October 9th, 2007

Haruhi disappearance
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1) Do they still sell Dill Pickle flavor chips anywhere? Those were amazing!

2) What are some snacks that exist in the US that you can't find easily in other countries?

3) Sweet snacks or savory snacks? savory FTW, srsly

4) Could you suggest some relatively cheap, but awesome cat toys? My kitty is bored D:
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When you go into your profile and click "more details" at the bottom it gives you your posted comment count.

Is this just the comments you made in your persona journal or does this include comments you've posted on communities? I've never been quite sure.

Edited to ask: How many comments have posted / received?

Mine: Posted: 10,855 - Received: 11,720

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i have a cough that has been going on for over 2 months now.
my doctor has ruled out infection, embolism, pneumonia, and bronchitis.
the pulmonologist thought it was SILENT HEARTBURN, but i've been taking the meds for that for almost a month, and it's not helping.

so, tell me Dr. LJ/TQC:
1. what's wrong with me?
2. am i going to die?
3. what can i do to halt/stop immanent death?
4. will you buy me a pony if it's cancer?
koi also

camera advice - old SLRs

I would like to buy an older/used 35mm SLR, something in the $50-$70 price range. It doesn't have to be amazing but I'd like to get something decent that was made with some degree of quality and will probably still work well. Any opinions from photo geeks here?

What do you think of this one?


(Backstory: My mom had a cool, heavy, lots-o-metal-parts SLR from the 70s that I used back in high school for photography class. It was great, but she sold it without asking me. :( So now I want another. I can't remember what brand it was unfortunately.)


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What is the last thing you heard (outside of TQC) that made you LOL?

Mine =
This 5 year old girl came into my work yesterday with her dad and she was telling my co-worker how she's going trick or treating for Halloween. She's going to be a princess, her daddy's going to be a vampire, and her mom "is going to be the Bitch of Halloween".

haha. My co-worker had her repeat it to her dad, and he started cracking up. I guess she meant "Witch".
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1. Santa watches you when you shower, how do you feel about that?

2. Number one was totally a lie, how do you feel about that?

3. Actually The Great Pumpkin watches you, how do you feel about that?

Ok, I'm done.

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Did you have a dream last night?
What was it about?
Do you dream often?

[I just had a dream that I was climbing the grand canyon but it was all in black and white, I was very upset about that.]
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I'm still awake! WOOHOO! And I've got some of my work done, too.

HOWEVER I have a personal problem that's bothering me and I figured I'd ask you guys. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship that's currently Charleston, West Virginia - Dublin, Ireland. We're used to the long distance thing, but we're still figuring out how to communicate since our usual method of cellphones is shot due to expense. The lack of regular communication is stressing me out badly, on top of a few other things like school work and my being in a foreign country for two weeks. The problem is that I'm taking the stress out on him, and I snap at him without realizing it. It's upsetting both of us; I love him and don't understand why I keep getting so snappy and losing my patience. :(

WHAT SHOULD I DO, TQC? How do I stop doing this? It's making me more stressed and AHHH. IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE.

And for the none-drama: Ever come across a funny sample of Engrish?
I bought my friend a zippo in Vietnam that said, "if you want fuck smile when this lighter you hand me back."

ETA: We do use skype, and that reminds me.. Any suggestions in the headset department? I need a new one.

Good Day Atlanta

Is there anyone who can record Good Day Atlanta for me, and then put on dvd or digitized or something and sent to me? I need one particular segment.

Can someone in Atlanta help?

OR does someone know a quick program I can isntall to capture streamed video???
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Should students be allowed to have their mobile phones in class time?
What is suitable punishment for a student who is using his/her phone in class time?

What colour shirt are you wearing right now?

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For those who sport(ed) wedding bands:

Where did you buy your wedding bands?

What do they look like?

For those who plan to be wearing one in the future:

Where are you planning to buy your bands?

Do you have any idea what they will look like, and if so, will you tell me all about them?

For both:

Why have you chosen these, uh, choices?

Good morning everyone!

1. How was your weekend??

2a. What was the last board game you purchased for yourself/ your home? 
2b. When was the last time you played that board game?

3. When you're on the highway, are you usually being passed, passing everyone or moving with traffic?

4. What are your cop-spotting secrets?

5. Are you going to the pumpkin patch this year?

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What's the weirdest sex advice or tip you've ever gotten? Who was it from?

What's the longest time you've gone without sleeping? Did you get any side effects?

