October 3rd, 2007

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When do you start shopping for winter clothes?
Where do you shop for winter clothes?

What type of winter pants do you get?

if I keep holding in my piss will my bladder explode?

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My doctor is recommending that I have a glass of red wine every day, as it may improve heart and insulin function. I know nothing about wine.

What's a good red wine for me to get? I'd prefer something under $20/bottle if possible.
Tom shaming you

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Do you hsve good posture?
I have horrible posture, I'm terrified of becoming one of those creepy old ladies with the giant hunchbacks

Do certain post in TQC inspire you to change something about yourself or try something new?
yes, I usually am motivated to exercise more or try new food
Gaga: Elegant

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About two hours ago I burned by finger getting food out of the oven. I ran my finger under cold water and put some ice on it. I was icing it for about a hour and a half until I got tired of my finger going numb. The burn still hurts. Should I leave it alone or should I ice it some more?

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So what do you do if you live in the U.S., discover you have cancer, but have no insurance?

edit; This is not me, a friend of mine told me he has a malignant tumor in his mouth somewhere, and the doctor wants $1200 just to run more tests to figure out exactly what it is.

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It seems that whenever I have to be up early, I can't get a good night's sleep. I lie down 8-9 hours before my alarm is set and don't have any distractions, but I keep waking up several times during the night. It's getting pretty old.

How do you stay asleep? (I know most people don't have to try for this to happen...)

Also, does your sex drive work in cycles? My boyfriend just told me that apparently I want sex more often in the beginning of the month. I'm on a monophasic pill and skip the placebos, so it's not to do with those hormones, I think. I don't know.

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why would 6 hours of sleep feel less restful if you got it from, say, 8-2 rather than 12-6?

what time does your mail come during the day? does anyone get their mail first thing in the morning? i've only ever gotten mail in the afternoons--i would love to have the mail come in the mornings.

i love getting the mail, and sad as it is--it's the most exciting part of my day.
yummy beer!, yummy

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Did you know that Halloween is the most decorated-for holiday (in the US) after Christmas?

My favorite "scary" doo-dads are a sign with a ghost that says "BOO" in orange lights, and another ghost that flashes different colors. 
What is your favorite Halloween decoration that you display or have seen?

It's crazy sock today at my kids' school - what favorite crazy socks do you own, and if you mixed and matched from different pairs, what would they be?

Please to be posting pics if you'd like.

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Hallo mah baybees. 

1) How are you today? What are you wearing?

2) For acne + Blackhead treatment: Salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide?

3) Do you watch Heroes? If so, who is your favorite character? Least favorite?

4) A friend of mine's birthday is coming up. We used to be pretty close and then just stopped talking for a few months (not angry at each other, we just got sort of out of touch). Anyway, I'm invited to her party. So far I'm getting her a novel, I think I'll get her some kind of cool shampoo...I want to get her something else as well. She has extremely low self-esteem and is bulimic and anorexic. She's not unhealthily overweight, but she's curvy. Are there any art books out there that focus on photographs of beautiful, full-figured women or something similar to that?

5) One of my friends swears that cleaning off her anti-perspirant deoderant before bed helped her shoulder acne. Does this make sense or do you think any results she saw were just coincidence?

6) You've gone allll day without eating and it's 9 PM. You finally get away from what you were doing and go to pick up some groceries before heading home. You see a cooler in the store filled with bottles of milk. The only options are chocolate whole milk and white skim milk. Which bottle do you choose to tide you over? (No, you can't choose anything else. It's one of the milks or nothing.)

7) What does that phrase about doing something in one hand and crapping in the other mean? I've never understood it and I hear it a lot. 

download this

I'm glad that Amazon offers MP3 downloads now. I'm out of the loop with current music. What's a good rap/hip hop song of 2006 or 2007 for me to download?

What's the next concert that you're going to?

What is the lamest movie you've ever seen? (not one that you didn't finish, but you watched the whole thing and thought WTF)

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When is it too early to start using wrinkle cream? I'm 27 and have laugh lines. I want to try and nip it in the bud so I bought some L'oreal Revita-lift. Is it retarded for me to use this?

