October 14th, 2007

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For those who watch House, remember in second season when Foreman got that hideous parasite and nearly died?

And after they did that brain biopsy he had some issues, like, when asked to move his right arm he would move his left, and then they play dramatic music and cut away?

Did anything ever pan out from that?

Work question.

How can I shake the feeling that, no matter how hard I work, it'll be never good enough? I feel so lazy no matter how much fast or well I work, and I end up thinking that everyone considers me to be "that" employee that everyone hates.

Are you happy today?

And what's the worst job you've ever had?
do the d.a.n.c.e.

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Do you have a cold?

When was the last time you were sick?

Do you buy Halloween/Valentine candy the day after when it's cheaper?

How long do you play Monopoly before giving up?
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Thomas Crown Affair 1968 Version

I can't figure out the ending to the Thomas Crown Affair 1968 version (NOT the more recent remake). Maybe it's just that my television sound is bad, but I've watched the closing scene several times and I just don't get what happened. The internet summaries I can find refer to a "twist" ending, but I can't figure out what the twist was.

Is anyone familiar enough with this movie to explain the closing scene? What's the deal with the telegram? Why does the Faye Dunaway character cry? What are the implications that I'm just not getting? I also don't understand the whole purpose of the second bank robbery.

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1. Has someone ever hated you so much they moved out of state (or province or perish or what have you) to get away from you?

2. When's the last time you put on deodorant?

3. What's your favorite Law and Order spin-off?

4. What shitty thing happened to you today? Or, to broaden the horizon, did you realize today that something terrible and shitty has been going on with you, that you didn't notice or pay much attention to previously?

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How do you make yourself stop procrastinating and just do whatever you're supposed to be doing (for example, let's say you had a paper due Monday and you haven't started yet/have no idea where to start)?

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the boyfriend and I are watching 28 Weeks Later, he's a wimp and wants me to turn it off. I gently explained to him that we have to watch it so that when the zombies come, we will be prepared. He replied "No zombies are coming!"

...please back me up here, the zombies are coming, right?

Childhood stuff again

When you were younger what sort of odd things did you play with when you got bored of all your regular toys?

When I got tired of playing with dolls I'd play with other random objects in the same manner, usually chess pieces.

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Dear TQC,

I finally made up my mind and adopted a dog. He will be coming home with me [after being neutered] on Monday!

So, TQC:
1. What was the last new pet to be welcomed into your home?
2. What other pets would you like to have?
3. What's the coolest trick your pet[s] can perform?
4. What's the grossest thing your pet[s] has/have ever done?
5. Are pet questions better than SO questions?


Picture of the dog I chose under
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it's 6:03am and I feel like poopoo so here I am sitting at my computer because the room it's in is warmer than the one I sleep in.

Do you own any interesting pairs of socks? When do you wear them?

Have you ever been pantsed? (eta: someone deliberately pulling your pants down, usually in front of a large group of people.)

Do you have dreams about your pets?

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1. How many shots does it take to get you ______?
2 and I'm drunk, 3 and I'm shitfaced *lightweight*

2. Is it normal to be sleeping in your boyfriend's room every weekend after a month of dating?
Not sure how I feel about this.
cat tea

(no subject)

1. What do you do to help or better yourself?

2. What hobbies do you have?

3. Who or what can always make you smile, regardless of your mood?

4. If you have a cat/kitten, do they come over to you when you call their name?

Social Science Fiction

Does anyone know of a literary agent or publisher who would be interested in helping me publish a social science fiction novel that invokes libertarianism and antipsychiatry? The novel is somewhat of a mixture of Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein," Michael Crichton's "Jurassic Park," and Crichton's "State of Fear." It is about a secret military operation that the American government is performing, which involves using the American citizenry as unknowing test subjects for biotechnology designed to protect them from biological terrorism. Like "State of Fear," it is experimental in the aspect that it uses citations of real sources, such as quotes of Bill Clinton, Ann Coulter, Huey Newton and also older people like Aeschylus, John Stuart Mill, and Mary Wollstonecraft. Strange as it might seem, Donald Rumsfeld and Enrique Iglesias also have cameos in the novel. The story discusses both science and philosophy, especially genetic recombination, medical ethics, and a comparison and contrast of polities (forms of government). Please tell me if you know of someone who would like to help me publish this novel.
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Who are you more likely to believe:
-Your best friend of nearly 15 years (who sometimes has a tendancy to lie)
-Your daughter (who you're supposed to trust but every mother has suspicions)

What are you having for breakfast?

