October 1st, 2007

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On behalf of someone else:

"I just ended a two year relationship. We still loved each other when we broke up, but there were certain things I couldn't handle anymore. That was two months ago.

He finally agreed to talk to me, and I mentioned him sleeping with one of my friends shortly after we broke up. He said that he fucked her so he'd be able to stop loving me, and he did so it all worked out.

Can guys really do that? Is it possible to get over someone instantly just by hooking up with someone that you don't particularly like, or was he just saying that to hurt me? "


Do you know of anyone who refuses to shop at a certain store because of what it represents? Why?

Last Christmas I was shopping with my sister and her friend and the friend REFUSED to go into Target because they, 'don't support the troops'.
What kind of crap is that?!
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Pretend your friend has no cell phone.

1. What are the top 3 reasons they might benefit from getting one ?

2. Top three negative reasons ?

Mitty box

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Who was the last person you spoke to?
What is the temperature where you are now?
Where are you going tomorrow?
When is your birthday?
Why can't I figure out the bus schedule?
How are you doing?

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So I need to have a procedure done in California (this is where I am going to school), but it is not covered by my insurance (since I am out of the six New England states, the only locations covered by said insurance). I am a poor, struggling college student, and my parents can't really help me out at the present moment.

Would anyone here be nice enough to donate money?

(I'm not really asking for donations, just wondering if people would be nice enough to do it).
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TQC is hosting a birthday party for wookiewife.. it's going to be at latenightdrives's house nvmd, we're having it at the West bar and i am in charge of the invitations.

all i need from ya'll is to let me know whether or not you'll be able to make it and PLZ show me a picture of the present that you're thinking of bringing (so that she doesn't get the same thing twice) oh and yes, YOU MUST bring a present or you can't get into the party.

seanseansean is in charge of the music and latenightdrives & hersecretsmile are making the cake. cottonmanifesto is the ~photographer~ for the night. and YES, so_mikey IS making an appearance.

are there any services that you'd be willing to provide to make sure that wookiewife has a great birthday?


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What are some words that people make up/mispronounce/misuse that really irk you?

Mine are:

and when people say 'stood' when they really mean 'stayed'

Oh, and there is this girl i work with who refuses to use the word 'at.' She always says 'in.' For example: "We were in the beach." "I was in the movies." It bothers me.

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Answer these:

1. What time is it exactly
2. What time was it 16 minutes ago
3. In exactly 12 hours from now, will it be AM or PM
4. Do you feel time goes too slowly or too fast?

1. 2:08AM
2. 1:52AM
3. PM
4. Far to fast, though scary moments go really slowly. 
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Would it be too terribly odd for a 16 year old hippy-girl to wear men's perfume?

Brut 33 by Fabergé is what I've got, and it's so lovely! ...But I don't necessarily know if I want people to think I smell like dapper old gentlemen, either. Opinions?
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Say the person you're with is leaving in a few months & won't be back for a long time. [Going out of state, school, w/e the reason]
& you cheated on them before they left...would you tell them? Or would you keep it from them knowing they're leaving soon & it won't matter?

What about if you cheated when they were gone? Would you tell them then or keep it hidden?

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What would you do if you had been using your internet service for ~4 months, and still had not received a bill? Would you call the company and inform them of their error now so they don't pile on the late charges at some future date, or would you say nothing and pray that they never realize they aren't billing you?

Has this ever happened to you?
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1) What was you first word?

2) What languages do you speak?

3) Where did your parents, or whoever raised you, grow up?

4) Do you have a picture or pictures of your parents or guardians? If so, please post one or two.
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Feline Pine, Do You Use It?

Does anyone here use Feline Pine for their cats?  Do you find it to be better than traditional cat litter products?  Do you find the manufacturers claims (that it produces less oder and needs less frequent litter changings) to be true?   Is it more or less convenient to dispose of than other litter? 
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Let's pretend you need to steal 300 million dollars. You have all the technical, mystical, and human resources you need. How would you do it?

Do you think you could actually get away with it?
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Totally random

1. How does your hair manage to get into more places than mine?

2. At what point does another persons curiosity become annoying to you?

3. Do you have a case of the Mondays?

4. Do you ever sit & think up questions to ask in TQC?
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Can you believe I actually think about these things in depth?

