October 22nd, 2007


I asked a friend a question (text).  Waited an hour and then said "Ok..."  2 hrs after that I said that there was no need to be an ass, and just to tell me if they didn't want to talk about it, to which the responded "Chill out."

I waited 3 hrs for an answer to a simple question, and instead of one, I get "Chill out."

Would you be a little pissed?  I know it's totally trivial, but I think it's a douchey move.

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Do you think the older daughter from Poltergeist was possibly pregnant?

Is there a healthy way to lose a few pounds in about a week? Can you change your shape in that amount of time, like would it be noticeable? I've been losing weight, but it's coming off slow, and I was hoping I would have reached my goal by Halloween.  It looks like it'll be longer than that :\

Why do I have to go back to capitalize my 'i's when I type? It never works first time around.

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I'm getting married in two weeks after a 2-year engagement.  I always felt like I had forever to plan and that feeling never really went away.  My bridal shower was last night.  Instead of seeing the presents and thinking "Oooh!  Presents for me!" I thought "Oooh... a wedding!" like it was some random wedding that's not mine.  When I plan for my wedding, I feel like I'm planning without seeing the bigger picture.  Like when I do favors, I think "Ok, gotta do favors" without thinking about what I'm doing favors for.

1) Have any of you gone through a life-changing event and felt completely disassociated from it?

2) What was it?

3) How long did it take for you realize that what you're going though is a big deal?

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To me, there's always been a difference between having a crush on someone and being in a relationship. The former was always more exciting to me -- you know, the fluttery get-nervous-excited-at-the-little-things feeling, where every little interaction is zomgbigdeal. I think when you get into a relationship, those little things tend to fade in terms of significance. When hand-holding used to be a huge deal, it just becomes an every day assumption in a relationship.

I always thought the two were mutually exclusive. But now, I find myself one year into a relationship with an amazing guy and suddenly not only is the cozy relationship feeling is there, but the crushing feeling recently came back too. I'm thrilled, but scared because things are so good.

1. Has this ever happened to you? Details, please.
2. Which do you prefer, crushes or relationships?
3. What's the lamest/most embarrassing thing you've ever done in front of someone you had a crush on?
4. If you had to think back to all the people you've ever crushed on, what is one thing they have in common?
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How would you feel and react if you found out a couple days before you and your SO became exclusive, you found they had slept with someone? For this situation, let's pretend you had been hanging out with them a lot, flirting (and/or going on dates), for awhile before one or the other made the move.

Would it make any difference if this was an ex of their's?

Would it make a difference if you had been dating them a short period of time vs. a long period of time before you found out?

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fires/santa ana winds in california? drought down south?
mother nature having a hissy fit or global warming?

for the michiganders: whats up with the weather?! its like 80 today but it was 45 last week...i keep taking out the sweaters then putting them back and then out again...

also: izzie or callie? who are you for?

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1-What's one thing you used to not like/hate about yourself that now you like/love?
Edit: I forgot to add, it can't be something that has changed drastically. You can't say something like "I used to be morbidly obese but now I'm skinny" or "I used to be gay but gay camp sorted me out". Something that's pretty much stayed the same for you.

I used to absolutely hate my hair. It's dark brown/sort of reddish and it's a weird curly. It gets semi-straight at the top and then curls towards the middle to the bottom. My second grade teacher told my mom it was a rat's nest. Now I love it. I dye it redder and used mousse and it really works for me (IMO).

2-What's the worst thing a teacher has said to/about you?
Mine was the above, when my second grade teacher said my hair was a rat's nest. It really hurt me since I was so young/wasn't used to people saying mean things like that.

3-What's the funniest thing that, if it happened to you it would be terrible and suck big time, but since it happened to a friend you laugh about it?
My roommate called me and said she got a court summons because her and her friend were smoking pot in their car. She called and said "I don't have any more pot and I need a new bowl." She also had the seeds in the bag and the cop asked if she grew it. She said "No, they're for a friend. She grows it."

4-What should she have said?
I said she should've said "What? They're delicious. Mix them with your cream cheese and put them on a bagel. Yum!"
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What's your favourite starbucks drink? idk I was looking for ideas because I never go there.

