October 8th, 2007


The last...

1. The last person who saw you naked (ANYONE COUNTS)
2. The last movie you saw in theater
3. The last flavor of ice cream you ate
4. The last site you visited
other than LJ
5. The last thing you watched on youtube

1. My doctor...I hate those visits...
2. Good Luck, Chuck
3. Vanilla with chocolate sauce that hardens when cold
4. Gaiaonline (I know I'm a loser)
5. Pink, "U and Ur Hand

(no subject)

What types of books/magazines do you have in your bathroom to read while you poop?
EDIT: If you don't have any... do you just stare at the wall? Or, is it your 'thinking throne'?

Should I take my 10 month old trick or treating? I don't want to but his dad is excited about it.
Do you think it's selfish for parents to take young babies trick or treating when you know they're going to eat the candy themselves?
Got Rat

(no subject)

What shall I dress up for for Halloween?
Something very imaginative please. No cats/witches/superhero/police woman shit.

I was thinking maybe a sexy uniform (I'm female)? But no obvious cliches.


1.  How do you get gum out of a T- shirt?

2.  Have you ever mourned over a family pet?

3.  What is the nicest thing you did for someone recently?

in da cluuuub

1. Do you talk to your dance partners at clubs? What do you say?
I always feel super awkward and try to make conversation to fill the silence. One of my guy friends actually told me "We don't talk now" when we danced together. D:

2. Do you primarily dance with strangers, or guys/girls you already know?
I hate dancing with guys I don't know.

3. Do you feel uncomfortable grinding with people you've just met?

(no subject)

How would you feel about living where you do if less than 0.1 % of the population was your ethnicity?

Let's say the rest of the population is one ethnic group, but you can speak their language. Edit: Let's say they would treat you the way the smallest minority in your area is treated now.

(If that's already the case for you, how would you feel about living there if you were in the majority?)

What do you think would change in your day-to-day life?

(no subject)

how old is the oldest person you ever liked, in relation to your age?
how young was the youngest?

what about the oldest you ever kissed, in relation to your age?
what about the youngest?

also, how old where you when all of these things happened?

my answers:
34. i'm 19.
i've really never liked someone more than a year or two younger than me. i'm gonna say... 16, and i was 17 at the time.

28. i was 19.
16. i was 17.

misc - cemetery

(no subject)

Will you show me your favorite "that guy" picture?

Collapse )

EDIT: "That Guy" on urbandictionary:

That Guy refers to a person who appears in the background of a photograph often without the consent or knowledge of the photographer or subjects of the picture. That guy often takes the focus of the photo off the intended subject.
Give a dog a home

(no subject)

So there was a guy on the Today Show this morning who attempted to follow as many things from the Bible as literally as possible for a year. He said that he failed on a daily basis, many times over, despite all of his best efforts.


Is Tourette's syndrome ever funny?

There has been a huge nuclear event. At the moment it happens, you are in a room underground that is self-contained and the radiation cannot get into the room you are in, and you are alone. There happens to be enough food to last you, say, a month. There are also some cleaning supplies. You are 99.9% sure that no one will be coming to look for you. After all, they are probably all dead.

Do you wait it out to die naturally? Or do you kill yourself?

(no subject)

What are you doing right now (besides just the internet)?
-I'm watching Scooby Doo and trying to be hungry.  And missing my friends.

What would you rather be doing?
-I'd rather be in San Diego with my friends playing Pictionary or swimming or watching Excel Saga.  And eating pizza and cake and gossiping.  

EDIT: My ex just changed his Myspace name to Shit Head.  He's been saying that he thinks he wants to be broken up.  He's still attracted to me and cares for me blah blah, but isn't "in love" with me.  What are your thoughts on Shit Head?
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(no subject)

When you have an argument with your boyfriend/girlfriend, how do you resolve it?

aka, do you yell, sit down and talk about it, let it build up and not talk about it until it explodes...etc.

How does it usually end?

(Make up sex is already on the schedule.)

Leadership building

Do any of you know any good leadership building activities? I did a bunch in elementary school and high school, but I honestly can't remember them at all. A bunch of kids from my program at school have to go to local high schools to push the importance of leadership, and I don't have any ideas.

