October 12th, 2007

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I was blessed to be born into a family of women who, dating several generations back, have always had perfect skin. My grandma is 84 and has no wrinkles. I can only hope I grow old as gracefully as she did. But, despite thinking I escaped most skin issues people have, I still have one - blackheads. I CANNOT rid my nose of them, and my chin has a fair amount. I've tried different scrubs, soaps, etc... but I never see a decrease in the amount of them. Do you have any tips or tricks on getting rid of these annoying things?
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do you have any tattoos? how many? where? how bad does it hurt? what kind of pain would you liken it to?

i'm considering getting a 4-6 inch color piece on my back as my first. obviously the pain is gonna be different for everyone, but i'd like to kind of know what to expect :)

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I'm choosing a bank tomorrow--what major bank chain do you think would work best for a student in new york city who will most likely never have more than 600 or 700 dollars in the account at once? If you are or were a member of this bank, what do you like about it and what do you dislike about it?
At home I just use my local credit union, but now that I have a job at school, it would be kind of inconvenient to mail my paychecks back to Michigan.

Also, can you link to or post your favorite black and white photograph (preferably not a personal photograph...I'm looking for wall decorations, that'd be just a little creepy)?

Last, what grocery item do YOU personally consider a staple? Not a general staple like milk or bread or eggs, more unusual things that you specifically always have in stock. For example, last year hummus was a staple of my refrigerator and this year it's become jello.

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why the fuck do my roommates come in at 2am and talk as loudly as if it were the middle of the day, thus waking up everyone who's asleep because they have to work in the morning? right now, they're in the bathroom with the kittens, and being loud enough that i can hear them out in the living room. there's someone sleeping just one wall away, who has work at like 8am. they're probably waking her up. what the fuck is wrong with them?

also: what can i do to make them stfu once in a while? this is an ongoing problem.

eta: they are not drunk, i tried talking to them, and they pretty much said, "too bad, the other roommates wake me up at 7am". and now they're going to watch a movie, probably far too loudly. i sleep in the living room, and i need to go to bed, like, soon. >: |
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Just madness

Inspired by previous post:

Why the hell can't I get a job?

Why don't you have a job right now?

If you do have a job, do you enjoy working there? Why?


Do you really want to hurt me? Do you really want to make me cry? Even if you told the truth is it still a lie?

It is not bed time right now, is it?

Did you do anything productive tonight (or the past night)?

When was the last time you shaved? Where?

What is your favorite winter feeling?
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How tall are you?

Are you a morning person?

If not, how do you deal with coworkers who are and think it's ok to get all up in your face being chatty and annoyingly cheerful the second you walk in the door?
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Since it's Friday.

1) Has anyone you know or have known ever killed someone (or have you)?  This could be either by accident, by malice, in war, or whatever circumstances it may have been...

2) What were the circumstances and ramifications?

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for the ladies

I have undergarment questions:

1) If you are on the bigger side up top (C or above), have you found the perfect bra?   One that supports the girls but doesn't look like a harness?  

2) If you have answered the above question, what size bra do you wear?  This is for purely scientific purposes!

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Some questions for the guys.

Questions for the guys.

1. In public restrooms and you have to go #1, do you use the urinals or a stall? (assuming there is a urinal available)

2. If you do use the stalls instead of urinals, would your choice change if someday you had explosive diarrhea, rushed into a public restroom to find all the urinals available but all the stalls filled with guys just taking a whizz?

3. If you do use the stalls, do you feel the need to drench the seat with pee?
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1. have you ever met someone with narcolepsy?

this guy told me yesterday that he kinda has that, and my first reaction was "omg that's so cool!" lol.. *sigh* i know it's not cool... its just that i never met anyone with narcolepsy, and it'd be interesting in a science project kind of way...
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Fever causing vision problems?

I realize the internet isn't the best place to go looking for medical advice... but while I wait to see a doctor, I thought I'd get some opinions.

So I've been sick for about 3 days. It started very, very suddenly. My main symptom has been fever (chills/sweating) with a intense body aches/skin sensitivy and lot of disorientation and dizziness. I live alone so admittedly I probably wasn't taking THE best care of myself. But approximately 12 hours ago I started having a vision disturbance that is still here, even after a full night's sleep. It looks like that purple orb you see after someone takes a picture of you, but it's in a "starburst" shape and HAS NOT GONE AWAY FOR 12 HOURS. It is particularly noticable when in sunny/bright light, or looking at my cell phone/computer screen.