What was the last concert you went to? When? Blindside. Last weekend.

If you've played Phoenix Wright, was it good?

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I'm needing to write a little speech about an accomplishment I've...accomplished. I'm sitting in the class as I type this, and need to have it done soonish- What accomplishment should I BS about? Because I otherwise can't think of anything to talk about.
(Doesn't have to be serious, I just can't talk about anything X-rated)

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Do you have facial hair? Why/why not?

Do you like it? Why/why not?


Do you like facial hair on men? Why/why not?

What sort of facial hair do you like? (A little, a lot, short, long, mustache, goatee, full beard, etc.)

Collapse )

Research question

 Hai TQC. I have a research paper on cancer that's due next Tuesday, but I want to get it done this week just to have it out of the way for the weekend. I have to write about the molecular make-up of cancer cells, and how they divide and multiiply and so forth. 

I have a book on the subject called "One Renegade Cell." I don't want to read all through it, and it seems to have rather badly designed chapters. What's the best mehod for extracting the information I need from it without wasting time? Thanks in advance.

Tingling and numbess...

Dr. LJ, haaaaaaaaaaaaalp.

Lately the two last fingers of my right hand keep falling asleep and it's really difficult to get the proper feeling back. This happens particularly when I wake up in the morning, so it might have something to do with that. But usually I can just shake my hand or whatever else that has fallen asleep a few times and it'll be good.. but I've been up for a half hour and I still can't shake it away.

What does this meaaannnn? What do I dooooo?

Are you one of those weird people who enjoys this sensation?

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I go to the local community college, and I haven't made any new friends. :(
How did you make friends in college?

What's the strangest thing you've seen someone do in a library or computer lab?

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I got my hair cut.

What is the most productive thing you've gotten done in the last 7 days?

EDIT oh...I cleaned the heads on my VCR on Saturday too....I've been meaning to do that for a while....

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San Diego is burning down and so my boss sent all of us home before we got evacuated.
The part of town I live in is fine though, so now I have a day off with nothing to do.

Tell me TQC, what should I do today?

Okee guys, I totally am at a loss....

While talking to my new landlord I mentioned that I was kinda ticked at my old land lord because I hadn't heard so much as a "FUCK YOU" from him since I turned down his offer to stay in the house I was renting. I told her that I had e-mailed my 30 days notice, *AND* I had also hand written him a nice thankyou/30 days notice with my last months rent. Ithat I hadn't gotten my deposit back, or even an explanation as to WHY I wasn't getting it back; and that it had really fucked up my finances for the foreseeable future.

She seemed genuinely stunned, because she knows the guy. She asked "You didn't DO anything to the property did you." I said no. I had cleaned up good. She says I need to contact him about that because if nothing else he owes me an explanation as to WHY I'm not getting it back.

So, lawyer/adviser TQC, help me write/tell me what to write/say to him when I call/e-mail/harass him until he answers me.

I need help because I have impulse control issues and tend to be about as subtle as a jackhammer. I end up inserting my foot into my mouth.


What should I say?
How should I say it?
Would you mind writing out script like so that I can write it down and keep it in front of me so I don't deviate from script?

::gives free cookies to anyone that helps::

ETA: I tried to shorten it. but everything else HAS to stay... especially the FREE COOKIES! *grumble*
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if you were granted the power to write people legally binding tickets, what would you end up ticketing for the most?

i'd mostly ticket people for not picking up after their dogs and for driving like complete douchebags.

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What's worse, an eyelash in your eye or a hangnail? 

And for my own sanity, what does "iawtc" stand for?
EDIT: So it's "I agree with this comment" WOOT!

New question, how many new phrases can you come up with using "iawtc"?
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I have an interview at RadioShack today. I did some poking around online, but I wanted to ask here, because you guys have great advice and answers.

Anyone ever worked for RadioShack? Do they train you on all the electronic bullshit? I'm great with computers, but not so much on adapters, wires, and shit. Do you get paid minimum wage? Do you make commission? It's seasonal, so what does that entail? Sorry for the dumb questions, but I've never worked commission before.
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Because single parents was no help!