Do you like the taste of candy corn? candy canes?
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5 Questions

1. On work/school days, how early do you get up? (i.e. if you start at 9am, what time do you get up?)
2. Do you use a travel mug? If yes, what do you put in it?
3. What would make getting to work/school easier for you?
4. On an average day, who is the first person you speak to?
5. How soon into the day do you get on TQC?
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work friends = online friends?

Inspired by this:

Are you "friends" with any of your co-workers on social networking/blogging websites (Livejournal, Myspace, Facebook, etc)? If so, have you had any issues or drama when you've posted about work-related problems?

I tend to keep my online social networking separate from my work/school, so I don't actively seek out my co-workers/classmates on Myspace or LJ. I probably wouldn't add them as friends to my Myspace so that I could be free to rant, and same for LJ.
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What are some kitchen ingredients that you mix with water to give it a bit more flavor?

I've put a few drops of lemon juice in before which was tasty, I'm debating experimenting with vanilla extract but I'm not sure how good that would actually taste.

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Do you know the 'eeny meeny miney mo' song?
Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a nigger by the toe. If he hollers, let him go. Eeny meeny miney mo.

Did you sing it when you were little?
Were you taught something different (eg, tiger instead of nigger)?
If you sang it the original way, were you told to change it?

We used to sing it in primary school, but were told to change it to tiger. I never realised what I was singing until I got older. And why we were singing it like that in Australia, I'll never know.
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1. Someone calls you and leaves a message asking you to call them back. They do not say why. Do you call them back? Does it make a difference who it is?

2. What is something that you are tired of explaining to people?

3. What was the last note that you wrote to yourself?

4. How's your day going?

Orly? Only Tueday?

1) I still don't understand... why did Kevin Federline agree to do that embarrassing Burger King commercial?
2) What's something exciting that's happened to you recently that you want to brag about?
3) Paper or plastic?
4) When was your last brush with the law? Tell me about it.
5) Have you ever won any cash from the lottery? How much?
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1. Why do you consider your hometown YOUR hometown?

The place I consider my hometown is not where I was born or where I live now. My parents still live there, and I lived there from when I was 7 years old until I was almost 22. I guess I did most of my meaningful growing up there, so that's why.

BONUS: do you know where I can physically go and buy the Grey's anatomy trivia board game? If I can't find it while out shopping today I'll just buy it from the ABC.com store when I get home.
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My boyfriend's parents will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary next year. He wants to go in (with his five siblings and any other family that will collaborate) on a trip to Ireland (just one city) for them.

Have you ever done something like this?
If so, would you suggest booking hotel + flight through a site like Expedia, or finding a travel agent to make sure things are hunky dory?
Would you like to stay in a Schoolhouse Hotel or one owned by Bono?
What awesomely creative way can he "wrap" this gift?
Cats pawing at mommy's face


I'm in charge of what's on TV at work - It's a bar/restaurant, and we keep the volume on silent. When I work nights, I usually do some combination of football/baseball/other sports. As far as I know, MLB isn't on until Thursday, and we don't have any football on, either.

TQC, what should I show on our TVs tonight?


Do you order for your SO or vice versa?
What do you think about people you see ordering for the other?

I usually let my fiancée order for me (fiancée sounds so pretentious and all 'look at me I can bag someone', but you said I had to call her that TQC, so it's your fault)[edited to change my abominable fiance to fiancee, which by the way has just removed any shred of liking I had for the word because it was gender-neutral]. It's either because:
  • I just don't feel like being social today, and that includes talking to wait staff.

  • I like all the options on the menu (or in a section of the menu) and If she makes the decision it takes the pressure off me, and if it's crap it's not my fault (not that it's her fault, just the guilt I would have felt about wasting my money on something dodgy when I should have selected something else is gone).

  • The food has a stupid name. I will not order food called "all berry bang", "boy crush", "chilli chilli bang bang" or anything of that ilk. If my SO isn't there I either wont order it by name (eg. "all berry bang" becomes "the berry one") or I wont order it at all. STOP HAVING STUPID NAMES!

  • I feel that people are looking at me like I'm being controlled against my will though. ARE YOU?!

    Also, do you know what book this image is from?
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    hannibal skull


    1.When you heat something in the microwave, do you turn it off before you open the door or just open the door without stopping it first?

    2.When you are heating something in the microwave(say for 2-3 minutes), do you stand there and wait or do you bugger off and wait for the ding ding?

    3.Are the microwaves killing you slowly?

