October 13th, 2007


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do you do anything that you never knew you did until somebody told you?

what is your secret cure for a terrible headache, minus pain relievers of any sort?

if you won a shitload of money and planned to give a big chunk to charity, to which cause(s) would you like to donate?

my husband told me that when i first meet people, i always try to hide this big old scar on my forearm...even if i already have long sleeves on. i never knew that.

diabetes research and breast cancer research.
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So I was at Disneyland today, and there were all these pumpkins everywhere. What's up with that, is there some sort of joke I'm missing?

By the way, did you know that the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland gets you a whole hell of a lot wetter than the Splash Mountain ride at Disney World?

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have you ever made whipped cream by shaking cream in a tupperware/ziplock bag/some other such enclosed space?

What about butter?

(I did for the first time tonight, and enjoyed the whipped cream in chocolate malt ovaltine. The butter is now in my fridge.)

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How do you learn new words/expand your vocabulary?
Any techniques?

Have you ever wanted to do something so badly that you obsessed about it?

Have you ever pushed people away because of a residual pile of anger that built up?
How did you free yourself of said anger?

What's something you've always wanted to be asked?

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If you ate something only to be told a minute or two after you finished that it contained human flesh (I guess you didn't notice because it was ground into tiny pieces and lost in the rich flavor of the rest of the dish?), would you try to make yourself barf to get it out, or just let it pass through your GI tract naturally?

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What do you think about the message emo music (in general) sends to girls? To boys?

Edit: Man, I just get worse and worse at phrasing questions. I mean songs that can be described as emo follow some conventions. For example, the speaker is a sensitive young man, usually white, usually misunderstood, usually cheated on by his girlfriend, etc. Feel free to dispute these points; I'm no expert. But the genre takes a certain worldview for granted; what do you think of that worldview, and what it tells girls and boys?
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Should it be illegal to have someone start work at 5:30am on a Saturday? y/y

Last night I was looking through my jewelry box and made a surprising discovery. I still have my ex-husband's high school class ring. If it matters, here's a bit of background. We started dating in high school, got married a couple of years after high school, and have been divorced for almost 4 years. He was a complete asshole to me, and I haven't spoken to him since our divorce hearing. What should I do with it? I can probably find his address and mail it to him, or I can get rid of it in some creative way. So tell me, WWTQCD?

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What would you do if someone asked here who wanted a vgift, told you they'd give it to you, and never do? Cry, kill, or both?

Do you carry around a large purse or a small one?

Would you wear this?
What about this?

I have a black dress for homecoming. It's pretty plain, with a little bit of lace and a pleated skirt. I'm probably going to go with a pearl necklace/earrings. Any other suggestions?
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cmon tqc, gimme something to look forward to reading after work today.

7. Ever been to London? Do you -live- in London? Tell me some of the fabulous things about the city, I am curious as all get out and want to hear from real people on it. Not just the touristy things, but the stuff *you* dug about it.

38. Is it cold where you are this morning? Where are you? I'm in Louisiana and it's like, 49 right now. That's brr for me.

12. Yo, HP fans: Which of these d'you think is better for a Tonks costume for halloween? this one or this one? And do you have any better ideas? I've got until the 29th to get it.

59. Have you ever participated in a Halloween function where you dressed up and handed out candy to kids? I'm doing Zoo Boo this year and I am so psyched, all the little kids are so adorable.

Neck lines???

Can any of you women (or men) tell me what kinds of different "neck" or collars, or...whatever the crap you call them....there are on women's shirts?

I know there's V-neck, scoop-neck, etc...  I'm looking for the name of the neckline I have on this shirt here... It pretty much goes straight across your neck or just below. You know, the hole where your head goes in...lol...when it sits on your chest, the neckline goes straight across.

Crap...I can't describe it..

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A co-worker/friend of mine has had a very bad year.
Last year, two months before he was supposed to marry his fiance of five years she died extremely suddenly from a blod clot that went to her heart.

The last few months he has been seeing an amazing woman and really developing a great friendship/relationship.

Now this relationship has fallen through... She wanted it to end, not him.

Obviously he is feeling like he will never find love or happiness, and is quite angry with God.

So, TQC, what do I say to him? What would be the best thing to do?
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1. If you're married or have been married, do you still keep in touch with everyone in your wedding party?
2. How long have you been married?
3. If you don't keep in touch with everyone, why not?
4. Do you have wedding pictures out anywhere for other people to see?
5. If you could do your wedding over again, would you change anything?