Hey everybody.
Does anyone know where I can find guidelines for reintroducing an absent parent? I know I have read or seen them somewhere, but I cannot find it anywhere. I have googled to no end and have nothing to show for it. It's a list of how long and where each visit should be until the child feels comfortable with the non-custodial parent if s/he has been absent for a long time. Thanks for all your help!

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Petty or Not?

You are sick. Your SO knows you are sick. Your SO had a very long and very hard day at work and doesn't get to bed until 2 which is when you got to bed as well. (SO has to be up at 8:30 for work.) Your SO knows you are pretty sick. It's the first time you've had a fever in years. When morning comes, and the offspring are up at 6 in the morning, wanting breakfast, diaper changes, having fights, needing papers signed and needing to be taken to the bus stop, your SO stays in bed and ignores it.

Now, you normally handle this stuff every day without fail, but today you have woken up feeling like crap. But because your SO isn't taking initiative, you have to get up and handle it.

Is it petty to be really rather angry that the SO ignored your sick status to get that hour or so more sleep? Or should I probably not complain about this later when they get home from work?

Illegal download ethics

For those of you who illegaly download music, from say lime wire or torrent etc, do you have any moral or ethical codes or standards in regards to your downloads, ie. some bands are "taboo" to download because they're local or indie, trying to make it in the industry? Should some bands definitely have their music illegally downloaded because they're sell outs, tosspots or overcharging people and/or making crap music?

Also how often do you illegally download music and then go off and buy the cd, see the band or buy merchandise etc...

I'm really curious to hear other people's opinions on this subject!


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Does anyone have some good sites for free website templates? My google skills are sucking today. I like the layouts here but I think I've used all that are appropriate for what I'm doing. I like plain sites that are colorful with navigation links, and of course, whatever I use, I credit. Any ideas anyone?
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May you share an interesting story from your life?
A story about ANYTHING interesting (eg. Bad neighbors although this topic is frequently discussed here so probably not this one, embarrassing moment...road trip...etc.)

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why is Transformers still in theaters? not dollar theaters either, the regular ones. I saw it listed at the theaters in Illinois this past week, and now that I'm home in Florida it's still listed here too. didn't it just come out on DVD/it will very soon? I don't get it.

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What should you do with a group of elementary school kids with a lot of relational aggression issues[i.e. she called me ugly, she said she wouldn't be my friend!]?

difficulty:One of me: fifty kids. About 10 of the girls are constantly having problems of this nature.

(no subject)

1. Have you ever been discriminated against or otherwise fucked over because of your gender? How?

2. When was the last time you were in a church?

3. Why are female teens so slutty as of late? Is it because America is obsessed with sex?
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I've decided the word cool has been used for entirely long and that we need a new word to describe something that is cool (in the neato sense, not the brrrrrrr sense). So what are your suggestions?
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1. Have you ever had someone intentionally try to hurt you so much that it was actually kind of amusing?

2. Has anyone who is supposed to love you (SO, family, friends) tried to hurt you intentionally before? What did they do/say?

3. Most people, if they have, probably won't admit this, but have you done anything to intentionally hurt someone you love?
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Beast mode!

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Evil Me

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Poll #1075606 Coco_pansy

Do you think coco_pansy is a troll?

I am firmly convinced that "she" is a troll
I'm not sure, but I think "she" is a troll
Not too sure
I don't think so
Definitely not

Do you think that coco_pansy is funny?

Stupid funny
I hate "her"
Not funny at all
other (will explain in comments)

Are YOU coco_pansy?


Breakin' da law

In this wack scenario, the NRA and the various corporations that produce weapons lobby to decriminalize murder, for it would only boost sales and give the NRA even more power. The government officials are given serious kickbacks they can't refuse, and for an entire week in June, murder is legal. No restrictions on any kills made. What will you be doing during this week?

Out killing my enemies and hated individuals
Out killing people who I deem a plague on society
Out killing random people. Maybe at a mall or something
I'll be out of the country, staying the hell out of people's way
Locked and loaded, I'll be staying at home the whole week, protecting my loved ones

In a similar move, robbery/theft is no longer a criminal offense. For one week only, the police will do nothing to stop endeavors of this nature. What will you be doing this week?

