September 30th, 2007


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What was the last thing that annoyed you to no end?

My answer:
There is this girl that I work with who is a total health nut. She thinks it's her job to tell everyone what they're eating is bad for them. For instance, I was eating a grilled chicken wrap with ranch dressing and she's like, "Oh, ranch dressing is really bad for you." I was drinking iced tea and she says to me, "You really should drink more water." THEN, all of us girls were talking about hair and she pretty much told us that we'll all get cancer b/c we dye our hair. Should I say something to her? If yes, what should I say while remaining professional?
Michaela Coel

too forward or just right?

even though we live far apart, i've recently become very interested in a friend of mine. luckily he's returned this interest and even though he said it's crappy that we're far and can't see each other too often now (i.e. he just started medical school and i'm an undergrad) the biggest thing that's holding him back from me is that he thinks i'm smarter than him and that scares him. i wanted to punch him in the face at first but i know intelligence is one of those things he's self-conscious about and i wanted to let him know how i feel about him in spite of that. is sending him this song:
"This Modern Love", Bloc Party

too forward or just right to fully let him know where i'm at with this? it just completely describes the situation perfectly.
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1. When I am at work, I am required to make rounds of my building every few hours. That's all well and good, but I haven't figured out a way to do it efficiently (without much backtracking) and it's driving me nuts. Maybe there isn't really a way to do it, but maybe you guys have suggestions.

Under the cut is an awesome picture of the layout of my building. The sections with the red X's are stairs, and I have to start and end at the lounge/office.

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The way I do it right now is office, all first floor rooms, up the stairs at the end of the hall, all 2nd floor, up the stairs at the high end, all 3rd floor, up the stairs at the low end, all 4th floor, back down 4th high, up the middle staircase, all of 5th floor, then back down the stairs at the low end, up the first floor rooms to the office again.

I feel like there should really be a better way to do this!

2. Is there anybody here who is just not cut out for academia? I don't mean that you can't afford college or haven't had an opportunity to go, but that you have tried and simply can't DO it. How/why did you decide to quit? What is the highest level you've completed? What kind of job have you had?

I'm plenty smart enough, but I have severe anxiety and I am honestly wondering if I am ever going to graduate because I am struggling with this so much. Being in school makes me miserable, but when I'm not in school I am much more comfortable.

3. Do you think it is unrealistic for me to hope to open my own business a few years down the road even if I am unable to complete my bachelor's degree?
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What's your school mascot? What school mascots have you had previously?

Anyone know if the University of Michigan - Flint has a mascot? Apparently my google-fu is weak, as I can't find any info about it (or about their athletic programs in general).

Answers: I'm a U of M - Dearborn wolf. Yeah, U of M Ann Arbor is the wolverines, we're the wolves. Clever, isn't it. I've also been a Cooper Cougar, a Webster Wildcat, a Frost Phantom (the Phantoms were horses, wtf), and a Franklin Patriot.
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shiningstar55 wants you guys to help her with her homework:

"Sara and Tara are roomates. On the window sill is a glass that containe 5 blue pens and 9 black pens. At 7:00 pm, Sara selects one of these pens to use for the next two hours for her homework, and Tara selects one of the pens to use for the next hour for her homework.
In how many overall outcomes would Sara have a blue pen or Tara have a black pen or both?"

Can we help her???

Mmmmmm, gimme cookie!

There's a certain little cookie that I totally love and I don't know what it's called or anything. Because I don't know what it's called, I have no way of asking a bakery for it or finding a recipe for it, and have not had one in years. Who knows, it might not even have a special name, but it's worth a shot to ask, right? I tried searching google images and didn't find anything that looked right.

It's a chocolate cookie, and it's not flat like most cookies but has a bit of height to it. It's hard, cracked-looking, and rather shiny on the outside... It's hard enough that you can tap it and it doesn't dent it. The inside is soft, and all together, it's rather chewy. The ones I've had have never had chocolate chips in them, but I think I've had some with walnuts in them. Usually they don't have anything like that though.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? Does this cookie have a name?
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a couple questions

1. do you enjoy dancing in public?