    4.Where did my desk go??

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     What is the best way you've found to cure a cough? 

    The kind that just sits in your throat and itches unless you are actively eating or drinking...and the moment your throat is idle, it wants to cough. The kind that keeps you up at night until you've fallen into a deep sleep. The kind that feels like a deep wheezing, whooping almost.

    I feel dumb for thinking about going home for a cough alone but it's so annoying to cough every two minutes! I just don't have much faith in cough syrups..not sure why.

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    Poll #1068641 Playing God

    You're given the power to heal 100 dying people. They'll be cured from their particular injuries and ailments. In order for you to gain this power, you have to kill. You're given a sniper rifle that can fire from a 2 mile distance, and you're given a choice. You can kill the next person to walk out of the nearest mall, OR, you can kill 5 drug addicts hanging around outside a crackhouse, OR you can kill 10 convicts who are in the yard at a nearby prison. What do you do?

    Kill the single mallrat
    Kill the 5 crackheads
    Kill the 10 criminals
    Pass on the power. The ends do not justify the means

    Your access to power just got greater. There is a devastating earthquake scheduled to hit a major city in El Salvador, and 100,000 people will be killed. You can save 50,000 of those lives. Again, all you have to do is kill people in your own city. You have a rocket launcher this time. 10 people at a nearby Starbucks, OR, 30 teenage gangbangers in a bad neighborhood, OR, 100 convicts being transported aboard a prison bus. You will not be caught. What do you do?

    Kill the 10 expresso drinkers
    Kill the 30 gangsters
    Kill the 100 criminials
    Pass on the power. The ends do not justify the means
    Give a dog a home

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    What do you think of someone who hooks up with another person, knowing that they have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

    You're given $100K, but you have to donate it to a charity. Where would you donate it to?

    A couple is having some relationship problems. One person posts a vague post to a public community about how good of a person they are and when questioned as to what they are talking about, gets combative. What would you think of the whole thing?

    And as always, I have chicken thawing out at home. What should I make with it?
    Tim onstage!

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    My friend, Mike, who is sitting next to me at the college, wants to know:

    Are you prepared for a zombie invasion? And if so, what is your weapon of choice? What about your war cry?

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    I just got a letter from a company I worked at over a year ago, stating they are "holding presumed unclaimed property dated 6/30/06. This unclaimed property is money, which may be owed to you" I have 6 days to claim it or they will be sending the money to the state as unclaimed property. It's $50, which I could really use right about now. I quit around that time, so it could be a final paycheck. But I'm pretty positive I picked up my final check. Should I claim the money? Even if it's their error, and I have to pay it back later?

    I'm trying to decide what to make for dinner tonight. What's your favorite meal to make (or eat) that's quick and easy to fix, but also cheap? What are you having for dinner tonight?


    My fiance's skin does not react well to shaving. He's got a beard, but that under-the-chin area gets all red and bumpy and such. He's oily and acne prone, too.

    Right now he uses fusion blades and soap, which I'm sure isn't helping. What's the best (drug store available, plz) shaving stuff for men?

    While we're on the topic, what kind of body soap and shampoo do you use? I'm in the market for a new natural shampoo. I currently wash with dr. bronner's castille lavender soap, but I'm a little wary of putting that on my fried hair.
    happy man party
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    Did you read A million little pieces by James Frey?
    Were you mad when you found out that it was really fiction?

    I read it, It didn't change my life but i thought it was good.
    It makes no difference to me if it was fiction or non-fiction.
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    trait ghosts.

     1. What is your best guess as to what Deja vu really is? If you have no idea, be creative and imagine something!

    2. Who are you told you remind people of?

    3. Anyone in your life that reminds you of someone else? (Obviously, if yes, then who?)

    4. Anyone in TQC who reminds you of anyone else?

    (no subject)

    Hey, I just thought of something, and it will be answered Saturday but I'm curious now, so:

    There's about 110 people coming to our wedding, wedding party excluded from that number, and we're having assigned seating during dinner.

    However, instead of making people wander for ten minutes to find their place card, how do you better organize it? Numbering tables? I have not been to a wedding with a seating chart since my sister's wedding, but I was a bridesmaid and thusly have no clue.

    Also for people who don't give a shit about weddings:

    Does anyone else automatically go to their userpic drop box instead of the post to drop box?

    Cause I do it EVERY TIME I post to a community

    help me, help me.