My daughter is almost 20 months. But that sounds so dumb. Do people really say that? Tweeeenty months?

As parents are, I'm often asked how old she is now by people who don't even really care that much. 20 months sounds so awkward. It sounds like peanut butter in the mouth. Pwenty Munffs.

She's no longer quite "a year an a half" which I've been getting away with saying for the last two months.

She's not close enough to two to say "almost two" because that's still four months off.

She's technically "one" but at that age, it implies she just turned one.

One year and eight months? Is that even more of a mouthful?

1. So what is the least awkward way to answer 20 months? Should I just stick with 20 months? And then 21? 22? 23? Until I can finally just use "two" for a lot of months? =\

2. Does 20 months sound as awkward to you as it does to me or am I just on crack?

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My computer wont connect to the internet. :(
The color on the monitor is also messed up.

I have two options,
Take it to a shop get it fixed and possibly upgraded(it's 6 years old)
Buy a laptop.

Would it be worth fixing?

whats a good price for a laptop?

Whats a good brand?

I dont do anything fancy on it. I just need one to connect to the internet and store my photos.
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My coworker, who normally jokes and goofs off with me, has been pretty much ignoring me since she walked in this morning. Friday we left and everything was fine and normal. She’s a normally grouchy person but not to the extent of completely ignoring me as she is now. I know it's monday and no one wants to be here, but still! What do you think is going on?

Non-serious answers accepted with a smile
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do you know anyone that's an aspiring actor/actress?
do you know anyone that's an aspiring model?
do you know anyone that's an aspiring musician/rapper?

do you think they have what it takes to make it ~big~? or do you think they're just wasting their time and should focus on something else?

i just had a customer walk in and i was in the middle of writing his order up when i heard him rapping.. like he was standing there, notepad in his hand and rapping back whatever it was that he had written down. he should stick to his day job :|
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Flying around....

Hey, this is a question more for those who are familiar, or work in the airline industry, just hoping to get some idea! With the way the industry has been lately, with more people flying, and companies trying to get more flights in the air, how likely are my chances for getting in 'stand-by'?
I'm desperately trying to work around a scheduling conflict, and am considering the possibility of simply rushing to the airport as soon as I get off work Friday evening, sticking around as long as I have to in order to get an empty or canceled seat on a flight from one US state to another. Are my chances good? Am I screwed? Any suggestions for making it easier?
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Not that anyone cares, but I set up my appointment to get my white rabbit tattoo a week from today.

complete with crosshatched background

I had the latest version of itunes, but it fucked up a lot so I went back to an older version (6.0.5 i think, the one right before any of the 7's came out). I learned something and I thought I could make the newer version (whose interface I like so much better) work, so I redownloaded it. But it didn't so I deleted everything to do with itunes (not my music, obviously) and redownloaded the old version. When I got it, there's like this Limewire thing with a dropdown menu and some girl named Nicole has a lot of tracks in it. wtf?

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I can't move the tracks to other playlists or edit their info or anything. Some of these songs I already have on my computer, some I've never heard of. I don't even have limewire. This wasn't on here last time I downloaded this exact same version of itunes. wtf?

edit: now randomly a new folder appeared right above Nicole's limewire, now I have Nicole's and Megan's limewire tunes. WTF.
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Do you think you could be friends with someone that you were once in a long term relationship with? If yes/no, why?

Are you friends with someone that you were once in a long term relationship with? How's that working out for ya?
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1. What're you so excited about?
2. How should I cook the leg of goat that's in my freezer?

1. My mom's laid up for 6 weeks from foot surgery and I get to be woman of the house. I just cleaned and organized the deep freezer and the fridge, and now I get to plan meals and go shopping. :D


1) You meet a guy who is in your town for three weeks. You hang out, he goes home, and have a long distance relationship. 2 months after meeting, you drive down there on a whim one week to see him. You have no job, and you live around 24 hours away from said boy. On a scale of 1 to 10, how stupid are you?

2) So what was the last thing a friend of yours did that made you think they were stupid?

