October 5th, 2007

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If there was a website that allowed you to build a profile where your friends/lovers could "review" the time they spent with you (in the beginning of the relationship, when it was over, etc) would you be interested in participating? It would be something similar to the review system used for businesses where consumers review their experience. Of course lots of problems need to be worked out, but i had this idea a while back about how interesting it would be if my past friends and lovers could give their account of my character and actions. I wouldn't want it to be a space for bff's to make a hundred posts about how much they love each other. Something more serious, more interesting, and more valuable to human growth. Their would be a level of anonymity (no one could find your reviews or read reviews you left unless you sent them a code). But the important question is, would you be interested in participating? Why or why not?
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Meow Mix rap song?

So there is this rap/hip-hop song that's been on the radio. It sounds like the Meow Mix tune. That's not what the whole beat sounds like, but the Meow Mix part sounds sort of like horns. Personally, I think it's a really bad song.

Does anyone know the artist and/or title of the song? I've been Googling and iTuneing and YouTubeing around and I can't find it. I don't know why I want to know, but for some reason, it's driving me nuts.
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Does anyone want their icon pumpkin-ed? If you comment here I'll try and do it, as long as you keep in mind that I'm super basic ms-paint style. Capish?

or if other people with icon SKILLZ check out the comments and do it if they want.. I like trying to make stuff into pumpkins hehe

o yay I forgot to turn off the thing where it emails me all the comments. 86 in no time at all, you guys made me proud hahahah

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A supervisor at my work has started hitting on me on Myspace. He's not my supervisor, but a supervisor in another department. It started out fine, whatever, "you're hot" blahblahblah, but now he keeps asking me to send him pics of myself that i "think he would like" - and it's kinda creepy. He writes to me everyday. If I don't write back within a short amount of time, he sends another message. I don't want to be mean or awkward - maybe my friendliness has been misconstrued? but I'm srsly not interested. Not to mention it's awkward to send him pics of myself. Hello, it's Myspace. Just look at my profile. ugh.

What the hell should I do?
Also, besides the creepiness, he's a nice guy..so I don't want him to get in trouble at work.

Sorry for the lame Myspace-ness.
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1- What were you doing before you parked your behind on the internets?

2- What's the name of the city you were in prior to the one you are currently standing/sitting/laying around in?

3- How lame is a family of kids with Mineral/Flower or Flower/Mineral (IE Emerald Rose, Daisy Diamond) names? For research, methinks it may be a bad idea.
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1) Do you think everyone will keep using their pumpkin icons until halloween is over?

2) Are you craving anything right now? If so, what?

3) What is the next bill you have to pay? If you don't have bills, what is the next un-fun purchase you need to make?

4) What do you think about The Smashing Pumpkins? (lulz)
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So, those of you who sleep with a stuffed animal (or several):

1. What is it? Plz to describe, photos are good.
2. What's its name?
3. Does it have any particular significance or backstory?
4. How old are you and how long have you had this specific stuffed animal?
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Is it possible to have 5 wisdom teeth? I did a little googling and I found one or two people saying they had 5, but I didn't find anything that looked 'official' or dentist-related that said it happens.

(I have been having some serious jaw pains recently.. my first 4 wisdom teeth came in without a problem about 4-5 years ago, but now it is starting to feel like there may be another one. Wouldn't the dentist have seen this in an x-ray though? I had an x-ray done about a year ago. I have the option to go home this weekend, so I am going to check if my dentist is open on Monday and can fit me in..)

How would you pronounce these words? Two of them are last names of people I know, and two are places near where I am.
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Dos ?s

1) What do you think are some signs that the Apocalypse is upon us?

2) If you were to learn a language, but you were forced to learn the language through watching a movie dubbed in the language you're trying to learn subtitled in your native language, what movie would you choose? (That probably made little sense, what movie do you think you'd really enjoy if it were told in a foreign language?)
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If you don't wear artificial nails or tips, how often do you clip your fingernails?

Do you do so whenever you notice it's needed, or do you follow some kind of schedule?

One theory holds that the nails on your nondominant hand grow faster - which is your nondominant hand, and is this true for you?