    1.  I'm doing a 50-minute presentation on STDs in college (Herpes, HPV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis) for my Communications class.
    We have to do an "interactive activity" with the class, like a game or something fun. Do you have any ideas??

    We're giving 1/4 of the class (representative of how many college kids nationwide have an STD) an index card with an STD written on it. The other 3/4 will have a blank card. Then we will discuss the symptoms/treatment of each STD while the people who are "infected" with it stand up. But we want to do a MORE interactive activity as well.

    2.  I got a hamster last Thursday and she's still being a little bitch.  Will she ever be friendly?  My last hamster was sweet from day 1.

    3.  Post your favorite picture of YOU.

    (no subject)

    Even though I live in Florida and it probably isn't going to be "cold" [as cold as Florida can even get] until Decemeber, I'm really excited about winter.

    Are you excited about the upcoming cold season or not looking forward to it at all?

    (no subject)

    Is there a way to mass-save photos from photobucket?

    I want to save all the photos from my new account.  I'd load them from my camera, but its batteries are dead.  And I have no idea where the charger is.  I suck.

    (no subject)

    What's a good desk to buy that's no more than 52" inch wide?

    What's a good foot massager?

    Who got hurt today at work? (I cut my finger, owwie)


    Also. I'm about to format my computer- Alienware gave me this cd called "microsoft windos xp home edition system recovery CD-ROM" That means I can format using this cd right??


    So, I am twenty years old, and still living with my parents. I work, I don't pay rent, but I do contribute towards the bills and groceries.

    Now, here is my problem. My mother snoops an awful lot. I accidentally left my computer on one day (I am still kicking myself in the ass for that) and my mother snooped through it. She knows my 'real' LiveJournal username, and actually got mad at me because it was friends only. My boyfriend and I are trying to move in together, but New Jersey has horrendously high rent, and we both made some financial mistakes in the past, and we are waiting for those to clear up before we rush into anything. Here's the thing, though; my mother insists that as long as I am living in her house, she has every right to know every intricate detail about me, and I disagree. I work two jobs, I contribute to the bills, and help keep the house clean. I say that I am entitled to my privacy, as she is entitled to her own.

    Am I in the wrong here and should I just suck it up, or is she wrong? It is so frustrating that I have to safeguard nearly every aspect of my life, because she reads into things and comes up with insane assumptions and jumps into conclusions, so that is no help, as well.

    (no subject)

    Who do I have to stab to get my NY times delivered? It was due at 6:30 today and I'm still waiting...

    I have the following:
    lemon & pepper seasoning
    garlic salt
    ground mustard
    celery seed
    rubbed thyme
    ground cinnamon
    red pepper flakes
    soy sauce
    szechuan sauce
    rice vinegar (I don't know if that would be a big help...)
    + salt & pepper
    What combo would go best with chicken breasts, which I plan to cook first in a skillet in olive oil, then bake to cook through? Sides will be mashed potatoes & corn.

    (no subject)

    I need a way to keep track of cool things I find on the internet. Websites, stories, photos, etc. Not just bookmarking things, because I'd like to be able to share it with others.

    Do you have any suggestions for how I can keep track of pictures, links to sites, news stories, etc. in one convenient place?

    I was thinking of starting a journal specifically for this purpose or something like that, but I thought I'd ask in here to see if anyone else had any more creative/efficient ideas.

    (no subject)

    I just bought salt 'n' pepper shakers shaped like chickens. I'm very excited by this. I want to go back and get a scrubby holder that looks like a pig with it's mouth open.

    What are you favorite stores or websites for whimsical house/kitchen wares? Like..weird oven mitts, and things of that nature for the kitchen.
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    (no subject)

    This may seem like a weird question, but is there a way, or are there techniques to straighten one's back? Better posture, really. I try to sit up straighter and walk taller, but I'm unsure if there are actual ways of doing it.

    (no subject)

    1. do you currently work for a 'big name' company? do you like it?
    yes. I work with/for/whatever The Wall Street Journal (and Barron's but no one gives a shit about that magazine). it kinda sucks. alright it does suck.

    2. I've noticed these tiny black bugs in my office room.. around the wires connected to my computer and such. they aren't fleas, and I don't think they're ants. but they are geting on my last nerve. what are they & how can I get rid of them?

    Life or death!

    Do you like crunchy cookies or soft?
    I like crunchy.  What's the point in dipping them in milk if they are already soft?  It's nonsensical; it makes no sense!

    What are you addicted to?
    Models.  I love Top Model.  And American's Most Smartest Model.  And Project Runway.  It may be unhealthy.

