October 21st, 2007



eat a whole raw potato each day or lose your teeth?
have no arms or have to lick up everything you or anyone around you spilled?
use Tabasco sauce as eye drops once a day or have to drink two shots of it every hour?
have a mexistache at all times or have extremely hairy knuckles?
do it (as in GET IT ON) with your closest living relative or a wild animal?
be George W. Bush or be MARRIED to George W. Bush?

EDIT: eat an infant or have burns covering 80% of your body?
eat an entire raw pork shoulder or an 18 oz thingie of black pepper?


Do you like card games?

What card games can you play?

How often do you have a posing session and take pictures of yourself? Do you usually like them or hate them all?

Does listening to pop punk make you feel 12 again?

I have a text but I can't read it because my phone is broken, how annoying is that?

Are you okay?

(no subject)

1. Do you ever feel like certain people dumb things down for your unnecessarily? Or tell you things they know you already know, but they want to make sure the message 'sinks in?'

2. What's an unusual hobby you have?

3. I was asked to go to a costume party. I was thinking about dressing in all red and wearing a rope like a shawl so I could be Mrs. Scarlett from Clue. Bad idea? Should I just buy something sexy and generic from Spencer's and be done with it, or do you have any suggestions?

Collapse )

(no subject)

Inspired by this post, what songs do you know that sample/use the background/chorus/whatever of another song?
Which do you like better?
I have on my "list" Kanye West's Stronger, Gym Class Heroes' Girlfriend and Clothes Off.
The original of all of these are so much better, especially Girlfriend.

I know there are others, but I just can't find them.
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Two questions:

1) I went to a podiatrist today to get a prescription to get new orthotics and found out that I've been wearing a wrong type my entire life. I have very flat and very pronated feet and he said it was a classic example of ... some name I don't remember. I seem to remember that it sounded like "Kyler Sky" and it's a method of correcting flat arches. There was definitely a "k" for the first word and an "s" for the second. If someone knows the correct name, I would really like to know it.

2) There was a comedian I saw a little while ago on tv who was absolutely hilarious. He was a skinny black man, with round glasses and used to be a cop where he grew up in some small town Texas. One of his jokes was to say that the town was so small that the cop radio went over through the DJ on the regular radio. One of his punchlines was, "Problem solved". He was so funny and I have no idea what his name is. I've checked the station's site and there's nothing on there to say who he is, so I'm at a loss.
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These have probably been asked a zillion times...

If you could bring back from the dead any celebrity and have them return to their former glory, who would it be?

Also, which celebrity -- who is, at the moment, at the height of fame -- would you like to see die a sudden death (or at least vanish off the face of the planet)?
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I was going to spell check the word "recipie" in firefox because I know I spelled it wrong (one of those words I can never spell correctly the first time I type it for some reason), and I accidentally added it to the dictionary.

How can I delete the improper spelling from the dictionary in firefox?

i think this is allowed?

normally i think snarky posts are catty and stupid but it's 3:30am and i can't help but ask:

what would you consider "indecent"?
-wanting to hit on a new guy at work, while you work with your boyfriend and his mother
-saying that you think that may qualify someone as a "rude bitch"
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(no subject)

i just got home from a night of drinking.

i had 4 pina coladas and one margarita. what alcohol (if any) did you have today/tonight? if you didn't have any alcohol.. what's the last thing you drank?
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(no subject)

So long story short, my best friend in the whole world ditched me for his girlfriend and stopped talking to me on my birthday, which was a couple months ago. Today he calls me and asks me if he can borrow my car. I said yes. We've been working on getting our friendship back but who knows. Everyone has their opinion about it and thinks it's their job to tell me what they think about it. I just think that even though he is not being a great friend it doesn't mean that I don't have to be a good friend. Am I an idiot? I know I can count on tqc for unbiased opinions.

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I'm finishing up a tour right now and will be back home and able to get to a doctor on Tuesday at the earliest. Until then, I need some advice/help.

We've been traveling non-stop and two days ago, I felt my left lymph node hurt a little. The day after (yesterday -  in a completely different city,) it swelled up a tiny, tiny bit and was sore. Now, at 4:41 AM and yet another city, I wake up to pack and it hurts more. I'm assuming it's the start of strep, because I'm not sure what else it could be, and I'm not sure what to do because I can't really stop everyone else or see a doctor right now.