Where do you clip your fingernails?
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More halloween goodness

At my work we have a contest every year by department.  I'm in the Marketing department and we've decided to all be dead celebrities.  We're even going to decorate our area with a "Dead Carpet" and fake paparazzi and have a "Guess the celebrity" game.

The question is:  What dead celebrity should I be?  

It should be something not too incredibly obscure, but something good.  You can see me in my icon, but my hair is more red now, although I could wear a wig.  And Miss Monroe is already taken.

EDIT:  What would that person's signature look be?  Some of them are obvious, but some aren't as much.  Pictures are welcome!  I have to be somewhat guessable.

Beast mode!

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I want to buy a foot massager, but the ones i've seen have these balls that rotates in a circle. If you press your feet down hard on the balls (to get it to pressed into your feet for a better massage) sometime these balls will stop moving which I don't want.  Any suggestions on a foot massager?

inspired by the one a couple posts most below me

i was in the used book store last week looking for any books by Etgar Keret. the sales guy came over to me and asked if i was finding everything OK, so i asked him if they had any books by this guy. he looks around a second, asked where i'd looked and then asked me "Would they be in young adult?" and i said no, so he goes in the back and asks someone. he comes back out and asks again, am i sure he's not in young adult? and i'm like, "No, they're not young adult. He's a short story writer from Israel." and the guy was like "Ohhh... Well, I don't think we have anything by him. Keep checking back, though." and i was like ok, thanks for your help, all smiles. so i'm walking out and i suddenly think:

WHY did this guy ask me like THREE TIMES if it was in young adult?

is it because i look 16? because i'm not. i'm turning 21 in 29 days.

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i had been taking zoloft for quite a few years before i noticed a rash in some places on my body..like around my stomach and chest. it was harmless (didn't hurt, itch, etc), but really annoying & kind of ugly. i stopped taking zoloft awhile ago, but the rash is still there.
anyone else experience this? what'd you do? i want to see if i can get rid of it myself before spending loads of money at the dermatologist.
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Why do I feel like I have a hangover even though I didn't drink last night?

Do you believe that you have freedom of speech on the internet?

Do you have an IMAX theater near where you live?

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Poll #1066513 For $2,000,000, would you...

...steal Christmas? You have a neighbor with 5 adorable little kids between the ages of 5 and 7 who are really really excited about Christmas and the family's been really gung-ho about the holiday, putting up elaborate light displays, decorations, and an enormous tree with presents littered beneath. On Christmas Eve when they're visiting their grandparents, you have to go in and destroy everything with a baseball bat. Leave nothing Christmas-related intact. Would you do it?


...play Russian roulette? The gun in question is an automatic pistol, which holds 16 bullets. Since it's not a revolver, 15 of those bullets are blanks and someone will stand 10 feet away from you and aim the gun at your chest. If it's a blank, you live. If it's a live bullet, well, you may live. You're the first one up. Up for it?


...have Phil Spector hair for an entire year? You cannot tell anyone that you're doing it for the money or else you don't get it. You'll have to think of some other reason why you're going 365 days with that monstrosity of a fro


...be willing to lose the index finger of your primary hand? It's removed and flushed down the toilet


...sleep with your best friend's (or closest friend's) SO? You must do so at a time when your friend is scheduled to return home, in which case, your friend catches you in the act of coitus with their beloved. You can tell your friend about the money. After the deed is done. No talking about money until after the money shot. Would ya?


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How would you throw a halloween party if the people around you have no idea what it's about?

How do you fix homesickness?

How do you make CHEAP brownies?

If you have the choice between being reeeeeaally over heated, reeeeeaally cold, or losing your left pinkie toe, which would you take?

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When you're riding in somebody else's car, flipping through their CD binder or Ipod looking for something to put on, do you tend to go right for the stuff you know & like, or do you check out some of the stuff you've never heard before but looks interesting?

What're some of your favorite songs to dance to?
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If you're corresponding with someone through email, and they ask you out, is it OK to turn them down in email? What if you're telling them you never want to see them again?

