October 19th, 2007

Got Rat

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I was looking for something for breakfast this morning, and it happened that I learned that
the only cereal we had was called Corn Flakes.

I find this so fucking funny

So what cereal do you have in your cupboard right now? ha :)
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i'm reminiscing about certain people from my past.

will you tell me about someone from your past that you are no longer in contact with?

you don't have to say their name if you don't want to. be as specific as you'd like to be. whether it be an ex, or a best friend that moved away and you didn't keep in touch, an old co-worker, the bully that picked on you back in Algebra class.. WHOEVER. just tell me the story.

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i knew i shouldve called in sick today

My license is set to expire this Sunday (Oct. 21) and stupid me, I procrastinated. I had plans to renew on Saturday morning, however, I was involved in a minor accident today (hardly any damage--broken taillight and that's really it--but besides the point) and recieved a ticket for 'improper lane usage' for being on the median, about half a block before the left turning lane began. I have a mandatory court date next month and my license is being held as bond.

I asked the officer about renewing and he said I should have no issue and would be able to get my new license before the court date (November 14), however, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to see if anyone else has been in this position before. Will I have problems renewing?

(I live in Chicago.)

I'll probably wind up calling the DMV tomorrow anyway, but I'd rather ask here first. You guys aren't nearly as scary as they are :D
Haruhi disappearance
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My mom is diabetic, with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Expectedly, she's having difficulty finding any foods she can eat which meet the dietary requirements for all three health problems.

She's very picky with vegetables, disliking a lot of textures. Any suggestions on what she could eat? I'm getting a bit frustrated trying to think of things, haha.

Which is the superior food, tacos or nachos?

Who are you thinking about right now?

Will you post a full body shot of yourself?

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bad actors

dearest tqc:

i like keanu reeves and hayden christensen. i KNOW they are both really awful actors, and while i do think they are both attractive, i know they are really nothing special.

so why the hell do i like them? any ideas?

i can't figure it out.

are there any people that you have a weird crush-thing for but can't figure out why? will you tell me about it?

Across the Universe

1a) Hypothetically speaking of course, if given the opportunity to see AtU (for the first time) high tomorrow night, would you do it?
1b) What if you happened to be employed as the popcorn girl at the movie theatre you were seeing it at?

2) Wouldn't The Beatles want it that way?

3) What munchies would you bring, high or not?

4) What is you favorite "Man, college boys are stupid!" funny story? Tell me it.

New York New York

1. What's the significant temporal difference between a New York minute and a Wisconsin minute?
2. If New York is the Big Apple, what city is the Big Cumquat?
3. Exactly what's so great about New York-style pizza? Looks sauceless with weak crust and an overemphasis on the cheese to me
hannibal skull


Have you ever watched??:











I don't watch TV


The required....

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I can't sleep because god forbid I don't get terrible cramps every month

On the 15th of September I used my college's library for the first time to check out books for this speech I had to give. They were due on the 11th. That's fine, great, whatever. At 11:00 AM on the 11th I returned them by putting them in the drop box dealio. Great. But today I got an email asking me to return the two books that I already returned.

I already emailed the library. For anyone who has ever worked in a library, or just anyone who may know, what do you think happened? Did someone misplace them or something? Did the return box decide to eat them?  Frustration. I don't want to have to pay for books that I returned already.

ETA: Well, I called. They found the books and cleared me of any charges. Yay!
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Over a year ago, I had a very short (as in, I only saw him once) interaction with an adviser at a college I don't even attend anymore. Today, I got an email from his wife, trying to find employees for her tutoring business. She stated in the email that she got our addresses from her husband. She also didn't Bcc it to us all, so basically she made all of our email addresses available to 100 or so people.

I think it's completely inappropriate and unprofessional for her husband to use the email addresses that he had access to through his job as contacts for his wife's tutoring business.

