October 4th, 2007

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Have any of you ever worked at Disney World? Or done the College Internship program?

I'm going through the online presentation right now, and it sounds almost too Pleasantville to be true, but I've been to the "Disney" neighborhood and it really is Pleasantville--so, anyone have any feedback/experience?

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Assuming you enjoy reading historical fiction, what is your favorite period to read about?

Aside from The Diary of Anne Frank, Night, Number the Stars, and Twenty and Ten, do you know of any (I don't know if I want to use the word 'good', but you know what I mean, right?) powerful, moving stories set during the Holocaust/WWII?

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Uno] Do you have a strong jawline?

Dos] What is the most lyrically ridiculous song you know?

The Spill Canvas - This is For Keeps =[. It's about an emo vampire.

Tres] What's the last thing you dropped?
Haruhi disappearance

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1) Do you think the term "hershey squirts" is a misleading slang term for diarrhea? given the fact that most diarrhea is light in color, and hershey squirts makes me think of chocolate colored things.

2) That being said, which one of you had explosive bowel movements all over the toilet at my work?

Now that I've officially squicked -myself- out,

3) What do you think of Victoria Beckham's haircut? What about other women trying to emulate it?

4) What song are you listening to at the moment? If you're not listening to music, what sound is most prevalent where you are right now? If you're deaf, I sorry ;_;

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Do you have paypal? If so has it been a safe way to buy things on the internet?

If you don't then what do you use to keep your money or credit card number secure?

Edit with a completely unrelated question: Who is your favorite Greek god/goddess? Why?


Somewhat inspired by a recent question....

If we lived in a 24-hour society, (the approximate same number of people awake at all hours of the day, based on their preference, business all open for 24 hours...) and you could revolve your life and schedule on any time format you'd like...

what time frame what you prefer to sleep?

what time frame would you prefer to work?

what times would you make your meals?

In a 24 hour society, would you pick dating partners based on whether or not their schedule already matched yours or would you compromise schedules? What would be a good "date time" to coincide with your preferred schedule?

I think I'd prefer to sleep from like 6am to 2p. That's what I always did during summers before I ever had to work. ha.... and still revert back to on occasion when I have many consecutive days off.

Maybe work from 4pm to midnight.

I'd probably want to date somebody who was already on my schedule. I guess 2 AM would be my peak dating time. I like 2AM. Even though HIMYM says nothing good happens after 2AM.

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Your SO receives a call while you both of you are out.
Do you ask who it was?
Do you ask what the call was about?

Your SO receives a text message while you both of you are out.
Do you ask who it was?
Do you ask what the text was about?

Your friend receives a call while you both of you are out.
Do you ask who it was?
Do you ask what the call was about?

Your friend receives a text message while you both of you are out.
Do you ask who it was?
Do you ask what the text was about?
James Franco joint

Ladies and Gentlemen of TQC...

1. What is your favorite brand of deodorant? [Adidas or plain old suave]
2. On a scale of 1-10 how has your day gone? (Or yesterday, if you just woke up, like me) [Yesterday was a 7]
3. One of my roommates left us (mainly me) a post-it on the mirror saying "PLEASE don't leave food in the sink!!!". I've decided to handle this like a mature adult and start a 'post-it on the mirror' war. What should I write?

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I'm excited. I don't know why, but I feel like I have something that I should be looking forward to. What am I looking forward to?

The only thing that was on TV when I woke up was Pokemon and it was an episode from the first season, which I thought was awesome because that's when i was obsessed with it. What were you really into when you were little? Do you still think it's cool now?

Why is it that people think it's okay to walk into a room (bedroom, office, classroom, etc) without knocking, but if you don't knock when entering a room of theirs they get pissed?

covers vs. originals.

1.) Which one is better: a cover song, or the original?

2.) If it's the latter, have you ever heard any cover songs you liked better? (What were they?)

I usually like the original versions of songs, and I haven't found a cover I like better yet... except for William Shatner's epic cover of "Common People."

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It's been asked a few times if you act differently online than you are in real life; a lot of people said they were different, myself included.

If you act differently online than you do in real life... which one do you believe is more accurately "you"? Is the online persona more honest and free, or is the real life persona more concrete and real?

blisters vs the dirty hippie syndrome

Poll #1065927 Walkin' down the street, just a'havin' a think..

You're in the process of breaking in new shoes by walking around (let's say eight blocks or so) and your feet are absolutely infuriated with you - blisters are inevitable, but you are walking near a campus and are weary of being viewed as a "dirty hippie" by your passing peers.. Do you...

Pay for a cab.. idiot
Get blisters
Walk barefoot
Another option I'll say in comments

EDIT: although an interesting conversation about dirty hippies, it is worth noting that by not wearing shoes, there are other dangers to encounter: glass, icky things, cigarettes butts, hot sidewalks. So by not wearing shoes, there is more than the possibility of being grouped as a "dirty hippie" and moreso, this is a question about getting blisters or walking barefoot.

Carry On.

