October 7th, 2007

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 Is it wrong to take a shower with your boyfriend in your dorm room, if you share that shower with three other people?

I promise there would be no sex (or exhcnage of bodily fluids), just two people saving time.
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Randoms again.

1. I'm surfing half.com for some good love novels/love stories. Something like The time traveler's wife - something not too cheesy and has a good story to it. I'm not a big fan of Nicolas Sparks but I'm willing to try out something of his if you think it's really good. What are some good love story recommendations? If you can somehow incorporate some fantasy in there, you get bonus points.

2. What are some things NOT to do at concerts?

3. What are some things you've been procrastinating on (either big or small) and have recently finished?
My A: I've been wanting to change my earring in my cartilage (in my ear) but it's still not completely healed - a year later - and so today I finally put one of those small hoopy earrings in it. Yay?

4. When I get a job out of college, what is the starting salary I should look for, nevermind profession?

5. Would you rather be in a job that you'd hate but make lots of money, tolerate and make a decent amount of money, or make a small salary but absolutely love what you do? In all truthfulness please, cause I know money is a big factor sometimes.

Thanks homies.
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What is with bunches of the TQC users having LJ icons with pumpkins (usually badly drawn ones) added to the picture? Is this an annual Halloween tradition or did something recent trigger this?
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I've been wondering...

What is with the thequestionclub's icon picture of BacOs?


OKAY! Apologies! I guess it is now apparent that I was not a member of this community in 2002...

Thank you everyone. :)


Okay...........fine, apologies for not reading the userinfo. This obviously makes me a dumbass.

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Why can't you fall asleep tonight?

Do any soundtracks to movies make you cry? If so, what ones?

What's your favorite kind of chocolate? Is anyone else excited that they're testing chocolate mint Lindor truffles in Walden Books now?

What makes you feel small?

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I am having a real hard time finding the name of a song. Because I don't know how to describe it other than audio, here is a crappy recording of myself humming it. Of course, I can't recreate the instruments, but music wizards please give me some ideas. :)


Sorry for horrible audio quality, Audacity is not cooperating with me today I guess.

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If you could go back in time and say or do whatever you wanted to your meanest/least favorite teacher/boss/person of authority of all time, what would you say if there were no consequences?

I'd tell my old boss to take my job and shove it up her ass, twist it, pull it back out, and then eat it.
Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

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What's a song you find sounds sexy, but isn't ordinarily described as sexy? So nothing like Wicked Game by Chris Isaak or Closer by Nine Inch Nails.

For me, it's Time of the Season by The Zombies.


i haven't checked up on THC in about a week so idk if this was already asked or not.

What do you plan on going as for halloween? also, describe yourself and what the costume is going to look like.

I'm going as a prostitute.

I'm about 6 ft. 1 in. and 185.

my plan is to get heels, a mini skirt, fishnet, a belly shirt, wig and makeup.

and if you want, i will post pictures after halloween, because i am sure plenty of my friends will take them.
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For the past several days, my body has chosen to wake up at 7:59 AM, on the dot. This morning, I woke up at 6:59 AM, on the dot.

Is this peculiar? I know that people generally wake up at the same time every morning after getting on a routine, but I was hardly on a routine before... and to be waking up at such a precise time?

On an unrelated note: does anyone take medicine for ADD? If so, what kind? Does it work? What are the side effects?

I started taking Adderall yesterday, because traveling + full time school work online + AD(H)D = fail D: My heart started beating really fast and I suddenly had the urge to accomplish everything at once, but kept jumping from project to project and only finished a little bit. Isn't that the opposite of what should be happening?

What the hell?!


What is your best quality that also happens to be your worst?
-I am very accepting, to the point where if people do terrible things to me, I just accept that it's who they are and justify it.  Which caused me to be torn away from my school and all my friends.  JERK.

Which is better, LOL cats or LOL presidents?
-I love LOL presidents because I'm a US history nerd.  Franklin Pierce was just so cute!

What kind of question would get like 100 comments and tons of drama?  I'm looking for some unneccessary and hilarious drama.

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1.Are you addicted to nutrition shakes?