So, TQC, should I email her back? Forward the email to the college he  works at? What should I say in the email if I respond to her, to let her know that it's not cool to use her husband's work contacts as a spamming list?

x-posted to my LJ

ETA: Meh, maybe I'm just cranky and PMSy and I really hate spam. I guess I'll just ignore it.
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Guillermo Habacuc Vargas had 2 children catch this dog. He paid the kids for this. He then chained the dog and used the dog as “art”. He told everyone not to feed this dog. The dog died in the gallery. He calls himself an artist.

dear tqc: who is responsible for this dog's death; the artist who chained the dog up as an art exhibit or all the people that complied with the instruction to not feed the dog?

Poll #1074171 responsibility

who is responsible


was the exhibit "art"? if yes, does that make it ok?

eta: do you understand the statement he was trying to make?

cottonmanifesto adds:
According knew the dog died the next day for lack of food. During the inauguration knew that the dog was chased in the afternoon between the houses of aluminum and cardboard for a district of Managua with the name of a saint that Habakkuk could not say that at the time. 5 children of those who helped in the capture of 10 cordobas received bonuses for their cooperation. During the exhibition some people called for the release of the puppy, which he refuses artist. The dog's name was (was) Nativity, and he leaves starvation in the face of all, as if the death of a poor dog was a shameless media show in which nobody does nothing but applaud or look puzzled.

Definitely us what went: pure croquettes.

In the place that the dog was exposed only have a metal cable and a rope. The dog was extremely sick, renqueaba [limping] and did not want to eat anyway, so in a natural environment would have died anyway; But so are all the poor dogs: sooner or later die or die.

poorly translated from this site


For my birthday (which is tomorrow, dear internet), my parents sent me a kitchen aid! It comes with all kinds of fancy attachments including the coveted breadhook. I am delighted beyond words (although my pants do not long to be stretched by the inevitable weight gain from cooking amazing everything).

What should be the first thing I make with my new kitchen aid? What is something complex that will be deliciously simplified from the amazing machine?
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How do you reference a movie in APA format?

My referencing guide has nothing on it. Probably cos it thinks "why would anyone doing psychology need to reference a movie!?" well, I can understand its logic.

How long have you been awake?
Feet Pyramid

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When it comes to wedding receptions, is it rude or tacky to make reservations at a nice restaurant (not anything too expensive or fancy, but still nice) and ask everyone to buy their own food/drinks as opposed to having a big reception where it costs about $100 a head for food, plus paying a DJ and all that? I'm looking to save money, and I want to know your opinions on this.

The dinner would be optional, of course.

ETA: You guys are the best, thanks so much!
The Dude Abides

Roles + TV Movie ?s

What movie role do you think someone was born to play (ie Verne Troyer as Mini Me, Jamie Foxx as Ray, etc)?

Do you think Steve Carell would make a good Agent 86 in a Get Smart movie?

What TV show are you surprised hasn't been recreated as a movie yet?

ETA: When's the last time you experienced de ja vu?
Beast mode!

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1. What was the first car you ever owned**? How long did you have it?

2. What was the most beloved car you ever owned? How long did you have it?

3. How many cars have you owned?

4. What car do you own currently? How long have you had it?

5. Story time! What is your favorite car related memory?

**In this case "owned" can mean leased, or someone else owned but you drove every day, or whatever. Just think of it as "had physical possession of for an extended period of time."

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Are you American?

If so, where do you live?

If not, do you refer to Canadians or Mexicans as Americans?

Would you ever call yourself/refer to Americans as USAians?

I have to ask these because of all the dramallama in s_f that I'm seriously curious as to what people actually think.

Opinions Matter

Do you agree with the idea that this is still the era of when a man is laid by a woman on the first or second date that the man does not call or bother with the woman afterwards because he already had what he wanted in the first place?
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How do you get your deposit back for cans in Vermont? Can you bring them back to the store that sold them or is there a depot (pardon my French, I don't recall the English word) somewhere?

I'm wondering because I'm not from Vermont and want to know if it's worth it to keep these cans until my next visit or if I should just recycle them here.