Any help would be amazing!
  • jo_fitz

Relish Tray

I was always told a relish tray was pickles and olives. But my MIL recently asked for a relish tray which was a veggie tray. As in carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower. So what do you call a veggie tray? Veggie or Relish. What's the difference?
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(no subject)

What are some good themes for calendars?

You see, a group of artists and I are trying to create a collaborative calendar, and we need a theme for the calendar. Something that is able to be 'interpreted' rather than something like 'Beaches'.

Apartment Decor

I am moving soon to a new place and have been thinking on how to decorate my new place. I am very eclectic in tastes, and so find myself loving many different styles and patterns and such.

So TQC peoples, I come to see what kind of tastes you lovely men and women have.

How have you decorated your living space? pictures welcomed.
Christmas Jim and Pam

(no subject)

You always hear not to stick qtips in your ear, right? Well, like an idiot, I never listen, and like an idiot, I stuck it too far in the other day. There was a POP, and now my ear has got that plugged up feeling you get in airplanes, only it won't go away. It's been about five days now, and I can hardly hear out of it at all. Will it go away? Am I damaged for life?

(no subject)

How do you think?
Do you hear a voice in your head?
- is it your voice or someone elses
- is there more than one
- can you control it
Do you see pictures or words? Any other ways?
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cubs hat
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(no subject)

What are some strange things that you and your siblings have in common?

For example, I just found out that both my sister and I break out just below our lower lip right before we get our periods.

What are some totally disgusting family practices?

My dad will grab us and try to pop our zits. Or, and this is really gross and I don't remember how it started, but we'll tell our younger cousins that we have to tell them a secret. When they lean in, instead of whispering in their ear, you lick the side of their face. This has also lead to licking arms if they don't get close enough, or licking your own palm to wipe on them.
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I love me some meta

Because the vaginas need a break...

Do you think if men gave birth to the babies that they would orgasm as well?

(Cause come on, guys! You know the idea of basically shoving a watermelon through a garden hose is sexy!)
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

1. IF YOU EAT GREEN BEANS, what are some tasty ways to prepare them? Besides steaming them or just noshing on them raw, I mean.

2. What should I wear to mumblestutter's wedding?

3a. Do you find NPR's "Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me" (the news quiz show) offensive?
3b. If you listen to the show, who is your favorite panelist? (I get really happy when Mo Rocca and Paula Poundstone are on the show together.)

(no subject)

Poll #1067959 The weird poll

You're dating a new person. It's the first date. They're cute and you get along well. This person has bad posture, though, and is somewhat hunched over. Would you keep dating them?


Those of you who said yes...It's the second date. They're wearing a short sleeved top, and you notice that this person is a lot hairier than other members of their gender. They are attractive despite this, and you two are getting along super. Do you keep dating them?


Those of you who said yes...It's a few dates later, and you've progressed to deeper physical intimacy. Their shirt is off, and you notice that they have superfluous nipples. Like, 4 extra nipples, in sets. Each set is aligned just below the primary nipples, and each set is staggered like 3 inches apart, so there's 3 rows of nipples, each row equal distance apart from the others. Would you keep dating them after this?


Those of you who said yes...It's progressed into sex now. It's good sex. Afterwards, you notice that this person has a 3" tail, extending from their tailbone. In summary, they're hunched over, hairy, have 3 rows of nipples and now they have a tail. Would you continue to date them?


Those of you that said yes...how many of you list beastiality among your interests?

It's there among my interests. Why?
It's not there and I don't know why you brought it up
Hmm. I never realized before that I could easily overlook animal traits. This definitely opens up new kinds of porn for me!
Hey, we all experimented when we were younger. Didn't everyone spend hours in the petting zoo? They did, didn't they? Hello? Why's it so quiet all of a sudden
Grammar love!

(no subject)

How do you make brownies chewier?

I googled this and it gave me totally opposite results. Some sites say to use less flour and less egg, some say less flour more egg, more flour less egg, etc.

(no subject)

Okay, let's say you're talking to a friend that is of your preferred gender and you suddenly get this urge to kiss this person. Having half a brain, you don't do so, considering the timing is very off for it.

With this in mind, would you confess your desire to the person? If you would, how long would you wait before doing so?

Thank you Notes

I want to write thank you notes to my instructors that wrote letters of recommendation for me.

