October 2nd, 2007



Have any of you made a really good friend... who wanted more friends, so you introduce them to other people and encourage them to go to social events? And then you get paranoid that they're going to stop hanging out with you anymore? How did you deal with that? 
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Have you ever been so moved by the sheer beauty of a song that you burst into tears during it, not out of sadness?

The song American Tune by Paul Simon totally caught me off-guard just a second ago, and I'm totally unsure as to why. Normally for me though it's other Paul Simon-related songs and opera.
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Is it illegal to "flash" another driver by turning your brightlights on and off to indicate the presence of a cop?

I live in West Virginia in the US, if either of those details change anything.

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Skirts /dresses over pants: cute or silly?

For my graphic design class I had to design a Chinese food box like it would hold something else, so i picked cupcakes. the box is designed to look like a gooey layer cake when you cut it, with lots of pink icing and blue sprinkles. I think it's a good idea, but is it actually a good enough idea to get a good grade?

Do you like cheesy romance novels?

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Is it true that the new Apple OS is coming out next month? Where can I find info on it!?  I was just looking and couldn't find it but thanks now i know where it went!

Whats for breakfast?

I just found my earing thats usually in my cartilage, in my ear lobe! how'd it get there?!

I need to write an ad for craigslist for freelance graphic design, can you help me write a creative ad?

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I have the original copy of my parents' marriage license. My mother's name is spelled wrong on it. Can I go to the registrar to get a fixed copy, or does one of my parents have to go do this?
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1. When you are out sick for one day but feel perfectly fine the next day, do you feel the need to act a little sick still just so people won't think you were faking?

2. What about if you are out sick for one thing, but then feel awful the next day for entirely different reasons? Do you pretend like it's all part of the same problem or tell your boss/coworkers that you're just having issues all over the place?

3. Since I forgot to ask yesterday, what did you all get up to over the weekend?

4. So what's ailing you today?

Edit: And I just somehow got my foot stuck in my chair (how, I don't know) and face planted into the extra desk in my office. Am I subconsciously trying to kill myself?


So I somehow deleted all of my buddy list. I have another screenname with the same buddy list, but I have no idea how to transfer the list to my sn that I use.

Can anyone tell me how to transfer my buddylist? I have aim 6 if that makes any difference.

dd/mm/yyyy for the win

2nd October 2007...

1.Do you normally write it as 2/10/2007 or 10/2/2007?
2.Who the hell came up with the second version?
3.Have you ever mixed up dates because of this?

I write it as 2/10/2007. I didn't know that there was two versions until 9/11 came about. And I had to use this program for an assignment and it kept giving me error until I realized I did the dates wrooong. Well, excuze mee. /rant

4.Talking about dates, have you ever eaten dates?

It's sweet and soft. Can be kind of expensive sometimes...

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Think about your last (or current, if you're in one) relationship. When it came time to introduce your man or lady to your folks, was it awkward or OK? Where did you go, to a restaurant or to your house or somewhere else? Did your parents like him or her? Did they ask embarrassing questions?

My 4 year old niece just gave me a giant acorn. What was the last gift someone gave you?

Am I bad for finally breaking down and looking up Vanessa Hudgens' nude pic? :(
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I am VERY well aware that this is going to open a can of worms, but I feel I need to ask based on a comment I received in my LJ about the icon you see here.

Why do people use the argument of adoption against abortion? Besides, you know, it being another option besides abortion.

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I am a beginner at weight training and strength training. For those of you who are educated on this:

1.) How heavy of a free weight should I buy? (I heard heavier weights/less repetition is best)
2.) Any other equipment I could have at home that would help?
3.) What is your routine?

thanks bebes

4.) Is the glass half empty of half full?
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are you dressing up for halloween? as what?

if not, how do you like your coffee?

if you don't drink coffee, do you brush your teeth after every time you eat?

who hates their phone and/or phone company?
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I'm at work and someone near me is cracking and popping gum, which makes me homicidal.

I just really want to smack a bitch. What should I do instead?
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Controversial opinion #4327 - on women

I think it's a wise idea to make decisions based on reality, whether we like the circumstances of reality or not.

