October 6th, 2007

Bug-eyed Earl

Cake help!

I just mixed up cake mix and realized I am out of cooking spray and the Crisco is prehistoric.. can i use butter.. or oil or something to grease the pan? The stores are closed.

Edit: I used margarine.. it's all I've got. Either that or I don't make cake. Or I use oil but everyone is saying to put flour on it which I don't have.

Edit 2: It's mess! Pics inside!

(no subject)

What's that program that extracts Youtube videos into mp4 files or something? I had it on my computer a while ago but I guess I deleted it because I can't find it anywhere.
Thanks muchly.

Asshole Drivers

Was today National Asshole Driver day? I got cut off, passed, honked at and I was doing the speed limit. WTF?
Have you ever done something 'asshole'-like while driving? Plz. explain.
What is the worst 'asshole'-like thing someone has done to you while driving?

(no subject)

I'm  filling out a job application and it's asking me what grade school I went to. I've never had this on a job application before, so I'm confused as to what I should put there. It's asking for my high school too, so I know it's not that. Am I supposed to put the elemtary/middle school I went to?

Music video

hey dose anyone remember a music video where two rappers had a donkey in a bar/club. I can't for the life of me think of the name or artist, can anyone help thanks

(I know my spelling and grammar are bad and there's nothing i can do about that)
december 08

help meeee.

my neighbor keeps telling me he knows me from the vietnam war. he also claims to have been in the four tops, that he's cousins with donald trump (who pays the rent on his apartment using the money he made while he was a police officer in paterson new jersey) and that dwight eisenhower gave him the beret he wears constantly. he hasn't gone inside in at least three days.. it's 20 to 4 here and he's still sitting in a lawn chair in his backyard singing neil diamond songs. i want to go out to my car to get my ipod, but everytime i go out there he yells lewd things at me (our backyards are ajoined.)

q: how can i get past him without getting kidnapped?

(no subject)

i will be spending my 21st birthday in manhattan with some friends. any suggestions on where to have my birthday dinner? its going to be around 12 people. looking for something trendy. any places have cool deals for birthdays? we will be spending the whole weekend so any other suggestions for bars/clubs or anything we should do? thanks.

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So I decided on workin' retail at the Borders in the mall. This will be my first real job in which I've had to do the application thing. How should I look when I go in to ask for the application? Any tips? What should I expect when fillin' it out? Isn't the idea of my first retail job FUN?!!??! WOOHOO!

They went over that stuff a million times in careers class in high school, but somehow I don't trust their opinions like I do yours, dear TQC.

What is your least favorite animal?

I really, really hate bottom dwelling fish.
hannibal skull

Photoshop help

I've been googling all morning and I am coming up blank.

I want to cut/paste and drop a colour picture onto a black and white one in photoshop. Everytime I do, the colour pic turns b/w. I've tried layers and all sorts of other crap and I'm just not getting it to work.

Can anyone help me? What am I missing, aside from some apparent smarts this AM?

Thanks for all the quick and very useful help!!! SOLVED!
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Does Paint Shop Pro 7 work on a mac?
(I googled it, but all I see are tutorials for using it that work on a mac. So... does that mean the program will too? Confused!)

Do you like PSP or Photo Shop? Why?
(I much prefer Paint Shop, especially 7. It's what I first learned to use ages ago, and I get confused with anything else.)

Why is Photoshop so hard for me to use?
(I just don't get it. I can't do much on it.)

(edit - oops, sorry about that!)

Does anyone remember Mooninites?

or are they so 2006?

I want to knit a pattern and I was going to do a mooninite, but when I showed the chart I made to my husband he was like WHAT? *he never watched ATHF*

If not a mooninite, what should I knit? (link to image, no porn pls ;) Black&White is preferable , simple images without alot of detail come out best)

I was going to do a mouse skull because my cats are FIERCE and (human) skully is so over.

I'm probably making a scarf.. or maybe a sweater it depends if I have enough stuff in my yarn stash.
Selfie w/Moo


What's a good OTC allergy medicine for someone allergic to pet dander? Something that'll help with itchy, watery eyes and excessive sneezing.

Have you ever gotten hives from petting an animal?

(no subject)

My google-fu is sucking right now, and I'm getting mad, so help me TQC.

As of RIGHT NOW, I have a diploma. A HS Diploma. I want to become a CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGIST.

HOW do I find out what I need to do this? Officially, because 10 different web sites tell me different things. HALP!.

When you feel as if you are going to BURST from frustration, what do you do?

You have magical powers to reach into your pocket and pull out candy, but it can only be one candy for the REST OF YOUR LIFE, what is it? (If it's chocolate, it will be magic chocolate, and it won't melt)
minnie and zeus

working at same company as a SO

Have you worked with a SO?  Did you date prior to working together or meet on the job?  How did it go?  What happened if the relationship ended but you still worked together?