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1.) I came to work this morning and my coworker's computer was blaring music and his stuff was all over the place like he left in a hurry (but not like the place had been thrashed).  My boss's wife called to say that she came by at 10 last night and all the lights were on.  This isn't typical of him.  What do you think happened?
(I'd say perhaps his girlfriend went into labor, but she's not due until January and she's had a very uneventful pregnancy thus far...plus I think he could leave a note or call or something...)

2.) What event(s) and/or person(s) do you think have most defined/shaped you?
(The birth and death of my sister.)

3.) Do you think the child you once were would approve of the person you have become?
(Occasionally, but probably not on the whole.)

4.) What ideals did you have as a youngster that you've completely thrown out the window since?
(I always thought I'd stay a virgin until I was married.)

5.) Have you ever bought or sold anything on etsy.com?  Would you recommend it?
(I've recently started making jewelry and wondering if it might sell better on etsy than on eBay, since it's more focused on handcrafted items.)
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If you're having an argument with someone and reach an impasse, how do you go about resolving things?

Do you try to persuade the other person to see your side?

Do you just give up and accept that they think one thing and you think another?

How does this change when it's online vs IRL?



1. What is your job?

2. Is your current job your *career*?

3. Do you feel you are compensated fairly for your job?

4. Do you enjoy your job?


5. My good friend is getting married in 2 days. A friend of ours and his wife RSVPed a while ago. He just announced yesterday that b/c he got an opportunity to come into town early for work, his wife didn't want to drive up by herself (10-12 hours), so she is not coming. He has not told this to the bride and groom, only other friends. Do you think this is rude?

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my husband wants some alone-time today. where should my 13-month old and i go for a few hours, to allow him said alone time?

things that don't cost money are strongly preferred.

bonus points for suggestions beyond "the park", "the mall", "target", etc.


Do you suffer from migraines? What's the longest one you've ever had? I've had a headache for 9 days straight now. I don't have a doctor and I'd hate to go to ER or something.

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We've already gotten our wedding party their gifts, and I've only now realized that I didn't get anything for the ushers. One is my cousin, whom I do not know very well, and the other is my dear friend. I'd like the gifts to be identical because it would be wrong for one to get something potentially cooler or better, etc.

What do you think? I'm looking to spend about 20-30 bucks. Is a gift card to Amazon or Borders too lame/generic? What about a sleek flask? Too "drunk on the go" style?

EDIT: Flasks it is!


What are some good teenagery type threads to make for a forum?
Stereotypical ones.
You see, a guy I know is making a video and characters meet on a teen forum, so he's getting us to create a fake teen forum. We're all in our 20s and were never the stereotypical teenagers. We were all geeks.
Would any of you be interested in joining in with the fake teen forum? We're just spamming with interesting thread titles and whacking keyboards for the content, for the most part.

What would be some good themes for a calendar to have?
A group of artists and I are trying to create a calendar for charity, but we need a theme for it, that is pretty broad and can be interpreted in different ways. (So, not a theme like 'landscapes' where obviously it can then just be landscapes). Some of us are photographers, some draw or paint.

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We have an empty room in our apartment (the one the landlord referred to as "the baby's room", haha) and it is about time that I started decorating the hell out of it. Up until this point, it has only been used for storage. The only things I have in there that are important are a couple bookshelves, my plaid loveseat, a bigass tv, our giant potted palm tree Fred, and my playstation (I play Mr. Driller and Bust-A-Move, if that matters to anyone).

How would you decorate my baby's room that isn't for a baby?


This craigslist ad has been going around banking like madness since yesterday.  A lot of people have had some interesting thoughts about it; was wondering what TQC thought. 
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EDIT:  Didn't ask an actual question I guess!  do you agree with the guys answer? a lot of guys i work with are using it as bible now with every situation...not just the basic "looks for money" trade he discusses.

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How do you get your eyebrows waxed if you've got an eyebrow ring?

I can't imagine that taking the ring out would be good for the holes (you know, getting wax in them), nor can I imagine putting wax around the ring, since you're basically missing most of the hair that needs to be shaped.


So today's the big day! The wisdom tooth comes out. I'm a little afraid of it being really uncomfortable, thought. It's not impacted, but it's infected and waaaaay up in the back of my mouth. I'm not a big fan of the dentist, but I'm not going to freak. I'm worried that I'm going to gag, though.

What kind of sedation should I get, if I have the option of choosing? What do you like getting? I've never had any kind of procedure done like this, so I'm not sure how I'll respond.
Beast mode!

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1. How are you doing today?

2. (Kinda inspired by the D&D discussion yesterday) What interest of yours do you hope to one day get your kids interested in? (Or have gotten them interested in already?)

3. I just found out two of my co-workers were married to each other. What's the most surprising, yet obvious thing you've found out recently?

4. Any plans for the weekend?

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Does anyone know where I can play apples to apples (or something similar) online, for free?

Have you ever played apples to apples?