2. do you cuss?

3. what band (or bands) did you last see live?

4. do you think Carlos Mencia is funny?

5. what is one musical act that you keep in your back pocket but yet you want them to succeed (in other words go big) so bad?
Missed Connection- Adrian Tomine

just curious, no ulterior motive or desire to have thoughts justified.

So I'm looking at Craig's List strictly platonic ads, and there are several guys who say they are already in relationships and just looking for girl friends. Would you be upset if you found out your SO was advertising for new friends of the same gender as you online? And if gender isn't an issue, would you be upset if you knew they were looking for friend's online?
Yeah..I made it..delete it if you want.

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1. do you want to be famous?  (not rich...just famous)

2. if you were a celebrity and you had the choice of getting more publicity (such as paparazzi following you around, interviews, magazine writing about you) or A LOT less (than the normal) to the point of no publicity at all by just telling the world 15 basic facts about you, what would you choose?

3. if you choose the less publicity to no in question number two, what kind of facts would you say?
Bella / Alone in Woods

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What song could you not stand at first, but have grown to enjoy quite a bit?

For me, that would be The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani. When I first heard it, I could not stand Akon's part in it at all...& now I rather enjoy it.
Bella / Alone in Woods

Clothes & things.

1. What's something that your S/O [or person of interest] wears that you find extremely attractive?
For me it'd be these plaid shorts he wears.

2. What makes it attractive to you?
I don't know really, he just looks so sexy in them.

3. What's your favorite article of clothing that you wear?
It's a white shirt with zebras on it.


I am part of a group of writers and artists. We're going to write a collection of short stories and sell it for charity, and  make a calendar and sell that for charity too. (the same charity).
Since we're writers and artists,  and we're from all over the world, what charity should we support? We'd prefer it to be fairly small, and preferably non religious, in the sense that it's not all about instilling Christian Values into people or something, because we're from all sorts of religious backgrounds (or lack of religious backgrounds).

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What's the last thing that really pissed you off? What did you do about it?

my cat chewed my cellphone charger into two pieces.. AGAIN. it's only about the oh.. sixth fucking time she's done it. I yelled at her a lot and angrily threw the charger in the trash.
Arrested Development
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1. Which is awesomest? (Natives can't choose their own country.)
A. England
B. Scotland
C. Australia
D. New Zealand

2. Out of anywhere in the world, where would you like to go, and why?

3. My cousin has this cat and I've always been allergic to it, but only when I was petting it, and never quite so bad as it was last night. Last night, however, the cat was locked in the basement (out of deference to said allergies). Did this cat become angry about its imprisonment and, hulk-like, acquire supernatural powers to shoot fur up my nose from behind the basement door?
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How would you describe your laugh? Do you know anyone with a funny or odd laugh?

Mine is high pitched and it's pretty loud too. My cousin has a ridiculous laugh. She pretty much sounds like she's screaming which makes me laugh even harder.
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Do you have a favorite program for making LJ icons?
I used to have a program that came with an old photoshop and after I had to do a reinstall of XP on my laptop, I found the program no longer works, or at least the updated version of XP won't recognize it so I'm out one program that I'm familiar with.
Is there any free programs that are relatively easy?
I would usually make the icon in photoshop at a large size, then copy paste it into the program and then it would be the right size without getting all pixilated.

I've tried just setting the image size in photoshop to the right size and then putting the image in there and resizing it, but it gets pixilated.

EDIT: Okay, I'm good. motorcade reminded me what the name of the program i used before was and all is good now. THANKS!!

Other question: Have you ever been to Quiznos? Would you agree that its like Subway only better?

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Every time I read something on TQC (or anywhere else) about the US healthcare system, I want to cry. It's astounding that healthcare is considered a privilege rather than a right in the richest country in the world.

So, TQC:

Can you afford to go to the doctor, specialist or hospital when you or your family need to?

Has there ever been a situation in which you or your family coud not afford medical care, to the detriment of your health?

Do you have health insurance?

Would you like to see the US move more towards a universal healthcare system?

