October 23rd, 2007

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Tomorrow night we're having girls night @ the bar. The bar will be closed but the female bartender/owner and a few of the female regulars, me included, will be having a sleepover there to decorate for Halloween. She will be providing the drinks obviously (tequila gimlets, ftw!) and even though we are helping her, I still feel like I need to bring a treat since we're drinking for free. What should I make? I was thinking Guinness cupcakes or Baily's brownies. Any other ideas?

PS if I make the Baily's brownies do I just substitute the liquid with Baily's?

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My younger brother clicked on a link posted in the WoW forums. It was a JPG, but redirected someplace else... and has a keylogger now?? (I don't get how that works) So... my question is,

How do you remove a keylogger?
How do you detect the thing in the first place?
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I realized that I've been listening to the same 15 songs over and over again for the past few weeks, and they're depressing as hell. And in turn, end up making me depressed. I don't really like most of the stuff that's played on the radio today. So my questions for you TQC ...

1. Can you guys recommend some non-mainstream bands for me that might be new to me? Even if it's a local band from your area that has a myspace or a youtube video? I love all types of music, from classical to death metal. Anything and everything in between.

2. Does music affect your mood? Or do you pick your music based on how you're feeling at the moment?

3. And inspired by something I just had to utter ... What is the strangest thing you've had to say lately?

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Oh man. My middle school band director is a student at the college I am now a student at.

How weird is that?

What weird thing happened to you lately?

Who was the last person you ran into that you didn't think you'd ever see again?

Coldstone: good or bad?

Prepositions at the end of a sentence: okay or something to avoid at all costs?
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How do you write important papers? Over a few days/weeks or the night before they're dodue?

What kinds of grades do you get on them?

If you're a fan of manga, where are some websites to read the manga online? I can download the anime, but manga's a bit more difficult.

What's your favourite anime/manga?
Haruhi disappearance
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1) If you only had the two available to you, canned or frozen foods? Does it depend on the item at hand? Give examples!

2) If you follow baseball: Who are you rooting for in the World Series? Who is the team you normally root for?

3) Red Sox fans: Who is your favorite player this year? Whose shirts do you own, if any? BECKETT. He is my love. haha. I own these shirts: Ramirez, Beckett, Pedroia

4) Are you going to any costume parties this weekend/next week?

5) Any tips to get rid of ants in the kitchen? (traps didnt seem to help)

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Hallo, fabulous interweb users. I need your help.

I'm writing a story. I'm bad at picking out names. What's a good name for a cat? The cat in question was named by a middle-aged man with a grown child, if that makes any difference in the name you pick out for me.

If you give me a name, why did you pick that name? Is there any significance behind it? Details, plz! :D
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A bit tl;dr, sorry...

I created another account on this computer for the SO because I didn't want him snooping through my files whenever he wanted to surf the net (I have a LOT of stuff I don't want him to see/know about because he won't get it and is always weird about stuff like that -- ie. fandom-related NC17 material).

Trouble is, all he has to do when he goes in his account is click on computer resources, documents, [my name]'s documents, and there it all is. He hasn't figured this out yet -- but he will, soon. Is there any way I can put, like, a blanket password on all my stuff so he can't get to it? Or stop my documents from being accessed from his account at all?

The trouble with this computer is it was bought in another country, therefore uses another language -- one I don't really understand too well. I can do basic things and figure out small problems, but I can't work this out. Can anybody help me, please?

And yes, I know, secrets in relationships are bad and destructive blah blah pancakes. He'd flip, and freak, and start all the "are you being perverted on the Internet?!" crap again, like the last time he stumbled across it five years ago. Not everyone understands Slash. :/
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Stage Kissing

So I am doing this play with someone and it requires a kiss. However, the other person doesn't feel comfortable actually kissing. We are trying to devise some way to make it look real but still being 'fake.' We've already ruled out placing the thumbs over the lips one <.