Has a wild animal ever invited itself into your house? (The squirrel we feed decided to come inside this morning...yikes)

Hypothetical dances with perverts

1. You've been dating this guy/girl for 6 months and it's been amazing. It's a serious thing and you've never been so happy. Then one day, through some LJ post, you find your way to the sexual predator list. Now I've never been to it so I don't know if they have this so I don't know if they list names, so go along with the question if I'm wrong. You type in your SO's name and they're on there. The particular charge is kind of vague and you can't figure out what they did. You just know that it happened a year and a half before you met. You pick a good moment to ask your SO, and they get really defensive. When prodded, they simply say "It's all in the past. Please, if you love me, leave it be. I assure you that I've done my requisite restitution to society, and I want this to be behind me. Drop it, please."

1. How do you react and what do you do? Leave it be and get on with your blissful life? Keep pressing and possibly end the relationship because of this secrecy? Conduct your own investigation?

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 I'm a horrible designer and keep getting hung up on the same idea over and over, I've just been stuck in a creative rut the past couple of weeks. What image comes to mind when you think of illiteracy? Maybe hearing other people's ideas will jump-start my brain.
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Can you think of one event in your life that has so shaped who you are or how you think that you would not change it even if someone were to offer you a million dollars to do so?

If so, will you please share what it was?

If not, do you hope or expect to have such an event in your lifetime?

Do you like where you currently live (the actual physical structure)?

What do you like most about it?  What would you change about it if you could?

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I had 1/2 cup of quick oats cooked with water, then I added 1/2 a dannon lite n fit yogurt and some fresh blueberries. I ate 6 almonds with it.

Less than two hours later I was hungry again. Drank a glass of water. Still hungry.

So i at a gala apple and a few more almonds.

And now I am hungry again.

wtf, TCQ? 1.) Is this normal?

2.) How often do you get hungry/eat?

*EDIT* and Im definitely not pregnant :D

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1. For those of you who live in places with "fall colors"
a) when do you think they are at their prettiest? (50% changed, 100% changed, etc)
b) How changed are the trees in your area?

2. Arby's?

3. Mozza sticks, food of the gods?

4. What is the longest you have driven in a day/sitting? (You can include food/pee breaks, otherwise most of us wouldn't be able to go much longer than 4 hours or so)

5. Are you a member of adayinmylife?
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Poll #1065945 Karaoke!

Okay, I think I've figured out a list of possible songs. What should I sing for karaoke?

99 Red Balloons
Total Eclipse of the Heart
You Don't Own Me (Dusty Springfield)
Respect (Aretha Franklin)
Don't Stop Believin' (Journey)
Rehab (Amy Winehouse)
Shoop (Salt n Pepa)
Other (in comments)

Also, when you lose weight, where do you think it goes?

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i turned in a job application yesterday around 3 and got a call for an interview this morning around 10. are these guys desperate for employees?

i haven't had a job interview in like a year and a half. advice?

US Deserts

Out of all the deserty areas on US soil -- and I only know of two: the Mojave & NW Texas -- which is the worst? There are no cactuses out here! And why is it worse than the other?

Also, while we're on subject, where can I move to (in the USA) that has a stable environment that's nearly FREE of natural disasters such as floods, hailstorms, quakes, and tornados/noreasters/hurricanes/typhoons. I also don't like blizzards either.

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i need fashion advice, tqc! i'm going to my cousin's wedding at the end of this month, and i don't know what i should wear. the only weddings i've ever been to were evening summer weddings so i got by with a sundress and good heels, but i'm at a total loss right now.


Do you enjoy carving pumpkins?
Do you know where the whole pumpkin carving tradition originated from?
When carving a pumpkin do you use special tools, plan the design, use a knife, or just wing it?
Got any cool pictures of carved pumpkins that were awesome (post them please)?

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my day was just made!!! ONe of the crazy guys just brought me a cookie from the meeting! it's chocolate chunk! i've been wanting a cookie for a few days!

So with cookies on the brain and cottonmanifesto talking to me about carmel apple cookies I ask you:

DO you have a recipe for carmel apple cookies?
Whats your favorite cookie?
Whats your favorite cookie recipe?!
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My wrist is really hurting today. Besides putting on my wrist brace thing and taking some Advil, is there anything I can do to help the pain? Even better is there something I can do to prevent the pain, besides stay off my computer of course?

Do you read Cyanide & Happiness? What's your favorite one? Pics, pls.

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Are there things that normally really bother you but you let certain people get away with, just because you like them?

If so, who/what are they?

Also, are there more male or female artists in your music collection?
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1. what are you dressing up as for halloween?

2. do a sufficient number of kids in your town still trick or treat?do you feel halloween is becoming a less celebrated holiday all around?

3. what do you usually do on halloween and what are your plans for this year?

1. probably big boy (from austin powers movies), i kinda look like him. however recently i started wearing my facial hair in this rednecky/old english style mutton chop way so i might be an old style cop or butcher guy. i wanna get dressed as the cop and go downtown wasted blowing a whistle and like crossing people who are barhopping and shit, that would be fun.

2. no, when i was a kid it seemed like the streets were littered with trick or treaters. i could just be older but seriously i saw like zero in my hometown last year. we used to make a huge mess of that town. so yea maybe it is dying, hopefully trick'r treat (that movie) will be a huge hit this year and revive everybodies interest. hopefully something does it.

