October 24th, 2007

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1. Do you have any odd bathroom behaviors, other than doing your business?

2. Do you eat in the bathroom? Why or why not?

Tonight I was at the mall, walked in the lounge/bathroom in the food court, and there was a girls' softball team just chilling by the sinks eating their Ice Dreams from Chick Fil A. For some reason it really fucking irked me...and it scared the peepee away :(
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 have you ever made or responded to a booty call?

who is seeing the spice girls come back concert in february?!

do you love old people or do they gross you out?

what religion do you practice, and if applicable, can you try to convert me? i am religiousless at this time.

how are you like your parents?

how the hell are ya?
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TQC, when your roommates are asleep, and you just realize you have bubble wrap and you get the sudden urge to just start popping it but you can't...how is one to contain themself?

How long have you been online? 

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Is anybody watching Conan O'Brien right now?  Do Jessica Alba's boobs look funny in that dress?

(This may be a re-run, as she is promoting Fantastic Four...I'm really not up on my movie knowledge.)

*Edit*  It is definitely a re-run, but the question still stands.
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Do you believe in ghosts?
Any other element of the paranormal?
What about things metaphysics-related?

I now have everything Gravitation related (manga and anime series, OVA, etc). Anime/Manga fans, what series shall I take on next? I won't stick with anything with ugly art or boring dialog :\I've already exhausted the following series: Gundam Wing, Chobits, Gravitation, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Dragonball/Z/GT, Sailor Moon, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Inuyasha, Fushigi Yugi. I refuse to get into Bleach, Death Note or Naruto :P

ETA: If my work (Borders) gives away the cardboard cutout of Stephen Colbert and I somehow get it, which one of you wants it? It's him putting his arm around/pointing to the display of his new book, hah.
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Today I had a choice between waking up two hours early to do my laundry, or wearing a pair of pants that were too small. I chose the latter.

TQC, what was the last thing you did just because you were lazy? (Silly or not.)

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1] Are you currently wearing a tampon? If not, do you wear tampons when the time is appropriate?

2] Should I spend my Amazon.com gift certificate on lots of books or a Halloween costume?
I only would need the costume for work, I'm not going to any parties.

4] Are you easily scared?

8] How many hours ago were you asleep?
About 13 hours ago.
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Do you tend to assume that everyone has gone/will go/or is in college?

How do you feel when, say, you ask someone what they majored in and they reply, "Oh, I didn't go to school"?
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1) Socks with sandals. Yes or No?
I thought no but today I saw someone wearing socks with their sandals so maybe I'm wrong.

2) I had a second question I wanted to ask but I now I can't remember. Do you know what it was?

FL and otherness

I have a condo on reserve this weekend (75$ total) and I REALLLLY wanna go. Only my boyfriend and I completely ended things today, and he was the person I was supposed to be going with. None of my friends are spur of the moment people and I wanna GO!!

So, TQC, how do I find cool people to go to FL with me??
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1. a. Have you ever posed nude for a calendar? Were you paid?
b. If you haven't, would you? Would you want compensation? How much?
2. Are there any phrases/words/idioms/etc that you don't understand?
3. What's a small mistake you often make?

1. a. No. b. No.
2. I can't think of any now but I've been googling a lot of them lately, thanks to the BBC.
3. I almost always close italics and bold with </a>. :(
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1. What's the best bargain you've ever found at a garage sale or thrift store?
2. What's your favorite school supply?
3. If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be?
4. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?
5. Have you ever been snorkeling? Scuba diving?
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I need 15 more credit hours to graduate. (5 classes)

One of the classes is an online course.

I also work part-time to pay the bills....

Am I crazy for taking all final 15 credit hours this spring?

If you have taken an online class before, how did you like it?

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1. If there's a piece of jewellery you wear every day, do you keep it on when you sleep?

2. What are some good costumes that can be assembled out of stuff I already own? I only need it for a few hours, under duress, so I don't feel like putting a ton of effort in. I own your usual teenage-girl clothes, Collapse )

3. This was asked a while ago, but I think some people misunderstood the question. Are there any English words of different origin that are completely interchangeable in all circumstances? Are there any words like in any language? (e.g. inflammable and flammable, except with different origins)

NOTE: Not every synonym is like that. For example, "small" and "little" don't count because "It makes a small difference" and "It makes little difference" don't mean the same thing, plus you have to include an "a" in the first use. "Catsup" and "ketchup" don't count because they have the same origin.

