October 18th, 2007


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 Do insurance companies usually cover breast reductions? i'm reaching a breaking point with these things. I actually have a heat rash right now because I went up another size and now my bras are too tight. if I put baby powder or something between my boobs will it stop them from rubbing together like that? And is there a single guy in here who would actually sympathize with a woman who doesn't want huge boobs? my boyfriend doesn't see the problem and it's very frustrating to try and explain it to him all the time.


The word "perverted" -- do you personally interpret it with a positive, neutral, or negative connotation?

I personally interpret it as a negative idea, an extreme, distateful, offensive level of sexual interest. My friend, on the other hand, interprets being perverted to me just means having a healthy sexual appetite.

And you?
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Oh Canada!

I'm applying to grad. schools and I'm considering sending out apps. to some Canadian schools (they are super cheap and in awesome cities).   But application fees are serious business so all things being equal what city do you think?

Poll #1073313 Which city?

Which Canadian city would you live in?


ETA: Please explain why in the comments.

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I have regular pierced ears. A friend of mine gave me a pair of earrings from Peru that are made of wood, and the sticks that go through my ears were a little big for me.

One of the sticks was tapered, so I used it to slowly stretch the holes to big enough for the sticks because I love these earrings. This was over the course of a few days.

Now one of my pierces is bleeding. The other one is fine, doesn't hurt a bit.

Is there anything I should do about the bleeding?

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There's something hanging out in my garage, TQC.

Is it my ex-boyfriend or a cat?

ETA: Also, should I get off my lazy ass and go open the garage door to see what comes running out?

It was my puppy! :( My mom went and took the trash outside or something and my puppy followed her, but didn't make it inside. My mom must've thought she's been sleeping with me (I thought she was in bed with my mom) so neither of us thought she was missing. Oh, she'd been out there for hours. Poor thing, she's getting lots of cuddles now.

I'm really glad it wasn't the ex-boyfriend though, tbh.

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I was watching the news just now while getting dressed for work and there was as story on there about Disney. It appears they made a cartoon/movie of the story of the ten commandments and are being pressured to keep the word 'GOD' out of the advertisements. I personally think that is stupid considering the subject of the movie.My understanding was the commandments given to Moses by God according to the Christian bible, am I right? If it were the telling of another religious story from a different faith I wouldn't be offended if they used the name of their deity.

Do you think it is stupid for Disney to be pressured to keep the word 'GOD' out of the movie ad?
Would you be offended if they used this word?
Would you be offended if it were a movie about another religion and they used the name of their God?
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1. So, how's the weather?
2. Are tornadoes something you get where you live?
3. If not, do you get some other type(s) of weather disasters, instead?
4. When was the last time that the weather interfered with your plans?
5. When was the last time that the weather caused your school/work to be canceled/delayed?

ETA: Where are you located?
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I go to USF and the football team, surprisingly ranked number two, is playing a huge game with Rutgers tonight.

My favorite baseball team, the Cleveland Indians are playing the Red Sox for a chance to get into the World Series.

Both are on at practically the same time.

Which should I watch? (Since I don't like to flip channels)

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I know this question gets asks every other day. But I'm old and aged and just got DSL last week, so I'm just catching up with you whippersnappers.

What's the best P2P program for downloading music (preferrably the whole album) to a Mac? In the search I did last night, I couldn't find anything that was Mac specific.
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Heavy subject matter

Do you think friends are replacing family in terms of love and support? 

Do you or have you ever gone to therapy?

Why do you think this generation coming up is so more "Emo" then generations before?

How do you de-stress?

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Sick day....

I've got a sick toddler today, and I too can't be far from a bathroom. So I called into work sick. I've got the time, so it shouldn't be an issue, right? Heck, last week my boss was getting on me about how I never take any time off!!

I called my office and told my boss that I've got a sick kid (didn't discover that I was suffering the same issue until after I got off of the phone with her) and that I wouldn't be able to make it into the office today.

I was getting my son out of his high chair and my office called my cell once already (30 minutes into my usual "shift"). I couldn't get to the phone in time, and they didn't leave a voicemail.