3.well everything, watch scary movies and smoke extra pot all month for starters. as for during halloween if im not working i could go scare lttle kids with these friends of mine which ive always wanted to do (they go all out), do that cop thing i mentioned or whatever...ill definitely wind up wasted at some halloween party of course, thats a given. And dont forgot about HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHTS, for those of you who are into horror and not living in Fl you are gonna be missing out this year.

Ugh, period and HBC question.

Ok. So, WE ALL KNOW I'm getting married in 3 weeks. I decided about a month or so ago that I would take three packs of triphasic HBC all together to skip my period for the wedding/first half of the honeymoon.

I am a Sunday-after-your-period-starts starter, FYI. Anyways. I took the first week out of all three packs, then moved on to the middle weeks, which I'm more than half way into, and intended to then take the last three weeks of each pack, therefore giving me 9 weeks of freedom and bliss.

Well. Today I started spotting. It's not a normal red color or anything. I am trying REALLY hard not to gross anyone out but I really want you ladies to advise me.

My QUESTION: Should I just fucking quit taking the pills on Saturday, scrap the remainig pills and start over next Sunday? Do you think this will trigger a full period? I don't think it will mess with pregnancy risk, since it will just be the typical 7 days without hormones, which is fine as well all know.

HALP ladies. I don't want to be on my period during me wedding and I DON'T want to spot for three weeks. :(
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Things that are labels "traditional" tend to be viewed in a negative, backward way by many people. What are some things that you consider to be traditional, yet view as positive and maybe better than "modern" ways or things?


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What program do you use to make animated gifs? It needs to be free. My trial of ULead just expired. I had also tried GIMP but I did NOT understand the instructions as to how to create icons. VERY CONFUSING. Obviously this is extremely googleable, but I want to know what you, the people, think about animated gif-making programs.

ETA: Forgot to mention I already have an illegal copy of photoshop, but it won't let me register it w/the given serial number so I can't use the imageready stuff.

Also: I just found "The Artful Animator" or something and it did what I wanted it to do, but it's only a 21-day free trial so you can keep suggesting stuff if you want :)

Name Change

I have decided: I'm going to change my LJ name. luna12m3 was something I came up with six years ago and it didn't suit me then, either.

So, the question is: What should I change it to?

Serious and silly answers welcome. :)
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Dear Source of All Knowledge,

Is there anything that could make my body feel physically thirsty, even though I'm sure that after all the liquids I've drank I can't be?

I went to the doctor a while ago complaining about headaches, and he put it down to stress (from exams and such) which I could agree with. At the moment my head kills (even post-Ibuprofen), and I'm not under an awful lot of stress at the moment.

(I also have OCD which gives me hypocondria, so I'm never really sure if I am ill, or my head is making me think I am... But my head *does* hurt and I always seem to want a drink.)


Dana Perino, (US) white house press secretary, has a nervous breakdown and has to take a looong leave of absence. YOU GET TO NAME HER REPLACEMENT.


only criterion : the person has to be alive, so no Marcel Marceau, although he would be a good choice IMHO.

She's the woman who interfaces with the press on behalf of the white house. You probably see her on TV all the time. Tony Snow used to have the job.

my answers below.

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What's up with the pumpkins on your icons? they look cute!did you all plan on putting them on? lol

Halloween :D :D :D yayyy

Also...what will you guys be dressing up as for Halloween?

Girls going out with boyfriend's friends.

So my boyfriend of nearly 4 years, and I have mutual friends. Most of which are male. I have always had more male friends than female friends, even before I met him.

Tonight, I have nothing to do at all, and my boyfriend is working. One of the guys who we hang out with on a regular basis, and whom I have a couple classes with, asked me if I would like to go to the campus "bar" with him and all our other friends to see a band that's playing there. I know for a fact that him asking me out is completly innocent and he has no "interest" in me. I was quite happy that I got invited out, as I never really go out at all, and when I do, it's with my boyfriend and usually what *he* wants to be doing.

I just got off the phone with my boyfriend, and had asked him if he minded if I went to hang out with some people tonight for a little bit.

He was silent and then said, "you want to go out, with MY guy friends"

So, me, being a little shocked at his pissy reply said, "fine, if you don't want me to, I don't have to go"

And he just said, "fine, whatever" and hung up.

Now to me, this is nonsense. Is it so wrong for me to go out (I wouldn't even be drinking more than a couple coolers or something). This guy HONESTLY wouldn't even think of trying anything, and even if he did, he know's I'd back hand him. How do other guys view this? If you and your own gf had mutual friends, would you mind if she hung out with them?

I don't see what the big deal is. I figure if he trusts me, he shouldn't have such a fit...Or am I just completly out of bounds to want to hang out with guys, period? Is this wrong?

ETA: I forgot to mention, that I have like, NO friends other than our mutual friends, while he on the other hand has many. He has issues with me wanting to go out with other girls to bars, clubs, etc and never really wants to hang out with any of my old friends from highschool...while I on the other hand have no choice. We hang out with his friends whether I want to or not :/

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OK so now that there are 10 questions in between here:

Did any of your schools have a gifted/talented program?
Did it have a cool name or was it just called "The Gifted/Talented Program"?
Were you in it?
What kind of cool stuff did you do?