FYI, they're Wal-Mart brand soda pop cans.
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Strange question: I have a credit account at Walmart, but no card. It's somewhere in my house, I just don't know where. If I were to go there, would they be able to look up my account and give me like, a temporary card or something so I can buy stuff there?

Do you ever look at a spot alongside the road or something and go "Wow, that's a good place to hide a body?"

What is something you'd like to tell past-self five or ten years ago?
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Rocky Horror Picture Show - should I go?

I have never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not the movie. Not with a live cast, nothing. I am 24.

Some of my friends are going to see a shadow cast perform it this weekend. In case you don't know, which you probably do but I didn't so I'll explain it... this means that the movie will be playing on the big screen the entire time, but there will also be live actors who are acting along with the movie at the same time. As well, there will be floorwalkers and the audience is generally expected to participate. My friends say that generally the audience yells certain lines along with the movie, but since I don't know the show I don't know the lines and therefore can just play along.

Anyway, the question - should I go? Would it be better for me to see the movie alone or with friends first (without the live cast)? Will I be completely lost at this event?

I will say up front that I don't mind sexual innuendo or foul language, which from what I can see on the internet is the biggest complaint about this movie - I am not easily offended, so I"m not worried about that. I'm just concerned that I will be lost and overwhelmed without prior knowledge of the movie.

Space Pope

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A few weekends ago, I had been playing Prince Of Persia all day and around 7 pm when I finally when outside to go get some food it took me a few seconds to figure out why my surroundings weren't Persian.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

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My brother is a professional chef. So he's very concerned about USDA regulations, farm bills, etc. A farm bill was recently passed, and he had some questions about it, so he emailed the USDA contact page with his questions.

He also has a blog. An LJ (which he doesn't update anymore) and a new one on Blogger. He also has SiteMeter on his Blogger, which is one of those tracking things that will give you tons of info about your visitors.

In this letter to the USDA, he did not mention or allude to having a blog.

He checked his Sitemeter the other day, and found that the USDA office in Maryland had been on his new blog, referred from his LJ (where he put up a link to his new one.) There is no identifying information on his LJ.

He checked the Sitemeter again today, and the USDA had been on the new blog again, this one a direct link, and coming from the main USDA office in Washington DC.

My brother is really concerned about this, and has no idea a) how they found his blog or b) what he could have said in his email that would make them LOOK for his blog. Does anybody know what the deal is here? Is this a PATRIOT Act thing that he and I aren't familiar with? Why is the USDA stalking his blog?

ETA:: He put up a post asking about it after the first visit. After THAT one, the second one came from the big office. WTF gives?
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Dear TQC,

I applied for a job I'm 100% qualified for on Tuesday. It's almost noon on Friday, and I've heard nothing. I really want this job. Should I...

A) Chill the fu&# out and wait for a call
B) Call them and inquire about the position
C) Move on. After 4 days, if you haven't heard, you probably never will.

ETA: Thank you, everyone! I'll make the call today.
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(no subject)

for USAians:
what would have to happen or be about to happen to get you to take time off work to protest?

or, if you have taken time off work to protest, what have you protested?

(no subject)

1)We want to spend some time at the ocean after being at Disney World for a few days, the gulf side to be exact. Whats a good city thats not more then 3 hours away and has good beach access?

2)If you have a fear of flying, what helps you get calm for your trip?
3)What do you always bring with you as carry on luggage?


2) Chewable dramamine and statistics
3) A sarong that I use as a blanket, my laptop (which I rarely take out) and food!

dying, singing, and pumpkining

1. My skin. it is discolored. It started when I was in Grand Cayman but I dont think it's related lol. i dont know how to explain it. on my left hand, there's a gigant spot that kind of goes across part of three fingers that is discolored. like, not bruised really, because it's more of a reddish brown. and it is on the top of my knee, randomly, too.  it's not like general redness, because it's in a specific shape.  I am dying, y/n?