1. Do you consider yourself to be a generally patient person?
2. When was the last time you lost your temper because of being impatient?
3. Is it too much to ask that grown adults in the workplace understand how to forward an email to a colleague or minimize a window?

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 Shamefully, I ended up watching a few minutes of Hannity last night while nothing was on.

He was saying how if he was Al Gore he wouldn't have accepted the Nobel Peace Prize because Yasser Arafat was awarded one, and he wouldn't want to win an award that a terrorist had.  

1.  Would you accept the Peace Prize even though a terrorist won it too?
2.  Do you think Hannity is full of crap and would have accepted the award regardless?  I think he's just throwing a bitch fit because it was Gore. 

EDIT:  I just got my desk and a bunch of New Yorker's from my aunt and uncle who kicked me out two months ago.  They tore off the address label from the mags.  Why do you think this is?
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So, yesterday I was in a fairly bad car accident. I was traveling maybe 35-40mph through an intersection and a woman ran the red and hit me square on the driver side (probably also doing about 35mph). I spun around and landed against the curb with my driver's door peeled all the way up to the front bumper. I was so shocked and everything hurt. Within 10 seconds there was a woman at my side, holding my hand, and making sure that I was alright. She stayed right there and kept me from completely flipping out until the EMTs arrived.

I'm sure she gave a witness statement to the police. So the question is, if I can figure out who this wonderful woman was, would it be too weird to send her a "thank you" card?

This was a brand new car (I picked it up on 6/19) -- have you ever totaled such a new car?
Do you have any tricks for keeping the large abrasion on my neck (from the seatbelt) from getting super crusty? I'm not sure how to stick bandages on it.
Is it weird that the police didn't talk to me? I never even saw the car that hit me and I couldn't look at the scene because they didn't want me to move my neck.
I was on my way to work to turn in my two-weeks notice -- should I take this as a sign?
Any other advice?
Want to see pictures? The Car and Me

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WHY is finding someone on the planet to have sex with the most DIFFICULT thing in the world (for me anyway)???????????

EDIT: male enhancement drugs? Y? N? BS? Should I have saved my money?

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When you wear red & green or black & orange or some other "holiday" type color combo do you feel like you're being ~*festive*~?


Also, today I am going to make apple crisp. Should I get vanilla ice cream?

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If you could invent something, what would it be?

I would invent something that would keep my nose warm because it always get super cold when I fall asleep. That or a time portal so I could hop in and visit my boyfriend whenever I wanted.
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Never set me free~

1. Do you write in your LJ or your paper journal more? If you write in your paper journal more, what kind of paper journal is it?

I write more in my paper journal, maybe once or twice a week. I am not completing a moleskine.

2. I'm scared what will happen when I graduate college. I finally met my best friend which connects with me in so many awys but she lives five hours away from where I will be after college. I know I will have to keep contact but I'm going to miss her a lot. My question is, for those of you who had to go through the same thing, what did you do? Did you find a place to live together, did you go on a roadtrip before you left college, what?

3. Best cigarettes to buy? Why?
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What would you do if you and your SO we having an argument/disagreement/whatever and it couldn't be resolved because they had to leave for work? So you have all day to think about it and you can't get it out of your head? And you have nine hours before they get home to resolve it? What would you do?

Sleeping babies

 If a child throws tantrums every night because they don't want to go to sleep, do you think it's bad parenting to just let them cry themselves to sleep occasionally?

Everyone I have asked says it's horrible parenting. I don't have children, but it's a question I've thought of.


I've never worn perfume but I've always been interested in it. Can any of you recommend some good perfume stores online and around the Chicagoland area? What kind of perfume/cologne do you wear?

When I Google "perfume", I'm too overwhelmed with the responses.
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1. What is your favorite sandwich of all-time?

A panini with chicken, mozzarella, and tomatoes. Oh, I want one. :(

2. When you make sandwiches for yourself, do you cut them in half, in fourths, or just eat the whole thing?

If it's a gooey sandwich I'll cut it in half, but turkey and cheese or something like that? Give me the whole thing.