2. Which one is your favorite? (Ensure, Boost, Pedia-sure(yes,I love Pedia-sure :), another one?) Favorite flavor?

3. Which do you like best, nature or technology? If you had to pick to live in one of them,completely without the other...which one would you pick?
The Dude Abides

A few ?s

If you were doing a project 365 (taking a picture a day for a year), what would you take a picture of today? Are you doing a project 365?

Where's the last place you flew? When was that? What airline was it?

What martial arts are you skilled in?
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1. Has anyone had impacted wisdom teeth taken out at an older (25+) age? How was it?

2. What's your favorite chapstick/lipgloss?

3. If you're a girl, how big is your purse? What do you carry in it?

4. How much time do you spend getting ready in the morning?

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Do you get along with your boss(es)?

When someone you know talks badly about someone you've just met or are about to meet, are you influenced by what they say? Do those people have to prove that the things said about them are false, or do they still have a clean slate?

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My friend and I have differing points of view on how she should handle this, I want to know what you think.

1. How would you reply?
2. If you were a video game character, what would your badass 'special move' be?
Mine would be "ANAL SEX, NO LUBE!" my enemies would fall to the ground, clutching their asses.
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burning words

xanga issues

i watch a few xanga communities and for about 4 months i haven't been receiving my subscription updates in my email inbox. they're not in my junk mail folder, and i've made sure that the address isn't blocked. i've fiddled around with everything i can think of on xanga and it's still made no difference.

does anyone know how i can fix this?
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Have/do you ever lived in Wyoming, Nebraska, South/North Dakota or any other least densely populated state? (Besides Alaska) Do you live in a great small town somewhere that you would never move out of?

*sorry, i was tired when i wrote this. many typos in here

* : ( why all the small town hate?
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1a- Would you like to decide what I should do today? It's like the Sims, but a real person!
1b- Should I do laundry today?
1c- Should I get on a train and be stuck in Toronto overnight, then proceed on across the province to visit my loco mother who is 10 hours away? If so, should I leave today, or tomorrow? (It would be until next weekend, that I'd be visiting ;P)
1d- What is something else I should do today?

2- Are you controlling, or controlled?

3- Can you describe what is out the nearest window, for me? Thank you. :)

NaNo question...

Does anyone know the handle for the NaNoWriMo AIM chat (if one exists)? I keep hearing about the chatroom, but I don't know where to find it, and the forums on NaNoWriMo.org are being sooo slow. Thanks in advance.

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I have a draft of my major paper due on October 23. It should be around ten pages long. I have written four and a half pages.

I have another 5-page paper due on October 23. I have written half of it.

I am nearly an entire month ahead in my third class and totally caught up in my fourth.

Why am I stressing out so much?

What are you stressing out about right now?

What was the last competition (formal or informal) you took part in? (like, I am racing myself to see how far ahead I can get in my classes)
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Do you filter your friends page?
If you do is it to avoid reading someone's blog, or to stop someone on your flist from being able to read your entries or because it makes it easier to read through journals, communities, etc.?

I filter my friends page to make browsing communities and journals easier and more organised.

What is your favourite Bash quote?

MA: country walking

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When you're actively on the job hunt and applying to what seems like hundreds of jobs, how do you keep yourself straight on what job you've applied to and where? Do you keep a list or something? I'd hate for someone to call me and be all "We'd love to have you come in and talk to us!" and have to ask them who the hell they are.

Also, how do you keep yourself positive and moving forward when you're on such a job hunt? It can get really depressing sometimes. :(

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if a woman were to get pregnant due to a birth control failure, and then have major complications during the pregnancy/birth (could include death, but not necessarily) could her husband/partner/whatever sue the pharmaceutical company? why or why not?

what about if someone was child-free but got knocked up somehow, went for an abortion, but it failed--could you sue the abortion doctor for punitive damages/quality of life issues?
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Hi TQC, I just got a new laptop and it came with a carrying bag. The only problem is that is it only big enough to carry the laptop and not my network card or the mouse. It also doesn't have a strap. Can anyone recomend a bag that I can use that is cute? FWIW, I have a sony vaio with a 14.1 inch screen. Thanks!
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Which TV shows that are no longer on the air do you miss the most?

For me it's: Kate & Allie (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086742/), Just the 10 of Us (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094490/), and Small Wonder (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088610/).

A lot of those links aren't even helpful because these shows are just that old and unpopular. Nonetheless, I would much rather have one of these shows on TVLand in place of M*A*S*H!