Hitting the malls. Going on a massive looting spree, coming home with as much as I can carry
Cherry picking the best stores. Poshy clothing stores, electronics, etc.
I could use a car. Or two.
My neighbor has some nice stuff. It's only right I get some of that
Staying the hell out of people's ways. Locking myself in and making sure that no one can jack my shit

In yet another shameless movie motivated by kickbacks, this time it's the sex industry. For one week and one week only, all sexual crimes are allowed. Will you be getting lucky this week?

Hell. No. I've got standards
There's been this donkey I've had my eye on for a while. Now, the ass is mine! In both senses of the word!
Underage nookie! My poontang pool just got a lot bigger!
Streaking, flashing and all sorts of public indecency feats shall be performed. For one week, my private parts shall be public parts
Have shovel. Will travel. To my local cemetary
I'll use a vibrator (I live in parts of Texas or anywhere where adult toys are forbidden)
Finally! 'No' no longer means 'no', but 'extra work is required'

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When you hear someone refer to another person as being skinny what do you picture?

I tend to picture sort of waif-like figures. But I'm noticing more and more that the term skinny is being used to describe what I consider to be average-sized people. Do you think that the general standard of what is considered average, skinny, and fat is changing in America because overall we as a population are getting larger?

(no subject)

If you could ask anybody anything, who would it be and what would you ask? 

Have you ever written a letter to someone?

Are you left or right handed?

What holiday are looking forward to?

Who is your favorite relative?

(no subject)

do any of you know some really good lj communities worth joining?
must be interesting! 
edit: reccomend anything that you really enjoy reading or posting it. it doesnt matter what kind of community.

(no subject)

 Do you know someone who is easily offended? What is one of the most ridiculous things they've taken offense to?

Are you close with your siblings?

If someone gave you $50 to spend, not to invest, what would you buy?

Do you think stale popcorn is delicious?

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#$^%&%! packaged costumes! Where the heck can I sell a brand new very cute plus size costume that doesn't fit? Darned fatshionista doesn't allow sales posts till friday and being a halloween costume it would be prudent to get it sold before then.

So internets, what are your favorite sales communities? Any in particular for plus size girls?


Which of the following do you like best as a slogan for a designer/artist/writer/photographer (as in, a person who does all of these things)?

Creativity Newly Defined
The Essence of Creativity
Home of the Creative Mind
Home of the Creative Kind
The Other Side of the Flipped Coin
Where the Mind Goes to Seed
Inspiration Embodied
Creativity Embodied

Personally, I think they all could use some work. If you agree with me, how would you change one/some/all?

Got any better ideas than the ones above?
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Let's talk about babies here for a minute.

My husband has two cousins that are pregnant and due in the spring. Both are Jewish. My husband and I have talked about what we're going to get them, but they both believe the superstition that you shouldn't buy the baby any gifts until after it's born. I had never heard that before, and honestly think it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

Do they stop on the way home from the hospital to buy a crib, diapers, and clothes?
Do you know anyone else who believes this? Why do they believe this?
Have you ever heard of anything like this before?

(no subject)

Have you ever been involved in a natural disaster?

If so, what happened?

Have you ever volunteered to help out with the aftermath of a natural disaster?

If I have to work tomorrow, should I call in and go volunteer to help deal with fire aftermath instead? (My company pays us for 2 full days of volunteering per calendar year so I'd be getting paid for it)

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Aparently I'm the 'fucking worst neighbour from hell, ever!' According to the couple who live below me and my boyfriend.

They just came and ranted at me for loads of stupid reasons; we play music loud enough to shake the house, we leave cigarette butts everywhere, we have the windows open but the heating up too high, we jump about too much and shake the house, they can always hear us shouting late at night, we broke the fire exit railling & haven't fixed it, & we don't put the rubbish out correctly.

Is that really so bad? Would you hate to have us as your neighbours?

