October 11th, 2007

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Do you think your hands or your feet are more aesthetically pleasing?
My hands.  My feet are kind of dry and cracked on the bottom. :(  I'm not overly fond of my hands either, though.

What is the most serious physical injury you've had?
I tore my ACL threeish years ago.  Hurrah for knee surgery.

What was your worst halloween costume?
Haha, it's not really bad, but I had a shiny sequined mermaid costume that I work in 4th grade.  My best friends' mom still remembers this, and talks about me wandering around in an evening gown. -_-  Also, I'm now a junior in college, so apparently it was very memorable.

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While listening to the radio at work today a song came on i have heard a zillion times without understanding the lyrics of the chorus with vaguely a care what they were. All of a sudden i really wanted to know the lyrics. Ever done that?
It's a female vocalist, and it sounds like this to me:
Lo-ove thurth,
Thing thing, thong thurth,
Thith ith thary

Anyone know this song, please?
Bug-eyed Earl


Can you think of any reason why LJ would randomize my icons when I post? I installed LJ Hook and GreaseMonkey for Firefox but it didn't say anything about randomizing my icons.

Edit: OK thanks. It was LJ Hook. I didn't see that option when I downloaded it and I forgot to check the Add-ons menu I was just right clicking and looking at those options.
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My boyf called me and said he was gonna be late coming over after work. HOW LATE DO YOU THINK HE WILL BE? It is 12:56am right now.

Do you ever feel like you are taking crazy pills?

inner calm

          In order to balance out my adventurous, high strung, and overly analytical side, my therapist has recommended that I find a way to bring a sense of calm into my life.  I'm not sure how I should go about doing this.  I am not religious or very spiritual, so that is out. 

1. What are some ways that one can bring inner calm into their life?  What are some things that truly work for you?

2. If you are spiritual (but not religious) in what ways do you express that? 

Haruhi disappearance
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I'm looking for the new comcast commercial with the dazed guy with the HDTV, and the huge butterfly. The dude says "I'll fix you some wings...." among other things. I love this commercial!

Does anyone know where I can find it online? Youtube doesnt seem to be helping :(


When eating spaghetti, what is your preferred thickness? (ex: thick spaghetti, normal spaghetti, vermicelli, angel hair...?)

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What are your music listening habits? Do you listen to albums, or playlists, or your entire collection? Are you one of those people (like me) that can put on a song and listen to it about 10 times and then pick another song?

Do you have school tomorrow? How about work?

eBay sellers: How easy is it for you to sell things? Do you analyze the eBay market to determine demand before putting something up for sale or marking the initial bidding price/buy out price?

What's your favorite thing to do when you can't sleep?
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Why is salsa so fucking tasty?

Do you like salsa?

Edit: How hot do you like it?

Are you talking to anyone right now? Who?

What's your favorite kind of soda?

Carmex or chapstick?

How's "Across the Universe"?
years go by


I know this is the most ridiculous question ever, but where can I pick up/buy a simple map of the city in NYC? What about a subway map?

I just don't know where they sell maps. :( I don't travel much, and I know where everything useful in Boston is already, so I've really never needed a map.


1. Do you add people you just met or wait to be added by them?

2. True or false: To request add, you must have made a mutual agreement w/ said potential friend. (ie: they're expecting the add, or you spoke about each other having a myspace)

3. Hypothetical situation: Say your kinda into someone you've only known for a couple of weeks. However you've barely spoken to one another. Do you just randomly request to be added or wait till you get to know them more?

4. TQC, will you please tell me how immensely STOOOOPID I am for freaking out about possibly requesting an add from a guy I'm kinda into and barely know? Hmph. Anyone care to talk me into it?
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1. What should I go see first, Across The Universe or The Nightmare Before Christmas (IN 3D!)?

2. What's the last movie you saw in the theater?

3. What's the last movie you rented?

4. Penguins: Adorable or bleh?

5. When was the last time you got reeeeeeally frustrated while driving? Any intersting story behind it? Not like...standard, everyday traffic jam stuff.

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When foxes make that strange scream-like noise that makes it sound like people are being raped right on my doorstep, are they fighting or do they just do that randomly?
I swear it happens EVERY night, it was only recently that I discovered foxes made the noise :(
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On October 10th, I received 19 calls from the same number. The 4 times I did answer the phone, the conversation was only long enough for me to say hello and for him to say "sorry, wrong number". How the hell do you dial a wrong number 19 times in the same day?

I did a reverse phone look-up and found out his info. I do not know of anyone by the name that the phone record gave to me or even recognize the home address. I don't know anyone for that matter that even lives on that particular street.