It's 9:30am and we need to be at the cinema for 11 (and it'll take forever for my auntie to get ready -_-). What's the best way to wake everyone up? (serious and non serious :D)

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Pie or cake?
I like pie!

What's your fav kind of the choice you made?
I love lemone cream, blueberry, and the occasional pecan.  And pumpkin...

What do you pay special attention to when grooming yourself?
I'm super anal about my nails.  No nail polish or anything, just filing and buffing.  A lot of people compliment them too!

My sister set me up on a playdate (to make friends) with her friend's daughter.  I'm horrible at meeting new people because I'm carelessly awkward.  What are your predictions for the terrors that could happen on this date?

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So I just checked my voicemail for the first time in probably a month. Most of it was useless stuff I hate listening to, like my parents being like "It's two minutes after school and you haven't come out yet where are youuuuuu?" But there were two messages that were kinda important. My phone did not tell me when they were sent but they were at the end of the list, so I'm guessing 2ish weeks or so ago. Probably no more than a month.

Both messages were about tutoring.

First: From the kid I tutored last year, asking if I could tutor "this month." I have no idea what month "this month" is. Possibly September I guess.

Second: From my neighbor from across the street, asking if I could tutor their daughter. Now this is my fault that I missed it, because I forgot that I gave the school my cell phone number for people to call for tutoring.

Ummm, since it's been about 2-4 weeks since each called, should I call back? Should I talk to the first kid if I see him at school (90% of days I do)? Or should I assume they've forgotten/found someone else/whatever? D:

eta: I should add that the person I tutored last year never told me I'd be tutoring again this year (even when asked). I haven't even advertised tutoring this year yet (I was going to start next month) so... yeah.
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What is wrong with college football this year?
Who do you think is going to end up undefeated? Do you think being undefeated makes you worthy of a spot in the championship game? Even if you are USF or Hawaii and play no big name teams?
Bug-eyed Earl


What trip do you think would be more efficient, gas wise?

A 13 mile trip on the highway or

An 8 mile trip through town?

If I go through town there's lots of stop lights and turns, but it's like 5 miles shorter.

If I take the highway obviously there's almost no stop lights on the trip but it's a longer distance. Though usually highway mileage is more efficient.

Both trips take the same amount of time.

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I've been bored in the evenings and have been considering taking some night classes for fun.

I checked out the spring 08 catalog of my local junior college and only found two courses that both fit my schedule and appealed to me:

Which would be more interesting to learn, sign language or pottery?
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Do you have experience with soft paws or soft claws for a cat?  Did your cat get annoyed with them?  Could s/he even tell s/he had them on?  Were they hard to put on?  Are they worth it?  Did they last the 4 to 6 weeks they say they do?  Any other infoz you wanna share with me?
I has a hat
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As a pedestrian, do you wave your hand to thank a vehicle for stopping and letting you walk at a crosswalk in a parking lot, or do you feel it's not necessary because you have the right of way?

As a driver, does it annoy you when you stop to let someone walk at a crosswalk, and they don't acknowledge you? Or do you feel it doesn't matter because it's something you're supposed to do?

I stopped to let like 5 people cross at a crosswalk while driving through a parking lot today, and no one acknowledged it, and for some reason it really, really annoyed me.
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Taking a chance on this question...

here we go....

I am 26 years old and am very sexual. I like to have sex a lot. My bf is 35 years old and has gone through chemo, so he is sick a lot. I have no doubts that he is turned on by me, when we *do* have sex it's great, but I am feeling very neglected... sexually speaking. I love him. I know that he is not the man he used to be, so I'm trying not to be selfish. Every night I dream about sex, and masturbation is not cutting the cake so to speak. Tell me TQC, what should I do to keep myself satisfied and to not hurt his feelings?
Any of you out there not getting enough sex?

grammer questoin

This is a simple question but I can't think of how to phrase it in a Google search query, so...