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My father and I have very close birthdays, so I've always ben forced to celebrate however he wants to and never got a choice of what I wanted to do. When I turned sixteen, I wasn't allowed to have a sweet sixteen party like my sister had because my father thought it was too girly, so I had to go bowling instead. I haven't celebrated my birthday since then because I know I'll have to do whatever my dad wants.

Is it stupid that one of the things I'm looking forward to about living on my own is celebrating my birthday?
When I finally am able to move out, what should I do to commemorate that first birthday on my own?
Do you have a birthday close to your parents or another sibling? Do you celebrate together?

bjork 2
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Two's company...

My sister just found out that she's having triplets (two identical, one fraternal)... Do any of you have any advice I should pass on to her?

How WEIRD is it that she's having triplets, and there aren't any twins in either line? Bizaaaarreeee.

How would you feel if you were the fraternal twin to identical twins?
Maybe the third wheel can commiserate with my nephew, who has been the only child for the last two years and will probably want to murder his siblings when they arrive :)
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In February my ex-bf gave me a "promise ring".  It wasn't uber-expensive, but it was about $200.  I took it off the night I broke up with him, but I don't know what to do with it.  I'm never going to wear it again, but I don't know what he would do with it if I gave it back.  He's not the type to give it to another gf.  Ha's also extremely sensitive, and he had a minor meltdown when I broke up with him; I don't want to hurt him even more.  So should I give it back or keep it?

BTW, it was a long-distance relationship, and I had to break up with him over the phone, which is why I didn't just hand it to him.

Edit:  I broke up with him about a month ago, in case it matters.  And by the time I get everything together to send to him, it'll probably be close to Christmas.

time for the sad.

So a couple months ago I noticed my elbow was really really dry. I chalked it up to swimming, and got some Eucerin dry skin therapy plus. It's pretty amazing. I thought everything was fine, until I started wearing long sleeves again- my elbow is still dry enough to catch to fabric and it hurts!
What can I do, oh wise question club? I'd rather not be stuck with bandaids on my elbow till spring.

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Have you been having abnormally hot weather lately?

What are your plans for today?

What'd you write your college essay on?

Do you like it when people answer their own questions?

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1. does the cast of TQC change from summer to winter or summer to school year?
2. does anybody miss me? (does anybody recognize me at all?)
3. how much is too much for a concert? for your favorite artist? semi-favorite?
4. who lives in a place where it snows? are you looking forward to it? has it snowed at all yet?

4. i live in the mountains and i'm waiting waiting waiting!
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What's the best product to use for teeth whitening?

I've tried Colgate Simply White and that was okay but I didn't stick to it for too long. I also tried Crest? whitening stripes a while ago but they were gross and I couldn't get them on my teeth right so I gave up.

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VH1 is not working on my tv right now. Is it working on yours? I don't know if it's a national broken VH1, or just an issue with my cable company. Either way I will be very sad if it doesn't work by the time Rock of Love comes on.

ETA: I have Brighthouse.

ETA Jr.: I just called BH and they said it might be a "sun outage" or something. But I'm not the only one with a borked VH1. AS LONG AS IT'S BACK BY 9PM IT CAN DO WHATEVER IT WANTS!
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What are the best methods to learn fluent spanish at home? I took spanish for 5 years in school so I might remember the minimal basics but not a lot. Eventually, I should probably talk online and offline to people who speak spanish and at some point go to a country or area where it's spoken fluently. But in the meantime, what can I do at home? Certain books, websites...? There is so much out there I don't know what is the best and will produce good results. Thanks.
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What are your views on de-clawing a cat?

ETA: and why/why not?  Also, if you've done it, did your cat act different?  Was he/she as friendly as s/he was before surgery?

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Can you get parsnips and leeks in American grocery stores (or more specifically, North Carolina?)

I'm moving back there and I never did the grocery shopping when I still lived there, so I have no idea. I've come to love these vegetables whilst in the UK and I had never seen them before I came here.