I ask because I know stuff like protein rebuilders for your hair can actually damage hair if it's healthy. I don't want to exacerbate any issue due to it being unnecessary.
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i woke up late today, i usually get up at around 7 and leave the house by 7:40 to get to work by like around 7:55. well, today i woke up at 7:27, left the house by 7:41 and made it to work by 7:55. :\ *whew*

how was YOUR morning?

do you know someone with..

a) only two letters in their first name?
b) only three letters in their first name?
c) only four letters in their first name?

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I'm grumpy today because I sat in traffic for almost an hour and the guy in front of me was a complete moron and kept randomly braking.

What can I do to get out of this mood?

Are you grumpy today?

If not, how are you?
Sweet Pea
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Uh oh  TQC. It's 10:01 and the applicant who is supposed to be here at 10 has yet to arrive.

How early do you arrive for a job interview?

Edit : She got here at 10:05
Edit2: The 11:00 applicant came at 10:45! Good job!
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Don't you just hate those slick bits of concrete when it's raining?

I totally just busted my ass in the middle of campus because of them. I skinned the front of my toes! I guess I should have worn my galoshes and not flipflops.

When was the last time you fell in front of a large group of people?
Movies - Portrait

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Girls: Are you comfortable with your breast size? Why/why not? If not, what do you do (if anything) to feel better about it?

Collapse )

Those attracted to girls: Do you have a preference about breast size? What's the "ideal size" in your opinion?
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I have the most excruciating cramps.

1) How do you make your cramps go away?  I changed bags and left my vicodin at home :(. 
2) Do those heat wrap things really work?  I'm about to use my PMS wrath and make the guy next to me go to Duane Reade.
3) Any other tips?

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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

herpes? rash? gahh!!

I got my upper lip waxed last weekend at home - not my first time, but like ever since I got the area waxed...these little rash like things that make me look like I have oral herpes keeps on appearing. (This has never happened to me before.) Has that ever happened to anyone? I applied anti itch cream last night cause they were kinda itchy...but it didn't seem to work...and I keep on getting more or that's what it looks like to me. And since I'm pale as a ghost...it really looks like I have herpes.

What can I do to make it go away? Any cream I should buy?

SRS answers plz.

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yuck, I accidentally poured way too much sugar in my coffee.

What's the last thing you fucked up?

Do you like your coffee super sweet? Want mine?

If someone adds you on facebook (or whatever) and you have a bunch of mutual friends but you don't remember meeting them, do you add them back?
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Is there any kind of weird food combination you like to eat, but your friends think it sounds weird/gross?

Or alternately, does somebody you know do the same thing, and you think it's weird? What is it/are they?

I like pizza and ranch, but I don't think that's too out there anymore. One of my friends eats potato chips with mayo, though.

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Will you post your favorite picture of yourself?

Is your current SO the person you lost your virginity to?

How many times a day, if at all, do you masturbate?

edit: Have you ever had Vernors?

If not, do you know what Vernors is?

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1.) What are some of your favorite album covers of all time? Post a picture of it if you wanna.
2.) What was the first tape/record/CD/8 track you ever owned?
3.) What kind of music do your parents listen to? What are some of their favorite bands?
4.) Do you have similar musical tastes as your folks?
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what are some of your LJ user (people who take you off their FL if you don't comment on a certain entry, people who post too much etc.) pet peeves?

are you guilty of any of those?

what are 3 things in your life right now that aren't going the way you'd like them to?
Space Pope

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In honor of the fact that christmas stuff will probably start showing up in stores any day now...
What is your favorite christmas song?

Do you have and your family have any christmas traditions? if so what are they?
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Question for the alcohol afficianados, either for the preperation or consumption therof:

Serving It Right certification (or whatever the American/European equivalent is): necessary safety, or money-grubbing scam by insurance companies so no blame is ever placed on drunk drivers?

Discuss. (Translation: need ammo for argument with crazy co-worker. Preferably in favor of said certification.)
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Oh, a new website!

I'm moving my blog to it's own website and letting my "personal" domain become something else. Mostly because I want people to read my blog, so I want to advertise it and it needed a domain that made sense.

Anyway. What color scheme should I go with for my new blog? It's a review site, mostly movies and tv. I'm not gonna use images unless I own them so it's more professional.