If the word "a" precedes a noun that starts with a vowel, it gets turned into "an", right?
What if I am writing a sentence where the word "a" precedes a word in parenthesis that starts with a vowel, but the preceding word OUTSIDE of the parenthesis does not start with a vowel. In this case, the fragment I was writing is: "a/n (almost) free trial" Should I be using A or AN?

(PS This is not a homework help question, I just wondered. Also, I know that's probably a poorly phrased sentence fragment right there, but the issue might come up in a different sentence and I wouldn't know what to do!)
*betty draper reading


EW! I just opened a new jug of milk that I bought this morning, and it smelled SOUR! Then I checked the expiration date: October 9! GROSS!

Has this ever happened to you? Did you throw it out and buy a new jug, or did you take it back to the store and demand a refund?

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Do you play Kingdom of Loathing?

I just got hooked.

How can I lower my drunkeness?!  I'm too drunk for adventures and I'm losing meat!

Other than that...how are you?  Anything troubling you today? 
Someday I'll be a flower

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Dear Chef TQC,

I would like to make some freezable lunches over the weekend so I can take them with me to work during the week without waking up earlier to make a sandwich. I also would rather make "homemade" lunches than freezer meals, cuz I'm tired of freezer meals after three years. Do you have any suggestions? I'm guessing PB&J sandwiches aren't very freezable...

silly myspace question

Is there any way to know who has unfriended you on MySpace? I see that my number of friends has gone down, and then I really wanna know who. And I always go through my friends list and obviously if I can't figure out who's missing, they weren't really my friend, plus it's myspace, who cares? But it still bugs me to no end, I wanna knowwwww!!!!

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1] I'm going to New York for a week.
What should I pack?

2] What travel tips + tricks do you have?

I3] f you don't live here, have you ever come to England for a holiday?
What part? What did you think?

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 At what point do you consider a couple technically engaged? Is it when they decide they want to get married, does a ring have to be involved? What?

And I have a mystery! My dog broke her leg last night, we have no clue how. She was let outside into the backyard with the other dog just before bed and a few minutes later she was screaming and her leg was bloody and bent oddly. The other dog was shaken and didn't want to go back outside afterwards. We have a 6' fence around the yard, and a 5' mesh fence around our vegetable garden. We checked for any animals, any breaks in the fence or blood anywhere else, or anything she could have hurt herself on around the yard. We didn't find anything in the yard, and the vet had no idea what happened either. Any ideas, TQC?
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What do you do for a living?
What's the best thing about your job?
What's the worst thing about your job?

I'm an occupational therapy major and a special-needs nanny.
I get to spend every day with my favorite person on the planet, who happens to be my ten-month old cousin with down syndrome. I don't have any health insurance, which is the only bad thing I can think of.

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I just got a bunch of old pins from a yard sale. Some of the bands include The Beatles, The Who, Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Foreigner, David Bowie, ect. Some of the pins are really really detailed. I'm wondering if any of them are valuable.

Does anyone know of any websites where I could look something like that up?


Will you post some pictures of your pets? If you don't have any pets (like me :[) will you post pictures of some pets you'd like to own?

Also can you name some breeds of dogs that are all white? I can only think of various types of toy dogs but I'm talking more around medium to larger dogs.
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Are you putting anything off?
I need to be writing a philosophy essay for Thursday, but all I have is a heading and a thesis statement. :( I figure I will write 250 words a day, and have it done on Wednesday...
What was the last thing you ate?
Lemongrass Thai noodles, it was freaking amazing.
Did you have a good weekend?
Better than I've had in a long time.

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1. Are you enrolled to vote?

2. Do you think it is a political tactic when the government closes the electoral registrations just after announcing it's running?

[Edit]3. If you are not enrolled the vote, why not?

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1. Favorite Emoticon?
2. Favorite song atm?
3. Favorite class you've ever taken?
4. Favorite voice?
5. Favorite greeting? *Edit: favorite way to greet someone, sorry.

And not a favorite: What do you say/do to roommates who are dirty and won't clean up their stuff in the shared commonarea?

