October 10th, 2007

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Why do some women use Halloween as an excuse to dress like prostitutes? I don't have so much of an issue with the hooker looks, it's just that most of the "costumes" are lingerie or little teeny dresses with like, a witch hat.

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Song/Mixtape Tracklists

You're making a mix CD (or mixtape, if you prefer).
What songs would you include if the tape/CD were for:

1. Your mother?
2. Your lover/significant other?
3. Your sibling?
4. Your friend?
5. Someone you secretly hated? (I don't know why you're making something for 'em, you just are...)

Have you ever gotten such a compilation of songs?

Also, are there any songs that you wish someone would associate with you?

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Do you fart silently in public, or hold it in?

Do you have friends with opposing idealogical views?

What about friends that do things you don't agree with?

Do you live completely according to your morals/beliefs?

Do you hate the sound of people kissing in the same room as you?

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third watch: bosco yelling

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does anyone have more information on John Beck's "free and clear" system works? all i caught about it was tax foreclosed houses, but that doesnt explain anything. its an informercial.......
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Have you ever purchased a museum membership? Why or why not?

Should I purchase a year at the High Museum of Art (Atlanta)? A one year membership is 60 dollars right now, and that's unlimited admission to the collection, special exhibitions, and Friday Jazz, plus discounts on tickets to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

There are a couple of good exhibits coming up, including "Inspiring Impressionism" and year two of "Louvre Atlanta".

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anyone else having trouble sleeping?

are you thinking about anything ridiculous?

i was just laying in bed, bumming about sleeping trouble, when i decided that doing heroin would be a real nuisance for me. you see, i'm a righty and i can't have needles in my left arm. and fuck that eyeballs/between the toes/under the toenails bullshit.

kreeaytiff spelling

Am I wrong to mock a 55(ish)-year-old woman who, in perfectly legible cursive, spells the word "enough" as "anofe"?

ETA: I feel I should add, I didn't make fun of her to her face, or even that harshly. Something along the lines of "I weep for her third grade teacher" when I saw what she had written. She wasn't even in the building. So, I may be a spelling-elitist, but I'm not going to actually make her feel like shit over it. I'm not that big a jerk.
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TQC, do you have a good pot pie recipe for me?

I had some chicken pot pie yesterday, I picked the chicken out. I have always ADORED chicken pot pie, even though I hate meat. I simply remove the chicken chunks and eat the veggies/gravy/crust happily. I really want to make a veggie pot pie that will taste like the pies I remember.

What can I do to make a veggie pot pie (I'd load it with peas, carrots, and corn. mmmm.) taste as close to chicken pot pie as possible? (no meat substitutes, yechh).

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Do you go to Northeastern Illinois University or Southern Illinois University in Carbondale? ((I'm thinking about applying to there for grad school to get a M.A. in Linguistics, figured I'd ask))

What did you go to grad school for/what do you want to go to grad school for? ((*extra love if you say linguistics, and explain!))

Why am I online when I have a test in 8 hours that I'm not yet done studying for?

Have you ever taken Human Sexuality? Did you enjoy it?

Are skunks cute?

Are you close with your mother?

Do you play DDR? If so, what level do you play on?

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1. Is procrastination a habit a person can grow out of?

2. Who's the worst classmate you've ever had?

3. Do you like Mark Twain's writing? Edit: Why?

4. How do you interpret the phrase "the world's oldest profession"?


Sometime last year a lot of people in the GSA at my school participated in the Day of Silence.  A lot of them brought white boards with markers to write on when they needed to say something, but mostly they played hang man or drew pictures and stuff.  It was kind of annoying and I thought that the white boards kind of defeated the purpose of being silent.  I mean yeah, you need to communicate with people, but I think it made it seem like a joke.  Most people at my school had NO idea why they weren't talking because the GSA didn't do any advertisements/explanations before or after the day, and a lot of people made fun of the silent kids because they had no idea what it was about.  The GSA was disappointed in how few people participated in the Day of Silence.

1.  What are you opinions on the white boards?
2.  Do you think there should have been some posters or something telling what it was about?  I think if you wanted people to participate then you would have at least spread the word that it was happening.
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1) Anyone watch the Republican debate last night?