3. Do you wash your jeans every time you wear them, or do you wear them several times before washing? (assuming there are no mysterious stains)

I'm a big proponent of "wear them several times if they're not dirty or smelly" - I have to go fishing for quarters and it also takes about two hours to do a load.

4. What's the last nice thing someone did for you without expecting anything in return?

Some of the local church kids are doing community service (not required, just because) - they knocked on my door and offered to take out my trash and clean my sink. They wouldn't accept anything, not even some of the crackers I happened to be eating at the time. I thought that was pretty cool, especially since it's cold and taking out the trash here is a hassle.

5. What is the one thing you're dreading doing today?

Going to the library and writing my paper. I have NO energy. :(

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 What are some really interesting/aesthetically pleasing was of housing my books/dvds/cds. I have ALOT of each and little space, im really running out of room here.  Things piled on my floor isnt working out so well.

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until this morning, i had never turned my heat on before. i turned it up to 70 (not exactly hot), went into my room for a second, and suddenly the smoke detector started beeping! i ran back into the living room and as soon as i shut the heat off the smoke detector stopped.

any explanations as to why this would happen? there was no visible smoke and the smoke detector has fresh batteries.
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if somebody found a complete cure for cancer (in humans and animals), but it involved incredible pain for an extended amount of time, would you subject yourself to it?

would you subject your pet, child, or elderly relative to it if they couldn't understand why you would allow them to be put in such pain?

what if the cure resulted in a total mental/personality change and the person who was cured of cancer was nothing like the person s/he was before being subjected to the cure?
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LJ styles

I have an s2 style (component) that I made lots of color customizations for. It's boring, but it's a boring I like and have had for years. But if I wanted to play with the new beta customize thing and play with some new styles, would I be able to go back to what I have now without re-customizing? 'Cause if I can, then I'd feel free to have fun playing with them.

If it does keep my changes stored would I then just go back to the style I had selected in the first place?


It pains me to have to say this:
this is my first question ever not related to modeling.
For the first time in over a year & a half, I suddenly have a crush on someone.
I'm mortified!

how do I ask someone out? How do I make them just friends?

most importantly:

how do I get more than just a scoop of fro-yo in my order, if you know what I mean? 

P.S. What should I wear to the casting call in a few hours? It's freeeeeezing! It's for a hair show, to show off the latest, hot styles from the latest products from the top hair distributors as showcased by top stylists. I don't know what to wear but *have* to win this gig!

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1) So, last night this guy IMed me wanting to chat. After a few comments and questions about my age and gender, it became obvious to me that he was trolling. I ended up telling him I was 20 year old bisexual Korean girl with DD boobs. I flirted with him and he wanted to cyber and told me I sounded hot and blah blah blah...Eventually I said that we could cyber and I revealed to him that I was actually a 45 year old gay man* who wanted to buttsex him. He freaked out and called me a pervert, I kept harrassing and telling him to bend over and get ready....Fun was had by all. To get to my question: Have you ever done anything like this? What happened? 

2) Have you ever lied to someone online about your identity and actually gotten to know them? If so, what happened with the situation?

3) I'm bored. Any fun online games you recommend?

4) I caught a guy in the library playing one of those lame "sleep with this hot anime girl" sim games. He kept losing so I ended up shoving him out of the way and winning it for him...Then before he got to have sex with her I turned it off. On a scale of 1 to 1000, what does this rate as far as wickedness goes?

5) Is anything bothering you? Do you wish to bitch about it?

*I'm not actually 45. I don't think I'm a gay man either (but you never know).
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math :(

Could you recommend some online resources for someone who's taking a math placement exam?

I'm taking one Monday morning and would like to review a bit.

...This question was asked recently as a second question in another post but I lj-seeked and searched the tqc archives to no avail! boo.
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the pill

Is the pill evil?

I might have to go on it and I'm a bit frightened of the side affects effects. Various people I know who are on it have problems with it but according to the doctor, they are a minority. But still, if you are on the pill, how badly have you been affected by side affects effects? or do you have none at all?

edit: side EFFECTS not AFFECTS. I can't believe I did that. Grosssss.


I baked fresh Sole fish in my oven on THURSDAY and my house still reeks, what can I do to make the stink go away?
I love fish but I'm never going to eat it again because of this.
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Dear TQC

Am I the only one who feels bad when they play Kittenwar when they have to pick between two really cute kittens and feel like you're insulting the other one?