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What are some things that give you a lot of energy when you're super tired?

Energy drinks?
Those energy gel packs or whatever?
A candy bar?

Not coffee please because I hate coffee.

I desperately need to go out and get something if I plan on doing any of my homework today.
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Can toothpaste go bad?

I bought some toothpaste two months ago, the same brand and flavor I always use. I just opened it yesterday and the texture and flavor seem "off" somehow, but I can't pinpoint it. The color may also be slightly off. It's Tom's of Maine, so it doesn't have any preservatives. Can toothpaste go bad? What up with that?
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europe in january

My friend and I are going to travel somewhere in Europe in January. Most of Europe is cold and dark then.

We're looking at maybe Greece, the South of France, Southern Italy, Sicily... but we really don't know where to go. Where would be the best place to visit at that time? The warmest? I've already been to Rome, so we're looking for something new this time.

Before you start asking silly questions- We have to be in Europe because that's where I live. It has to be January because that's when we have off from school.

Thanks for any suggestions!
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I'm trying to find any images or video clip of the cute girl from the Vonage commercial with the brown bobbed hair the big beautiful eyes. My boyfriend has a little crush on her and I try to make his day any way I can. :-D Can anyone help me? Nevermind I found her! http://betterwaytophone.com Photoshop here I come!!!!

If after searching and searching you can't find anything either, I have another question: how many of you or your significant others have funny little crushes on random people? Who? Probably more than one would think, I'm sure!
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Y hallo thar, bbs.

I've been thinking. I want to lose around 5-7 pounds before Halloween so that my costume will fit a little better. 

1) Is it possible to lose that amount of weight in the time I want to lose it in? If not, how much weight can I lose?

2) What do I need to do to lose weight, food wise? As it is now I don't drink anything but water, I don't eat snack foods like chips or candy bars, and I try to stay away from frozen foods. Pretty much all I ever eat regularly are eggs, celery, cheese, low calory pudding, anything you can make with potatoes, and tomatoes.

3) As far as exercise goes...Will yoga help? I'm really not into running outdoors/doing sports for exercise. Any other suggestions welcome.

Right now I'm 5'10 and 130 pounds if that makes any difference in any of this.

I'm freezing!

TQC,  do you know of any studies showing that the temperature of the office influences the productivity of the employees?

It is always freezing at night and on the weekends in the office where I work, but no matter how much we complain to the management (who has control over the thermostat... it's not like there's one on the wall), they don't seem to do anything. 

Right now, it's 68º and to some that might be fine, but most of the people in my office are wearing blankets.

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What do you consider flirting, and what do you consider hitting on someone? Do you think of them as different or the same?

Why is it that my parents think I have a nasty attitude if I don't agree with them? My mom just called me a bitch for asking my dad not to take the computer, all the video game systems, our only bottle of eyeglass cleaner, and my inhaler (he's too lazy to refill his own prescription) with him to Florida. Am I selfish because I want to have some sort of amusement while he's gone for a week?

fair trade coffee
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American Food!


I'm going to a potluck on the weekend!

Because it's for Expatriate American Women, we're supposed to bring something American.

What should I make? A link to a tried and true recipe I could use to make your suggestion would be full of win!!


football fans

I'm a bears fan and today they are going up against the Packers. who do you think will win?
bears have a 1-3 record and packers have a 4-0 record.
Who is your favorite player?
In this match up it is a toss up between Urlacher because he is an unbelieveable defender and Farve because even though i hate the packers, you have to admire his skill.

Well the bears ended up pulling it out and winning. i seriously thought that they were gonna loose
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TQC, with what word do you fill in the blank of this children's rhyme?

Eeny meeny miney moe
catch a ________ by the toe
if he squeals/hollers let him go
Eeny meeny miney moe

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What' s your favorite drinking game?

We like Waterfall, I Never, and Quarters.

If your drinking game involves the ability to make up rules, what's your favorite rule to make up? Last night, we made the biggest guy in the group say "Yes, I'm a pretty little girl" every time someone had to drink. :p
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i've been working with excel at work, and i took some work home with me over the weekend, only to find out my pc at home does not have excel installed. where can i download excel? i only need it for today!