Here's the call record:
Call Record for October 10 2007
Call 1: 11:32 am
Call 2: 1:46pm
Call 3: 1:53pm
Call 4: 1:58pm (answered, duration: 6 seconds)
Call 5: 2:07pm
Call 6: 2:11pm
Call 7: 2:17pm
Call 8: 2:19pm
Call 9: 2:20pm
Call 10: 2:23pm (answered, duration: 5 seconds)
call 11: 2:28pm
Call 12: 2:48pm
Call 13: 2:58pm
Call 14: 3:09pm
Call 15: 10:08pm
Call 16: 10:12pm
Call 17: 10:27pm (answered, duration: 7 seconds)
call 18: 10:33pm
Call 19: 10:38pm (answered, duration: 10 seconds)

Yes, this was all from the same number, from the same guy claiming he had the wrong number. Look at how close some of the call times are. The scarier thing is, he has called my number before. It was only once or twice a day every other month or so. Is there something I can do about this besides changing my number? Should I be worried? Or could this person just be a complete retard and not realized he dialed the same number 19 times in the same day?

Edit: Oh, I'm in the U.S. in the state of Texas, if that matters any.
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Sense of touch

If you HAD to give up one of your 5 sense, which one would you give up?

Which one would you NOT give up for all the riches in the world?

I could go without touch if I HAD to.
I'd never give up my sense of sight.
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Online xxxooo

Have any of you ever had an online crush?  I did once and felt like a complete idiot.  I had after all gone a little too long without a real boyfriend because my last love had died from a seizure.  I was just ending a friendship as well that had recently turned into a sexual relationship which I never should have let happen, but I let my sexual appetite get the best of me.   I was not in love so I broke it off with him.  So, I went out and got myself a real boyfriend right away, someone that I have always had love in my heart for but could never be with because he is American Indian and his family wants him to be with an American Indian woman.  Ever since the man I love died, everything I do seems wrong when it comes to relationships with men.  But being with the man I am with now does not feel wrong to me or him, only to his family.  Should I be that selfish?  Family is so important, but so is the relationship between a man and a woman.  This man I am with now, who is going against his family's wishes, is older, about 45, and completely capable of making his own decisions.  Do you think I am wrong to date him?  
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 My 39 year old sister went back to college this fall to finish a bachelor's degree she started almost 20 years ago.  She's doing fine academically, but she tells me it's a terrible experience because she feels so old, out-of-touch and alienated with all the younger students.  

So, TQC - any words of advice I could pass along to help make this easier for her?  For those of you in college, how do you feel about "older" students?  What kinds of things would make you more open to becoming "friends" with these people?   What sort of things should she avoid doing?

(She's basically a very shy, quiet person...so I don't think she's one of those adult learners that has opinions on everything and thinks, because she has life experience, that she should express them.)

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Poll #1069659 Winter trek

Driving from Washington State to Illinois in Jan or Feb, which interstate would be best to take?

Are you crazy?!?
Other route-explain in comments?

I am concerned about winter weather. I have an AWD Ford Explorer, but I will be towing a small trailer.

Will I be stuck in a snow drift until spring and be forced to eat my pets and/or portions of my own body to survive?

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1. Do you enjoy speaking in front of an audience or group of people? Why or why not? (I love it. If I have a laser pointer or one of those pointin' sticks, even better.)

2. The Wikipedia entry about my dog's breed said they do best when assigned a job or task. What the hell sort of task can I give my dog? She doesn't really show interest in anything except going for walks and eating. I can see how bored and restless she gets, though, so she needs something.

3. What type of questions do you want to see more of on TQC?
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1- Why does the air heater... vent things (at my new house), keep blowing out REALLY COLD air before sending out the warm stuff? It's lame. :(
2- Care to share a tested pumpkin cupcake/cake recipe with us? Please?
3- Is there any money nearby you? If so, how much?
4- Should I buy a pumpkin to carve today? Or is it too soon for such a task, and by Halloween, it'll be all mush? :( I haven't carved in a couple of years, I think I'm getting ahead of myself.
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When I bought it at an op shop a week ago, it didn't work. I thought the batteries were dead, but that was ok, it was only $1 and would make a nice chew toy for my daughter. I finally remembered to wash it today, so that I could give it to her to play with. WELL. After I put it into the sink, it started to work! And now the damn thing won't shut up! Pushing the button doesn't do anything, and it's been sitting in that sink of water for about an hour and a half now, singing away quite loudly still. Short of breaking the control part and just leaving the keys on the ring, how the hell is it meant to shut up???

What's the worst toy you've had or given someone? One that didn't do what it was meant to, or did something it shouldn't have?

How do I make the bad music go away?!

EDIT Now with the correct video! I have no idea how this got there! I didn't do it and have never seen that before!