    I still need a name for my Beta! 
    What should it be?


    Do you buy things on Ebay?
    What sorts of things?
    Do you sell things on Ebay?
    What sorts of things?

    What advice would you give to someone who is going to start selling things on ebay very soon?
    art » owls

    (no subject)

    What books should I read?

    I used to read 2-3 books a week. And then I just stopped. I want to try to pick that habit up again by starting out reading at least 2-3 books a month, then maybe more. Last night I bought "No One Belongs Here More Than You" by Miranda July and I can't but it down. Next I'd like to read Charlie Chaplin's autobiography. I'll read just about anything, though I'm not too interested in sci-fi/fantasy or war books.
    Smooth Criminal


    If you take/have taken Effexor have you completely lost your appetite forever? Did it eventually come back after taking it for awhile?

    My doctor just switched me from Lexapro to Effexor. I've been taking it for 4 days and have had NO appetite whatsoever. On the patient pamphlet it says loss of appetite is a side effect but my stomach doesn't even growl anymore. I'm hoping this is just a short term side effect because I can't just NOT eat.
    Haruhi disappearance
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    (no subject)

    I sliced up a cucumber and tried a slice only to discover the center(where the seeds are) is extremely tart.

    Is this safe to eat? I'll be putting the slices in vinegar.

    (no subject)

    What's the name of that company that makes the Halloween-style teeth that come with this dental putty that supposedly gives you a custom fit every time you wear 'em? It's Bubba something, I think?

    Has anyone ever gotten the putty to work?

    (no subject)

    So to make some extra money while in college I tutor Spanish, French, and English. I was approached by a parent one day asking me if I would tutor their sixth grade student and I said yes. Her son, though, doesn't need help in those subject. Her son wants to get straight A's this semester. Since the student is already a B student, I was thinking that I would just teach him certain skills he would need to make himself become an A student

    ...the only question is....what should those skills be?

    I was thinking about teaching him how to be organized, how to use a planner, how to study for a test, and things like this. I only meet with the student for two hours a week too.

    Any suggestions?

    (no subject)

    1. What's your favorite thing to do when you've got the house/apartment/dorm/whereveryoulive to yourself?

    2. My parents are gone for a week, and I don't start my big girl job/work til Monday, so I've got like 5 days of freedom left, what should I do?  There's already some partying planned.

    3. Should I cook for myself tonight or get take out from the awesome Mexican place in town?  I have to pick the food up if I get take out, they don't deliver.

    4. How is your week so far? 

    Edit: You've convinced me, TQC.  Takeout it is!
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    TV shows

    I'm not a big TV watcher (in fact, I almost never turn on the TV unless there's something really specific I want to watch). However, I do have a few favorite shows: Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, and Six Feet Under come to mind first. Based on the shows I like, what other shows do you think I'd like? I love shows like South Park, Futurama and The Boondocks as well, if that helps to explain my sense of humor, but I'm preferably looking for something with a continuous plot.

    I ask because I am looking for new TV shows to get on DVD. The first season of The Boondocks that just came in the mail today is only going to last so long, after all!
    Quinn Twin


    Ok, so I decided not to go with my original plan of the awesome 3-D mushroom just because the logisitics of cutting that monster was too daunting, especially considering I have anywhere from 13-21 people possibly showing up for this thing. Maybe next year if we do something low key... But I am SUPER FREAKING HAPPY with the results of my follow up plan, and since everyone asked for pictures, here's the one crappy camera phone one I took before hiding that bad boy away until tomorrow!
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    And so this is legal, do you think my Mario lovin' husband will like his cake?

    PS - It's actually three kinds of cake with homemade cream cheese frosting : Funfetti (my husband is perpetually six) on the bottom, the block is german chocolate and the mushroom is red velvet!

    Peer pressure

    Okay, I've bowed to peer pressure and halloweenified my default icon. So, I suppose I should post a question also. Does anyone plan on trick or treating this on the 31st? How about just tricking? Personally, I'll be treating. 

    (no subject)

    After watching a commercial for the Bionic Woman, a friend says the following:
    I wish they would bring back the 49 million dollar man.

    How would reply? It broke my snarkmeter.
    south park

    (no subject)

    No, I am not trying to instigate drama :P

    What's your general opinion of people in TQC?  (No, this isn't another one of those "who do you hate/like in TQC," or "What do you like/hate about TQC", just general opinion of members).