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 Guys: Are you circumcised?  
            Do you like the choice your parents made for you?  Why/why not?
            Would you do it to your son?  Why/why not?

I recently read something about a guy who really was angry that his parents decided to have him circumcised, and never had thought how guys were affected by it.  Now I am asking everyone I know!
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General College Questions

What is/was your major?
Mine is Computer Science/Information Technology. I love it!

Where did you go to college/university?
Right now I'm at Dutchess Community College, close to home. I am looking to transfer ASAP.

If you are not religious, and you went to a college that is religiously affiliated, what was your experience like?

I'm applying to a few schools that are Roman Catholic affiliated, but I am not religious at all. I just want to know if I'll be expected to go to church, and pray in class, or something.

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What  would you do if you fall for an amazing guy whose everything you have wanted, while hes staying in America, but he lives in Germany? 
and he really likes you too.... and wants to see you.  but hes back in Berlin. 

Be as extravagant, or realistic as you want. 

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Which death would you prefer?

Taking a bullet for the president. It's a gut shot and your death is very slow and very painful, but much acclaim is brought to your name and family
You have a sudden fatal heart attack when you push too hard while taking a large poop. You die instantly with a poop still dangling from your poophole

Which death would you prefer?

You die during extremely rigorous, satisfying sex. Heart attack, sudden, and you don't even suffer. It's with an attractive person you were having an affair with. Your SO will find out how you died
During a kidnapping, you manage to kick the driver and the car of 5 felons (and you) goes over a bridge. All die instantly but you, who suffers major injuries and expires 7 hours later

Which death would you prefer?

You're victim #27, and the final victim, or a vicious serial killer in your city. You're butchered alive, but it was through your manhunt that the guy is caught.
You die alone in your sleep. You don't feel it. No one knows you died and your body isn't discovered until 6 months later. Not one person checked up on you until then

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so I hate regular hard peanuts. I can't stand them in ANY foods (especially ice cream or other desserts). however, I love peanut butter. a lot of people don't understand this.

so my question is..

Do you have have any weird food quirks such as the one above? for example, you may love ketchup but hate tomatos.. love pickles but hate cucumbers. etc.
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The question is for those who are either in a relationship or have been in one long enough to know. It's also mostly for men, because I think we generally part-take in this activity more/often.

When you're in a relationship, do you still still (want to) masturbate. If so, how often do you do it, in what situations, and why? Also please specify if you're a guy or a girl.

EDIT: If you say yes, please try to explain why you do it. Maybe your SO isn't around, maybe something else?

EDIT 2: The numbers (re who masturbates more) in my original assumption were apparently incorrect, but according to a number of studies men do masturbate more: 1) 2) 3)
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I am so full.

Why do some people act like only they know what "real" pain is and dismiss everyone else as attention whores/whiners/pussy teenagers/whatever when they don't even know the person they are bitching to or about?

Why do some people love something when it's obscure but hate it when it begins to become popular? I hate it when people are like "Oh hey, have you heard this band? They're great. Oh, you like them? *throws poster and cds away*".
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What is a polite way to inform my dearest grandmother that I don't read the chain emails she sends and I'd much rather have a conversation with her then receive a fwd?

(no subject)

1) Have you ever gruesomely died in a dream, but instead of waking up you stayed asleep and experienced your dream afterlife?

2) Have you ever seen a UFO?

3) What's your favorite way to eat an apple? Pie? Baked with meat? In salad? Plain old off the tree?

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Homecoming week is this week and what are some ideas I could do for each day other than the ones I have?

Monday is Fictional Character day but I'm only going to school for 3rd period so I don't have to worry about this.

Tuesday is Sports team and my friend and i are doing a curling team. We're making shirts and carrying brooms around all day.

Wednesday is rockstar day and the only idea I have is to have a friend use a sharpie and draw full tattooed sleeves on me.

Thursday is royalty day.

Friday is crazy blue and white day [and I'm basically just wearing everything blue and white that I own.]

and second question:

Does it bother you when people use multiple punctuation marks such as:

OMG did he really do that????

Shower question

Hai TQC. 