EDIT AGAIN I left it in the sink for about an hour and a half, and it was singing merrily the whole time. I tried to unscrew the bit that held the ring together but couldn't, so I got out my hammer and started belting it, with the intent of breaking it into pieces! but it made it stop! then I risked all by pushing the button again, and it played - then stopped at the end like it was meant to! YAY!

New question - when did belting something with a hammer feel good for you?

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Is there anything you do that others would think you are too old to be doing?

Are you embarrassed to be seen doing said things?

What tv shows do you watch that are aimed at a different age demographic than you are in? (younger or older)

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The experiment for my Physics lab next week is The Egg Drop.  You have to design a contraption to hold an egg, so it won't break when dropped.

What are some good ideas for my contraption?

EDIT: "Next week we have to do the egg drop experiment.
How uncreative is my professor?
Were you ever forced to do it?
What was your design?"
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1) Who are some people who USED to be regulars here, but you never see anymore? And where did they go?

2) Should I go to karaoke tonight? I could win a trip to Vegas if I win. If so, should I sing "Respect" and say "Take care of TQC"?

3) latenightdrives + bellasmommy = winning ticket, y/y?

4) I'm going to Taco Bell. Want anything?


I have a 10-12 page paper due this Saturday on child welfare policy throughout history. I haven't started yet.

1. How close to the due date would you start a 10 page research paper?
2. Would it stress you out to start the paper the day before?

Typically, I got through undergrad writing papers the night before. I usually got A's and B's on them. I work better under pressure I guess. To be quite honest, I sort of enjoy writing research papers.

If you had to describe the following cities in one word (each), which word would you use?

A. New York
B. Boston
C. Detroit
D. Los Angeles

3. If you have a pet, what is their favorite thing to eat other than their designated pet food?

My dog enjoys tastes of macaroni and cheese and cottage cheese.
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4 Questions

1. If you have a breakfast bar at home, do you use it as a breakfast bar?

2. If you have an umbrella, what does yours look like?

3. How strict is your workplace/school on a scale of 1 - 10, where 1 is Very Strict and 10 is Very Easygoing? Give an example or two.

4. What's been the longest amount of time between postings on your personal LJ? Why?
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Completely Random

1) When you have to swallow pills, do you put them on your tongue and then take a swig of water, or do you have water in your mouth, then drop the pills in?

2) I was just thinking that I've never heard a guy around my age (let's say 19-26) describe someone as "pretty," except in a slightly disparaging context. I only hear the word "hot" to describe a generally attractive female. Do you think that a 20 year old guy saying a girl is hot should be regarded as a similar compliment to an older adult saying someone is pretty?

3) Do you know anyone who got married after being high school sweethearts who are still happily married after more than 10 years?
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Do other countries besides the US have to deal with high school/univeristy shootings? There's been another one not too long ago today in a high school in Cleveland, Ohio. It's very disheartening.

ANTM Post!

Are you watching America's Next Top Model?

Who is your pick?

Who do you like a lot but think won't win?

Comments on the makeovers? 

EDIT for one more question:  Who do you think will be cut next?

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Oh TQC, I don't know who else to ask.

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Questions the second:

What's your favorite middle school book series?

Do you still read them?

Have any other "guilty pleasure" books?

The books I just ordered were the Remnants books by KA Applegate. I got "too old" for them before the series ended and now I want to know what happens!

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1.) What is your favorite healthy (in your opinion of healthy) cereal?
2.) What is your favorite sugary cereal?

3.) What is one thing you used to dislike about yourself physically, but have come to accept?

My Answers:
1.) All Bran Yogurt Bites and Shredded mini wheats.
2.) Golden Grahams, Cap n Crunch and anything chocolately.
3.) My pale skin.


1. How old were you when you had your first orgasm? (If you've had one)
2. How old are you now?
3. Do you find it easier to orgasm with a partner or alone?
4. When was the last time you came?

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Boston-area TQCers, I need to find a good, affordable oil-heat provider. Can you recommend a specific company that you're really happy with? Do you know of any discounts for college students?

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I have a friend who gets extremely moody if they don't talk to their SO at the start of their day. This person becomes really unbearable to be around at times.

What does this say about them? Dependent? Obsessive? Controlling?
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Wisdom Teeth

1. For those of you who have gotten your wisdom teeth out, did you have all 4 of them?

2. Anybody not have to get them removed?

3. Anybody get dry sockets after the surgery?

4. How old were you?
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You call me?

I've just had three calls in a row that went like this:
Me: "Thank you for calling *company name* how may I help you?
Them: "Who called me?"
Me: "I'm sorry?"
Them: "Somebody from there called me, who called me?"

What is causing this?

a-My co-worker (who seems to be the one they're trying to reach) isn't leaving voicemails.
b-They don't LISTEN to their voicemails.
c-They have no voicemail, only caller ID.