Is it OK to ask someone out on a date in an email/IM?
What about a second date?
Is it ever OK?

I'm 36. The last three guys to ask me out were all 23 years old. Is 13 years too big of an age difference in terms of maturity and eewwwness? Or should I give the one a shot?
He's really sweet, smart, interesting and funny, but ... I keep thinking of the fact that he was in 3rd grade when my daughter was born.

Would you date someone that much older or younger than you? Why?

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Well, I just handed in my letter of resignation. It feels weird!

Anyone else quit their job recently?

What should I do to celebrate? Skip the gym after grocery shopping and go to Target instead? Go out to eat after the gym?

What should I do to mark this occasion?

I feel so strange, you guys.

Babies at work?

I walked through a different department on my way to the stairs and I noticed a girl with her son on her lap.  He's probably 13 months and adorable.  However, I was irked by the fact that she brought her kid to work at all.  Not sure if she's just here for a few minutes or figured he'd be OK for a little bit or what.

Question is: Is it unacceptable to bring your kid to work (even if he's adorable)?

Follow up question:  Am I wrong for being completely irritated by her doing this?

For the record, I'm a parent of a 3-year-old. 
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Help =(

I'm working in excel. I've got bunches of bar graph type charts in this spreadsheet, but for some reason, it won't let me do anything to them. I can't move them, change them, delete them, etc. Nothing happens when I right-click.

Also, the 'insert' tab up top is shaded gray so I can't use anything up there to create new tables/charts/insert pictures/etc. I can, however, type stuff into regular cells just fine.

It's MS 2007 if that makes a difference. Anyone know why it's doing this and how to fix it?!?!?!??!?!

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I have a splitting headache and people are being stupid on the internet and telling me I'm a moron for something they know nothing about.

1. When was the last headache you had? How bad was it?
2. What did you do to make it go away?
3. When was the last time somebody made a rude assumption about you? What was it?
4. What did you do about it?
5. Do you have a hard time letting go of insults?

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i'm pretty sure we all have at least ONE person that we just can't stand, whether it be IRL or on-line.. so, what is it about them that just irks the mess out of you?
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Help me name my unicorn...again? Because LJ polls are teh devil. :(

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Edit: And for putting up with this crap, a "real" question:

If you could live in any country for one year, all expenses paid, what country would it be (and why, if you'd like)?

I'd go with Norway, most of my family is Norwegian and I've always wanted to visit there, if not live there.
Sleepy cat

Questions about your clothing habits

1. Clothes

How many days will you wear each type of clothing before washing them?

- Shirt
- Underwear
- Bra (if applicable)
- Socks
- Casual Pants (Jeans, courderoy, khakis, etc)
- Dressy slacks
- Dressy blouse/button up shirt
- Hoodie Sweatshirt


How much does your choice of shoes vary? Do you pretty much wear the same pair every day? Do you wear a different pair every day to match your outfit? How many pairs of shoes do you own?

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I drove from my school to my home town yesterday evening. I usually carpool with other people. Yesterday there were 3 people. 2 I already know, and one new person. This new girl I knew OF before I offered to drive her, I knew of her because everyone I drive home for the weekend complains about her. I figured she can't be THAT bad, and offered to drive her to where she needed to go (2 hours away from school of a total 7 hour drive I'd be making to my home town). Anyway, she really was that bad... and I woke up this morning to her trying to add me to facebook. We're never going to be friends (in real life), this I know for sure.

What should I do?

a) decline
b) accept, then later delete her from my friends
c) accept and then just turn off all the notifications about her (she has a billion applications, so I'd be getting tons of notifications)
d) something else?
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Poll #1066272 Bestest Halloween Movies

Which is a great movie to watch on/around Halloween?