3) What do you think of long distance relationships?

4) What was the last fun thing you did with a friend?

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For those currently in relationships: Did you pick up your SO or did your SO do the picking up?

For those that have had relationships in the past: Did you tend to do the picking up or be the one getting picked up:

For those not currently in a relationship, and have never had one in the past: WTF is wrong with you? ;)

For everyone: How the hell are ya?

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 I just entered my name for something and there was a little checkbox underneath that said "Check the check box if there is a "Y" in your name and you want it used as a vowel". My name is Amy...I'm assuming since the 'y' in my name is prounced like an 'e' that I check the box. is that right?

UK people: Which cell phone company should I use? Where should I work?

UK people, which cell phone provider should I use? O2, T-Mobile, Virgin Media (Mobile), 3, Orange? Any other ones that wiki didn't mention?

I probably won't be able to get one since I don't have a job yet, but it's nice to have an idea.

Edit: Looks like PAYG for me, which means it's between O2 and Orange. Thanks for your help, everyone. :)
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Does it bother you when someone posts one question with no explanation behind it?

eta: I'm stupid and can't write sentences. Sorry. It's fixed now.
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k me and my roommate need your help.

what was the name of the show that aired like...god must have been like 5-7 years ago about this group of teenagers that could turn into animals? we cannot figure it out.

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as i don't live in the states or an english speaking country, i need to download the shows to watch them

because i have the memory of a goldfish and there's a fair few shows that i watch, i can't generally remember what days shows are on

is there a site that sends you reminders when your favourite shows are on? or do i have to setup stupid googlecalendar alerts (which i don't really want to do)

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What are some good erotic movies?

(Not porn. I have porn coming out my ass. I want to see some interesting, nicely directed and *~classy~* erotic movies. With a plot. I liked Y Tu Mama Tambien and that one with the hot deaf lesbians playing the piano, if that helps any.)

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There's a job listing asking for "creative writers". There's no specifications for requirements or anything along that line. Along with a cover and resume -- should I also include sample work? It doesn't describe what type of writing they're looking for outside of "creative". I've never applied for a writing position in this fashion before so I'm clueless.
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I have a recipe that requires Polenta (as kind of a breading/coating with parmesan and egg whites for chicken) but cannot find Polenta anywhere. Would Semolina be an okay substitute?

(crossposted because the hunt for Polenta is annoying and tiring)

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm going to wait until I find Polenta or cornmeal to make the recipe.
In case you're interested it is :
Crispy Chicken

Serves 2
Prep time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 15 minutes
290 calories per serving

1 large free-range chicken breast
1 free-range egg white
40g fine polenta meal
15g freshly and finely grated parmesan
A good pinch of cayenne pepper
1/2 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 lemon, cut into wedges
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Cut the chicken breast into super-thin strips of roughly the same size. Lightly whisk the egg white in a medium-sized bowl.

In another bowl, combine the polenta, parmesan and cayenne pepper.

Dip each chicken strip, first in the egg white and then in the polenta mixture until well covered. Set aside on a large plate.

When all the chicken strips are coated, heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan.

Cook the chicken for seven minutes on each side, over a medium high heat, until it is cooked through and the outside is crispy and golden. Season to taste.

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What should I do with the rest of my day?

I'm bored, have no more classes today, and don't have to work.
I have no homework because this was just the start of my second term of school.
There was a person I have just emailed a little bit that I could probably get in touch with to borrow a book from and chat with a little, but that would require having a friend along becuse I have never met this person before.

I kind of  want to make icons, but I don't know what of. 

What icons should I make, with what photo and/or text?

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1. Do you like the name Blakely? For a girl? For a boy?

2. I have to write a termination of tenancy letter. I consulted Google for samples, but I can't find anything that isn't about breaking a lease (there is no lease to be broken -- it's month to month) or breach of contract. The stuff I do find remotely relevant sounds like it was written by a twelve year old. Can anyone give me an idea on what I should say? The landlord has been contacted verbally, but you know, a written letter is a requirement.