But...I don't know what to write. Just a simple "thank you" seems too informal, but at the same time I don't want to write a lengthy, sappy thank you.

So...TQC, what should I write in the thank you notes?
Beast mode!

(no subject)

1. So I have a lovely corneal abrasion thing going on. My current eye patch is just some gauze taped over my eye. Obviously, this makes me look like an idiot. I probably won't have to wear it past tomorrow though. So, should I keep wearing the gauze, go to the drug store and buy a for real eye patch, or go to the costume store and buy a pirate eye patch?

2. How was your weekend? What did you do?

3. Best thing to happen?

4. Worst thing to happen?
henna piano hand

Liar Liar

1. What is the worst lie you've ever told?

2. Did anyone ever find out it was a lie?

3. What's the worst lie anyone has ever told to you?

4. How did you react when you found out it was a lie?

(no subject)

the police have my computer! my roommate's boyfriend is going to drive me to the municipal building after class so i can go pick it up. (i should add that it was stolen in case you have been living under a tqc rock.)

so do you think my stuff will still be on it? i think it's possible considering the guy was using my last.fm, but i don't want to get my hopes up because that was a week ago.

(no subject)

I want to go to college for psychology in London but I'm told that I can't get financial aid to go there because the American gov. won't give me money to get an education outside of the country. Are there programs that offer financial aid in London that would help me out so that I could go there?
cat mask


My phone was turned off, my car died, and my job laid me off. How can I make some fast money?
I've been applying and calling people back, and all that jazz, but I'm so, so scared right now.

Have you ever donated plasma? What was it like? Were you paid for it? Does it hurt? Are you fed?

I want to start running, because frankly I'm 5'0, and I'm creeping up to 140 lbs. I always swore to myself I would never let that happen.  I want to lose the weight in a healthy way. I live in a hilly neighborhood, and I hate the gym, but my boyfriend is making me go with him. I also smoke, and I'm quitting. I used to be pretty active, and I have a lot of muscle, just fat on top of it.

How do I get into a running schedule, and how do I maximize my results? Any weight-loss, cardio tips?

(no subject)

1) Does anyone else here get freaked out by last minute plans? It doesn't happen all the time. Sometimes someone will call and I get really stressed out to the point where I don't even wanna go and hang out with people. It really messes a lot of things up for me. I try to tell my friends that I need to know things ahead of time, but they don't really get it.

2) Are you someone who needs large chunks of time to yourself? I am.

3) Do you like having small groups of friends better than larger groups? I usually have smaller groups because I'm not good at making friends, but I feel more comfortable in larger groups.

4) Anyone here completely anti-social?
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Glenn Jason

If you have had your hair cut by Glenn Jason, was it amazing? How long did you have to wait for an appointment? Would you/did you go back? Was he friendly?

I've read nothing but amazing reviews but I'm a worrier. Last time I got my hair cut the woman was mean to mean to me about the condition of my hair, and you couldn't even tell it had been cut after.

EDIT: Or could someone recommend a place/person in Central New Jersey?
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(no subject)

If you went to get your eyebrows waxed, and shortly afterwards both of your eyelids looked like this:

Collapse )

what would you do?

This has happened to me three times now (no, NOT with the same person, and I am not planning on going back to the person who last did it). If it ever happens again, do you think I have the right to ask for a refund, since she did make my eyebrows themselves look decent but ripped the skin off my eyelids (that was four days ago and the scabs are still very prominent)?

Plucking them myself isn't appealing to me. I'd rather spend the $15 every six weeks or so because when done correctly it's worth it.


...you still there?

I hate talking on the phone. If you're going to call me, get to the point and then get off. If you're going to blah blah blah about everything under the sun send me an e-mail.

Right now I'm on the phone with a girl I don't know very well who called "just to chat." There are many awkward silences.

What is something you hate that you're being forced to do?

ETA: Gah! I just got off and my phone said we were "chatting" for 27 minutes! I can't believe I survived that.
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(no subject)

what anti-anxiety medication is good for a day to day basis?
because i dont want to take something that takes a while to get into the system, however i dont want to take something thats going to put me right out.

any suggestions/experience with certain meds?