Should I answer calls from the office today? Or should I let them go to voicemail? I mean, is it really a sick day/day off if I'm on the phone with the office all day??
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1. What is your favorite flavored coffee?
2. What do you put in your coffee besides cream and sugar?
3. Why is coffee the best thing ever invented? EVER?!?!
4. The news is telling me I'm going to die of a tornado today. Should I skip my one and only class to camp out in the basement or is it bad that I'm missing out on a wonderful education?
5. What do you think of EVPs? (Electronic Voice Phenomenon, ghost stuff)
6. Are you scared of antique dolls, cause I am.
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Poll #1073561 X-Posts

So, TQC, how does it make you feel when one question is x-posted to here and 50 other places?

Ugh! That makes me crazy.
Meh. Don't much give a damn.
Ooooh. I like that. More bang for your buck.
People x-post their questions?

When you see a question x-posted, do you respond to both?

Yes. Why wouldn't I?
No. That's called redundancy.
Sometimes. Just to piss people off.
Sometimes. I'm usually drunk, so I don't notice until later.
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The nearest major airport to me is three hours away. There is an airport that's only 45 minutes away, but it's just a teensy little regional airport so flights there are really super expensive.

The three hour drive would be okay... except I don't have a car. I already have plans for a trip coming up in a few weeks, and I need to make travel arrangements.

How can I bribe my boyfriend to be my chauffeur?

Srs or non-srs answers welcome
except not any form of sex from me, or hookers & blow

eta: okay whatever, those answers are welcome too

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Poll #1073581 For $1,000,000, would you...

...legally change your name? Anything you want, but you can no longer answer to your current name


...get Lisa Rinna lips for the rest of your life?


...go running with the bulls in Pamplona wearing high heels?


...spend an entire year in a small cabin in the middle of nowhere? There's no electricity, no phone connections, and you're only allowed to bring 5 books with you. You can have no visitors


...agree to have the power to kill through touch, for one month? Anyone who makes contact with your skin will be fatally poisoned and die within seconds. Yourself included. You just have to find some way to endure for 30 days...and also find a way to avoid touching yourself


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What is wrong with this sentence?

"Don't let anybody tell you differently."

Should it be anyone? Different instead of differently? I am reading Heroes episodes on Television Without Pity and they did a [sic] after the aforementioned sentence, and I'm wondering what they mean.
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I think I have bronchitis again...It started off as a cold, but now my chest is tight, and ever since I woke up, I've coughing up this green mucus. Am I being paranoid? This is my third time in a year getting it.

 There is a small problem: I don't have money for a doctor's appointment, or for the antibiotics.
Will this go away on my own? Are there any herbal pills I can take? What has worked for you, when you were too poor to pay for your medical visits/antibiotics?


If you were smoking, and diagnosed with asthma, did you continue to smoke? Or did you quit?
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1. What do you usually order when you get Chinese food?

2. What cake do you usually get at the Cheesecake Factory?

3. Why can't my office get anyone to take free Redskins (as in, the football team) tickets? Are they really that bad of a team?

4. Can I see a picture from your last vacation?

5. Any plans for the weekend?

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How do you make a resume for a blue collar type? 

Someone who is a dedicated worker but can't spell very well, hasn't graduated high school and has worked a printing press, at a parts store and the parts department of an automotive dealership.

I'm trying to put it together and I'm just a little perplexed, it's not as easy as I thought it might be. He's a great worker bee who has real potential to be a manager of sorts - in the blue collar industry, mind you. 

Anyone have any suggestions or examples?

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My theater class got cancelled, so I suddenly have a significant amount of free time to waste - until 6pm, to be exact. So, here's a poll -

What should I do with the next 6 hours?

do the laundry
catch up on homework
watch season 2 of lost
continue learning french
go for a bike ride
hang out with my friends and/or boyfriend
go to the library
all of the above
other - specify in comments

[edit:] i decided to ride my bike to the library, get a few books, and then come back, start the laundry, and watch an episode of lost. After the laundry, I will hang out with my friend for awhile until 6, when I have a meeting. VOILA! Problem solved! I think I'll put off french until tomorrow, it's really for my own benefit anyway.