I think that as women we know that there are some creeps out there who frequently fantasize about victimizing women. We also know that there are some relatively borderline guys that under normal circumstances and social controls are harmless but if given the temptation might cross over the line and victimize a woman. We also know that the criminal justice system has not been able to completely prevent such victimization from happening- it reacts after the fact.

I think that knowing that, and knowing that we, on average as women, tend to have less upper body and overall muscle strength then men, we find ourselves in the more vulnerable position when it comes to potential victimization.

I think that it sucks and is completely unfair that men can seemingly take more risks in their behavior -wear whatever they want regardless of what attention it draws, walk through certain neighborhoods at night, drink to excess in mixed company, go out 1 on 1 with a complete stranger of the opposite sex in a car- and not suffer the same consequences that a woman who does the same thing may. It's unfair that men have a natural, physical advantage when it comes to domination and violence and victimization. But it is reality.

<begin controversy>
I think to protest this unfairness by boldly pretending we are not in the more vulnerable position is stupid and ill-advised. Women should be taught that, through no fault of our own, we may be more at risk then men, and therefore we should take some precautions. Of course we should also be taught that all our advanced precautions cannot ensure 100% protection from victimization and also that we cannot spin life into a weaving of total paranoia. But we can and should take simple precautions that have been shown to lessen the chance of becoming a victim.
<end controversy>

Will you feel better about yourself as a woman if you thumbed your nose at any "antiquated" precautions to prove equality of the sexes and it led to you being in a situation with a man who *could* physically dominate you if he wanted to and he did so? Are we really so up on our high horse of "well we SHOULD be able to do x y z just like men, its not fair, etc" that we will refuse to warn women on principle of ways they can take an active role to lower their risk of being raped? Which is really more important to you- preventing rape, or protesting the unfairness of physical characteristics between the sexes?

Green Bay recommendations.

I'm going to be in Green Bay for a few days and looking for suggestions on things to see and places to go that are Green Bay specific? (besides the Packer's football field and the Packers Hall of Fame, already been told that one a million and four times)

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If you could go anywhere today where would you go(money/time/resources don't matter)?
Can you show me a picture of this place?
What is the most spiritual place for you? pics?

my answers are in the comments!:D
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Where is the best place online to shop for fireplace equipment?

Do you have a good recipe for stuffed cabbage?

How would you decorate your home if money weren't too much of an issue?

(- There are so many fireplace stores online to choose from that I'm having trouble figuring out which one is best.
- I do have a good recipe for stuffed cabbage, but it seems to be very different from the ones I find online.
- My home is decorated in a kind of Victorian-inspired eclectic style and I think I'd do it the same way even if money weren't a factor.)
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Which do you think is better:

1. Having a completely positive outlook on life, believing that people are good and life will treat you well and always seeing the positive sides of things?

2. Having a negative outlook on life, believing that people are selfish and dishonest and never getting your hopes up in case you're disappointed?

You can't choose something in the middle!!
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Bad Dates ...

So I had a *really* bad date this past Friday. And now this guy will not leave me alone. He is demanding to know where I was the rest of the weekend and yelling at me over the fact that I have plans that don't include him this upcoming weekend. So on that note:

1. Have you ever been in a similar situation?
2. What did/would you say to the person to make them go away?
3. I am a freak magnet, aren't I?
4. What was your worst date ever? Or what was the strangest thing that ever happened to you on a date?

*my response in the answers
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Don't you hate it when you suddenly get a burst of inspiration & your brain starts moving so fast, you can't even process all the ideas?

I blame my sudden excitement for NaNoWriMo...
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You are MacGyver.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacGyver (In case someone doesn't know who he is)

You have the following items:

Tissue box
2 paper clips
Duct tape
Empty soda bottle
Black Sharpie marker

What do you make out of these items, and why?  You can also use anything you have on you such clothes, shoes, eye glasses, and jewelry, but nothing extra that you would keep in your pockets and such.

EDIT: How do you make your item(s)?