    Do you think TQC is different from other groups?  Why?


    edit: Should I get a pumpkin? 

    edit number dos:  Something I noticed...You know how there is that one comment in a lot of posts that gets a zillion responses? Usually a comment that's insulting or ignorant or something most people don't agree with, etc.  And a million people reply to that comment.  While I've been guilty of being one of those replying commentors, why is it that so many of us have the urge to reply to that one person, instead of just letting the first comments get their point across?  What is it about that comment that makes us all want to gang up?

    Renters' Insurance

    Does anyone have renters' insurance?
    If so, what company do you use?
    Is it expensive?

    In the last few days, there have been several incidents of arson, not far from where I live. I think it is time that I sucked it up and bought coverage.

    I'm not so worried about replacing furniture. Most of it was free. Clothes and toys are easily replaceable. I do, however, worry about my extensive video game and dvd collection as well as all of my electronics.
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    (no subject)

    Whose sarcasm is superior, Dr. Cox' or Dr. House's? I say Dr. Cox.

    Who's more attractive, Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? I'd hit them both but I'd have stuck with Jennifer, though the desire to have Angelina's lips wrapped around the shaft has got to be nearly unbearable in most men.
    • ohlife

    Is it just me...

    ...or are English classes just a bunch of bull?

    Collapse )

    You know, I'd actually enjoy the books we're reading if it wasn't for this over-analyzing crap.

    Edit: LOL at the unusual amount of offense I have caused.
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    (no subject)

    What's your favorite green vegetable?

    What yellow vegetable do you like best? - if you pick corn, please say your second favorite, too.

    How about your favorite among the rest, 'oddball' vegetables?

    What's the yummiest citrus fruit?

    Which berry do you like the most?

    What goes into your favorite fruit salad?
    im french

    (no subject)

    1.) Can children be clinically depressed? At what age, if any age, do you believe children are immune to depression?

    2.) If you have siblings, do you think you are more or less physically attractive than them?

    3.) Did you used to make wishlists for the holidays and give them to your parents or relatives? Did you get what you wanted?
    Silly - shoes - get what I want

    (no subject)

    1. Today a guy ran a red light and made a left, whipping around two cars stopped at the light in front of him. A motorcyclist flipped me off for changing lanes when he was trying to squeeze in between me and the lane next to me. What's the most dangerous and/or stupid driving you've seen lately?

    2. I just cleaned out my cupboards and have two bags full of junk to throw out. How often do you clean out your kitchen cupboards?

    3. Do you know what my icon is from? :D
    gasp zooey

    (no subject)

    1a Have you ever had to go through AlcoholEdu.com?


    2. Who's watching Bones?  What is going on?  Why is this guy being called Mr. Ed?  Isn't Mr. Ed a horse?  Is this episode about furries, or is it just people who want to screw horses?

    3. Have you ever been sexually attracted to an animal?  (I recall someone saying to me a little while ago that there isn't enough bestiality wank in TQC)

    (no subject)

    I have to write a children's book for my sociology class teaching some sort or social norm.

    What should it be?

    Do you think Sean Hannity is a rotten gaping cunt douche bag?
    Why or why not?
    -I DO!   So so many reasons...

    Maybe I will teach kids to hate Fox news and Sean Hannity in my book. 
    art » owls

    (no subject)

    This is dumb but I need help figuring out the name of something.

    You put them under bed frame wheels to keep the bed from moving all over the place. Does anyone know what they are called? I can't find them in stores and I don't even know what to search for online.

    (no subject)

    Did you ever have braces?
    What age were you when you got them?
    How long did you have them?

    What are some names I can call my boy?
    He's getting braces tomorrow and all I have is "Brace face", "metal mouth" and "train tracks". I feel like there are so many more that I am missing.
    ETA:He's totally fine with it, he brought it up himself. So theres no worry about hurting his feelings, and I obviously won't call him name all the time.
    • ohlife

    One more, just for kicks.

    What can your mom do that you just can't?

    My mom: Clean any and all glass without a streak or a speck of dust. And then be able to spot a single speck on any glass in my condo, deciding to clean everything for me since I'm not quite up to standards.

    ...damn her.

    (no subject)

    Do you have any blisters?
    Any under callouses?

    I have one on the ball of my foot (there are more, but this is the only troublesome one) underneath the callous. I have to walk all over campus tomorrow and there is a chance I'll spend 2:30 pm until maybe 11 pm either standing or walking.

    How can I make that not suck so bad?
    • matsu

    oh, internet.