2) Anyone else get annoyed that Giuliani responds to everything with "UH, I WAS IN NYC DURING SEPT 11TH!!"?

3) If you have lost weight in the past, what did you find most successful for you?  Details are encouraged.

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Sweet Pea

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If it meant it would save their life, would you donate one of your kidneys to (assuming you are a match):
1. A family member or close friend?
2. An aquaintance?
3. Someone you do not know?

Vegan Recipes?

I might be attending a Potluck on Friday night, a few of the attendees will be vegan, and therefore they request that the things we bring be vegan. I am not vegan... or vegetarian, AT ALL.

Got anything good/easy/not too expensive for me?

ps-If you're going to come in here and preach about why veganism is stupid, or why having a vegan only potluck is stupid you can just skim on by. I don't care about your opinion, I'm not vegan and I'm going to bring a vegan dish regardless of your opinion, so you can keep it to yourself, m'k?

mp3 player / itunes stuff.

how organized is your itunes (or whatever music player thingy you have?)
if you have itunes, are all of your songs rated and categorized correctly?
do you have all of the album artwork uploaded?

i hope i'm not the only ipod ocd person here. :/

Max standing

Seattle or Boston?

1. If you were offered a job and they allowed you to pick between the Seattle office and the Boston office, which one would you pick and why?

2. Do you hate the city of Seattle for some reason? What about Boston?

3. Where is the best city to live in the US? In the world? Why?

4. Where is the worst city to live in the US? In the world? Why?

My answers:

4. I hate Indianapolis. I is a boring city where the main attraction is a mall- a crappy mall at that.
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How long do you usually take in the shower?

If you're running late, do you cut down your time in the shower, or do you save time elsewhere?

If you are regularly or frequently late to work, is that a problem for your supervisor(s), or do they tend to overlook it?  If they let it slide, why do you think that is?

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In about an hour a coworker and I will be going to Costco to get a cake for a birthday.

Should we get chocolate cake or white cake? (These are our only options. I suggested carrot and it was vetoed)

What was the last thing you had to drink?

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When going on vacation how long before you leave to you typically begin to pack?

If you won an all expense paid week long vacation to where ever you want to go, where would you go?

Are you right-brained or left-brained?

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1) Ladies, how would you feel if you found out your man had been wearing your clothes around the house when you weren't home?

2) Gentlemen, how would you feel if you found out your woman had been wearing your clothes around the house when you weren't home?

Sorry for excluding the gays but I'm looking more for straight peoples thoughts on crossdressing. Feel free to share your own if you don't fit the guidelines but have an opinion anyway

3) In an attempt to spark civilized debate and not drama, why do so many people in here hate vegans? If you are vegan or vegetarian why do you chose to be? Talk about anything you want to here, I'm interested in hearing opinions from across the board. If you don't want someone to reply to your comment once you're done posting say so.
Beast mode!

CAPSLOCK WEDNESDAY!!! (completely optional, of course)






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Poll #1069142 For $10,000,000, would you...

...spend a whole year living as a homeless person? You cannot sleep indoors and you can't use a tent. You cannot accept money from family or friends, but you may panhandle. You may not shower or bathe in the year, but you may clean yourself in public restrooms


...relearn your primary language? Whichever language you use the most, you completely forget every single word, and have to start over. Reading the language would also be impossible until relearned


...spend a year in prison, with a tattoo on your lower back that reads IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU'RE A PUNKASS BITCH, BITCH. One whole year in the slammer


...forget every single book, movie and tv show you've ever read/watched? You have no memory of any of them, or even which books or movies you loved. Unless someone else knows you had a fondness for that particular book/movie, it's possible you may never again recapture the magic of that experience


...be known the world over as an idiot? Through the magic of youtube, a video of you doing something unforgivably stupid is circulated. It becomes an instant classic and a source of voyeuristic guilty pleasure and ridicule. You become as popular as the Star Wars kid and the idiotic pageant contestant combined, and you'll be recognized everywhere you go


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The S/O just got a job offer to create a FPS video game for the next 3 years with 2 of the guys he graduated with. I am really excited for him, though I don't think I acted that way on the phone (I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, sinus pressure and congestion).