This weird vision thing is a symptom I've never heard of so I was wondering if anyone else has experience with it.


What a sexist bitch.

My fiance is big into Chinese cures. He has made this stuff for flu remedy, which actually works, btw, but every single man who has tried it cannot stand the smell/taste, while every single woman who was tried it will take it without complaint and will even remark on its tastiness or desire to dress a salad with it.

Let me tell you what's in it. Everything I mention, btw, is present in the elixer in significant quantities except the honey:

Cayenne pepper

Now for the questions:

Are you male or female?
Does this combination sound appealing or disgusting to you?
Is there something taste-wise in women that is either dulled to these tastes or like, turned on to them? Because a quick stroll down Google Lane shows that women should technically show more sensitivity due to more taste buds.
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1- Can you smell snow/rain?
2- Can you hear a muted tv?
3- Can you see dead people?
4- Can you taste the difference between butter, and "I can't believe it's not butter"?
5- How ya feelin' today, dear TQC member?

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What's your best physical feature?

Boobs/strong pecs
Bone structure
Back, either upper or lower


Dear TQC,

Why did I get a letter from the producers at the Maury Povich show today?

Serious and non serious answers welcome!

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EDIT There was a number at the bottom, I cropped it out so that Jessica wouldn't end up with a bunch of random voice mails. I'm female, and 22. No kids that I remember.

EDIT2 I moved 3 months ago and VERY FEW people have my new address. Not even my parents have it. Very odd indeed!
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1. Do you think over the counter cold and flu medications actually work?

2. What is your least favorite Simpsons episode?

3. How do you feel about buffets?

4. Do you like Sheryl Crow?

Project 365

1. If you do project 365 or something similar how do you keep up your motivation to get a picture each day?
2. Is there somewhere that has something thats says, "hey take a picture of ______________ today"?
3. Do you have a special LJ for project 365?

My asnwers:
3. I just made nutsboutnuttn for mine

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i read(somewhere) that a woman printed an entire book by tattooing one word at a time on thousands of different people.
Have you heard of this/do you know where i could get my hands on it or at least what her name was?

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So if you live in an area that actually gets seasons do you have different snacks that you only eat in that season? If so what seasons go with what snacks?
(like you'll eat fruit.. but only in summer when you can go outside and pick them from your tree??)

Can you post your best macro that YOU made YOURSELF? (and it should make me laugh really hard.)

What annoys you the most these days?

Thats pretty much all i've got. 

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Which of the following grocery stores is more likely to have cheap, packaged meals that can be made quickly (i.e., stirfry-in-a-bag, raviolis, pierogies, etc) -- Bloom, Giant, or Shoppers?

What's the best place for online coupons that can be printed? i have never cut coupons before.

What should I do this weekend? We just got back from vacation and aren't really thinking.

What are YOU doing this weekend?

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Should I go to the Family Planning Association's talk about protection and contraception at level one or should I stay here in the library and study for my finals?

What are you doing right now?

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I was discussing shots with my dad, and he mentioned that when he was a kid, they used to give him shots in the butt.  Now he only gets shots in the upper arm.  I have never gotten shots in the butt, but I have had plenty in the arm.  If you have had shots in the butt, how long ago, and how old were you?  And does anyone know why this practice has ceased?

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What if there was a guy who was lovely, cared about you immensely, thought you were the most beautiful person and was convinced you were the perfect girl. Basically wanted more than anything for you two to be together.

But.. you weren't sure..he's not like the guys you usually go for because he's not an arrogant cock, the truth is he'd treat you better than anyone ever had before.


Something just didn't click like romantically you'd want it to. Though, you think there's a possibility if you gave it a go.. maybe took things slowly & see how it developed..

If it didn't work out though the guy would really be incredibly hurt & it would probably be too awkward to carry on the friendship as you have so far, spending a lot of time together. You don't want to ruin anything, however he keeps on putting himself on the line to get you to take the chance.

Would you risk for the slight possibility of something better?
Ever been in a situation like this before?
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In case you didn't know, there's been yet another Britney Spears vagina sighting as, yet again, she's exited her vehicle in the most immodest way. We've all seen her vajayjay so much we can probably pick it out of a lineup, and it ain't a pretty vagina. This leads to one particularly interesting question...

Poll #1070285 Oops, she did it again.