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Hai guise emokidinlove wants to know:

"So me and 2 friends are going to be flying to Vegas soon. We have mushrooms that we would like to take with us but we don't want to get caught and thrown in jail. My friend says that drug dogs can't sniff them out since they are just mushrooms, they smell like a vegetable. So could we pull it off?

Also, I know this has been asked a lot but, what is you Halloween costume?"
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1. are you male or female?
2. have you ever cheated on a past or current SO?
3. if yes, why?
4. has a past or current SO ever cheated on you?
5. do you know many people who are angrier, or bitter or meaner because they've been slighted or cheated on by someone they loved?
6. how do you prevent this from happening when it's happened to you?
7. how can i cheer up my friend kym who has good reason to think her bf cheated on her? (other than joking that we should call maury and get him to do a test on teevee)
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for my essay

what is another way to say "God forbid" without using the word "God"?
i cant think of another popular phrase that means the same thing, and i dont really want to be throwing the word "God" around in UCSC bioethics class...

EDIT: k no more "heaven forbids." i was actually more looking for a new phrase that has roughly the same meaning and would fit into this sentence:

Having the information public greatly increases the chances of a cure being found if, ___________, another pandemic does break out.

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What is the charge to someone who uses the services of a prostitute - ie, a John? Hookers get charged with soliciting and/or prostitution, right? What do Johns get charged with?
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1. What is something new you did today?
I borrowed a pencil from (and met) themournfulduck and her boyfriend!
2. Should I go home this weekend? It's 700 miles round trip (about 11 hours) to play a percussion gig in my hometown. I have to finish my essay (only 600 words), and the gas is free. But I am awfully tired, and my friend who is driving and I have been fighting a bit lately. But I will finally get to play a percussion gig, after nearly a year. WHAT WOULD YOU DO, TQC?

3. Should I have Thai soup, clam chowder, chicken enchilada soup, or garden veggie soup for dinner?
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TV is eating my brain

For those who watch Heroes:
We're 4 episodes into the new season, what are your thoughts and predictions?

I can't find a good reliable place to watch House this season (tv-links.co.uk has been iffy for me lately, and I've been lazy and haven't found a torrent). Am I missing anything interesting?

I'm going to the French speaking part of Belgium tomorrow for a couple of days (I have no idea which city, helpful I know). Is there anything "typically Belgian" that I MUST do or try?
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1. Relationship doctor TQC? There's a boy in my theatre class. I've really only talked to him once or twice. He's very attractive, very sweet. I only see him once a week in class. He doesn't have a facebook, so I can't check online to see if he has a girlfriend. I don't even know what year he is. All I know is that this is the second guy I've ever looked at and said "I like you" immediately upon first glance. What's the most non-awkward way to go about this?

2. Do Birkenstocks make you look like an asshole? 

3. How often do you wash your bedsheets? Comforter? Mattress pad? What temperature?

4. Anybody in Georgia going to the AIDS walk on Sunday?

5. I don't have class until 3.30, and it's 12.17. What do I do until then?
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1) Are you jealous of others?
2) Be real now, do you look down on others? For what?
3) If you work in an office, can I see a picture of it? Or your dorm room. Whichever.
4) Do you read things that you have to sign?
5) Will you tell me two truths and a lie?

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 I just found out one of my friends is in jail. She had a warrant out on her for 2 months, plus last night she type in her LJ that she wants to end it, so LJ called the cops.  I knew that her past would catch up with her, but I still for awful and but also relieved(her past includes mental health issues and drugs). I seriously hope that this finally gets her the help she needs and gets her life in order. I know that makes me a bad friend. Anyways, what I wanted to ask is:

When she is finally out and can call me, what should I say to her?
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kiv dancin.


Poll #1073585 Lunch?

What do you think about blue cheese crumbled into/on chili?

great idea!
good idea.
apathy, that's what i've got for the whole situation
bad idea.
horrible idea!
might be a good experiment.

Time Travel hypothetical

This is completely hypothetical and a bit wordy, but interesting.