What sort of stuff could I put on my personal website?

Do you have a website? What's there? Links please!

(My personal website is here if you want to see).
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According to a well-known TQC member, "people [in TQC] DONT think".

Is this true, people? Do YOU think? Does becoming a member of TQC come with a free lobotomy and no one told us, or are we some sort of very lazy hive mind? What's going on here!?

I would come up with an answer myself, but it might require thinking. :(

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Can anyone recommend a good body scrub (one that works well, smells nice, and doesn't leave huge gloppy curds of goo in the shower)?

Has your boss ever yelled at you? Why and what did you say back?
puppy dog

Modern Day Fairy Tales

Can anybody list some movies that take a modern day approach on a fairy tale? Something like Freeway 1 and 2 or Palindromes. Also any suggestions wouldnt have to be a dark take like those movies, but I like dark subject matter so that would be preferable :)
i say, old bean

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in your opinion, what flea treatment has worked best on your pets?

are you cool? can you describe how cool you are in a haiku?

can you show me the most edited photo you have?
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for dog owners:

what kind of dog do you have?

do you crate your dog?

why or why not? (besides the obviously "they tell me to")

what's the average time period that your dog is in his/her crate?

do you ever feel guilty for crating them? (if you do)
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do you see yourself differently in photos or video than you do in a mirror? why do you suppose that is?

i know that it's only the 3rd [the 4th in some areas] of the month, but what has you stressed out already?
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Does anyone out there know how to juggle? How did you learn?

If not, did you ever want to learn how to juggle?

If you do juggle, what do you use? I've got beanbags, but I'm wondering if maybe I should switch to something smaller, because I have a hard time holding 2 in one hand.

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Can you give me an example of the difference between what is just and what is right? Do you think there is a difference?

ETA: Let's define "justice" as it pertains to the law of your land. Let's define "right" as the moral code by which you live.

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So I got shit results for my exams even though I did study. But I was preoccupied with something more important(also acadamically related) so I didn't study EXTREMELY hard. But still I am extremely disappointed with myself. Do you still think I can make it?
(Yes I know I am being a lump of self pitying shit but I already feel like shit so)

What happened today?
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Should I stay for my last class of the day or go home?

I have a midterm next week but she posts all the class outlines online and her lectures are mostly useless, plus she doesn't take attendance. BUT I have a friend in there who will possibly be annoyed with me if I don't go.

ETA: Okay, going home.

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If I were to start recycling questions you've asked, would you know?

What if I start recycling questions I've already asked?

Would it bother you?

Should I get a hazelnut or a vanilla latte when I go to Starbucks?

choose my halloween fate!

 Which of the following do you think I should be for Halloween?

- Wonder Woman
- Nefertiti
- Lucille Ball
- Poison Ivy
- Mary Poppins
- Other? (I'm a curvy redhead, but I do enjoy donning a wig!)

I am probably going to pick one tame one for work and one party one, so pick two if you so desire.
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company party

My work has a few celebratory dinners throughout the year. I've worked there for 2.5 years and I've never been to one because I'm not social and I don't know my coworkers well enough to socialize. But now I kind of want to but I'm not sure if I should go.

Reasons to go...
- I've been friendly with a few of the coworkers over more recent months and would like to make the initiative to be friendly
- It seems like so much fun, what with getting to be an adult at an adult activity for one night
- I rarely ever go out, I haven't had a reason to dress cute for a reeeeeally long time
- I'll regret not going because I know I'll feel left out and miss out on a fun evening

Reasons not to...
- One coworker in particular and I have a verrrryyyy messy friendship right now. Fling gone bad, new girlfriend, head games, etc.
- He is the one who directly invited me saying that his new girlfriend wants to meet me (because she's heard *soooo* much about me)
- I'm not sure I want to meet her, I'm still not over him
- As of last night we agreed not to talk for a while
- It would be virtually impossible and even more frustrating in the grand scheme to go and not acknowledge him
- My mom threw a tantrum when I asked her to babysit
- I'll regret going because it's going to hurt to be friendly with him and his new girlfriend

Would you go?

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Who would you want as your babysitter?

R. Kelly
David Hasselhoff
Britney Spears
Michael Jackson
Paul Reubens
Pat Robertson
Whitney Housten
Marilyn Manson
Coutney Love

Who do you want as your boss?

