hour (once they all clear out).

How do I get rid of the smell of ass??

I'm up at my desk right now and the stench is stuck in my nasal passages!! It's wicked!!
[dance] pink side to side

(no subject)

Are there any companies in America that do layaway plans on laptops? I don't know all of the American electronics companies, so I dunno what I should be looking up. :(

I mean in a place that has an actual store, not online only. :)
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aww yeah
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Vegas again

Say you're getting two free tickets to see any show in Vegas that you want to go to. Money is not a concern at all.

Poll #1077428 Vegas?

Which show would you pick?

Cirque Du Soleil: O
Cirque Du Soleil: Love
Cirque Du Soleil: Zumanity
Stomp Out Loud
Wayne Brady
Crazy Horse Paris
Penn and Teller
Other (List in comments)

No ticky boxes because you only get tickets to ONE show so you have to pick one ; )
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Cheapest Vacation?

Where would the cheapest vacation be, in terms of exchange rate? I'm interested in staying at nice hotels (3+ stars), indulging in shopping and spa treatments, good food - not "roughing" it in any way. Excepting places where there's turmoil that would make traveling there unsafe, where would someone from the US get the most bang for their buck?

I spent last winter traveling Europe, staying at hostels and rundown hotels - it's time for a step up. Just got back from Vegas, too - the range of casino hotels there was mind boggling!

Flying from San Francisco, and I've got a valid passport - just looking to see where I could go!

(no subject)

Baking some cut out Halloween cookies seemed like a fairly simple task. I even bought different colored icing with crazy tops to make cool designs. So about an hour and a half later I only have 6 cookies that are worth eating and I just ending up smearing the icing all over the cookies (all the others were...horrible failures). So my question is should I try my luck at a 2nd batch or just say fuck it? These were supposed to be for a party today but I don't have to bring anything if I don't want to.
Impending doom

(no subject)

Does anyone want to loan me $1200? I'll pay you back $1500 in January, when my student loan comes in?

(hahaha yeah, I know it's a long shot... but at this point it's my only option left.)
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epic shit

(no subject)

What would you do/say to someone who doesn't believe in religion and derides new earth creationism, intelligent design and the other things that come with that, but believes in things like "The Secret", "What the Bleep do we Know", and homeopathy?
misc - not a weapon

Driver's Ed

1. Did you take driver's ed before getting your license?
2. Is it required in order to get a license where you live?
3. How is it administered - privately, through schools, neither, both?
4. Would you ever be a driver's ed instructor?
  • jira_rd

(no subject)

Should I write ancient philosopher slash?

((I'm thinking Plato/Aristotle, or Socrates/Plato, or perhaps some AU verse in which it's a giant lemon party between them all.))

ETA: How the hell did I put wrote?

(no subject)

I have two upcoming job interviews.  What is the best way to tell the first interviewer that I have another interview coming up and I want to know how much the 2nd pays before accepting any position (assuming the first one offers me a job)?

Let's Rock!

If you believe in the afterlife, would you mind describing to me, to the best of your ability, your beliefs as to what it'll be like?

I'm more curious about this "hell" I'm going be facing, but if you want to try to describe your concept of "heaven" (or your equivalent) to me, I wouldn't mind hearing it.
housewares, ash

(no subject)

1. there is a movie my friend was talking about with Barbra Streisand. she is a professor of philosophy or something and she is preaching the idea of a romantic relationship with no physical contact. adventures ensue.

what is it called???

2. i just ran into a very attractive boy who i thought i would never see the likes of again. he was visiting his sister at UCSC and i saw him on my way to Bioethics. 'twas very strange...

whats the weirdest thing thats happened to you today?

(no subject)

My dad's having a colonoscopy tomorow and is spending tonight with a gallon of Golytly. I'm making him a care package including a bottle of his favorite drink, Yahoo!, a sqiushy roll of tp, and an air freshener.

What other goodies might be useful?