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So I'm reading this book. If you haven't heard of it (because it is on the bestseller's list) it's a tough-love take on getting skinny, through eliminating basically all animal products, as well as staying active.

I don't eat a lot of animal products, but I do like chicken and fish.

I want to challenge myself to go vegan. I know it is a huge sacrifice, but I just want to make my body strong and healthy. I realize through this book that I can get my protein from other sources besides meat.

Has anyone here gone vegan/vegetarian and suceeded (having a prior liking to meat/poultry)...has anyone gone vegan/vegetarian and had a very difficult time?

Thanks so much you guys!

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What age do you think is too old to drive?
If you've ever taken an i.q. test what was your i.q.?
Do you play the Sims?
What's your favorite Youtube video? (link please)

Edit: Should I buy the Lord of the Rings box set?
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TQC, I had a dream last night. Something about bedsheets -- that's all I remember. I woke up from the dream and started furiously pulling my sheets off of my bed. As I finished, I came to and realized what I had done, so I had to put my sheets back on my bed at 3:30 in the morning. I do this every so often, where I wake up and respond somehow to a dream I just had.

Does anyone else do this? Care to tell stories?

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Is there an actual name for a pregnancy that doesn't result from having sex (or fertility treatments)?

a la the Virgin Mary

It's not immaculate conception. That has nothing to do with it.

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About how much weight should a single bed be able to support?

Can you name any of the four provinces and thirty-two counties in Ireland?

I can only them all about half the time, which is pretty embarrassing.

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Ladies, when did you start shaving your legs?

Men, when did you start shaving your face?

Either, when did you stop? why?

Have you ever run into someone you thought you'd never see again?
I just ran into someone from my sophomore physics class at the grocery store off my college campus. What's even weirder is he doesn't go to my college- he just happened to have bought a house about 20 blocks away.

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Ok, TQC, when i woke up from a dream today I finally realised I didn't like the boy I thought I like. I feel liberated. What should I do?! :)

When you keep putting off studying, what makes you/motivates you to just start?

What are you gonna do today?


1. Coconut and mint: good or bad flavor combination? What's a flavor that's great on its own, but never works in a combination?

2. There's a commenter on a blog I read who always works in the fact that she's living abroad, despite it never being relevant. Would that bother you?

3. What does the word "emo" mean to you? What are some examples of emo bands? (My question yesterday was apparently really poorly phrased.)

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dr. tqc,
about a half hours ago the area around my right wrist started feeling like it was burning.
i've compared it to my other arm. there's no discoloration or any bumps or anything.
and it just feels like i got a really bad sunburn..right there.

what's wrong with me?
am i gonna die?

completely unrelated:
what do you do for a living?
regina [lupinskitty]

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I have a Canon Digital Elph that seems to be broken. I charged the battery last week and now I can't take pictures. Whenever I turn the camera on, the display is sort of red and blurry, although now you can almost make out very light-colored objects. It will display pictures on my memory card perfectly but I can't take pictures at all. It did something like this before I left home, but then it was fine for like two weeks until I had to charge the battery again.

Has this happened to anyone else?
Did I ruin the battery by charging it in a UK outlet?
Is there any way for me to fix this myself?
Failing that, does anyone know a good camera repair place in/near Cambridge? (England, not Massachusetts).
Or am I going to have to buy a new camera?


On an unrelated note, what's the one thing that annoys you most about your school? (Or used to annoy you, if you're not currently a student).

(I hate that our library is closed on Sundays. I still can't believe it.)
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Hotel/Motel ?s

What was the last hotel/motel you stayed in? Did you like it?

What do you think is the scariest movie centered around a hotel/motel?

Where would you rather stay: Hotel, Motel, or the Holiday Inn?

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i just got the worst haircut of my life. have you ever got a horrible hair cut you didn't want?

when was the last time you cleaned something?

last movie you watched?

show me a picture of you and your SO?
peacock girl


Are some funny mofos. As some of us are clearly in need of cheering up, I bring you this YouTube and ask you, what is the funniest thing your cats/dogs/fish/lizards/tarantulas/scorpions/birds/snakes/turtles/etc.. have ever done?
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1. Has anyone bought honey from Volcano Island Honey Company? (I doubt it, but if you have, how was it??)