Hulk Hogan
Jessica Simpson
Donald Trump
Robert Blake
Dakota Fanning
Martha Stewart
Dick Cheney
Ozzy Osborne
Tom Cruise
Tera Patrick

Who do you want as your skydiving instructor/tandem jump partner? Yes, that means this person will be on your back when you jump

Mike Tyson
Nancy Reagan
Stephen Hawking
Paris Hilton
John Goodman
Stevie Wonder
Michael J. Fox
Tommy Lee
O. J. Simpson
Flava Flav
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Lasagna question

I put lasagna in the oven for 45 minutes and the noodles were still relatively crunchy. It turns out I was supposed to pre-cook them, and I didn't. I put it back in the oven, hoping that baking it more will soften the noodles. Do you think I'll be able to get them as soft as desired by simply baking the lasagna longer, or should I just give up and eat it al dente?

EDIT: I put it in the oven for 35 more minutes and the noodles turned out fine. The cheese is carbon but it still tastes fine.

So there!

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Boyfriend and I got back last night to find that our fridge had been left open since Sunday morning.

Obviously the cheese/eggs/milk/cream cheese are bad and cannot be used.

But we're iffy on the ketchup, bbq sauce, jelly and ranch dressing(I think all need to go).

Toss it all or is some of it ok?

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1.) Assume the government behind your food supply went defunct in the near future, thereby making your bio-survival tickets (money) useless in regards to acquisition of nutrition. How well would you fare on your own? Would you be able to identify which native plants are edible/not incredibly poisonous? Would you stand any chance of managing?

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 Does anyone know a site where I can find free puppies in Pennsylvania? I've just been typing this in on google and every site that has puppy classifieds lists puppies that arent really free.

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How do you usually answer your phone?

If its my cell phone and I like the person calling, I'll say a nice cheery "hi!". If it's my house phone, I'll just say "hellooo?"
The kid next sitting next to me answered his phone "Was haht?" I laughed.
Give a dog a home


The animal shelter that I volunteer for (York County SPCA) sent an email out to volunteers asking us to find people to donate stuff for auctions.

What kind of places should I hit up? What kind of items are popular at auctions? I've never bugged people for donations for an auction before, so I don't really know how you're supposed to do it.

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I need help finding a webcam like this one, but of Guadalajara, Mexico. I've been googling and googling, but I've been coming up short. Anyone know of any Guadalajara webcams or a directory of world webcams?
edit: nvm. it's hopeless.

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Is ThIs ReAlLy AnNoYiNg Or WhAt?  CaN yOu EvEn ReAd ThIs EaSiLy?
Yes.  I can't.

My room smells like sickness from a cold, dirty laundry, and stale air.  What do I do!?

Should I get a job or wait to get money for holidays?  BOO.

What is the funniest/meanest thing you can come up with to insult me?

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So TQC, tell me, in your opinion or personal experience...

1. How can you tell when a relationship is over and not worth fighting for anymore?

2. Does it ever just 'click' that its time to move on?

3. What is a semi-nice or decent way to tell your S.O. that they've put on quite a bit of weight and its pretty unattractive?

4. Have you ever cheated and not felt bad?

5. What are you going to be for Halloween?

P.S. These arent necessarily about me, just some current topics I've heard being discussed.
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Are you celebrating Columbus Day or Native American Day this coming Monday?

In South Dakota, we get the WHOLE DAY OFF from school on Monday to celebrate the Natives' special day.

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Do your teeth ever seem to itch? Not your gums, your teeth.

I've noticed a correlation especially with Dasani bottled water, but sometimes it's just random. What might be the cause of this? Besides yknow, insanity--or the flouride deposits on my third eye. :P
Mitty box

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1) What would your reaction be if your 5' tall 95lb sister-in-law told you she was joining the Navy?
2) What are you having/did you have for dinner?
3) Do you enjoy chocolate milk? If so, what is your favorite kind?
4) If you have a DVR/Tivo, how many shows do you have saved on there that you need to watch? EDIT: If you don't have one, what would you record if you did?
5) What is your favorite type of candy to receive on Halloween?

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Multi-City Flight =/= Layover?