My dorm shower frightens me. Its a bathtub/shower combo, but the drain is awful. It doesn't drain very well at all, and takes hours to drain water from just one fifteen-minute shower. What can I do to make the drain better? Note: the amount that I can get into the actual drain itself is very limited, as there's only about a quarter of an inch of space in between the drain and the cover (maybe a half inch, but I'm not sure). Any tips?  
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Is there some sort of guide to follow when picking out sunglasses? For instance, do you have to pick the shape of the frame based on the shape of your face?

I've never really worn sunglasses before, but now I have to b/c I had Lasik and my eyes are a little sensitive to the sun. It's really uncomfortable, especially when I'm driving.
bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

scar creamz

I was on Accutane for almost 8 months...but I had to get off of it cause I skipped an appointment one month, and since they're very anal about the whole doctor said I'd have to come back in a month to continue using it, that is if I kept getting zits.

And I heard from someone that Accutane doesn't help scars go away...and that I'd have to either use cream or get laser surgery. When I started using Accutane, scars just came out of nowhere and they don't seem to be going away any time soon. I don't have money for surgery but I think I can do the prescription scar cream. question is, what's the best prescription scar cream that I can use that works quick? I googled it up and got 3 types...but just wanted to get your opinions first if you guys used any and wanted to tell me what you thought of them.
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do you think talented people who do not pursue their talents are wasting them?

Ex: I know someone who has pretty decent art skillz but he never draws anymore, and another dude who is an amazing writer but never writes except for school assignments.

is there any point to drawing as a hobby?
Puddle Graphic


1. What proposal did you use your free $30 gift certificate that LJ/Six Apart gave you toward?

( Incase you don't know what I'm talking about.. ;) It's really cool. Between yesterday and tomorrow if you email " " They'll send you a gift certificate for $30 that you can use toward any of the school proposals listed on )

I chose this one. :)

-- Also.. lots of differing opinions on this promotion out there. A lot of people are refusing to do it because they don't trust Livejournal?Six Apart because of all the drama with recent things LJ has been doing with fandom/etc.

2. Do you think this is a good thing they're offering, or bad?

I feel it's awesome, personally. I can't afford $30 for charity right now on my own, so being able to use six apart's money for it is just fine by me! :)

Your thoughts?
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So I've got a bunch of sticks of charcoal that I need to take back and forth to class three times a week. They're kept in a tackle-box type art supply kit. As of right now, they are in cellophane bags, but I'm worried about them breaking because there's no way to keep my fixative can or rubber cement from rolling over them.

Can you think of a small container for them? They're about 6" long and the bundle of them is about 1.5-2" in diameter.
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lady in the water just came on HBO. is it worth watching? I remember wanting to see it when it was in the theaters but never got around to it. also, on a scale of 1-10, what's the scary factor? don't laugh at me.

also, what's the last thing you ate?
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Makeup wearers, which makeup brands and products do you like?

I was using BareMinerals for a few years but now I'm kind of sick of it.

I need full coverage.

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My friend/roommate's 4-year-old dog just died, and she's (obviously) pretty heartbroken.

1. Is there anything you can suggest that I can do, that might make her feel a little better?
2. Would *you* do anything for a friend in a similar situation?
3. Have you ever lost a pet?

4. Do you have a favorite Doctor from Doctor Who?
5. Would you rather kiss an irritable rattlesnake or your Great-Aunt Betsy who smells like cheese and cats?
6. Are you into zines at all?

EDIT: 7. Would your answer ot #5 change if you had to (urgh) tongue the snake or Betsy? ^_^
Marcia - corset


Do you ever shop for jewellery that you know you will only wear once or twice?
If so, why is this?
What sort of bargain jewellery do you normally buy and where do you normally buy from??
Have you ever formed an emotional attachment to a piece of bargain jewellery?


1) Do you have a memory that is so hard for you to think about that you become paralyzed with fear/anger/sadness/terror when you try to think about it? What is it?

2) What cigarettes do you smoke? I just started earlier this month, and I've been bumming off of friends. I'm fixin to walk down the street and buy my own here in a few. Suggestions?