The guy was shouting all of this at me today, and he was going on a bit so I sat down and lit up while he was talking, and he totally went off on one! He said I was 'insufferably disrespectful'. Whats so disrespectful about that? I was listening!

I didn't really shout back, I'm not a very argumentative person. I was trying not to laugh actually. My boyfriend came out and we just went off while he was still shouting at us, he called us 'fucking ignorant freaks'.

Have you ever had a major disbute with your neighbours, or are you generally on good terms with them?

Have YOU been acused of being a bad neighbour, or are you generally a heaven-send of a neighbour?

ETA; I'm always nice to them, I chat in the street & invite them round and offer them food. Meanwhile they're just rude. So I think they're the bad ones.

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I was talking with someone about an ex-boyfriend and I know that particular ex-boyfriend. She didn't know I knew him, but I let her go on. And then I thought of my own ex who was completely convinced that her ex was so evil. And it turns out that EVERY ex of hers was crazy and evil. Every one was a child molester and a spouse abuser. I honestly wonder if I am now being described in these same negative fashions.

Another ex of mine caused a flock of do-gooder female friends to descend on me in anger for my transgressions. I sent them away with confused expressions because they believed me that I would never do some of the things that this person said I did. I've noticed a horrible trend to be mean to exes simply because they are exes.

So here's the query, and I hope it makes you think: Are you unnecessarily mean to your exes? Do you vilify them to other people? Can you honestly say that the person was really that bad, or is it just that you are projecting your own problems and perceptions on to that person based on the fact that that person or situation caused you pain?

(no subject)

What do you think of bands with high-pitched male vocals?


Coheed & Cambria
Circa Survive

If you don't like them, is it the vocals in particular or some other aspect of the band's music?
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Who out there has a Mirena IUD? What can you tell me about it? I made an appointment to get one but I am sort of terrified of having something installed in my uterus like that.

I am banned from vaginapagina so you TQC are my only source of vaginular information.


I think I am going to chicken out and cancel my IUD appointment. Too many people reporting things like "months of spotting" "bleeding after sex" "expulsion" "cervial dilation" "mood swings" "month long periods."
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(no subject)

1. What is the last small thing that made you feel really good?

My cat is laying right next to me, sleeping and purring very loudly. I've had her for at least 15 years. Pets are great.

2 What are some ways to get rid of nausea?
Starbucks cup

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If you took the first three letters of your father's name, the last four letters of your mother's name (unless she has 3 then that works too) and your paternal grandmother's maiden name, what would your full name be?

Kevline McNamara. (I'm liking this one)

(no subject)

im new.
you guys seems to know eachother pretty well...interesting
what the heck do the following mean?

and any other abbrevation i should know?
aside from like wtf omg lol and other semi "easy" terms
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Can you recommend for me some modern Hawaiian or ukulele music?

(Other than Israel Kamakawiwo'ole because he is dead and it still breaks my heart to listen to him).


Good evening TQC, I have a few questions for you tonight.

1. Do you have an LG Chocolate cell phone? Is it worth the money? Has it ever given you a pain in the ass?
2. What kind of cell phone do you have? How long have you had it? Is it good?
3. Have you seen Across the Universe yet? What did you think of it?
4. What advice do you give to others but fail to take yourself?
5. Do you have any vinyl records still? Or have you ever even owned any? Do you have a record player? Do you use it often?
6. Do you know where I could get a cheap record player?
7. What's the weirdest coincidence that has happened to you lately?
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I'm in desperate need of a new journal. Problem is, I can't think of a decent enough username that I'll be happy with. So, this is where you come in. I need some really unique adjectives and/or nouns please. I want my new username to be a one-word adjective or noun that...sounds cool, lol. Help?

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I just saw one of those Medical Weight Loss commercials, but this one had a Lohan/Hollister-esque girl that looked about 15. She said something like, "My dad went on the plan and lost X pounds! He thought I should try it, so I did, and I lost Y pounds! Awesome!"

THIS DISTURBS ME TO NO OTHER. I am pissed off at this company for trying to market their plan to clearly healthy albeit borderline ED teens.

WTF, mate?! What the hell are they thinking?!