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I have leftover chicken pot pie filling and rice in the fridge. I'm craving it badly and it's only 8:15am. What can I do to take my mind off of food until 11am? (I really really want to eat it now!!!)

How fast can you type?

How fast are you at 10-key?

What's your favorite Jelly Belly flavor?

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What if you worked for a nonprofit organization and had physical proof of employees stealing donations. And no matter the number of who confronted the director, manager or human resource nothing happen. Would you contact the media? Would you feel comfortable being used as a source and would you be scared it might lessen your chance of getting another job?
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1. Dressing up pets in costume - cruel or cute?
2. Considering what was done to my pumpkin, should I give out candy for Halloween? If so, should I mix in some needles or other nefarious items?
3. Did your parents sort through your candy when you trick-or-treated to make sure none of it was suspicious or did they just let you have it?

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1. Are you a stress-eater, or a loss-of-appetite stress sufferer?

2. What were your various school mascots for elementary, middle, high school and college (if applicable)?

3. What is the first line of your journal entry from October 24, 2006 (if you have one)?

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New employee and TQC

1. A new employee joins your company. You can see their computer monitor from your desk and you notice that they LJ. Do you say anything to them about your own LJing? If yes, would you friend them/let them friend you? If no, do you stalk them on LJ?

2. The new employee is unaware of your LJ presence. They become an active member of TQC. Do you let them know that you're a part of TQC? If no,  would you continue to participate in picture posts if you had been doing so before?

3. The new employee is unaware of your LJ presence. They start bitching about their co-worker (i.e. you) on TQC. Do you confront them about it? If yes, then do you do it in person or do you do it on TQC?

(This is hypothetical. There are no new new employees at my job.)
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1. You're alone in your car, sitting at a red light. You hear a rustling sound. Is the first thing you do to check for a serial killer hiding in the back seat? If not, where do you check?

2. Are you doing anything tonight? If so, what? If not, want to come to my World Series party? (No Red Sox fans allowed though.) We'll have lots of yummy homemade food!

3. If I were making homemade tortilla chips for you, what flavor would you want them to have?
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Online Prescriptions

I'm looking for a personal recommendation for buying prescriptions online. My doctor's receptionist recommended trying online sites because some of them will let you pay one co-pay for more than one refill. I'm going to have a lapse in insurance, so it's pretty important that I at least be able to fill them all at once, regardless if I can pay one co-pay or one for each.

Any recommnedations?
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Do you or anyone you know have MRSA?

Should I be worried because a man at my work has it? He's only in the office for about an hour a day but I do have to deal with his paper work and he often stops in just to use the bathroom. He's always been kind of a scumbag and he's already given it to both of his daughters and his brother.
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For those of you in Southern California, can you post pictures that you've taken showing flames/smoke/firefighters?

If possible, can you take a video of the chaos and post it? They're just showing the same things over and over on the news, and I'd rather see what my fellow TQC-ers are seeing.

What I meant to say that is that the majority of the news is about which celebrities are in danger of losing their homes and who already has. I'm not concerned with them because it's not like they don't have the money to build 23 other houses. It's everyone else I want to know about. The people that don't have the money to build another house.

Manliest Men of 2007

AskMen.com listed the top 49 manliest men of 2007.

1. David Beckham
2. Matt Damon
3. Timbaland
4. Roger Federer
5. Justin Timberlake
6. Daniel Craig
7. Steve Jobs
8. George Clooney
9. Lewis Hamilton
10. Christian Bale
11. Brad Pitt
12. Clive Owen
13. Steve Carell
14. Denzel Washington
15. Rick Rubin
16. Peyton Manning
17. Matt Groening
18. Sacha Baron Cohen
19. Shigeru Miyamoto
20. Gordon Ramsay

27. Ryan Seacrest

Questions -
1. Are Steve Carell, Steve Jobs, Matt Groening and Ryan Seacrest among the manliest men in showbiz today? (Steve Jobs, really?)
2. Which is the most laughable inclusion on this list?
3. Who should be on this list and wasn't?