Is there ANYTHING I can do to help stop this/help myself before seeing a doctor sometime next week?

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

1. What do you do to try and get to sleep? I've tried NyQuil, holding my breath, dimming the lights before bed, a full stomach, warm milk, tea, no caffeine, lots of caffeine, and aromatherapy. None of this has worked. Help, please?

2. Girls, do you use any sites to track your period? What one?

3. I absolutely hate my job. If I stick it out until after Christmas I get a bonus from the nice old people, but my coworkers make me want to shoot myself, repeatedly, in the head. There's no guarantee the bonus will be a substantial amount. If I do stay to keep my bonus, I have to stay an additional month after Christmas otherwise I risk forfeiting my bonus and having to return it to the company. Should I stay for the bonus or start searching for a new job?

4. Did you do anything silly today? Tell me about it?

(no subject)

One of my dogs just got spayed a couple of days ago, so she has to wear one of those big cones over her head so she won't get at the stitches. The other dog keeps freaking out and barking at the cone, even when she's in the other room and can't see it. How can I get her used to the cone so I can get a little bit of peace? D:

If you saw someone walking a big dog with a cone on it's head and a little dog with a cast on it's leg down the street, what would you think?

(no subject)

Ok, so I'm finally getting around to importing all my CDs into my computer again. Via iTunes (yeah, yeah, I know, hush).

Why, when it's just finished importing a cd, does it ask if I want to replace or not replace the existing songs? Or cancel. Bah. I know it's the most retarded music program ever invented, but I'd rather do it this way than have to go through and argue with it about what songs need converting and what songs don't later on (and it's actually working atm, aside from this).

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For those of you single folk, do you play the field?

How bad of a person does it make you if you are female and playing the field with two guys who are good friends (but they don't know that you are playing the field, obviously)? What if one of those guys is far away at school until December, but the other is not? And, I guess in this situation, both guys really like the girl, but the girl doesn't know what she likes, so she is just seeing where either could go. And, on that note, where do you think it will go?

Was that really confusing? Do you have any fun or yay or scary stories about playing the field? And who else is now sick of the phrase playing the field?

(no subject)

If you were making a jack-o-lantern for halloween (or if you are) about how awesome would (or do) you expect it to turn out considering your pumpkin carving skills? 1=total disaster with fragments of pumpkin not even fit to make pumpkin pie/bread; 10=Martha Stuart Living cover-worthy

Mean: 5.06 Median: 5 Std. Dev 2.62

Don't you hate it when you spell something wrong in a poll and you can't go back and change it?

(no subject)

1. I've been crushing on a friend of mine for a month. I told him how I feel a week ago, and he said couldn't say he was attracted to me, but he definitely wants to be my friend. We see each other almost every day, and he treats me the same as always. Unfortunately, I am still stuck in crush mode. Does anyone have any advice for getting this friend off my mind or at least shoving him to the back burner? Or is waiting it out my only option?

1.b. If I said, "So I have no chance, then," and he responded "I didn't say that," does this give me just cause to be hopeful, or am I clutching at straws?

2. I want to start working out. Given that I'm 285lb, 5'8", and the only exercise I get is walking across campus to my classes and running around the park on Friday afternoons, what kind of exercise regimen should I start out with? I have access to the rec center, and my friend is convinced I should be doing weight training with her.

3. Does anyone else get really pissed off when people respond to your problems with "Well, I/my sister/my teacher/starving children in Africa have it worse! You shouldn't be complaining"? Or am I the only person who hates playing the Misery Pissing Contest?
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First Anniversary

Hello TQC!

My first wedding anniversary is coming up on the 29th. I know paper is the traditional theme for this one, and so I was thinking that I would get him a book from one of his favorite authors. I'm just wondering if anyone has any other cool ideas for this. The issue is that we're gonna be living about 6-7 hours apart for the next couple months, starting today, and I'll be living with a friend. He's coming to see me for the evening on the 28th until the morning of the 29th, but I don't know what I'll be working at my new job yet, and I don't want to ask for time off in my first 2 days. (I'm not starting until the 27/28 because I'm in training in yet another city until then). So while I will be seeing him for an evening, it's not our place or anything so I can only do so much... and I don't have much money since I'm moving and starting a new job.