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Do you listen to your voicemail before you call somebody back?
Do you have an answering machine at home or just caller id?
Do you screen you calls?
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Target dog!

face washing and stuff

What skin care regime do you use?
Are you super faithful to it or do you sometimes blow it off and sleep in your make up?
What is the one skin care product you can't live with out?
Is there one type of skin care product you would never use?


I got a text message saying, "Happy Anniversary" on my one year wedding anniversary.

The text was from an ex-boyfriend of mine. We're not friends, but on speaking terms, I guess...maybe once every three months...and mostly business related (he hosts a website I work on). We broke up over a year before I met my husband and my husband and I dated for almost 3 years before getting married.

Is that just a little bit weird???

ETA: My husband is now deployed and I've been getting more phone calls/e-mails (than normal) from the ex.

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Today has not been a productive day for me. I had a 2 hour department lunch and soon I will go to some team spirit get together thing where I will get to drink and eat cookies.

So tell me TQC, how has YOUR day been?

(no subject)

How long do you allow yourself to get to work in the a.m.?

Do you use public transportation? Have you encountered rude mass transit employees?

All the Massachusetts Transportation employees I have encountered since the commute to Boston have been rude and short with me and not very willing to answer a question. EVIL DOERS
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Will you please describe to me the last footwear you wore (other than socks)?

What is something you used to do a lot, and now NEVER do?

Will you make me some tea and get me a pair of slippers?

(no subject)

Do you think that the police should check the immigration status of people that they arrest, and if they are found to be illegal immigrants, the police have the ability to start proceedings to deport them?

Are YOU an illegal immigrant?

Have you hired a day laborer before? How did it go?
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my statistics, let me show you them

A study released last week by the Barna Group, a reputable Evangelical research and polling firm, found that under-30s -- both Christian and non-Christian -- are strikingly more critical of Christianity than their peers were just a decade ago. According to the summary report, Barna pollster David Kinnaman found that the opinions of non-Christians, in particular, had slid like a rock in that time frame. Ten years ago, "the vast majority" of non-Christians had generally favorable views of Christianity. Now, that number stands at just 16%. When asked specifically about Evangelicals, the number are even worse: only 3% of non-Christian Millennials have positive associations with Evangelicals. Among the Boomers, it's eight times higher.

so this leads me to the question, tqc: do you get as annoyed as i do when people mix "numbers" and "words descriptive of numbers" in order to make statistics sound more exaggerated than they are?

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Do you have a movie that, if it comes on TV no matter what you will drop everything and watch it? Even if you know it will be edited and you have already seen it countless times?

I love How to Deal & Dazed and Confused, but I don't own either on DVD and probably wouldn't watch them if I did, but when they come on TV I am hooked . I can't tell you how many times I've seen both and yet I still enjoy them a great deal.

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Is there something you enjoy that you're ashamed to mention because you're afraid somebody will call you a racist?

I love listening to Mickey Katz and Stan Boreson. So I must be an anti semite who yust goes nuts at Christmas.

EDITED TO ADD: Mickey Katz did a lot of parodies of pop records in the 50s in Klezmer style, with a lot of Yiddish slang and puns. (He did a parody of the song "Kiss of Fire" called "Kiss of Meyer".) Stan Boreson did a similar thing, but in a Scandahoovian style. He cut "I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas", which we listen to every Xmas time.

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First of all, I would like to extend a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG thank you to the girls who helped me out previously. Big. Thankyou. Srsly. rly. I think i'm developing RSI.

How do you feel about age restrictions on items like alcohol and sex toys? Too high, too low, other?

Is the world doomed irreparably, and if so, how will you enjoy your final decades of life before the weather-pocalypse really gets going?

Txt speak- Your highly valued opinion on it?

Something to ponder

I'm sure everyone knows or has met that person who makes you cringe every time you're around them.  Their character is just naturally abrasive or utterly annoying.  The worst part is that they don't seem to have a clue that they affect others in this manner. 

This got me to think.

1) Have you ever had a fleeting moment where you wonder if you might be one of those people?
2) If so, what were the circumstances?
3) Is there no way that those people don't realize that that's how they are?
4) If so, do you think they just choose to ignore that fact? 
and lastly,
5) Do you actually think you are one of those people?

Wisdom Teeth

1. Have you had your wisdom teeth taken out?

2. If you have, how old were you when they were taken out?

3. If you were “older” (say over 18) or if your teeth had roots when you had them removed, did you have any problems with them? Any nerve damage?

I’m getting my wisdom teeth taken out next Thursday and I’m kind of nervous about it. =/

My doctor told me that I’m in a “higher risk group” because I waited sooo long to have them taken out (I’m 21 btw) and that I have a small jaw. The chance of nerve damage seems pretty small, but I’m still a little uneasy.
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by crop-crop-crop

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What's one little thing in life you really enjoy?