Co-Worker Gift

1. Tonight I need to get a gift for the housekeeper where  I work. She's 50ish, very sweet but doesn't really have any hobbies or special likes that any of us know about. What's a good generic gift for around $40 that I can get at a mall, ross, or grocery store tonight?

2. What's the best live theater, concert, or show you've ever seen?
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Big Love


I have an obsession with Story People

What is your favorite Story People quote?
If you don't have one, what is your favorite quote in general?

You may not remember the time you let me go first. Or the time you dropped back to tell me it wasn't that far to go. Or the time you waited at the crossroads for me to catch up. You may not remember any of those, but I do & this is what I have to say to you: today, no matter what it takes, we ride home together.

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my second toe is swollen, stiff, a little hurty, and kinda pink. i noticed it hurt when i moved it while i was still in bed this morning, and it doesn't seem to be any more swollen now than when i got up 5 hours ago. i don't remember hitting it or jamming it or smashing it or anything, but i'm a giant klutz so i suppose i could have.

any ideas about what's going on? is it going to fall off? should i go to an urgent care today?

srs and nonsrs answers welcome.

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1) a. Do you watch Heroes?

    b. If so, who are your favorite characters?
    c. Who has the best power?
    d. Am I messed up in the head for shipping Claire/Peter?

    e. Do you ship anyone? If so, who?

2) What is THE BEST kind of lip balm?

3) I was having a debate with a pro-lifer (I'm pro-choice) and he told me that the only reason I wasn't horrified by abortion was because I've been desensitized by my love of horror movies. This pissed me off. Thoughts?

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Okay. So. All my images in my burn folder (on a Mac) have little arrows pointing at them, as shown. Weird. I can upload them, open them, etc. but when I try to burn them to a CD, it says "invisible file path" or something. Have you ever had this happen?

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to make only one eye look bloodshot for a day without going through pain. Its a symptom of a sickness I am faking to skip work. So tomorrow I need to show up with one eye red the other perfectly fine.

And I dont want permanent eye damage thanks!


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 1. what's for lunch?

2. if you work, does your job have a holiday party during christmas time? how far in advance do you get an invite to it? what are they usually like?



1. im having chicken noodle soup

2. i just got our invite today, but in past years they've sent them in the beginning of october. they do a different theme every year. This years theme is TBA. last year was mardi gras, and the year before was 50's themed.

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the boy tried to google this cause he is a big jerk... google gave him no answers, but he found comfort in the fact that his question came up in the suggestion box indicating that other people have asked it.

his question is: how do fat people wipe?

"i don't mean the 5'4" 180lb girl, i mean the 5'4" 400lb girl"


It's a well known fact that a lot of people like using wine in spaghetti bolognaise and other pasta dishes.

My question: In the takeaway stores which serve pastas (without labelling the ingredients, the pasta is just scooped into a plastic container) do most of them use wine in their sauce? I know that every takeaway store or restaurant is different, but I mean, the majority of stores. Does anyone know?
Just curious.

Thanks for any help.
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1- Should I get Kelly Clarkson tickets for this Friday? If I call up my old work, they'd be free. :P

2- Which addiction should I feed today: Painting or Video Games? (Through wasting money on one or the other.) I equally want to do both, but I don't think spending a ton of money is wise.

3- Is there a water tower near you (like, in your city)? If so, what colour is it? The one here is teal, and I can see it from my window right now, it's kinda strange looking. :(
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Who needs "Dear Abby" any more??
[The BIOTCH doesn't even field iPod questions. How lame is that??]
I mean...we have TQC...what more do we need?

I read her column today and thought I could have given better advice.
Not sensitive,useful advice....but better...

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The following is EW.com's list of 25 Awesome Action Heroes:

14. UMA THURMAN, KILL BILL — VOL. 1 (2003)

Would you add anyone? Who would you take off to add them?
Which one(s) do you just plain disagree with? Why?
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When you send an e-mail to a professor what do you write as the subject line? I always write something stupid like just "Hello" because I feel it's a bit imposing if I write something like "Letter of Recommendation Request". But anyway, I am about to e-mail a professor and request a letter of recommendation (he used to teach at my school but then moved to California so I can't meet with him in person). What should I write as the subject line?

Okay, I took your advice and was straightforward. Thanks.

Mail call!

1.) What magazines (if any) do you subscribe to?