2. What is your favorite song to sing at Karaoke?

3. Can you please respond to this post with your pumpkinated icon? kthx

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Poll #1074275 Rough riding with the Devil

Worst thing to cry out during sex while orgasming

Name of someone else of same gender
Name of someone else of opposite gender
Name of attractive celebrity who you were fantasizing about
"Did I forget to mention that I didn't put on a condom?"
"STDs armed... Fire torpedo one..."
"Let's make a baby!"
"Wow, you're nothing like your sister/brother!"
"I have to poop. Get off"
"Bad time to mention that I'm ovulating and not on the pill?"

Acceptable fluids to find on the bedsheets after sex

Body fluids, sexual
Body fluids, bladder-related
A little blood
A lot of blood
Chocolate syrup
Drink spiked with alchol
Drink spiked with roofies

Acceptable sexual devices and tools to find in a new lover's bedroom

Fuzzy handcuffs
Anal beads
Riding crop
Ball gag
Pocket vibrator
12" dildo
Real Sex doll
Penis pump
Nipple clamps
Silk scarf with 'easy grip' on the ends (asphyxiation)
Harnesses to hold someone in place
None of it's acceptable
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I know I am not bright. Got a light?

 Please explain: Why do some people believe that the US can bring peace to an area of the world that has been in conflict for thousands of years? I know that is a major oversimplification and everything, but whatever. I feel stabby in my tummy.

Also, why must some people view to world as being black and white? Liberal vs.Conservative? Pro Abortion vs Pro Life? Extremist crazy religious people vs godless atheists? Gay vs Straight? And so on and so forth.

I just got done watching Carrie. How can some people be so cruel and heartless to people? I will never understand bullies.

Maybe I should turn email notification off.

ETA: You mean people can't burn down buildings with their minds? I realize it is a movie. It just got me thinking because I've met people with zero compassion for others and I've seen what really bad bullying can do to a person.

technological woes

My digital camera wont connect to my computer.  I may have accidently deleted the software on my comp, but in the event it is my camera (which is past warranty) -

 where can I take it to get fixed? send it back to olympus? go to best buy where I bought it? or screw it and get a new one (the least preferable option as i like this one, i'm broke and I have some good photos on it!)


I'm going to a Halloween party next week, and we need a DJ. Or at least someone with a reasonably good selection of music we can dance to on their iPod. We were talking Techno, but so long as it is good to dance to, I think we're fine.

So, TQC, what music do you recommend for a relatively fun Halloween affair kickass house party?

Thank you for all the help!

(no subject)

My cube at work is pretty much empty besides a WoW calendar and a picture of my siblings. My coworkers keep nagging me about getting more stuff in my cube (even though I don't really think I need it nor do I want it to be overcrowded with junk).

So, TQC, what should I put in my cube?

(no subject)

1 If English is not your native language, what spelling were you taught - mum or mom? Where are you from?

2 would you be interested in participating in a TQC Next Top Model Photo Whore type contest?

3 My flatmate has gone to Sydney for the weekend. Wanna come over and keep me company?

4 Through the magic of science and daytime tv, *BAM* you're a disease. What disease are you, and who do you choose to infect? Any particular reason why?
yummy beer!, yummy

(no subject)

I could really go for a decent Reuben sandwich right about now.  How about you - what are you craving?

If you're craving nothing at the moment, what is the last thing you really craved?

What is the strongest craving you've ever had?
Sierra the Shinobi

Nude Art Models

I had a thought the other day: I thought that it would be fun to be a nude art model. Well, I don't actually want to be the nude art model, I just want to be able to say, "I am a nude art model." Actually, I don't even want that, it was just interesting to think about what people's reactions to that statement might be. So here are my questions:

Have you ever met a nude art model?

Did you know them very well?

Are you or were you a nude art model?


Returned Checks

Someone wrote me a bad check and it got returned. I got charged $47.50 ($40 is the amount of the check and $7.50 for the fee). That put my account in the negative.
I didn't realize this happened until yesterday and I got an overdraft fee ($30).