3. Do you dip your rice in plain yogurt? You really should. It's delish, and I hate rice.
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overandoverture and I are another year older today. In honor of the asshattery embarrassment that comes with going out on your birthday, I ask you this:

Which restaurants have the best free birthday desserts? The worst?
Which restaurants sing the best song? The worst?
Or any other good/awful birthday events in restaurants?

At Bubba Gumps, they made my ex get up on a chair in the middle of the restaurant, they hung something around his neck (I forget what) and then made everyone in the section sing to him a couple of times. But the sundae they brought out was pretty awesome.

And I got Collapse )

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1. Do you like V8 juice? What about V-fusion juice?

2. How stupid is it that the Canadian dollar is above the American right now but when I paid for my drinks this afternoon with $5 Canadian I got $0.85 instead of $1.15?

Canadian Politics- ONTARIO referendum

Ok so this is for you Canadians/Ontarionians.

How will you vote for the referendum? Are you aware that there is a referendum on Oct 10th ALONG with the provincial election?

If you're not aware that there is a referendum, here's the deal:

-this referendum decides if we are changing our election system
-the new election system is called MMP, or mixed member proportional representation. Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mixed_member_proportional_representation

and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontario_electoral_reform_referendum%2C_2007

Do you think the MMP system is better? Can I hear some BC opinions? I think BC has this system already and already has used it once. The MMP system would guarantee a minority in government, would it not?

And finally: ONTARIONIANS, FUCKING GO VOTE OR I WILL CUT YOU. (plz... even if you vote for NDP it's still better than nothing! TYVM)

Thanks, TQC, and have a nice day!

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so someone owes you a significant amount of money from a business relationship they decided to end. they signed a contract saying they'd pay X amount upon termination, but are balking at that because they claimed you did not wholly hold up your end of the contract (which is extremely debatable). you sent an email refuting their claims but agreeing to compromise on the amount of money 10 days ago, and have heard nothing in any form since (the rationale for waiting so long--they generally suck at communication, and you were giving them the benefit of the doubt about just mailing a check on their normal pay day).

how much longer do you wait for contact/money before contacting them again? do you send a nice/courteous email reminder or do you let the bitch out and threaten court at this point?
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So I'm supposed to be tutoring someone in ninth grade English soon. I've never tutored anyone before. Tips?

ALSO. Have you ever tutored anyone before? Have you ever been tutored? How did it work out?


 what is a good 6 month anniversary prezzie to get a boy?  

edited: or for any occasion? 

edited: just dont answer this, none of you see it as a big deal and fair enough its only been 6 months but im 16 and its my longest (and best)  relationship, sorry for wanting to celebrate it, who cares if its not a big deal

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If you received flowers/card/candy/gift/etc., from a secret admirer*, would you be freaked or flattered?

*Secret admirer as in you have NO CLUE who it could be. Not something from your SO and it's signed "secret admirer" all cutesy or some shit.

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There was something I desperately needed to google/look up on Wikipedia today but now that I have free time to do so, I can't remember what it was.

TQC, what was I going to look up?

Also, what would an appropriate middle name be if your first name was Grey/Gray.

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Do you use British slang or spelling?

Are you in fact British, or from a part of another English-speaking country where this slang/spelling is used commonly?

Does it bother you when people who are not British/from another place where it is used commonly use British slang/spelling?


I do not, because it does bother me when people do. But I do say that things are brilliant sometimes when I mean that they are awesome. I don't think that is really something that the English own, per se.

burning goodness
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1. I'm sick with a cough, various sore muscles, and a headache that will soon make my head implode/explode (the jury is still out on the implode/explode thing). Soup is not an option for various and assorted reasons. Green Pepper and Mushroom pizza (my fav), or a can of asparagus?

2. Have you ever caught someone of the opposite gender looking at you a lot, but gotten the feeling that they were trying to figure you out (like a puzzle), not that they a crush on you? What gave you that impression?

3. What, if any, is your favorite Law&Order subgenre? Who are your favorite detectives?

My Answers:
1. Leaving it to TCQ
2. Yes, that's why I'm curiouse about other ppl. I'm not sure why.
3. SVU. Finn (SVU), Bobby and Aimes(sp?) from CI.
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I'm writing a short story. so fair it's a collection of snippets in no particular order so it doesn't make much sense. Anyway, is there anyone out there who would be willing to read what I've got so far and make comments? Particularly on the writing style, whether or not it flows. It's not very polished, just mostly stream of conciousness, but I'd appreciate feedback.