2.) Do you ever wonder what your mailman mail delivery person thinks about you based on the mail you get?  (This isn't a question of whether you *care* what said mail carrier thinks about you, just whether or not you've considered it.)

3.) What's been your biggest disappoint of the day?

4.) Which M&M is your favorite? (Plain, peanut, dark, peanut butter, mint, crispy...)

5.) What was the last song you had stuck in your head?

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When watching a movie or going to the theater do you prefer to:

1. Rent/see a movie that you've already seen but the people (or person) with you haven't seen

2. Rent/see a movie that you've never seen but the people (or person) with you have seen

EDIT: 3. Or would you just prefer that no one in your group has seen the movie before?

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 I wanted to make a poll but I don't have a paid account, so I'll have to do this the old-fashioned way.

How do you feel about the following forms of PDA:
-Kissing (closed-mouth)
-Kissing (with tongue)
-Groping (either with you as the groper or the gropee)?

Does the location change it:
-A bar
-A restaurant
-At the movies
-Just on the street?

Does the company change it:
-Your friends
-Their friends
-Your family members
-Their family members?

And finally:
Do you often engage in PDA that if you saw other people doing it, you'd be grossed out or irritated? 
Would it depend on WHO those other people were, in terms of how grossed out/irritated you'd be? 

My answers in the comments.

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Whingeing! (whinging?)

I started a community for griping and I want to put all of the possible euphemisms for bitching that I can in the interests

So far I've got:

chuck a spaz
hissy fit

Do you know any other words/phrases that mean the same thing??

ETA: How the heck do I edit the interests of a community? I worked it out now. :)

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If you have a friend locked journal, and someone friends you when you have no friends, comms, or interests in common with them, do you get the feeling they're only friending you in hopes that you'll friend them back just so they can read your journal?

Have I made this question confusing enough?

EDIT: I mean, does it seem like they aren't friending you to just be your friend, they're friending you because they're nosy about what's in your journal or whatever.
mr jummy

Since I feel like someone has drop-kicked my head...

Have you had your wisdom teeth out?

If yes, when did you have them out?
If no, how old are you currently?

If you've had them yanked, did they put you under or just use a local anesthetic? How'd your recovery go? Anything I should or shouldn't do?

I'm 25, and I just I had my upper two removed yesterday. They just used a local, which wasn't a big deal, but I think maybe they should put you to sleep for the recovery process since it hurts like mad. He said we could do the bottom ones in 6 months or so, as it wasn't really urgent but there's obviously not room for them.

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Poll #1076923 Before and after

One day, you're helping your SO clean, and you find some old pictures. Your SO's name is on the back of each picture, but the image is of someone of the opposite sex. Either a burly guy or a shapely woman. When you show them to your SO, they fall on their ass, looking defeated, and say they can't lie to you any longer. Your SO had a sex change long before you met them, and those pics were how they used to look, and s/he was so sure that all the pictures were destroyed, but obviously missed a few. You look back at the pictures. Burly guy/shapely girl looks back at you. Does this information change anything in the relationship?

I feel sick. I break up with them immediately
I feel hurt that I was lied to all this time. I break up with them immediately
It's definitely surprising, but hey, it doesn't fracture what we have going now, so I'm just going to ignore this new info
I'm going to need some time to process this. I'll try and work it out, but odds are, I'm never going to feel comfortable around them, physically, ever again and the relationship's doomed
I'm hurt by the fact that my SO was keeping secrets from me, but I'll get over it.
Are you kidding me? This turns me on.
I beat up my SO for making me feel gay

You learn one day that, before you guys were together, that your SO had some careless relationships, that resulted in 6 pregnancies, all in which ended in abortions. They got knocked up themselves by 6 different guys or knocked up 6 different girls. Does this change how you feel about your SO?

No. Thank God there's no rugrats walking around. Whatever happened before isn't my business
Yes. I'm hurt and jealous
What a slut! I'm a little skeeved that I've been dating such a whore all this time and didn't know. I can't see them the same way anymore
Good. S/he can't be angry about my abortions now
I'm a little concerned they could be so stupid. I don't like to date stupid people, but I'll let that slide for now

You find out one day that your SO has 2 kids from previous relationships. Their exes have control of each kid, and there's no child support wanted and up til now, your SO has been happy to let the other person retain full custody of the kids, and happily ignores all responsibility. What do you got to say about this?