Do you think the book is enough? It's also our 4 year anniversary of being a couple, and I've used up a lot of my creative ideas on past anniversaries or birthdays and the like.... =S Any other suggestions are welcome even if you're not sure if I can do it... cuz I might be able to tweak it into something workable.
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I am trying to add a video to my ipod that is a wmv file. I tried dragging the file to my play list but its just doesn't want to work.
So my question is: does anybody know how to fix my problem?

(no subject)

What should I do to celebrate my birthday today?

I have no car, am low on cash, and am in college. I have (give or take) five friends. And I don't have easy access to a cake.

I am also a procrastinator, if you couldn't tell.

ETA: And I have a boyfriend who's willing to do whatever occurs to me.

Gross, Point Blank

Poll #1075124 The ick poll

You're obn vacation with your SO, and you're at a hotel suite. You've been fighting a bad case of diarhea the whole trip. You're watching TV and your SO is in the bathroom, showering, when you feel another uncontrollable urge building. You have 15 seconds to act. You happen to know the bathroom door doesn't have a lock. What do you do?

Barge in, apologize, and befoul the toilet and the air in the bathroom, with my SO present
Stay where I am and mess myself
Try and make it out to the bathroom lobby. I know I'll fail but I can clean myself up in that bathroom maybe
Use the kitchen trash can instead

You have to get physical with a homeless person (of the gender you're attracted to), or else, a busload of orphans and puppies blows up. It just does. Which course of action do you take?

Make out with the bum for 15 minutes
Give the homelss person oral
Have sexual intercourse with the hobo
I'm afraid the world will be short a busload of puppies and orphans, cause they're gonna have to die

You're at a restaurant with friends. The waitress is a very nice person, gracious and sweet, with a little bit of a head cold. She lets it slip that she's on bad terms with her boss and one more slip-up and she'll be fired and she'll have no means of supporting her 3 kids. You order an enchilada. It arrives with a green sauce over it. You assume it's seasoning, and dig it. The green sauce has a peculiar salty taste to it and a strange texture. You're about 5 bites in when you see your waitress sneeze into a napkin, and leave behind a green stain the exact same color as the sauce on your food. What do you do?

It's just coincidence. I eat my food anyway
It's just coincidence. Either way, I stop eating my food, but pay for my food normally
I call over the manager and complain
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(no subject)

1. will you take a screen shot* of your screen as it is RIGHT NOW? don't change anything! Collapse )

*just press the Prt Scrn key on your keyboard [it should be right next to all of your F1-F12 keys] open up your Paint program (or something close to it if you don't have Paint) and then paste it there, save, upload to an image hosting site (flickr, photobucket, tiny pic, etc) and then voila! post it here.

2. is your keyboard missing any letters (or have any of your letters rubbed off)? i just noticed that my N key has rubbed off except for the | :(


Would/Do you feel sick after eating a whole block of chocolate? (normal 'family' size, i guess)
If no, how much do you think it would take before you would start to feel ill?
I guess this should probably only or at least particularly apply to chocolate lovers....or at least...not chocolate-haters?

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(no subject)

What's the most interesting/random thing ever to happen while you were at work?

Inspired by someone throwing a brick into one of our huge glass windows where I work. (A pizza place.)

(no subject)

 1. Where are you from (originally)?

2. Do you pronounce it:
       Al- KAY-duh or Al-KAI-duh (Al Qaeda)
       Aye-rack or Ih-rock or Aye-rock (Iraq)
       Tay-ran or Teh-ran 
       Um-BRELL-a or UM-brell-a?

3. At the bank, do you wait IN or ON line?

4. When you want someone else to decide, is it UP to them or DOWN to them?

5. Do you ever say that something will happen "on tomorrow"?

6. If you probably shouldn't come out and say something, do you say "I can't just say it" or "I just can't say it"? 
EDIT: I wasn't clear enough. What I mean is, let's say you want to have sex with somebody, but you know you shouldn't say "will you have sex with me?". Do you say to your friend:
"I want to bang him so bad, but I can't just ask him to do it with me"
"I want to bang him so bad, but I just can't ask him to do it with me"?


(my answers in the comments)

(no subject)

1.  What's you fav kind of apple?
-I'm loving Roma apples right now!

2.  What color is your couch?
-Bright red.

3.  Can you have sex with someone you don't love, or is it an emotional thing with you?
-I couldn't.  Sex is a very emotional for me.