My a's:
1. D:
2. Divine Romance by Phil Wickam.
3. Creative Writing fiction
4. I love Michael Buble's voice..
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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So, for halloween instead of being loud and obnoxious and drunk in public places, my friends and I are opting for a drunken scary movie marathon complete with mass consumption of "fun sized" chocolate bars.

I'm a huge scary movie buff and have loads of scary movies I love and could chose from for our 12 hour viewing but I can't decide so....to get a general idea of what people think would make for a good scary movie marathon.

what's your favorite scary movie?

and on a side note

what's your favorite movie snack?
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Cuz I know you guys are faster than any comm dedicated to this sort of thing specifically:

Anyone with xBox360 Live, are you able to sign on or not? We're having troubles suddenly, it WAS working fine, until about 2 minutes ago. :(

We ran the connection test, and it only fails when it hits the "Live" part.

Nevermind, apparently the server had an abortion of some sort.
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I'm in a statistics class and have recently been learning about probability and odds and I am curious -- has anyone ever legitimately calculated the probability of life occurring again in a given universe, based on the certain properties that must be present for life to exist?


What breed of kitten/cat do you have? Can you post a picture of he/she/them?

Does anyone have any experience with Siamese cats or kittens? Any advice for a new siamese kitten owner?

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What's a good  way to get over stage fright? My boyfriend keeps asking me to sing with a new band he's trying to start up, but I'm terrified of singing in front of people. It took me a year and a half to sing in front of him! It seems like it would be fun to do, though.
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I'm filling out job applications and for references I want to put this person. Now, this person is a friend as well as an ex-girlfriend. Would putting "ex-girlfriend" as my Relationship To Person show that I have the kind of character that even my ex's speak well of me, or is it just a bad idea and I should put "friend"? okay, friend.

edit: also, one of the jobs I am applying to is a Subway. I've worked at a Subway previously, but they have since gone out of business. The area is actually a Cousin's Subs now. and I have no way to get in contact with any management, etc. In the lines for address/phone number/etc, should I just put "went out of business"?

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what sounds what you consider "specific to our generation"? (And assuming that the people answering are in their late teens to their 20s)

Pogs slapping
cheesy Nokia ringtones
nylon Umbro shorts running together...
burning words

graphics + printing

what format is best for saving a graphic to print? i use Paint Shop Pro and am used to saving images as PNG for online stuff, but i want the best format that will make it look great after printing.


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dear tqc,

my feelings are all over the place. how are you today? anything interesting/(insert suitable adjective)?

(edit) btw, have you ever seen anyone with a flesh growth beside their ear? I'm really curious, WHAT is that?(/edit)

serious/non-serious answers welcome :)

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I found out the kid who I've kind of been talking to recently has a girlfriend. He hasn't mentioned her to me and has actually completely avoided the subject when anything about girlfriends comes up. Other people at work know about her, his girlfriend, but he has also talked to this other girl about them not doing so well?

My question:

Even though he has a girlfriend, should I keep talking to him and getting to know him, and going out with him or should I say no because he has a girlfriend and it wouldn't be right?

What are your opinions on the whole, "one girl can always win the currently taken guy over?

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1. What are some of the little fights you've had with a significant other or family member?
2. Did it elevate to more than what they should have been?
3. Was it resolved?

1. My ex made fun of me for having a mustache--I bleach it mind you! If I ever made the slightest mention of his hairline, he'd flip out.
2. Kinda, we got in a screaming match
3. No, we just never talked about it again.
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birds building

I wish I could

1) Have you ever accidentally killed a pet? It doesn't have to be yours. And if it wasn't yours, how did you tell the person/how did s/he find out?

2) Have you ever had grape pie? I swear I've asked this before and I am the only person I know who has had it, outside of my family.

3) When I say "Oz," what is the first thing that pops into your head?
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I was just made aware of the existance of ARGs a couple days ago. I guess I sort of knew these things existed, but I didn't know there was a name for them or that they were so common. 


1. What are your feelings on this genre of entertainment?
2. Are people who are really into them total losers? Or do you see the appeal?
3. If you had typed "ARGs," would you have put an apostrophe in between the "G" and the "s"? Would you have been right if you had? 

My answers:
1. I'm not sure, but I think I get it.
2. I see the appeal, but that might make me a total loser.
3. I don't think there should ever be an apostrophe unless we're talking posessives. But I guess it is common practice to put them before the "s" if you're pluralizing an abbreviation, too. I don't know.