I have vertigo

And I feel like shooting myself! I'm dizzy, I can't move my head in the positions I want and the anti-nausea medicine is not doing much!

Does anyone have positional vertigo? (when you roll around in bed, you become dizzy)

Does anyone know if the exercises for it are any good? Thank you in advance.
  • mypolar


It's 5:30 in the morning. I just got home from a pretty awesome, but tiring, night out. I have a class at 9:30 and one at 12:30. Should I even bother going to the first class? I wouldn't be missing a test or anything, but the notes I would take are helpful on the quizzes I have every Thursday. Or should I suck it up and get up early?
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Have you ever found a lump on your body , freaked out and then realized/learned it was nothing?

Do you think we are having another baby boom?

Do you drink/try to drink 8 glasses of water a day? 

What's something healthy you WILL NOT eat?
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Have you ever witnessed someone freak out in a public place?

A girl just started screaming in my school library the other day, at another girl. And she was ignoring the teachers and everything. Pretty crazy.
macaroni murder lady

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If you have facial or other nonstandard piercings, how often do people ask you, "Did that hurt when you had it done?" How much does that piss you off?

I can't stand it. When I was wearing my lip ring I'd tell them, "Of course it hurt. They put a needle through my lip! What do you think?"

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Have you won anything from playing that Mcdonald's monopoly game?
What did you win?
Do you know anyone who's won something from playing that game? and what did they win?

so far i've won a mcflurry. i don't even eat that nastiness

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If you had a few hours to evacuate your home, what would you pack?

-ETA- My neighborhood is under voluntary evacuation from the San Diego fires right now. My roommate is gone and has been for a few days. I kind of hate her. Should I take her laptop/framed photos/obviously important and sentimental things with me when/if I do evacuate?

Work-related questions.

1. We're celebrating National Cookie Month tomorrow, so we're all supposed to bring in a batch of cookies. What kind of cookies should I bring?
2. What's your favorite cookie?
3. Would you take a free flu shot through your work if they were offering it?
4. What are some perks/benefits that you receive from your work?
  • reve119

Bellydancer for Halloween

If I do something for Halloween this year, I don't want to have to buy [much of] anything, so I'm going as a bellydancer.

I'd be wearing this hip scarf.

And a spaghetti strap shirt with a longish flowy skirt.
But which colors?

Poll #1076076 bellydancer costume

Which combination should I wear?

Black tanktop and black flowy skirt
Purple-ish blue tanktop and white flowy skirt
Purple-ish blue tanktop and black flowy skirt

(Sorry, no ticky :-p)
Give a dog a home

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1) Do you think people should allow cats outside? Let's assume for the sake of argument that they are pets, not ferals or neighborhood cats.

2) You see a dog running down the street, trailing its leash behind it. Cars are lined up about 8 deep behind it so as not to hit it. You are driving in the opposite direction. Do you try to help somehow?

3) Have you ever placed a personal ad?

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1. if you have a halloween costume, will you be wearing it (or part of it) to work and/or school?
2. do you think wearing halloween costumes to work/school is unprofessional/unscholarly?
3. if you were going to watch a movie on halloween night, what would it be?
4. i have to go to a meeting at work at 10am. how much will it suck?
5. what's the most unreasonable thing your boss or teacher has ever asked you to do? did you do it?
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This morning the alarm clock went off at 6:40am. My boyfriend and I got up and got ready. He left for work and then called me saying that it was really only 4:30am. My alarm clock was the right time when we went to sleep.

What happened to my alarm clock?
Has this ever happened to you?
If so, what did you do?

I went back to bed and my boyfriend just went to work.

When I went back to bed, there was a kitchen knife in our bed. How did it get there?!

Is our new apartment haunted?!

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I found the perfect job for me on Craigs List and applied before I read their fine print (that their starting wage sucks).  I have an interview in 4 1/2 hours.