EDIT: sorry, i forgot to say that i am going to ask my docotr for sure, but im just wondering how other people react/feel about certain anti-anxiety meds :)
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(no subject)

1. Should I get my eyes checked? I'm 21 and got them checked once when I was like 11 and was told I didn't have any vision problems, but that I am... at risk or something for glaucoma later in life. Anyway the reason I'm thinking of getting my eyes checked again is that I notice that after I've been watching DVDs on my computer in the dark, when I turn the screen off I sometimes notice the vision in my right eye is worse than the vision in my left eye-- that is, my left eye is more adjusted to the darkness but my right eye can only see bright things. Is the eye doctor going to think I'm crazy/a hypochondriac if I go see him about this?

2. How often do you get your hair cut/cut your hair?
3. If your hair is color-treated, how often do you get the dye or highlights updated?
4. If you have bangs, how often do you trim them/get them trimmed?

EDIT: 5. Which pumpkin icon should I use?

melty pumpkin that eidna made me?

or creepy basketball face that I made me?
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever bought something because you thought it was something else?
1a. What was it?
1b. Did you feel really stupid when you realized your mistake?

2. What do you wear to bed?

My answers:
1. Yes.
1a. I bought a cute "dress" from American Eagle's aerie line at the mall last night. I looked at the receipt a few minutes ago to read that it's actually a nightie. My friends that were with me all that it was a dress and looked really cute on me though. I'm not sure what to do now. ETA This is it in case anyone else is wondering.
1b. Extremely. I never shop AE, so I didn't know their aerie line was only pajamas and underwear (seriously this was my first purchase there and I don't think I've stepped into one of their stores in the past six years.)

2. A t-shirt and pajama pants or boxers.
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(no subject)

how many times does a person have to fuck you over for you to stop talking to that person (or basically end whatever communication/interaction)?

does it matter if they're just an acquaintance of yours? what if they're a really good friend?

how forgiving of a person are you?

eta: anything you want to get off your chest? i feel like listening, erm.. reading.
prince chest

(no subject)

1) I was supposed to go to a concert tonight, but like the genius that I am I lost my wallet, which contained my driver's license. Would they still let me in the door if I showed them my passport or would they be like "excuse me wtf r u doin"?

2) Have you ever lost your wallet or something else of value? Did it ever get returned or were you shit out of luck?

3) It's probably been asked a million times already, but will you show me your pumpkin icon?

New question

I have Comcast internet service, thus Comcast.net is my homepage. It used to never ever ever log me out. Well one day I clicked in the wrong spot on the screen and managed to lock my dumb ass out. Now it will not leave me logged in! Even if I click "remember me on this computer". HALP??? How do I get it back to never logging me out?

OK, so I figured it out! (Though I appreciate itsjustaphase's advice) Anyway, new question.

Olive Garden or Carrabbas?

(no subject)

1. Is there such a thing as a website where you can trade clothing etc. with other people for free (+shipping obviously)?
2. What are the steps in applying for college? 
3. How does one go about getting financial aid?
4. and scholarships?
5. what is the best part-time job for someone in college full-time? by "best" I mean least stressful..a job that doesnt bother you or make you feel stressed after you leave each day.
6. what is your favorite place to buy clothing online?

Paging Dr. LJ!

I require the advice of Dr. LJ.

This past week I started taking a new medication. It has made me incredibly nauseated and caused me to lose anything resembling an appetite; everything tastes disgusting and makes me sick to my stomach. As a result I haven't really been eating, and I've lost 4 lbs. in a week (ironically I was dieting before this, but healthfully, this is not the way I want to lose weight) and feel like crap (shaky, weak, etc.). I went and bought some Slim-Fast meal replacement drinks (gross, I know, but it's a temporary thing - 'they' say the side effects should dissipate within a few weeks - and it's better than nothing right now), because I feel like it might be easier to get and keep those down, but I'm unclear on how many of them I need to drink in a day in order to meet some kind of minimal nutritional standards (again, in the short-term while adjusting to the medication, I realise that drinking only Slim-Fast would be insanely unhealthy long-term, and yes, I tried googling).

So now that I've given you the boring back story, my question is: does anyone know how many I need to force down in a day in order to do this?


(no subject)

I am looking to download some stand-up comedy to listen to on my MP3 player at work. I already have Dane Cook, Steven Lynch, Rodney Carington and Margret Cho.

Who is your favorite stand up comedian?

bjork 2
  • zooey


Do you find this outfit ridiculous (the ass making the peace sign, not me)?