National Health Service questions

Please don't just link me to outside information, I've probably already read it. I just want some personal opinions/experiences if you've got them.

1. What are the main differences between the NHS of England, Scotland, and Wales?

2. Which system do you think works best?

3. If you have personal experience with the NHS, were/are you satisfied with it?

4. Especially if you are not a U.S. citizen, do you think the people of the United States would benefit from something similar to the NHS?

5. If one was going to study/research NHS, which country/city would you recommend they do it in?
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misc - cemetery

edited to change the numbering because it freaks people out

1. If you witnessed a couple fighting (verbally or physically), would you get involved?

2. How would you get involved?

3. Would you be more or less likely to get involved in the following scenarios?
a. a black couple
b. the girl is the instigator
c. a gay or lesbian couple
d. the girl is dressed pretty trashily

4. If a friend of yours tried to help in a situation like this and ended up getting beaten up pretty badly, how would you react?

5. Does your reaction change if your friend has a black belt?

6. Would you get involved if a parent seemed to be fighting (verbally or physically) with a child?

7. Would you get involved if two children were fighting (verbally or physically) and their parents seemed to be ignoring it?

(no subject)


1) how clean is your house?
2) your room?
3) do you live with your parents??
    if not.. how old were you when you moved out?

4) are your parents divorced
     if yes, which paren did you live with?? (if they divorced when you were a kid)

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Moral Quandary

So I have this ethical dilemma over, of all things, a video game.

There's a serious bug in World of Warcraft that people have constantly complained about for the past year or so, but Blizzard apparently has no intention of ever fixing it. As long as people keep paying their $15 a month, they don't care. The won't even acknowledge that the bug exists.

I canceled my account last month and resolved not to give Blizzard another dime until they start listening to their customers. But my girlfriend still plays, and she wants me to play with her... and I want to play with her, too.

I tried getting other people to cancel their accounts, even for just one month, to send Blizzard a message in the only language they seem to understand: money. But all the responses I've gotten have been dismissive, saying it won't make any difference. Which is, of course, a self-fulfilling prediction, because if I'm the only one quitting my account over this, it really won't make a difference.

So now I'm bored, and apparently for nothing.

What would you do?

Give Blizz another $15
Stand your ground
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(no subject)

I just spent an hour or so in a basement trying to catch a cat with fleas. I was in the basement when we set some foggers off and I went back in a few times after that (stupid, but that's another story entirely). As soon as I got home I put all of my clothes in a hot wash and took a hot bath with some baby oil in the water to drown any fleas that I may have had on me. I didn't feel any fleas jump on me the whole time I was in the basement and I didn't see any in the bathwater, but just for my amusement, is there anything else I should do to make sure there aren't any left?
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(no subject)

1. I have the mint condition book "My New Order" written by Adolf Hitler and printed in 1941. How much do I sell it for/what is this worth? (Amazon has it for $70 or something but it hasn't been sold in months.)

2. TLDR - I have a classmate and co-worker with whom I have a love/hate relationship with. We get along great (NOW) mostly and have similar interests and views, but he is a gay mysogonist and he can be a huge asshole. To his credit, he has toned down his hateful remarks lately. We used to fight a lot but hang out regularly now. I have no choice but to work with him because we are both reporters on the same beat. We work on the same computer and when I logged into Hotmail he didn't log out. There was a folder with my name on it. Inside the folder was entire MSN conversations between him and I over the first half of 2007. Also conversations saved with him and my ex best friend who I met him through. They are best friends now. Basically a shitstorm of back-stabbing insults with me and our conversations as the subject. I deleted it all.

Since this happened about 6 months ago, do I call him out on it?

3. My kids (5 and 2) wake up every morning between 5-5:30. Is this an excuse for killing them? If not, what do I do?

4. If you were holding a Christmas party with about 20 people, centered around a hockey game and lots of alcohol, what food would you serve?

Keanu Movie Question

In the movie Point Break, why exactly are Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Johnson committing all those crimes? After all the good those presidents did in office, has it come to this? Have they really hit such hard times that they're forced to steal for a living? I find it unforgivable that these presidents are giving such disrespect to the American people.

What's your opinion?

(no subject)

i'll cut to the chase.

My husband is an asshole. He got pissed off at me for telling him we need him to work today (ot) because he was sick this week and missed some time at work.

While I was getting ready to take him to work, he hid my laptop somewhere in the house.