Is a multi-city flight the same as a flight with a layover? I'm buying a discount e-cert through ebay for an airline that states it can't be used for multi-city flights. It can, however, be used for round-trip or one way.

Google leads me to websites that refer to multi-city flights as those with "complicated itineraries" which isn't helping. I emailed the seller and asked, "By multi-city, does that mean any flight with layovers?" and they said "No."

I just wanted to confirm what you guys thought. By google and the guy's answer, I'm lead to believe that multi-city refers to something totally different than a standard flight with a layover. If it helps, the airline is United and it appears that none of the flight schedules are non-stop to where I need to be anyway.


Do you pee with a tampon in during your rag?

My friends and I somehow got on this topic and I discovered most people dont change theirs everytime they pee. I dont get how though.. cause the pee like gets on the tampon.... ok im done

Haruhi disappearance
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1) I'm really lethargic today, but I have to work for 5 hours tonight. I don't have any caffeinated things in the house...is there anything I can do/drink/eat to boost my energy level so I don't pass out at work?

2) What is your favorite cartoon theme song?

3a) How old are you?
3b) How old do you act?
3c) How old do you feel?
3d) How old do other people think you are?
Starbucks cup

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If you took the 3rd letter of your first name, the 2nd & 3rd letters of your father's first name, and the last three letters of your mother's first name, what would your name be?

Cevine.  How French.
rockies baseball

it's the post season, bbs.

who do you want to win the NL wild card race?

The Colorado Rockies (lead the series 1-0)
The Philadelphia Phillies

who do you want to see this AL showdown?

Los Angeles Angels
Boston Red Sox

Who do you want to win the AL wild card race?

The New York Yankees
The Cleveland Indians

Who do you want to see win this NL showdown?

Arizona Diamondbacks
Chicago Cubbies

Who would you like to see win the World Series?

Red Sox

Would you tell?

After my father died last year, my sister and I were cleaning out my parents house and I came across some legal papers and old newspaper articles.  The were about an adoption, the adoption of one of my older cousins.  I mentioned this to my sister and she freaks out saying "don't say anything, he doesn't know."  That sounded crazy to me, how can he not know he is almost 50 years old and there are many adopted children in our family, who know they were adopted including my sister and myself.   I mentioned this new found information to another older cousin and got the same keep it on a hush reaction.  The older cousin told my Aunt and she called me saying "Please don't tell him, we felt it's better that he doesn't know" .  This man is an adult, married, with 5 children.  

I have and will  respect my Aunt and Uncles wishes but would you do the same?  

How good are you at keeping a secret?

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so we've read a number of George Orwell's essays, and one is about why he writes, entitled " Why I Write", and it's quite awesome. our engish teacher wants us to write an personal essay with the title " Why I ____". in previous years people have written fun/funny essays such as " Why I Smoke Crack" (true story), as well as serious essays such as " Why I Cut Myself" (sadly, also true)

here's the problem:

i like writing myself, but i can't write about my writing as i'm young and it would be complete copy-cat of Orwell. i don't mind writing a personal story as my teacher is cool, but i can write funny though it usually has a negative spin on things.

1. what should i write about? I'm thinking of writing about my adoption and how i don't look like my mother, (the rest of my family looks like i could biological be apart of them). i could probably combine seriousness and humor, but i'm not sure how i feel about my teacher knowing that much about me. any suggestions? (they can't be "Why I Like Cheese", it has to be an action)

2. if you were given this assignment, what would you write about?
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(no subject)

My friend got arrested last night, and he doesnt know what to do.. where to get help, maybe talk to a lawyer..

My question: Is there a forum where someone can go to get information about laws in New Jersey?
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Nintendo Wii

What website/store has the cheapest deal on a Nintendo Wii?

Someone told me I could purchase a Wii for $250.00 but can't seem to find them any cheaper than ~$350. I've checked walmart & gamestop.

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do the d.a.n.c.e.

(no subject)

I've been invited to play laser tag tonight. I kind of want to go, but I haven't been feeling too good today. PMS and stuff like that, y'know. And I've never played laser tag before. Should I go, y/n?