Yes, starting in 3rd grade and carrying on through 8th grade.
It was called "Summit".
LOTS OF COOL STUFF. I don't even remember most of it but we did ropes courses, lots of Brain Teasers (Thinklab, Red Lemmings, etc), awesome computer programs such as Dr. Brain and some music one I forgot the name of, and Knowledge Masters Open. I am sure I am forgetting stuff but it was AWESOME and I sincerely hope your G/T programs were as awesome as mine so I don't end up being some huge braggart.

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Do you judge people by their icons? Such as by their subject matter or quality?

Will you participate in a game? Here are the rules: Comment to the person above you with a compliment AND an insult (these can be totally fake, made up, joking, serious, whatever).

eta: actually reply to their comment so we all know who is being addressed. Any replies to the post I will assume are directed at me. D:

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Help me TQC!

Tomorrow my classes have been canceled so our program can join an all-day tour of several major web design studios. Going to the tour is optional but all but 1 or 2 people are attending.
I know it might be beneficial to go to this thing career-wise, but it's in the city and it would take a long commute and waking up very early to get there. It would also be good from a class bonding/social networking point of view. If i don't go i know the teacher & everyone will wonder wtf my problem is.

But somehow the idea of having the class computer lab all to myself for an entire day seems more appealing. We have a great deal of homework and this would be my only real free day to do it since i have to work all weekend. If i went to the city i would have to cram all my homework in afterwards and come in every day after work (tired, worn out already) and stay until late at night. If i don't go i'll be able to get a good sleep and finish almost everything, and free up my weekend to maybe relax for once. And practice Flash, because Flash is a little fucking bitch.

Am i really better off staying behind?
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1.) Did any of your schools have special ed?
2.) Was it called anything cool? What sort of nicknames did you have for it?
3.) Were you in it?
4.) What sort of cool things did you do?

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I just came home from a long, long day of school to find this taped to my door:

Hi there,

I don't mean to be an annoyance but I have to work a night shift and every morning when I am attempting to sleep I am waken by your music or I cant even get to sleep. I was just wondering if you can keep the music to a low or turn off the base. It basically rattles the walls.

Thank you for your understanding, I hope this is not a problem

Now, I know that I don't blast music in the morning. They don't call me Zombie for nothing. At the most, I sit and watch a few minutes of the morning news.

What should I do? Should I ignore it? Should I address it? I'm assuming it's from the apartment below me. I'm out of here at the end of the month, anyway, but I don't want any strikes against me.
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WTF, one of the things I was selling on eBay was at $5 for three days, all the way up until the last five minutes when I checked before it had closed.

Turns out it went for $22.50 in a last minute bid war!

1. What's the last windfall you've gotten?

2. What're you saving money for?

(I'm trying to earn enough to pay for my GRE and grad school applications and transcripts and all that jazz. After that my proceeds go to renting a cabin with a bunch of friends for a weekend "retreat")
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Inspired by the last post...
What's the last unnecessary purchase that you blew your money on?

I was feeling depressed and ugly the other day so I went out and spent $200 on 2 sweaters at BCBG. Naturally they do not allow returns for cash. I am an idiot.

Do you know how to knit or crochet? If you've tried both, which do you find easier?

I'm trying to learn how to do both right now. Thus far I've had much better luck with knitting. With crocheting, I get confused about which chain to put the hook in, but I really want to learn how to do it so I can make amigurumi.
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I'm showing a 3-5 minute clip from FernGully to my second graders tomorrow. I had planned on using the section with "Raining Like Magic" in it but it's too short. So, which part should I show them?

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I'm helping my friend look because she's obsessed with the Killers and we can't seem to find it anywhere.

do any of you know where i could possibly find the killers font?

thanks bunches!

Office attire

Hey guys, I'm starting a new job on Tuesday and it's in a rather conservative office environment. I'm a little office dumb so I was wondering if you guys could give me examples of the following (pics would be awesome)?

Business casual?

Business professional?


And what's considered casual in an office environment? I'm really a T-shirt, jeans, flip-flops kind of a girl but I really don't that will be acceptable...

me and reagan 24th

computer issues

I figure something needs to be done about this before I'm not even able to get to Livejournal. :(

Our internet is acting wacky. Google won't work sometimes (sometimes for hours), many YouTube videos just load eternally with no play, and other main sites like Mapquest, MSN, TMZ (lol), etc. don't work 90% of the time either.

What is going on? We've cleared all our cookies/cache/whatever, and that helped slightly. But now it's going bad again. My husband says we probably need to reinstall our Internet Explorer (the newer version, whatever that is...7?). He just hasn't been home long enough to do it and I'm afraid to mess with it. Do you think that would help? Any other ideas?