Scary Movie series
Friday the 13th Series
Nightmare on Elm Street Series
Halloween series
Chucky series
Dawn of the Dead series
Texas Chainsaw Massacre(s)
The Ring
The Shining
Scream Series
It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


Psycho (original, don't insult me!)
The Fly
Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Omen
Rosemary's Baby
Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Shaun of the Dead
I know what you did last Halloween/summer/lifetime
Sixth Sense
Chlidren of the Corn

Which awesome scary movie is missing from the list that we should all watch?


don't celebrate halloween but I love scary movies!
love Halloween but not scary movies
hate them both. Love my ticky boxes though.
hate all 3. Stupid polls.
love all 3. TICKY!
Celebrate sometimes, but Halloween is beneath me. Scary movies FTW!
Can't watch scary movies because I cry like a little girl with a skinned knee.
Love Halloween only for the candy. CANDY!
Only watch scary movies as a reason to cling to my SO in fright and make out.
am offended by this poll.

Something no poll is complete without?

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Because I'm bored....

What's your favorite Eddie Izzard quote?

Mine is the entire French bit towards the end of Dressed to Kill. Here's some of it:

“Il y a un singe sur la branche? Le chat? La souris?”

“Ou est le singe?”

“Le singe est sur la branche.”

“Est-ce que le singe est dans la chambre?”
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What did you eat for lunch?
A veggie pita and it was bangin!
What slang words do you regulary use?

When in a public bathroom, what stall do you usually pick?
the handicapped one and hope no one handicapped needs it while i'm in there,lol

Do you have off on Columbus day?
no, sad panda :(

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Which will I regret more?

Getting a job and paying my living expenses myself now at the cost of my precious free time?


Taking out a student loan so I can continue to slack off but will have to pay back later with interest? But not until years from now. When I will have a job anyways. One that will pay more than I would be able to make now.


I'm not totally slacking, I work a little bit as a model (it's not consistent enough to count on though) and I'm in school full time so much of that precious free time is used studying.

Where is the black market? I went to the Central District (bad part of town) but they all looked at me funny when I asked them where to sell my kidney and told me to go back to the suburb.
Tree H&M

3 unrelated questions...

Someone drew on my (NEW, $60) jeans with a red crayon. ):
Will it come out? What should I use to get it out?

How was your day?

What do you usually eat for breakfast, if anything?

ETA!: Does anyone wanna make my icon ~*~festive~*~ like everyone else's?!


Should I quit my job at the video store and accept an internship as an Administrative Assistant at the medium security federal penitentiary in the next town over?

Has anyone in here ever worked in a prison before?

remember, christmas IS just around the corner...

inspired by this.

1. is "hookers and blow" a given because it's old meme or because it is, in fact, the most epic gift you could bestow on someone, be it for christmas, hanukkah, a birthday, anniversary, a tuesday, or any occasion you wish to make special?
2. if you had to choose, would you choose the hookers or the blow?
3. who would you bestow this most wondrous unto?
4. can you think of a better gift? seriously?
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Actionscript question

In Internet Explorer, Flash banners by default require you to click on the file before you can actually use the buttons within it. Is there something I can add to the actionscript code to disable this and have the movie run smoothly so I don't need to "click before I can click"? I heard that there IS a code for this, but I'm not sure where to look.

What the code looks like now:

button.onRelease = function() {
    getURL("http://www.whatever.com", "_blank")

What do I add to get rid of that extra step in IE?

Satellite Views from space

I swear i heard somewhere that the space shuttle or something that had satellite or whatever tha could let you view your town or whatever from space's POV.... I heard this like years ago.
So i went to google it today, and nothing.
If you people know what i'm talking about, anyone have a clue as to where i can find this? beyond google maps and yahoo maps (the resolution doesn't go close enough to be worth it for those two).
Thanks for any help.

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How is it that cold medicine can have both an expectorant and a cough suppressant and have them both be effective?


What do you do when you notice you're getting a cold?
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What would you respond?

I work as a Receptionist for a government building.

Occasionally I get phone calls like this:

Me: 'Good Afternoon, *my workplace*, b0oger speaking'
Caller: 'Hi, its *caller* from *whereabouts*'

WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO SAY? I usually ask '..how are you?' after an awkward silence and they reply and tell me the reason for their call.

Its just so odd. They just call up, tell me their name and company/office they work for/at, and sit there and wait for me to get the ball rolling again.