My boyfriend (of 6 months today!) works at a company of about 3,000 people, spread out over 5 buildings on 1 campus, and 2 other sites.  I'm applying for 2 or 3 different positions there, none of which are in his department, and may not be in the same building or even same site.  The company has an employee referral program, where if he sent in my cover letter and resume plus a recommendation, and they hired me, he'd get some small something.  Or I can submit my app on my own and not mention him at all or mention him in the interview that I know several employees, including my bf.  I want to get a shot at it, but I'm wondering if it's a bad idea to have him submit an app for his gf of 6 months or it'd look better to apply on my own.  The company is pretty locally famous with rapid expansion and always hiring, and I'm pretty sure I'm qualified, but it may help or may hurt to have him refer me or reference him if I apply on my own.  Any suggestions/similar experiences?
i say, old bean

(no subject)

today i came home and there was a sword on my chair.
TQC, have i been sent on a quest of some sort?
if so, what kind of quest?

when stepping on dog shit, what's your first reaction?

how's your day going?

(no subject)

do you say aunt or ant?

are there any movies that you know so well, you might as well have been in it?

whose personal assistant do you think it'd be a blast to be?

(no subject)

Worst pick up lines ever!

1. Worst one you know

2. Worst one ever used on you

3. Worst one you used on someone else

1. Does this smell like chloraform? *holds up napkin*
2. (This happened last night, so that's what inspired this) I was out dancing, and some guy came up and started dancing with me.  He said, "You know you're going to make all the girls here jealous, because you're dancing with me."  He went on to say he was "VP of Opperations at a nearby chemical plant," and I'm just like, "...I bet you are..."
3. Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? *pause* Enough to break the ice, hi I'm Nikki. *shakes hand*

Serious question!

When someone is insecure about the condition of their smile, would you as the audience prefer to see a series of photos with genuine imperfect toothy smiles or to see pictures of shy closed-mouth smiles?

Do you care if the photo subject doesn't have a perfect smile?

Are you a toothy smiler for pictures or a shy smiler for pictures?

Are you a toothy smiler face-to-face or a shy smiler?

If applicable, do you care if people notice that you don't have a perfect smile?

I prefer to see imperfect toothy smiles. I don't care if people don't have perfect teeth, but I like to see geuine happiness come through in photos.

A series of fake smiles looks so sad and takes all the emotion out of the fun event =(

But I used to be the hide-your-smile type, so I understand, I'm not judging.
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(no subject)

How do I get my twelve-year-old brother to stop peeing on the toilet seat? Killing him, causing him physical damage (or getting someone else to do it for me), kicking him out of the house, moving away, or building a separate bathroom are all out of the question.

(no subject)

How do I clean my laptop? Under the keyboard & everywhere else, its bugging me so much! My boyfriend tried to lick it clean & it didn't work. I don't want to buy anything special to do it though.

I feel left out with the pumpkin icons, but we don't really celebrate halloween in England. Whats so great about Halloween?

Do any of you Americans know what it is/celebrate Guy Fawkes night? I'm pretty sure non-British wouldn't celebrate it, its on the 5th November (which is also my birthday).
outta here

(no subject)

The fire alarm has been going off in my building for twenty minutes.

i only see one resident three residents and an animal carrier outside on the curb.

and three fire trucks with many hurried firemen doing....things.

no hoses yet.

or screaming or smoke.

do i bother walking downstairs? or wait until fireman guy comes crashing through my door?


So I was exercising on my elliptical machine, listening to music with the headphones my sister let me borrow. My phone rang and I turned sort of quickly and the cord snapped. The headphones weren't in the greatest condition to begin with (only one side had sound). I only have $30 because I can't work at the moment. Should I go out and buy her a kind of crappy pair, using all of my money? Or should I wait until I'm able to work and then buy her a really nice pair? I feel all bad.

My friend has been a huge bitch the past few months. A couple of days ago she got a sonogram. Should I call and ask her about it, see how she is and what not, or just continue not talking to her because she's the devil?

I feel like a manatee today. How do you feel?

ETA: Well, I called her and she didn't answer. I left a message saying to call me back whenever she gets some free time.
Queer focus

(no subject)

I'm setting up an lj community as part of a community development project. Can you write me a non-wanky first entry/bio?

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Any more, less wanky rules etc?

I'm looking for some interested mods too.

Where could I get "Roxanne" as done on Moulin Rouge? (I hated the movie, but I liked the version of the song)

(no subject)

I'm trying to remember the name of the search engine that's been advertized a lot recently...the commercial shows just a computer monitor with their site pulled up. The unseen person searching looks up things like Eagles of Death Metal, San Francisco and something about space travel.


(no subject)

Dear TQC,

In the little waste basket next to my computer is my half full bottle of water from last night.