The Pros:
1) It's a job
2) It's exactly what I've been looking for

The Cons:
1) The job is $4-5/hour less than I need to make ends meet
2) The job is $4-5/hour less than I made at my last job
3) I'm getting married in 11 days and will need next Wednesday the 31st - Wednesday the 7th off
4) I'm not sure I could negotiate a $4-5/hour pay increase

The timing isn't ideal but the conditions of my unemployment require me to look for full time work every day otherwise I would just wait until after the wedding.  The cons outweigh the pros but I'm not sure if I should turn my back on the opportunity I've been looking for.

If you were me, would you go to the job interview?


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Poll #1076239 The Rules of Embarrassment

You're at the supermarket in the check-out line. There's a cute person (of the gender you find attractive) behind you, checking you out. You smile a little. A little flirtation back. It's interesting. Then, you get to the conveyor belt and you realize what you have in your basket. Which of these items would be embarrassing to be seen purchasing in this situation?

Toilet paper
Preparation H
Box of Twinkies
People magazine
Fabreeze (however you spell it)
Odor-Eater shoe inserts
3/$10 underwear pack
Kitty litter
Hair dye (in the color you have now)
I have no shame

In high school, you're in class and have to pee really bad. The teacher trips and falls and you burst out laughing. It's such uncontrollable laughter that you end up losing control of your bladder and pissing yourself. In class. Humiliated, you flee to the restroom before anyone notices. You hear a 'Is that...pee?' before you leave. Which would be more embarrassing?

The very scenario I described above
The following Halloween,when 10 kids dress up as you. Their costume? Same hair as you, with a big wet stain around the crotch, and laughter

There's this new product that allows half the calories you consume to pass harmlessly through your body. You can eat what you want, and only pick up half the calories. It's the ultimate weight loss pill. However, the side effect is that you get uncontrollable gas. You cannot keep it in, and the gas comes in all decibels and aromas up to 2 hours after eating. Would you take this pill?

James Franco joint

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Is there anything that you are afraid of that's really silly?
I remember one time, in a hotel, my friend started flickering the light at like, 2am, and it scared the shit out of me. I hid under the covers, and I was 18 at the time. I'm not afraid of the dark, but the flickering scared the SHIT out of me.
What other fears do you have (that are a bit more rational)?
I have anxiety disorder, and I am afraid of having panic attacks. But that's pretty much it. Ohh, and roaches crawling on my face at night.
Space Pope

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Here I asked for your suggestions in coming up with a new word for cool. Well now it's time to vote on it.

What should be the new cool


Nothing says Halloween like ___________. (mark all that apply)

Leading a zombie invasion.
You and your cohort sharing a passionate kiss atop a pile of re-dead bodies after stopping a zombie invasion.
Taking candy from strangers.
Taking candy from a baby.
A slutty nurse
A scary movie.
The word Halloween
Bastille Day

ETA: This poll is totally legally binding and by voting you agree to use whichever word wins for all eternity (or until they come up with a new, new word for cool) and never again use the word cool. (unless refering to temperature)

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My work blocked my internet access from LJ. Boo. Therefore, I won't be on TQC hardly at all anymore.

Will you stay in touch with me via email?

And some random questions:

What sort of salad dressing do you like?

What is your favorite smell?

When you get cold, what body part(s) gets cold first?
Tim onstage!

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TQC, right now I'm sitting at college on a red couch, next to my friend (Mike) who is sleping soundly. However, I'm bored, and want someone to talk to.

Should I wake Mike up and bother him, or let him continue to sleep?

If you decide that I should wake him up, how should I wake him up?

EDIT: Enough of the blowjobs, people - we're not that sort of friends. ;)
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if youve moved (whether recently or long ago) what was one thing that really annoyed you about your new environment?

i just moved to santa cruz for college, and the air up here is SOOOOOOO DRYYYYYYYYY. i have to put on more carmex like every ten minutes or my lips will start bleeding because theyre so chapped.

also, have you ever written a word and realized that its really weird? like "chapped"?