I love taking the first slice of bread from a new loaf. No subsequent slice tastes as delicious.

Now that I'm thinking about food...

Do you have a certain food that messes with your insides, but you choose to eat anyway?

Smoothies. I love them so much, but they make my stomach upset for hours afterward. :(
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(no subject)

1. I'm 22. Am I too young to yell at the kids outside to get off my damn lawn? To be fair I live in a townhouse so it's not exactly my lawn, but they leave their toys and trash strewn about in front of my stoop and front window so I think it counts.

2. Have you ever used Megabus? If so, what were your experiences with it?

3. What cool thing(s) would you buy from the Museum of Useful Things?

4. Do you do anything special to memorialize someone on the date of their death other than visit their grave?
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(no subject)

What is the conventional spelling for the following phonetically transcribed (english) words?

[khrawd] (aspirated k...pretend the h is superscript...i thought crowd but that's not it...)
[khansʃəs] (aspirated k like above)
[kwɔrl] (again, w should be superscript...i was thinking quarrel? but it would need a schwa, or?...)
night porter


My room mate just told me that I owe her $29 for the cable bill (just the internet, no TV!) I find this interesting because I don't have a computer. I do sometimes use our other room mates computer for stuff but usually I get my internetting done at school. Do I really owe 1/3rd of the bill? How the fuck is the cable bill $90 anyways?


I've lived here for years and they both moved in a few months ago. They decided to get internet service for their own computers. Prior to that I was internet free and fine.
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The store i work at part time has this policy- if you buy something and it goes on sale within 7 days, you can bring your receipt back to the store and they refund you the difference. 
I had a discussion with another employee about it. I don't know why some stores have this policy, i figure that sale prices are for people who either planned ahead by reading the flyer or got lucky and happened to find something they needed on sale. What's the point of having a one week sale if you're going to extend it like that? It's not the store's problem if you bought it a week before.
My co worker mentioned that if they didn't do this, people would bitch about it so much that allowing these refunds probably saves the company a lot of time in customer service. And people bitch about it anyway..."I bought this 3 weeks ago and now it's on sale!!!WTF!! :( "
Does this policy make sense to you? Do you feel this is a good/fair and logical policy?
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What, really?

I get to go to Vegas! I've never been.

Keep in mind that I'm broke (or will be once I buy my plane ticket).

1. What should I absolutely not miss?
2. What restaurant should I try to hit while I'm there?
3. Is there public transit, or is it easy to walk where you need to go?
4. Is it expensive to eat there? I can get some kind of pass that comes with meals, but it's costly and I don't know if it's a good deal.

I'm already selling stuff on eBay, any other fun ways to raise plane ticket money in a short amount of time? I don't expect any serious answers.
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1. Generally speaking what do you think of porn stars (in the terms of attractiveness)?
2. Despite your gender do believe that most porn is all about the females in them (excluding gay porn obviously)? Why or why not?
3. Do you have any favorite porn stars?
4. What is something you cannot stand about porn (certain weird angles, hooker shoes, etc)?
5. What is something you really like in a good porn movie?
6. How much money do you think porn stars make (with at minimum and at best amounts)?
7. How often would you say you watch porn?

That is all.
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(no subject)

1. what are you good at?
2. in spite of what you mentioned above, do you sometimes feel like you're not good at anything?
3. what was the last song you listened to that "brought back memories"? what were those memories?
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(no subject)

If you're a woman and don't consider yourself a feminist, are you willing to give back the rights that feminists fought for and you now enjoy?

(And yes I know this is practically begging to be in S_F but I couldn't resist.)
madeline OMG

The pediculosis blues...


Short of shaving my kid's head (or lopping it off Highlander-style), how do I rid my daughter of head lice for keeps?

I've done lice shampoo and conditioner with a few drops of tea tree oil followed by a fine-tooth comb and a whole lotta pickin'. I've shelled out thirty dollars for an electronic comb. I've washed everything that I can in hot water and bagged the rest. She still has eggs.

Serious answers needed, non-serious answers appreciated - I could use all the LOLs I can get.
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BBT How We Roll in the Shire


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so, the questions:
1. on a job application, have you ever been asked to indicate your minimum acceptable wage?

2. if yes, if they offered you the job did you recieve the pay rate you asked for?

3. would you accept a job if they offered you something lower than what you asked for?

4. how likely is it that a company would drop it's normal pay rate for someone who had requested a minimum rate that is less than the company was originally planning to pay someone in that position? do you think they'd really screw me over like that?