Why doesn't Britney Spears wear underwear?

She likes to flash the paps on purpose. She probably thinks that it still turns America on to see her cooter
She forgets to put them on
Due to whatever gyno reasons, Britney has to air out the vag on a daily basis
She tries, but her vagina is so corrosive with STD stowaways that it eats through the material
If you had a puss like hers, you'd show it off too
Obviously proud of her new wax job
Likes the feel of car leather against her meat flaps
Easy access, for scratchin' and sexin'
Had pantyline once and vowed never to suffer through it again, by refusing to wear the things
Thinks the word 'commando' is edgy and fierce, like the Arnold movie, and going without drawers makes her a tough girl
She never wanted to be a mom in the first place, and these bare cunt stunts will only keep the kids away from her, just the way she likes it
Court order from Victoria Secrets. She is not to be within 100 feet of their products
She has a small bladder and can have sex at the drop of a hat. The back of her car's probably filled with soiled panties, and really, wouldn't paparazzi shots of undie stains be more offensive?
Complete loss of all long term memory. She has no recollection of anything bad happening the last several times she went undie-less in a minidress
Britney owns TMZ and every car-exiting beaver pic only leads to millions of extra clicks on the site. She's making bank

For $1,000, would you drive around bareass in one of Britney 'vagina is the new thong' Spears' cars? The driver's seat has probably seen more vag than her toilet seat, and don't forget the humid summer we just had in SoCal



What are some things that make you excited and want to squeeeeeeeee and jump around for no reason except you're just your goofy self?

I get excited by rain when I can smell a storm coming, trips, crotchrockets, the potential of off roading (which i've never done), state parks, snow, making new friends (except in situations where I dont know anyone then i'm shy), getting projects done, road tripping, orlando bloom, my bestfriends all updating LJ, and rootbeer!

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So here's the backstory: I met my best friend, M, through my boyfriend, C - she was going out with his brother, T, at the time. We're now both split up with our boyfriends.

She just told me that while she was with T, she slept with his OTHER brother, A (i.e. not the one I went out with, a different one - there were 4 of them all together), one drunken-fuelled lusty blur of a night. A and I were and still are very good friends.

Who would you think less of, M or A?
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i just switched back to using microsoft office outlook 2003 from incredimail and i'm having issues. my school email address [blahblahblah@wvwc.edu] works fine, but it doesn't always get my emails from my hotmail account [blahblahblah@hotmail.com]. what the hell is the problem?

ohhhhhhhhh k... so apparently outlook sucks... what can you recommend that's better, and can have more than one email address linked to it

when is your birthday?

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Are you in the military?

Would you join the military?

Did you know that less than 2% of people in the 18-24 year old age group even qualify for military service?

If male, can you do 45 pushups in 1 minute? If female, can you do 27 pushups in 1 minute?  What about 50 situps in 1 minute for either gender?

Males how about a 1.5 mile run in under 11:57?  Ladies, what about 1.5 miles in 13:56?



There has been requests for the return of the "Anonymous Questions" that happened in the past, and so here they are, with a journal created just for that purpose.

Post your anonymous question on an entry in this journal (tqcanonymous), and it will be posted in a later entry in TQC!

So, TQC... what would you anonymously ask?


Also, what icon should this journal have?

ETA: This account has 6 icon spots, so keep suggesting if you keep getting ideas!

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tqc, i'm kind of new so this may have been asked a million times - don't crucify me.

how many times a day do you pee?

i only pee once and i feel like everyone goes more than me.  am i not drinking enough liquids?  are my kidneys failing?

is this a really gross question and now you all think i'm weird for thinking it's been asked a lot?
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Tonight will be the fourth or fifth date out with a guy that I'd been good friends with for half a year before we started dating last month. The most intimate we've been would be a kiss on his cheek from me when he found me a much needed plastic bag a few weeks ago.

1: Should we make-out tonight?
    a) If yes, should he make the first more or should I?

2: We're going bowling, but grabing a bite to eat first. Where should we go to eat?

And totally unrealted:

3: Do babies dressed in little animal costumes weird you out?
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What was the last really crappy thing that happened to you?

This morning my dog peed on my backpack. It seeped through and got all over my notebooks and papers and ifdlhgkj,dfxghjidklfgj I want to kill him.
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I live with my cousins and I pay my own rent/utilities and buy my own food, etc. I've posted before about them eating my food and messing with my pets, and I had a nice firm talk with them about it last time. This afternoon I came home to them making dinner with chicken that I bought, and since I go to work in 15 minutes, I don't get to partake. I am really pissed, so I just wrote my name on all of my other purchases.