So I woke up this morning to pain on the other side of my mouth, in the wisdom tooth area, a measly THREE DAYS after my insurance dropped me for turning 23. Epic fail, teeth. Epic fail.*

What's your latest and greatest epic fail moment?

*Luckily, I have a discount program through my insurance company, so I'm only looking at around $350 to get the other two teeth pulled. AND I called the dentist, and I can see the surgeon tomorrow at 9am and will probably get them pulled. yay.

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Poll #1076333 Get a Clue. With the business end of a candlestick

You're in the Clue house, where a small party is underway, and it's full of annoying people. Sensing an opportunity to off the person who pisses you off the most, you take action. Who takes the fall?

Mrs. Peacock - haughty and thinks she's better than you, rubs her wealth in your face
Colonial Mustard - arrogant, sexist, alpha male type, can't keep his eyes off the women's breasts
Mrs. White - prudish, judgmental and hands you a Jack Chick tract in the hall
Professor Plum - overeducated, assumes he's smarter than you in every circumstance, talks in a condescending voice to you as if explaining even the most rudimentary things to you even though you didn't ask
Miss Scarlet - a loose woman, she hits on your boyfriend/husband blatently without shame
Mr. Green - hippie vegetarian. Criticizes everything you're wearing and eating by pointing out how much it hurts the environment and it's creatures

Which room would you manage to get them alone for their ultimate, gruesome fate?

Hall. They're probably going to the bathroom
Lounge. Enjoying an after-dinner brandy
Dining room. Back for a second helping of dessert
Billiards room. Working on their pool game
Kitchen. Couldn't find the dessert in the dining room
Ballroom. Drunk and dancing alone
Conservatory. Looking at the flowers
Library. Reading quietly
Study. Checking their email

What will you use to send them to their maker?

Lead pipe
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i am beyond bored.

will you please post whatever it was that you were thinking before you came across this question? or whatever it is that you're feeling.. just post away, don't backspace/delete/spell check, NOTHING.. keep typing until you don't feel like typing anymore.
The Receptionist Classic

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Have you seen the movie "Logan's Run"?

Better teen-soap/trainwreck: Beverly Hills 90210 or The OC?

What should I have for dinner: tomato & herb risotto or 4-cheese ravioli with plain ol' Ragu?
Brothels and Pirates

Work At Home

I'm looking for a job that my physically handicapped sister can do from home on her computer, and possibly something I could do on the side. Can anyone give me some legit sites that I can look into? There are so many fake ones that require you to actually pay first, that I'm not sure what's real. So if anyone has any advice, experience, etc, I'd really appreciate it!
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you're on the 5th date with a person you like. you two have sex, and it's really really bad- on both ends. will you call this person again? is all hope lost? do you suddenly lose all interest and move on to the next hottie?
Pit Bull: Reindeer
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If you had a pet before you started dating your SO, how much interaction does you and your SO have with your pet? What kind of pet is it? Do they do anything responsibility-wise for them (take for walks, scoop litter, feed?)

If your SO had a pet before you start dating them, how much do you interact with the pet? Do you do anything for the pet responsibility-wise?


Has anyone here used Eurail to explore Europe?
What was it like and is it worth the cost?
What route did you take and what was the best place you visited?
Did you travel with family, or children (if you did then what was THAT like)?
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Even with the fire, I'd still rather be in San Diego. :(

Role play!  You are a surgeon.  You have 2 patients who both need lung transplants.  Both patients are the same age, gender, race, same criminal record--everything!  Except patient A smoked for 3/4 of their life and patient B did not.   Odds of recovery are the same for both patients.  Who do you choose to give the lung?

Again!  You are a water fairy.  You have enough water to save one burning house, or to give it to an endagered whale preggers with twins who is in a dry tank.  Who gets your water!??

