October 15th, 2007

Jongkey on stage

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How many hours a day do you listen to music? How do you listen to it (radio/cd/ipod/etc)?

Also who else waits until 11 pm on Sunday to start their weekend homework? Who is still on livejournal while doing the previously stated homework?

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I found pages of a letter I wrote to a friend in June, but never mailed. Some of what I wrote is still amusing. Most of it is stream of conciousness irrelevant stuff.

Should I send it all? Should I send some? Should I send none?
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Anyone here ever use any sort of scar reduction cream/ointment, specifically on old scars?

Which brand did you use? How well did it work? (If you remember) Where did you buy it/how much did it cost?

I probably don't, but I feel as though I need to explain this question: A few months ago I ran my bike into some barbed wire while wearing shorts (in my defense there was not supposed to be a random, half-fallen down barbed wire fence on that trail, but yeah I'm still an idiot) so now I have a bunch of scars on my legs. They are Not. Pretty.

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 Twix or Kit Kat bars?

Did/do you have a highschool sweetheart?

What are you waiting for?

Have you learned anything new recently?

How are your grades?

Should I be surprised that my younger cousin turned out to be an obsessed anime fan, when back in the day he kicked me in the stomache for making fun of his pokemon?
James Franco joint

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Good Monday TQC! (or whatever day/time it is where you are, for me, it's 8:33am)

*So, I have a 1000 word essay due on Thursday. How should I split up my time writing it? All today? 333 words a day? All Wednesday night? HELP ME MAKE CHOICES, INTERNET!
*I am going to the doctor to get medication for panic attacks today. Have you ever taken any meds for that? Details?
*It's 8:35 now, and I have a class at 9:30, and I still have to eat, shower, get dressed, and do homework. Do you ever procrastinate this well?
*Is there anything you'd like to share with me? A story, a rant, a complement, an insult? Now is your chance! go!
What do you do to get yourself focused? I've been staring at my essay prompts for 3 days...and I keep getting distracted

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Have you ever held a houswarming party? What was it like?

What is the best way to get people to mingle/mix with different groups of people at a party?
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I'm trying to get out of an on-again-off-again relationship. We're technically off, but every time this has happened he's changed his mind and asked to get back together, and I agreed. I want to be prepared for if that happens and not do this again, but I don't have a lot of faith in myself as I've chosen to try again about 15 times in the last year (not joking). I've screwed all my friends over and can't really talk about it with my family. Is there a place I can go to to get help with this? I don't have insurance for a counselor. I would love someone who's been through this that I can talk to when things get tough. Can I go to a women's organization of some sort?
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If you had to be somewhere other than where you are at this moment, and the option to be asleep somewhere is not included, where would you be?

What are the reasons for your choice?

kiv dancin.

a question that is very very important.

Poll #1071668 College Students seem to like it

Are you watching Drew Carey's first day on The Price is Right?

I Will now, I forgot
I do not care about such things.

If yes, what do you think?

He's doing allright.
He's doing great.
He's kinda suckin.
He's sucking alot, I Miss Bob!

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1) So, Madonna was photographed carrying a strap-on a while ago. Do you think she's doing Guy Ritche in the butt with it?

2) As soon as I read that, I ran to tell my mom about it because we trade celebrity news all the time. She didn't know what a strap-on was! Does your mom/would your mom know what a strap-on is?

3) Speaking of strap-ons (I'm just in a 'talking about strap-ons' kinda mood!), when I was about 12 I was playing hide and seek with two girls, Friend-A and Friend-B. We were in Friend-A's house. Friend-B tried to hide in Friend-A's parent's closet and found a strap-on on one of the shelves. She screamed and I came running in with Friend-A.

-If you were Friend-A, would you be freaked out at having found a strap-on in your parents closet?

-If you were Friend-B, would you have screamed or done something else?

4) My other friend's boyfriend told her he wanted to try buttsex. She's very uncomfortable about the idea and doesn't want to, but he wouldn't let it drop. So, she said that she would do it, on one condition: If he goes and buys a strap on and lets her use it on him first. Now he has dropped the idea because he thinks getting it in the ass by his girlfriend would be "nasty". What do you think of this arrangment? Doesn't Shanda's boyfriend sound like a dickhead? 

5) Do you own a strap-on? Do you use it?