EDIT: Laser tag plans have been cancelled, and I had just decided to go. NOT FUN. :(

(no subject)

1. How do you feel about people who appear happy and are smiling almost constantly? They could just be walking down the street, sitting on a bus, or doing some mundane task alone on the job, but are always smiling. Do you feel it's overboard or do you admire their attitude? Would you say you're one of these people?

2. When someone has something in their teeth or on their face that is immediately fixable do you let them know?
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(no subject)

What were three of your favorite toys as a child?

My dollhouse
Creepy Crawler Oven

Do you still have any of them in your posession?

I have my NES, complete with the original packaging and instructions and all. I pull it out every couple of years and play it.

(no subject)

Do you trust your SO with your computer?
Do they trust you with theirs?

What about with your login information for websites?
Your credit card information?
Your SS?

I started a heartfelt paragraph about something for a paper and now I'm not in that passionate mood to continue my message sincerely, but the paper is due tomorrow.

Should I just ditch that paragraph even though it's something I really want my professor to know or ignore the gross fake liar feeling and try to finish it even though I don't know what I was going to say?
misc - not a weapon

(no subject)

1. I feel like baking tonight. What should I bake?
2. Who will get kicked off of ANTM tonight?
3. What's your favorite soda?
4. Do you call it soda, pop or something else?

PS - I ended up going to class after all.

(no subject)

Say you have somehow figured out the password to your S/O's computer/email/whatthefuckever.

You have NOT used it but you feel that you may be tempted to some day..just to be nosey.

Do you confront your SO and tell them you have it figured out and let them make the decision to change it? Do you expect your SO to be happy that you were honest and upfront?
[BSB] Team Backstreet

gotta question...duh...

Someone called my friend's cell phone and didn't leave a message. The number they called from is 1-866-823-6977. I googled the number and a bunch of complaints about that number came up. Unfortunately, it doesn't say who or what company it is. Just says they call people a lot and hang up and when you call back it sounds like a fax line or the line is busy.

Does anyone know what company it is from?

off topic...
what is your favorite drink at starbucks right now?

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girls » barbie
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I'm in class, but I'm really effing tired. Should I go to sleep here, or try to make it home? Or not sleep at all?

My boss is a pretty big bitch. Today she was particularly bad. If someone consistently belittled you and mocked your decisions (even though they'd be an ass either way), would you quit?

What's the best way to find a part time office/administrative job?

(no subject)

Has anyone got any advice about dealing with landlords?

My bed broke last week, and I'm fairly certain there must have been a prior fault, because what I was doing to it at the time couldn't have caused as much damage as it did.

I rang him three times with now answer, until I changed my phone to display 'private number', and I got through immediatly. I told him I just flopped on it and it broke, (almost the exact truth) and I thought it must have been a previous problem, but he said it's strange for it to hold up a month and then collapse.

I know legal issues change between jurisdictions, but does anyone have any general tips on either getting him to replace it, or getting him to let me repair it instead of having to buy a new one?

(no subject)

I'm right in the middle of moving to my boyfriend's. I've managed to drop my TV & completely break it apart, a really precious snowglobe went flinging off a stack of stuff of its own accord & broke, and my boyfriend set fire to one of my favourite dresses with his ciggarette. ARGH!

Have you had any moving horror stories?

Has anything great happened to you today?

Anything really bad?

Please cheer me up, I'm feeling emotional waiting for my boyfriend & his friend to come pick me up & take me off to my new, tv-less home!
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(no subject)

Why does my head and throat hurt so bad?!
When did someone shove two golf balls down my throat?
Did you do it?
Can you fix it?
Why are you so evil?
What are you wearing?

Kirby for the NES

Apologies in advance for a silly question, but I took some vicodin and my google-fu is hindered at the moment.

In the original Kirby's Dreamland game for the NES, at the end of each board it said "Push A!" and you'd soar up into the clouds and get extra points. How does that work? Do you hold A when Kirby hits the push-off platform or do you tap it? I can't figure it out.

And for the appropriate question:

Do you like the Grateful Dead? What's your impression of them?

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I need advice. I'm a freshmen in college.
I hate it. I hate the classes the people and everything.
The first 3 weeks they put me in a hotel about 30 minutes away from my school without food and a barely ever running shuttle (the hotel was in the middle of nowhere.)
At the moment I am home for a week due to a manic breakdown, which will most likely happen again if I go back.