Bitchy move? y/n? Have you dealt with this sort of thing before? Repeatedly? How do you not lose your cool?
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Have you ever been dumped in a funny (not at the time or at least not to you) way? Do you know any funny stories about others getting dumped?

*This month in Glamour magazine they have an article of confessions of people that were dumped. This poor girl dated a guy and then he dumped her but they lived in the same neighborhood so whenever she would see him on the street he would literally hide in the bushes or behind other large objects. Once he even ducked behind a garbage can. I think it's terrible but I couldn't help but lol.
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Any ideas for a ~*bachelorette party*~ in which the bridal party is ranging in personalities from hard core party chicks to modest mormon girls?

Where to go, what to do... anything???

ETA: Would it be a better idea to just combine the bridal shower and bachelorette party instead of doing one of each?

I'm so clueless to all this weddingy stuff!

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1. Are you married?

2. Married or not, what are your views on marriage? I mean, when you think of the word "marriage", does it make you swoon or cringe? How do you picture married life and why? Do you believe that marriage inevitably (or almost certainly, at least) leads to a slow emotional decline, mutual resentment, and stagnation?

3. I'm really, really, really bored today, I've done all my work and I've nothing to do. Anyone want to start an epic internet fight with me? Come on, put up yer dukes! S_F or bust!

4. This is my last post here today, I promise.

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Could you date an abortionist? Say you never knew exactly what kind of doctor your new SO was until like 10 dates in, where you discovered, either on your own or through them complaining of work, that this person's specialty is terminating unwanted pregnancies.

Would you keep dating them after that? They do make good money

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1) When you see someone with an icon or t-shirt that says "Blondes/Brunettes/Redheads/Pumpkins/Furries/Whatever Do it Better", what do you think "it" is that they supposedly do better?

2) Do you ever listen to music that you know isn't all that great? Example: I...Listen to Avril Lavigne occasionally. *shame* I know it's not the epitome of fabulous musical art or anything and I really don't like Avril Lavigne's image, but I like some of her songs.

3) What are you doing today? How are you?

4) What do you think of the men in this video?

5) If your significant other got turned into a vampire, what would you do?

Tim onstage!

Weird question, I know...just humor me.

Imagine, if you would, that you have been transformed into a doll. Not just any doll, however - one of those dolls that has a string coming from your back that can be pulled, which makes you say something.

What would your doll quote be?
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Math Question

I suck at math, so if someone could figure this out for me, that would be SWEET.
My grade is made up of 60% paper, 20% midterm, and 20% final.  If I get an A on my paper and an A on my midterm, what is the lowest grade I can get on my final and still secure an A for the class?  The scale is 93% = A- , 92% = B+.

Hey hey!

What's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you? (None of that mushy -- meeting my SO stuff... I mean something actually random. -- unless meeting your SO was ridiculously random.)

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1. Are you (do you identify as) male or female?

2. How many people have you had sex with?

3. How do you feel about that number? Do you think it's too big, to small, etc?

4. Do you worry what potential partners will think about your number?


I ask this because I am curious and because it seems to come up a lot on TV shows, but in real life I don't think anyone gives a shit.

I am female, my number is 9, I feel fine about that number (if anything it is too small, I like to have conquests), and, like I said, I don't think it makes much of a difference to anyone with half a brain.

i say, old bean

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just how the hell are you doing tonight/today/this morning, TQC?

what's your nickname?

what's the last thing you copy and pasted?

who was your first best friend? how did you meet this person? do you and that person still talk? if not, when did you lose touch?

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Throughout the course of your life, how many people have seen you nekkid? Just ballpark the figure if you're not entirely sure. This includes parents, gym class and doctor visits, and it's nekkid in person. If somehow a sex video of you leaked out, it doesn't count in this poll

Less than 5
Over 500
I grew up in a very very strict religious household. No one has ever seen me nekkid, ever. I may have glimpsed my own wanton flesh once or twice and confessed my sins immediately

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This is a male Eastern Water Dragon that likes to hang out at my place, and my flatmate wants to name him, so I suggested Floyd. Does he look like a Floyd to you? Can you think of any other names that might be better?