I can live without Mapquest, but not Google or Youtube. :(

ETA: oops, meant to include this; not working = "connecting" for at least 1 full minute before going to "Cannot Locate Site" or "Address Not Valid" (it is). :/
The Receptionist Classic

Silence, you say? YEE HAW!!!

What do you think of people that shout or whistle or whatever noise during a moment of silence?

I'm watching the SHARKS v. Oilers game and there were people shouting "Let's go Oilers!" during the moment of silence for Billy Warwick. Just seems kinda dumb to me.
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regarding the life/choice post earlier, i was talking to a few friends in the room about it, and now I'm wondering,

wtf is with dudes fervently supporting pro-choice? i mean, i really want to do a survey and compare the frequency of guys that are pro-choice and also tell their girlfriends (or, whoever,) "But it just doesn't feel as good when I wear a condom.."

sure, maybe some care about women's rights, but come on now, really? it may be a moral question for a woman, but it's only a matter of inconvenience for a man. not to mention trying to get a girl to date you after telling them you're pro-life in this day and age.

i dunno. maybe i'm wrong. i just don't buy the moral high ground argument.


eta: i didn't think i was being too vague, but i'll rephrase more bluntly; to what degree or percentage do you think men who say they are pro-choice, say so simply to get laid? and/or not have to be responsible for any side-effects of said act?


But all my questions are 10 posts apart from each other so IT'S OKAY.

So, do you know who Bradley Trevor Greive is?
Do you have any of his books?
Which ones?


YES I DO, obviously, since I'm making this post about him.
The Blue Day Book, The Simple Truth About Love. I also bought The Incredible Truth About Motherhood for my mom, though that book is probably better suited for people who are about to become mothers and not those who have already been mothers for 20+ years ;)


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What are some songs that include girls' names as/in the title? Here are the few I can think of off the top of my head:

Mandy- Barry Manilow
Amanda- Boston
Rosanna- Toto
Roxanne- Sting
Oh, Sherry- Steve Perry

What are some others?
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If someone were to give you $2000 right now, with the stipulation that you could not use it to pay off bills/loans, how would you spend the money?

And since we're doing the Halloween motif all over the place today, what would you do in the following scenario?

Teenagers (ages 14-17) come to your door supposedly trick-or-treating - they are not wearing any discernible costumes, nor do they say "trick-or-treat" or anything of that sort - they just stand there with their hands or pillowcases out.  Do you give them a treat, or do you tell them to beat it in some fashion or another? 
If you choose the latter, please share how creative you might be in telling them to am-scray!

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Seeing as it's a slow time of day, i'll post a silly question.

There's a boy at my bus stop in the year above me.
He's nice enough, we don't have much in common, and the conversation far from flows, but it's someone to talk to, eh?
BUT, he's getting rather overfriendly (in a harmless way).
However, i'm really not interested.
So, TQC, should I try and get rid of him, and just leave it to chats at the bus stop? (He keeps coming and sitting with me at lunch, and its quite akward,
or do I keep on talking to him, suffer the akwardness and just ignore any advances?
And also, how do I make it clear i'm not interested, without saying as much?

hi, first time poster here!

i haven't been on livejournal long, i was wondering what's is up with pumpkins on everyone's icons? i hate to deface my amelia icon, but i think the pumpkins are cute? did everyone make their own, or did you go to a site?

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everyone has had an awkward question moment

but what was YOUR most awkward question moment?

I've got three.

My lil bit (baby brother) at all of 12, turning tomy parents and asking, with the innocence of a child, "what's a hermaphrodite?"

My best friends mother turning to me and asking... after I had told her- jokingly, as I had thought she hadn't been serious, that no, nuns were not there for the priests to "be" with them physically... "But isn't that why they marry priests?" *awkward* "No, they marry God/Jesus (I'm a Lutheran, I don't stay "current" on the phrasings of these things), and God/Jesus don't  come down to get "jiggy wid it"... *painfully awkward* Then ensued much laughter, and tears from laughter, for a good hour... unfortunately we were in white castle and all of the drive thru people must have thought we were nurts.

A non-religious friend trying to understand my religious denomination. "So.... you mean Lutheran's AREN'T confused Catholics".... wouldn't have been so bad, but there were a few other Lutherans around and we (THANKFULLY) being irony loving people (not the rule, just pure luck in this instance) let the awkward silence hold before busting a gut and trying to very calmly explain that NO we are NOT confused Catholics.

There are a couple of other Lutheran/non-Lutheran awkward moments that I have had... but I won't share them all...  I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.

Other Questions:

Are there subjects that you refuse to discuss with friends/family/at all?

My answer: HELL YES! I don't like talking religion, or politics with people. Not even my own daddy, and we have the same basic political/religious belief system. I don't talk politics EVAR, unless I know the person that I am talking to isn't going to yell/berate/try to persuade me, and they have a sense of humor.


I get the feeling yall didn't even notice I was gone.... but I'm okay with that. xD
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How commonplace do you think incest -- particularly, incest between siblings -- is? Is it one of those things that's taboo, so people don't talk about it, but still do it? Do you know anyone who's done it?

After reading some things, I'm seriously baffled and wondering if I missed a memo.