2. Have you been diagnosed with a personality disorder? What about someone you know? Which one?

3. Do you use fabric softener or dryer sheets?

4. Who is someone you find sexy while most people wouldn't agree?

5. What's the farthest you've travelled on your own?

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1. Do you play the game where you get to slug your friend in the arm when you see a VW Beetle? What do YOU call this game? Do you have any extra rules, like calling the color and declaring no hitbacks? Do the new VW Beetles count or just the old ones?

2. I'm going to buy a stove/oven and I have the opportunity to choose between gas or electric or... whatever else there is. Which do you prefer? Why?

3. Try to stay with me here: My SO swears there are these delicious fruits that grow in Florida. He says they are like grapes, but are champagne-colored, bigger (ping-pong ball sized), and more firm. He's never seen the name written but, pronounced phonetically, it's SKUL-puh-non. What the shit is he talking about? (ETA: Aha! Scuppernong! I wasn't even close!)

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Inspired by the other two posts about collecting items... If you had all the space and money in the world, what would you LIKE to collect?

My answer...
Statues/figurines/paintings of fairies (especially  James Browne's fairy paintings) and lady bugs
First Editions of various fairy books (esp. Louisa May Alcott's Flower Fables);
Antique books;
Antique classical music scores
All Things Parrots! (Espeically cockatoos!)

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I' m filling out an application for Gamestop and there's a box that says "Video Game/Software Knowledge", and underneath it says "Video Game Systems", "Game Software Knowledge", and "PC Knowledge". Do I just list programs and systems I'm familiar with (like PS2 and Gamecube, for example)? And what exactly does "Game Software Knowledge" mean? I'm not really good with PCs, I just game on them or go on the internet. Should I say the programs or games I use for that?

On another note, does it seem like things happen all at once to you? Like all good things happening, or all bad things happening.
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i found my old school portable cd player.

since my stupid compooter is in the shop to get a new hard drive, i can't update my ipod with the podcasts i listen to. and i don't want to sit on the computer and listen to them.

here's my question: is there any cd-rw out there that is compatible with cd players? (so i don't have to burn a million cd-r's that i will never listen to again.)

just wondering. probably a shot in the dark.

edit: holy hell, I tried one of the cd-rw's i had from years ago and it worked!!

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So...I might need my hair to be pink or purple soon for just a day or two. I would have no problem just dying it but I'd not be allowed to work until I dyed it back and that's pretty harsh on my hair. I'm afraid Kool-Aid won't fade fast enough (blue lasted for months on me). Spray on colors make hair all crunchy. Am I over looking anything (besides wigs)?

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What is the easiest way to send a file (mp3) that is 166MB (8 hours long) over the internet? After having an irrationally angry outburst at the sudden disappearance of my flash drive, I'm in need of suggestions.

(no subject)

1. Is there a cultural significance to the idea of snorting coke off of a baby? I feel like a horrible person for even typing that, but I've heard more than one reference to the idea.

Edit: Both references were WAY before last week! That means that whoever did it did it because it was already an idea. :(

Edit #2: (Tangent from this post:

2. I was going on about (spoilerish things) that happened on Ugly Betty, particularly in regards to Justin, and my friend said, "Why does it matter that much? There are other..."
Other friend, not trying to be funny: "...little boys?" Hilarity ensued, and I have to be sure to mock said friend for that comment in the future. What is an entertaining conversation you heard or were a part of recently?
kiv dancin.

what about rheumatic panther?

tqc, will you please tell me about something that you love so much it's kind of embarrassing?

it has to be something that you love SOOOOO MUCH that others can't understand.

for me, it's british comedies that are unpopular in the US: like garth merenghi's darkplace, man to man with dean learner, the mighty boosh, etc. it's so hard to love something so intensely and have noone around you have any idea what you're talking about.

but i bring the geekery, that's what i'm about.
me and reagan 24th

Or, just have fun with the ticky boxes

Poll #1070895 Baby girl names

Which girl name(s) do you like best?

Ew, babies
None, thanks
Other! (suggestions/anything?)

I'm pregnant, bored, and will find out the sex on the 30th. We have a boy name picked out, and my husband is not interested in even thinking of girl names until we know what it is. I'm sure it's a boy, but just in case!

selling used laptops/transferring programs

I got a new laptop today. yay.