Where did he hide it?
Where would you have hid it?
What makes him such an asshole?
won't run
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(no subject)

Do you ever get the sinking feeling that you are becoming/have become one of those crazy clingy people?

Have you ever felt that nobody would ever stay in a relationship with you, because you have no trait that could make somebody want to?

It's been about a month since my ex split up with me, but he still tells me he loves me. How can I move on?

Why does my heart hurt so bad?

Would you run off to Europe and join a gypsy band with me?
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(no subject)

What was the last thing that creeped you out?
I walked outside to check if my washing was done... and one of my boyfriend's neighbors had taken my wash out of the machine and hug it to dry.  It was mostly undies, but also shirts.  The same person took the time to carefully hang all of the clothes and make sure the undies and such were on the inner-line.  Nice but... uh.... creepy.  Why didn't they just knock!?

Would you have found that creepy?

What's the best kind of ice cream IYO?

Where's the beef?
im french


Do you have health insurance?

If you don't- why not?

What do you think of people who don't have health insurance, yet have cable/nice things/whatnot?

ETA: Fuck you guys, my cable is $70.

(no subject)

Why do some guys like, grab their crotch when they are walking?  It makes no sense to me.

Are you comfortable with how you look naked?
-I love being naked!

Is there something you need to throw away, but just can't/won't?
-I have about 2 years of New Yorkers saved up, because I "might use them."   *sigh*

What have you eaten today?
-A bowl of life, an apple, and a brownie.  OK, several brownies.

(no subject)

A humorist apparently decided to abide by EVERY rule in the bible for one year.
Then he wrote a book on his experiences.  I have forgot the title, its rather recent I do believe, does anyone know what im talking about?

He apparently had to stone an adulterer, grow a beard, and wear robes....
I cant remember much else.

Thanks if you know the title.

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(no subject)

Been a while since I've been around here. But I have car questions.

On Saturday I took my car to Firestone for my wheels shaking while driving at certain speeds and because my wheels would shake when braking. They said the first problem was a balance issue. The second they had to look at.

So my brakes were shot to heck on the front and back and I got the pads and drums and all that replaced, along with a warped rotar, among some other small things and an oil change. They balanced my tires. I drove home, but since home is two minutes away, I didn't go any speeds above 40.

A few hours later, I go to meet up with a friend and get on the freeway. Up to 60mph and my wheels are shaking. The balancing didn't fix the problem. My check engine light also came on. I called them back up. They assured me that my check engine light could wait until Monday after work. I mentioned that my tires were still shaking and they said they'd look at that too.

Then today, my brakes are grinding and there's a thumping noise under my floorboards when I'm almost to a stop after braking. You can even feel the thumping a little.

So TQC...what's going on? Is this going to cost even more money? What are some things that cause car tires to shake? Why do brakes grind if they're new? What could the thumping noise be? It wasn't doing it yesterday. Why would my check engine light come on?

Quite possibly the weirdest question ever:

Okay, so today my sister showed me that when she pushes her stomach out as hard as she can it literally looks like she is a few months pregnant. It was crazy looking and funny. Is this normal?

p.s. She is 5'5" and about 125 lbs, if that matters.

Gals, can you push out your stomach very far? Will you please post pictures?

She wanted to to edit:
Can even very skinny girls do it?


obviously inspired by this post: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/28019300.html
I'm not trying to come off as self righteous here, i'm honestly wondering.
Are any of you good friends with the people you posted? What would you say are the chances of them stumbling on to that post?
Also, where was everyone when I asked if anyone had friends they considered unnattractive, and almost everyone said "no"?
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(no subject)

For those of you who consider yourselves adults:

Do you know your parents differently as adults then you did as a child? (Not has your relationship with them changed, so to speak, though that too, but more as do you see them as different people now?)

I'm just wondering, because my parents died when I was young, so I never really got a chance to know them as people in and of themselves.
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(no subject)

I want to start asking my grandparents about their family histories so that my sisters, cousins and I will know our family stories. My grandmother has been going over family history with me quite a bit lately, but I'm trying to think of specific questions that I can ask her and my grandfather to learn more about our families and where they've come from.

1. What questions do you think I should ask my grandparents?
2. How much do you know about your family history?
3. What stories stand out in your mind as important to your family history?