Let's say that this takes place 50 years into the future. You're 18, about to graduate high school. You have a scholarship waiting for you at a good college, a beloved SO that you care about very much, and are generally happy in life. One day, you're driving, and you take your eyes off the road ever briefly to change the CD or dial a phone number or whatever, and you don't see the person in the road. Bump. You're tried with manslaughter, and even though you throw yourself at the mercy of the court, the prosecuting attorney manages to taint you as an unlikable character, and between the jury and the judge, you end up serving 7 years in prison. Prison was traumatizing and you had to do a lot of things you'd like to forget in order to survive. During your stay in county, your SO falls in love with someone else, your family generally regards you as a fuckup and of course, your scholarship is gone. Once you're out of prison, you seek therapy and without meaning to, you wind up with an addiction to painkillers. Seeking employment, the only thing you're qualified for is a graveyard shift, minimum wage, dead end job with no chance of promotion and with no health insurance. You're living at home and your parent/s regard your presence as an unwelcome intrusion into their lives that they have to endure, but you're not earning enough to find a place of your own. Life is in the crapper.

But this is the future, and there's time travel. You consider going back in time and warning your 18 year old self to keep their eyes on the fucking road the day of the 'incident', and maybe your life now would be perfect. You save up some money and you show up at the Time Travel Terminal (TTT) with a friend to make the jump into the past to correct your mistake. As you're about to enter the facility, your friend brings up the fact that you're about to alter the time continuum, and who knows what repercussions might occur if something changed 7 years ago? The present as you know it will probably be very different indeed, not only for you but everyone. Maybe the person you killed would go on to have a major impact on the world, good or bad. Maybe the person who took your place at university would make better use of the experience than you, maybe your SO is happier with the new person, maybe the child of the accident victim went on to overcome her grief and reach potential that previously she wouldn't have thought possible. Who knows. Then again, on the other hand, life since the accident has been one enormously long shitstorm for you and doesn't look to get any better.

1. Would you change the past to salvage your present, or leave things the way they are?

Elementary Music Teachers.

I just wonder this kind of stuff because I'm going into music. I may come up with another survey for secondary education, but it seems that the gap is bigger between elementary and secondary than middle and high school. And I want to see how it affected the rest of your musical career. Anyway:

Collapse )
13. Assuming that elementary music was your first musical education setting, how would you say your class/teacher influenced the role music plays in your life today?
14. Where are you from?

Sorry it's so lengthy, everyone. If you don't want to answer everything, at least just number 13. I'm not doing a project, but I do want to see how people react to their teachers. It seems that everyone I know who is really active in music had the same music teacher I did in elementary school, but there are some who were from neighboring schools who just didn't give a crap. I honestly believe that it's the fault of the first music teacher we had, and I want to know how it is outside of Harrison Township, MI.
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dick cheney...

So, I just found out that I'm related to Dick Cheney (hahaha, LUCKY ME) ... his great (x14) grandfather is my great (x16) grandfather. So... what does that make us? Fourteenth cousins sixteen times removed?

Oh, and I'm also related to Attila the Hun somewhere back there. Who are some famous ancestors of yours?

ex garbage

1. is it horrendous to get matching tattoos with someone you're dating? (no, i have not done this)
2. have you ever dated someone for a long time (4+ years) and not known who they are at all?

i've got an ex that i was with for ~5yrs. we were really good friends for awhile, talked every day etc, then he suddenly stopped talking to me when he met some dumb new girl; no explanation, i didn't do anything to provoke it. i saw via facebook they got matching tattoos. lol what. he's never wanted one before or anything. it's big and on his forearm, so it's not like it's not obvious. i'm moreso disturbed by the fact that i don't know him anymore. it's a very weird and unsettling feeling.

your thoughts? serious answers encouraged, witty answers accepted. thanks.
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My mother's daughter...

On all these "baby daddy" shows and judge shows, the guys always say the kid can't be theirs because it looks nothing like them.

Do you look like your parents?

Do you have siblings? Do you look like them?

Do you have kids? Did they look like you when they were born? Do they now?

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yummy beer!, yummy

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What is the worst weather you ever had to trick-or-treat in?
If you never had to trick-or-treat in bad weather, please share your worst trick-or-treating experience - how old were you and what made it bad?

my apologies in advance for the tmi nature of this question -
I have not changed my (fyi: super absorbency) tampon in the five hours since I inserted it, and I just went to pee for the fourth time!  So tell me, oh wise TQC - how gross am I?? 

what kind of slave?