(no subject)

My sister just bought me the "Anna Rexia" costume.  A few weeks ago I actually told her about me having an eating disorder, and we've been working really hard to get me to gain weight.

Should I be bawling my eyes out?

Would you be upset in these circumstances?

What should I do?

I think the costume is cruel either way, but this really just feels terrible.

(no subject)

Let's pretend you know someone who is 16, and a junior in high school. This person (along with influence from their crappy parents) decides to drop out, get a job, and get their GED. When they turn 17 they plan to join the Navy.

What would you think about this person?
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Weak spot

you know how people do these facial expressions that just make you melt every time you see them because they're so cute and adorable? like if they, for example, stabbed you in the leg seven times and then made that face and said 'i'm sorry?' and you would go like 'oh that's not a big deal anyway'. so they're practically irresistible and let you get away with pretty much everything.

so my question is, how does one get over such facial expression? because my friends are starting to abuse this feature of theirs and i can't help it, THEY ARE TOO CUTE

also, mercy killers. good band or do they suck big time?
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Boys Vs Girls

Poll #1075787 Boys Vs Girls

Regardless of your sex, if you had to compete in a mental competition with three other people, all of the same gender, whose team would you want to be on?


Regardless of your sex, if you had to compete in a physical competition with three other people, all of the same gender, whose team would you want to be on?


When you answer a question, are you more sarcastic, or more serious?

Sarcastic? Moi?
Srs bzn.
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email addresses

Hey, I was wondering if there's a way to track down someone using just their email address? I know that sometimes you have to put in an alternate address, but I wonder if the general public could ever get the alternate address from the user's new address.

not exactly tl;dr:
Someone created a new email account and sent a letter signed "Anonymous" to one of my teachers, tattling on the studio I'm in. So I want to know who it is.
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(no subject)

Why do my candles specify a minimum burning time? Is it so I'll use them up quicker and the company will get more of my money?

Which scented candle companies do you like?

Right now I'm burning an Ardore candle and it's pretty nice. I like scented candles that actually fill the room with scent, although not chokingly so.

(no subject)

I have a lot of nightmares about cannibalism, in a variety of forms. Sometimes I have a lot of these dreams in a row, and other times I don't really have any dreams like this at all. Recently I've been having a lot of them.

1. What do you think the deal is with my cannibalism dreams?

2. Do you have dreams about cannibalism? What are yours like?

3. Do you have recurring nightmares about something? What is it?

(no subject)

1) Besides teachers and bosses, are there any good people to ask to write letters of recommendation for college?

2) Any famous people with crooked teeth? If not famous, then any actors or actresses with crooked teeth?
The person that comes to my head first is Anthony, the lead singer of Bayside.

(no subject)

if someone obviously skinny, or beautiful says "oh im so fat" or "Oh im so ugly" do you say... "you are NOT fat/ugly" or do you not say anything because you know all they really want is for you to say they are skinny and hot.

i so am like. yep. fucking fat ass.

(no subject)

What comms do you know of that are for the discussion/fanning of...
a book/book series (not Harry Potter  or Lord of the Rings)
an author  (not JKR or Tolkien)
a book, tv show or movie set in the past?
Feet Pyramid

(no subject)

1. Will Bush get the $196.4 billion he's requested from Congress to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

2. How do you think it feels to be the most hated man in the world?

3. How do you think it feels to be related/married to the most hated man in the world?

(no subject)

- Why do most of the girls on So You Think You Can Dance, have bigger/more pronounced...shapely bums? Is it from dancing? Are they just born that way? Does the show pick the women based on their curviness/attractiveness?
-What  kind of excercise/leisure classes would you recommend I sign up for, to lose weight+tone up...in a fun and energetic way? What are the prices those classes tend to run for?
Have you ever taken a dance class? What type? How was it? 
I'm kind of thinking...hip hop class...pilates...belly dancing...or yoga..
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Dodgy dealings

A week ago I listed about 45 items on eBay for my boyfriend's mother- including a lot of old stereo equipment from the 1980s. Not seriously thinking it would sell I listed it for .99 which it ended up being sold for, now she mentioned that she wanted to give the money for the equipment to the man who gave it to them. Crap.