Hell - Picasso Devil

(no subject)

Does anyone have or know where I can find the music video to Tom Jones and Cerys Matthews doing "Baby It's Cold Outside?'" I've googled and found a live version but I'm after the original video.

(no subject)

1. why does everyone hate getting Rick Rolled so much? There are so many worse things to get linked to.

2. I'm desperately trying to find a picture of a hairdo I can't describe. it's like a big teased round bob. do you know what I'm talking about? can you assist me? (I'm looking for it for no other reason than I was trying to describe it and I can't.)

3. what's the funniest name you've ever heard?
mister q

wrong hole

This boy at work insists girls pee from their butts. He tells me this every single time I take him to the bathroom, if I'm also bringing girls. He says he knows this because his mom has to sit down to pee. I'm sure he will tell me about this again. I usually just ignore the subject or say something like "great" or "I don't care."

I am certain he will tell me about girls peeing from their butts again. What should I say next time? It's obviously not my place to tell him where girls pee from. Should I just continue to tell him I don't care? Or is there something better I could say? It's an after school care program and he is in 3rd grade if it matters.
by crop-crop-crop

My questions never relate to each other.

1. What's your favorite chip/veggie dip?

I love salsa for chips, but veggies have to have french onion.

2. Was today a productive day for you?

I like to think it was. :P

3. What is something you still have left to do?

I have to make a few phone calls that I've had to push to the back burner.

4. Is your desk clean or dirty right now?

Mine's pretty filthy. It's kind of the catch-all for papers, not to mention empty bags.

5. Do you take a multivitamin/supplement every day?

I didn't ever take them, but I've gotten into the habit of doing so this past month.
Typing Monkey

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I don't know what's wrong with my Yahoo! Account, but it keeps telling me my user ID/password combination is wrong. I've had the same ID and password for 8 years. I tried reseting it but apparently I put in the incorrect birthday or something way back when. What else can I do, to get into my account?
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(no subject)

-what is the best cheese to use when making homemade mac&cheese?

-how many days a week do you get to sleep in? How many times a week do you take a nap? For how long?

-what is your favorite time of day & what are you usually doing at this time?

Network folks!

I just got a call from a friend. His computer just died at work. He called his supervisor to let her know, and the supervisor said that she knew that he'd been on MySpace moments before the computer crashed. She knows because a director checked.

I asked him how he logged into the computer. He says they start windows and an XP windows profile box shows up. They click it (that's it) then the internet boots up on its own when Windows does (like you might do home). There's no username or password to be entered before hand, either to log on to the computer or to access the internet.

Through my limited network knowledge, the only way they could track internet usage is if he had to log into work's servers. If he had to enter a user name and password to get into the server, computer, and only then, the internet. Right?

Other than checking the browser history/cache (which the supervisor hasn't done, since they have no access to the computer right now), is there any other way work can monitor his internet usage?

The director in question is at home, since it's Sunday night. Can she remotely check something like that from her home computer, when her job isn't even remotely computer related at all? I don't think so, but...

He's freaking out and I don't know how solid my knowledge is, 'cause it's not comforting him any.

(no subject)

i didn't lose my virginity in a normal way and i've always wondered...

how did you feel the day after you lost your virginity?
did you feel regretful/empowered/something else?
how old were you? (and what is the "average" age anyway??)

(no subject)

I work as a cashier at a co-op. Two of my coworkers were dating, and I was on break today when one of them (a fellow cashier) came downstairs and read a letter. She was bawling by the end of it, and when I asked what was wrong she said "I think he's breaking up with me." Other coworker (who wasn't working at the time, he came in JUST for this) comes in, goes through her line, gives her the letter and LEAVES. They work together, so it's not like he can avoid her in the coming weeks.

Is this THE most cowardly and generally disgusting way you've ever heard of to break up with someone?

(no subject)

 I can't find two communities.

One was call  one hundred words or something like that, where you posted someone using GASP! 100 words.

The other was about life lists.

Do you know which communities these are?  Link please?