(no subject)

1) A couple people have told me that I have heinously ugly feet. One of the people who said it was a guy who despises me, so I don't know if he was being 100% with me. The other one is a friend of mine, but she puts me down all the time anyway so I don't know if she's an unbiased source either. Honestly, I don't really care if my feet are ugly...I think most feet are pretty ugly anyway. Still, I want to know. So, TQC: ARE MY FEET UGLY?!?!?! Picture HERE.

2) U like mai shoes, bbs? 

3) Speaking of my friend who puts me down all the time. It kind of hurts my feelings, but I pretend it doesn't because we've known each other a long time. Am I pathetic for still wanting her as my friend? 

4) What is a random fact about you that most people don't know or that I wouldn't know just from looking at you?

5) How did your day go today?

(no subject)

A. What do you do to unwind after a long day at work/school/other?
I just got a new job (woot) and now I'm tired.  I thought about taking a bubble bath, but I don't like the idea of just sitting there for half an hour.  Maybe I'll just nap instead.

B. Have you done anything to help someone else unwind after a long day?
I made chocolate chip cookies

Edit: Unwind=Relax

(no subject)

1. do you know who i am?
2. have you read any F Scott Fitzgerald books OTHER than The Great Gatsby?
3. are you in college?
4. do you have an SO? do you get sick of people asking questions relating to SOs?
5. are you annoyed with this post?
6. those of you who are virgins - by choice or just haven't had an opportunity?
7. do you like to eat cheese what is your favorite kind of cheese?
8. why does christianity get bashed so much in this community?


OK, so my prof is not so good with the syntax sometimes, and I'm having a little trouble figuring out this prompt. You don't have to know what he's actually talking about to help me out, and I am NOT asking you to answer his question. I'm just hoping you can help me figure out exactly WHAT he's asking. Here's the prompt, quoted verbatim:

Dissatisfaction with realism and neorealism has led to several efforts at reexamining the basic tenets of classical liberalism and post-WWI idealism. (Two examples of this neoliberalism can be found in the literature of transnational interdependence and international regimes. How do these perspectives advance our understanding of world politics beyond what we can learn from realism and neorealism?

What do "these perspectives" refer to: "transnational interdependence and international regimes", or "classical liberalism and post-WWI idealism"? Also, do you think the parenthesis is a typo, or do you think there's supposed to be another one? If so, where do you think it goes?

No, contacting the prof is not an option.

edit; Question answered, thanks!
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(no subject)

 Hey I just discovered that the Korean word for clothes looks like a little dude: 옷옷옷옷옷옷옷.

Do you know of any other words/letters/characters, in whatever language, that look like things?

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Can anyone make some personal recommendations of where I can buy small buttons online (by buttons, I mean like this, with a pin in the back so you can pin it onto anything) that are somewhat unique that accept Paypal? It can be independent artists or companies, I don't really care.

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Inspired by an earlier post:

1. Do you care about global warming?

2. If yes, how have you changed your lifestyle to reduce your carbon emissions (on a holistic scale)? Or do you think it's "too late" and/or you "can't do anything about it"?

3. Don't you think it's incredibly hypocritical when people try to convince you global warming is a problem and people need to do something about it when they don't do anything about it themselves?

ETA: 4. Do you think people place way too much emphasis on global warming as opposed to other global environmental, social and political issues? What do you think we really need to focus on? Or is it worthless because few people will ever try to learn much/do anything about any serious problem?

ETA: 5. Do you consider food miles when buying your produce/food? What about other products? Do you consider the energy that went into making it, transporting it, etc. and compare that to the price and how much you actually "need" it?
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nibblonians to nibble stations

do you like futurama?

if yes: what is your favorite episode? why?

if no: why not? is there another awesome animated series (NOT anime, though) that you like instead?

my favorite episode is "the problem with popplers" because of the SONG:
(sung to the tune of "sailor's hornpipe")
pop a poppler in your mouth when you come to fishy joe's
what they're made of is a mystery
where they come from no one knows
you can pick 'em
you can lick 'em
you can chew 'em
you can stick 'em
if you promise not to sue us you can shove one up your nose!