Here are the questions.

Should I stay in college?
When do you stop doing something to make someone happy if it makes you unhappy?

I really do not know what to do. I did amazingly well in highschool and don't want to be a college drop out, but I'm unsure if it's for me, especially this school.

Maybe I'll just kill myself and end it for everyone! yay.
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How do you guys get dressed up for concerts?

Edit: I'm going to the David Crowder concert tomorrow (they're a Christian band) but my concert question was for something really general anyway.
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pin straight hurrrr.

My friend got one of those Japanese style pin straight hair perms (magic straight hair)...the permanent ones you get done at a salon. And she wants to dye her hair ...would it mess up the chemicals in her hair and make it all frizzy and wavy or would it be totally fine? She got her hair done on Friday...btw.
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I am currently eating candy that tells me on its wrapper to have a Happy Easter. Good idea or bad idea?


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In the farmer in the dell, why does the cheese stand alone? Why is there no love for the cheese?

Which 2 of the 5 tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and hot) go best together? I know hot isn't technically a taste but I think it is.

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I have this Collapse )

and I don't really know how to wear it. I mean, what to wear it with to make it look more, I don't know, nice or something and less kiddish. I was thinking just a white tank top with a cardigan over it, but I'm not sure of the color. Any suggestions?

And... for those of you who approve of tights under skirts like these: right now I have black tights and grey tights. Will either of these work? The black ones are footless (AKA LEGGINGS) and the grey ones are normal tights. If neither of those sound good, what color would work best? I'm pale (obviously).
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If I (an American) were to move to a non-English-speaking country and live my daily life speaking the language native to that country, would I eventually have a foreign accent when I spoke English? If so, how long would it take to develop?
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What qualifications are needed, in your opinion, for someone to be a whore or man-whore?

No, I'm not talking about professional but just normal people. A friend of mine refers to himself as a man-whore because he'll pretty much fuck anything that comes his way.
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Do you have a totally silly superstition? What is it?

(I refuse to watch an entire sports game on tv. If I come in 20 minutes late, take some time off in the middle, or miss the end... somehow they tend to win. My team never wins if I watch the entire game. Then again, I was raised a Cubs fan, so I'm set up for disappointment from the get-go)

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If you were looking to hire someone as a tutor, would it be a deal breaker if you found out they had recently gone through rehab for a drug problem?

Would you fire them if they didn't put this on their application and you found out later?


What are some quotes about friends turned lovers?

My currenty boyfriend and I were friends before we were a couple. Does anyone know any quotes about friendship turning into a romatic relationship? What are the quotes? I know there are some out there I just can't find them.

Thanks for your help,
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I have a driving test in 45 minutes and am extremely nervous. We have graduated licensing here and this is the final test, so it won't be a HUGE deal if I fail, as I still can drive alone and w/e.

What can I do to calm my nerves? I am eating pie and smoking but it isn't working :(

What are some funny/embarrassing/horrible moments have you had during a driving test?
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Who's the black guy in season six of Smallville? I tried google, but "black guy +smallville +season 6" didn't yield results, and as I've only seen the first three episodes I don't know what character he'll be playing, and I wouldn't recognize the name in a cast list. I just saw his picture on the DVD case and he looks so familiar. Help please?

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It's 9:30 at night here in good old Apopka, Florida and I'm really hungry.
I had an early dinner at about 4:30-5:00 and now I'm ready to eat again.

Nutritionally, what is the best thing to eat before bed if you're realllyyy hungry and have to eat something?
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money money money money...

Does anyone know about life insurance? Like will I have to pay taxes on that when I file my return next year? What about Social Security death benefits for my son?

What would you guys buy if you suddenly came into money?

What kind of laptop should I get?

What else should I do with this unexpected gift?

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1. Know any good, teen chat rooms? I'm so bored. I know one I used to visit I just can't remember. (My memory sucks!)

2. What's your favourite hot chocolate drink flavour?

2. Mine's Mint - gorgeous!

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those of you who have fallen for a good friend of yours and told them, how did it go?

because i've been in love with my best guy friend for like more years than is not embarrassing to admit and i still don't know what to do about it.