1. I'm planning on asking questions about the family tree (especially on my dad's side, they were big families), where they grew up, childhood and school memories, how they met their spouse, raising their families, jobs they had. I have some questions set up already, but I'm interested in hearing everyone else's responses.
2. Not nearly enough. I realized this at my dad's cousin's funeral a few weeks ago when I didn't know half of my relatives.
3. The story of how my grandfather almost died in a fire as a child and how he came to America six months before his father died. The story of how my grandmother helped raise her baby sister. The story of my aunt that passed away at 10 months old.
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(no subject)

What kind of headphones do you use? Do you like them?

I need new headphones because the earbuds I'm using are giving me some problems. I'd like to steer away from earbuds, so, what do you guys suggest?
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(no subject)

Poll #1075222 hey you

When I greet someone I say

What's up
Que pasa/Que tal
Good morning/afternoon/evening/other time of day
I just smile and don't say anything.
I am a really fucking rude asshole who does not greet anyone or acknowledge their presence.

(no subject)

A few years ago two of my close friends suddenly decided they hated me, one day they just stopped talking to me and wouldn't give me a reason. One of them said to a mutual friend that she had never liked me anyway, even though she'd been friends with me for a decade with no problems before.

Just now the girl who 'never liked me' added me on facebook with some message about how its been omg soooo long since she saw me lol and seems to forget the whole thing. Should I add her, or reject it and send her a comment about why? What sort of awesome comment should I send to her if I do? Serious or not are both cool :)

Have you ever had a friend suddenly stop talking to you? Did you find out why? Did you become friends again?

[dance] pink side to side

(no subject)

1- We're going to finally buy a couch and loveseat this week (well, I am anyway, while husband is working), and we keep seeing this truck selling couches at a nearby street corner. Would you buy a couch from the back of a small transport truck? What if it was only $200 with free delivery?

2- What's the last thing you bought?

3- If you have a pumpkin icon, are you going to keep it in your icon pile after Halloween, or delete it and possibly bring it out of retirement for next year later?

4- Do you wear shoes in your house? Socks? Go barefoot?
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(no subject)

I'm leaving my current serving job after just 4 months. It was a great job at first where I made wonderful money and I loved my coworkers. However, the ownership is horrible. Business at the restaurant is suffering and we've had 6 managers in 10 months. The owners verbally abuse us daily. Recently one of the new managers has been telling people that I have a negative attitude and he'd like to let me go early (he knows I'm leaving to study abroad in about 2 months). So three of my coworkers and I got a new job on Friday. I start this coming Friday.

What do you think it says on a resume to have three jobs in succession that I stayed at for less than 6 months? Obviously I am leaving this one early as well. I have valid reasons for leaving each one, and I've left all but one of them on good terms. I have good references. Do you think a resume like that makes someone less desirable as an employee? I know it's not uncommon in the restaurant industry, but it makes me uncomfortable.

(no subject)

1. Where did I put my passport?

2. If you live in Southern California, are all of these fires freaking you out? Because there's one near my house and I'm starting to get scared. This is my least favorite time of year.

3. If there's a specific guy/girl you REALLY want and know that you will not sleep until you have had them, how do you go about telling them without sounding overly raunchy/pathetic?

(no subject)

I'm 22 years old and I need some new friends.

I don't want to get rid of my friends, I just want some new friends to be able to have fun with, too. I have lots of friends who I love a lot and I really enjoy hanging out with them. Many times, though, I end up turning down invitations out with my current friends because I know that the parties they have or go to will involve a lot of alcohol or smoking weed. I'm just not into those things and I hate never being able to do big group activities with friends because I want to avoid being around those activities. I know that all of us are turning or have recently turned of legal age, but I'm just really not into getting absolutely trashed or smoking weed. I don't hate people who do those things, I just want to find some people to hang out with who would rather just go out and have fun without them.

I know where I can find some people who aren't into those activities, like at the Baptist Student Union or other religious groups, but I don't want to join one of them, as I'm not really that religious. I also know that I can join "straight edge" clubs, but I do drink lightly, am sexually active, and I haven't really found any in my area. I've joined clubs that include my own interests, like sports, political groups, crafting stuff, etc, but I find that most of the people in the groups I join are into those activities of which I'd rather not be a part, as well. I just want some fun, interesting people to hang out with.

How would you suggest finding them?