My sanity, have you seen it?

Any tips on not barfing during my oral argument tonight? How do you keep from getting so nervous you get sick to your stomach? Normally I take dramamine, but I need to be quick on the answers so I don't want to do that.

I need heat!

1. Any suggestions on how to get my furnace to... make heat?

I just got a bunch of oil delivered last week, so that's not the problem... I've also tried just turning the thermostat up, no dice. I've also pushed the "push to reset" button. There doesn't seem to be any other options that are obvious (to me, anyway). I kind of want to fix this myself without having to call my landlord (I harassed them a ton when I first moved in about a bunch of crap). Is there anything I'm missing? It's a Honeywell furnace, if that matters (I tried checking their website and it didn't seem to be much help, and I couldn't find a # for them in the phone book)

2. Do you detest any foods that others consider to be "normal"?

I can't stand onions or peppers (the sweet ones, the hot ones are alright).
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Story:  My daughter loved kindergarten.  She loved her teacher and was excited to go to school each day.  When she'd learn something new she felt proud of herself.  Now she's in the first grade and her teacher is all about rules.  She's gruff.  She has a no-discussions policy regarding the breaking of her rules.  The other day she accused my daughter of deliberately breaking the tips off her pencils.  When my daughter told her she didn't mean to do it, her teacher said, "I don't like it when children lie to me."  My daughter is left handed and tends to break pencil tips more due to the angle that she holds her pencil.  My daughter cried for a half hour last night because her teacher called her a liar.  Recently she has started asking if she can stay home from school.  She used to have such positive feelings about it.  It's very sad to me.

Question:  I have requested that her teacher give me a call today so I can discuss this with her.  How would you phrase all of this so as not to alienate her and to get her to work with me to make my daughter enjoy school again?

lamest question of the day

Where can I find an icon that expresses joy and happiness?  I need a "yay!" kind of icon....

the icon communities that I found are bewildering, so I would like to see TQC's favorite icon communities!

Where do YOU get your happy icons from? 
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When someone is slighted by a close friend to whom they had been speaking every day on a consistent basis, is it customary for the slighter to approach the slightee first with words of redress or friendship, or should the slightee approach the slighter to signify a willingess to overcome the obstacle OR is it all subective?
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I saved over an image! I meant to click 'save as', but I clicked 'save'! I don't have a back-up. undo doesn't go back far enough.

Can you help me get it back? Can I set my computer to how it was half an hour ago? I know my sister used to do that a lot.

Please help. It was in ArcSoft PhotoStudio if that helps.

ARGH! *runs 'round setting hair on fire*

Non serious answers, plz

So I'm currently car-less due to an automobile accident. However, I need to go see my insurance agent today. I called my boyfriend at 11am, asking if he could take me. "Sure, lemme just wake up." An hour goes by "Oh! I forgot! Lemme take a shower." Another hour goes by "Oops! I forgot. I'm going to get changed right now!" Another hour, and I get a call from him: "Hey, I totally forgot. I need to go to math class, now. Sorry!"

Again, I need to go TODAY. This is seriously urgent. It's a couple miles away and I have no other way of getting there (including bus or other friends). I'm really pissed.

Any ideas for how to get back at him?

Edit: I got mad at him and he's now sending me text message after text message of "god why are you such a little bitch?" How should I react to this? I want to turn off my phone but I'm waiting for a friend to call.

Sensitivity issues

Well TQC, you know I don't post very often, but I've got some serious issues going on at the moment.

I'm out with some friends from work. One is a straight guy who knows I like him, though its never been formally addressed, he still knows. So we're sitting at a table and joking around when the straight guy decides to say "Um, I like GIRLS." in response to something someone (not me) said. I took this as a indirect way of him telling me I was gross and he'd never like me back. I also took it as rude, immature, insensitive (he knew i liked him, i mean really) and totally unnecessary. Am I right in my analysis of the situation?
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Why Can't It Be 5:00 Already?