Pretend you have a SO and you live together. Under what circumstances would you allow them to live with you for free? No sharing of the rent or bills. Would you make them be your slave?

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So, thank you to all of ya'll, because I conntacted my local counseling place about the abuse going on in my house, and they are helping me move out on my own. So, I have some wonderful questions.

They have said that they are going to pay my first and last deposite for me, so I only have to come up with the monthly rent, so, how would you use this to your advantage?

I can afford a two bedroom apartment, but I don't want a roomate, or have that much stuff, so why do I want it so much?

Should I gradually pack up all my things, or pack them all up when the time comes?

They say this is going to become a very stressful time for me. What can I do to deal with the stress?

Sorry for all spelling mistakes, I am very tired and at work and too lazy to fix them.

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I know myspace is all *boohiss* but I'm don't really have that train of thought - myspace is good if you use it right. 

For those of you who have accounts, do you have people that you don't know too well - maybe old friends from LJ or just the random few myspace friends you made right when you joined that you still like somehow but you only say something to them a few times a year? (I'm not talking about if you just add random people you don't know just because they invited you to be a friend as a habit.)

What is it about the person that makes you not delete them?  ...meh, this could actually just be a livejournal question. So replace 'myspace' with 'livejournal' and answer that.

Road Rage!

What is the stupid thing that you have seen someone do, causing them to wreck?

How many car accidents have you been in? What happened and who's fault was it/were they?

Have you ever been involved in a road rage incident before? What happened?

Do you find that a lot of people in your town just simply are bad drivers?

What should I do?

1. I am stuck at school until 8:30 tonight. I had midterms this morning and didn't bring any textbooks, so I can't do any homework. From now until 4:30 (Pacific) I have a break that I don't usually have. What should I do with this free time? Serious, non serious, and online activities are always fun.

Edit: Why is it that LJ is so fascinating and fun when you actually have stuff to do, but so god-awful boring when you're actually looking to kill time?

2. My cousin, who was my best friend, ditched me on a vacation we had been planning for months because she didn't have the money to go. I saved up the entire time, so I went without her and now she doesn't seem to want to talk to me and is preoccupied by her new roommate/best friend. I feel left out. Advice??!!!

3. What else is new?

Edit: 4. What would happen if AI or brain-computer interfaces or smarter-than-human entities rapidly accelerated technological progress beyond capability of human beings to particpate meaningfully? Would a random human underdog save us, or are we biting the big one?

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is anyone here on some sort of prescription drug that gives a nasty crash as it wears off? how do you deal with it?

i feel so shitty when my adderall wears off that unless i'm doing something important, i don't take it, just to avoid the crash. that's not good because if i'm not on adderall i'm likely to walk into a moving car or something stupid like that.

What should I do?

Edited to be less of a teal deer.

I've got two potential jobs for this summer.
Job A: Basically, I did any paperwork that needed doing. Lots of co-worker infighting, and the work itself was dead boring. But I got paid $11.10 an hour, and there's a high possibility of a raise for students who return for a third year. (This would be my third year.) Also, paid statutory holidays.
Job B: Doesn't list the pay or hours, but it's from a reliable source. Also, work experience for a field I'm interested in.

The deadline for applying for job B is January 31st, and I'd be contacted by the end of March. There isn't really an application deadline for job A, but I think applying in April for a job starting in May would be cutting things a bit too fine.

So, what should I do?
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Is today spill stuff on my keyboard day or what?

(I've spilled tomato soup twice and crystal light once, wtf?)


If you have a job, what is your favorite part about it?

Least favorite?

Random and Sundry

1. Have you ever had another question you've wanted to post but have to sit and wait until it's been long enough from your last question? How long did you have to wait?

2. I'm starting a new blog/website of reviews. Any good ideas for how to spread the word about it/where to put ads for it? (I'm not going to link so it's not a show-off-a-link question, I'll tell you if you ask though).