One more: it's the end of your school day and you're dead tired, having slept 4 hours last night.  You're watching a movie on how smoking can kill you (WHAT?!?!) and the lights are off.  Do you sleep and zomg lose ~*~TEN POiiNTS~*~, or tell your teacher to shut it and catch the z's.  WHAT DO YOU DO? 

ETA: well look at me fuck up my own question!  Or do you watch nasty autopsys and make dumb lj posts because you didn't sleep?

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I Love Books

UK centric

So it's less than 10 weeks till Christmas apparently.

My parents have asked me what I wanted and I'm considering asking for a new personal music player. I have an iPod mini that would be perfect if the memory was a bit larger. And could play videos.

So, thequestionclub convince me. Should I ask for a Creative Zen or iPod? Or can you recommend me another brand of player?

I live in Scotland so UK centric i.e. products available over here would be preferable.

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Mostly for the ladies...

What was an iconic teen movie moment for you?

Here's my example.....The movie Casper....Devon Sawa walks down the stairs and all you see is the back of him....THEN....he turns around....and my childhood ended....I became a woman (haha!)...

Feet Pyramid

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When I was in Europe over the summer, I noticed that dogs were allowed in many public places, like trains, cafes, buses, etc...

..in America they're hardly allowed in any public places. I would love to take my dog on the train downtown and take her to Grant Park (if she's even allowed there!)

Should dogs in America have more freedom?

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So. I'm being myspace for Halloween. (It's a high-concept party)

I have the 'scene' clothes, I have a fake frame so I can pull myspace angles, and my friend's making me some buttons with made-up band names on them.

What should I do with my hair? At the moment, it's just past my shoulders with almost-full bangs. I need something that screams myspace, because quite a few of my friends aren't that familar with it.
won&#39;t run
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When I don't get enough sleep (at least 8 1/2-9hrs) I have extreme difficulty breathing, enough that I need to use an inhaler. I got 6hrs last night, and every time I stand up my vision blacks out for about 3seconds.

Does this happen to you?

Is this normal? If not, how do I get the M.D. at the school clinic to stop giving me the brush-off when I ask about it?

Are you tired of your life? Do you ever wish that you could just stop existing? Do you think you would like being a ghost?
Yes; sometimes; I'm not sure.

Who is your favorite character (one that you identify with) in a movie or tv series?
River Tam, from the series Firefly and the movie Serenity.

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inspired by __ria comment

So I have basically a four day weekend coming up, and have no idea what to do with this sudden influx of time I have. Normally I have a lot of school work to do, and even that isn't the case right now, since I'm between subjects in most of my classes.

So what would you do if you had a four day weekend? Something fun would be nice.
  • __ria

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Will you post a picture of the art pieces/art work that is at your parent's/certain family member's house?

(if you don't have a picture, describe it to the best of your ability)

OR you can tell me about the art pieces/art work at YOUR house.

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First, I'd like to thank everyone for their advice in my last post. It was appreciated!

Second, here's a fact-based question. What are urgent care procedures for patients with concussions in the US? Specifically with insurance and forms. Do they wait until after treatment is received, or do they ask the person who brought in the patient to fill them out ?

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My Shakespeare teacher gives us riddles and brain teasers as extra credit worth 2 points, but she NEVER tells us the answers after we turn it in!  This one is really bothering me:

Two grandmothers with their two granddaughters;
two husbands with their two wives;
two fathers with their two daughters;
two mothers with their two sons;
two maidens with their two mothers;
two sisters with their two brothers;
Yet only six in all liked buried here;
all born legitimate, from incest clear.

How are these 6 people related?

I'm going crazy!

congested brain

- Whenever someone goes off-topic into a story or conversation with another person in comments, do you ever read them? even if they go on for like 10 comments? does it annoy you?
I usually read them..I find people interesting even if they're divulging un-needed info about themselves. or maybe i'm just nosey. although..there are some other sites that it annoys me on. I think I just find people on here a lot more intriguing for some reason.