I'm trying to think of something to give him as a congratulations sort of thing, because I know that this is the big break he's been waiting for. I want to find something nerdily appropriate. Do you have any suggestions of nerdy gifts?

And before everyone does the typical "well you know him better than we do", I've only known him a little over a month so I don't really have a grasp on what he likes for gifts and whatnot yet. I'd just like suggestions in general for nerd/geek/gamer related gifts. kthxbai.

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Okay, so I just had to google idk my bff jill and that commercial is HILARIOUS.
Since I haven't had tv in a while, will you tell me other funny commercials I should watch on youtube?

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what's a good place (online) to get cool clothes for a newborn baby girl?

edit: okay, maybe i should specify: where can i go to buy things so i can dress this baby like tank girl?
*betty draper reading

racing songs

1. Can you think of any good aggressive driving/racing-type rock/metal songs? Songs like Black Sunshine. Stuff that makes you want to floor it and cut people off and give 'em the finger while you're at it.

2. Anybody else not receiving comment notifications? :(

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How do you make your computer stop saving things you type?
For example, when I log into LJ in the 'user name' box all you have to do is click it and there is a drop down box of my name on LJ. Then, on Google there is a drop down box of everything I search.

How do I turn this feature off??

EDIT: I have IE, by the way. How do you get Firefox?
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yes TQC you are doing my work for me today... i jus can't be creative this morning...........

1. if a company manufactures perfumes, what other possible related products should they try manufacturing?

ETA: thanks kids ^_^

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Buying pet meds online (from somewhere like 1800petmeds.com or whatever): yes or no?
Have you bought your pet's meds online before?
Any good/bad experiences or recommendations/warnings?

If it matters, I'm talking about just like the basic flea stuff, Revolution or whatever

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1.) What's your favorite restaurant, and what's your favorite thing on their menu?
2.) What's the crappiest restaurant you've ever eaten at, and what was so craptacular about it?
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Quickly, please - will you name the first all-white animal you can think of?

*Oh, and I do mean other than Klan members or albino humans - members of the traditional animal kingdom, please.   ;)

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Do you have a friend or friends that you general love like a brother or sister?

What is the goofiest gift you've received?

Where to you keep your cell phone? 

Do you watch the BBC? 

Crunchy or soft?

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What happened to my cake? :(

It was the right temp, and almost 10 minutes before the min. time on the box (yes, box.  shush.).  The top of the cake burnt, and when I checked it with a knife it was clean.  When I flipped the cake, however, it was pure batter.  Wtf.  The only thing I can think of was that the rack was too high?

Why does this oven hate me?

Knocked up by a pumpkin

1. (Inspired by cactus_heart's icon) Have you seen Knocked Up? If so, what did you think of it?

2. My apartment complex is having a pumpkin carving contest (1st prize is $150 for dinner at a local restaurant, 2nd prize is $100 for [I forgot] and 3rd is $50 for Target). I want to win something. What is something unique/creative/winning but not too difficult that I should carve into my pumpkin?

People are weird...

What's the strangest thing you've ever heard from someone you just met?  Or that you overheard someone say?

My example isn't mine, it's my friend Megan's but I still laugh whenever she tells the story: She works in campus dining, a new girl came in to work. Megan is very friendly, and said "Well Hello, how are you doing?"  The girl scoffed, "not so well, I just started my chlamydia treatment."   She just met the girl! 
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My son is napping. What should I do with this free time?

Play WoW
Play Puzzle Quest on the Xbox 360
Play Phantom Hourglass on the DS
Take a nap
Read The Golden Compass
Do laundry
Clean the kitchen
Watch DVRd shows
Veg on the intarwebs
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1. I'm mailing a card to my dad but the envelope has all these goofy decorations where one would normally write the return address. Can I just write my address on the back? Will USPS know what the hell?

2. What was the last personal thing you mailed? ('Personal' meaning it wasn't related to everyday work or bills or whatever.)

TQC nude party

1. There just happens to be a TQC gathering in your town, not far from where you live. However, on the invite, it says 'only newd people are allowed in. Don't bring clothes'. Would you attend?

2. If you did attend, you show up and there's a place outside the house where the party is, and you leave your clothes there. You're stark nekkid! You walk in, ready to mingle, and notice that among the many TQCers there, you're the only one nekkid. Turns out, latenightdrives altered just your invite so it said newd, and did it just for giggles. Would you mingle anyway or go get your duds?