5. out of curiosity, any idea of what the hiring rate tends to be for low-level retail employees (cashiers and such) in your area? how about shift leaders or managers? (obviously this could be hard to know. i don't think a lot of stores put their starting rate on signs in the window anymore.)
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(no subject)

what should i have for dinner? Taco Bueno or Chinese takeout?

if for whatever reason you were to be evicted from where you live right now (there is no getting around it, YOU ARE BEING THROWN OUT OF YOUR HOUSE) where would you go?
sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
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(no subject)

what would you say is a fairly "normal" time to greive?

I know its different for everyone and I know they say you can't classify grieving the death of a loved one so easily but is 5 years too long to still be heartbreakingly sad about the passing of someone?

I think about him often, I dont go into depressive states about it or anything but certain thigns will set me off....last night I had a dream about him, we were sitting in a cafe just talking adn when I woke up I just started bawling.

Having not ever been to his grave, do you think if I paid a visit it may help me let go?

Is it wrong to not want to let go?
Caffeine BUN

Hear ye bunny owners!

Care to post a picture of your bunny? Have any funny tales of rabbit parenthood to share?

I had a bunny ages ago (Gomaz) that I was convinced was the second coming of Jesus (he had black spots on his back in the shape of a cross, and I was an impressionable 9 year old), so I wrote to the Pope. But Pope never responded.

Anyway, reason for bunny questions: I really want a bunny lately! But, until I get a stable job and place of my own I need to satiate my bunny yearnings by living vicariously through rabbits of others.
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1. Do you think there is an age at which a person should stop wearing clothes and accessories featuring Disney characters and the like? If so, what's the magic number?

2. Is it inappropriate to discuss one's dildo collection at work?

3. Anyone have Benicio Del Toro's phone number?
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for the sake of the question, IMAGINE you're a cashier at a well respected establishment in your town, okay?

well, it's almost time for you to get off of work when a customer comes headed your way ready to pay for their merchandise.

while they hand you their credit card they make a note to tell you not to be rough with it because it's almost breaking in half (it's just basically TORE the fuck up) so.. you take it with precaution and as soon as you swipe it, IT BREAKS/crumples in half.

what do you do?

btw, the customer is now looking at you like:

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The Road Not Taken

This question has no relation to anything I've done in school in the last four years.

How do you interpret Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken"?

My freshman composition professor told us that this poem is one of the most misanalyzed poems ever written. It is not about what it appears to be, taking a metaphorical path less traveled, but simply about making a choice that is no different from any other choices. Lots of people interpret it to mean that the speaker took the less popular route in life but when you read into the poem you see that he says the paths are worn "about the same" and the last two lines can be interpreted as ironic, or just as a statement of fact - "that has made all the difference" is just a vague statement of the outcome, not one that glorifies anyone who chooses his particular path.

And here I present to you the stupidest discussion page on this poem I have ever come across.

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Does anyone know of some good websites or magazines that have interesting types of fashion in them? I want to design some characters but I'm having so much trouble coming up with clothing.

Also what sort of things attract you to a particular character (in video games, books, movies, etc.) over the others?

Languages & Countries

1. What is a good country to live in, bad to visit(from experience)?
2. A bad country to live in, good to visit(from experience)?
3. What is one language you would really like to learn?
4. What language do you appreciate, (no matter if you know it or don't), because of the way it sounds or its culture, etc?

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i'm trying to like wine, as we are poor and alcohol numbs the pain.

my husband works at trader joe's, and therefore gets a deep discount on the two buck chuck.

i'm currently drinking a glass of shaw sauvingnon blanc, and rather enjoying it--the first time i've really liked wine and not thought it just smelled like mold and tasted like burning.

what's your favorite wine?

how accurate is this: http://www.howtodothings.com/hobbies/a3073-how-to-drink-wine.html on the proper way to drink wine?

what external factors (type of glass, chill factor, etc) affect the way wine tastes the most?

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I'm working on a research project for my Language Disorders in Children class. Everyone in the class was assigned a language and what we have to do is create a 2-3 page tip sheet for a speech therapist going into the home of a family who speaks that language. I was assigned South American Spanish. Do any of you have firsthand knowledge of the culture associated with South American Spanish speaking countries? For instance, who is usually the head of the household? Do you have to take your shoes off when you enter their home?-- things of that nature. Basically anything the speech therapist would need to know in order not to disrespect any member of the family.

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1. What religion do you identify with?
2. Have you ever had a spiritual crisis? (You seriously questioned/abandoned your belief system)
3. If so, how did you deal with it?
4. Do you have any advice for someone who can't seem to muster up any faith in any religion? Can you make yourself believe in God?
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The Herpe she didn't have on her hand

According to a commercial I just saw (I'm in Brisbane, Australia) 1 in 8 people have genital herpes.