Pretty messed up. I can't believe what a shitty parent and human being my SO is. I demand they uphold their responsibility to the kids
Lying sonofabitch. How can s/he keep something like that from me? Our relationship just hit some major turbulence
I can't believe my SO had kids with other people. I'm so hurt.
Good call. Who wants to hang out with kids? I'm glad my SO made the right choice and stayed the hell away from his 'mistakes'
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omg *tear*

Has a music video ever made you cry?

I was watching CMT earlier and the video for Stay by Sugarland came on and I totally started to cry :(

Collapse )

I haven't seen this question before...I know there's been the 'what song makes you cry' question...
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Do you have to win a stupidity contest to get on Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader (or it's ilk)?

I refuse to believe people are actually that stupid. I'm an average person and I'm not that stupid, ergo they must be below average. Is my logic flawed?

(no subject)

1. What is worrying you right now?
2. Have you ever been treated lesser than you should be because of your looks? When?Open to people from both ends of the spectrum and everything in between(ie. everyone)
virtue moir- organza

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if you take a medicine that makes you drowsy (like benadryl) and you drink an energy drink after, will the energy drink negate the drowsy side effects from the medicine?

have any of you tried doing this?

what's the most hopped up on OTC medication have you been?

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I'm seeing more and more young people with engagements and married spouses.  I know many people who met their husband/wife in high school and it is beginning to scare me.  About what age do you think most people meet their spouses?  At what age do you think a woman's chance of finding love is substantially lower than in younger years?
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For those with tattoos, did you get the ones you have because they were meaningful to you, or was it just a spontaneous decision?

For those who chose tattoos with meaning, what is the meaning?

(no subject)

My husband gets a lot of cool t-shirts at work. The problem is that they are usually shapeless XL shirts that don't exactly look good as much more than nightshirts. I want to make these shirts into boy or baby doll type shirts. I sew reasonably well. Is there a website out there that would show me how to do what I want?

(no subject)

I really hate asking job questions, but I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

Collapse )
How do I explain this in my application? Should I just put "unfair work treatment" and "unfair scheduling with a lack of hours?" Or should I elaborate and explain my situation? Do you think just describing my first grievance with my boss would suffice?
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1. Do you think someone's printer breaking or running out of ink is a valid excuse for not handing in a paper on time when there are at least four computer labs within a five-minute walk of the classroom in which the paper is due which charges 10 cents per page when our papers are supposed to be 1-5 pages long?

2. Do you think someone's bus being late is a valid excuse to be late for class when that person always takes the bus that comes 10 minutes before class starts but the buses run every five minutes so they could have taken an earlier bus?

3. What is the most implausible excuse you've ever heard from anyone?

(no subject)

So I like this man. I think he has interest in me but I also think he has interest in one of my friends. Should I attempt to ask him out anyway? Is it possible for a man to lose interest in the other woman if one woman asks him out?
Bob dylan

(no subject)

How old are you?

At what age did you start thinking of yourself as an adult? (This is assuming you are an adult, of course.)

When did you start thinking of those in your age group as adults?

I'm 20. I still find it hard to think of myself as an adult. I feel like I have more in common with kids still in high school than people who are older than me. I also find it weird to think of the people in my age group as adults. My boyfriend is 23 and it's weird to me to think of him as a man, rather than a boy. :/ Does this make me strange?

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What's the minimum amount of money someone would have to pay you to name your kid Snake Plissken?

Nothing! I'm planning to give my firstborn/next child that very name regardless of sex.
I'd do it for $100 if I were drunk enough.
future cost of tuition, at minimum
future cost of tuition plus a sweet retirement package
1 BILLION dollars
I'd eat my kid before I EVER named it Snake Plissken.

hai guise, liek im new an such!!1!

Ever had an itchy asshole? How do you take care of it? Especially if you're in public.

Do you pick your nose in your car?

How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

Would you date someone that used to be the opposite sex of that which you're attracted to but has had surgery and takes hormones?

(no subject)

What is your favorite letter of the alphabet?



Friends: Unagi.
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(no subject)

1a) Why does my radiator keep breaking?
They came this morning to fix it and it's gone cold again.

1b) Do you think it's a sign that their phone number is my birthday?