    If you were getting to know someone on the internet, what's one thing that'd make you write them off instantly (if you were ever to do it)?

    I tend to be turned off of people who describe themselves with the bands they like (and only the bands they like), or if I get the feeling someone's an "elitist."

    (no subject)

    How often do you listen to your mp3 player?
    Which brand/model is it?
    Is "Across the Universe" good? I want to see it, but don't want to waste the money if it's bad :-\

    I bought a Zune about 6 months ago, and have only used it 3 or 4 times. I really don't have a use for one. No idea why I wasted the money.
    • mrar

    (no subject)

    Do you smoke cigarettes?

    If yes:

    What do you smoke?
    How much do you smoke?
    Do you ever bum cigarettes? If so, do you ever turn anything down?
    Do you like menthols?
    How much do you spend on cigarettes a week?

    Collapse )


    Anyone else find Dancing with the Stars as incredibly boring as I do?
    Have you ever seen How to Look Good Naked? what'd you think of it?
    I have a pvr (like a tivo), and i'm extremely addicted to taping eeeeverything. there's at least one show a day. 
    Are you as addicted as I am? I'll tape something if the info even makes it sound slightly interesting.
    Do you like Rescue Me? How about the L Word? Who's your favorite character from either one?


    *edit* L Word watchers- Are you as annoyed by Kit's character as I am? Why does she annoy me so badly? I can't even stand her singing on the theme song. Kit= (Pam Grier)
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    (no subject)

     What do you usually drink?
    -I gave up soda as my new year's resolution, so I've only had milk, water, OJ, and tea since January, but none of that really quenches my thirst!

    What do you have alarms for?
    -I have one set on my phone to wake up for school, and one to remind me to take my birth control.

    What do you really need right now?
    -I need some laughter.
    Give a dog a home

    (no subject)

    Where can I find codes to get the full version of certain games that i am now addicted to, thanks to the damn post last night about video games?

    Does anyone else NOT understand how to use torrents? Or am I the only person left on the internet?

    Will you show me a MySpace-esque picture of yourself?
    • klsse

    (no subject)

    Would people be willing to share examples of movies that have been released in the past year? I am anticipating a list of movies you saw that you liked, or that you wanted to see but never did, anything from the past year.


    I need change + advice. Hopefully this won't get all td;lr

    How old are you?
    What do you do for a living?
    Do you enjoy working?
    Would you call it a career, just a job or a passion?
    Do you plan to stay in that profession for your whole life?
    Did you go into higher education?
    Do you think that helps you in your career? (Getting jobs/being capeable)

    Collapse )

    (no subject)

    Are there any foods that you just recently started eating?

    Only within the past year have I started eating spicy things. Like things with jalapenos. And Korean food. I'm fricken addicted. The nice folks at the Korean restaurant even gave me a buy 10 meals get one free card.

    Speaking of Korean food, does anyone know what that spicy, sweet dark red sauce is called? It seems to be a condiment for everything, and is either similar or the same as the sauce that goes on the cylindrical rice cakes. It's not Vietnamese rooster sauce though.

    Why is Korean food so effin' delicious?

    (no subject)

    My electric razor is dying and i think i'll ask for a new one for x-mas.
    Are there any specific ones you ladies or leg-shaving gents would recommend?
    Mine is at least 10 years old so i don't know what's out there in shaving technology anymore. I don't use it very often, just in hair emergency situations.
    panda dance


    Me and the fiance will be in Los Angeles next week for two days (yes I know it's not very long), what are the top must-do, must-see things to do?

    To be more specific:
    We're staying at Sunset Blvd at West Hollywood. We're thinking about walking down the Sunset Strip and walking down Hollywood's Walk of Fame, not sure what else.

    We're into museums, unique places to visit, local cuisine/culture, and outdoorsy/scenic places. We prefer cheap/free things to do. We're not really into the "movie star" thing (although we're going to the walk of fame just because it's nearby) and not into amusement parks.

    Also, we won't have a car, so how is the public transit there to go to places?

    Beast mode!

    (no subject)

    1. How lame would it be to go to bed before 10pm two nights in a row?

    2. When did you last do laundry?

    3. Why is Kyan (from Queer Eye) so frickin' beautiful? Is this God's idea of fun? Haha, look what you can't have!

    Edit: 4. When you find bits of paper in the dryer after doing laundry, do you try and figure out what it was in case it was something important or just think, "Eh, it's ruined anyway," and just chuck it?