What should I do? Kindly explain my mistake and offer her compensation? Or, would it be incredibly dodgy if I contacted the buyer and asked him if I could paypal him money from my paypal account and then he use that? Bleh I just don't want her to think that I cheated her.
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(no subject)

you're at [insert a store near your house] and are using the self check-out, you have a total of 6 items that you're going to purchase.. the machine starts acting up as you try to scan the last item but after pushing a few buttons and standing there for like 10 seconds it starts working right again...

when it's all said and done you grab your receipt and realize that you've only been charged for 5 items, the last item that you had trouble scanning.. didn't get charged.

do you:

a) tell the associate at the help stand that you were only charged for 5 items instead of 6 and go ahead and have them scan it at their register?

b) leave?

c) re-scan it and pay for it in a seperate transaction?

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1. Imagine you HAVE to get married. Would you rather marry someone who loves you more than you love him/her, or someone who you love more than he/she loves you? (Sorry I know it's worded awkwardly...)

2. How many hours do you work each week?

3. What's your favorite type of beer?

4. What's your favorite cocktail?


My infamous "stinky pizza":

- Handmade, whole wheat crust
- caramelized onions
- gorgonzola crumbles
- apple or pear slices
- walnuts

Would YOU eat this? If not, what's your ~perfect pizza~ ?

Posted By Request

If legalizing gay sex truly meant that people would start marrying inanimate objects, their cousins and perhaps goats, I would totally marry caramelized onions.

(but it would be an open relationship. since apparently verygwen wants to share ;)

What or who would you marry?

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I got nominated in the area of Comm. Arts for GHP 2008. County interviews are Nov 7.

Why is writing an honest answer for application questions so hard?
How can I be personable on this application?
Do you have any tips for being awesome at interviews (specifically for academic programs)?
Is it sad that my happiness depends on if I make it or not?
garden state flower

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I intend to watch Heroes tonight (in like 40 minutes) because Kristen Bell is on and Kristen Bell is awesome (I miss Veronica Mars, sigh). I've never watched Heroes before, anyone want to give me some sort of vague summary so I'll be able to understand...something?
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1.  If I may be so bold, what is your first name?
-I'm Julie!

2.  Is that what you tell people to call you?
-Yeah.  I get called Ju and Jules a bunch though.

3.  What in your house is broken?
-My sis just finished breaking the shower door.  The screen door to the balcony doesn't work either.  But the bathroom door no longer has a hole!  Ahaha we have a door problem.

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What's the funniest joke you've heard lately?

Do you usually remember jokes after hearing them, or do you remember most? 

When you wish for something, does  it  usually come true?

What's your favorite chocolate?

Have you ever liked someone who treats you like shit, and you can't help liking them? Is it easy for you to decide someone's not good for you, and stop liking them?

  • ice489

Hotel help?

My friend and I are going to Paris and London this December/January.  We're all set for London, but absolutely clueless about Paris.  Do you have any suggestions for where two 24 year old girls should stay in the city?  We are not interested in hostels, but also, not four star hotels.  A reasonably clean room to sleep in in a decent area works.

Know anything about this hotel/location?
Hôtel Batignolles Villiers 11 bis, rue des Batignolles 75017 Paris - Subway: Rome

Also, we speak no French?  Are we screwed and will we be hated? 

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those of you with live-in partners:

is your partner cleaning-retarded? any hot tips on how to make my husband less so?

srs and nonsrs answers welcome.

for baseball fans:

i know it's old news by now, but what'd you think about cleveland totally failing in those last two games? thoughts on carmona's and betancourt's abysmal performances during games 6 and 7?

for all:

what should i wear tomorrow for a family portrait--black deep-v sweater with a t-shirt underneath (probably emerald green) or an amythyst-colored shallow-v sweater?

should i take a movie or a TVD to bed eventually? suggestions plz.
  • matsu

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My headphones always do this weird thing when they get old, where one of the ears will stop working. Does that happen to anybody else? Can I fix it, or is that usually a sign that I need to buy new headphones? (I end up doing that a lot, but I'd rather save me some money.)
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Hey, did you know that one guy from Harry Potter is gay?!