1. Do I need to go see motivational speaker, Steve Rizzo, tomorrow so he can tell me how to be a Humor Being? It's at my work and it's free if that matters. I'd really rather stay and work while everyone else is gone because I love it when it's really quiet and I get get a lot of work done.

2. I bought a comforter on clearance at Target the other day. I really love it and I looked everywhere for the pillow shams that matched. I couldn't find them in the store but I did find them online. I went ahead and placed and order for 3 pillow shams but they're being back ordered until the middle of November. With the comforter being on clearance, do you think I'll really get my shams or will Target probably just cancel my order?

3. I have a 3 year old and I'm trying to come up with a Halloween costume. The only thing that I've thought of that's remotely interesting is to dress her up as a tourist with a hawaiian shirt, a straw hat, shorts, sunglasses and a camera and fanny pack. Is that cute or stupid?

3a. What would you dress up and adorable 3 year old girl for Halloween?
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If you saw something you felt was inappropriate, and you just kind of felt it in your gut, what would you do?

I was getting lunch after class today, and the "couple" in front of me gave me the creeps. He was 40-something, from behind she looked 20-something, and he had his hand around her waist (wedding band on his finger), and his hand trails down and grabs her ass. She kind of looked around to see if anyone noticed, and she catches my eye for a second. she looked dead inside, like no emotion whatsoever, and i notice that she's hella younger than i thought. they go sit down and wait for their food, i see the manager talking to another manager about how it creeped him out too, but it was clear they weren't gonna do anything. so i get my food, and look at the girl again. her dad or whatever creep she was with had gone to get a refill, so she looked at me for longer than a second and it was just so emotionless. i smiled at her, to gauge her reaction, and she didn't even give me a "what the hell are you smiling at" smirk, a confused look, or a smile back. there was NOTHING there. it just scared the shit out of me, so I went to my car and called 411 and called the police department, and told them that i felt like something was very wrong there. they said they'd check it out, but i'm still skjghskdgjh about it.

did i do the right thing? what if it was her dad? dsjkgsdgs i just don't know.
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Collapse )

So whattya say, TQC?

Poll #1064856 So what do I do?


Stress reduction class
FemAlliance meeting


potluck/film screening

EDIT oops I kept putting off deciding and then realized I'd missed the Stress Reduction class already. Oh well, Fem Alliance it is!

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this isn't math homework, i'm just a moron at perecentages/math in general.

can someone figure out what percent 25,240 is of 251,262?

what's the last thing that made you gag? i'm watching the Man United game and Ronaldo's head is bleeding everywhere.
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Where can I find free fonts to download? I can't find the site I used last time. Stupid cold medicine.

I'm looking for a baby themed font in particular.

ETA: I used Google to look for some but the ones I found were not free. Even though I put "free fonts" in the search engine.
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Alright, so a few weeks ago a woman ran a red light, hit my car, blah blah blah... she wanted to settle outside of insurance. She left me several voicemails begging me to not contact the company, admitting complete fault. However, when I told her I wanted to go through insurance, she turned really nasty and began denying that she was at fault.

It turns out the witness I had never called the insurance companies. And, for some reason, the insurance companies will not accept the voicemails of her admitting complete fault (and even going as far as to BRIBE me- "I will pay for your damages, plus extra, if you don't report it"). I don't understand why my insurance company won't listen to the voicemails. Can anyone think of any reasons? How likely is it that I will lose this case? (Again, it is now completely my word against her's)

I'm so stressed over this.

Sorry for me posting so many serious questions lately. I'll get back to the amusing ones soon

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Inspired by this.

What is your "friending" preference? Do you just randomly add people or do you comment first? Do you expect people to comment before they add you? Will you add just anyone or are you picky about who you add?

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Halloween Peexures.

We always get the "what are you dressing as for Halloween" question but what I wanna know is what are you doing for Halloween that requires you dressing up?

I never dress cause I never do anything.

And to make it more interesting, post a picture of you or someone you know in a Halloween costume.

Bonus points for BABIES in costume.