Keep in mind I have NO idea who they are or why they could possibly be calling.

I feel like replying either 'and the reason for your call?' or 'okay.' or waiting a while, then saying 'well, bye!' but that'd be rude.

So, TQC, do you do this when calling places? If so, WHY???

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how many people read the posts here? when you read this can you just respond saying "here" or telling a funny story or something. i'm guessing at least 25 people an hour.

(no subject)

1) Do you think if a couple has been together for over a year and they have not moved in together that one or both people involved is not completely serious or committed?

2) When was the last time you got a haircut? What does your hair look like right now? (Yeah, I'm asking for pix)

3) Do you try to put out more positive than negative into the universe?

(no subject)

The best way to destroy your enemy is to _________________.
Those that love rumors hate ____________.
__________________________ is sure to bear tasty fruit.
(Fill in the blanks, obviously.)

1 Who here actually likes the brownie more than the brownie batter? (Cake/ cake batter. Cookie/ cookie batter.)

2 Which is better?:
       a Having your rent paid for the rest of your life, living where you are now.
       b Having your rent paid until you move.

3 Have you ever won anything significant from the radio? a gameshow? bingo? a drawing? If so, share with us what it was.

4 Has anyone you've ever known been on TV for anything?

5 Should I make a custom pumpkin icon? 

6 If you have one, when did you make yours?

Hair straighteners

Hey, I'm thinking of getting a hair straightener for those days when I grow bored with my curls. I have pretty thin hair and am on a student budget... can anyone recommend a good straightener that won't cost the earth?


(no subject)

Dear TQC:

I like physical sciences. I like physics. I think I want to go into engineering. I'd love to do environmental engineering because I like the environment, but I want to learn more about stuff like physics.

What should I do? Any descriptions you can give of various majors/careers/fields that might interest me?
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something in my building smells strongly of orange sorbet. what is your favorite kind of iced treat?

and while we're on the subject, what is your favorite method for convincing a girl to do anal?

(no subject)

What kind of homemade dinner would you consider sexy? I know the typical mythical aphrodisiacs but I don't really want to serve a bunch of oysters. I want to cook something!

I want to have a nice sexy night alone with the fiance before the insanity of party planning, bachelor/ette parties, vendor appointments, moving, organizing, packing, unpacking, parents coming into town, traveling etc. begins, which basically begins tomorrow and does not stop until 11/26.

I am willing to put some money into it, and if I decide to skip the gym, then I'm also willing to put some time into it.

I just want to do something special for us, and especially for him because he's been really really sweet to me lately, what with all my ~anxiety~ (which is like my new word).

Funny answers are okay but I am actually looking for serious answers
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(no subject)

1- What are you not doing, that you should be?
2- What's the last thing you did that you shouldn't have?
3- What are you worried about?

1- Coding website stuff.
2- Smashed up my knee, though I didn't mean to, duh.
3- Everything. We need money fast, or mine husband needs a job pronto. :(

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So, my mom is buying me the stuff I need to make a Bailey's Irish Cream Cheescake. One of the ingredients is (you guessed it) Bailey's Irish Cream! She fully intends to leave me alone with a bottle of booze. She has done this before. I've never tried to sneak a glass of it for various reasons. A) because I need it for the damn recipe. B) I don't like alcohol. C) if I told her I wanted to try a little she'd just tell me I could. 

Anyway, I was telling a friend of mine about the recipe and how good it is and she said, "Wow, your mom isn't going to be like, watching you like a hawk or anything? Luckyyyyyy! My mom would never trust me not to drink it!!!" So, here are my questions:

1) Would you give your 17 year old a bottle of an alcoholic beverage for a recipe and leave them alone with it. Why or why not?

2) Do you think most teens would behave the way I do in the situation I presented? Why/why not?

3) What is it that people like about thongs so much??? I've tried them and I can't stand them! They're very uncomfortable!

(no subject)

Is a portrait of Charles Darwin a good idea or a bad idea for a tattoo?

For those of you who think it's a bad idea, does it matter how well it is done?

If you *had* to get a portrait tattoo who would you get? Excluding family members or friends.
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(no subject)

Did something really good happen to you today!?!?!