Edit - getting caught up now.

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Pick a super power for yourself

X-ray vision, limited to only detecting how much gas a person has in their body
The ability to fly, but it only works if you're stark naked. You have no resistance to the cold
Heat vision, but only after you consume 30 chili peppers in one sitting
Ability to heal yourself. It works by punching someone else. When you do so, the injury or illness' strength is divided between you. If you keep hitting different people, you'll eventually be well
Super hearing. You can hear everything within 2 city blocks. I mean everything
You can change your appearance at will. However, the only thing you can turn into is an old person
Changing into an animal. The only animal you can turn into is a cockroach
Invisibility. It only on people born under the sign of Taurus
Bulletproof. Your skin is resistant to all injury. However, your skin is also as rough and uncomfortable as sandpaper
Growing. You can enlarge yourself to 1,000 feet tall. Unfortunately, you cannot shrink back for the next 120 hours
Superfast running. You don't have superfast reaction time, so you might not see the buildings or cars that may lay in your path until too late
Sonic boom. You can clap your hands together and should you wish it, you can create a sonic boom. It effects your eardrums as if you were close range to a sonic boom
Ability to see the future. For each moment of the future you choose to see, you forget an entire month, starting with your earliest memories. 12 minute's worth of visions will cost you an entire year's worth of memories of your childhood
You can shoot a solid beam of light from your fingertips, ie, a laser beam! It can pierce 4 feet of steel. Whenever you use this power, it drains you and you lose all consciousness for the next 3 hours
Ability to talk to the fishes. They will understand you. You cannot understand the fishes though

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Should I write a post-card to my grandpa, even though he's stuck in about 1940-1970 about now?

He does remember me, though, and that he's met my Australian boyfriend.  Sometimes he remembers that I'm away.

How the HELL do you keep bread from molding?  I wrap it tight, keep it in a dry place and can't freeze it D:

Would you go to a progressive-metal murder mystery about a dark circus?

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Have you studied Intro to Quantum Physics?

If so, can you help me with these questions:

2. Consider the square well, with well depth V0, and width 2a, symmetrically placed about x = 0. Discuss this problem from two viewpoints, and use this question to improve your notes on this topic.

First, measure the energy of a bound state from the bottom of the well, and then consider this as a problem for 'free particles' in the momentum representation. Show that a) [p,H] = 0, and that the expectation value of the momentum p = ± hk; b) outside the well, when E < V0, k is imaginary, so that u(x) = exp(±kx), with k = ik, in the x- or "real space" representation. In addition, give the reasons why we need to choose just one of the solutions, not a linear combination of the two, outside the well.

Second, consider the more usual starting point for describing a deep well, with V = 0 outside the well, and -V0 inside the well. Show that, if E < 0: c) inside the well, u(x) = Asin(kx) or Bcos(kx), but that it cannot be Asin(kx) + Bcos(kx), with A and B non-zero; d) Derive the equations needed to determine k and (A or B) by considering the boundary conditions on the wave function at either x = a or -a; e) Work out the k-value and the energy of the second odd-parity excited state if V0 is very large.

4. A particle of mass m is subject to an attractive double-delta potential V(x) = -V0[d(x-a) + d(x+a)], where V0 >0. Consider only energies E < 0.

a) Obtain the wave function of the bound states. You do not need to normalize the function.
b) Derive equations from which the energy eigenvalues can be obtained.
c) Estimate the ground state energy for the limits a → 0 and a → ∞. You may assume that the wavefunction is even.

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do you need a makeover? are you not sure what haircut/hairstyle works best with your face shape? do you want some suggestions to take to your hairdresser next time?

would you like me to help? POST A PICTURE, and i'll take care of the rest.

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I'm sure we are all well aware of the more recent disaster that caused the downfall of TQC... that is, chat. And ever since it began raping TQC of its sensical posts and deflowering its loyalest members, I'm sure we all have been waiting for a miracle, for something amazing to bring us together and unite TQC once again in what will be the peak of its rein (over the internet).

Pumpkin icons have done this, y/n?
bjork 2

Thursday, woot woot!

Don't you just love my pumpkin-ified icon?

Do you like the pumpkins more than the masks that ONTD is doing?

Remember that post I made a few weeks ago with the stupid huge welt on my upper arm? It went away, but now my lower arm is covered in hives. The same arm, but there are a like three on my other arm and on the backs of my hands. Out of nowhere. And I wasn't even at my mother-in-law's this time... WHAT AM I ALLERGIC TO? Srs answers only, pls.

Oh, and the apartment people installed new windows/screens/balcony doors this week and it still smells like polyurethane in here, despite everything being opened and the fans circulating the air. I'm going to guess that candles + fumes would be a bad idea. Any other ideas?

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What was the name of the porn they were watching at the beginning of the 1980 movie, the Howling? Where can I get it?

What cities across the US have the nicest underpasses? The underpasses out here SUCK. No room. If you tried to sleep under them and roll around in your sleep, you'd wind up kissing someone's tire... and if there was ever any impact on them, you'd be the 1st to wind up a wobbling pancake like Wylie Coyote.