How much do you think I could get for mine, used? It is two years old, it's a Dell 700m. I spent a lot of money on it for it to be tiny and have a lot of upgrades, extended life battery, etc. It has Office home and Photoshop on it. Problem is, I dont think a lot of people think the whole four-pound-12" laptop thing is as convenient as I do. It's tiny.

Where would you sell it, i fyou wanted the most money for it? I know used laptops aren't worth much though.

Is there a way to transfer my photoshop to my new Dell? Or can you not do that? The actual disk for it is in New York with my cousin and I need photoshop on my new computer like NOW (I'm a professional photographer).

Thanks :)

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What's your full first name?
Were you named after someone/is there a special reason you were given the name you were given?
If you could, would you change your name? To what?
Do you go by a name other than your first? (This could be a shortened version of your first name, your middle name, etc.)

My name's Katherine.
I was named after my Great Grandma.
I wouldn't change my name.
I don't go by anything other than Katherine.
Pit Bull: Reindeer

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Yesterday I was told I am like a man when it comes to sex (I am a girl).

What is a comment someone has recently made about you that you never considered, but find amusing (or true)?

(no subject)

I'm a high school student and I'm just starting to consider colleges I might want to apply to in the future/planning out what I think I may want to do.

1. If you could give any piece of advice to me about the college application process, what would it be?
2. What do you think is the most important element of a good college application?
3. What's important to consider while looking for a college? What's overrated?

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When you answer questions on TQC do you label your answers as the question asker labels their questions? Like, if they number them, do you number your answers, or do you just like ALWAYS number your answers or ALWAYS not number your answers or what?

Are you a big fan of scarves?

Which is worse:
shorts with tights
[dance] pink side to side

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1- My next door neighbours are pounding on their walls REALLY LOUDLY. What's going on?! D:

2- Have you ever egged someone's house for giving shoddy (or no) candy at Halloween?

3- Why won't my husband go clean the pans, so I can make dinner? I thought this was a fair compromise, instead he's playing Gears of War. D:

4- What's the latest drama to happen in your life? Your real life, not the online one.
in ur blank, brains, grunny

Everquest Server Select empty?

Ok, I am losing. My. Mind.

I decided I wanted to try Everquest, so I went and downloaded the free 'Trilogy' thing with the first two expansions. I got it downloaded, installed, downloaded the patch, and... the server select screen is empty. It just says 'Server' and 'Status' at the top, all the buttons and such are there, but no servers load. I've tried leaving it for a while, but still nothing.

So far I've restarted, looked on google (which mostly found people having trouble with non-official servers and wasn't much help), reinstalled, made sure Everquest was allowed through my firewall, restarted again... anyone have an idea how to fix it?

Why Yes! I am doing NOTHING Tonight.

1. Have you ever recorded yourself singing just for fun? How did you think it sounded when you played it back?

2. I'm in a 'long-distance' college relationship. (2 hours away from each other.)
Why is my SO a butt nugget who doesn't realize there needs to be communication to keep this relationship going?

3a. Did you drink when you were in high school? College?
3b. Why/why not?   (No "but everyone was doing it!" comments!)

4. What pissed you off today that you need to vent about?

5. What did you do this weekend?

6. Final words of wisdom?

(no subject)

I'm having a pretty terrible night/week/month/year. Should I lay down and listen to my ipod until I fall asleep or have another margarita and fuck around on the internet until I get so bored that I want to pull my eyes out of my head?

Expectations from your spouse

Am I asking too much of my wife to keep her cell phone on her and charged? She drives a 45 year old car, and just got her motorcycle permit and has dropped her bike 2 times the last month. I feel for safety's sake she should carry it with her. Is asking her to have it on and on her while I have oral surgery too much? She feels that having a cell phone violated her privacy, I just think it is common sense these days, especially for a woman.

F.Y.I, the only time I ever attempt to get a hold of her on said phone is during emergencies or attempt to inform her of changed plans, late hours at work, ECT. I'm not a big cell phone talker either.
oh the drama!

Don't read if you're easily grossed out.

I work in an ER and today we had this total savage in the trauma room. He was completely drunk and had gotten into a fight. He was bleeding from the mouth and was just completely gross and rude. Anyway, when the EMT was moving him from the stretcher onto the gurney, he spit blood in the EMT's face and some of it got into his mouth :-\ I was mortified! The EMT was livid and was about to beat the shit out of him when his partners held him back. So of course that sparked a debate at work. Would the EMT have been justified if he hit this guy? Or does he just need to get over it because it's an unfortunate occupational hazard?