2) Do you remember how many subjects you had in your last year of highschool? Do you still know what they were? (If you aren't in the last year yet just pick whatever year you're in now)
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(no subject)

Poll #1076912 Drinking

Have you or did you drink alcohol underage, meaning more than just a sip of wine?

No drinking age in my country
I didn't because of religious reasons, or a moral obligation

2) What's the best halloween costume you've ever had?

2a) What are you doing this year?

(no subject)

i really wish someone would tell glitterati_core what to do, and read this entire thing. glitterati_core is sorry if she didn't make it clear, but she was kind of frazzled. (D:) bear with glitterati_core. she needs advice.

glitterati_core is in love with a guy who she's positive loves her back. they were so happy before. they broke up six months ago, but they still talk sometimes, and they hung out last saturday, and ended up rekindling everything. they told each other they missed each other, and they were both happy that things were the same they used to be. he told glitterati_core that they were both liars if they said there was nothing left between them, and he told glitterati_core he missed her. he kissed glitterati_core like he used to, they laid together in his car, and he held glitterati_core and kissed her like he didn't want to let go, and nothing was awkward. a few months ago, he hurt glitterati_core so badly. he told glitterati_core that they were getting back together after he did some things he needed to take care of, but then called if off because he has so much to lose right now and that he had to grow up. ( glitterati_core's parents hate him, he's 18, she's fifteen.) he is constantly telling glitterati_core that he wished they would have got back together... everyone knows they should be together, and they know it, too, but he hasn't said anything about that. glitterati_core has already lost dignity, and can't bear to lose him again by scaring him and telling him she thinks they should get back together. glitterati_core doesn't want to lose what dignity she have left. he told glitterati_core saturday that he isn't trying to hurt her again... glitterati_core knows that if they tried again, things would be taken seriously. glitterati_core would give anything to/for him.

should glitterati_core call him tonight and tell him that they should get back together, or no? maybe he's just scared to bring it up? glitterati_core is at the end of the line.

ETA: why did glitterati_core delete her post?
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In terms of couples:
Do you actively pick 'your song', or does it have to have special meaning (i.e., first song you danced to, etc)?

My friend just chose a song she liked as her and the boy's song. I think this is ridiculous.
jon dance

Billing hassles

I moved into a new apartment September 1st, and my roommates and I have paid one electric bill since then, which was addressed to us.  We notified them that we'd be the new people at the apartment as of Sept. 1st. 
We got a letter addressed to the previous tenants today, with a notice that they will shut off the power in 2 weeks if the account isn't paid off.  The bill was for over 200 dollars, which is at least 3 months electricity.  We're guessing that he just didn't take his name off the account.
My roommates and I are currently debating about what to do.  Will we get in trouble for opening someone else's mail if we call to try and sort out this problem, or will the electric company realize that we paid the bill for September?  I figure that if they sent us the shutoff notice, then they won't realize the discrepancy when they go to shut off the power, either.  My roommates are afraid that if we call, then we'll get in trouble for opening someone else's mail, and they'll tell us to pay the bill since we are now in the apartment.
Settle the debate, TQC!


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Okay, for all of you that have excellent movie memories...

There is this movie that I have seen a long long time ago and I've been racking my brain to remember the name of it. Help!

Only things I remember:
This may or may not have been a Jim Henson creation.
There is an evil queen (of course) who the heroine eventually finds out is very old and has a room full of younger women's heads all in jars. She switches from these heads from time to time, as she doesn't want to look old.

That's all I remember. Yeah, It's vague, but this is driving me CRAZY. I looked on Jim Henson sites and couldn't find anything similar, does anyone out there know what I'm talking about, or did I make this movie up when I was a little kid?

Edit: You guys are really fast, thank you! That's seriously been bugging me for a straight week.

scariest part! ;)

Also, if you have no idea, what are the next three movies on your netflix (or "movies to see") list?

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Hey, I'm kind of new to ebay, but I'm noticing a lot of items that are up for sale at $0.01, and there's always a bunch of them. Are they just scams? If it helps, the particular one I'm looking at has a 99% feedback rate, and I'm scrolling through the almost-8000 comments to find out what the bad ones say. And the shipping is $70.00, but I think I can understand that for this particular item..
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Weight loss

In April I weighed 130lbs, and now I am 22lbs lighter. Thing is, my diet is the same and I'm not working out. I HAVE however, been doing tons of travelling and standing for long periods of time. Could that really be the cause of 22lbs of weight loss?