A friend of mine made a comment on the entry clearly avoiding a huge mock (but implied enough of it for me to think she was being rude), but the kilt and all was actually quite a smash. Mr. Peace-Sign was pretty much serving as a model for the evening for the desinger. You'd be shocked at how many men in suits secretly want to have a kilt.

(P.S. If you remember the post about black-tie dresses, that was what I ended up getting. If my husband can get away with wearing that, I figured a slightly shorter length would be okay. I was going to get a long CK gown, but I am short and there was no time to get it hemmed. Plus the black one was $127 cheaper... And I'm cheap. Hahaha.)

(no subject)

What sexual deviances or fetishes could you tolerate in a SO?

Infantism (this is not pedophilia)
Recovering pedophile (has been clean for 3 years now)
Domination . They like to control, belittle or 'discipline' you
S&M, far beyond spanking, with strong interest in candle wax and riding crops
Extreme exhibitionism
Faux necrophilia (they haven't actually done it, but like to roleplay and dig it when you take a cold shower, so your skin's clammy, and just lie there on the bed, all quiet, while they do things to you)
Water games, bodily functions in the bedroom
Submission. They like to be controlled, belittled and 'disciplined'
Erotic asphyxiation
I'm not ok with any of this stuff

Ladies, how long would you have to date a guy before you were willing to try anal? Guys, you can answer if you're open to being pegged

First date
Few weeks
Few months
At least a year
Never ever ever. And at least a year after that
I'm really not comfortable with that at all, but if he's got a really small penis, I might reconsider
Hard to say exactly, for it would only really happen if I was blind, stinking, 'blackout' drunk

Acceptable vessels you'd consider in order to qualify for the 'mile high' club

Commercial airliner
Private jet
Hot air balloon
Space shuttle
Amusement park skylift

Personal and physical sacrifices you'd make for really good sex

Bumps, bruises
Red, tender backside (from der spanking)
Ropeburn on wrists
Mild bite marks
Deep bite marks; the kind that almost leaves a dental impression upon your skin
Heavy chaffing around genitals
Chaffing around neck/throat, possibly with notable fingerprints
Cigarette burns
Partially shaved head
Raw, tender nipples
Missing hair, where some locks were pulled out by the roots
A brand that leaves the surrounding skin charred and sensitive
Lacerations on back from flogging
Wouldn't stand for any of this stuff

New Journal?

I'm going to be a teacher... soon. I start my student teaching in January. I will be teaching Secondary, which means kids who use the internet. I've already made my FB and Myspace private... I'm having a problem with LJ.

I have 551 entries and NONE of them are f-locked except for the ones that I've done in the last couple of days. I'm thinking I should just delete this journal and get a new one. It'll be a good way to start anew! Good idea?

Also, if I get a new journal, suggestions on a new name?
Gaga: Elegant

(no subject)

For those of you who have moved away from your hometown, what is something you miss about that place?

I moved from Northern Virginia to central Florida. I never thought I would say this, but I really miss the cool weather and snow.
verna voler

(no subject)

1. Is there any place in North America to see happy elephants roaming sort of freely? Like some kind of zoo that's more of a big park? Like a yellowstone for foreign species?

2. Have you seen the movie "Shadowless Sword"? Is it good? Do you know where I can get a dvd or digital version to watch?
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(no subject)

1. For those who have read "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" by T. S. Eliot:
a) What do you think of it?
b) What is a good Prufrock-related username I can use for LJ or AIM?

2. Which word(s) don't you like to say?

3. Will you pumpkinize one of my icons?

4. How is "Rorschach" pronounced?

EDIT!!! 5. How can I dress as Prufrock for Halloween, other than having the bottoms of my trousers rolled?

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hate pimentos

Ew! Stinky!

Inspired by having up-do's all weekend and not being allowed to wash my hair, because dirty hair is easier to style...

how often frequently do you usually shower, wash your hair, shave, wash your face, etc?

what's  the longest you've ever gone without showering, washing our hair, shaving, or washing your face, etc.?

Collapse )
monkeys // iconseeyou


1. What was your most recent car buying experience like?
2. What kind of car did you buy?
3. What advice do you have for someone buying a car for the first time?