6) How are you today anyway? Shall I rub your shoulders, m'dear?

Good morning TQC!

1. How fucking much do you love Apologise by One Republic & Timbaland?
2. What are your plans for today? Or tomorrow if it's night time where you are.
3. What's the most insulting thing your SO (ex, current or otherwise) has ever said to you without actually meaning to be insulting?

2. Laze around in bed all day, collect the kids from school, cook dinner, laze around in bed some more. It's a thrilling life.
3. My boyfriend told me on Friday that he liked the line bit on my groin/hips my where my belly started to stick out. I was like '.........................................................' And he looked horrified when he realised that it was most definitely not a good thing to say, bless him, so I couldn't get too angry. Even so. I just don't know what he was thinking.
I see stars


No matter how many times I've tried to watch it, keeping an open mind, and thinking that there must be something that I'm just missing, I still really hate anime.

Anyone else not get what's so incredible about it?

Is there something you can't stand that lots of other people think is awesome?

Does it bewilder you? 
by crop-crop-crop

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1. Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every day?

It feels like I'm the only one, and maybe that makes me boring :( I just really like cereal, toast, and yogurt!

2. Did you shower this morning?

I did indeed. I love morning showers!

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What's the worst collection a guy can have?

Beanie baby
Barbie doll
Panty (with women's faces and dates pinned to each one)
Panty (that are suspiciously in his size)
Mary Kate and Ashley movies
10 years' worth of Playboy
10 years' worth of Playgirl
Croc (this guy owns not one, but many crocs)
Zac Efron collectables, all sort of arranged in something akin to a shrine
Rather large empty bottle collection (in the hundreds, of bottles of booze he's drained)

TQC takes a field trip to a swap meet. Where will you be spending the majority of your time?

Second-hand clothes
New clothes
Vintage clothes (really old stuff)
Interesting new foods and things to spread on them
Old bric-a-brac from people's attics
Innovative new products
Political candidate booster booth of your choice
hey moon sticker

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1. I was away on vacation the past few days and had limited internet access. Did I miss anything exciting?

2. Can you recommend a song for me that can be sung by a guy whose best friend just died as sort of a memorial? (It's for literary purposes.)

3. What's the most irritating thing that woke you up lately?

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In this video
Collapse )

Why does kiwi make her scream?
And what's the yellow fruit she holds up in 1.16?
I have the lyrics, but what the heck is the song about?
And what's with the licking of things and them turning to life?
Is it as catchy to you as a friend and I have found it to be?
And do you find that you're drawn to a certain part of the song/lyrics/footage?

Batman stickers?

Can anyone tell me places where I might be able to find Batman stickers/decals?  Websites or stores, doesn't matter.  My boss has me on a mission to find at least one before we have to go to a funeral for a coworker this week.  Rolls/sheets of stickers would be great, too.

Preferably with the logo shown below, although it doesn't have to have the silver detail.  It seems I see them everywhere until I'm looking for them.  Thanks.


Moving pictures

Is there some ahh... moving image program I could download? I want to make a userpic and windows movie maker wont let me upload the completed userpic. Can I do anything with PhotoStudio?

Have you ever called in a bomb threat or similar?

If you could change one thing about your schooling what would it be (and does it relate to the previous question)?
(Fan) OTPs

NHL 2003--PC

I decided to play my NHL 2003 on my computer since it has been sitting on my desk in a while. Well, when I went to go start a game, the centers were missing for the faceoff, and when the referee dropped the puck, the screen went black except for the scoreboard and the EA Sports symbol. I thought maybe it was the season, so I deleted it and made a new one, and the same thing happened.

Anyone have any ideas?
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I need to pick a class for next semester.

Being a small-ish female about to live on my own, a self-defense course seems like a not-so-bad option.

But the other options are yoga and pilates.

So. Self defense, Yoga or Pilates?


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What are your favorite songs to listen to when you're pissed off? Anything from "you suck" to "I'M LIVID AND GOING TO KILL YOU" songs. I'm making a CD for a friend of mine who was just screwed over pretty badly by mutual friends.
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For the men

Hi boys,

You guys seem to get sort of left out here at TQC, so here's a few for you.

1) What do you find attractive in women?