I'm excited because I finally heard back about a job and I have an interview on Monday. HOORAY for (hopefully) being a slightly less poor grad student.

(and i may or may not have posted this to show off my pumpkin icon goodness)
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(no subject)

I'm going to get a new car tomorrow. I really want a Dodge, but can't decide which one I want (I love them allll).

Mind casting your vote on which I should buy?

Collapse )

Btw, the generations I want are the ones posted. Sooo I don't want a second generation Durango- I want a first.
Simpsons Jo

(no subject)

I realized that there are so many (television!) shows out there that I've never watched, but I don't know where to start.

What's a show that you would recommend and why do you like it?
(Small edit: new or old, it doesn't matter)

(Another edit: *completely overwhelmed* now where to start!)


For the past few days in my Psychology class, we've been watching Sybil (a movie about a woman with multiple personality disorder, she had 16 seperate personalities!) and it got me thinking today.

What would you do if you were like Richard (from the movie) and fell in love with her without knowing that she had a problem? What would you do when you found out?
What if you were the one with the psychological problem? What would you do?
Have you ever known someone with a severe psychological disorder? Did it affect your relationship with them?
Would it?

Just wondering.

And on the light side, what is your favorite part of Halloween? (since we're all in the spirit)
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Inspired by real events and remembered because of a comment in a previous thread:

Do you tape/DVR live sporting events if you are unable to watch them?

If you had taped/DVR'd a live sporting event and had not yet gotten a chance to watch it do you expect a community related to that sport to cater to you and spoiler tag any and all mentions of the outcome? How long after the game would you expect people to do this?

My answer: I totally would not and if it meant that much to me I would avoid the internet until I had a chance to watch the game- but I don't tape sporting events in general because I think it's a pretty lame idea.

(no subject)

I've really been struggling with gaining weight since this summer.  I've been really stressed out and depressed and I went from 108 to 99 in July.  Last Thursday I was weighed at the doctors at 102, and now I am 96 pounds which is bad.

How do I gain weight in a healthy way?
bjork 2
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Going out.

I'm supposed to be going to a black-tie gala thing tomorrow and need to go dress hunting in a bit. I only have three non-casual dresses in my closet and they are not really appropriate: One is a black halter dress, but it's summery; one is a knee-length houndstooth and ivory lace dress that I wore for a ceremony last fall, but I think knee-length would be too informal; the third is a bright pink (think Barbie pink) Scott McClintock gown.

What do you think is the shortest a black-tie dress should be? Do you have any suggestions for dress styles I should look for while out tonight?

P.S. We didn't know we were going until Tuesday, otherwise I would have looked for something sooner.

(no subject)

Will you share some good quotes? Something decently short (under 30 words.)

Oh and it would be nice if (but they don't have to be) they had a meaning KINDA SIMILAR TO "there is always another way to look at things that we don't know about."

like I just dug up this one: "All of us are slaves to the prejudices of our own dimension."

(no subject)

How do you clean a baseball cap?

I know there's the whole "in the dishwasher" method, but I read that that's not a good idea, and plus, I do not have a dishwasher.

The FAQs I found on the internet just told me how to clean the sweat & stuff off the inside of the hat, but I'm more interested on the outside- I have flour and other cooking type things on my hat & wanna get rid of it. How?

On another note, possessive boyfriend: cute within moderation or gtfo?
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(no subject)

If you are one of those people whose parents made you take lessons - an instrument, art, dance, singing, etc. - even though you didn't really want to, do you appreciate the fact that they made you cultivate a skill or do you resent that they made you do it against your will?

At what point do you think parents should allow their children to give up on activities that don't interest them?

(no subject)

Have you ever crash dieted?

What did you eat on your diet?
How did you feel when you were doing it?
Did it work? [Short term wise as well as long term.]

[I'm writing a paper for online health class and I want to do it on this.]


Favorite chick flick?
Favorite action movie?
Favorite scary/horror movie?
Favorite drama?
Favorite historical pic?
Favorite MOVIE musical?
Favorite cartoon?
Favorite children's movie?
Favorite sci-fi movie?