(please excuse the horrid state of the bbq - that's how it was when we moved in, and I'm yet to work up the inclination to clean down the plate - my dad said it would take a lot of work to do so).

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Have you got any photos of non-pet animals hanging around your home that you'd like to share?

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Poll #1070377 Tea Time!

I want to make tea, because I am cold. These are my options. So TQC, which one should I have???

Cinnamon Plum
Very Berry (loose)
Trader Joe's Pomegranate White Tea
Mango White Tea
Celestial Seasoning - Coutry Peach Passion
Celestial Seasonings -Tangerine Orange Zinger
Celestial Seasonings - Cranberry Apple Zinger
Celestial Seasonings - Red Zinger

 2. I have cranberry juice, diet cherry pepsi, sierra mist, triple sec, coconut rum, midori, vodka, raspberry vodka, and dark rum.  What should I drink tonight?

3. Are you happy its FRIDAY!!?
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What is the last violent movie you watched?
What are you doing tonight?

Is my friend Jimmy the only fat guy that plays with his balls all day and blames it on the fact that his legs are big and therefore his balls are uncomfortable?

(no subject)

1. Are your earlobes pierced?
2. If so, are they sensitive to certain types of metal?
3. If so, what earrings can you wear/can't you wear?

4. Should I have pizza, chicken, peanut butter and honey sandwich, or A&W for dinner? (Sorry, no "none of those, have _____ because all of those are shit and ______ is good for you.) Those're the only options. ^_^

5. What is your ideal dinner? Money is no option.

Why am I not out yet?

Do you ever wear red & brown together?

When other people are having "e-drama" do you jump in and stir the pot? OR do you not get involved because it's not about you? THIS IS NOT A YES OR NO QUESTION, WTF. READING COMPREHENSION PPL.

Are you wearing pumpkin socks today? CAUSE I AM.
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it's that time again.........

do you need a HAIR* makeover? are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

would you like me to help? POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.

*my services are limited to hair only because i don't wear make-up.
*better luck next time :) 11:31pm ET.

2. is anything wrong?
The Receptionist Classic

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Oh dearest TQC,
If you were going on a loooong road trip, what book would you like to listen to?

I need something that'll keep me entertained and awake. I'm a devout fan of Christopher Moore and Michael Crichton and Katie MacAlister and... things like that.

EDIT!!! NO Stephen King or horror. Please. I'm going to be staying in a cabin all by my lonesome and I don't want to spend the night all freaked out, you know?

(no subject)

A good amount of vegetable oil was spilled  onto one of our carpets and leaked onto the unfinished wood underneath. We got rid of the excess oil but can't find a way to clean up the oil that seeped into the wood or the carpet. Any tips?
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Whatcha doing this weekend? Anything exciting?

Today while running errands the boy and I were almost hit by a woman who, despite being on the shoulder and having a red light, thought that she had the right of way to make a turn. She was also on her cell phone. She gave us a very pissy look...

Of course I gave her a nice "WTF?" look, but it occurred to me that it might be more entertaining to do something more obnoxious and memorable in situations like that. Flicking people off and employing rapid hand waving has gotten old. SO. What should I do?

Serious suggestions only. FOR SRS.
*betty draper reading

Halloween-ly questions

How would you prefer to die?

laughing to death
death by orgasm
chocolate overdose
asleep in your warn bed
in a blaze of glory

If you were a ghost, what kind of ghost would you be, and what/who would you haunt?

(no subject)

Will you take a picture of the weirdest/funkiest/oddest/craziest/trippiest piece of clothing you own? You know, the kind of thing that nobody else has and when you wear it you feel half foolish and half proud of your uniqueness.

Why is it when I go camping I can sleep perfectly ok with the sounds of crickets chirping around me, yet I can't STAND the crickets chirping in my room?

What can I wear with a light grey turtleneck sweater?

So I kept losing my nametags at work and having to replace them. I found my lost ones. Now I have three. Should I go into work next time wearing all three?

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(no subject)

Did you know the more I drink, the better my typing gets? :D

What movie should I watch since I just canceled on my friend who wanted to go to the bar?

Also, are you going to watch Legally Blonde: The Musical tomorrow on MTV?


I want a tattoo, and I have some questions to ask concerning tattoos. I would go to a special tattoo-ing community, but they're all full (as the would be) of those typical, nasty coloured, fake looking roses & portrait ideas like this that I find so ugly & don't want to look at for fear of my eyes bleeding. I don't really like most tattoo choices.