-What would be a pet peeve of yours, particularly in the way other people behave, or look?
I know this is pretty sterotypical, but I seem to know an awful lot of egotistical, superficial gay men, and it annoys the crap out of me. their constant "fat people are sooooo disgusting"   "he's dressed way too straight for me"  "why is she wearing such a nasty shirt?" i'm not saying ALL are this way, because I know two gay guys that aren't that way and are my closest friends. I just don't know why there seem to be so many others that do act that way.
-Do you know any gay guys like this, or do I just seem to always run into them?
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myspace questions

1. Is your profile on MySpace private or public?

2. If private, do you require the last name or e-mail address to request an add?

3. Do you add comedian/singer/band profiles?

4. If one of your family members you weren't particularly fond of requested to add you, would you approve or deny them?

5. Do you delete people who flood your comments with glitter graphics and silly gifs?

(no subject)

If you have cingular/AT&T wireless, what time to nights start? When do they end?

How do I get music off of my iPod 30gb Video to a different computer. Apple says you can't, but there has to be some way to do it.

(no subject)

what is your intended major?
how many times have you changed it?
what year are you?

for those of you graduated

what area of study did you earn your degree?
does your current position require that you have your degree?
do you feel like you majored in something you were passionate about (like music)  but find that you do not use your degree your your current position?

for those of you who didnt go to college or are not there yet

whats your favorite fruit? 


1. if you have a child, at what age did they start teething?

2. to those that have seen the photoshopped image of the nipple larva in email warning women to wash their bras before they wear them after buying them, did the picture freak/gross you out? even if you knew it was a fake and a myth before you looked at it, did it still freak you out?

3. do you consider yourself to be kinky? why?

4. do you consider yourself to be normal? why?

(no subject)

My sister is planning a drive from Colorado Springs to Los Angeles. The I-15 is one of the freeways she has to take. The problem is thar a good portion of it is closed due to the brushfires. I've been mapquesting and googling, but I cannot find an alternate route. So, does anyone know how to get into California on a different freeway?

(no subject)

What do you do when your head and heart are not aligned?  Do you trust your instincts and feelings enough to follow your heart, or do you do what makes sense?

Do you tell your heart how to feel, or your brain how to think?

What is a good cure for insomnia (besides pills)?  I have had a hard time sleeping since the beginning of the month...


 1. What did you want to be as a kid when you grew up? What do you want to be now?

2. Does the doggie-style position make you feel uncomfortable or awkward? Does it vary between partners?

3. What foods do you refuse to eat? Is this rational or not?

4. How long did it take you to fall in love with your first love?

5. Do you and your SO have everything in common or nothing in common? Show pics of him/her!
If you don't have a SO, answer for your best friend. :)

pretty sax icon

(no subject)

1. I'm pretty damned sure that two girls at the day care my daughter goes to (and I work at) took her MP3 player. (My daughter is a trusting soul, let one of the girls listen to a song, and now it's gone.) How do I handle this? (It's a dollar store model, worth about $20, so it's the nature of the concept. That, and I can't stand a thief.)

2. What's your favorite Blazing Saddles quote?

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Let me try this again!

iowa boy... aka jeff... aka boy I "sorta kinda dated" 2 summers ago before I left Iowa, told me he is going to try and come see me this weekend. I'm kinda freaking out. i thought it was because he was drunk lastnight when he was telling me that but apparently it was more than that.

He's one of the ones I hooked up with numerious times when I would go back to see my friends.
He's going to try and come this weekend for The Spill Canvas concert on friday night and to see me because he "misses" me. Which he's said alot lately.

i was over him. I wasn't even going to see him when i went to iowa... cept he keeps calling and saying he misses me! he's not supposed to miss me!
What should I do?! Let him come because I DO miss him and he's great in bed.. (the best!!) or tell him I can't handle it because I am a dork and want him just for me and not to leave when he comes?

(no subject)

1. Do you watch House? How often do figure out the Mystery Medical Condition before he does?

2. Have you ever had pink eye? Was it awful? (I think I do. My eye is pink and it hurts. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow.)