(no subject)

are chimichangas better when they're baked or fried?

are there any tv shows that you love but are ashamed to admit to loving because they're so lame?

what do you think of keanu reeves?

what does your house/room smell like?

when you were small, what did you want to be when you grew up?

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There's a girl in a couple of my classes that looks a lot like Sarah Jessica Parker. I would never say that to her because I'm sure she's heard it a million times before, and I don't know if she would even take that as a compliment. I, for one, adore SJP. Whereas, many people think she looks like a foot :-(

Has anyone ever offended you by telling you that you look like someone you think is unattractive? (Famous or not--doesn't matter).
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So, I want to dress up as Disney Pocahontas for a Halloween party I'm going to. We don't generally to Halloween in Australia, so I'm a n00b with costuming.

How in blazes do I work out how much material I need to buy to make this costume? I can so, but I have no experience with this sort of thing and neither does Dad.

Yeah, I take my measurements, but how does that translate to actual material quantity?

What's the easiest way to do this?

ALSO: Where should I put the pumpkin on this icon?

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"no matter what anyone says, I think you're awesome"

1. Has anyone ever said this to you?

2. Have you said this to anybody else?

3. Does it make you wonder what people are saying about you?

4. Does it actually imply people are saying things about you or is it just a general expression for emphasis?
by crop-crop-crop

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I admit to reading customers_suck. Recently, there has been an influx of criers - people who get emotionally set off at even the smallest thing and will straight-out bawl while at work in front of customers. Lots of these people claim to be very emotionally unstable/fragile/have rampant panic attacks/etc. It's caused a shit-ton of wank, which I don't hope to replicate, but I am honestly curious as to how prevalent it really is.

1. What is your opinion on people who are not in control of their emotions at work?

2. Have you ever cried at work? What was the reason behind it, and what did your supervisor do?

3. What would you do if you went to buy groceries and the checkout girl was bawling (or something similar)?

4. Has this ever happened to you?

(no subject)

1. How often do you get your hair cut and how long is it?
1b. How much do you pay for your haircut?

2. What's your favorite Hitchcock?

3. Do you have any tricks for staying focused for long periods of time (aside from getting off the internet)?

4. Are you going to be making any big lifestyle changes soon? What?

ETA: 2 should read "What's your favorite Hitchcock movie?"

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It's my fiance's brothers birthday today. They don't talk a whole lot, what can she message him with in way of a birthday greeting?

I just drew an 'on' button on her leg. What's the last thing you drew on something?

She keeps turning her on buttons into off ones. How can I make her do her assignment? Torture is acceptable :D

Show me a silhouette/ms paint-ed version of your naughty bits?

(no subject)

I am terribly bored. My new boyfriend is with his family today, and all of my friends are doing other things. I have no homework and my roommate is gone until later. I live on a college campus. Can you suggest something interesting for me to do so that I don't lose my mind?
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mona marx

(no subject)

how do you feel your SAT scores reflected your actual intelligence?
what was your score?
if you didn't take them, do you wish you did?

does anyone else here hate bobby flay?
alton brown?
rachel ray?

if you had the money/talent/time what would be your ultimate halloween costume?
nancy drew

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Do you feel you can more easily tell the difference between people of your own race than people of another race?

For instance if you are white and saw a white person once would you recognize him/her again more easily than a person of a different race that you saw only once?

(no subject)

1) Is it weird that I'd rather wear glasses than contact lenses? I hate the fact that I need glasses to drive or read things far away, but I think glasses are really cute. People tease me for them though and act like I'm nuts not to be totally ashamed of them and want contacts. Now, that I think about it, pretty much all of my friends (my age and older) have contact lenses.

2) Let's say you're staying the weekend at a friends house. They do nothing to entertain you the entire weekend, aren't interested in any of your suggestions for amusement, ignore you for long stretches of time, and eat things in front of you without offering you any the entire time. Is this sort of thing acceptable if it's a fairly good friend?

3) Are there any TQCers you like? (I'm fond of the person with the House/pumpkins icon and the girl who wears a lot of eyeliner...There are others I like as well)

4) Are the any TQCers you dislike? Who? (YOU, CHERRYBABY. YOU RAPED MY HAMSTER.)

5) Why do trolls think they're being cool and original when there are other people exactly like them on pretty much every other damn message board on the face of the interweb?