I scrape to be able to afford tuition and food, so joining a club that requires fees, dues, or purchasing equipment isn't an option right now, either :(
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I need some interesting adjectives. Do you have some interesting adjectives? The wackier the better. I'm teaching a lesson on using them in sentences tomorrow. I want to introduce my second graders to some really fun words they can use.

Lots of questions...

my friend's brother has been dissowned by his family because he's gone back to an ex that is a 'complete whore' apparently.
Regardless of how much his parents hate her, kicking him out and dissowning him is taking things way too far in my opinion.. shouldnt you always stick by your kids? Also, it's his life, his mistakes.

[this girl is five years older than him- twentysix- she has a three year old daughter and is really maniulative with money.]

I just think it's extremely harsh..


Could you be a surrogate for someone you loved if they couldn't have children? elaborate.

If you're eating baked beans do you use a whole can, or just half?

Are there any words of phrases that are yours, or your friends?
In jokes perhaps?

For instance we have:
Jism- I don't know, it's just a cool word... and of course it means semen
doin' it doin' it, phone doin' it/they dont know we know they know we know- coolest friends references
Naked Lunges- code word for sex, very unobvious :-/

My friends new squeeze is coming to stay at our house, he's thirtynine and she's nineteen. I'm finding this a bit odd and creepy... should I chill out?


My british friend just asked me if Australians have any different wedding/engagement traditions. Even slightly different. I didn't really know so I couldn't answer him. So, know of any? I know that Australians say 'hip hip! Hooray!' three times after singing Happy Birthday as a matter of course, and then cut the cake while someone says 'don't touch the bottom!' and that Americans don't do that. Something *like* that, but for weddings, and a difference between Australians and British people.
He's also looking for jokes that are specifically Australian. (you know how lots of them it's just someone changed 'Welsh' or 'American' or 'Canadian' or 'French' or 'Polish' or whatever, to 'Australian' or 'Tasmanian' :P rather than it being an actual Australian joke?) Do you know any and what is it?

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Why do people get ICP tattoos?

I've seen tons and tons of tattoos down arms that read "Insane Clown Posse" and "Juggalo life" etc. Very rarely are they good tattoos, mind you. What is up with ICP tats?!

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Would it be wwwwaaay wrong to give out religious candy on Halloween?

See, I'm staying at home and not doing much, but I could throw on my cassock and hand out cross shaped lollipops.
Really, this would probably be funny to only me, and I could run the risk of getting egged.

Edit - Oh no. I may have to change that idea and hand out these instead.

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As many of you know, I recently went to go get help to get out of an abusive household. They have put me in counseling so I can deal with things better, but they have told me some pretty crazy stuff.

Teachers, bosses, doctors, and my friends all think I have ADD or ADHD, and recommend that I get tested for it. When I was at my first session with like, 5 therapists, they said that I might not have one of those disorders. Apparently, because ever since I was little I've had a lot of things coming at me at once, in the ways of stress and responsibility, I've taught myself to think on several different tracks at once. This causes ADD or ADHD like behavior. Do you have this? Have you ever heard of something like this?

I am going to have a pelvic exam soon. Should I get a wax before hand?

Do you like your women waxed? Why/Why Not?

I have Cingular/AT&T, I want a phone that is used primarily for texting. Any recommendations?

When you are at a buffet, on average, how many times do you go back and get food?

When you have to leave the house, but want to still be comfy, what do you wear?

What is your favorite kind of soda pop?

Do you have horrible panic attacks or breakdowns? How do you deal with them?

What is a benefit to having a studio apartment?


For the past year, I have also had issues hearing people correctly. My brain can't seem to put together the words people are saying in the correct order. So I end up just nodding and looking like an idiot. Sometimes I can't even put together my own sentences. What is wrong with me?
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What is something you hate being teased about?

What is something your friend/SO/family member hates being teased about but you do it anyway?

Do you think it's true if a boy teases a girl, he likes her?

Are you a sexual tease at all?
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I bought this shirt and am wondering if it would go with dark gray slacks? Someone suggested khaki, but I'm not that into looking like Martha Stewart just yet.

Is it necessary that I tuck it in for work? Where is underscoreria when I need her.
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Hey all you Michiganders!