What say you?

Holy Mother of WTF??!!

Ok, I was surfing google looking for a country song that came to mind. So, yeah I typed in "little boys" because I thought the song was called, "men were little boys too" or something of the like, it was a song about men coming back from war or overseas or something of the like. So, as i was saying.... i typed in "little boys" and no i never saw porn ICK! that's not what has me saying WTF??!! it's this wacko crap

Is my baby boy a HOMO?

Please, someone tell me that my sleep deprived mind missed the sign that said "Yo this is a joke" or something, cause if this site is real, there's be some fucked up people.

seriously, WTF??!!
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(inspired by that post about names a few down from here)

My first name is Kathryn. I like it, but I don't think I could ever get used to being called that by anyone other than teachers and doctors.
I currently go by Katie. While I like the way it sounds, I don't care for the spelling. I don't like the way it looks when written/typed - it makes me feel like a little kid for some reason. Plus there is the fact that I have neither an I nor an E in my name. I tried to switch to Katy once, but it lasted like a week because I couldn't get the hang of it.
Some of my friends refer to me by my initials, KD. But again, I don't like the way that looks.

There are already women in my family who are called Kats, Kate, and Kit.
My little sister's name is Erin so Ryn is out of the question, plus I think that looks weird, plus I don't think I could handle being called something that didn't start with a K, since I've gone 21 years as Katie.

So. What should I be called??

My brain isn't working tonight...

Ok, I've been sitting here for like a couple hours trying to think of the name and i googled all of what i know of this song but i am coming up with zilch, and my brain won't let me go to sleep until i figure this out.

Its a country song, I believe it was made after 2001. It has a music video showing a bunch of men coming back from overseas (i suppose war) and their families (kids) are there to great them and its going along about something like how men were little once too, or little boys grow up to be men or something like that. I don't even recall what the singer looks like.
Just the music video of a bunch of returning soldiers getting greeted by their kids, and i'm sure there was much more to the video but it seems that's all my brain recalls tonight.

So, does anyone know wtf i'm talking about? I would sure love to find out the name of the song.
Found it thanks to a lovely user here AND i edited it to be a question

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What kind of car do you drive?
What do you like about it?
What do you hate?
Pix if you'd like :D

I love my blue '05 Nissan Sentra. It's cute and little and gets good gas mileage. It isn't very fast or powerful, but it's good enough for me.

At what point do I give up?

I have never been able to get a boyfriend. I've been actively trying for years, and it is painfully obvious that the opposite sex has no interest in me whatsoever. No ifs, ands or buts about it. Every guy I have ever tried to ask out to anything even so innocent as lunch has rejected me. I've given up even thinking about the possibility that I will get married, because that obviously isn't going to happen. But I'm also moderately certain that I will never get a boyfriend, period. The best I can hope for is random one-night stands. No one wants to commit to me because something about me is inherently unattractive.

At what point do I just give up? How come I try so hard and get absolutely nothing back? I am completely out of strategies. I just can't do this anymore. Every other girl I know goes from boyfriend to boyfriend seamlessly and I can't even get one guy to be interested in me for anything but pure sex. I don't want to be heartbroken anymore from being rejected over and over and over again. I just want to be content with being single for the rest of my life. How do I come to terms that I will never be in a relationship?

Answers that tell me that if I keep looking I will find someone will be blatantly ignored. I'm not that naive.
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What do you call the white thing being worn in this picture?
EDIT: I'm asking because I saw it referred to as a "body warmer" in ONTD and was wondering if that's common in some places. I would just call it a vest.

Is this terrible? Is there any situation in which you would wear it?
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What is the best children's show? 

Not for children exactly, but the ones that seem to be able to amuse you in your 'later years'.  

My favourite personally is Curious George.  There's also this show Roller Coaster on the ABC in Australia, the host is a genius. 
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OMG, did you see it?

Who out there managed to stay with Game 2 of the ALCS until the bitter end?  Was that an incredible 11th inning or what?  I have no favorite in this series, so I can truly say that no matter who you root for, that's a baseball inning that most pure ardent fans would love to be around to see - agree, y/n?
If not, do you have a reason other than being a red sox fan, or rooting against the indians?