6) What do you think of the saying, "Boys will be boys"?

7) I'm going to a friend's party. This friend knows people I went to high school with last year. Some of these people adore me, but others strongly dislike me, think I'm a cruel bitch, and might even feel that I've wronged them (depending on their level of insanity). If I run into these people at her party (the ones who hate me), how should I respond? Should I just smile and move on to talk to someone who likes me? I hold no ill will toward any of them, but I wouldn't be surprised if my very presence really pisses a few of them off.

(no subject)

1.What are you doing right now?
2.Where do you live?
2a.Do you like it there?

My answers:
1. Eating soup and doing an online class.
2. Apopka, Florida. Near Orlando.
3. NO. I want to move to Boston so so badly. I hate it being so fucking hot all year long and the fact that there are only 2 seasons. Summer and a little bit cooler version of summer.

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 So I just read that post on pimples and someone said to eat less carbs.  I've had trouble with my complexion but also my weight.  To gain weight I need carbs.  To have nice face I need less carbs!

TQC, why does the universe hate me?

Also, I'm pro choice because I read that unaborted babies who were unwanted generally grow up to be in gangs and increase violence.

Why else should babies die?

(no subject)

1. Do you ever feel like LJ's run out of comms that you'd be interested in joining? (Like you've either joined them already, or you're not interested)
2. Do you own or run any comms? Links please?
3. Have you ever wanted to start up a comm but haven't (yet)? What would it have been for?
4. What's a comm you'd like to see?
5. Recommend a less well known comm that you enjoy?
6. What's the funniest thing you've heard recently?
Quinn Twin

Mushroom Cake?

For my husband's birthday, I thought I'd be clever and make him a 1 UP cake since he's all about some Mario. I thought I had life figured out and set out to buy a ball pan to make the top and was just going to make some rounds for the bottom. Clever, right? NO. Yanno why? Because the only ball pans I could find were very small - especially compared to what I need/want.

So I settled on a cupcake cake pan, thinking I could make two halves, glue 'em together with frosting and level the bottom and TA DA! instant 3-D mushroom! GENIUS! Right? Can you cake afficianados tell me if this is a (warp) pipe (har har) dream? Please help with any advice you can, as I have to secretly bake this cake Tuesday night! Thanks guys and gals!

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(no subject)

1. Where did you find the icon that you use?

2. Do you like the icons with drawn in pumpkins/Halloween related objects, or icons that are actual pictures of Halloween related objects? (and by that I mean icons that are black cats, or real pumpkins, etc.)

3. Do you sneeze when you look at a bright light/the sun?

4. Have you ever screamed while seeing a movie in a theater? What movie was it?

5. Do you spell it theatre or theater? Does it matter what you're referring to? (a movie place, or an acting company, for example.) Do you not care either way?

1. A madradstalkers post. The request was embarrassing pictures and this one made me laugh.
2. Drawn in. They seem more personal. I don't know why.
3. Yes.
4. Yes. The new Halloween movie. My friend told me nothing scary was going to happen for a while so I kind of let my guard down. :( Vince, I hate you.
5. theater if referring to a movie theater. Theatre if referring to an acting company.
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Halloween costumes...

My cousin and I want to get our tots' portraits done together in their Halloween costumes.

She has been wanting to do a Hershey Kiss for her kid (non-walker) since before she was even born and I told her she has to do it this year because next year she'll be walking and can't be a costume lump! She'll regret it if she doesn't do it this year!

But my question:

Any ideas for my toddler to be consistent with any sort of Hershey Kiss theme?

I thought about Hershey Bar but uuuugly. It also has to be something that would look cute on its own as they won't be trick-or-treating together, only getting portraits together.

popsicle dog

(no subject)

have you ever eaten something moldy or bad but didn't realize it till after? what was it & did it how did it make you feel?

I stupidly had some tomatoe sauce & didn't realize till after I scarfed down my meal that the inside of the jar had 2 little green fuzzy monsters growing on the side. ew. it tasted fine but I feel weird BUT I'm 95% sure its just in my head.

will I die a long & painful death? will I have to call out sick due to food poisoning to my brand new job? I cannot afford to be sick. or dead.