Leave your email or email me at ashleythewriter@gmail.com if interested.

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When my S/O and I first got together, he bought me the Something Corporate CD and we listened to "Space" ALL THE TIME. Now we playfully call it our song, even though it's a song about taking a break, but it's the closest thing we have to a "song".

Would you consider it weird for a first wedding dance to be to a song that is about taking a break?

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A 29-year-old guy that I recently started dating told me that he hadn't been on a date in 3 years.

1. Would this worry you or make you more concerned than you were before?

2. What assumption would you make about him if you heard this from someone you were just starting to date?

Silly questions, I know, but I'm curious how other people would feel about it ;)

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i accidentally bought moisturizer with a light tint rather than untinted. i've got pretty pale/fair skin. is it going to make a difference or should i take it back and exchange it?

it's Neutrogena healthy defense daily moisturizer. it says the sheer hint of color will give my skin an instant healthy glow. :\

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If you had reason to call a good friend a liar, then learned later s/he hadn't lied, would you apologize? 

Is it okay to call someone a slut? What if that's your honest opinion of that person, and not just a gratuitous word thrown in because you're angry?

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Is there anyone in your life who is snippety with you about your LJ life in any way? 

Okay - for those of you who don't understand the question; My sister gets on me in little ways saying that I'm on LJ too much, that I invest too much time on it - because I'm part of communities and I post and interact with my flist. She doesn't do that too much. While I love her - it really irritates me that she's critical of my life - I'm like - what is it to you? You do your thing and take your dog to the dog park everyday and dress him up and I'd never do that but I don't harp on her for it. 

Does that make the question clearer?
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Do you approach your taste in music (at least partially) rationally?

If you don't, why don't you?

Do you like poetry and literature, but claim to dislike rap music as if people who like it have no taste?

Would it be possible for you to be convinced that rap music by its very nature is more conducive to allowing and cultivating poetic creativity than most other forms of lyrical music?
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Why can't I bite my nails anymore without biting the inside of my cheeks in the process?
It's been like this for the past month and I have no idea if it's to do with my teeth, jaw or cheeks or WHAT.
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Cheesy Pesto Potato Bake

We are having a bbq at our house on Thursday and I was thinking of making a potato bake.

I bought pesto yesterday, a jar of it, and used it in a pasta bake which turned out well and I thought, mmmmm cheesy potato pesto bake.

But I can't seem to find a recipe online that uses pre-preprepared pesto, or really any recipe for a cheesy potato pesto bake. So I was thinking of just adding pesto to this recipe http://www.taste.com.au/recipes/7555/cheesy+potato+bake

1. Can I do that? Or will it taste yucky?

2. How gross is it when people on soap operas kiss?
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I had braces for a while, and then I stopped wearing my retainers before my ortho said I could. Great idea.

I tried popping them in last night. The top teeth are fine and the retainer fits and doesn't feel extremely tight, but the bottom row is another story. They've shifted and I can only get in a few sides/corners of the retainer at a time. If try to push in both sides, it really hurts and one ends up popping out.

I'm thinking about going back to the orthodontist, but I don't want to have them be like "omg you need total braces all over again." They are looking more and more crooked over time, but when I smile you can't really see my bottom teeth anyways.

What should I do? Should I go to the orthodontist, keep trying to cram my stupid retainer in, or just forget it all?
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You meet someone with light callouses smack in the middle of their palms. What's your immediate reaction to that? What if they told you the callouses were from digging their fingernails in because their palms were "itchy"?

Do you like the Scissor Sisters? If so, what's your favorite song? Mine's She's My Man. :D
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So, let's say you have just entered into a new relationship. You've made out, groped each other, but not actually had any sexual contact, however, it's pretty clear you both want things to go that route.

Do you insist on you and your potential new partner going and getting STD testing together before you have any sexual contact whatsoever? (This also means waiting anywhere from a few weeks to, say, a few months for the results to come back.)