3. Let's say it was a nekkid party and everybody's in their birthday suit. Would that perpetually alter the way that you see the people in this community? Would you be able to successfully keep your viewpoint at eye-level or is the temptation of so much cooter and peener too difficult to ignore?

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 TQC, What is bothering you today?



I have a pixie haircut. I'm invited to a halloween party but dont know what to go as, and plus I don't have much cash to go spend on a halloween costume. Any ideas for the little blond headed pixie?


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1. do you often get told you're too quiet or too loud?
2. do you often get told you're rude or not persistent enough [too passive]?
3. do you often get told you're too organized or not organized enough?

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I told the BFF the other day in my sickyness, that I don't want him to surprise me like he did when he came home from leave, which he replied sadly ok, then asked why.

What was the best surprise you've ever had?
What was the worst?
Do you like surprises?
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The Receptionist Classic

Oh those crazy Greeks.

So, I'm reading this book ("The Worthy" by Will Clarke) and it centers around a fraternity and their naughty shenanigans. And I have a question!

Say two guys run into each other on the street. They're both members of a fraternity, say... Alpha Fido. Guy A is from Cool State and Guy B is from Cool State's rival school, Badass U. [Edit to add: The schools are big college football rivals. As in, football is srs bznss, huge thing.]

Would the two guys be friendly because they're both Alpha Fido brothers? Or would they be hatin' because they're from rival schools? WHERE DOES THE LOYALTY LIE?

These things, they keep me up at night.

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Based on this quote alone, would you guess the speaker was in the right, or in the wrong?

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What would you guess about this speaker's age, gender, nationality, and profession based on this quote? Why? Or do you already know who said it?

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I'm so frustrated.

Has anyone ever had any experience with "buddy-taping"? Specifically with toes? My 2nd to last toe is really messed up. I did something to it ages ago (broke it, sprained it, something.) It bends inwards (towards my big toe) and down, instead of straight up like my other toes.  Several people have told me to buddy-tape it until I can go into my doctor to have her look at it, now that it's randomly causing me pain and swelling up. However, taping my toe to my pinky toe is pretty damn hard and I'm not sure if I'm even doing it right.

So, anyone?

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TQC should I go to my Psych class? I have the lecture/power point on my computer, so I could read through it and understand/comprehend it pretty easily. It's simple stuff. Also the building it's in is pretty far away and I'm lazy/sleepy.

Then again, I'm paying thousands and thousands of dollars to go to classes here, so should I take advantage of that?

So what do you think, Psych or take a nap?

EDIT: Alright, alright, I'm in class now. New question:
What's your favorite band to listen to when you walk places?

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What makes a hard boiled egg hard to peel? I just had to throw one out because the shell was sticking so adamantly to it, and even though I tried to peel up that uber thin film, it wouldn't help. Is it something to do with not getting enough moisture or water under the shell or something?

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I am always obsessing about my weight and how badly I need to lose weight.
I am always dwelling on what food I can eat and what food I can't eat.
When I look at food I always calculate how many calories are in it, in my head.
If I eat one thing that's bad then I am fucked for the day. I completely blow the whole day of dieting thanks to that ONE cupcake I had.
I am overweight.
I'm 172 pounds and 5'4. I went from 192 to 161.5 but then gained weight back and now I'm at 172.
So I do have a reason to lose weight but it is always on my mind and completely takes over my thoughts.

Should I go to a therapist? My friends hear how I talk about myself and food, and my weight and they swear that I need help to stop obsessing over it.
Do you do this or am I completely weird and need help?
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1. are you a good host or hostess?
2. how can you tell if someone is using you? (especially if its work related.. and everyone is working towards the goal of pleasing tha client.. boundaries can get blurry)
3. what are you doing right now? (be precise)
4. what would you rather be doing right now? (be precise)

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How would you react if your really close friend were possesive of you?