Technically, who's responsible for the $30 overdraft fee?
Me (for not having a large amount of money in my account) or the bad check writer (for writing a bad check to a poor person)?
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Gap and Old Navy pants

North American applicable mostly:

Does anyone else think Gap and Old Navy vanity size their pants to the extreme?

I'm just guessing here, but I'm pretty sure a Gap size 2 is around a size 8 in other places. But i don't know because I can only wear Gap pants since their ankle lengths are even a bit too long on me and other places' pants are like four inches too long.

*****What is your favorite Bee-Gees song?**** <- so you realize this question actually exists
James Franco joint

(no subject)

Basically, I want to GTFO of Florida (not because I hate it, because I need to get away) after I graduate...in 3 years STFU.

So, if you could move to any state in the USA, where would you go? Why? Where are you from?
Sorry, this is pretty US central.

(no subject)

I need a second job.

Do you have any suggestions for a part-time evening job?

Or, suggestions of places to look for jobs?

(Already checking craigslist, snagajob, and the local newspapers)

very srs question

Can you tell the difference between color safe "bleach" and regular detergent?

Do you find it particularly annoying that you can't bleach most of the whites produced these days?

Inquiring minds would like to know
mr jummy

(no subject)

What kind of pizza should I go get for dinner?

How much do you hate vacuuming your house? If you don't hate it, are you mentally ill or do you have an actual reason for liking the act of vacuuming your house?
Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

When my coworker is talking on the phone, and she suddenly switches to Spanish, does that mean she's talking about me?

So I met this guy on a local online dating site. We've been talking, and he seems really nice -- law student, good grades, funny, etc. We're meeting tomorrow to go to the movies. Bad idea? Really, obviously, bad idea?

Have you ever met someone online and then in person? How did it go?

(no subject)

I'm considering getting a new lappy, and thinking about a Mac.  A friend said they actually CAN get viruses now.  True or false and why?

How fast do standard poodles grow?  I want to get one in Feb for my birthday, but live in apartment where dogs are not allowed (big ones, anyway).  So I was hoping that by June when I move to SD that it will still be on the small side.

Ever have a standard poodle?  What was it like?
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So my roommate left some chunks of onion and bell pepper in the sink, clogging the drain. 3 TIMES NOW I have fished the chunks out with a spoon and put them back in her dishes she left in the sink, and each time she dumps them back into the sink, as if they'll eventually go down the drain. No, throwing it away myself is not an option because it's her mess and I absolutely will not clean up after her.

Also, she's been going into my fridge and stealing my beer. I have cans of Tecate and bottles of Shiner and I wouldn't care if she took the Tecate but she's stolen 3 bottles of Shiner already. Didn't ask or even say 'BTW I drank some of your beer.'

I would really like to maintain the most open communication possible, so the more direct the better. I'm trying really hard not to be passive aggressive here, but when you put two random females together, it's kind of inevitable.

I'm pretty sure she's already left town for the weekend. Should I call her up now and explain that that shit isn't gonna go down the drain, no matter how long she leaves it there, and also tell her to stop stealing my beer? Or should I wait until possibly Monday to have this little talk? Or do you have any better ideas? I would really like to handle this in a tactful manner.

edit; So it turns out my memory is totally fucked and the shit in the sink was mine. Good thing I didn't actually say anything to her about it. I think this officially makes me a bitch.

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 what's fun to do in charleston, south carolina when it isn't warm?

my family is going there over new years's eve, and the few days before and after . i'm sure my husband and i will want to get away from the rest of the family on new years and pretty muche very other day.



do any of you or anyone you know suffer from body dysmoprhic disorder?
not to sound like a therapist..but can you describe how exactly it makes you/them feel or generally give me any sort of personal experience with it?

(no subject)

Have you ever bought an item on eBay that was supposed to be authentic but wasn't? Or something that was otherwise purposefully misrepresented?
What was the outcome of the situation?

The Ravages of Boredom

I do this kind of poll now and then to see where this community divides. It's hard to determine the true flavor of TQC unless you really take a census once in a while, and it's time to stand up and be counted.