2) Do you think you place as much importance on our weight as we do?  EDIT:  As in, does a girl's weight have a large amount of sway on whether you are interested in them?  If so, to what degree?  Do you have a range of weight you're OK with?  Do you think we worry about our weight way more than you even think about our weight? 

3) What scares you away, or has scared you away from a chick?

4) Anything else to add?  This is your time to shine!

Office phone woes


At my office, if you call and no one picks up after x amount of time, the call gets forwarded to a voicemail service (at a different number).

On Friday, I left the office early, so I dialed 72#[my cell number] to get calls forwarded to my cell.

This morning, I came in, dialed 73# to cancel the forwarding. It didn't work. I called Verizon, they told me it's supposed to be *73. Tried that, didn't work. Called them back, they said they'd look into it. They called me back, said it's not a problem on their end, call the VM company. So I did. Apparently, they can't do anything either, I need to contact some PBX thingamajig.

Ok, I'm stuck. I have no idea how the PBX thingamajig is, don't know know how to find out. I just want the office phone to ring instead of my cell!

What do I do?
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i'm having a halloween party. what are some good halloween themed songs i should play? i guess they don't have to be halloween themed, but at least appropriate for a halloween party.

Ha Ha

Will you tell me a funny story about something someone has said?

My story, actually my friends: My friends grandma told her that when she was younger they always used to have orgies. After a few dropped jaws the term orgy was defined by her grandma to mean late night partys with some drinking!


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on a scale of 12 to 11, with the 12 possible choices arranged as on the face of a clock, how would you rate your awareness of any habitual physical mannerisms such as tugging your ear or hair, eye twitches, hand spasms, etc.?
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So, TQC, I have a small dilemma.  I need to get this book read (about 330 pgs or so) before Wed night, when my book club meets.
note: in case you're curious, I didn't choose the book, and I didn't have close to $25 to shell out for it.  I was going to just bag reading it, but a friend just finished her copy and is lending it to me.

I have decided I will spend most of Wed reading it, but do I get off the computer now and start, and can I wait until tomorrow?  Any suggestions for how to divide up my reading time?

I know it's silly, but I will miss going without the fun and frolics that are tqc for the better part of two days - will you miss me?


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I just got a job after 2 months of unemployment yay! Well assuming I pass the drug test which will be fine. So has anyone worked at a deli before or the deli section of Walmart? What was it like? Everyone there has said it is really fast paced and busy which is fine by me. I think it helps the day go by faster.

Also what is your favorite pumpkin inspired food item or beverage?
examples: pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, etc.

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1. Do you sometimes feel like you expect too much from life? from yourself? from others?

2. My dad is anal and won't let me use the treadmill unless I've read the manual. Thing is, the manual's lost. And he says he doesn't have the time to teach me the basics. (Really though, how long would it take?) Would there happen to be some place on the internet that basically gives an outline of dos and don'ts when it comes to the treadmill? I've tried googling it, but all I come up with are guides for buying one. In case it helps, what we have is a Precor. yay!

graphic novels

Graphic novels have piqued (<---edit for idiocy, thanks

champawat) my interest - can you recommend a couple I pick up?  (I'm most interested in the superhero ones, but I'll certainly hear out some of the nonsuperhero variety)


( EDIT: Graphic novels as in comic books)

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Have  you ever fallen for a fictional character (like from a book or comic)?

Have you ever fallen for a character of your own creation?

I have an interview in three hours and my eye is swollen and gunky. How can I get it to calm down before the interview?
Book nerd

Czech linguistics/phonetics

Dear TQC, what can you tell me about the Czech language/IPA that Wikipedia and my friends who dabble in linguistics cannot?

I'm learning a song in Czech, and while I've been provided with the IPA, I've come across several unfamiliar symbols. Several I solved on my own or with the help of friends; these remain WTF-ified.

Collapse )

Edit: If I were desperate for answers RIGHTNOW, I'd possibly go ask a linguistics comm, but there are reasons I amn't (like they'd argue about irrelevant bullshit). Sometimes people know esoteric crap, so on the off chance someone knows somethin' [aware that this is worse than Greek to most], figured I'd throw it out there. I'm not COMPLETELY off my fuckin' rocker. :]

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What's something that you didn't have growing up, but have now and now you absolutely can't live without it? I'm not talking about stuff like cell phones that weren't around 20 years ago. I mean things that have been around but for whatever reason you never had them?