3. Is there any polite way to tell somebody that maybe they should trim their nosehairs? Is there anybody you know well enough that you would say that to them?

4. What have you lost your enthusiasm for since you've gotten older?

5. Are you easy to shop for when it comes to your birthday or Christmas?
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More torrents

Lemme ask you a weird torrent related question.. after you'vedownloaded one.. watched and deleted and you tried to download itagain.. did it work!? cause im trying to and it won't work.. and i needthe beginning of rescue me season 4 again!

(no subject)

Have you ever gotten halfway through a stupid argument, and you can't figure out why you're so damn pissed, but you are so damn pissed and thus can't stop arguing even though you know it's stupid and you're actually laughing at yourself?

Do I need anger management classes?
Oh bugger!

Help with a Nokia 2310

My mum got her first mobile last Christmas (the above mentioned Nokia 2310) and it has worked perfectly. Until now. Since Monday she has not received any text messages. Sending them is not a problem (my inbox had a lot of evidence). I've sent her three texts whilst we've been in the same room and she hasn't received them.

Any ideas? I've tried switching it on and off to see if it picks up another transmitter but that hasn't worked. She's with Vodaphone who usually have a really good coverage where we live.

x-posted because my mother is driving me nuts. Any help much appreciated :)

Edit: her inbox is empty.

Thanks to those who offered help. After a few frustrated calls to Vodafone and O2 (my network and who ended up solving the problem!) I discovered my mother had managed to add my name to the 'Screened' list. So she was receiving my texts but they weren't going in to her in box.

In keeping with the question theme, what drives you crazy about your parents? With me, it's my mother's ability to do strange things to technology.

Affordable rings online?

My boy and I recently decided to get engaged, and are trying to find me a ring online.
We don't want to spend too much(400.00 being our max price.  Not that we're cheap, we could just use any extra money for something more important).

So tell me TQC, where can I find cheap engagement rings online?

Edit: We found the perfect ring on Amazon.com!  Thanks for all of your suggestions!!!!  I can't wait until it gets here :-)
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So I'm Editor-In-Chief of my high school newspaper, and we're having a bit of a censorship issue.

We sent out an issue for publication and unfortunately the principal got to the newspapers before we did and threw all 3,000 issues in the trashcan [I hope he recycled them].
There was a story on the front News page that he didn't think was "appropriate" for our High School news paper to write about because it doesn't affect us, when in reality it does.

It was a well written, unbiased article on how the district is forcing all teachers to complie a list of ALL supplimental material (handouts, articles, movies, etc.) aside from the text book and have EACH [which could be hundreds] and have parents approve EVERYTHING, as well as the district. Teachers think this rule is ridiculous, and students should be aware of this new implemented rule.

As Editor-in-Chief I was forced to make a decision- either publish an explination in that blank space as to why the story wasn't published, leave it blank, or add a crappily last minute-written story.
I chose the latter after a very heated argument with the Principal.

But now it's time to really take action, so TQC, what do you suppose I do in the name of Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech?

Should we contact every local newspaper?
Pass out flyers to the student body?
Something else?

dumb question, help a sista out

you know how when you call some people, they have it set so that you listen to a song instead of listening to the ringing. how can I set it so that my phone is like that? I don't mean changing the ring tone, I mean when people are waiting for me to answer my phone, I want them to hear music on their end of the line. help?
I have verizon wireless.
Target dog!

(no subject)

Inside my Progressive statement I got a little letter explaining how my animals are 100% covered if any injury occurs to them during an while riding in my car. How cool is that!?! Does your insurance cover your pets too?
Detroit Rock City

(no subject)

I'm trying to center my halloween costume around this one pair of gold-sequined shorts I bought last year, but I can't figure out what I could be. I already used them to be a bee last year so I am hoping for something different. Any ideas?
cat tea


1. Which of these upscale shopping districts have you been to? (EDIT: Which was your favorite?)

2. Do you, like me, have a difficult time shopping WITH someone? I find that I'm never in the same shopping "mood" as a friend. Sometimes, I want to just run in and run out. Sometimes I feel like spending hours in a store, trying stuff on and buying lots. And sometimes I feel like just window shopping. Because of this, I always feel like I'm annoying whoever I'm with so I mostly go alone.