Or would you take them at their word that they were STD-free, and have sex without them/you getting tested?

Has anyone here ever gotten an STD because of the latter?

If you had, would you admit it?

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Moving Questions!

I'm moving in with my boyfriend on wednesday, everythings sorted out but I don't know what to take. I have all this random crap that I don't know whether to chuck, leave at my mum's or take. Hmmm. Also I want to go in quite gently rather than bring my whole life + possesions at once, that would freak me out. What do I take (at first)?

Room mates! My boyfriend has a room mate guy who hes friends with but not close as they don't have much in common. I know him from being round there a lot but how do I sort of behave towards him now I'm living there too? Have you got any interesting/weird/boring room mate stories or experiances to tell?

Does it bother you that your SO smokes & you don't? Mine really smokes loads & I'm like a 'social smoker' but everyone keeps saying 'Oh it will really bug you that he smokes round you at home, its so annoying etc'. Its never bugged me before, do you think it changes when you move in with said person?

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Does anyone here know of any good musicals that are in languages other than English?

Spanish, Russian, Korean, and Japanese would all be amazing, but anything else is great too. chiyo_no_saru and I both love musicals and are looking to broaden our musical horizons. So far we only know of Les Mis in French, so any other ones out there would be awesome. Thanks!

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I brought a book to class with me that I thought my prof would enjoy and I offered to lend it to him and he pulled the same book out of his briefcase!

Does this mean we are destined to be bffs?

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Today I was walking home from school and I saw a teacher that I had a few years ago, so I said hi and we started to walk together. He was walking around 5-10 feet in front of me, so I felt it would be awkward if we just walked near each other without acknowledging each other, and once we acknowledged each other, that it would be awkward if we continued to walk near each other without talking. So, I started a conversation. Then a minute or so later, my phone rang, and it was a good friend that moved away this summer and I haven't spoken to since. I asked my teacher if he minded, and he said "go ahead", so I picked up and was talking to my friend for about two minutes before I told her I had to go because my battery was low.
Was that rude of me? Should I have not picked up and talked for several minutes? And, should I have even started a conversation with my teacher in the first place? Just wondering what you would have done, I'm aware that this wasn't a particularly treacherous situation.
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I'm trying to come up with more of a variety of dinners to make for my husband and I. Do you have any favorite dinners you'd like to share?  Even new spins on old things are good.   We need things that are not too complicated to make and also we are both kind of picky.. what we like:

Salmon, tilapia
pastas, all kinds
sandwiches, salads
standard veggies like potatoes, corn, broccoli, carrots, etc.

What Andrew does not like:
peas, veggies such as zucchini, squash,
cold pasta

What Marcia doesn't like:
most seafood, shellfish

Can you help us please???
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 Have you heard about Radiohead's new album?
What do you think about the way they are distributing the album?
(You can pay as much or as little money for the download, they will email it to you no matter how little you pay.)
How much would you pay for the album? What about your favorite band/artist?

So it sucks being a confused asian girl in the midwest...

I know little to nothing about this, so bear with me.

I have $3600 sitting in my checking right now, and I would like to put $3000 into a separate savings account with high interest, so I can gain some extra money. I want to put it in there until June 2008. I don't know what sort of 'special' account I would need to put it into or where I could do this at. Could someone offer me some advice of some good places where I could do this and any other general information?

City ?s

1) What city or town that you've been to has had the best food?

2) What city or town, that you've never been to, would like to visit within the next five years?

3) What city or town would you hate to live in, but it'd be fun to visit there for a couple of weeks or so?

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So my boyfriend (of 2 years) and I just got in a big fight and I left his appt because he is impossible to argue with.. even when he is wrong, he believes that he is right. 
All day I've been excited to go over and see him, but as soon as I got there he started giving me attitude about stupid things. He works 15 hour days during the week so I usually let it go when he gets edgy or snaps at me. I just figure he's tired and irritable, but today it started literally from the time I walked in the door. He yelled at me for not closing his bedroom door, he yelled at me for crying to him about being extraordinarily stressed out lately and told me that I whine too much, yelled at me for complaining of an upset stomache that I have had for a month now because I started taking Yaz, and absolutly flipped out on me for saying that I don't understand why people voted for Hitler because he was damn ugly. 
This fighting over retarded shit has been going on for weeks now. I never leave like I did today.. usually I just nod my head and let him bitch about how aweful I am and then  appoligize to me an hour later but today I had had enough. I just received a text from him saying that he was sorry and he shouldnt argue with me like he did.