Dogs in costume are automatic fail. but post them if you must.
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(no subject)

Every year at school a group of students makes up a haunted house at the fire hall. I'm doing it this year and we have to think of ideas. What would you put in a haunted house? My friend wants to put mummies and stuff in one room.
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1. I'm going to a knitting meeting tonight. Is that over-the-line dorky?

2. Lately, I've been waking up in the middle of the night for an hour or so. This is really killing me during the day. I'd rather not drink caffeine all day. Do you have suggestions for staying awake all day?

3. I'd like to change my user name. The one I want is already taken, but the person that has it hasn't updated since 2004. Do LJs expire if you don't update for a certain amount of time?

(no subject)

 For those of you who read about my boyfriend situation yesterday, its all worked out, and you can comment to me in my journal for further detail if you're really that interested (ha). ANYWAY, the current situation at hand is that I am finishing up highschool online, and attending 3 classes in the local college. Both of these keep me really busy, and so its hard to make any money on the side. My parents hate me and do not support me, for the most part I just wing it and get what I need when I can. What do I do?? I don't want my grades to fall, but in the same token it would be nice to not have an outstanding debt to my boyfriend who pays for everything. It would also be nice to not have to wear the same jeans every day of the week. 

Has anyone here ever juggled all three at the same time and maintained good grades?
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(no subject)

1. If we were living in the year 1007 how do you think you'd fare? Do you think you'd live a long life? Do you think you'd be confined to your class status or would you have been able to break out of the mold?

2. Would you have been able to survive the Holocaust? Would you have ended up on the trains or would you try to seek political asylum? What do you think the chance would be that you would have been selected for the gas chamber right off the train? Do you think through your body language or mental powers you'd be able to avoid that fate?

3. How do you think you would fare if you had been born in Darfur? How about Rwanda? Do you think you'd be able to walk across Africa with no learned survival techniques, no supplies and..well...survive?

4. Are there any members here who have experienced war first hand as a civilian and not as a soldier? How do you think you would have been during the Bosnian war as a civilian? What would you have done if you were in Tiananmen Square on 6/4/89? Would you have been there?

I'm just curious.

sad panda

Ok, so my friends are all meeting at the college we went to this weekend for a "reunion" of the girls. and due to my grandma that I never see coming into town, I can't go. So I am thinking of sending them something goofy to pretend i'm there. My idea was a lifesize picture of my head and a stick to put it on for all the pics they take. What do you think of that idea?
Do you have any other ideas?
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(no subject)

I have been painting for 8 years... but it has always been either acrylic or oil. I am taking a watercolor class this semester, and am finding it to be difficult because it is such a different medium.

What are some watercolor pointers/tips/tricks for beginners?

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What do you know about suits?

How are they suppose to fit? If you stick your arms out in front of you, should the sleeves come up to about midway from the wrist to the elbow? or is that too small? But when the arms are down, it looks fine.

Question for other Civilization 4 fans

Which expansion set is better, Beyond the Sword or Warlords? 

What's your playing style?  Does the expansion set help out that style or does it add a new dimension overall?

I'm generally a pacifist who proselytizes mercilessly.  My focus is on economic and cultural expansion.  I haven't done so well playing aggressively... I keep trying to do things that worked in Civ 3 with not so good results.
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What are your eating habits like?

Only eat once a day, you eat constantly?
Eat only healthy food, pizza and cookies?
I'm just curious to how much of what kinds of foods you lovely people eat.

Why do I constantly obsess about my weight and the shitty food I eat but can't seem to get my good eating habits back on track?
Ugh I suck.

(no subject)

how do you convince yourself to work out?

how frequently do you exercise?

what's the nastiest thing you've seen in the gym locker room?

bangs: yes or no?

what did abraham lincoln keep under his hat?

(no subject)

1. Does this make any sense to you: "Is there a quest where the objective is to sleep with my mom?"

2. If you own a MySpace, do you delete the friends that constantly post those dumb ass chain bulletins, or do you tolerate their stupidity?

3. Are you physically in pain right now?

4. How about emotionally?

5. Do I have to go to class? :(

I am a loser.

Hi! I'm new to the community, definitly not livejournal. This is a ridiculous question, that I feel like and idiot for asking. But, whatever.