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Is there anyway I can make my comments stay align? When people reply to me @ my journal the comments always go right of center & ruin my page. Is there anyway to change that?
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Do you ever???

*Do you feel like everyone on LiveJournal is 17?

*Do you ever just want to say something perverted or *racy* just to see the reaction? *no troll*
What would it be???

*Does it bother you when people post comments in the All Mighty TQC in a paragraph format?
(how many of those god damned answers should I try to fiddle fart out to answer?)

*I just ate Raman and feel like a God. What nasty junk did you just eat?

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1 ) Would you rather fake an orgasm on national television and have it replayed repeatedly and be the butt of jokes for weeks OR randomly start faking an orgasm, loudly, in front of your ENTIRE extended family and friends at the dinner table?

2) Have you ever been completely unattracted to someone physically (not find them replusive, just zero attraction) and, but then once you get to know them you find them VERY attractive based on their personality?

3) So many girls I know think masturbation is gross. What's the deal??? This really drives me nuts. I can understand not doing it (heck, it's not really my thing either to be honest), but why do people think it's gross? Some of these same girls think it's just fine for a guy to masturbate. 

4) *If you don't want kids: Would you have biological children for someone if you were deeply, deeply in love with them and they wanted them (no kids is a deal-breaker)? What if the kids could be adopted, not biological?
    *If you do want kids: Would you refrain from having them to be with the person you loved (say they were very against creating children)? What if the person was okay with adopted kids and not biological?

5) 10 million dollars a year for three years if you'll go streaking while spanking your own ass with a paddle on stage at the Oscars. Will you take it? (Remember. There's like, a billion people who watch the Oscars.)
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Do Fritos Scoops taste much different from normal Fritos?

My dad was born in the states (he's now in Australia) and I (also in Australia) am trying to buy some from an Australian supplier, but they've only had scoops for a while now, so I'm wondering how different they are.

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Help me TQC!!!!!!!

I'm really freaking stressed....money problems, car problems, lonely, boyfriend problems.  All at the same time!

How can I relieve my stress?  It's getting to be too much!

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I have never seen any of the Saw movies, are they that good? Is it worth my time to check them out?

What is your favorite scary movie?

What scary movie was the biggest let down?

Are you like me and it seems like movies don't really scare you anymore now that you are an adult?

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Poll #1076980 Hmm...

When someone posts a poll with TICKYBOX do you genuinely answer or just click all/a few TICKYBOXES?

Genuinely answer
Other which I will explain in comments

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What do Vietnamese regard as the main difference in character between the scales used in traditional Northern and Southern styles of music?
In the Sachs-Hombostel system of classification of classification, what is the difference between a lute and a zither?
What did Chandrakant Sardeshmukh have in mind when he said that Western muscians can do 'whatever they want' when creating artistics work, whereas Indian classical musicians cannot?

Why can't I add music from my iPod?  I'm holding the CD against it!

I stubbed my toe yesterday, my vagina itches and I have a large pair of scissors hanging from me left ear.  What's wrong with me?

Have you guys seen this totally cool video?

Is god dead?

What should I get my sister's boyfriend's aunt for christmas?

Will you be my LJ-friend?

How do I reply to these things?

I have this massive crush on this guy at work.  In fact, he's not actually a man, he's a woman.  Actually, he's not a woman, she's a horse.  Actually it's not a horse, it's a broom.  How should I tell the broom I want it?
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I just quit my old job TQC. What's the most liberating thing you've done lately?

I have T-Mobile's 600 minutes a month plan. I'm out of contract and just paying month-to-month now. I was at 3 minutes this afternoon, sent a text message, and was at 0 minutes, but still $.06 left on my available dollars. I quickly refilled a little online, and my plan renews tomorrow. I won't get charged for going over minutes will I? Is that just a contract thing and if I did go over I would just pay for the minutes I used? Plz help!

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what is closest to what you are doing?

1. dressing trashy and becoming highly intoxicated with good friends.... or random strangers.
2. watching scary movies and pigging out on candy
3. handing out candy with your SO or kids
4. taking the kids trick or treating or to some other event
5. asking and answering questions on TQC while sitting in the dark and ignoring the door

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Why do girls here at my all-girls college seem to think it's fun to create high school drama? >:[
Wouldn't you think being out of high school they'd want to try something new? 
Why do the rich girls have to rub it in the poor girl's faces that they can spend $6,000 dollars in one setting? 