Mine is cable. I didn't get cable until I was 24. I'm 28 now and I don't know what I'd do without it, lol.

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Tampons don't work for me. I have tried using different absorbencies/brands/etc. and I really don't think I'm putting them in wrong. I always have to wear a pad or pantyliner along with my tampons because no matter what I always leak a little bit. I don't want to use pads only because they're gross.

It doesn't bother me that much, but is there anything I can do? Or am I stuck using both tampons and pads for the rest of my life (well, until menopause)?

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Poll #1071910 Team Justice!

You discover you have super powers! You make a suit and start fighting crime, and you're pretty good at it.Your name gets into the paper, and suddenly, a number of super hero teams are showing up at your door, asking you to join their organization, to better fight crime as a whole. Which of these factors below would play the strongest role in selecting which team to join? Pick 3 only

Health insurance, but only when you're in hero form. Your real identity is kept a secret
Liability insurance. Anyone who may be hurt in your worldsaving can file a lawsuit, and now, you're given sufficient legal coverage
Tailor on the payroll. You're not only given 10 extra costumes (stuff happens to them all the time), but all rips and tears and stains are taken care of
Pool and gym
Danger room/holodeck training center
The team's name is way cool, the team logo is badass, and you're given free business cards
Most of the team is good looking and of the gender you're attracted to
Strongly ethical and very motivated to helping out the community when not fighting crime. Uses powers to clean up parks and paint schools and stuff
Refreshingly down-to-earth and fun. When not fighting crime, poker games, parties and karoake nights are common
Low responsibility and duties. You're not asked to do much more than helping out the team when something big shows up. No socializing
Mentor who can help you learn even more about your powers
Access to the best cutting-edge, advanced technology out there. Even the military and NASA have this stuff
Corporate group. You're actually paid to join the group. It pays well, but pretty much the only missions you go on are to protect or advance the corporation's power
Corporate sponsorship. You're paid some, and the tradeoff is that you have to bear the company's logo on your costume and do one commercial a year
I work best alone

Each team has different methods and discipline it metes out to evildoers. Which method most strongly embodies your disciplinary measures?

Capture and handing over to the police, where they will then be tried by a jury of their peers
Capture and release, after they pinky-swear that they'll never do it again. Villains are lawful
Sound thrashing of evil-doer. Villain is left broken and needing medical help. You feel this strongly disencourages them from doing evil agian
Villain is overpowered, placed over your knee, and spanked for being so naughty. When they're in tears and rubbing their bottoms, they're told to think about what they're done
Time out. Villains are told to stand in the corner. If that doesn't work, you hand out demerits, and demerits lead to detention
Villains are sodomized by the Strap-On of Justice (TM)
Criminals are simply killed. The way the prisons can release prisoners early for good behavior or overcrowding, it's best to make sure these fools never threaten society again
Captured and locked away in your own Cage. Think Silence of the Lambs. Skin suits optional
Villains are dropped off in a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean. Whatever happens to them after that, it's what's fated
Criminal: Dead. Their family: Dead. Their dog: Dead. Anyone who looks like them: Dead

You're allowed to have a sidekick/partner. Pick a sidekick for yourself.

Young. Same gender. Dresses like you, with powers similar to yours, who sees you as their mentor
Boy wonder. Garish outfit. Doesn't wear pants for some reason. You live with him alone in a cave
More of a caddy then a sidekick. This person holds your gear, calls 911 or your team, summons your vehicle, etc.
Young female partner. Innocent, loyal, just, trusting. Wears skintight outfit
Some ex-soldier with a gun and loads of fighting experience
Individual with powers and abilities far greater than yours. You're a great team, but you're kind of regarded as the sidekick
Pet lion, tiger, wolf or bird of prey. Not much use except in combat
Person who's only ability is thick, impenetrable armor. Will act as shield if you get hurt
Friend. One of the friends you have now, wearing a costume like yours. Not much use, but you guys will have fun when not fighting crime
Sagelike. A Miyagi to your Daniel-san. Will offer good advice in every situation and help you to be better than you are
Capable. Not exactly the biggest help on the field. However, they're very attractive and they have a big crush on your hero persona
Robot assistant. Can be programmed to do anything from forensics to asskicking
Clairvoyant. Can see whoever you want at that very moment, and knows where to find them. Good for ambushes
Sidekick can do only one thing: make you both invisible
Interdimensional being. Enigmatic. Can teleport you anywhere you want

I werk hard

I have been at work for 5 hours, and the whole time has been spent on Livejournal.