I'm very thirsty, and I don't feel like going to the kitchen because I don't know where my crutches are.

In the waste basket is the bottle of water (it's standing up. I kind of set it in there last night), two popsicle sticks, a leaf, and a piece of paper.

Should I just take it out and drink it, or hop to the kitchen to get another?

What was the last thing you ate?
What was the last thing you drank?
Fart cloud

(no subject)

I'm looking to adopt a kitten. I'm going to check the shelters next week but I was wondering if anyone knows a website other than petfinder and craigslist to adopt them? I live in NH if that makes a difference.

(no subject)

does any body have a sprint cellfone??
what is the best way to get free ringtones???
i was just on myxertonesdotcom but my fone is dumb and i cant click the link to download the freakin ringtone

(no subject)

 Janice Dickinson--love or hate?

Personally, I love her.  She is just so entertaining! 

My sister bought me a blue Beta as a break up present to cheer me up!  And it kinda worked.  What should I name him?

What do you like to do while hating boys?
Top Model!  Thank you MTV for marathons!


I need a word.

What's the word for...people who say that they can't do anything if everything isn't just right... Like, they are going to LEAVE THE CITY AS IT IS DOOMED!!! because the person they wanted in for mayor didn't get in, or they are going to OMGleavefeminism! because someone was OMGmeaaan.

Also, are there any words you need?

(no subject)

what should i and my 13 month old son eat for dinner tonight--tri-color gnocchi with tomato sauce and probably carrots; frozen pizza; soup; or spaghettios?

or should i eat cereal and make him a hot dog?

or something completely different? i'm willing to entertain other ideas, but since it's just he and i (husband is at work 'til 1am), i'm disinclined to want to do a lot of cooking.
Dr. Tran!

Saturday Night Movie!

Dear TQC, what should I go see at the movies tonight?

Stellungswechsel (a German comedy about some guys who initiate their own callboy service because they're broke)
Dr. Tran ('cause he's a real doctor!)

(no subject)

1a.Are there any generally offensive terms that you're NOT offended by?

b. Do you frequently use an offensive word, even though you know you shouldn't?

c. What offensive term are you MOST offended by?

2. When you break up with your SO do you usually hang on for dear life and infect each other's lives for months afterwards, or do you try to distance yourself and never talk to them again?

3. What should I have for dinner? I just had a cheese sandwich, and it just didn't cut it.

4. "Steps" shaved into hair, hot or fugly? Does the gender of the wearer make a difference?

5. Do you ever play the "who'd you rather?" game? (Basically, you and a group of your friends give each other choices of 2 people who you all know to have sex with. You HAVE to pick someone, even if they're both basically unfuckable)
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(no subject)

Have you ever played the cliff game?

It's where you and a group of friends name three people you all know (usually if it's a bunch of (straight) girls, it's three guys who are named)...you must marry one but never have sex with him/her; have sex with one and then never see him/her again; and push one off of a cliff.

It gets tough with three very undesirable people or three very desirable people.

(no subject)

My ears keep popping. They're not popping as hard as they do when I'm on an airplane or driving through mountains. It's just a light popping. Why is this happening and how do I make it stop?

(no subject)

There's been a police helicopter circling our general area for almost a day now. It's really freakin' annoying.

What sort of things would a police helicopter be doing for that long? I'm in England if that makes any difference.

(no subject)

If your name is Thomas, Tom, Tommy, or Tomas could you please tell me the size of your penis in inches? 

If you have slept with a man of the above names, how big would you say their penis was?

edited  to add: This is for a scientifical study.

(no subject)

Is there any way to make all my past journal entries friends only with just the click of a mouse?

What movie should I watch?
- The Decent
- Shaun of the Dead
- Accepted
- Breakfast at Tiffany's
- All the seasons of Futurama

(no subject)

1) what's your favorite sbemail? links plz.

2) do you use product in your hair? 2a) what kind?

3)what's your favorite hoodie look like? bonus points for pictures.

4)what's your favorite music video? extra bonus points for youtubes.

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(no subject)

books about the wild wild west?

i need some good books about(like non-fiction) the American west from like 1860-1890. i also need some about England at the same time too. but i have no idea where to start. suggestions?

Music to fit the mood.

I'm looking for a song about a guy who falls for/has feelings for/loves/wants to be with a girl, but she's taken. Bonus points if the story includes her reciprocating said feelings.

And for fun: What did you drink last night, and how much? I had about 10 shots of whiskey. And a bite out of my bar of deodorant.


When I cough up junk, where does that come from?  My lungs?

When it's swallowed does it digest?

What is the grossest thing you have ever done/has happened to you?

(Get ready to think I'm a nasty freak): When I was in 7th grade I got hamsters.  Fucktard at the pet store said I had two boys.  Well oddly enough, one of those boys had OVARIES and a UTERUS and had BABIES.  One of the babies fell out of the cage.  After I got rid of the stupid things a few months later I found a little black jelly bean in my underwear drawer...