    Should I be a naughty witch or a naughty school girl for Halloween? The costumes cost about the same.

    Edited to add the question mark. Too much stress + too much caffeine = stoopid me.


    When snarking someone, do you immediately go to their user profile so you can use their age, location, education or whatever else they have on their profile against them, too?
    box o' sloth

    (no subject)

    If you could vandalize anything, with no consequences, what would you really like to vandalize and how would you do it?

    Also, in that nursery rhyme that starts out "this little piggy went to market..." did you imagine the little piggy going grocery shopping at the market or going to market as a big juicy ham?
    anti-time dispensary

    (no subject)

    Who is Carla094 and why is she texting me with invitations to look at her adult pics?

    Is there a way I can not be charged for text-spam? I mean it's only like 10c but I'd really like to block it or not have to pay for it at least.

    How do they get my phone-number? Just going down the numerical line or something more sinister and data-miney?
    WTF? Bruce Willis

    Flaming farts?!?

    Okay, so I don't find fart jokes funny. But.

    In one of my classes today there was a discussion about lighting farts on fire. We were trying to compare whether it was just a guy thing, or whether it was an everyone thing. Since I go to an all girls school, we couldn't really get adequate representation. So, I'm posting a poll.

    It's divided by guys/girls. (If you are trans-gendered answer how you identify.)

    Poll #1068825 Flaming farts??

    For GUYS: Have you ever lit/tried to light a fart on fire?

    I'm a girl.

    For GIRLS: Have you ever lit/tried to light a fart on fire?

    I'm a guy.

    Why did you do it?

    Seemed like a good idea at the time!
    It was a curious experiment, planned out with safety in mind.
    I dunno!

    (no subject)

    1. Can you beat my high score of 1651 in this game?

    2. You know how some restaurants serve blackened catfish? WHAT spices/herbs/etc do they use? [I bought this stuff in the spice aisle called 'blackening seasoning' but it tastes like ass (actually like a clove cigarette) and is not spicy at all. WTF?]

    3. Do you think that substitute teaching for elementary and junior high schools would be a horrible job?
    Bug-eyed Earl


    Someone posted earlier in the week asking about MP3 programs. Someone suggested Ares, saying it was free. I downloaded it and it wants me to pay to register before I download any songs.

    Am I missing something? Is there a free version?
    sammy is a bitchface sometimes...i'm a b
    • tynyx

    (no subject)

    what would you say is being insinuated when someone tells you (assuming you are a young female and the person is male) that you are stupid in a way that a lot of men would like to know about?

    Judging the character of the person who actually said this to me today I've tried not to let my mind wander to assumption but I just thought I'd see if the general consensus is that this is a perverse allusion as I assume it to be
    Star, Star of Life, Life

    New AIM 6.5

    I saw that the new version on AIM (6.5) is supposed to have a feature where you can change the color of the buddy list window... Can anyone FIND it?!?! I've been looking for about ten minutes and I don't see the option anywhere!

    Answered, thank you!

    (no subject)

    a few days ago I started getting text messages from the number 36425. the messages are just weird ads, like they were sent from an email or something.

    how can I stop getting these text messages?
    • remey

    (no subject)

    I'm craving Apple juice like crazy, and even got up and went out late at night to the local gas station (Rutters ftw) to get some.
    Why am I craving a drink that I normally dislike? Is there something in Apple Juice that is an important part of a healthy diet that I might be lacking, and my body is trying to compensate for it?
    A Hole

    Dear TQC; why for is my toilet hissing at me?

    My toilet is making this weird hissing sound, even though it hasn't been used in a couple of hours. The hissing sound happens every couple of minutes and is annoying as all hayl.

    What the hayl is wrong with my toilet?
    Do you know a way for me to fix it?

    And lastly; I must ask what in the sam HILL is up with all the pumpkins and halloweey stuff in everyone normally not halloweeny themed icons? I am curious. I think I must have missed out on an inside joke or something. I'm always the last to hear things. Even in RL... Always the last to know.... :lesigh:

    *and before you ask, NO it's NOT a snake!!*

    (no subject)

    So there's this song I've heard on the show The Hills. I like it a lot and I've tried to find it online, but no luck. It's the last song of the episode and it's played while Audrina and Justin Bobbie are leaving the beach and hop on his motorcycle. I know the first two lines go something like Incompatible, It don't matter though..." but thats all I know.

    Do you know what song it is? What's it called and who's it by?


    What does tl;dr mean?