Do you have a job where you do nothing? Do you like it?

If you DO have a job where you are busy, do you think you'd be happier with a job where you aren't busy at all?

Me: This is the 3rd job I've had where I just sit and wait for the phone to ring (which it only does about 3 times in a day). I am so bored I want to shoot myself in the head. I am looking for a new job...one where I will have responsibilities! Oh!

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Vet tech questions!

1. Are you a vet tech?
2. If so, why are you one?
3. Is it a good job to have and why/why not?
4. Is there any chance of advancement with a vet tech certification?
5. What was your experience like getting your certification (i.e. were the classes fun and challenging, did you do some sort of internship, etc)?
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Partially inspired by this post.

So my best friend is dating/sleeping with one of the [two?] managers at CompUSA. I've been really unhappy with my job, and I found out that they are hiring through him. He said that if I applied he'd tell the manager above him to keep an eye out for my application. Basically, he guaranteed me a job there over all the other applicants.

If you were me, would you apply? If you were working somewhere and found out your newest coworker got the position because of this situation, would you think differently of them?

I was seriously considering it, but I felt kind of guilty about the advantage. Yesterday my coworker was fired, and I am now getting the hours I needed (I have bills to pay!). I'm going to stay at my current job, but was still curious about your opinions :-)

(no subject)

Do you have a TV in your house? If not, why? If so, how many?

My answer..No. There are 3 of us adults that live there (22, 23, and 28), but none of us have the desire, nor the time
tiger on your couch

Bosses Day

Tomorrow, 10/16/07 is "Bosses Day", another made up Hallmark Holiday. I am unsure if I should buy a little card for my boss because quite frankly I don't think she's a great boss and I'm frustrated with her. On the other hand, while at the store with her last week we came upon a display of Bosses Day cards and we both acknowledged them - so she KNOWS I know it's Bosses Day. To not give a card could be making a statement of how I feel about her management.

Do you plan on acknowledging your boss or superior for Bosses Day? Would you do so if you weren't crazy about how your boss managed people?
Arrested Development

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You're in a public bathroom and you know that there's another person like two stalls down. Suddenly, you hear a metal CRASH and "OH GOOD GOD" from the other stall. How much does this freak you out?

. . . The little metal wastebasket for pads and stuff was stuck, and in trying to wedge it open I accidentally knocked it off the wall. I could FEEL the girl in the other stall silently WTFing, and she conspiciously stayed put until after she'd heard me leave. x)

(no subject)

Is Dr. Eljay in the house?
I think I just had a heart attack but I want to make sure before going to A+E.

Grindhouse = good or bad?

What's the worst film you ever seen?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. How was your weekend?

2. What did you do?

3. Best thing to happen?

4. Worst thing to happen?

5. My brother drove us an hour and a half in the wrong direction and, unsurprisingly, we missed our flight home. Now I'll be lucky to make it home before noon tomorrow. So, how should I kill him?

Diet pills.

I'm doing a research project and I would like some imput.

1. Have you taken diet pills before?

2. If you have taken them along with diet and exercise, did they work?
2a.How much weight did you lose?
2b.Would you reccomend using them?
2c. What kind did you take?

3. If you did take them and didn't really worry about switching your diet and exercise more, what happened in result?

For everyone:
4. What do you think about diet pills? Useful, completely unessecary, indifferent?

For who haven't taken them:
5. Would you ever take them if you haven't?

[More questions might be edited in later when I think of them.]

(no subject)

1. Will 30 Days of Night be any good?

2. I am making nachos for dinner. Yummy, y/n? What are you having?

3. How long does a cold have to last before you go to the doctor?

4. How do you feel about people coming into your home when you're not around? Do you make it a point to stay home? Such as realtors leaving a lockbox on your door, or an apartment manager coming in to do some repairs.
Zoe/Wash - well then.

Everybody Poops

The newspaper at my school recently emailed a pretty boring survey that focused mainly on hand-washing and other daily hygiene practices. [Also, cell phone use in the bathroom. Ew.] The last question, however, was interesting -- it's the first question here.