Okay this is opinions, but I'm curious =]

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will you tell me a random drunken story?
it doesnt have to be the best. or the worst.

are you against drinking?
if so tell me why

based on my story do you think its prolly a good think i havent drank since the begining of summer?

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Will you use this post to tell your crush/person that you love but can't have/person that you love/or miss how you feel? i totally understand that we can all let that person know how we feel about them.. but honestly, you DON'T have to answer the question if all you're going to answer with is 'i don't have to tell them, they already know..' good for you.

If you do have a crush on someone, can you try to describe them using just 3 words?


 Have you ever known someone who depended on pot to make themself normal? I know someone that smokes 24/7..They don't get high and do dumb things..It just balances them up..I don't get it?

 Now when they are out..They become miserable!! Like the world is going to end..NOT even his own daughter cheers him up..He crawls into bed and wants to sleep.....

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Do you like cornbread?

eta: Speaking of 'corn' things, have you heard of a game called 'cornhole' where you try to throw beanbags into some holes on a board? I had never heard of this before I came to Ohio.
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So, I recently kicked over my friend's office chair to find a whole booger batch stuck and dried to the bottom of it. 

My question is: how many of you pick your nose at the computer and stick the contents under the chair?
HP-Tonks- :|

I'm so nervous I just gagged on a vitamin ;(

Remember this post I did two days ago?

Well, I haven't gotten an e-mail reply, but I woke up this afternoon and there is a voice mail on my cell phone.


I'm such a WIMP!

If you lived near me would you listen to it for me?

I'm all twisted into knots and I haven't even LISTENED to it yet.

Have you ever felt like you could FEEL the grey hairs growing?
I'm 25 yrs old and swear that I can FEEL the grey hairs growing! Leave it to my parents to NOT tell me that they both went grey in their twenties!

Also is it gray or grey? I prefer grey, gray just looks wrong and I don't know why.

Have you ever been complimented, but felt like it was a not exactly a compliment that you wanted?
I've had more than one person tell me that I have a very "European" sense of style. @_@ Is that good or bad? Is it because I wear mens pants, blazers, and older stuff that I prolly got from a yard sale?

Can I has a hug plz??
::stares at cell phone::

ETA: It wasn't even HIM! ::curses:: I'm going to send the e-mail AGAIN. And if I don't get a response by friday I'm going to have to call him. ::whimper:: I HATE TALKING ON PHONES!!

Do you think I would get a faster response if I wrote him a letter and left it at his work place? He wouldn't be able to ignore it then (He's a firefighter.).
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So I'm going as Britney Spears for Halloween. Already in the works are a trashy blonde wig, an unflattering/too short dress, knee high boots, an upside down baby(doll), and a bag of Cheetos.

I'm also thinking too much bronzer, as she's a tan whore and my skin tone is akin to Dita Von Teese.

What else should I add?

(I mean, I love BritBrit, but she's kind of asking for it)
Isaac - MySpace Angled

Any ideas?

So, I have this cassette tape. It's 14 years old and has some music on it that I REALLY want either on a CD or on my mp3 player.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can accomplish this?

The only thing I can think of is to stick it in a tape player and play it in front of a microphone connected to my computer. But, I was hoping for something that would create a higher quality digital file (and also, I don't even own a tape player, or a microphone).

Is there another way?

Thanks guys, I know someone in here will have some good ideas.
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the cold from hell.

i woke up with this horrible cold. it started with my throat feeling like crap and just spread as the day wore on. it's now 8:30 at night. i feel like crud.

the worst part is that i have a horrendous postnasal drip that makes me feel like i'm going to throw up whenever i cough and i feel like i might drown if i went to bed and laid down. have you ever had something like this? is there anything i can do to stop it?

plz help. and send tea and hot apple cider.
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Public Restrooms and Hand Drying

Inspired by the removal of all paper towels from the restrooms in a building on my campus...

Poll #1077034 Public Restrooms and Hand Drying

When in a public restroom, which do you prefer using to dry your hands after rinsing/washing them?

Paper towels