This really isn't for Dr. Eljay, but...

I think I'm getting a cold. What should I blame?

The Azathioprine?
The cousins I was around Saturday who had a cold thing?
International Communism?
Gay people?
Gay Christians?
Communist Gay Christians?
Some variant of the words "Communist" "Gay" "Christian" and "Wombat"?
ETA: The Liberal Media? [all thanks and money and virgins go to paperclipchains for reminding me of them]


Darth Vader, Darth Revan, or The Sith Triumvirate?

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how would you feel if one of your parents was getting married to someone they have only known for about a month and a half?

my dad is getting married on saturday to the woman who he met because she is renting a room in our house. she moved in in the middle of sept and my dad had never met her before then.

i am so disgusted with the situation

ETA: my dad is divorced... and has been for a long time. this has also happened so fast that she has yet to meet my bro and sis who attend college away from home.... i'm living at home with them... its awkward as fuck

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There's a family (I think they're American) who have about 5 girls and 9 boys.
I think the girls aren't allowed to cut their hair but I'm not sure. I've also seen a picture circulating of them where the 5 girls are wearing the same blue dres and the boys are all in suits, with probably the 5 young boys sitting on a sofa in the front the of the picture.

Who are they? And why do they want so many children?

Googling family, christian, children boys girls etc brings up nada.

Road Rage!

So, Dunkin donuts: Serious Business Y/N?

What's the worst incident of road rage you've ever encountered? Either you drinking the rageahol or someone else inflicting it on you?
(This question having been asked already once today, I apologize)

I have pedestrian rage and tend to scream obscenities at cars that piss me off.
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syringe + redeyes = comedy gold


i'm doing a cute animation-type thing about hell, so i need a few well known "evil" people to be in it. i can't think of any :(
So far i only have Hitler and Lynndie England.

The characters need only be
1) dead
2) well known enough to be possibly recognized as cartoons

i am willing to resort to using some fictional people as well, since i'm having such a hard time coming up with real people.
Who should i put in hell???

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whenever i chew trident gum, i get really gassy. it's not even stinky gas. it really just seems like..air. this doesn't happen with other brands. why does it happen with trident?

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inspired by the comment left by tin_foil_hat on my other post,

what is good "i told you so" song to play at my dad when his marriage doesn't last???? (and yes, i know, i'm being sooo optimistic about the situation.)

ETA: not completely serious about this.
  • mona27

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So…you are about to meet someone for the first time after getting to know them for 2 years(you have never seen this person).

Where would you go and meet this person?

What would your attire be?


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I live in New Zealand, and there is this understanding here that NZ as a whole has an unhealthy drinking culture (especially the teen drinking culture). As in, we drinking too much, too often, and in my experience, the implication whenever this issue comes up for discussion is that it’s a particularly severe problem here, more than in other countries.

But. I’m wondering if we really are that bad compared to everyone else. So, if you don’t mind, would you tell me:

Where you live/grew up?
What’s the legal drinking age?
When did most people start drinking? When did you start drinking?
How much do people drink? (Drink to get tipsy, to be social, to get drunk, to get comatose?)
What do people drink? (Beer, alcopops, spirits.)
Anything else?

My Answers Collapse )

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I have a question about shelf-stable dairy-substitute products, i.e. Silk, Rice Dream, etc. I decided to be adventurous and buy a carton of "Almond Milk" which is along the same line as the aforementioned products. The only problem is, they only last 7-10 days in the refrigerator. I sure don't think I'm going to be drinking this whole thing of almond milk myself.

Is there any way I can store the rest of it for later? Has anyone done anything to keep their Silk / Rice Dream lasting longer than 10 days?

ETA: It actually says on the carton that it's good for 7-10 days after you open it, rather than giving a concrete expiration date.

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Where can I find some cheap candles? Preferably nummy-smelling ones.

My boyfriend and I love having candles lit in the apartment, but they are super expensive here...I refuse to pay $16 for one pillar, yanno?