I'm a seventeen year old girl, how do I meet a non-lame guy with a liscense to be friends with?

I'm stuck in the white trash/wannabe ghetto suburbs of Detroit, and the only way I am allowed to go to Detroit is if I have a guy friend to take me. My parents are over protective.... and I want to go to concerts!
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In your kitchen, do you have a drawer for all the things you horde from restaurants/takeout? e.g. sauce packets, plastic cutlery, chopsticks, ketchup packets, etc.

What is up with Che Guevara shirts?

Has anyone here ever volunteered with the U.S. Peace Corps and if so, could you tell me where you went and all about it?

(no subject)

Do you feel uncomfortable around people of a certain height? Like people who are considerably taller than you or shorter than you? Do you feel uncomfortable around a certain gender of that height or both genders?

(no subject)

So a friend is supposed to stop by today to get some notes from a class I've taken and am loaning to him. He called earlier and said he'd be here between 5:30 and 6:30 (maybe it was around 5:30 and I just forget). It is now ten till seven and I am putting off attacking my boyfriend for sex until said friend picks up notes.

How long should I give him before I give up and have sex?

[EDIT] It's 7:30; I've completed my studying for the day aaaand I'm thinkin' it's business time...

(no subject)

Afhjfdhws. I lost my driver's license yesterday and I don't even know where it is exactly.
I was at these following places so where do you think I lost it?
A) Libarian's desk on campus
B) La Bou
C) Noah's Bagels
D) Baskin Robbins

How much will it cost for a new driver's license? (I live in California)
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(no subject)

What is your favorite game for the Nintendo DS?

What has been the worse?

So far, I've liked Pokemon Pearl the best, and I tried playing AniMates last night and it was horrid.
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Hokay.  So.

1.) For any of you out there who do photography or know anything about cameras, what is the best type of camera for, I don't know how to put this exactly, but like real photography?  Not like oh I'm going to go take pictures of my friends, but like portrait, black and white, nature, etc.  You know what I mean?  But anyway, a good brand, a good type in general, basically any information you have about cameras.

2.) I need new jeans, badly!  I have trouble finding them cause I'm short.  Any places you know of that sell short-person jeans?

I thought I had more questions...I thought wrong. 

(no subject)

Poll #1065083 It's a poll, y'all

Britney Spears just lost custody of her kids, her career's pretty much done, she's no longer a sex symbol and everybody thinks she's a trainwreck, heading for a wall. God forbid, and seriously, I hope it doesn't happen, but let's say she kills herself, either voluntarily or just through careless living. In 5 years, when we look back on her, what will her legacy be? Not how you will see her, but how will the world see her?

Classic legend, like Marilyn Monroe
Troubled majestic victim, like Anna Nicole Smith (some people actually believe she was extraordinary)
Troubled, self-destructive victim and they'll shake their heads when they utter her name
Just another tragic musician gone to the dark side, like Joplin
One of the greatest losses in the musical world
Fucked up trainwreck. She'll be the butt of jokes for the next generation
Honestly, she'll probably be completely forgotten in 10 years. In 5 years, she'll be viewed the same way we view Tiffany now
America's rose. She'll be our answer to Princess Diana

How do you feel about Kevin Federline now?

Still a loser. Just a loser with Britney's kids
He stepped up to do the right thing and rescue his boys. He's kind of decent now
Horrible human being. He'll lose custody of his sons within the year when his lifestyle becomes tabloid fodder
This is the biggest break his music career has had. The spotlight's all on him. He's poised to make it big
The lesser of two evils
Same way I feel about all wiggers. Walking punchline. If Britney's like watching a trainwreck, then KFed's like watching a clown car
I don't

At this point, if Britney posed for Playboy, would you check it out?

Hell yes
Hell no
Already seen enough Spears' beaver pics to last a lifetime
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(no subject)

Why are none of my friends the types of people who want to sit in a cafe and drink coffee/tea and talk for two hours?

Am I really that big of a dork?

Will you have with me?