Poll #1074378 Getting to know you


Somewhere in between


Single but taken

Sexual preference

50/50 (bisexual)


Under 20
Over 50


Spiritual, member of an organized religion
Spiritual, member of a sect or smaller spiritual group
Spiritual, not a member of any group


Far right
More centric, leaning towards the right
Far left
More centric, leaning towards the left
Completely centrist

Country where you live

Central America
South America
Middle East
Eastern Europe/Russia
Somewhere else

(no subject)

I'm trying to knit for my homework [??? I know!]
I've been happily casting on for a while, but its got to the point where I need to start a row.
I've looked online, but I don't really get the instructions, and once I get about 5 stitches in the whole lot falls off.
Any better way of telling me how?
And then how to continue the row?
Question Mark

(no subject)

Hi folks,

Is there an equivalent bit of LJ (HTML?) code, similar to that for users and communities, that provides a simple way of posting up syndicated feeds?

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(no subject)

What's that website that gives tips on how to clean virtually anything? I don't remember what the title was, but it had really awesome advice for the most ridiculous stains.
cat tea

(no subject)

1. would you rather:

a) be too tall or too short?
b) be too skinny or too fat?
c) have breasts that are too big or too small?

2. do you live paycheck to paycheck?

3. when you go out (to bars, out with friends, whatever), how late do you usually stay out? do you get tired before you actually go home?

4. kind of related to the BDD post... do you think you have a low self-esteem?

5. based on your family history, your health, risk factors, etc., what do you think you'll die from?

EDIT because it's too soon to post again: Are you patient or impatient? Or somewhere in between?

(no subject)

cut and run?

I'm usually a very calm person, but when I can't take something any more (like recently some people around me) then I usually cut and run... so I try not to get in touch with anything concerning the group/ thing/ person, and don't talk about it.

Do you also cut and run? Or do you try to find a compromise or something like that?
  • kmeghan

(no subject)

I'm going to dinner and a movie with friends tonight. We're going to see 30 Days of Night.
Will it scare the crap out of us do you think?
Do you have any fun plans?
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(no subject)

I have a commercial question for all of you...a somewhat stupid one...but still a question.

I am assuming you, or at least most of you, have seen the new 2008 Cadillac CTS commercial with Kate Walsh in it. My question is, is that...there is another one with a guy in it....I was wondering, is he an actor like Kate is or is he just some random person? (Cadillacs site gives nothing but their first names next to the videos on their site) So...I was just wondering...who is that guy?
I&#39;m fine

movie ratings

Okay, because i'm strange, i've been thinking (and yes, it did hurt) about stuff and one of the things i thought was, if my life REALLY was a movie, and the spoiled japanese rich kids WERE REALLY watching me with their little wrist watch tellivisions... would their parents be very pleased.
okay, what i mean to say is, would my life be sutable for the little brats to watch, or would it be a case of their parents watch an episode and decide to complain to the company and force them to certificate it?

my REAL QUESTION here is if so, what would they certificate it as...

so, my questions to YOU, the random questions club, is

1)do you ever get the feeling of being watched when nobody's there? (and you AREN'T doing anything wrong!)
2)do you think your life would be a sutable tv show, for the whole family?
3)what would you certificate your life?
4)am i compleetly bonkers? (optional, lol ^^)

that's all folks,
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Evil Me

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite (free) e-card website? I need a birthday card for my sister.

2. What would you do/how would you react if you were sitting in your 1br apartment and all of a sudden your front door just randomly swung open? Because I totally just almost shit my pants.
the oc

lame-ass question

 Should I text my ex-boyfriend and wish him a happy birthday? We're "friends".

Edit: We've been broken up for awhile, but still hook-up. I don't really want to write on his facebook/myspace wall because i don't want people to know that I still give a shit.. and there's no chance of running into him. I'm in North Carolina and he's in Boston.
another eyecon

(no subject)

What do you need when you're grieving? From your family, friends, yourself, whatever.