3. Where do you buy most of your clothes?

4. Do you wear hats in the winter?

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(no subject)

simple hypothetical:

You're about to give birth and there are complications and the doctor tells you he can either save the life of your child or you. Which do you choose?

Does it make me a horrible person if I'd choose myself?

Music time!

Hey guys!
I just downloaded a bunch of really good CDs and I was wondering... what was your last great music find?
Recommend me a great band or CD or something. Let me know what you just can't get out of your head!
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cannibal halloween costume

So, I wanna be a cannibal for halloween.

The only problem is I want to be a good looking/hot cannibal. Impossible task?

We're going to parties where every girl is going to be a slutty nurse/angel/devil/witch/cop/bee/school girl/etc.

And although I don't mind not being a slutty sheep, I also don't wanna be that one girl who doesn't look like she's supposed to be there.

Any suggestions on how to make a cannibal costume semi-cute? Thanks!

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We have a 10:17 flight out of DTW on Northwest tomorrow. That would put is in the big terminal. If it were you, what time would you ask the person who's dropping you off to have you by the curb to unload your bags?
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Tim onstage!

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Music is a big thing with me, and my mom tends to show some interest in the same bands I do, too; at least, when I talk about various bands and singers with her, she knows who they are. My father...not so much.

My question to you, TQC, is this: do you try to involve your parents with your interests, hobbies, etc? Or, if you are a parent, do you try to show interest in things that your kids like? Why or why not?
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This question has been asked about tattoos, but I don't think it has about this... do you tip someone for a piercing? I'm getting a little dinky nose piercing tomorrow.

Also, I have bangs that cover half of my forehead. I part my hair really far over, too. Do I get my nose piercing on the opposite side of the part or on the opposite side of my bangs?

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College kids, did you go/are you going home for "Fall Break," if you have one? I did not and I am very lonely right now.


If I were to move to Texas should I move to Austin or the greater Dallas area, and *why*?

Or if you can make an argument for some other part of Texas. But it has to be good.

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right now i want to experience a sunset with all the beautiful colours mixed into the skies. i've never seen a sunset like that because i live in a country where there are just buildings everywhere.
what do you really really want to do right now tqc?

are you inspired?
what are you inspired by?
what's driving you to do what you're doing?

serious and non serious answers welcome :D
dia de los muertos

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1. Do you always wash new clothes before you buy them?  What's gonna happen if I don't? 

EDIT: I'm tarded.  Do you wash them before you wear them?  dur.

2. Have you ever wanted to get drunk so bad that you didn't care what you drank?  Yesterday I drank a whole bottle of Hot Damn and half a fifth of Buttershots.  What's the worst thing you drank out of desperation?

3. What's on your perfect pizza?  Me - 4 different kinds of cheese, mushrooms & crispy bacon. 

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- What's the one political issue that's most important to you?

- If only one particular candidate in a given election supported your view on this issue, but you disagreed with him on most of his other positions, would this be enough to make you vote for him?

Oh, life

Why is every other girl I went to high school with pregnant?

My best friend is having a baby girl. I have no money. What should I give her or do for her at her baby shower?

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What are the most unfortunate initials you've seen? (I'm just talking about people's names... not other acronyms.)
What are YOUR initials?


Someone I know just had a baby whose initials are IRS.
My friend Steve's initials are SLOW.
I've also met an ARM and a LEG.

My initials are TAS. Literati thinks it's a word, so yay for me!

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i want to send my SAT scores, but not my SAT 2 scores through collegeboard.
but it seems like i dont have a choice. is there a way to change that..like a box i can check or something?

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yummy beer!, yummy

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Now that the weather has turned decidedly chillaaay around these parts, here is what I would like to know:

What is your never fail, "warm-the-cockles" beverage of choice?
And, if you're adding more of a kick to it, do you prefer a cream-based liqueur, like Bailey's, or a straight up spirit, like brandy, bourbon, something else?

Please, dear tqc, won't you share your cold weather drink favorites and recipes?