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citing an annotated work

Can anyone show me how to properly cite an annotated work in MLA format? I've googled this but I'm not getting anything that shows this specifically.

It's called the Annotated Brothers Grimm put together by Maria Tatar.

Another quick question about the same thing -- when you cite from an annotated work do you use the name of the person who put it together (ex. Tatar 329) or do you use the original author (ex. Grimm 384) or whatever?

Thanks for your help!

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What should I do when I grow up?

Education (early childhood, elementary, or secondary--comment with which level!)
nurse/lactation consultant/midwife/doula (or some combination of the 4)
graphic/web design (so i can freelance from home)
pastry chef-ery (because baking is amazing)
{wow} sin'dorei pride
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Which famous person/actor/actress went to your school (any type of school)?

My A:
From my university, although I have never met them:
- Norah Jones - but she didn't graduate, I think. Her piano teacher was my friend's piano teacher in HS.
- Dr. Phil. I believe he graduated at UNT.
- The Sandman from Spiderman 3. I just found that out two days ago.

(no subject)

1. Worst question you got asked in your life?

2. Do you have any good time managment tips? I just finished my revision timetable and I'm not sure whether it's a good enough one.

3. What are you proud of today?(I am proud of nothing today)
by crop-crop-crop

(no subject)

1. A. When you're sick and you have to go out somewhere (class, the grocery store, etc.), do you just go in your sweats/PJ's and not care what your face/hair look like or do you change into, say, jeans and at least comb your hair?
B. What about when you're having a bad day?

2. Do you wear trainers (New Balance/Nikes/etc.) on a regular basis, or just for running/working out?

3. When is the last time you talked to your parents? Did you have a specific reason to talk to them?

4. Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?

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(no subject)

Do you think people should vote if they do not take the time to learn about the candidates/issues?
Do you vote with a clear of idea of what you're voting for and why?
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Do you know any poems/songs/quotes about --traveling on, drifters, or gypsies or something to that extent?


'I like songs about drifters, books about the same
They both seem to make me feel a little less insane" -Modest Mouse
"Made up my mind to make a new start,
Going to california with an aching in my heart.
Someone told me theres a girl out there
With love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.
Took my chances on a big jet plane,
Never let them tell you that theyre all the same." -Led Zeppelin
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1. Are you from Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti/Dexter/Saline/Chelsea/etc/etc, Michigan? Why are there so many of us on this community?

2. Who's your favorite Wainwright: Loudon, Rufus, or Martha?

3. Do you ever start to have feelings for somebody because your friends tell you you'd be great together?

4. Which do you like better, The Mists of Avalon or The Once and Future King?
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Do you know the cheapest chain of optometrists? My family doesn't have optical insurance and I'm in need of new contacts. It's been about a year and a half since I've gone & I'm looking for your experiences. Thanks!
Liz Lemon

(no subject)

1. Are orgasms a necessary part of a satisfying *relationship?

2a. Would your relationship suffer if you rarely or never had an orgasm?
b. What if you had a previous partner who could get you to orgasm, but your current partner couldn't?

3a. Would your relationship suffer if your partner rarely or never had an orgasm?
b. What if they were able to orgasm with a previous partner, but not with you?

4. Would you stay in a relationship knowing that orgasms would rarely or never occur?

*by relationship I mean a romantic/sexual relationship. Not a friend/family relationship.

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Do you know where I can find a breakdown of all the main candidates for US President in 2008 by what they stand for? Like, I pretty much just want a chart that tells me "Hillary: Abortion (yes/no); Obama: Abortion (yes/no); Hillary: Free Healthcare (yes/no) etc"

Is there something around like that?

I keep googling but I always end up at OMG OBAMA IS THE GR8EST websites and crap.

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What's your favorite type of ice cream?

Would you ever get tattooed on tv? Why/why not?

eta- Dear TQC, would you like to donate $1 to me, just because I have a cute bunny icon and I like money? If so, ILU. If not, why not?
housewares, ash

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when was the last time you cried out of pure joy and happiness?