For anyone who's lost (the really bad kind of 'loss') a real, honest-to-god friend, not just an internet acquaintance (those being extremes and not meant to imply that you can only have one or the other)... what did you do about your online linkages? Myspace friends, facebook, etc? Did you leave them? Did you rearrange them so they'd be less prevalent (myspace top 8, for example)? Did you eventually delete them, and if so, how long?
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(no subject)

sO lYkE i HaV
DiS Bf N i TiNk
He MaY b ChEaTiNg
On Me.  HoW dO i KnO
4 rEaL iF He iZ?

i LuFf HiM w/

AlLz Of muH HeArT.


CUZ i ~*LOVE*~ him, drly.


Collapse )


why oh why

name that 80's movie?

I saw this movie once as a child and I'm stumped on the title. Everyone I've asked about the movie thinks I'm making it up. It's from the eighties, here's the plot:

There's this boy that lives on/by a beach (or island) and he finds a baby (tiger?) shark. It's very Flipper~esqu. He and the shark grow up with each other and are friends. Also, this kid can draw really good. He keeps drawing these pictures (in chronological order) of the same girl over and over, then one day he meets her and is all "You're the girl in my dreams/pictures." And she's says "OMG! You even drew a picture of me when I had that bad hair cut." And he's like, "You should meet my shark." So, these kids (teens) and their friend shark are amigos until shark attacks suddenly began happening locally and everyone blames the the boy's shark.

tattoo q's

So tomorrow I have an appointment to talk to a tattoo artist about a design. I would like to have him draw it for me so that I will know exactly what it will look like but as this is my first tattoo I have a few questions.

-I am supposed to put down a $40 'deposit' for this appointment. Is this a deposit on the tattoo or just paying the artist for his time?

-Am I expected to tip him for this appointment?

-Do artists usually charge extra to draw a draft of the design for you?

-Should I tell him that this is my first tattoo? I am worried about being overcharged since I don't have a good idea of what a tattoo like this will cost.

-Is there anything else I should know to avoid looking like a total noob when I go in there tomorrow?

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My ex-fiance, who came to visit me at work/eat lunch with me today and spends much of his free time hanging out with me (including/especially time when his girlfriend is at work), just texted me to say he's "grounded" (read: he's staying home tonight/we're not hanging out tonight) because he and his girlfriend are fighting.
TQC, why are they fighting?
Srs and/or/especially non-srs answers plz
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wtf ear war!!

I just cleaned out my ears and discovered why I can't HEAR anyone! HELLO WAXY BUILD !!
Has this ever happened to you?
Were you able to hear better afterwards?
Does this have something to do with my riding my bike at night?

sirius and non-sirius replies welcomed. xD

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I pu t in an application at Gamestop a few days ago and I want to know if I really have a chance, so i wanted to call maybe tomorrow about it. I know all these career education classes say you should call a job to show you're interested, but i've never actually done that before. So what should I say when I call? Should I stop by instead, or would that be too much?

Last night my friend couldn't find his wallet anywhere, we split up and looked all over for it and pretty much emptied his car. He ended up calling the cops and filling out a police report after throwing a fit for about 30 minutes where we thought he would end up smashing something, but then when we brought him home a few hours after the whole thing started, he found it underneath the floor mat. Should he tell the cops he found it? If this was you, how much would you have killed him?
I punched him in the arm and told him I'd sew his wallet to his leg so he wouldn't lose it again, I'm pretty used to his life being full of ~*dramaz*~.
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I am looking for a website that will tell me how to do any easy and nice looking updo/bun hairstyle because I fail as a girl and do not know how. Anyone know of a good site for this?
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1. do you think you're fat? eta: when it comes to say jeans/slacks.. i personally go :\! if i see that the # is going up (size wise) vs how the jeans/slacks might really fit IN that size (i hope that made sense) what about you?

2. will you show me picture of someone [that you know] that's smiling AND has dark hair? (yes, it can be a picture of you)
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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Is anybody else watching "Most Haunted Live" on the Travel Channel? Even though I'm skeptical about it all, it's still spooky.