Do you eat shrimp?

If so, what's your favorite way of preparing it?

Should I put a couch, a futon, or a bed in my spare room? OR should I just not have any space for guests to sleep and make it my office/whatever room?

Why does yahvah hate me so much?
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Recommend Me.

So my major includes many long, boring, tedious nights.
And since Tv-Links is gone forever, I have turned to the radio.

What are some good, ENTERTAINING, talk radio stations?
Eg. KROQ has some really interesting segments like Loveline with Dr. Drew. Something like that?
Thanks <3

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TQC, anything you wanna brag about?

Did your mom date Homer Simpson? Did you get a new job? Did you totally get it on with a hottie last night? Tell me anything you are proud of today, please.

(no subject)

1) What part of your tummy are you supposed to measure when you're measuring your waist?

2) I got bored, so I googled a friend of mine's screennames and name and read posts she made and stories she put online. Was that a weird thing to do?

3) Do you let one gender get away with doing things you'd never let the other gender get away with? (Example: A friend of mine came up and jokingly smacked my butt the other day. She's a girl. If a guy had done this, he have gotten verbally assaulted in the least.)

4) Someone I know says she thinks people who aren't in favor of all public bathrooms being unisex are lame and uptight. If all public bathrooms became unisex, I'd pretty much never use the bathroom in public. Thoughts?

5) My friend's birthday is coming up and I accidentally bought a bag that is a bit too big for her presents. Is it weird to just used the bag anyway? Am I over thinking this?

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1.  What are you plans this weekend?
-I'm going to San Fancisco to my friend's memorial service.  I'm scared.

2.  What is your favorite accent?
-I love listening to Indians talk.  I like how they artculate.

3. Is it harder for you to keep working or to give up?
-I have such a hard time giving up.
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Starbucks cup

kind of silly but...

I can't remember in what post it was but someone made a comment about her boyfriend's name being Craig and how she never liked the name.

Which got me thinking.

Do you like your SOs name? What is it?

Also, if you have children, what are their names? How did you decide on it?

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In the past hour I have decided I wanted egg nog and persimmons. Should I go to the grocery store and get one or both of these things?

What's the strangest craving you've had lately?

Did you give in to it?

(no subject)

1. Do you know ANYONE who has had a good experience with student loans? All I ever hear are nightmare stories about people graduating $120k in debt and they still end up working at the video store and living in their parents' basement.

2. I am an English major. After I graduate, can I ever really have a decent and rewarding career doing anything other than teaching?

3. What was your major? What do you do now?
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Did you ask?
Did I deliver?
Did I not want to cross the line too badly?
(My answers: yes, yes, yes)

Poll #1077693 Gross things for TQC

Poos can be sneaky. Which is your least favorite?

Surprise attack diarrhea - ninja style!
Surprise slimy strings!
Surprise no-shits, oh goodness it was just a fart!
Surprise other? Comment!

Farts can be smelly. Which is yours like, usually?

Death blast - wow did that just come out of my ass?
Warm, permeating scent - makes the room toasty in just the right way
Pleasant - not too stiny, not too harsh on the NOSTRILS
I enjoy my farts. STFU and leave me alone.
Other? Comment!

How do you pee?

Droplets - tink, tink, tink! (Aw, shy bladders are so cute)
Race horse/water fall style
Slow and steady wins the race!
Kinda fast, but not splash my ass fast.
Other? Comment!

Which do you love to do?

Pop my zits. Sometimes I even eat the product (optional)
Scratch my asshole. It feels amazing. Totally guilty.
Hack loogies into my hand and examine the contents.
Pick my nose and eat it.
Ear wax is so good on my taste buds.
I do a lot of gross shit. Let me comment, it's kind of sad to see poo struggle to come up with options.