(no subject)

I found a car on autotrader.com and i emailed the guy who listed it for more questions.

He wrote back and said he was in the military and that he is currently based in the UK and the car is i with him. He said that he will ship the car to me by military airplane at his expense and i have 14 days to decide if it is what i want. He also said that he wont receive the money until i recieve the car. He said that i can use a third party escrow called moneybankers.

Basically, is this a scam? I don't really know what to do. It seems legitimate enough but i dont want to pay 6000 dollars for a piece of crap car and then be stuck with having to pay fees to send it back to the guy. What would you do?


the must do list!!

 I am moving to the midwest next year. I have lived in WA for 10 years, and have loved every minute of it.

What are some of the absolutely-must-do-and-see things in this state?  I have never been to see Mt. St Helen, that is definitely on my list.

What else?  If you were showing your absolute most loved person in the world around Washington, where would you take them?

Any sort of experiences, sights, adventures, etc are welcome!

Help me make a list!

sorry, I know not everyone is from Washington, but I know there are a lot of us in here! 

EDIT: aha, more questions to include more people:

What should I see in IDAHO, MONTANA, SOUTH DAKOTA?
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Should I even bother?

I have a friend who is one of the nicest people I know. She is caring and considerate, and I haven't had such a good friend like her before. 

 We are friends through school and we have the same major. 

Our family lifestyles are completely different, though. I work 40 hours a week and go to school full-time. She is taking two classes (cuz of the baby, which I completely understand downsizing the schedule...these two classes are going to be a  lot for her) and she works at most 20 hours a week. She has a home with her husband and her baby, and I live in apartment with my boyfriend. Her family is super religious (her parents run a church where her father is pastor). She is married and had a baby on Friday.

One of the biggest differences between us, though, is that I am not religious. I do not go to church, I know very little about the Bible, and I do not consider myself a Christian. She knows most of this, but today her mother asked me when my boyfriend was going to marry me! I'm not planning on marrying him any time soon, and her mother sorta looked at me funny when I told her so. Also, they've been asking me to come to church- which I can't because I work Sundays- but I feel uncomfortable in churches based on things that happened in my childhood. 

So, after that tl;dr, TQC- Should I write a letter to my friend explaining that I just don't consider myself to be religious? I want to explain that I really care about her,  and that I respect the life she is living, but I am not the same as her. Do you think this is an okay thing to do?  
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heebie jeebies

My boyfriend and his buddy were hanging out the other night around 2:30 a.m. They were walking around by the river in an area where there are a lot of fishermen and people about, even late at night, so he didn't feel too unsafe. They got in the car and were chatting when my boyfriend looked over and saw a guy peeping into his driver's side window. He yelled "WHAT THE FUCK?", the guy looked scared and disappeared, and they got the hell out of there. There was no indication of what this guy was doing and theories range from robbing them to hoping they were doing something dirtay that he could spy on.

So, what was he doing?
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(no subject)

This girl was telling me these mind twister puzzle type things a few months ago, and refused to tell me the answers to them. One went like "Lizzie likes the woods but not the forest. She likes grass but hates plants. She likes MC Hammer but not Anna (that's my name). She likes Alyssa (my friend's name) but not Faum (other friend's name).

The other puzzle was like, you can start a planet but only bring certain things. You can bring you and me, but not Anna (that's my name and I'm quoting what the girl said to me). You can bring Faum and Alyssa.

Has anybody heard these before and knows the answer/can figure it out? It has been killing me for literally MONTHS and the girl refuses to tell me the solutions.

(no subject)

Hello everyone!

Lately I've been looking to buy a new laptop since my old desktop is slowly dying. I've heard that Dell has really good deals on Refurbished computers. I looked around a bit, but I really don't know anything about computers.

Can someone please look at this list of refurbished computers and let me know if any of these look any good:


I really don't need it for much except some school work, internet browsing, and a little eBay selling.

Also, I'm a little confused about the wireless internet since I've never had a laptop. Is there a way that I can have internet service anywhere that I go, not just at my house? Like if I'm at a friends house, can I access my internet over there? Sorry if I sound stupid, but I just don't know much about any of this.