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I heard this song today, it went something like "through the storm and the light, you stood by my side...maybe it's time to give something new a try", and it was by a male artist. I've tried googling the lyrics, but nothing has come up. Does anybody recognize the song? It was playing in Urban Outfitters (that's where I heard it), if that's any help. Thanks in advance.

(also posted to AMA)
two hearts

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okay, she's on a cell phone, I'm in my email, texting is occurring. She's freaking out (well, not really, but she's wondering) because she doesn't know if texting to an email costs extra money. she has unlimited text messages on her plan, which is through US cellular, if that's relevant. Anyone know if it does cost extra or not?
Evil Me

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I just watched Evan Almighty (don't bother watching it if you haven't already, it's not that funny, surprise, surprise), and it had a funny after-ending. You know, when there's dancing, or they show behind-the-scenes stuff, etc? Anyway, my question is: What movie has your favorite after-ending?

ETA: Explain what happens if you can remember/can be bothered.

I quite enjoyed the 40-Year-Old Virgin, with the dancing to "Age Of Aquarius"
candy corn

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1. You have to eat one of the following. Which will it be?

an average sized cannoli
a medium raw potato

2. Are any of the following worth seeing? Thurston Moore, The Felice Brothers, Emma Pollock, Immaculate Machine.


Okay, so I've been gone for ages and ages, and now that I'm back I really want to know...

What are all of the pumpkin icons for? Can anyone link me to some major drama?

Edit: Haha, never mind, I'm a dumbass. It's October.

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What do you do to raise the confidence of your SO?

What gifts would be good for a toddler that aren't toys? My daughter has a ton of toys, and her birthday is coming up soon, and I have no clue what to tell people to get her.

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I let this guy pay me 15 bucks to write a 2 page essay for him.  I told my dad and he was like "Way to go!  That's an awesome way to study more and get paid!"  I did not expect that reaction.  What's your reaction to this?

If you broke up with someone, and started liking or dating someone with the same name, do you think it would be weird?  I've been talking to this cute guy, but he has the same name as my ex that I stupidly miss, and I think it's just STRANGE.

Jim+Pam= TOTALLY CUTE?  And Jim comforting Dwight, amazing?!  Do you love the Office?

A student got stabbed and had his car stolen in the parking lot after school today.  He's in the hospital (I don't know him).  What do you think the school will do tomorrow?

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I] If someone told you they voluntarily ate dog meat, how would you feel about that person? Voluntarily, as in their friends didn't trick them to eat it.

II] What do your favorite pair of undergarments look like?

III] What's your favorite acronym?

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Should I go home for Thanksgiving?

I have Wednesday to Monday completely off, can get a round-trip bus ticket for $120, shouldn't have that much homework by that time, and would like to escape my apartment.

But I'd be coming back to school on November 26 and my family is coming to see me graduate on December 9 anyway. So I would see them a couple weeks later.

One of my friends claims I can go home with her but I don't know if the offer still stands.

Thanksgiving at my house absolutely blows and I will be moving home indefinitely anyway so it's not going to matter if I miss one more year (I never go home for Thanksgiving). But over Thanksgiving my upstairs neighbors will go absolutely *crazy* with noise so I'll be trapped here while all the stores are closed listening to them blast extremely loud music.


1. For those of you who work, do you take your own lunch or do you go out and buy it?

2. What do you usually eat for lunch?

3. Which bento box should I buy?

Edit: sorry about my poll-making skills or lack thereof, everyone. Please just reference a photo. Thanks!

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Cat - Masked Avenger

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Is there any show or movie that you will buy all the merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, posters, etc. ) from? If so, what is it?

Where can I find a good site to get the exchange rate from British Pounds to US Dollars? Edit: Thank you hobogloves !
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shitty reading

Some people read while on the toilet.....why? I've being wondering this since i was a child.
WTF bathroom readers! When/how do you have time to just sit there? What are you waiting for? Is there a long pause between when you sit down till when things start to happen? Or do you go into the washroom at random times during the day and just wait and see if anything comes out? Do you sit there after you're done, unwiped and reading?? I am so confused.
When i get the urge i just sit on the toilet, go almost instantly, wipe and i'm done. It takes less than a minute. Are you different?