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1. What is the name of that program that has a masked man doing all those magic tricks that david blane and that criss person do, and then shows you how they did it?
I missed it the other times its been on, and I wanted to get a copy of it, but don't know the exact name and googlefu has failed me :(

2. What are the chances that my boyfriend who has had a vasectomy has gotten me pregnant? My body keeps doing weird things and we keep thinking that *maybe* he has super sperm and such.

3. a project i have due tomorrow is giving me huge problems, and it is waaay too late to email the teacher to ask for help. would it be okay to email him and explain why i haven't got it done? i think that i'm going to barely pass this class anyways. i would have gotten it done earlier, but i've had to work, but apparently thats not a good enough excuse for my school, because we're supposed to 'delegate time wisely'

4. Also, how is one to delegate time wisely to do things when you don't have any time? or is this a catch 22 thing. (catch 22 has haunted my entire life)
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

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My friend is trying to burn a CD with windows Media Player. She has been able to use it before, but it's stopped working lately. She has tried multiple CDs, and this has been going on for a few weeks. It keeps giving her an error message: "Windows Media Player has encountered a problem while burning the files to the disc. For additional assistance click web help." web help said they didn't know what the error message meant. Any ideas what she can do to get it to work?

airplane sinuses

I'm flying in eight hours to the Cayman Islands.

I fly all the time but over the past few years, I've developed sinuses, apparently. I can't handle descending on airplanes - it hurts me LIKE CRAZY. I spent my entire honeymoon IN HUGE PAIN and an echo in my ear.

Mind you, at the time I smoked like a chimney - which i'm sure effects your sinuses - but I quit 3 months ago cold turkey.

Do you think my sinuses will be better now? Do you have any suggestions (other than gum which just doens't work for me -- because this is HARD CORE PRESSURE i feel)?

Thanks :)

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I just got a text message on my phone from McDonalds, telling me about their monopoly game. Weird.

What's the strangest text you've gotten?

Also, my bird (the one in my icon) has started humping this large bead that is on his rope perch. He won't stop, he seems obsessed.
Do your animals display embarassing behavior like this?

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So, after an "altercation" with my downstairs neighbor, I'm curious.

1) Would you be offended if you lived in a downstairs apartment and your upstairs neighbor pounded on the floor to tell you to please be quiet?

2) Would you be offended if you lived in an upstairs apartment and your downstairs neighbor pounded on the ceiling to tell you to please be quiet?

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Have you ever won something big through a contest?

I won a romantic getaway for two to Las Vegas. I get to choose whenever I want to go within the next year, and they promise I'll always have a room reserved. Anyone ever stayed in Tahiti Village? I believe that's where we will be.

But they said I'd get my package, detailing the trip and who to call, within 9 business days. Today was day 9 and I haven't got it, yet. Damn radio station probably wrote my address down wrong :-(
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What are programs/websites similar to Google Earth?

I need to see overhead shots of the town I work in because there seems to be no real way for the train to get to the train station but it still gets there and I need to figure it out. Google Earth won't work on my computer because it's outdated. :(

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1) What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

2) I'm growing tired of my current icon. Which of my icons should I start using?

P.S. I have none with pumpkins and am too lazy to make one. Plus, where I live, Thanksgiving is closer than Halloween so a turkey might be more seasonal.

ok, tqc. help me decide.

see the orange hair in my icon? yeah, well, now it's faded all to hell and looks pretty awful. so what should i do?

should i redo it orange?
should i do it pink (breast cancer awareness month, yo)?
or should i stop making my hair silly colors, and have my natural color (dirty blond)?


ETA: i have had my hair pink before and it was so awesome...but then if i do it pink, i can't be phillip j. fry (from futurama) for halloween!!!

ETA #2: ok, i think it's been decided! ORANGE again!

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What is your favorite love song?

I used to love this show when I was younger. This girl's dad was an alien or an astronaut or something, and she communicated with him via a glowing crystal. I think. Does anyone know what the fucking hell I'm talking about?
lead me

crazy questions.

5. Can you point me to a really good website that will teach me how to play chess?

12. Did anything crazy happen where you live today?
(There was a shooting at a law firm the next town over from mine this afternoon and the guy's still holding hostages in the building. Pretty scary shit.)

29. Care to paste what's on your clipboard right now?

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I have been googling this like mad, but I cannot find an answer.

What information, exactly, is required for someone to run a credit check on you? Do they need your entire SSN, or are the last four digits enough?

Is there a .gov website someone could help me find that states this information, so I may use it as a reference? I'll keep looking, but hopefully I can find some answers here too. Thanks.

I am asking in reference to renting an apartment. My mother is my cosigner, but due to increased identity theft, she does not want to give her entire SSN on the application, and will only provide the last four digits. In addition to name, address, and date of birth, is this enough info for the owner to run a credit check on her? Or does she need to give her whole SSN?

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One of these situations must happen to you, which one do you choose and

1) Your (adult) child is brutally murdered, the murderer is found and executed.

2) Your (adult) child commits a brutal murder, and is executed.