(no subject)

what do you do when you're going to the bathroom? (besides go to the bathroom.)

do you make big hand motions when you talk?

have you ever spilled a huge, life-changing secret to someone you promised you wouldn't?

who was the last person you took a picture of?

favorite song of this moment?

Surf's Up

I'm currently watching Surf's Up with the family, and I have to say I'm irked by the songs they picked for the soundtrack...

Have there been any movie soundtracks where you just sit there and think, why the hell did they pick this song for this movie!? And if so, what movie and what songs?

(no subject)

Has anyone seen the film 'Enemy At The Gates'? Its got Jude Law in it (whom I love) & is really good, but no one seems to have heard of it ever. Why?!

How many cigarettes do you have to smoke to be classed as a smoker? I hardly ever smoke, though this week I smoked 5, but I still wouldn't say I was a smoker.

The word smoker looks weird now.

(no subject)

Today I ended up on the wrong train [through no fault of my own], and ended up going towards Brighton.
I realised one county over, and managed to get a lift home, but it was still very scary.

So, my question is this-
If you've ever ended up on the wrong line, 
When did you realise? 
What did you do about it?
How did you get home/to your destination?
Did you freak out or were you cool as a travelling cucumber?
anti-time dispensary

(no subject)

If you're an athiest/non-Christian, or could imagine what that'd be like, would you read your kids children's books like "How Much He Loves You: A Tale of God's Gift" or illustrated Noah's Ark type stories, etc? If you're a Christian, do you read your kids books about other religion's mythologies? I've been working in a kid's library the past couple weeks, so I see a lot of really heavily Christian books, or books with witches and witchcraft and whatever in them, and it made me curious. I haven't been bitched out by any crazy parents over them yet, but I feel it's only a matter of time.

Your beef stew recipes, let you show them to me. I've got stew meat, carrots, and little red taters, what else?
*betty draper reading

can has beach?

Should we go to the beach tomorrow?

The husband and kid both have the day off, and we've been wanting to go. It's a four hour drive. We would just be going down there for like twelve hours, then driving back in the afternoon. We can afford it, but...

There's a 50% chance of rain.

So, should we go? Or not?
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(no subject)

Do you ever sleep in the clothes you'll wear tomorrow just so you don't have to change them?

What little tricks do you employ in order to get a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, but still get everything done before you leave for work/school/whatever.

(no subject)

Would you take/have you ever taken a free couch (edit: or bed) from someone on Craigslist?
I picked up a FREE FREE FREE couch today because mine was completely shredded to shit. I've now been sitting on this couch for about 2 hours and I feel kind of itchy. This woman had cats.
I have fleas now y/n?

Can you describe to me the most noteworthy incident that you have experienced as a result of posting on or responding to a post on Craigslist?
Other than the plague I have currently welcomed into my household, nothing too interesting. I adopted two of my pet rats from a Craigslist person.

(no subject)

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1. If you were going to (hypothetically) enroll in one of these programs, which would you choose?

2. Is it wrong of me to tell my boyfriend that the program he is part of is a waste of time and money? ETA: I have not actually said this to him yet, and probably won't after reading the comments.

icky sicky

Well my sister has offically gotten me sick, I think i'm finally going to take off a day of work tomorrow due to this stuffy-nose, sneezy, plugged ears things.
Here are my 2ish questions:

What should I do tomorrow while i'm home alone, laying on the couch trying to feel better?
What should I get/have to help me get better?
What are your favorite cold remedy cures?

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(no subject)

I drink a shit load of water every day, I wash my face, I moisturize my face, I sleep with my hair pulled back, I've tried both Salicylic acid AND bensozl peroxide, and I've tried using the bare minimum of products (just some dyeless, perfumeless face wash one a day).


Am I mean?

My 9 year old (yeah the one with contacts) says she still believes in the toothfairy so she can get money. She doesn't believe. I told her the tooth fairy wouldn't come.

So, am I mean?

What age were you when you last recieved tooth fairy money?
The Receptionist Classic

What's the 4-1-1?

Do any of you have the Samsung A437 phone? If so, how's it workin' for you? (Similar to the SYNC, but without the MP3 player part, which I have no desire to have, thanks.)