NOT a jelly bean.  -vomits-
The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

TQC, have you ever roasted your own pumpkin seeds?
What did you season them with (if you did)?

I'm super excited for freshly roasted seeds this year but I'm at a total loss as to what to season them with other than salt or seasoned salt.

Will you tell me about a time in which you drunk dialed someone? I'm somewhat tempted to put the battery back into my phone and dial...

Damnit :(

Why is my (only a year old plasma) TV making a humming noise? It's louder when certain colors (especially white) are on the screen. I don't have a separate speaker system so it's the TV speaker that is doing it. It's really annoying :(

two totally unrelated questions

1. I'm usually good at terminology, but I forgot what the procedure is called where a doctor sticks a needle into a developing fetus to determine chromosome abnormalities and such. What is it called?

2. Which of these tea sets do you like best?

A - http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/stashtea_1968_6313260 Red and White Floral

B - http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/stashtea_1971_16031089 Red Leaf

C - http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/stashtea_1970_120109968 Sausalito

D - http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/stashtea_1970_160077904 Olive

E - ew, you have horrible taste, gtfo
regina happy


I just saw a mouse run across my floor. Am I destined to spend the rest of the night sitting on the couch with my feet up?!? What the hell do I dooooo? This is so so so gross.
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(no subject)

do you have buddies on your buddy list that never talk to you anymore? or that you never talk to? or if you haven't talked to someone for x-amount of time, do you bahleet them?

what's your screen name?
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Someday I'll be a flower

(no subject)

1. Do you have Windows Vista? Is it slow? Do you like it anyway?

2. I just got a new Dell computer (Inspiron 1521). It doesn't work very well--it's soooo slow, even though it has a ton of memory and Ghz and all that. Someone said if I install Windows XP it'll be light years faster. How can I install Windows XP when it came with Vista? Do you think it'd make it faster?

3. Have you ever been to a Make-and-take place, where you cook 12 meals and then take them home and freeze them? Was it good? Why is it better than microwave meals?

(no subject)

In Oblivion for the xbox 360, is there a merchant that you can sell stuff to that will buy it for its actual value? In the first oblivion, there was a stupid crab that would buy anything for what it was worth, and so I'm looking for the same sort of thing.

Thank you!

New question, is there a merchant that has a higher amount of gold with them at all times? Like, I have a staff that is worth 50k. Is there a merchant that I can sell it to and get 50k rather then 800 gold?
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A good junior/senior high song, please!

Alright everyone - every Monday I do a "Music Monday" thingie with my students. We listen to a song that's at least somewhat related to the unit we're currently studying and then the students write a response to it. Really, it's my sneaky way of trying to get more "poetry" into my classes without students really hating it. This Monday (well, Tuesday, actually), my students are starting a unit about finding and discovering identities through literature and writing.

What are some good songs that they won't hate that are appropriate (grade 7, 8, and 9) and that have some meat to them (in terms of lyrics - no sappy, "I'm so low, here's some blow" stuff, if at all possible :P) for students to respond to? Please?

Gracias! :)

(no subject)

1. I'm okay at making icons, but text-wise, I suck. Do you know of any good icon fonts? If this is too vague, feel free to hit me.
2. Do you have a small pet? As in, hamster, lizard, etc. Will you show me a picture?

(no subject)

I am about to go to sleep. :)

1.) How many pillows do you use to sleep?
2.) What color are your sheets/comforter/quilt?
3.) Do you use any sleep aids on a nightly basis?

4.) Did you have dessert tonight? If so, What was it?

1.) I have two, but usually end up using one.
2.) My sheets are blue and my comforter is grey and black.
3.) I use Valerian
4.) Raspberry yogurt.

Fine then

Something awesome happened to me today, and none of my friends appear to care.

1. What's the last awesome thing that happened to you?
2. Who did you call/email to share it with first?
3. Did they react by being happy for you?
4. When your friends call you with good news, are you happy or jealous?
5. What was the last good news a friend shared with you?

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Song Worms

What song do you have stuck in your head right now?

My song is "You talk to much" I sang it to my kids to tell them to shut up and go to sleep. It has been stuck in my head ever since (2 and a half hours) I just want to say SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!
Muppet Angel

(no subject)

Should I?

A cinema near me is showing "Postal" by Uwe Boll next week. That it will suck harder than a black hole is pretty much a given and I’ll probably regret spending money on it but Uwe Boll himself will be there to answer questions afterwards. It’s an unique opportunity to hear a justification for all his “masterpieces” straight from the source. I’m thinking about bringing snarky friends, booze (no way am I doing this sober) and rotten fruit.

So, what should I do?

P.S. If you don't know who or what I'm talking about, consider yourself lucky.