Anyway, what I basically want is just the word 'Hoodwinked' in simple font on my chest bone above my boob, sort of curved - not dead straight across.

How long would that take to do?

Is that a particularily sensitive area?

Do tattoos really kill like hell? Pansy by name pansy by nature

How much is a tattoo like that (roughly)? (£ preferably but whatever to $)

Do you have tattoo's? Give me details/pics/stories please
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(no subject)

Can anybody list these singers so I can fully hate them for giving a really shitty performance?
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2. Anybody want to try to guess the order of most sober to least sober?

3. Stevie Wonder forgetting the words and just making shit up: Funny?

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what is it about my dog and sleeves?

she goes crazy if you have a new sweater. she'll charge you, jump up on you, grab your wrist and sniff it. if you put your hands in your sleeves and kinda gravitate them towards her she goes nuts. she grabs your hands and does her play growl and play bite and just goes nuts.

what is up with my dog and sleeves?

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Do you think this will happen for all the other holidays? What's with Santa in all the icons? What's with all the hearts? And the redwhiteandblue?

Also, does anyone happen to have the red-background icon with "STABBITY" all over it in gray/white text? I would SO APPRECIATE anyone who could point me in it's direction. I lost it with the rest of my files and I miss it terribly sometimes. likenow.. Thank you!

Have a great day/night/whatever it is for you. :)
do the d.a.n.c.e.

(no subject)

Are you tired? Run down? Listless? Do you poop out at parties? Are you unpopular?

What was the last mean thing someone said to you?

Have you ever had your handwriting analyzed?

Do you have a song stuck in your head right now?
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hey guys, today i was in the store shopping for a dress for my class polls. i found the most awesome dress but a row of the beading was missing. does anyone know if stenay has a website? i feel like i looked everywhere and i cant find anything.
I has a hat
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My father-in-law is piss drunk, just 3 weeks after his court date that got him back his guns from the LAST time he got drunk, wrestled my SIL, and threatened a police officer with one of them. My MIL isn't here, and I don't want to leave him alone. But I'm very angry. My FH is outside with him, talking to him, I presume.

What can I do, if anything?

Can a recovering alcoholic fall off the train once in awhile and still be okay?

How redneck does that sound?


MIL: mother-in-law
SIL: sister-in-law
FH: future husband

Sorry, wasn't really thinking about abbrevs when writing this.

Edit Edit: we have left. He's in bed, hopefully sleeping. And now I hate my fiance, but this is the wrong comm for that :( thanks for listening, ya'll.

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Does anyone know the title and artist of the song that goes "How can I tell you, that I'm always thinkin' of you?"

It's a commercial, but I can't remember what it's for. Maybe iPod?

Edit: Thanks, I was retarded and didn't google before I asked. I apologize.

I'm making a mix CD for my best friend w/ benefits (he is my best friend and we have benefits, he isn't one of many) that lives across the country. I really miss him and want to express that in the CD. I already have Incubus "I Wish You Were Here," "Home," by Michael Buble, and "Umbrella" by Rhianna. What other songs would you guys put to show how much you miss someone?

(no subject)

1. If you owned/ran a business, would you do drug testing on employees? Would you test for (or care about the results for) all drugs or only certain ones?

2. Someone told me that putting metal objects in the freezer causes food poisoning. Or something. Is that right or were they on drugs?

3. Shrimp. Y/N? How should it be prepared?
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how weird is it that all i want in the world right now is a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk?

does it get weirder when i mention that i HATE peanut butter, and milk?

what is wrong with me?  (i really don't think i'm pregnant)
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My iPod appears to have finally died for the last time.  I plan to replace it ASAP.   Soooo....the question is:

What kind of non-iPod MP3 player should I buy now?  Why should I buy the one you recommend?

(Serious/non-serious answers welcome)

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What's a good reason to go on living? If a friend of yours asked this what would you say? Sure you could stay alive for others, but what if there were no others to stay alive for in your life? Whats a good reason to continue living?

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For the people with iPods: How long did you have yours before the battery bit the dust and you had to either send it away or get a new one?  I think mine is in its last stages and I want to know how much longer I have.
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Have you ever done something and then, right after doing it, thought, "Damn, I really didn't want to do that"?

What'd you do?

Or, have you said something you immediately regretted?

I have locked myself out of the house and realized it the moment I shut the door.