Dear TQC,

I'm going to buy a new desktop soon, should I go with one that has XP or Vista? (I'm scared of Vista so if that's your suggestion, tell me why it's better than XP pls)

Also, I'm going to buy a treadmill. Should I get a cheaper treadmill so I can get an elliptical too or should I splurge for a nicer treadmill?
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(no subject)

Can a mental health clinic refuse to release my medical records to me?

Background: I submitted a release of records form that that they emailed me, and waited months and months and didn't receive anything. So when I followed up for the second time, I received this email:

"Sorry about all this confusion. We are trying to get your records to your doctor in Australia. It is our Clinic’s policy to never release medical records directly to students, but rather to provide them to subsequent practitioners. Unfortunately, this means that the release you signed to have the records released directly to you cannot be honored."

I want to see my medical records. Can they do this? What can I do to get them to freaking give me my records?

It's nothing complicated - I had some depression and was diagnosed with ADD there.

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1)Are you a speech therapist?

2)Have you ever had speech therapy?

3)For TQC parents, have your kids ever had speech therapy?

4)If you answered yes to question(s) 2 and/or 3, did you find it helpful?

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Does anyone know what kinds of people, preferably questionable characters, wear evening gloves besides pole dancers and rich women socialites? I heard this somewhere, but it only said "Fay is additionally sporting black, elbow-length evening gloves, which give him a dashing look that is associated with certain stereotypical behaviors, the least controversial of which would probably be pole dancing." 
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tqc, what should i watch tonight?

matrix revolutions or some episodes from the office?

i have all the matrix movies, including animatrix, and have watched the two previous movies within the past week.

i have all of the episodes of the office, and was just given the new ones by a friend...so i want to watch those, but i need to recap by watching all the previous episodes first.

i have seen all of both, so pretty much anything i watch will be a repeat. i know everything matrix is ridiculously lame. i KNOW. but disregarding the lameness-factor, which should i watch?

should i conclude my matrix watching tonight, or should i start up with the office?

essentially: should i finish one before i begin another?

EDIT: ok, so three people have made the decision for me. THE OFFICE FTW!
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I have been a member for a little while but this is my first question post...

My housemate is away and my friend cancelled plans with me this evening as she has a trial for a new bar job so...

1. Do you get bored of your own company?  Whats the longest you can go on your own before you go stark crazy? I am ok for an evening or so, but then have to call or get on the internet at least and speak to someone before I go insane

2. If you could come from another country, what country would it be and why? I am happy being British, until I watch a series like Heroes or Prison Break and have to wait longer for a new episode.

Oh and if someone wanted to be amazing, could they pimp my icon and pumpkin me up? I fail at icon making tbh. I am feeling left out!
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Unrelated topics, but I don't have the time to sit and count posts between them

Do you think it's really rude/mean/insulting to say, "You may look cute tonight, but I look gorgeous," when dressing up to go out to a party?

How about saying, "I think you're attractive, but not specifically pretty. You don't have that 'pretty' look, you have a different kind of beauty," sitting around at home?

In both situations one girl says it to her female friend, during normal non-fight conversation.
edit: Each statement was made by someone different.


How much should I put in the tip jar at a coffee shop or juice bar? Does that change if I'm considered a regular?


What sort of alcohol shall I drink while watching the football game tomorrow (at home)?
yummy beer!, yummy

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Earlier today, I answered generalwhitey's question about how the universe has been against me by complaining about how I had not been able to win concert tickets to a show I could otherwise not afford.  Well, guess what - I CAN'T SAY THAT ANYMORE!  WOOHOO - I won tickets this afternoon, at the very last remote where they were giving them away.

So dear, faithful, entertaining TQC'rs - what's the latest thing to happen that made you think the Universe is NOT, in fact, conspiring against you?
If nothing has succeeded that far, what's the last thing that lifted your spirits?

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Do you ever say, do, or think something randomly in your day & think "ooh I should ask that in TQC!"?
'cause I do & I wanna feel less lame about it. then again TQC is awesome.