ME: im coming home this weekend!!! i thought id have to wait another 2 weeks before i could visit home, but nope! im coming home this weekend!!

It's nowhere near next summer :(

I want to plan a trip to Old Orchard Beach, Maine this next summer(yes, I know this is waaay in advance). The thing is, the cabins we used to stay at are no longer there. If anyone here's been up there lately, is there anywhere you'd recommend? Anywhere I should stay away from? I'd like something on the less expensive side and it's not important to be on the beach itself. I'd like personal stories please.

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 When someone uses a lot of punctuation marks, does it change how you perceive them at all?
Not someone you actually know in real life, but someone you see posting/commenting or something.

What is the absolute best ice cream topping ever in the history of the world?

Why does my cat constantly try to eat plastic? I don't let him, of course, and keep it away from where he can get it, but if someone opens up a plastic package he cries and tries to get at it.
frickin' funny!

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Yesterday I received an advertisement in the mail for a storage company. It was actually quite funny. It was a postcard that said "Your closet is tinier than a runway model's lunch." And there was a mint lifesaver taped to it. It made me LOL IRL.

What was the last thing you received in the mail that made you happy?

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So I'm trying to write a grocery list of [semi] healthy things that are easy to make. For example, I put a bunch of fruits on there so I could make a fruit salad. I also put some vegetable salad ingredients on there for a regular salad. My parents are trying to save money, so I'm going to make my brother and sister's after school crap this week (instead of just buying poptarts, hidden valley bars, cereal, and bags of chips).

Basically, what else should I add on? I want three more ideas before I hand in the list.

1 - Meat is fine.
2 - I forgot! Dinner suggestions would be great, also.

Music video?

1. I'm looking for a music video. All I know is it features a guy and a girl. The girl is like a ghost... she disappears right at the end and the guy is left standing alone. I've got absolutely no idea who sings it or what the song is, I just remember the video. Do you know it? Can you tell me it?!

I know that's incredibly vague and there are lots of videos like it but here's the best place to ask - there's always someone who knows it.

2. Who's your favourite Friends character?
Give a dog a home

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Did you know that smoking is bad for you?

Why do people think it's necessary to tell smokers that it's bad for them?

Why do the Philadelphia Eagles fucking SUCK FAT DONKEY NUTS?

What kind of winter coat is in style this season? I want to get a new one.
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do you find it hard to be honest with people? like say when they ask you for your opinion about something or maybe even ask for advice on a certain situation.. do you tell them like it is (taking into account not to hurt their feelings) or do you bite your tongue? does it depend on who the person is?

how honest do you think people are with you?

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I'm making a Slayer CD for my car, and I'm wodnering: What songs should go on the CD? I have Angel of Death, Hell Awaits, Eyes of the Insane, Jihad, Jesus Saves, and Disciple, but that's not enough to fill a CD. Any other suggestions?

Also, if you know Amon Amarth, what songs should I put on a CD for them?

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What is your opinion of Urban Outfitters, Inc.?
Do you shop at any of their stores? (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People)
What was the last thing you purchased if you do shop with them?

Do you think it's unfair to independent companies that larger companies can get away with using their designs, seemingly without permission?

Do you think of a size 10 (US) as "plus-size"?
Do you think a size 10 (US) is large for someone who is six feet tall?

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I want to get my lip pierced so it'd look like this:

But the problem is that I my parents don't want me getting it until I'm 18 which won't be another year considering that I just turned 17 on Thursday. I really want it and feel it's stupid that I already have 2 tattoos [which I'm very grateful that they let me get tattoos] but can't get a piercing that will close up overnight if I don't like it.
I know a lot of you will say, "Just wait, you're too young and you don't need to get it done now anyway."

But; what are some points that I could use that might make them realize it's really not so bad, if I decide to sit down and talk to my parents about maybe getting it? I want to have some decent things to say so I don't sound like I haven't put any thought into it.
I'm thinking of saying things along the line of, "It will close up very quickly if we don't like it and I'm just gonna get it when I turn 18 anyway so why not just let me get it now?"