(My really close friend, with who I have sex, share a lot of interests, etc, (but no feelings except friendship and amazing trust) doesnt want to have a girlfriend because he doesnt like relationships. But when I tell him about other guys he freak out and doesnt like it and tell me to ditch them, he get very protective and possesive)
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What should I name my bird? It's a gray cockatiel. I can't tell if it's a boy or girl so the name could be of either gender. I was thinking of naming it Sebastian (because I love the band Belle & Sebastian) but I was thinking maybe a dumb ironic name, like Chad Kroeger or something.
What do you guys think?

PS- S/he is on my shoulder right now (:
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have you ever seen something posted on the internets or eljays that really made you mad, and you wanted to step in and justify it, but you knew if you did, there would be a wankfest the likes have never seen before (because everyone's knee-jerk reaction is always OMGSOJUSTIFIED)?

what did you do?
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2 questions. (Yes, I realize I already just asked a question about my bird, but shut up.)

1. WHAT IS WITH THE PUMPKIN ICONS EVERYONE HAS? DOES WANT. I checked the LJ mainpage and I didn't see anything about it. Like, EVERYONE added a little moving pumpkin to their icon!

2. Anyone get the new digital download Radiohead album, In Rainbows? How fucking AWESOME is it?! (Isn't "15 Step" so fucking epic?!) :D


I ordered a brown top online and when it came today it was much darker brown than I expected. I like it, but I was planning to wear brown shoes it to a party on Friday. The shoes are a milk chocolaty brown and the top is a dark chocolaty brown, almost black. Will they clash? Unfortunately I'm thinking that they will. I'm not one to care if stuff clashes but in the "real world" I want to look fairy presentable.

My only other choices are a pair of BRIGHT plastic green heels that my grandmother owned in the '60s, a pair of light green sandals that make my feet bleed (literally), or black platform shoes.

I'm not going to buy anything new and I'm not going to wear a different top, so what should I do?
The Receptionist Classic

We call it "ink" now

TQC, I'm going insane today. See, our vendor has a habit of giving normal colors weird names. Why call it "brown" when you can call it "mesquite"? SILLY US. Here are some of todays WTF R U smokin' colors. Take a stab at 'em, I'm very curious as to how you fare. (Also, I might print out results and send them to the vendor with a giant "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?" note.)

What color is "grizzle"?


What color is "cabana stripe"?

Bright Blue & White Stripe
Pink & White Stripe
White & Black Stripe

What color is "surplus"?

Olive green

What color is "horizon"?

Light Blue

What color is "quicksand"?

Light Green
Dark Green

Are you going through ticky box withdrawal?

Yes! Need ticky!
Ticky ticky
I hate ticky boxes, but I'm going to ticky ticky anyways
You need to put down the crackpipe

Edit: For those that are curious of the 'answers' - I'll post them in tqc_updates later tonight.

"You're just like you're mother!"

1. What's the last thing you did that made you realize you were turning into your parents?

So there's these two like 13 year old boys across the street from my house making a ton of noise and doing somethig sketchy with a piece of wood. (I live across from an elementary school with a playground, but the school is shut down and going to be torn down probably within the next year.) I was standing in my window thinking "If they don't shut up, I'm going to call the police."  I got ready to yell that out the window when I stopped and realized.  That's exactly what my parents do.  They scream out the house to be quiet and then if they don't listen, they call the police number.  I cried a little on the inside when I thought that.
Target dog!

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So I am finally just selling all my stuff this weekend in a subdivision wide garage sale. It's just taking up space and I can use the money to help finish up paying back taxes. I have a couch, china (Mikasa really cool pattern), farberware, blender, coffee maker, toaster oven, a really cool chair that I really would like to keep but I need the money more. Problem is I am not a garage sale person so I don't know how to mark the stuff. Everything is like new, but has been in storage for exactly 4 years this week.

Any idea on what I should sell the stuff for?
What is the going rate for household items that are in good shape and hardly used at a garage sale?

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Know any websites that sell interesting gifts/accessories? It's my friends birthday.
I live in England.

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life what would it be? Why?
What about a film?
A book?
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for those of you that work in a customer service setting...

what do you think people THINK when they come into your workplace or call into your workplace and act like complete assholes? like, do they think just because they are the customer they have that right? srsly.

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anything WORK related you'd like to rant about?