So hey TQC, I have a bit of stupid teen drama that needs internets fixage!

So basically, I fucking loathe my best friend's girlfriend. I seriously would love to just fucking bash her face in against a locker door or something equally violent and painful. The weirdness is that I have never truly met her-- I mean, I've talked to him when her and him are together, but she's creepily silent and gives off that totally bitchy aura. It's gotten to the point where I will avoid my friend altogether if he even talks about her. And. I. Have. NO. FUCKING. REASON. TO. HATE. HER.

So TQC, what should I do? Keep festering in my hate, tell him about it, or what?

EDIT: Does the fact that our shared other besty (a chick that is definitely not attracted sexually to him), that is friends with a decent number of his girl's friends, loathes her as well? Or am I really just blind to the cocklust (as one of my other friends says)?

EDIT2: I feel dirty doing this, but her myspace pics explain the bitchy look/aura I'm talking about.

(lulzy answers more than welcome)

(no subject)

How come people who have been on LJ plenty long still bitch about not receiving comment notifications?


(ETA: Obviously, the above is a result of 5ish people asking about this in the last 24ish hours. It's been an issue for years, and people have been complaining for years, and I guess I'm just surprised that it still surprises people when it happens. Especially the ones who don't realize that it will get fixed within a few days, unless you're newreflections and the comment-fixer gods hate you =P)

Anyway, now that I'm a total bitch, some nicer questions:

Do you like Cherry Coke?
How often do you eat salad?
Why didn't my new camera come with the USB cord that the instruction manual claims it was supposed to have come with?
Do you know the way to San Jose?


I don't know, but it's annoying.
Not often enough.
Because the digital camera gods hate me.
No, but I'm sure I could mapquest it.

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does anyone else here like seafood crab subs from Subway? a lot of Subway's don't even have the crab meat, but several of them around my area do. I love them on white bread with mayo, onions, & black olives. I just had one actually. it completely repulses 99.9% of the people I tell about it.

so am I alone in loving these delicious subs?

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I'm unsure if I should choose to work alone or with a group on my English project. My professor hasn't talked about this yet, but I'm sure everyone will be working in a group. The assignment is to present a 15-20 minutes grammar lesson. We're suppose to turn in a page-long summary, make handouts, and provide exercises/quizzes for the class. The reason why I'm uncertain is because I don't know anyone REALLY well, but I have made friends in the class. I'm not sure if I trust anyone enough. I'm a huge perfectionist when it comes to school so I don't want to have to worry about anyone messing up. My professor said that if someone in the group doesn't show up, she'll dock off major points. We could choose to work alone or with 2-4 other people. My other concern is that I might not have enough time to do it all on my own.

I asked my brother for advice on this and he said that it would look bitchy of me if I'm the only one doing it alone while everyone else is in a group because it'll look like I think I'm better than everyone else. Do you think this is true?

What would you do?
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Do you use a worry stone or a stress doll or anything like that? Does it work?

If a pregnant woman wore a corset but wasn't very far along, would it hurt the baby? I was watching some movie with women wearing corsets and started wondering about it.

assigning genders to things

does anyone ever assign genders or colours or pictures to objects or concepts.
i have a different gender for all numbers and see certain pictures when i hear a phrase.
i also feel the sun is male and the moon is female.
make any sense to anyone?
i've been asking around but am met with long silences, and metaphysical white coats in the depths of their eyes...
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1. What kind of heat do you have? Gas, electric, none?
2. Do you prefer cider or hot chocolate?
3. How cold does it get where you live?
4. If it doesn't snow where you live, do you feel a little left out when you watch holiday movies and such?
5. Do you like sweet potatoes/yams?
6. What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
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Got any scary movie recomendations? I've got a few coming from Netflix, but wanted to see what other people have seen and enjoyed. Also, my sister is trying to remember the name of an Italian movie where ballet dancers are killed... it's a horror/suspense movie. Does it sound familiar to anyone?
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I have an essay due tomorrow for my 11.50 AM. I am having a heck of a time trying to focus and get it done. I had a bad night of sleep last night, and I don't really feel up to doing it.