Or any other suggestions on AT&T phones I should keep my eye on? I get to throw this POS Nokia to the dogs on December 26th, so I'm trying to decide what I'm going to upgrade to. Motorolas and the iPhone are out.
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If you're watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, what do you think of the house that the family got? (the front exterior, not the interior)

I think it's fucking ugly.

Haruhi disappearance
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1a) Have you ever worked for a temp agency?
1b) How was it?
1c) Was there long gaps between assignments, or were they good at keeping you employed consistently?

2) In your opinion, what do you think is the best major to go for in college, given the economy and the projected future?and no, i'm not trying to choose a major, i'm just curious

3) The Olive Garden is tasty, yes, but why do people go absolutely freakin' nuts over it?

4) Have you ever thrown up in public(when you were sober)? Where? What were people's reactions?
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This handbag (is) ________. How would you fill in the blank?

bad tacky
severely overpriced
too large
should not cost more than $100
something I would buy for myself
something I would use if I received it as a present
a little tacky, but in a good way
would be nice without that big gold thing in the center

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how do you feel about joe torre's tenuous hold on his job at this point?

do you think the yankees will be able to pull a win out of the series with the indians? do you think they'll hold on to the world series?

do you think steinbrenner is doing the right thing regarding torre or is he a giant idiotic douche?

(no subject)

1. If my friend is trying to get me to say the word "cunt" when we hang out, and if I don't she ridicules me, is this manipulation? I want to call her on it but maybe I'm just being oversensitive.

2.When you go shopping, what area of the store do you visit first?

3. How do you spend your free-time?

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What color should I paint my nails?

a. gold with glitter and little blue spangles
b. ohmycraphot pink with glitter & blue spangles
c. dark purple with glitter & blue spangles
d. Just the clear polish with blue spangles

Yes, the blue glittery topcoat is necessary. I just bought it and I love it.

...maybe spangles is deceptive. What if I just say it's blue glitter?

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Let's say you were born with your father's surname, but your parents divorced when you were a kid. Would you keep his surname when you became an adult, or change it to your mother's maiden name, or some other option? Why? Does it matter how old you were when they split?

Edit: What if the dad was a deadbeat? No contact, no child support, etc.

How would you feel if your kid changed his or her name in this situation?

(no subject)

What is your worst car story?
Anything along the lines of car breaking down, running out of gas, locking keys in car, battery dying, or anything else you might have. I have had a summer and fall of awful car moments, so I'm interested to hear other people's as I'm sure they could top mine.  
Arch Rock Mack Island
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I'm pretty bored tonight, not to mention all sinus-ey

Does anyone here watch Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey? I love that show.

Am I wrong to not want to support businesses whose core beliefs I do not support? The reason is religious, and I keep getting told that it's okay to not want to buy from a company because they may hurt the environment or test on animals, etc. but it's NOT okay if the reason is religious in nature. Last time I checked, I lived in America and can do business with whomever I chose to!
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What are you relieved about today?

I'm finally done with these god damned practical reports! I don't have to kill my brain anymore!

What are you dreading?
Sorting/doing laundry :(
It Doesn&#39;t End Here


Do you regularly use YIM?

If so, do you have it log you in when your computer starts or do you manually log yourself in?

When you do log in, are you first visible or invisible to your BL?

Forbidden love

1. Any musician/actor/etc. who you feel kind of weird about liking? As in, you wouldn't normally like this genre/type of music/film/etc., but for some reason you just really like this person and you're not sure why?

Collapse )

2. Semi-related: who is the hottest person you know?

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 Hey. I graduate from high school this year and I'm trying to plan a gap year (or so) in Europe or possibly South America. I'm looking into organic farming, there's this organization called WWOOF that has a network of organic farms all over Europe. Or so I hear. I don't have much information about it, but it sounds awesome. Yeah, I looked at the websites and stuff, I'm trying to figure something out, but I don't really know what I'm doing. Does anyone have any experience in an organization like this and could give me any tips?

I want to look into other programs too, but I don't have much money to spend. I'm hoping to find something that can pay. I know English, Spanish, German and French, but I want to study other languages so I'm looking for opportunities anywhere in Europe or South/Central America.

Do you know any other programs like WWOOF?
Are you familiar with WWOOF and can you tell me what exactly I have to do to plan a trip for next year?

Also, does anyone have any general advice for travel or studying foreign languages (the main focus of my trip)?