What car accessory/trend do you hate the most? why?
almost all of them. I hate those fake baseballs in the windows.. ya know.. the ones that look like someone threw a baseball & it got stuck in the glass. & THOSE FUCKING "SUPPORT WHATEVER" RIBBONS are soooo like, 5 seconds ago. & PLASTIC spinning rims.. LOLOLOL.


The day at work went SO well. It was quick and easy. I was busy so the day flew. And when I got out I was starting a 9 day vacation. All I had to do was get home.

What is normally a 40 minute drive home from work took me 2 HOURS.

Did anything happen today that really threw you/pissed you off? Did it ruin the rest of your day?

What should I do tonight to shake off the bad mood that the 2 HOURS OF TRAFFIC put me in?


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Okay, TQC, now it's serious time.

I'm working on my application for Yale. I'm about 90% sure I'll make it, because I make straight-As and have made them for my entire life. I'm considering taking a trip to go see what the campus is like... should I do this or should I save my money for books?
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the ugliest shoe post let me find out what I don't want....any direct me to some of their favorite shoe buying sites/stores? I just want something comfy/casual and good for the colder months ahead.
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1 Do you think that should've is a legitimate contraction? (If that's the right term!) for some reason, my spell check is saying it's not. I find that weird.

2 Have you found out any shocking secrets about any TQCers recently?

I've discovered that tessibean and latenightdrives have been having an affair, and I have photographic proof:

Collapse )

3 Do you have any ideas on how to repel mosquitoes from parts of your house? We have a creek right behind us, and the mozzies are loitering around under the house a lot, especially near the washing machine, which really bugs me, especially as we're getting closer to summer here. Under the house is partially open, and we can't block it off, and I don't want to be burning mozzie coils all the time down there.

EDIT: It appears that latenightdrives has been having a secret relationship with photogfrog too!!!

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pls realize i'm not serious. :P


What color shirt are you wearing?

Also, I am about to go out and I don't know what to wear. Should I go with the super short slutty skirt and some boots, or jeans and a hoodie?


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How does one register to vote (in Ohio)?

I tried searching online, but I don't want to be sending my info away all willy-nilly.

If I'm already registered and I've moved, how do I change my address (I'm in a different county)?
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How does one move into an abandoned house, which has no signage of who it belongs to? Do you have to go through some city ... council or something?

There's a lot of sweet ass houses and buildings around here that are abandoned, and I'd like to clean some of them up and move in. I mean, the house we just got is awesome, but living in a huge old house, ala Fight Club? HELL yeah.


Do you consider "date rape" real rape?

Have you ever known someone who was raped?

If you were, or have ever been raped, how would/did you deal with it?

Do you think men can really be raped?

Say you had a teenage daughter who was raped, how would you react?
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1.) What do you need to get at the store next time you go?

(Me: shaving cream and PAM.)

2.) Any suggestions for healthy crackers to use with my tuna? Preferrably whole wheat with no high fructose corn syrup.

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Have you ever tried to get fired from a job but were unsuccessful?

What did you do in attempts to get fired?

And because most normal people would probably just quit, I'll throw in another question.

What is making you uncomfortable right now? (physically or emotionally)
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I bought a MOTOKRZR about a month ago. I've read everything and STILL cannot find out how to turn the damn camera noise off. Even when the phone is on silent, it still goes PINN whenever I take one. Can someone please tell me there is a way to turn this damn noise off?
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Anybody have any suggestions for warm and fuzzy feel good movies?

For example, right now some that are coming to mind are Almost Famous and The Pursuit of Happyness...

Please no Bambi or Dumbo type movies. I've seen them all already, and I seem to have lost my ability to sit through cartoons.
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I'm doing a speech/powerpoint about the internet!  I want to add in graphics/videos/whatever that have to do with internet culture/inside jokes.

This is for a fairly open-minded group, but I'm fairly certain they won't want to see goatse or...any unmentionables, let's say.

I already have a video of Rejected Cartoons, and I have an xkcd video.

TQC, what else should I include?

2. Is it weird that I'm terrified of whales?