Am I completely unreasonable for leaving? Should I go back? TQC is it me or is it him??

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Pertaining to recent personal drama in my life:

Have you ever been accused of doing something bad and everyone believes you did it and you have no effing clue why everyone thinks it's true?

Were you able to get people to believe you? And if so, how did you manage it?

My answer:

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do you treat people differently in real life because of their age?

do you treat people differently online because of their age?

do you like country music?

what's your favorite TV show?

favorite movie?

if a = b and b = a does not a = not b?

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1. I've suddenly realized that due to living in a shitty school district, I never had a world history class in high school. I feel bad about this. What would be some good books to read to catch up?

2. What do you wish they taught YOU in high school (be it a real school subject or otherwise)? I think schools could do with a much more comprehensive sex ed course.

3. I've never been to a coffee shop except Starbucks and other chains. I'm going to a local coffee shop tonight with a friend. If I order a latte or iced coffee, will they look at me like I'm insane?

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Should you always go with your first instinct about a person?

Is it creepy if a guy tells my friend that we were just hanging out when we really weren't?
Is it creepy or cute if that same guy [who I work with] mentioned to one of my co-workers that he was bummed because I wasn't working the other day when he was and he thinks I've got a great personality, I'm a beautiful girl, and he definitely wants to get to know me more?

Also, it's reasonable that I'm absolutely terrified to get into a relationship because I know the guy will eventually want to have sex and I have no intention of losing my virginity any time soon?
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What is something that turns you on/you find really sexy that you have not told your current or most recent SO about? If you have never had a SO, how about a turn on you haven't told ANYONE about?

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So I'm making a silly youtube video about a girl who sort of snaps and starts throwing stuffed animals at stupid people at her school.
I would like for it to be set to music, but don't know what song to put it to.

SO TQC, do you have any ideas? Do you know any songs about going crazy or dealing with people?

Or, what are your favorite songs, period?

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I promise I will never ask a dating question here again... I'm just so socially retarded.

You went out with someone on Saturday and it went really well. It's now Monday night and the ol' 2-day rule says to call them. But you're going to see them no matter what on Wednesday night. What do you do?

Thank you for saving me from my nerdiness.

Gay marriage

Does anyone happen to know how "well" children from same sex parent families do, statistically? I really can't find much in the way of actual proof of how children do, just statistics on how many same sex couples raise families, etc.

I'd appreciate it if someone could enlighten me, and I'm sure plenty of other people would be interested in knowing, as well!

(And yes, if you are curious, I am writing a paper dealing partially with this topic.)

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I've searched google for this with no avail. If someone has been vegetarian for about 8 years, what are the pro's and con's of eating fish again?

(by con's, I mean would I suffer sickness, stomach ache, digestion issues...etc)
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what is your most played song on itunes, how many times?

how long do you wait when..

a) the person you're supposed be having lunch with doesn't show up at your regular time and place? [btw, they DON'T have a cellphone]

b) the doctor is still not ready to see you, although you were told to be there promptly at 2pm so that he could run some very important tests?

c) the restaurant is busy as can be! you've never seen it be this busy, the waiter came by and handed ya'll the menus about oh.. 15 minutes ago, he took your drink orders down but still hasn't come back?

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Does anyone have any idea of what I should get my little brother for his birthday? I really have no idea, so any suggestion would be useful.

Things he likes:

Rap Music
Pete Doherty

That's all I got. He'll be nineteen. I'd rather not buy him booze (he drinks a lot.) The only books I've ever seen him read are The Art of War and Pete Doherty's autobiography.

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Do you get your feelings hurt when you reply to someone's post or comment and you never get a response in return?

Do you get your feelings hurt when you're being courteous on the road and you don't get a thank you wave?

Do you tend to be courteous on the road?

Do you give the thank you wave when someone is courteous to you?