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Does anyone have a Gerber Mark 2 fighting knife laying around they don't want/need/ will sell cheap?? hajiomatic@hotmail.com

Do you have the new WILSON TACTICAL COP TOOL?

what is the most dangerous weapon you own? Mine is a Dewalt reciprocating saw.....(ummm don't ask....)

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I just got a brand new mattress about...a year ago. So it's pretty new. And expensive.

My boyfriend's dog decides that it's the perfect place to take a massive, liquid shit. I was doing laundry when he did it, so it had no bedding at all on it.

So, TQC, Is it still sanitary to keep it?

How in the fuck can I clean this so it's not grungy to sleep on?

Should I just toss it? (Please, no.)

What would you do if this was you?
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Anyone know of a community where I can ask questions regarding Adobe products?

If not, how can I make alter text in Illustrator to look like it is on a plane in perspective? I would probably use the 'skew' feature (under transform) in Photoshop, but I can't find an equivalent.


(no subject)

So I'm looking to buy a telescope. A good one, or as good as I can get for <$300. Any suggestions on where to look, what specifications to look for, brands, etc?

Do you own a telescope?

Do you watch celestial happenings? Like meteor showers, eclipses, etc.

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I don't want to be a sucky customer, but I'm also poor and don't want to spend money on tips if they're not necessary/expected. So...

Tipping in restaurants in Ireland: Yes or no?
i say, old bean

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does anyone know of any programs that are similar to Animation Shop 3?

i went to go and pick up my little sister from the boys & girls club aaaand the whole way back she was avoiding the cracks in the sidewalk. you know, the whole 'step on a crack and you break your mothers back.' do you remember/know of anything similar to this?
did you avoid cracks?

what's your favorite thing to daydream about?

also, what's for dinner, TQC?

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 the other night when I was at my friend's house, she recieved a text message from her own phone that she did not send. the "name" thing came up as "My Mobile" and the number was checked and was definatley hers. and no one else could have stolen her phone and done it either because she had no credit left. the message simply said, "what are you doing?" and it creeped us out real good. does anyone know how this could have happened?

Questions about The Sims 2

1. I have the PS2 version of The Sims 2 - what do I have to do to gain logic for my Sim? Stupid q, but I can't figure it out.

2. (About the PC version) How do the expansion packs work? Do I have to get the main game and add it on?

3. (Not related to The Sims 2) What's your favourite TV show at the minute?

Student Loans



My university has a Study Abroad program, which every summer they offer a trip to Cuernavaca, Mexico.

I was all hyped up to go, as this is my only opportunity to both finish my Spanish and go to Mexico before I graduate. However, now, they're planning on going to Salmanca, Spain, which is approximatley $1,500 more.

Do you know of any good student loan programs with low interest rates? 

Edit: I had HTML wrong, and I also wanted to mention that although I was hyped up to go to Mexico and I won't be now, I still want to go on this Study Abroad program, and I still feel like I will benefit from the experience. I just realize now that it'll be a lot harder to save the money, so I'm looking for resources. 

Thanks for all your help!

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 What disappointed you today?

I missed school thinking I was going to DISNEYLAND!  But, because my sister's friend was passed out we didn't get the free tickets.  Instead we went to the animal shelter to look for a dog, but didn't get one.  We went in the room for dogs who were being "evaluated" tonight.  I WANT TO CRY.  

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Sooooooooo how difficult will it be for me to get into the video game biz (as a 2D concept artist)? If you don't know (which you don't really because you don't know bout my skillz) take a guess. :]

Also how are you and what are you doing tonight?

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I'm home alone tonight and very lonely/bored. The only thing keeping me company is my rumbling stomach. Unfortunately, my fridge/cupboard is practically empty and I'm clueless as to what I want. Do you have any simple, delicious ideas for what I should make for dinner tonight?

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Poll #1069385 Dirty Minds R Us

What is the definition of 'poppycock'?

Rubbish, bullshit, just a stinking lie
The end result of Poppy's 'operation'
What daddy has in his pants
The head of the chicken family

What is the definition of 'taint'?

That area between the genitals and the butthole
Southern contraction of 'it is not'

What is the definition of 'pussyfoot'?

To move stealthily, slyly
What Mr. Whiskers has at the end of his pussyleg
What happens when genital warts spread to the extremities
What a furry with a foot fetish looks for
Fisting as performed by someone with no arms

What is the definition of 'beaver'?