Also interested in any gap year horror stories, got robbed, got lost, gypsies, mafia, stuff like that.

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What's your favourite euphemism for drunk?

Do you and your friends have any terms for it that you haven't heard elsewhere?

At the moment, I'm loving 'in a heap', but with heap pronounced 'hayp' (emphasising the rural-Irish sound of the word.) It's going through a popular phase with my friends, after one of them brought it from home.

(no subject)

What are some good tv shows to netflix?  We like Grey's Anatomy, and Scrubs, but not house. Any suggestions?

Also, are there any good home design programs out there?  Easy interface is very much desired.

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1. I have a skirt that looks like this only it's navy blue silk and I want to wear it with boots like this. What color/style top should I wear with them? It will be 86 degrees in Philadelphia tomorrow, so maybe I'll end up with cute sandals instead.

2. What is your all-time favorite work of art? Mine is this icon of the Annunciation from the Monastery of St. Catherine at Sinai.

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HOW do i stop being so FRICKING late in the morning?! i even cut out looking at LJ and i'm STILL late.. help!
EDIT: it doesnt matter if i wake up early. i still find some way to be late.. i just think that i have time to take my time and i really dont..
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1. Do you like yogurt?

2. Frozen yogurt or the regular type?

3. What's your favorite flavor of yogurt?

4. Will someone pumpkinize my icon? Pretty please?

5. Does pumpkin yogurt exist?
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Harry Potter

My family and I were staying in a hotel when HP7 came out and we met a woman (in her 20s, it looked like) who told us she collected all the books but didn't read them, but she watched all the movies. She collected the books because she thought they would someday become collectors' items worth lots of money(huh? with millions released at a time all over the world?).

What in the world could possess someone to like the movies but not even want to crack open the books?
i say, old bean

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has someone ever said something to you that you'll never forget?
whether it be good or bad, what was it that they said?

have you ever witnessed something that you'll never forget?
again, whether it be good or bad, what was it?
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Where are the TUURRTLLLLLLESSS!?!?

Why am I so sleepy all of the time? I went from having insane insomnia to feeling so tired I can barely move. I just woke up a little while ago from a two hour nap and I'm still exhausted. : (

What is your favorite television show? Why?

Something is howling outside of my window. Am I going to be murdered by a werewolf?

haunted houses

I'm working at a haunted house this year and really want my character to stand out. For those of you that go to them or have gone to them, what are some of the most memorable scary moments/characters you encountered?

Also, does it bother you when people leave promotional leaflets under your windshield wipers?
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south park

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 So, lately I've gotten mosquito/ant bites all around the inner parts of my feet, and they itch like crazy, so the past couple of nights I wore sneakers to avoid them.

Even though I wore sneakers last night, I woke up with this huge bite on the bottom of my foot (no really, it's HUGE.  It's about an inch and a half big).   But that's my luck.  It itches like hell, and it hurts to walk on because I'm literally walking on a lump.  

How does one manage a bite like this? 

What's bothering you right now?

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Brad Pitt or Edward Norton?

ETA: Lol. There seems to be a majority. If it makes Brad any hotter, I mean both of them as they are in Fight Club. Not nasty Hollywoodesque ten-million-adopted-babies Brad.

(...Though I'd still choose Ed.)
Tim onstage!

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Since we have a question about what movies you hate the most, what movies do you love?

Personally, I'm still addicted to V for Vendetta; I still watch it all the time, and was even dorky enough to go as V for Halloween last year. Also, my father recently suggested Empire of the Sun to me (Steven Spielberg film, 1987) and thought it was brilliant. And...anything with Johnny Depp, especially when it involves Tim Burton as the director. :p
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What are your thoughts on The Black Keys?
-I fucking love them, one of my favorite bands

Whats your favorite song by them?
-"the Lengths" is amazing. also, "when the lights go out" and "just couldn't tie me down"

Can you reccomend similar bands?

i just got huge deja vu from this for some reason, btw.

(no subject)

Have you ever unintentionally gotten 'high/stoned/loopy/drowsy' off a medication?

have you ever intentionally?

ps. when I say medications, I mean things you buy in the drug store.

I was feeling a little sick so i decided to take gravol, not one but two..... and now im feeling out of my body, and completely high as hell. weird!