(no subject)

There's this family that lives a few minutes away from me and the wife and daughters always cook and garden, then put what they make/grow on a stand by the road for people to buy. Along with numerous posters about god and saving your soul. The women who come down to the stand to put more stuff out and whatnot are always wearing old-fashioned dresses that don't show any of their skin other than their necks, faces and arms from the elbows down. They also wear their hair tied back in buns and a bonnet-type hat over it. We always called it the 'Amish Lady's Stand', but they're not Amish because they go to the store and the man drives a truck.

So, TQC, my question is: What religion are they? I live in Northeast PA, if that helps at all.
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I'm hoping there's at least one Ayaka Hirahara (or Hirahara Ayaka, whichever you prefer) fan in this community who can help me.

I'm looking for the song used in this video. The poster claims that it's Ayaka Hirahara's song "Kokoro", but so far I'm not having any luck using that name. The only song with a similar name by that artist I've been able to find is "Kokoro mo You," which sounds nothing like the song in the video. So, what song is this, who is the artist, and where might I be able to find it? Limewire and various torrent searches have been unhelpful. I'm willing to buy a CD as well since I like a lot of her stuff, but I would want to get the CD with this song if possible. Thanks!
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO THE CANADIANS!!! (and Happy Columbus Day to the Americans and any other holiday elsewhere I might be missing. I googled...didn't find much!)

Would you like to say thanks to anyone for any reason, even if you have said it to them personally?

I have a few:

To my 3A class today for helping me remember that , yes, I do like teaching and that yes, teenagers CAN BE human.
To my Canuckian friends here in Hong Kong for the yummy yummy turkey dinner last night.

(no subject)

Does your home feel like home to you?

What combinations of things do you dislike?
  I don't like black and hot pink together.

What combinations do you like?
  I'm a fan of peanut butter on apples.

Where did you meet the majority of your friends?  Best friend?
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For those in the US (and other countries that don't have national healthcare) who would like to see a basic natcional healthcare program, what would you include as "basic healthcare"? Orthodontia? Sex change operations? Plastic surgery? Abortions?

For those who are in countries that do have such a program and know the details, would you like to share them?

(no subject)

What ARE tapas?
Could I make them?

How can I pay the $15K I owe for medical bills? Should I sue someone? Wait my turn at the lottery? Sell my remaining kidney?

EDIT WHO is much gooder? Alton Brown or Jamie Oliver??

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what did you learn to fill in the blank with when you were little?

this little piggy went to the market. this little piggy stayed home. this little piggy had ________. this little piggy had none..

the reason i ask is..i got into an argument with someone. i said it was "roast beef". he was deadset on "groceries".

what about you?

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I have had a headache for the past week. Tell me what's wrong with me and how to stop it, Dr. TQC.

we had to make similes today out of words we randomly wrote down. Here are the ones I had to do. The first word is an idea, the second a concrete object, and the third an adjective. We had to go like "IDEA is like an ADJECTIVE OBJECT because blahblah," but we could also mix it around a little bit, as long as the words were main parts of the simile.

Love - telephone pole - solitary
Hatred - rabbit - large
Anger - carousel - blatant
Jealousy - television - curious
Passion - boots - glistening
Holiness - scorpion - marine
Joy - glass shards - musical
Embarrassment - paintbrush - musical
Hunger - cement wall - lively
Desire - glitter - decaying

Will you attempt to make your own simile out of one (or more) of those groups of words?

eta: oh geez guys, this isn't homework. it was classwork, and it wasn't even graded. I just thought it was a fun idea.
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(no subject)

i am getting bangs tomorrow. wumbawoman said that i am going to look like Jessica Alba's little sister, lol. oh, and my vacation starts at 5:01pm on Friday.. is there anything that you're looking forward to this week?

have you ever wanted curly hair, if it's straight? have you ever wanted straight, if it's curly?

eta: can i see a picture of your hair and/or bangs?
betty davis eyes
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(no subject)

Have you seen Footrot Flats?

When I first saw this as a kid I was oblivious to the adult themes that I later picked up on when I got older, do you think that the naivety of children is what blinds them to adult themes and humour?
And if they don't understand it is it okay for them to view such content?

Do you think parents kick up a fuss over nothing when it comes to violence and sex in movies?
Isn't it as simple as if you don't want them watching it don't let them?

I remember watching movies like The Terminator, and Blood Sport as a  kid and I'm wasn't scarred by it.