- What’s the most unsanitary thing you’ve seen a fellow student do in a shared or public place on campus? [Amend as necessary for family, coworkers, colleagues.. hell, strangers in public places.]

- Do you ever talk on the phone while going to the bathroom? Are there extenuating circumstances that will compel you to do so?

- I know [/of] several people who will not or cannot use public restrooms for a variety of nervous reasons -- if this is the case for you, is it only true for multi-stall restrooms, or 'one-holers' as well?
me - with gun

(no subject)

Is it true that there's a point on a man's head where if you shoot it, it will blow up?

Who died and made you fucking king of the zombies?

Which is funnier; Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead?
James Franco joint

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What do you guys think of KidNation?

Someone asked if they would let their kid on the other day, and a lot of people said no, so I of course started to watch all four episodes.
Do you think the emotional stress they are going through is bad for them? Do you think it builds character? How much of a brat is Taylor?!

And for those of you who don't watch KidNation:
What made you happy today?


I keep getting IE script error popups and they won't go away!  I downloaded Firefox and still get these popups.

Someone told me I can't remove IE from my compy.   Is it true?

What do I do to get rid of these popups?

(no subject)

If you found  out a friend got their job by sleeping with the manager would you lose respect for them? What if they didn't get the job that way, but were getting priveleges for sleeping with the manager?
The interview I'm going to is at a store I used to work in, and I just remembered that a girl there slept with most of the managers and got special priveleges for it, like vacation time or choosing her own hours. She was very proud of it, but it always kind of bothered me. I'm thinking I may not work there if her or the managers are still there, it was very uncomfortable.

(no subject)

1. What celebrity do you think should be given his/her own show? What kind of show would it be and why would you watch it?

2. If you don't know the answer to a question here, do you just not answer it or comment with "I don't know"?

3. What is some good news you have gotten today?

4. When you think of a question to ask TQC when you're not at home on the computer, do you write it down to remember it, make a mental note, or forget it altogether?

5. How many questions is too many questions for you to answer here?
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Is your ring finger size and shoe size the same or close to it?

I hear this works to find out a girl's ring size.

Any suggestions on how to subtly find out a girl's ring size?
Arch Rock Mack Island

LJ Comments

Does anyone else have problems with getting their LJ comments emailed to them? I have checked my settings and they are okay. I have checked my spam filters and they are okay. This just started about a month or two ago. Any suggestions for fixing this?

(no subject)

Taxi drivers who use GPS: a good idea or an indication that they have no idea what they're doing?

I had a taxi driver who used GPS a few nights ago. Then he made a wrong turn and when the GPS corrected him (it turns out he only had to go .08 miles extra so it wasn't that big of a deal) he started completely flipping out. He kept saying, "I'm going the wrong way! Jesus! Jesus!" He said "Jesus" so many times in a period of two minutes that he was making me very nervous. He kept telling me what was going on with his GPS and how it indicated he was going the wrong way (okay, I. don't. care. Just get me to the right place). Anyway, it was a very traumatic experience for me when it didn't have to be. He could have just said, "Whoops, went the wrong way, I'll just stop the meter now, sorry." But instead he had to freak the hell out. Then when the GPS corrected him he was about to turn back and probably would have screwed up even more had I not advised him to do what the GPS said because it was the one that knew the directions, not him. Obviously.

I tipped him really well because he ended up parking several houses down from where I needed to be and walking me up to the right address. I just wanted to get the hell out of there.
tick tock

polygamy, creativity, IQ tests, and flickr

1. For those of you in a polygamous polyamorous (I get it guys, thanks) relationship: if you're dating two guys, for example, do both of them date just you, or do they also date each other, do they date other people besides you and the other guy...? HOW DOES IT WORK?

2. Do you know anyone who is both very creative AND organized? I don't know anyone with both of those qualities. Artists just seem to be messy people, it's part of their charm.

I admit, even if you tell me that you do know someone like this, I don't think I'll believe you. It just doesn't seem possible.

3. This is homework, but your answer will in no way influence or help my essay: do you think IQ tests accurately measure intelligence?

4. Do any of you want to be my friend on Flickr? I just bought a pro account yesterday after using Flickr for over a year. I don't have a ton of contacts and I'd like more comments and suggestions on my photos, and I'd love to see what you people are photographing!