-me: no to the first, yes to the rest.
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Is there anything you feel like you bring up/talk about all the time in TQC? Are you self-conscious about it or worried that people will mock you for it?

For me, yes. I haven't been back long but I already feel like I'm always talking about my breakup, my school, my hometown, or my hair. I'm kinda self-conscious about it, but on the other hand I feel like that kind of thing is the way you learn stuff about your fellow TQCers. When you hear about it three times a day.
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If you somehow managed to get a car jack in your mouth, would jacking it up eventually kill you? Or would it just permanently damage your mouth and hurt a lot?

How many times would you be able to drive a nail in your head with a hammer before brain damage prevents you from doing it again?

What does it mean you imagine yourself burning down the house you live in?


1) Anyone here ever work for an airline? How'd you like it?

2) What is your general opinion of Northwest Airlines, and why?

3) How would you go about finding a penpal in an international place you would like to travel to so that you have someone to show you around once you get there?

4) Favorite place EVER to travel?

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I really don't mean any snarkiness in the third question, so if you're guilty of any of those things, well, let's just chalk it up to you being the exception to the rule

How much weight would a coworker/fellow student have to gain in a few months before you asked her when she's due?

First time I saw her in pants that made her ass look fat
10 lbs
20 lbs
30 lbs
40 lbs
50 lbs
I would never ask

What clues are most prominent that your SO is a zombie?

They no longer walk, but shamble
Their conversations have gone from detailed inventory of their day and goals they wish to attain, to 'BRAINS'
They no longer shower and seem to have worse hygeine than normal
There's a peculiar aroma in the house that something's died
You have dreams where you're being eaten alive, and wake up with bite marks on your arm
They've become a scientologist
Weekly dinners at nice restaurants have been reduced to watching them catch small rodents in the yard and eating them alive
Complete loss in sex
Their kisses taste suspiciously like roadkill, and Bubbles, the neighbor's missing cat

What clues are there that you're possibly not as smart as everybody else?

You own every Jamie Kennedy movie
You think George W. Bush is a gifted speaker
You would like to meet Britney Spears, but are afraid that she might think you're stupid
300 was an exciting movie and was also your SAT score
Adam Sandler movies are too highbrow for you
Your read Star and People cover to cover
You're glad they caught that Hussein guy for what he did on 9/11
You never passed an algebra class in high school, but in 4 years of classes you had to build 8 birdhouses in all those woodshop courses
You forgot the what happens in Titanic, and have a vague recollection that water's involved somehow
"Well, you gotta pay a lot of money to get your thetans audited. You don't want those things on you when Xenu comes back"
You genuinely feel that Jeff Foxworthy is as smart as Alex Trebec
You've not only wondered where your lap goes when you stand up, but have actually drawn a picture to help understand what happened to it
You have to wear a helmet indoors cause you're always banging your head
When you add up your points in Monopoly in the end, you can't do it without a calculator and a pencil and paper
You wonder why people make fun of Homer Simpson

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Anyone in the Los Angeles area wanna go pan-handling with me?

No, I'm not lazy. I was fired from my job and I don't really have time to start up a new one since I'm leaving in a few weeks.
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My mom's friend swears by Head On.  I get occasional, awful headaches, and she says Head On will really help me.

Well...I'm not one to just automatically trust a product that goes directly on your forehead to get rid of a headache, so I googled the side-effects.  However, all I'm coming up with are side-effects of giving head.  And I don't want to give head.  Not right now, anyway.

So, I put it to you, Dr. LJ.  Are there any known side-effects to Head On?  Other than annoying repetition, I mean.

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1) If you wear contacts do you find it harder to put them in or take them out?

For me it's definitely taking them out.

2) A person working with me emailed me today and I noticed that they're now using an insulting nickname for me in their contact list (i.e. "insulting name < email >"). I know that they have an equally insulting nickname for our supervisor and are probably sending emails to her in the same manner. Should I inform her that I noticed, it hurt my feelings, and that it's not a good idea to do so, or should I just let the bitch burn?
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How would one make one's nose stop whistling?
No, seriously. I've been whistlin' Dixie out of my nose all night and it is really bugging me now. :(