This means that at my place of work, at least one person in my team, and at least 2 in each of several other teams have genital herpes.

It's such a strange thing to fathom just because I don't think about people as having STIs.

1.  Do you have genital herpes or know someone who does?
2. How do you deal with telling potential partners, or how does the person you know deal with it?
3. Has it interfered with your or his/her ability to have a fulfilling love life or find relationships?
4. How did you or he/she find out?

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ETA: Should be be interested in learning more about the different types of herpes, this web site is a great resource. http://www.herpesonline.org/hsv1vs2.html

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So, for the Halloween dance a bunch of us are trying to be a group of something to dress up as, hopefully something people haven't done in past years (there's a contest) We've thought of things like Captain Planet characters, Disney villians, hated celebs, local professors, etc. We need some more ideas, though. There are five of us, possibly six if we can convince a friend to join us. What should we be?
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What's the weirdest dream you've had in recent...memory(?)

My most recent was earlier today. I was in a kitchen, not my house or apartment. And Jesus was a ghost who was out killing people who had cancer. I managed to lure him into the kitchen, where I trapped him in a microwave and put a small sign that said "Do Not Touch" over the buttons.

Then Lisa Simpson came in and tried to convince me that we should persuade Jesus to work with us in an effort to not KILL the people with cancer, but cure cancer to make the world a better place. I then told Lisa that she was trying to hard to be a good person and, thus, was covering up something major she did in her past.

Then I woke up.

Is there some kind of hidden meaning in that?
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Why do people annoy me?


About a month ago, someone posted in womenhealth about her troubles with BO.

subarashiine responds with "Try using a natural deodorant"

Now, I can relate to the OP's troubles - I am always paranoid that I can smell BO under my arms. Earlier this year, I tried switching to natural deodorants just because I wanted to try to be healthier, but I tried lots of different brands and kinds (dry and wet alike) and they were full of mega stinky sweaty FAIL.

Anyway, given this, it really annoyed the crap out of me that this chick's suggestion was "try using a natural deodorant" when the only people I know who successfully use them are ones who don't have pungent BO when they don't use any deodorant at all.

ANYWAY today guess what I found in womenhealth?

That's right - subarashiine has tried 3 natural deodorants in the past couple of months and they don't work and she smells

TQC, I am so tempted to like, I don't know, EXPOSE this person for being an idiot. Or whatever it's called when someone gives advice that they KNOW is full of stinky fail. But that's mean.

1. So instead, what should I do?

2. Why would you tell someone to do something for a problem that you KNOW doesn't work, and potentially sentence that person to a loss of $$ and smelling like hell for a day?

3. Am I right to be so annoyed by this?

4. Is it weird that I even remembered the original post, that it was the same girl, and then took the time to look for the original post?

5. How can you get rid of moths?

6. How can I get mosquito bites to stop itching?

7. I live in Brisbane and I like cheap things. Where can I buy some coasters? We need coasters.

8. Is there such a thing as posting too many questions in one TQC post?

(no subject)

Dear TQC,

The other night I went to bed with a shirt on and some underwear. I woke up the next morning with the underwear but no shirt. WTF happened to my shirt, who took it off?? Was it my room mates? Why would they do something like that? Did someone come into my room and rape me when I was sleeping? But if that were the case it would be more likely for my underwear to be missing.

After a bit of thinking, I could vaguely recollect taking off my shirt while I was half asleep. But I couldn't remember why. So what do you think, TQC? What reason could I have for taking off my shirt while I'm half asleep when I had in the room with me two room mates who don't want to see my boobs?
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(no subject)

I am eating a really delicious dinner that me and my mom made.

Have you eaten anything really delicious lately? What was it?

What is some new recipe or food you recently (re)discovered?
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cingular/at&t peeps.

I'm on Cingular. So's my friend. We both have unlimited mobile to mobile messaging, which is great, because we text each other like crazy.

Until last Thursday, when all of a sudden we're unable to text each other at all. I can text anyone else -- my mom, my friends on other networks, whatever -- no problem. Mom and I share a plan. I just can't send messages to my friend and she can't send them to me. Or rather, we think we can, but the messages never actually show up to the other person.

WTF is going on here, tqc? Has this ever happened to you?


 I got in my first accident today :(  It was completely not my fault, even the cop agreed. I made a nice little paint pic to show you what happened :)

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Do you think this guy is going to try and sue me at all?

He kept saying that the guy in the van waved him on and that gave him the right of way. This is bullshit, right? It won't turn out to be my fault if he wants to take this to court?

I'm just really worried about this totally screwing me over and hoping that everything turns out okay. The poor car looks like it got punched in the nose :(

crocheting question

I'm making my first blanket in years, and I forget how to do a lot of things. When I finish a row of double crochet stitches and I want to start a new one.. what do I do? Do I make two stiches then skip one hole in the lower row and start the new one? I totally forget and can't find it on Google. Bah. Thank you!