Do you believe in ghosts?

What do you think about ghost hunters?

saw it in a movie

Request for the first four questions: If you can, try to stick with one answer for each question.

1. You can only watch one movie for the rest of your life. You don't have to watch it on repeat or anything, but it is the only thing you can ever watch again. Which movie do you choose?

2. What movie makes you want to take a spork to your eyes or bash in your own skull because it was just that bad?

3. Which actor or actress, in your humble opinion, should retire immediately?

4. And which should finally be given the praise he or she deserves?

5. How do you feel about the amount of money people in the entertainment industry make?
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What do my dorm neighbors not understand about "24 hour courtesy hours"? If I can hear you and I'm four rooms away, you are waaaaay too loud (at least this was my understanding of it). Actual "quiet hours" don't start until midnight (it's 11).
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Why would you lease a car?

It doesn't seem any cheaper. You still need to make a down payment and pay hundreds of dollars a month.

When your lease is up you might have to pay mileage fees or damage fees. You get the option to buy the car but I'm sure it'll cost more than if you just bought it originally.

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I've had a cellphone on my family's plan for about two years. I can now get an upgrade, which I guess just means I have to buy a new phone, I just get it cheaper, and have the same number and everything. I'm 17, and recently got a job. I have a few hundred dollars, so I can buy a phone anytime now.

1. Should I buy the more expensive phone with more features?

2. What kind of phone do you have?

3. Do you like the trendy phones like Razors (or however you spell it) and Chocolates?

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Does anyone know the song that's on the advert for the new Kyle XY series?

I know people hate these questions but it's been bugging me for weeks. Last resort now before I tear my hair out!

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my aunt has no job or money, she lives off of unemployment checks and stays with my grandfather. my uncle pays for her car and cell phone.

her car broke down tonight, so my mom (who makes the payments on my car) told my aunt that she could borrow my car until she gets hers fixed. my school is over 30 miles away, and i need the car to drive to school tomorrow. i won't have it back until at least sunday or monday. my mother didn't even tell me about this... i didn't realize anything had happened until i went to get into the car and it was gone.

how would you react if this happened to you?

eta: i know it's technically her car, but i wish she would have said something to me about it. i really wouldn't have had a problem with it, i can just have my boyfriend drive me to school. in my opinion, it was kind of a sly, bitchy move on her part.
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**Edit** poem is by John Debney, not Poe.. Thank you again !**
1.Looking for a wallpaper of Earth, A blackhaired woman in a white dress, a unicorn, and Edgar alan poe poem.?

i found this wallpaper many years ago and it has stayed with me for a long time.. i am just looking for it..

Edgar allans Poem .. i cant remeber the name of it but it goes

Come little children, the time's come to play, here in my garden of shadows..

the poem was turned into a song on Hocus Pocus sung by Sarah.

it would be great if anyone could help me
Thanks so much!

2. What is your favorite color?
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A different type of pain medicine?

I went to the dr today and found out I have strep throat, yea for me! *end sacarsam* When I got home I managed to swallow the first does of antibiotic and the advil the dr recommended. However now the time has come and past for my second does of the pain reliever and I can NOT swallow it ... at all! I haven't been able to talk for 24 hours and well this morning it was excruitating to swallow when I tried so I haven't been trying very much. Now the pain is coming back, getting worse and worse, and I really want to take my pain reliever but my throat is too swolen to let me.

Does anyone know of any other ways to relieve the pain that don't involve me swallowing one of these small gelcaps? My throat is swollen and sore + my right ear is all pressurized and alL I want is some reliefe so i can sleep.

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I want to dye my hair black and pink. My mom thinks it's a bad idea and isn't going to let me do it. I live with my grandma though.
So your personal thoughts about pink hair aside, how do I convince my grandma that I should be allowed to do whatever I want to my hair so she can convince my mom that I can do whatever I want to my hair?
And no, I can't convince my mom. In her eyes people aren't important and she doesn't have to listen to them.