ETA: I spelled stinky wrong.
Eat my ass :)

So. Would You?

I am thinking about writing an article about the treatment of bisexuals in both the straight and gay community, so I need opinions. Please elaborate.

1) What is your gender?

2) What is your sexual identity?

3) Do you think that bisexuality exists?

4) Would you date a bisexual? Why or why not?

5) Any further comments or thoughts about bisexuality?

I await answers with great fear.

EDIT *rolls in you joyfully* You guys are fantastic.
housewares, ash

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i giggle uncontrollably whenever farts or poo are mentioned (i couldnt even get all the way through that little poll thing down there). im almost 18 (bday's on tuesday!) and i still chuckled when my professor said "duty."

whats one thing that you do that is extreeeeeeemely immature? and how old are you?
Truck Tipping
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When was the last time you sent out an email or left a voice mail that you regretted?

At the moment there's some major drama going on at my school due to a lousy professor. I sent an email to the course director voicing my concern but now I'm wishing I would have just stayed out of it. Even though my email was calm and rational, I just feel like I did the wrong thing.
Feet Pyramid

(no subject)

1. Should I stay in Illinois to get my doctorate or take a chance and move out to Phoenix for my doctorate? (Mind you, I plan on moving to Phoenix eventually anyway.)

2. Would you move across country for it? Have you?

3. If you have, how hard was it? What would you recommend doing or what did you do to make things easier?
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Very important life altering question here, tqc.
I am a single mom. My son's name is Jackson.
Jackson's father's name is Rich.
Rich and I arent together. We arent friendly. Jackson and I do not go to their family events/functions. I know that my child is part of their family, but I do not consider myself to be part of their family. Okay?
Rich's brother Jon and Jon's girlfriend Nicole had a baby 6 months after I had Jackson. They had a little girl, Brooke.
I spend quite a bit of time with Nicole and Brooke (we have weekly play dates and such)
Jon and Nicole arent married, but they are engaged.

Here is my question:
I know that Jackson and Brooke are cousins, but am I Brooke's aunt?
When I get married will my husband be her uncle?
I know it really doesnt matter in the grand scheme of things, but Im just curious as to what you think. It seems odd to me that I would be her aunt because I dont see how I am really related to her. But I dont know.
What do you think?

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My boyfriend (of 3ish years) and I broke up a day and a half ago.  I called today and a girl answered the phone.

Would anyone else be hurt?

EDIT ; He is 2000 miles from home at college, therefore, away from his family too.

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1. What is one food that most people seem to love, but you HATE?
Sushi. I just don't get the appeal. just the smell of it makes me sick.

2. What is the last song you listened to?
Jem - "They"

3. When is the last time you cuddled with another person?
last Sunday morning.

(no subject)

If I received an organ transplant from someone who died, I would want to meet the family of that person.
If I received an organ transplant from someone who died, I would not want to meet the family of that person.

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Dear TQC...

I am being the Wicked Witch of the West (from the Wizard of Oz/Wicked) for Halloween.  Now, I'm not painting myself green here, so Im trying to wear as much green as I can.   I wanted green tights/knee highs/thigh highs/leggings/ect, but because of my plus-sized-ness was unable to find any in time (without ordering online).  So tonight I found green tights and bought them quickly, fairly sure they wouldn't fit.  But the store was closing and I had to go.  So after all this TL;DR, TQC...

1. How could I make tights into knee highs??

2. Are you excited for Friday?

3. Hi!?
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(no subject)

Which colleges did you apply to?
Which did you get accepted to?
Which did you not get accepted to?
Which did you go to? Are/ were you happy with that decision?
What was your GPA in high school?
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i've never let anyone else answer my cell phone, EVER. nor have i ever answered anybody elses, it just rings and when they get their hands free is when they see who called them and they'll return the phone call or whatever. do you let other people answer your cell phone? do other people sometimes ask that you answer their cell phone for them?

who is one of your favorite people here in TQC? latenightdrives, ilu bb.