(no subject)

Have you ever had a friend/acquaintance that was racist? What did you do about it?

This former friend of mine thinks he's Carlos Mencia (i.e. thinks being racist makes him edgy and funny), except that he's white. I'm all for political incorrectness, but there's a line. We don't really associate with him anymore because of his antics. Would it be wrong to draw a Hitler mustache on him while he's sleeping, and maybe a swastika on his forehead?

(no subject)

Backstory... The town where I live has a bit of space between properties so utility people can get to the utiliy boxes. You can't build anything on this space, including fences. This makes closing off a yard pretty difficult. We have a short brick wall as far back as we can have it, and inside that is our dog run (I guess some people refer to them as kennels). Our dog run is made of a wrought iron fence, and we have a dog house in the very back of it. Anyway, the woman who lives behind us continually feeds our dogs. She has to do a bit of work to get to them, with the wall, fence, and dog house. We've asked her many many times to stop, but she keeps feeding them. We've had dogs die from this before, so although we know she's just an old lady with good thoughts, we want her to stop.

1. What would you do if you had a neighbor coming onto your property and feeding your animals?

2. What if they locked your cat in their garage because they didn't think it was supposed to be outside? Or if they seemed to think your cat was a stray, and pet, feed, and name it?

3. Do you have any interesting neighbor stories?
We've had neighbors write eachother death threats. Jeez.
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(no subject)

What's the last oh-so-lame yet still scary (for the moment) thing to have happen to you?

:( I'm reading an urban legend about a family who had people stalking them through their phones and stuff, and they were getting death threats, and eventually had people coming to their house and vandalizing the place... my phone just rang, I about shat myself. Oh lordy. D:

Crap! I knew i forgot something!

OK, so I'm going on my first ever vacation in 2 weeks. A week long Caribbean cruise.  Being as I've never really gone anywhere before (I live near Vancouver- I've been to Edmonton and Seattle. Once each, more than a decade ago.  Oh, and I'm 29.... yes, I realize that's really really sad), and so never really had to pack (especially not for a week), I'm freaking out.  Plus, I have an 11 year old to worry about- he ALWAYS forgets stuff.  Like underwear.

So, my friends, what is it that you always seem to miss when you're packing for a trip? 

I'm pretty sure I have the basics, and to save trouble in the airport, I'm buying most of my toiletries when I get there.  I have the camera, a memory card, sunglasses, blow dryer (does anyone know if most cheap-o staterooms on Carnival cruises have blow dryers or anything in them?).  I'm not really too worried clothes wise, though if you want to tell us what you'd bring on a trip like this, be my guest!  But really, what I want to know is what sort of things do you never think of to bring until you're on the beach/in your hotel room/whatever people do on vacation? 
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(no subject)

What the hell is a Daxflame party? My friend says he wants to have one on Saturday night, but won't tell me what it is. I hate this kind of thing.

edit: I found something at urban dictionary, and turns out daxflame is a youtube user. I still don't get how that's a party, though, because I'll be damned if I'm going to sit at a computer and watch youtube at a party.
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(no subject)

What TV show is ridiculously popular right now that you just can't stand?

What TV show is widely hated that you just love?

ETA: Ok, so since I don't read beyond the first page, I fail.  Sooo....non-fail question time?

What is one thing you've done wrong/one embarrassing thing you've done in your life that you can't forgive yourself for?

(no subject)

1. You just worked out for an hour, and you come home starving. The only thing in your kitchen is fairly unhealthy--there's probably about the same amount of calories in it that you just worked off. Do you eat it, or do you go hungry?

2. Assuming you have a preference, do you prefer Taco Bell's Mild, Hot, or Fire sauce?

3. When you're hungry (EDIT: for a snack between meals), do you generally prefer something sweet (a cupcake) or something savory (like Doritos)? (Note the "generally"). If it depends, what does it depend on?

4. Do you know what hotel maids generally get paid?
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(no subject)

does anyone recall the community that was recently on lj spotlight? it had something to do with weddings and was a new community..

i saw something on there i want for my wedding and i can not for the life of me find it

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(no subject)

1- slow_drank... who are you, and why are you adding everyone who has posted recently here to your friend list, including my-wonderful-self?

2- Are you special enough to be added by this most recent serial-adder as well?
Haruhi disappearance
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(no subject)

Poll #1069933 Star Wars

You are showing the Star Wars saga to a person who has never seen any of the movies. What order do you show them?

Episode 4 first, then 5, 6, 1, 2 and 3.
Episode 1 first, then 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
Something else completely fucked up that I'll explain in comments