1. Does anyone here live in Michigan?

2. If yes, what part?

3. Will you tell me something you love about Michigan?

4. Will you tell me something you hate about Michigan?

I really want to move there in about 4 or 5 years (or less). Thanks guys!
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back of the net!

tqc, we often talk about our pets here. but i don't necessarily wanna just see your pets, i want to KNOW about them. but of course we're always happy to see their cute little selves.

so what are your pets like, personality wise? what are their quirks? what do they like/dislike?

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What song have you been listening to so much lately that you're going to eventually end up killing it?

One Republic - Apologize (the original)

Is there someone that you feel owes you an apology?

Which one of your friends is having relationship/dating ~ drama/problems?

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so tonight i went over to my friend's house and we watched transformers. he argued that it was one of the best movies ever made, and i told him it wasn't. it was good, but not great.

so my question is, what are your 3 best movies of all time, ever?

i have a hard time narrowing down to only 3... so idk :P

straight edge

(Inspired by seestephgo's questions from earlier today.)

I had never heard of "Straight Edge" for most of my life except that people have called me that since I was a kid. I don't think most of them were even referencing the sXe culture, it was just a term they used to describe someone who was a real clean-cut person. It still applies as I've never tried drugs, never smoked, rarely drink (to the point that alot of people think I don't drink at all), and have strong morals in general and about sex.

It wasn't until visiting a friend at college when I was like 24 did I encounter someone who listened to "straight edge hardcore" music. I looked it up online later and was surprised to find out it was an entire subculture and music genre I had completely zero awareness of. I don't believe I've ever met another person (in real life) who is/was a Straight Edge person (as in part of that subculture).

This brings me to my Ignorant Questions...

1) Is Straight Edge culture pretty closely tied with Straight Edge music? Or is it like Christian Rock where its sort of a subculture of a subculture?

2) Is there any particular reason Straight Edge music is predominately(/entirely?) hardcore/punk style instead of metal or just regular rock?

3) Given that I know no Straight Edgers, how would I go about meeting some?

4) Anyone here that would describe themselves as Straight Edge? Or any interesting stories regariding about it/them?
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Halloween ?s

1) If you went to a Halloween party and someone was dressed up in a Michael Vick jersey and walked around with bloody leashes with no dogs on them would you be offended?

2) Have you ever gotten offended by someone's Halloween costume?
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I know I know, it's way too early for this

My mom asked me today what I want for Christmas and my birthday (3 days after Christmas) so she can start shopping early. Thing is, I feel like I already have everything I need and want. I would prefer that she give money to a local animal shelter on my behalf, but it makes her really happy to give actual presents and she doesn't like giving gift cards or money because it seems impersonal and boring. She gives us pajamas every Christmas Eve so I'll definitely get those. I like gadgets, but I have purchased a MacBook, an iPod, and a digital camera in the last few months so I feel content in that department.

What would you ask for in this situation?
If you celebrate in some winter time gift-oriented holiday, what is going to be on your wish list?

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1)  TQC my room is a disaster.  How do I get myself motivated to clean?  Where should I even start?  I haven't even unpacked some stuff i brought home from college in May. :(
2)  I went out in the city with my coworkers last night and drunkenly professed my love to one of them in a quite embarassing situation.  I was "that girl".  How should I word my apology tomorrow?
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1. Does proactiv really work?
my skin keeps breaking out and I want something that works :( I usually just use Aveeno because my skin has never had problems until this summer

2. Do you keep in touch with you ex's?

Did I kill my external hard drive?

I dropped it on the ground, not from a very big height .. now my computer doesn't recognize it. It powers up and conncets but doesn't show in explorer. In the device manager it appears with a big exclamation mark, & it just says that the device cannot start. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I haven't backed up in I don't know how long, worst of all my business/work files are on there..

I'm so screwed. Advice????
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Here's the story: Three kids at my old high school got expelled. One of the students set off a sparkler bomb - only harmful if one is in close proximity to it - and the two other students supposedly knew about it/had heard the rumor/received a text message that it was happening, but did not inform the police. For this, they were expelled from the school. Apparently this is called "impeding the police's investigation of the incident."

As far as I know, they did not actually lie to the police about knowing about the bomb; they were not involved in the making or setting off of the bomb; and not one single person was harmed in the explosion.


Is expulsion from the school fair in this case?

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So, cd-tracker.com is shutting down on 12/31/07. Anyone know of any similar websites? I tried Googling "CD tracker" and that didn't really help.

Edit: I will be going with recordnerd.com, thanks!