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stoopid gramer ??

I'm writing my thesis acknowledgements. Is it:

"Her patience and thoughtful advice during this process has been greatly appreciated."


"Her patience and thoughtful advice during this process have been greatly appreciated." ??

The first one sounds right, but the second one seems to make more sense because I'm listing two things.

I know, I know, spare me the jokes about a university granting a master's degree to a guy who can't even form a proper sentence.
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1) If something says "sign here if you're older than 25" would you think that included people who are 25 or would it start at people who are 26?

2) Why are Prison Break, Bones and House not on this week?

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I'm in Starbucks right now and two women next to me are attempting to communicate with the baby that one of them is "meant to have," who is apparently in heaven. One of them seems to be the medium between the woman and her child, and both are very enthusiastic about every single thing that has happened, taking each as a sign. The woman trying to become pregnant has apparently gone on a 12 day diet of rice, skipped to music, and various other odd activities.

Has anyone ever heard of this before? She has a book with her titled "Spirit Babies: Communicating With the Child You are Meant to Have."

Anyone know anything about this?

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Hello thequestionclub, I have many a question for you today.

1. What college do you go to?
1a. Was it your first choice?
1b. Would you choose it again if you had to go back and re-apply? (or similar applicable situations)

2. For those of you with banking knowledge: My paycheck was recently withdrawn from my account (long story) and though I'll be getting it back, I want to know what this means (if you know) : COMMENT / RTN CK ON MIGUELS NSF (MTM) (Miguel's is the name of my employer)

3. Do you think it is fair for someone to stay in a relationship even if they don't enjoy it any more, just for the other person's sake?
3a. Who is it more unfair to?
3b. Would you end said relationship?

4. What do you think of the following statement: "Don't date bisexual men, they will bring disease home to you."

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I can't believe I'm asking this.

My girlfriend wants me to shave my balls. I'm afraid I'll cut myself.
What's the easiest/ safest way to do this?
Any suggestions on types of razors or cream to use?
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1. Do you consider caffeine a real drug? Do you consume caffeine on a regular basis? Do you consider yourself addicted to it?

2. Have you ever seen anyone that publicly exposed themself?

3. Would you rather go out with someone that is ugly and easy or attractive and prude?
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Does anyone have a clue on how to make a sticker into a patch?  I've a really cool sticker I want to put on my back pack without it peeling off.  It doesn't have to be water-poof or anything.  Thanks in advance.  (x-posted to diy_stuff & craftgrrl)
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I want to take horseback riding lessons, but have no intention of ever wanting to own a horse.

Is it lame to start taking lessons at 18 (I used to when I was about 13 for a very brief period of time, and really enjoyed it)?

How do I find a place to take lessons, but won't require me to have my own horse?

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Which political party are you a member of or do you identify with?

What is good about that party? (Please list the positive points about your particular party not the negative points of other parties)
2 - I didn&#39;t quite get hear that


A stretch back I took a lot of unusual holidays off Wikipedia and one of them was Scotchtoberfest. Unfortunately, Wikipedia is doing a lot of redirects for some odd reason so the page for this holiday doesn't seem to exist anymore.

Thus, I put it to you, as it is to be celebrated this coming Sunday, what is Scotchtoberfest?
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What do you think when people say "real" instead of "really"? For example, as in "He's real nice".

Do you like chatting online? Why or why not?

What's the worst/hardest/weirdest thing you've ever been asked in an interview? (Mine's "What is in wood?") Edit: How did you answer?

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Sorry another virus quesiton.

I downloaded spybot but everytime I open the file I get a pop up saying I am out of memory.  What does this mean?  What do I do?!

Should I just throw my stupid laptop away? :(

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I've never followed a routined life. I think I'm probably in the minority though. I don't and have never had set meal times, I always just turned up to school when I wanted to and didn't when I didn't want to, I go to sleep whenever I'm tired - despite the time, I don't do certain tasks everyday, I lead a very spontantious life, I do what I want to do when I want to do it.


1. Is your life heavily based on routine?
2. Has it always been? Will I change as I get older?
3. What factors in a person's life decide whether they are routined or not? (Personality, upbringing, ammount of responsibility, ect?)
4. Are routines beneficial?
5. What type of person do you imagine me to be because of my lack of routine? (Vice versa?)