Have any of your professors ever taken your entire class out to coffee (and paid) on the last day of class? Two of mine have. They rock.

(no subject)

What is the best program for recording lectures with my notes? (mac plz)
Which word processor has the best autoformat for outline type notes? (again, mac PLZ)

I had microsoft test drive but I deleted it because I didn't want to pay for dat shit yo.

Virtual Console

1) What is your favorite Wii Virtual Console game? (Partly because I'm curious, and partly because I have some points leftover I wanna use.)

2) Why are the Virtual Console games better than the Wii's games?

1) I'm currently loving on Breath of Fire II. BoF was one of my first games ever, so I'm happy to get back into it. I really want them to release BoF for the Virtual Console now, though.

2) Because Nintendo has, in the last few years, switched to a strict kids-game only policy. Substanceless, temporarily amusing party games are sometimes allowed. But no *real* games. Twilight Princess was an accident, and 300 people lost their jobs because of it.
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(no subject)

z. I had a stye in my left eye last week. It just went away and now I have one in my right. Why????

@. I just bought a couple of yards of this lovely stretchy, light jersey in each colour. What should I make? Maybe a nice hoodie or a nightie?

7. Why is it not easy being green?

~. Have you ever heard of Rusty Warren?

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What do you think about the notion of 'size-acceptance'? Do you think it's good to accept other people's sizes (I'm talking along the larger end of the scale here, literally), or do you think the dangerous health implications associated with obesity mean that we shouldn't encourage obese people to be accepted as 'normal'?

ETA: This is a serious question I was thinking about after reading this website. Please don't take this question as drama-mongering. I just want to know your (serious) opinions. If all you have to say is rude shit, then that's not helpful to anyone.
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What are you excited about?

ETA: I have to change what I'm excited about.  I just got a notification that I have to pick up a package, and I wasn't expecting one, so I think my boyfriend sent me an early birthday present!!!!!

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What do you do when you're alone in an elevator?
do you pick your nose? adjust your bra? scratch your balls? both? fart really loud? I do all of the above. except for the ball scratching thing because I don't have any.

What do you think about gastric bypass surgery? is it a great idea, or a lazy cop out?
I think that if you've tried everything & you are in some serious medical danger zone, it's a good procedure to have done.
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Anyone want to read my English paper (college application essay, 500ish words) and tell me whether or not it sucks?

(I understand if no one does, but I figured it was worth a shot :) )

To make this post have more substance, what prompt did you use for your college application essay and what did you write about?

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 If you live with you SO, what kind of sheets/comforter do you have?  Describe what it looks like.

Who picked them out?  Are they more masculine, feminine, or in between?

Do you have a pic?



1. Does anyone live in Corpus Christi, TX? I'm looking for some good haunted houses to go to this month.

2. What should I dress up as for halloween?

3. Would you rather be called "cute" or "hot"? Why?
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1. Is anyone else here stressed the fuck out? Why? And why are you on the internets?

YES. I'm trying to balance my senior ChE classes (i.e. 7 major assignments due this week), a grant proposal that's due Friday, grad school application crap (sorting out references, deciding what programs to apply to, etc.), and my currently semi-long distance marriage all while warding off a cold and trying to remember to eat and get enough sleep. I have no idea why I'm wasting my life away on the internet, to be honest :(

2. Should I seriously just drop out of school and join the circus? If I do, who should I audition to be? The bearded lady? Someone else?

I'm seriously considering it, though idk if I could grow that great of a beard....

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i am trying to send a friend a package and i know her address, but it isn't with me at the moment.

what is a clever way that i can get her to tell me what her home address is without totally giving it away that i want her address so send her something?

Parlez-Vous Français?

Are there any websites/different types of media that could help teach yourself French? I want to learn in my free time.

What about Arabic?

EDIT: Going out and and getting (renting from library) Rosetta Stone tomorrow. Thanks :-)
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spawned from the pixie stick post:

who comes up with all these glamorus names for such mundane items?
for instance, my laundry detergent is called "Tahitian Breeze"
does the air smell better in Tahiti?
do any of you wanna go there with me to find out?