So should I:

keep attempting to work; if you don't do it now you never will.
call it a night, wake up and early and do it tomorrow.

What are some study and essay writing tips you can offer?

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What is your reaction to this?



My reaction was the most honest and sincere, mouth-gaping shock face I have ever made.

P.S - If this is against the rules... don't ban me please, just delete it.. Since I gave a warning I think it'll be okay.. and some people's icons are pretty raunchy..  There's not penor or anything.  Just amazing nastiness.

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1. I've seen a Doctor Who mood theme for Livejournal floating around: does anyone know who made it and whether it's gankable?
2. What sort of LJ account must one have in order to have a custom mood theme (for example, if I got my hands on the above Doctor Who one)
3. How does one go about selecting a custom mood theme?

4. Is there anything you're a bit obsessed with at the moment?
5. What's something that other people are obsessed with, that you look at and go "...wat?"
6. Best holiday ever=________?
7. Do you steal icons? Why/why not?
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1) If you could only wash either your bath towel or your bed sheets for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

2) If you had to give up either toothpaste or deoderant, which would you choose and why?

3) What would you think of a manager at a new job who asked you the above questions during your first week of employment?

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James Franco joint

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Have you ever been so excited you get all shaky and your heart beats fast, and you feel like a 7 year old riding on a monorail into Disney World!?
That's how I feel right now, for various reasons, including a possible road trip home with my awesome friend, and a pit stop in Tampa to see MORE awesome friends. I am so excited I could pee.
Do you have anything important/big you have to do this week? Take a test? Presentation at work? A hot date? Booty call?
I have 2 tests, but that's it.

questions, of cours.e

1. I have to write two essays.  For the informative one, I want to do the Jack the Ripper murders. So what should I give my persuasive speech about??

2. What did Mike get me for my birthday???

3. What's your favorite Sean Penn movie? Or, if you don't like Sean Penn, why the hell not?!?!?

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 Why don't people want to own up to mistakes they've made/may have made in the past?

I posted a couple of days ago about a girl I used to be friends with. Well, I sent her a message asking what had happened back in the day and why she was getting back in contact now. Her response was pretty much a brush off about how stupid people are and how she had to get to class. I responded to that asking again what the issue was (this was all in about two hours after I made the post here) and she still hasn't responded.

Do you think she's pissed about me bringing it up?
Do people really think that people they've been assholes to will friend them on the internet no problem? Why? 

Unrelated: What, in your opinion, should a vampire look like?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i&#39;m a b
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So, long story short, I'm not 100% sure as I've had inaccurate tests before and it's probably wayyyyyyy to early to tell with a home test so after having some alarming symptoms since friday-ish I took a home pregnancy test and it's come up positive. Providing I get the same positive result from my blood test i'll be having on friday...

what is the best way to tell a rock star there is a 75% chance he has impregnated you?
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How many schools did you initially apply to right out of high school?
For those that either went, dropped out, then returned or waited and then went, how many schools did you apply to then?

Also, please note whether or not you knew exactly what you wanted to do and applied for the programs accordingly.

What did you do when you didn't get in? Apply again the next year? Get put on a waiting list? Continue to work at your crappy job until you got in?


 When you are considering housing for the next fall semester, when do you start thinking about potential roommates?

When would it be appropriate to propose the idea of rooming together?

(I feel really awkward asking someone about it "too early," and have never had to since I usually was asked before I ever even thought about it. Now I have an apartment all lined up, but no one to room with me! )

Best / Wost roommate stories?
south park

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 For once I have nothing to worry about--no money issues, no car issues, I have no big tests/papers/etc coming up, etc.  Literally nothing.  Which is worrying me.  Is that bad?

What could you really go for right now?
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