Does this make my parents bad parents if they let me watch such movies?
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History Channel

a) When did the history channel decide that history programming should be reserved only for special occasions? (Ice Road Truckers, Modern Marvels, & The Universe are not history. Sometimes Modern Marvels is, but rarely)

b) Does it make you sad that the History Channel now rarely shows history?

c) Wow, Christopher Columbus was one crazy guy, huh?

d) My father and I are watching the Columbus Day special and Mystery Science Theatre 3000-ing it. Is there any way this could be more nerdy?

e) If you have the History International Channel - Is it as awesome as my occasional perusal of its programming would suggest?

1) How long does it take Vicodin to absorb into your system? How about Penicillin? If someone threw up about 20 minutes after taking the two, they should probably skip a dose, rather than double up, right?

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If you knew you were going to die in exactly one month,
what are 5 things you would do before you died?

1. I would make amends with the people I hurt.
2. I would tell you that I do love you.
3. I would stay out all night with my five favorites, doing whatever we wanted on a whim, then sit on top of AO and watch the sunrise together.
4. I would take a road trip to somewhere beautiful
5. I would write everyone goodbye letters, so that they could actually have some closure.
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Anyone remember what cartoon Collapse )

It's an old toy of mine, that my daughter found and has started playing with..but I can't remember what it's from, and it's driving me crazy. I think it was on Disney channel..
Tim onstage!

(no subject)

Have you ever met a celebrity before? Not 'I waited in a line with a bunch of other people, and he/she gave me an autograph!', but that you actually got to meet them and talk with them, for however short a time?

If you have gotten to meet a celebrity, did they act like you hoped they might have? Were they nice?

If you haven't gotten to meet one...what celebrity would you like to meet?

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I've tried google-ing this, and contacting the maker of the layout, but I can't get an answer.

I found this amazing myspace layout that I love, minus one thing. The creator of the layout put a filter on the text, to make everything you type lowercase.

It's CSS code btw.

What's the code for that filter, so I can remove it?
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Everyone in my family is angry all the time over nothing. I clean my entire house everyday. If I miss one tiny spot, there's screaming. Someone dropped a pencil. Oops! Screaming. Why can't some people just calm the shit down and realize life is too short to be perpetually angry?

Do live with or are surrounded by pissy people? How do you deal with it?

Why did my ex wail like a crazed woman? That was mean.

To be or not to be?
peacock girl

Help Me Pick My Bling?

So I can't be arsed to do a proper poll, but will you lovely people please help me pick out a wedding band for my new engagement ring upgrade my husband is buying me for our anniversary this year? I went to the jeweler's today and picked these 5 styles, which do you think would go best with my engagement ring?
EDT:  Thanks Everyone! Mui Bueno Helpful!
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(no subject)

Is there any way to get along better with my co workers besides going out and getting drunk with them?

Is it wrong for me to just want to spend more time with my wife and child then with them?

It seems to me like every so often people at work will ask me if I want to go out and drink with them, or go out and do something (normally stupid), and when I say no (because I don't like spending that much time at work, let alone with my coworkers) it seems like they try to come after me.

Also, I refused to sleep with one of my superiors, and she is taking it out on me now. How do I stop this?
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You know that new show on NBC, Journeyman? I heard a rumor that there was going to be a TV show based on "The Time Traveler's Wife" - is this it?

Have you watched this show? I'm watching it right now and I have to say, it is making me really upset but I can't seem to stop watching (because now I want to know how it ends). [The day he keeps going back to - Oct 17, 1989 - still makes me sick just thinking about it.]


Anyone want to draw a picture to be used for my band's demo artwork? It's going to be called Death Piñata. Do with that what you will. Our myspace is http://www.myspace.com/withxaxvengeance, if you want to hear what you'll be contributing to. And if we decide to use it, I may very likely get a tattoo of it.

And if there are no takers, does anyone know of a forum or website that takes requests such as these?

(no subject)

1) What's something scary/sad/daunting on your mind right now?
2) What's something happy on your mind right now?
3) What's your favorite photoshopped picture of yourself? [you don't have to post a picture if you're not comfortable with that, you can just describe. ]

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TQC, what are good ways to keep yourself awake all night to finish classwork?

What are some good ways to keep yourself motivated to do the work in the first place?

Lols answers or serious answers welcome.