Longtailed rodent creature with a flat tail that topples trees with its teeth
Youngest child on a classic tv show
What you find when a woman drops her Victoria Secret
City in Oklahoma with a population of around 1,500

What is the definition of 'titmouse'?

North American bird with a tufted head
Mickey's perverted cousin
Small rodent with pinkish discolorations
What Goofy saw when he peeked in Minnie's shower

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Are you an only child?

If you are, do you wish you had brothers/sisters?

If you have brothers or sisters, do you wish you didn't?

What's the scariest movie you've ever seen? Why was it so scary?
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A friend of mine just got himself a girlfriend the other day and since then, he's been flirting with pretty much every girl he sees. What's up with that?

Can you reccommend any good books to me?

Do you listen to community radio?
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1. What's the grossest thing you've done today?
2. What book, if any, are you reading?

My answers:
1. I burped really loud and long and tasted pretty much everything I've eaten so far. It was gross.
2. Wicked by Gregory Maguire. So far it's pretty awesome

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i'm trying to make a birthday cake with a 4" springform pan. that's very small. i dunno of any recipes for a cake that size, do you?
and if not, do you know how to convert one? i assume i would just use the correct fraction of ingredients, but am lost on temperature and baking times.
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1)  The Ultimate Question (for those who grew up in the 90's): Who was better, Red Ranger or Green Ranger?  Elaborate plz.

2)  Would you like to share that with the rest of the class?
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DISCLAIMER: This is not something I necessarily agree with

Let's say you obtained proof that the George Bush Administration was responsible for 9/11, and that they orchestrated the entire event for their political gain to pave way for the Iraqi War.

It would be a terrible event for America, and would severely harm us as a nation.. Would you turn them in?
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Ever been tattooed in Austin, Tx? Recommend anyone?

What'd you think of Pushing Daisies?

Ever have a boss die?

What's an out-of-the-box advertising idea?

What would you think if someone said you look like an old woman (or man) when you were obviously in your late teens early twenties?


i tend to be really picky when it comes to books. my favorite ones always tend to be the same type: the author or narrator talking about their life or their really mundane thoughts in detail..and basically that's it.

some of my favorites include:

running with scissors by augusten burroughs
the catcher in the rye by jd salinger
wasted by marya hornbacher
the girl's guide to hunting and fishing by melissa bank
angela's ashes by frank mccourt
sex, drugs and cocoa puffs by chuck klosterman
choke by chuck palahniuk

i just finished reading dry by augusten burroughs, which i loved.
what book would you suggest, given my taste..and briefly, what's it about?

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are there any really weird/unimportant things that make you happy?

whenever the lines/lanes continue through an intersection for a left turn, I can't help but smile. LOL it makes no sense.


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For those playing online games:

Is Eve Online a decent game to play? It seems interesting but I want to be sure it's something I want to pay for before I try it...

ETA: Do you know any other online games which are similar as EVE in setting? I like space/sci-fi games
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what movie (movies) make you terribly sad and sullen? like ones that you can't possibly talk to anyone during, and will still be thinking about the next day?

do you believe in karma? is it or is it not bad karma to all of a sudden want to volunteer when it comes time to look good for colleges? (i just feel to guilty to stoop to that level =/)

the other day in the bathroom i sneezed and the woman in the next stall said God Bless You; i know its good manners but in the bathroom? is there a certain etiquette to be used whilst using the bathroom (ex: not talking)?

speaking of bathrooms, isnt it a little sexist to only have baby changing tables in the woman's bathrooms?

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1) Do any of you watch The Girls Next Door?
1a) How do you feel about Kendra's laugh?

2) Do any of you like Chelsea Handler?
2a) Have you read "My Horizontal Life: A Collection Of One Night Stands"?
2b) Are you excited to read "Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea"?

3) When you're drunk, do you tip more or less than when you're sober?


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Yeah so this post is brought on by an argument I had with my friend.
Regardless of what the law says, If a 24 year old guy has consensual sex with a 16 year old girl do you consider it rape and/or morally wrong?
And whats the biggest age difference you've ever had in a relationship? and how old were both of you?