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How did you do in your last year of highschool?

Did you slack off, or get motivated and work your butt off (if the latter, how)?

Did you end up going to university, college, or whatever else there is?
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Won't you help a brother out?

My friend's looking for an Apple Laptop Computer for cheap. I'm having a hard time finding good sites and I'm turning to you: do you know where to buy a cheap and good iBook/PowerBook/WhatEver?

I tried The Google already. We're trying to look at many options and choose the best one, and I know thequestionclub is smarter than two heads.

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What time do you normally get off TQC?
What time are you normally on it?
Where do you live?

I'm generally on 10-11 at night. But at 11 it's like a ghost town, so I sometimes get offline earlier.
I live in California.

Also, for those that watched "House" tonight: Did House tell NASA about the girl's condition? I didn't understand the ending- my Mom was talking too damn much :-(
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I just finished watching the second season of Weeds from Netflix. I don't have HBO (or is it on Showtime? I don't have that either).

I know that season 3 is starting on cable, and I'm dying to know what happens! If you've been watching it, can you give me a recap?
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i just popped my shoulder and it felt ZOMG! :D what was the last thing that felt SO good that's not really worth bragging about? but i am asking you to, so brag away!

"i'd like those 5 minutes (or 30 minutes, hour, etc) of my life back."

what was the last thing that made you feel that way?

Sylvia Browne

A friend of mine just told me that on Montel a few days ago, Sylvia Brown made a prediction that there would be a mass murder at Kent State University on Halloween. My Google-fu has failed me, and I can't find anything on the show's website or on Youtube.

Did anyone see this show? If so, I'd like to know exactly what she said as I go to KSU. It's a little freaky. (I know, I know, it's Sylvia Brown, but we're curious)
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I need a Spine.

I never grew out of not caring what others think. 
Now, I realize nobody ever does on some level, but does anybody else feel paralized by self-conciousness or insecurity?  

If you are confident or just normal what do you suggest doing? 
Haruhi disappearance
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second-guessing myself

I'm tidying up my resume for the next round of applications. As of this week, I no longer work at my full-time job (*sigh*). I do work my part time job. So, do I...

A) Put my part-timer at the very top?
B) Put my full-timer at the very top with my part-timer right under it?
C) Don't list the part-timer at all?

Or, am I completely off the mark altogether?


How is everyone doing tonight?

Anything interesting happen here since Friday? (lol)

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What is the dumbest question you ever asked?

I'm really embarassed to admit this, but.. one time I was in the car with some friends. we were driving from New Jersey to Manhattan. I don't know WHAT the HELL I was thinking, but I randomly asked "hey.. what time do they turn on all the city lights?" I guess somewhere in the back of my mind I imagined a big giant switch that someone hit to light up the Manhattan skyline. hahaha. yeah they looked at me like I was crazy. but I'm not from there so I played it off pretty well.

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1] A while ago I was on this site that had a lot of Asian cell phone charms and random things, and there was a shirt with a piece of sushi and chopsticks, and it said 'That's how I roll,' and I saved it as a bookmark, but they got erased and now I can't find the site via Google! Anyone know what I'm talking about? I know the shirt came in lavender and light blue.

2] What's the weirdest thing you have ever consumed?

3] Do you have any sort of beauty regimen?

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1. Do you have a tattoo on your foot? Can I see a picture of it? On a scale of 1-10 how bad did it hurt?
       I really want to get a tattoo on my foot but I'm seriously afraid it's gonna hurt.

2. There's a guy at my church...He's the guy that hands out the little worship folders so I see him every Sunday. I know his name, I know that he's (somewhat) recently divorced...And that he's got a fantastic smile.
So. How do I strike up a conversation with him? I feel stupid asking this considering the fact that I'm 26 years old but... I'm a bit of a chicken.
I wish it were acceptable to just hand him a "I like you. Do you like me? Circle Yes or No" note. :(

3. What are you doing (besides reading TQC) right now?
       I'm watching Food Network and trying to decide if I want a snack.