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Neil Gaiman

1. Following that Young Adult post, let's talk about Neil Gaiman - favorite book of his and why? Don't spoil it for me though. I really don't know much about him but I watched Stardust and loved it and I figured if he wrote stuff like that then I'd read it.

2. Second question: Favorite comic book character and why?
My A: Quicksilver from Marvel comics, because he's complicated and snarky and Ilovehim.

3. Do you like using public bathrooms?

4. Let's say this: You really really really had to use the bathroom and the next available bathroom is a building or so away or you're in the middle of class and you had to go and go right back. In this bathroom, you go into the only stall that's working to see a roach on the floor by the wall. Do you still go or do you find another bathroom? Do you kill the roach? If you kill it do you look around some more?

5. How many ear piercings do you have?

And edit, 6: Do you call shotgun? Do you always get it?
fuck that

(no subject)

new dexter in 16 minutes. who's ripped?

do you watch tv on a regular or semi regular basis? i just haven't had a need for it in years. but somehow serial killer superhero means i need to be not leaving the house for an hour tonight. guilty pleasure i guess.

when's too early to carve your pumpkin?

(no subject)

If you eat steak, how do you like yours cooked?

I like mine medium rare. Though I did have what was quite possibly the rarest steak ever in San Sebastian (Basque Country), and it was omgz teh best evar.

(no subject)

1] What's your usual response when people compliment you?
I usually say, "Thanks, I try." Regardless of what I'm being complimented on.

2] What are some things that are inevitable in life besides aging and dying?!

3] What's the last illegal thing you did?
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(no subject)

Hay TQC, I found some drugs in a bag today. They're labeled as "Seroquel", and Wikipedia says it's for treating schizophrenia amongst other things.

What should I do with these pills? Oh lawdy.

(no subject)

my new potential other hasn't heard the awesome that is daft punk

if you were going to make a mix cd of their greatest hits, what order would you do their songs to make it flow nicely, quite possibly to finish with the genius that is rollin' & scratch'
rockies baseball


which team will win the National League Championship?

the arizona diamondbacks
whoever suzermagoozer is rooting for

which team will win the American League Championship?

the boston red sox
the cleveland indians
who cares? the national league rules!

who will win the world series?????????

Diamondbacks, lol
kiv dancin.
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language and music, etc.

what is a song that you love that is sung in any language that is not your native one?

that was awkward, i know. i just wanna know what your favorite song is that's not in the language you were born speaking.

for me, it's this, although this is a close second.
gasp zooey

(no subject)

What was the last thing you did that you KNOW you will regret for the rest of your life?

Why is my roommate so obsessed with stupid reality shows? (I'm not saying ALL reality shows are stupid...although I haven't seen any good ones...but she seems to be obsessed with the WORST ones.)

If you could lock one celebrity in your basement for the rest of your/his/her life, who would it be?
writing my deepest secrets.

books that suck.

Have you ever read a book that initially seemed to have an interesting premise, but once you started, it was nothing like you expected? And you kept on reading and reading it and thinking that it just had to get better, but it didn't?

Are you the type of person who would put a book that bad down and never pick it up again (except to possibly toss in a fire if you're freezing to death) or would you keep reading it through the end, even though it's horrifyingly bad and you are wondering who the author bought off just so that it'd get published?


Okay, after my dad has a shower, and then I go in the bathroom after him, there's often this high powered torch (flashlight for you americans) in there sitting on the bench (which apparently is a word for seat for you Americans. It is for us too but we can use it like 'counter' or 'table' or whatever too... let's just go with 'sitting on the cabinet/dressing table thingy that's in the bathroom'').


This may be sortof heavy for the question club but...

I have to write an essay on the relationship between the speaker and God in John Donne's "Holy Sonnet XIV" also known as "Batter my Heart".

Is anyone familiar with this poem? And can lend some insight on it in regards to my topic?

*** Also is there any sort of site like www.sparksnotes.com but for poetry.. or maybe even just a better site than sparknotes.com that offers some critical analysis on literature and poems?


(no subject)

Do you use Pandora? Do you like it?

Did you find new artists from it? What are some of your favorites?

I'm on an Imogen Heap/Frou Frou kick lately. What band have you been listening to?

Also, what kind of things make you laugh? What's one of your favorite jokes?