1. is season 1 of grey's anatomy worth watching, or should i skip right to season 2? i am considering going to the video store right now to pick one up.

2. i own the entire sex and the city series pack thing. however, i left season six part one disc one when i moved out of my ex's house and he won't give it back. how can i get this one disc or those particular episodes? every website i try and download them from online never works or takes hours. i would actually prefer the disc.

3. today while walking my dog in the park, i saw two ducks fighting. it was awesome. they were hitting each other with their wings and pecking at each other! OMG it was seriously sweet. what is the coolest thing you have seen animals do (not necessarily counting pets)?

4. i have heard various reasons why cow milk might be bad for me. however, i am in love with milk. i drink about a gallon every 5 days of skim. is this good or bad or neither?

5. what do you love and know it's bad for you, but are unwilling to give up? chai tea lattes b/c i just discovered them, and beer.
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Hokay, so I am making animated icons for the first time using Ulead GIF animator.

I made this:

But it's too big for me to upload as an icon. HOW DO I MAKE THE FILE SIZE SMALLER IN ULEAD? I have no idea where to do this.

Also, dongs?

When was the last time you called in sick for something when you weren't really sick?

Online workshops

I've been doing absolutely NOTHING, because some crap happened with school and am waiting for my job to start in a few weeks.

I suddently got interested in online workshops or free self learning courses. I am using www.free-ed.net right now, but I was wondering:

1. Do you also do free learning classes online?
2. Could you direct me to any sites?
3. What subject are you most interested in/passionate about?

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So, I'm looking to get pictures printed out from either Wal Mart or CVS. The problem is that the pictures are no longer in my camera. Is there a way to upload them onto my memory card? Or can I just not get pictures printed unless they're on the camera?

New question related to the old one that has been answered: Do any of these places do 5x7 or 8x10 sizes? I forgot to ask that, and they're what I'd definitely prefer.

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Does anyone know a site or anything where I can find models in different poses, clothed or unclothed? I was searching on Deviant and keep finding borderline pornography, which isn't what I'm looking for, I just need better practice with figure drawing. Someone once told me that to draw people having sex is a challenge that would help in the long run, is that true or did they just want cartoon pr0n?
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Does anyone here play the violin?

This is totally illogical - I'm 26 years old, have never really played an instrument before, but have a total urge to start taking violin lessons. I'm absolutely positive that I'll suck at it, but it's something that I really want to try.

There are places that offer basic lessons to adults instead on like, 8 year olds, right?
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My roommate is screaming at her mother on the phone because she won't give her $400 for a security deposit for an apartment she HAS to have next year. Said roommate has never held a job in her life and refuses to get one to raise the $400.

Which brings the questions...

1. At what age was your first job?

2. At what age did you consider yourself financially independent?

3. What were the factors that made you independent at this age? (Did you move out, go to college, get a full-time job and pay your parents rent like a tenant, etc?)

4. My other roommate thinks she's financially independent, but gets a $300/mo allowance from her parents. Is she deluded y/n?

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Have you ever known a woman with a herniated disk to have severe pain during pregnancy or else was told that having children would put too much strain on it (the disk) and shouldn't attempt pregnancy?

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1. Which sounds like a better option:

A) Having relatively healthy completely untameable and frizzy hair on a day-to-day basis;


B) Flat-ironing my hair about once a week and thus risking "frying" it but having it look nice?

And here is a visual example of each option: Collapse ) and Collapse )

2. When was the last time you were incredibly happy with yourself about conquering a situation you thought was impossible?


How old are you.

And are you registered to vote?

if no, why not?

24. And No im not registered. I enlisted in the military before I was 18. So I pretty much saw no point in registering, because I became goverment property.  
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I want to draw, and paint, and write beautifully, and use all of this as my escape from reality.

but... I don't know where to start.

does anyone know any writing/drawing exercises?
how can I let motivation take over me?
how can I get inspired?

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Pick 3, any 3....

1. What 3 positive adjectives describe you best?

2. What 3 positive adjectives describe your best friend/pet/choose someone you like a lot best?

3. What are 3 adjectives you wish were ascribed to you?

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is an expired condom just more likely to break than a fresh one?

does it matter if they're only a little expired as opposed to really expired?